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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, September 26, 2016

26 September - Blogs I'm Following

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For those curious as to why I post updates to oldephartte here the reason is simple ; heritage feed links here far outnumber those there. Curiously, national readership is quite different, as is browser use. In particular, the French go to oldephartte and Italians to opitslinkfest. Firefox use is much higher here as well.

10:50pm MDT

Iran Continues To Develop Long range Missiles

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 29 minutes ago
Iran’s Khalij Fars single stage ballistic missile *USNI News*:* Experts: Iran Developing Long-Range Missiles Under Nuke Treaty* While complying with the terms of the nuclear weapons agreement, Iran will continue to test and improve the range and accuracy of its ballistic missiles to deter or coerce potential adversaries — the United States operating in the region, Gulf Arab states, Turkey and Israel – four Middle East experts said last week. “The missile program was not directly affected by that agreement” covering the nuclear weapons program, Zalmay Khalilzad, a former ambassador... more »

The Daily "Near You?"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 36 minutes ago
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Thanks for stopping by.

“The Stuff of (Disturbing) Dreams”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 36 minutes ago
*“The Stuff of (Disturbing) Dreams”* by Dr. Michael J. Breus “Dreams are one of the most fascinating - and least understood - aspects of sleep. Though science has offered possibilities, we don't yet understand the purpose of dreaming. Dreams can encompass a dramatic range of emotion, and subject matter. Some dreams seem plucked directly from our everyday lives. Most of us have had the experience of waking up shaking our heads at the odd and sometimes amusing circumstances that unfolded while dreaming. Dreams can contend with deep emotions, dealing with loss and reunion, anger, so... more »

"What Is There to Fight For?"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 36 minutes ago
"Life is a beautiful, magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish. The trouble is you won't fight. You've given up. But there's something just as inevitable as death. And that's life. Think of the power of the universe- turning the Earth, growing the trees. That's the same power within you- if you'll only have the courage and the will to use it." - Charlie Chaplin, Calvero's answer to Terry's question: "What is there to fight for?" in “Limelight”, (1952)

"Never Argue..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 36 minutes ago

The Hell With Fact Checkers, The Debates Should Feature A Panel Of Psychiatrists

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 49 minutes ago
Many in the media prepared for today's debate by doing features on how much Trump lies. People who have been paying attention for the last year-- or who have been aware of him outside of the political realm-- have long realized that virtually nothing he says is true. Before tonight, PolitiFact had investigated 259 statements he's made and found just 11 true (4%). 70% of his statements are false (and that leaves out another 15% that are half false). Look at the headline of yesterday's *L.A. Times*. They reported that "never in modern presidential politics has a major candidate made ... more »

Fukushima Daiichi Sep 27 2016

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 53 minutes ago
Fukushima Daiichi 9/27 5:15 AM Fukushima Daiichi 9/27 8:00 AM

Why Is China Escalating tensions Against Japan?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 hour ago
A Chinese marine surveillance ship Haijian (center) cruises next to Japanese coast guard ships in the East China Sea, near islands known as the Senkakus in Japan and the Diaoyus in China. Radio Free Europe *Shaeli Das, Policy Forum:* *Why is China escalating tensions in the East China Sea?* Economics, power, or a bit of both? The dispute between China and Japan over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands has been rumbling along since the early 1970s, so why the sudden ramping up of tensions? Shaheli Das looks at the history of the dispute and what might be driving current developments. The p... more »

Mohawk Nation News 'Lick and Paste'

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 1 hour ago
Posted on September 26, 2016 Lick and Paste Mohawk Nation News Please post & distribute. MNN. Sept. 26, 2016. The Syracuse court has not been friendly to us. Judge Frederick J. Scullin [bones] decided to speed up the trial by violating the individual rights of the pro se plaintiffs. He forced them to choose one spokesperson, violating the rights of the other Onondaga 15 plaintiffs/

Presidential Debates Commission Secret History  (Dark Money Explosion Cries for Clean Money Campaign)  Deutsche Bank in Free Fall/CoCo Bonds Plunge  (Wells Fargo Employees File $2.6B Class Action)  Top Bank Fraud Expert: ALL of the Big Banks’ Profits Come from FRAUD - Bill Black's in the House!  (Adjunct Profs Treatment Heralds End of Higher Education in USA Usa usa)

The Secret History of the Commission on Presidential Debates With the two major party nominees - and no one else - about to square off once again before a nationwide audience, it's time to revisit the thrilling misadventures that guaranteed voters would never learn about alternative candidates or ideas in presidential debates. Return with us now to... Lee Camp is our current expert (no,

DARPA Developing Mind Control and Mark of the Beast Technologies

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 2 hours ago
*Nathaniel Mauka* - Your tax dollars are hard at work developing the tools to enslave you. The post DARPA Developing Mind Control and Mark of the Beast Technologies appeared first on Waking Times.

Pentagon Expects ISIS To Use Chemical Weapons When The Battle For Mosul Begins

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 2 hours ago
Flag of the Islamic State militants is seen in Falluja, Iraq, June 25, 2016. REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani *Reuters*: *Islamic State 'dead set' on using chemical arms: Pentagon spokesman* Islamic State militants are "dead set" on using chemical arms and are likely to try them again as Iraqi forces advance on Mosul, a Pentagon spokesman said on Monday, a week after a rocket with a possible chemical agent landed near U.S. troops. The rocket fired Tuesday landed in an unpopulated area near Qayyara West base, several hundred yards from where hundreds of U.S. troops are working to prepare ... more »

The First Presidential Debate - Thoughts off the top

greencrow at Greencrow As The Crow Flies - 2 hours ago
*Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton* *Not watching full time but checking in every few moments. It's excruciating, but whatever doesn't kill you....Here are a few impressions off the top...* *Question about the Economy* Clinton has Trump right where she wants him...narcissistically talking about his businesses. She pressed him on his Income Taxes and bankruptcies and he fell right into the trap. He should have answered briefly and moved on. Note that Hillary Clinton had one thing to say about her e-mails..."It was a mistake" One annoying thing is you can hear Trump's breathing.... more »

There will be no adult on stage during this afternoon's presidential ‘debate’

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 3 hours ago
“There will be no adult on stage during [this afternoon]'s presidential debate,” observes *Reason* magazine. And let’s be honest, there’ll be no actual debating either – since by debate is meant an event in which participants address the issues and each other moderated only a fellow with a bell. That’s not at all what’s on offer this afternoon. There have been great presidential debates before that have been *actual* debates with genuine moderation, i..e, events in which the moderator is timekeeper not interviewer. There have been great *political* debates before moderated alo... more »

The Economy: Gregory Mannarino, “ALERT: Banks In Trouble? No, You Are”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 3 hours ago
Gregory Mannarino, “ALERT: Banks In Trouble? No, You Are” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9Lxhp5uG08

Tonight's U.S. Presidential Debate (Live Video)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 3 hours ago
*WNU Editor: *Twitter's Live Feed (and video) on tonight's Presidential debate *is here**.*

Sssshhhhh... The Debate is Starting

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 4 hours ago
Samantha Bee wasn't nice to Matt Lauer in her assessment of the pre-debate thing they had a week or so ago. That's cause he sucked. Lester Holt, we're assured, is supposed to be better. We'll see in a few minutes. Ever hear of Pollfish? They're a real-time mobile survey platform and they did a flash poll yesterday (400 Americans) showing that over 30% of Americans are opting to avoid the political drama to enjoy their watching their favorite TV shows or Monday night football. And although more than have the respondents said they thought Trump would be more likely to attack Hillary... more »

Prostitution caused by man made global warming

Geoff Brown at The Australian Climate Sceptics Blog - 4 hours ago
Most people will be familiar with *A complete list of things caused by global warming* That site was created by John Brignell, a Brit with a PhD from the University of London. He's an electrical engineer who has done research, design work, consulting, and teaching. (source) As extensive as that list is (883 items), people keep creating new more ridiculous claims. Today's ridiculous entry comes from The Science Times Global Warming May Cause Women To Become Prostitutes, Says Rep. Barbara Lee A new effect of global warming according to House Democrat Barbara Lee: women may have to ... more »

Debate & Switch Open Thread

Karen Garcia at Sardonicky - 4 hours ago
Free-for-all time. Talk about the debate, or something more pleasant if you're avoiding the most momentous sporting event in the history of Citizens United. Suggested drinking game: take an extremely tiny slug whenever somebody utters one of the following words, phrases or sounds: bipartisan, reach across the aisle, terror, lie, cheat, steal, God-given, godforsaken, invest, tough/hard choices, commander-in-chief, yuge, bigly, cough. Personally, I'm still trying to recover from the top-trending mawkish photo of the week and the accompanying blather from media stenographers who belie... more »

In Syria The U.S. Is Not Sure On Who To Back And Who To Bomb

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 4 hours ago
A pair of U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles fly over northern Iraq after conducting airstrikes in Syria, in this U.S. Air Force handout photo taken early in the morning of September 23, 2014. (Reuters/U.S. Air Force/Senior Airman Matthew) *Paul Wood, Spectator*: *In Syria we're not sure who we're backing, or who we're bombing* We’re backing more than one side – even when we don’t bomb the wrong one Soon, soon, you will see a wondrous sight,’ says the Isis anthem, ‘for your destruction, my sword has been sharpened. We march by night, to cut and behead… We make the streets run red ... more »

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- September 26, 2016

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 5 hours ago
*Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera*: *Russia overplays its hand in Syria* *Obama has failed in Syria, but so will Putin.* Why on earth would Russia back out on a sweet deal with John Kerry that had allowed it to cash in on its Syria gamble and become the United States' senior partner in shaping Syria's future and in the coalition for the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS)? By trampling over the much-hyped US-Russia brokered ceasefire in Syria, Vladimir Putin has proved right Kerry's detractors in the Obama administration. Cynical as they may... more »

Exposing the AGW Hoax, little by little - v27/9

Geoff Brown at The Australian Climate Sceptics Blog - 5 hours ago
A selection of stories helping to destroy the hoax one brick at a time. *Top climate skeptic to lead Trump's EPA transition team* Myron Ebel Donald Trump is tapping a high-profile climate change skeptic to lead administration transition efforts for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Myron Ebell, director of energy and environment policy at the conservative think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, is heading Trump’s EPA transition preparation, E&E Daily reported Monday. Ebell is an outspoken, longtime skeptic of the scientific consensus that human activity is dramatically ... more »

Islam inhabits a vacuum; ignorant ISIS recruits again confirm it.

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 6 hours ago
[image: isis-fighters] Recent evidence confirms that recruits to ISIS are almost wholly ignorant of the religion under whose banner they wish to fight – ordering up copies of *The Koran for Dummies *and *Islam for Dummies* to “prepare themselves for jihad.” Suggesting not just that those who devise book titles enjoy stating the obvious, but that ignorance of the religion itself is not a barrier to recruitment in its jihad, but a boon. *The **jihadi employment form* * asked the recruits, on a scale of one to three, to rate their knowledge of Islam. And the Isis applicants, herd... more »

Quote of the Day: On justice

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 6 hours ago
*"Mercy to the guilty is injustice to the innocent."* ~ popular saying, after Adam Smith Content is copyright PC.BlogSpot.Com © Permission to republish is granted, with attribution.

Economic News , Data & Views ...... September 26 , 2016..... Quick Hits For Monday - 1) Global Rout For Stocks - US , Europe & Asia Hit Hard ; Meanwhile , Major Bid For Safer Sovereign Bonds ; Oil One Of The Days Few Winners , Despite Unlikely Chance Of Production Freeze - Let Alone Production Cuts By OPEC Later This Week ; Central Banks Comments/ Proposed Actions Of Note ; Key Events For This Frantic Week. 2) Germany's Two Big Banks Floundering - Deutsche Bank & Commerzbank In The Cross-Hairs. 3) Italy Items For Monday. 4) Apart From Italy & Greece , Elsewhere Around European Horn - Greece , Italy , Ukraine , Germany , Turkey & Spain In Focus. ) 5) US Politics - First Debate , JASTA , Political Potpourri. 6) Odds & Ends. .

Fred Walton at Catharsis Ours - 6 hours ago
Markets..... *Edward Harrison* ‏@edwardnh 5h 5 hours ago Global central banks have cut policy rates 667 times since 2008. But G8 economies have grown an average of 1% since *MarketWatch* ‏@MarketWatch 1h 1 hour ago The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury fell to its lowest level since Sept. 7 http://on.mktw.net/2d4o2YT *Holger Zschaepitz* ‏@Schuldensuehner 2h 2 hours ago Global govt bond yields fall on haven demand. 10y US yields have sunk to 1.59% after hitting 1.75% earlier in Sep, 10y Bund yields at -0.12% *MarketWatch* ‏@MarketWatch 2h 2... more »

World News Briefs -- September 26, 2016

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 6 hours ago
*Reuters:* *Kerry defends diplomacy as Russian-backed forces pound Aleppo* U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry defended his efforts to negotiate with Moscow over the war in Syria on Monday, despite the collapse of a ceasefire that has led to a massive Russian-backed assault on the besieged rebel-held sector of Aleppo. Medical supplies were running out in eastern Aleppo, with victims pouring into barely functioning hospitals as Russia and its ally President Bashar al-Assad ignored Western pleas to stop the bombing of the last major urban area in opposition hands. *Read more* .... ... more »

"How It Really Is"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 6 hours ago

The Economy: "It All Has A Very 2008 Feel To It"- For Deutsche Bank, The News Just Keeps Getting Worse"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 6 hours ago
*"It All Has A Very 2008 Feel To It"- * *For Deutsche Bank, The News Just Keeps Getting Worse"* by Tyler Durden "It has already been an abysmal day for Germany's biggest lender: overnight Deutsche Bank plunged to fresh all time lows on speculation whether the German government would or wouldn't provide state aid to the bank (if needed), forcing the bank to state it does not need the funds at the same time as the government urged markets that "you can't compare" Deutsche Bank and that "other" bank, Lehman Brothers, although looking at the chart, one may beg to differ. However, while... more »

Sept. 26: No. I will not watch the Clinton-Trump debate.

Graeme Decarie at The Decarie Report - 6 hours ago
The item below refers to Canada's impatience in sending aid to Haiti because that country is plagued with corruption. Too bad the story doesn't tell why it's plagued with corruption. Too bad, because Canada is part of the reason it's plagued with corruption. For decades, Haiti lived under the hell of American-supported dictators who kept the population as slaves for American and other capitalists. Then the Haitians rallied to overthrow the dictator. They held their first, honest elections, and elected a priest as president. The American government was furious, and yet more furious ... more »

US Propaganda Machine Now in Overdrive to Fight Russia in Syria

Joachim Hagopian at American Empire Exposed - 6 hours ago
Over the weekend the Western press is blasting Russia and Syria for alleged war crimes in their assault on the terrorist controlled part of East Aleppo. A typical headline from *The Washington Post* reads “US accuses Russia of ‘barbarism’ and war crimes in Syria.” Meanwhile, the *Long War Journal* declares “US hits another Islamic State chemical weapons facility in Iraq.” UK’s foreign minister Boris Johnson is crying foul that Russia should be investigated for war crimes. The Western media of course is now in high gear fanning the flames, charging Putin and Assad with war crimes d... more »

Work and the Second Machine Age

Phil at All That Is Solid ... - 6 hours ago
Albert Dock has seen a bit in its time. A centre piece of the industrial revolution, the goods of trade and the spoils of empire were offloaded, stored, and transported from here to all over the country. Long after the dockers had gone, it symbolised the sort of go-getting regeneration Thatcher and friends pined for in the 1980s - at the same time Liverpool was making headlines for the city's defiance of the government and all its works. Showcased by Richard and Judy, and the weatherman we can't really talk about anymore, Albert Docks was now a place for media companies, cafes, ent... more »

Lawyer Injures Nine In Houston Shooting Rampage

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 7 hours ago
A disgruntled lawyer armed with multiple weapons opened fire near a southwest Houston shopping center on Monday, injuring nine people before being shot dead by police. Police found a car full of weapons near the scene. Multiple sources confirm the active shooter was Nathan DeSai, a lawyer who had issues with his law firm. Photo Courtesy: @Fox26Houston pic.twitter.com/Rv1bXRSSym — Rita Garcia (@TheRitaGarcia) September 26, 2016 abc13 reports: A bomb squad cleared a vehicle near the scene. The Porsche in question is registered to Nathan Desai. VIDEO: Who is Nathan Desai? Miya Shay i... more »

The Hidden Life of Trees

What Is Sustainable at What Is Sustainable - 7 hours ago
 As a young lad in Germany, Peter Wohlleben loved nature. He went to forestry school, and became a wood ranger. At this job, he was expected to produce as many high quality saw logs as possible, with maximum efficiency, by any means necessary. His tool kit included heavy machinery and pesticides. This was forest mining, an enterprise that ravaged the forest ecosystem and had no long-term future. He oversaw a plantation of trees lined up in straight rows, evenly spaced. It was a concentration camp for tree people. Wohlleben is a smart and sensitive man, and over the course o... more »

U.S. Presidential Election News Updates -- September 26, 2016

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 7 hours ago
*Washington Post*:* Poll: Clinton, Trump in virtual dead heat on eve of first debate* Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will meet Monday night for their first debate in a virtual dead heat in the race for the White House, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, with the Democratic nominee’s August advantage erased after recent difficulties and the GOP nominee still facing doubts about his qualifications and temperament. Likely voters split 46 percent for Clinton and 44 percent for Trump, with Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson at 5 percent and Green Party nominee Jil... more »

Gerrymandering Creates Corrine Browns, Debbie Wasserman Schultzes and Robert Pittengers

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 7 hours ago
*Corrine Brown-- a two-and-half decade win-win for the Florida Republicans* Just a tad over two years ago, we looked at 24 year congressional veteran Corrine Brown' and her grotesquely gerrymandered district. I described FL-05 as one that "twists and turns down from the African American neighborhoods of Jacksonville-- that aren't even contiguous-- along a narrow strip a mile or two wide along Rt 17 (which then disappears into Ted Yoho's district and through some sparsely populated rural areas until finally finding Palatka in the east and African-American neighborhoods of Gainesville ... more »

Study Shows Link Between Fluoride In Water & Hypothyroidism

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 8 hours ago
For decades fluoride has been added to drinking water by governments and local authorities to help prevent tooth decay. A report published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health confirms that water fluoridation does more harm than good. A study of a sample of communities exposed to fluoridated water in the UK shows that they are 30% more likely to develop an under-active thyroid, which could cause depression, fatigue, memory loss or weight gain. Fluoride was used in the 1950s to treat over-active thyroid. Natural News reports: Fluoride is a natural mineral found in so... more »

South Sudan Rebel Leader Riek Machar Calls For A Re-Start Of The Civil War

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 8 hours ago
*VOA*: *South Sudan’s Riek Machar Calls for Armed Struggle* Former South Sudan First Vice President Riek Machar has called for an armed struggle against the government of President Salva Kiir — a move that could mark a renewal of the country's civil war. The call came in a statement issued over the weekend, following a meeting in Khartoum of Machar’s Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO). The movement signed a peace deal with South Sudan's government in August 2015 but implementation was delayed and largely fell apart after the sides clashed in the capital in...more »

We are On the Brink of Doomsday

Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 8 hours ago
On the Brink: Doomsday Documentary

Why The UK Should Not Sign The Paris Agreement

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 8 hours ago
By Paul Homewood As you may be aware, a new group known as Clexit has recently been formed. Its aim is to campaign for countries either to refuse to ratify the Paris Agreement, or withdraw from it. Clexit is already formed in 25 countries. One of the aims is to produce a […]

Retired Teacher's Thoughts on Union Misleadership

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 8 hours ago
*Denis Ian served for 34 years as a high school teacher. * by Denis Ian Teacher unions are being destroyed from within and without. And it’s been happening for a long while. The same “reform" forces that wormed their way into the the curriculum discussions and redesigns also used their wealth to purchase political influence. And their worming was not confined only to state elected officials, but extended to national union leaders and major inner city unions as well. Think Weingarten and Garcia. If these union leaders could be captured by funding temptations and empty promises of c... more »

Krugman speaks up, many years too late!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 8 hours ago
*MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2016Just look at the very first comment:* In this new post, Paul Krugman speaks up, much too late, about the "abnormalization" of Candidate Clinton. This "defining" of Clinton has been underway for 24 years. Krugman quotes the heroic Jonathan Chait, who actively enabled this game during the vast bulk of that era, but has begun fighting back in the past week or so: KRUGMAN (9/26/16): *[A]s Jonathan Chait says, the problem hasn’t just been the normalization of Trump, it has been the abnormalization of Clinton.* Consider the AP report on the Clinton Foundation....more »

Cannonball Ranch sale resulted from DAPL bullying

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 8 hours ago
By Wasté Win Young Censored NewsRegarding the Cannonball Ranch: In 2006, Bill Edwards tried to auction off all 7,400 tracts.The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe legitimately looked at buying it but didn’t have the $5 million asking price.Dave and Brenda Meyer bought 10 parcels equaling 2,365 acres of the Cannonball Ranch in 2013 for $3.2 million dollars. This includes the 429 acres of United

Tonight’s Debate: Watch the Staging

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 9 hours ago
*Jon Rappoport* - Watch how tonight’s Trump-Hillary debate is set up. The post Tonight’s Debate: Watch the Staging appeared first on Waking Times.

UK Labour Party Vows Fracking Ban If It Wins General Election

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 9 hours ago
A future Labour government would ban fracking in England. The UK opposition party promised to ban hydraulic fracturing for shale gas if it wins the next general election, according to its energy secretary Barry Gardiner Gardiner said that fracking, which involves gas being extracted from shale rock, would make the UK dependent on fossil fuels when the priority should be clean energy. His pledge to ban fracking was welcomed by environmental campaigners but was described as “madness” by the GMB union. The Guardian reports: Speaking at the Labour conference in Liverpool, shadow energy... more »

The War Of Words Between Russia And The West Has Not Been Seen Since The Cold War

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 9 hours ago
*NBC:* *Russia and Syria: War of Words With West Is Worst in Decades* *Barbarism. Mayhem. A New Hell. War Crimes.* The language of diplomacy has taken a turn over Russia's involvement in Syria, with the rhetoric crossing lines not seen since the Cold War. A snap meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Sunday underscored the undeniable shift — one which has not gone over well at the Kremlin. The U.S., U.K. and France — which called the meeting — walked out in protest when Syria's representative took the podium, though not before firing parting shots. *Read more* .... *W... more »

Satire: "More Americans Expected to Self-Medicate Than for Any Other Debate in History"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 9 hours ago
*"More Americans Expected to Self-Medicate * *Than for Any Other Debate in History"* by Andy Borowitz HEMPSTEAD, NY (The Borowitz Report)— "As the nation awaits the first faceoff between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Monday night, more Americans are expected to self-medicate than for any other Presidential debate in history. With over a hundred million people projected to watch the debate, roughly sixty million of them will be barely sentient after ingesting what they deem to be the necessary dose of intoxicants. Davis Logsdon, of the University of Minnesota, estimated on Mond... more »

"French Voting for Donald Trump?"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 9 hours ago
*"French Voting for Donald Trump?"* by Bill Bonner "There are two ways you can destroy a country: pull down its money, or build up its military. Usually, they go hand in hand — one hand ruining the economic body, the other attacking the soul. A different candidate? ‘I would vote for Trump.’ The remark last came from an unlikely source. The French press treats Trump like a clown or a con artist. Until last night, we had not encountered a single Frenchman with a favourable view of the Republican candidate. We usually sink in our chair when the conversation turns to US politics. ‘Are ... more »

Pioneering Grandma Building Tiny Sustainable Homes Out of Hemp

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 10 hours ago
*Vic Bishop* - Hemp is the only plant that can feed you, house you, clothe you and heal you. The post Pioneering Grandma Building Tiny Sustainable Homes Out of Hemp appeared first on Waking Times.

Howler history: Williams and Matthews, way back when!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 10 hours ago
*MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2016Before that first debate:* Let's understand the potential role of the mainstream press in what happens tonight. Potentially, it doesn't *matter* what happens tonight. Potentially, what matters more is the way the mainstream press corps presents what happened later. The best example of that effect occurred in October 2000, in the aftermath of the first Bush-Gore debate. Candidate Gore was judged the winner of the debate in all five overnight polls, by an average margin of ten points. Then, the press corps got busy spinning and rearranging what had occur... more »

The Battle For Aleppo Continues -- News Roundup September 26, 2016

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 10 hours ago
*CNN*: *Aleppo has become a 'ghost city'* (CNN)Everyone is waiting for a way out of Aleppo, says 28-year-old Monther Etaky, a graphic designer who lives there. "The city is now a ghost city," the father of a two-month-old boy tells CNN. "There are only ambulances and fire trucks around and over the past three days the shelling has been horrible. "Usually I get used to the barrel bombs and I could sleep normally -- but now I can't -- the new missiles are so loud and horrifying." *Read more* .... *The Battle For Aleppo Continues -- News Roundup September 26, 2016* Hospitals over... more »

Zapatistas and Indigenous Congress 'War and Resistance Dispatch #44'

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 10 hours ago
. A message for Standing Rock from the Zapatistas and National Indigenous Congress of Mexico: 'Among the originary peoples of the tribes of the north, the Sioux nation weaves its own geographies that go beyond the false official geographies that locate them in another country; for us, we are all children of the same mother. They are resisting the invasion of their sacred lands, cemeteries,

Yes, “power pose” study is flawed, but shouldn’t be retracted, says one author

Alison McCook at Retraction Watch - 10 hours ago
After the first author of a debated study about the benefits of positioning your body in an assertive ways — the so-called “power pose” — posted her concerns about the research, she has told us she does not believe the paper should be retracted. As reported by New York magazine, late last night, the first […] The post Yes, “power pose” study is flawed, but shouldn’t be retracted, says one author appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Debate night...

Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner - 11 hours ago
*which is not really a debate.* It's just some Kubuki theater to keep us peons happy and occupied. But, it beats NFL. Trump will be fine. Hillary will eventually be shrill. MSM will say she won. The only potential loser will be Lester Holt. He seems like a nice guy. I wish him well. And, what the hell is up with the price of snacks? Hubby requested Cheetos for his debate snack. A 7 1/2 oz bag of Cheetos at the grocery store was $3.25. Are you kidding me??? Ah, sorry hun, you've been downgraded to Brims cheese thingy's from the Dollar Store (which are just as good as Chee... more »

Syria Has Audio Of US Talking To ISIS Before Airstrike On Syrian Army

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 11 hours ago
Syrian intelligence has a recording of conversations between the American military and ISIS terrorists ahead of the US-led coalition airstrike that hit Syrian troops near Deir ez-Zor proving that the attack was deliberate, according to the speaker of the People’s Council of Syria. “The Syrian Army intercepted the communications between the Americans and Daesh ahead of the attack on Deir ez-Zor,” Hadiya Khalaf Abbas said on Monday, as cited by the Al Mayadeen channel. RT reports: According to the People’s Council speaker, the Syrian authorities have evidence that the US-led coalitio... more »

Pearl Bubble Necklaces

Debra Hawkins at Housewife Eclectic - 11 hours ago
Three different dresses, one necklace. My girls were just flower girls in both of their aunt's weddings and with Christmas coming up, there are a lot of new dresses in their future. They needed necklaces to wear with all three dresses, but instead of making three different necklaces, I went with a simple and gorgeous necklace that would match all three. I love how these pearl bubble necklaces turned out and they really do go with just about everything! I got everything I needed for this necklace from Fizzy Pops! You will need from Fizzy Pops: - 20 MM Faux Pearl White Bea... more »

Fall Cupcakes and Pumpkin Donuts!

Debra Hawkins at Housewife Eclectic - 11 hours ago
Link Up Your Best PostsDon't miss another week of the #BloggersGetSocial Get It Together link party. We pin, tweet, and/or Facebook share ALL of the posts here! We are all about networking, action, and accountability. While that link up was focused on social media networks, this NEW and improved link up is co-hosted by some of my favorite blog buddies and features # BloggersGetSocial! Bloggers Get Social is a network and accountability group, and I created it with the hopes of bringing new and veteran bloggers together to collaborate on their goals. With this link up, we hope to sha... more »

CawRANT Events #32

greencrow at Greencrow As The Crow Flies - 11 hours ago
*UPDATED: September 26, 2016.* The video I linked below, showing the torture of a Syrian soldier by the so-called "moderate rebels" seems to have been disconnected from the Internet. So I am substituting this one that I got from You Tube. Which shows what happened to two Syrian soldiers at the hands of the Israeli-supported* al Nusra*. *CawRANT Events #32* It's a brilliant, cold but sunny morning on the North American West Coast. Just a few chemtrail clouds scudding across an azure sky. So much to do! I feel like a squirrel who must get cracking, packing away some nuts for t... more »

Mexico To Start Fracking Next Year

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 11 hours ago
By Paul Homewood http://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/fracking-expected-to-begin-next-year/ From Mexico News Daily: Fracking in the shale oil fields of Mexico could begin next year, the Energy Secretary said at a meeting yesterday in Houston, Texas. ADVERTISEMENT Pedro Joaquín Coldwell was speaking to energy company executives and others at Rice University when he advised that “everything will […]

India’s Growth Spurs Oil Demand

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 11 hours ago
By Paul Homewood http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-09-26/india-growing-8-a-year-seen-by-citi-helping-oil-gold-demand From Bloomberg: India has become the center of the world’s oil demand growth and the country’s economic growth will affect global commodities, Citigroup Inc. said in a research note. The world’s second-largest country by population after China will see its economy expand at about 8 percent a year […]

Cascades Mall Shooter went from Hispanic Suspect to Arrested Zombie Turk

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 11 hours ago
*What a great way to get Turkey on everybody's mind. People will automatically associate this alleged 'bad' shooter to that 'bad' nation state of Turkey. Perception management 101.* *Btw: how many memes can you hit with one story?* *-Terror at home* *-Zombies* *-Mall Shooting/Public Space Shooting* *-Guns * *-Immigrants* *-Turkey * *The Zombie Shooter news also broke on the week end- Cascade Shopping Mall* Image from Zombie Shooter video game.... A Washington State Patrol spokesman says* police were seeking a Hispanic man wearing black and armed with a "hunting-type" rifle* last seen ... more »

Philippine President Duterte Wants An Alliance With China And Russia

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte arrives at the military's Camp Tecson to talk to soldiers in San Miguel, Bulacan in northern Philippines September 15, 2016. REUTERS/Erik De Castro *Reuters*:* Philippines' Duterte wants to 'open alliances' with Russia, China* Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Monday he would visit Russia and China this year to chart an independent foreign policy and "open alliances" with two powers with historic rivalries with the United States. Duterte said the Philippines was at the "point of no return" in its relations with former colonial ruler ... more »

U.S. Navy's Top Pacific Admiral Wants To Confront China. White House Says No

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
Adm. Harry Harris. YouTube *Navy Times*: *4-star admiral wants to confront China. The White House says not so fast.* The U.S. military's top commander in the Pacific is arguing behind closed doors for a more confrontational approach to counter and reverse China's strategic gains in the South China Sea, appeals that have met resistance from the White House at nearly every turn. Adm. Harry Harris is proposing a muscular U.S. response to China's island-building that may include launching aircraft and conducting military operations within 12 miles of these man-made islands, as part of... more »

First Nations Sign Trans-Continental Treaty to Fight Tar Sands Oil

Gaius Publius at DownWithTyranny! - 11 hours ago
*A sample of pipeline projects affecting Indigenous communities across North America. Graphic courtesy of the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion (source; click to enlarge)* *by Gaius Publius* I consider this momentous. The indigenous peoples of northern North America (called "First Nations" for the obvious reason) — ocean to ocean, in the U.S. and in Canada — have banded together to sign a treaty to oppose the transport of absolutely filthy (literally; there's arsenic in that stuff) tar sands oil from Alberta to any port or refinery. The reason this is momentous lies beyo... more »

Summing up last week

Sunniva at SunnivaRose - 11 hours ago
*Right now* Yesterday I flew up to Alta, and reunited with Synne and Ellen. With had a great evening (we even saw the Northern lights!), and when we woke up this morning we were ready for the first "show" of the week - in Alta, of course. Right now, we're waiting for our flight to Bodø at Tromsø airport,. In Bodø we'll meet up with Ingeborg and Fred, and tomorrow we'll have the show there :) *Theme * "On the road again" - no doubt about it! We're going all around Norway in a van, with our logo on the side. We're sooo on the road :D *Boost* Coming to Gardermoen on Friday afternoon, ... more »

Jez Protests Against Himself per Guido Fawkes

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 12 hours ago
Guido Fawkes reports http://order-order.com/2016/09/26/jez-protests-against-himself/ that the accompanying picture shows: 'Jeremy Corbyn protesting against the abolition of the Shadow Cabinet minister for mental health, abolished by him. The picture of conference so far…' A fair and unbiased BBC would have fun with this, but the BBC is neither fair nor impartial.

Global Debt Now At A Record High

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*The Telegraph*: *Global debt climbs towards fresh high as companies and countries keep on borrowing* Global debt issuance is on course to hit a record high in 2016 as figures showed sales this year topped $5 trillion (£3.9 trillion) at the end of September. Debt issuance rose to $5.02 trillion in the nine months to September 22, according to Dealogic, putting 2016 on course to beat the all-time high of $6.6 trillion recorded in 2006. Record low interest rates have encouraged countries and companies to issue debt as central banks around the world try to stimulate growth. The data... more »

Colombia's Government And FARC To Sign Historic Peace Deal Today To end 52 Years of War

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*Voice of America*: *The Americas’ Longest War to End with Peace Accord Signing in Cartagena* CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA — A final peace agreement between Colombia’s government and a national guerrilla movement is to be signed Monday, bringing to an end the longest-running insurgency in the Western hemisphere. “It’s the end of the last full-blown guerrilla warfare inspired originally by Cuban and Soviet ideology against democratic institutions in this hemisphere,” is how it is characterized by a senior U.S. administration official. The conflict between the government and the Revolutiona... more »

World News Briefs -- September 26, 2016

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*BBC*: *Syria conflict: US and UK rhetoric 'unacceptable' - Russia* Russia has criticised the US and UK for using "unacceptable" tone and rhetoric in speeches on Syria at the UN, after being accused of "barbarism". On Sunday, US permanent representative Samantha Power said Russian and Syrian forces were "laying waste" to besieged rebel-held areas of the city of Aleppo. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that such language might damage efforts to end the five-year civil war. Activists meanwhile reported dozens of fresh air strikes on Aleppo overnight. * Read more* .... *MIDD...more »


Jenna Orkin at From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog - 12 hours ago
*From Jenna Orkin* A top journalist is suing the FDA over its alleged use of a banned and secretive practice to manipulate the news Eight people, including a 3-year-old girl, were hurt in a Baltimore shooting ‘You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake.’ Fliers like these are showing up on lawns across the U.S. Saudi Arms Deal Backed By US Senators Who Got Cash From Weapons Contractor That Will Benefit Here's How CIA Puppet-Masters Are Deliberately Picking A 'World War III Level' Fight Massive Explosion Rocks Budapest, Multiple Injuries, Heavy Police Presence Wells Fargo Slam... more »

China’s Giant Space Telescope Searches For Alien Life

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 12 hours ago
China took a huge leap in the search for extra-terrestrial life on Sunday after it switched on the world’s largest radio telescope. The enormous dish called FAST, Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope, is situated in the south-west of the country in the Guizhou province and cost 1.2 billion yuan (£140 million) to build. Scientists are very excited and have called it a “game-changer” in the search for life in the universe The Express reports The telescope is made up of 4,450 triangular panels and can look further into space than any other previous device. The next la... more »

Data were “fraudulently obtained” in epilepsy paper, probe finds

Dalmeet Singh Chawla at Retraction Watch - 13 hours ago
A brain research journal has retracted a 2016 study about epilepsy after an institutional investigation determined that some of the data were taken from another published paper. The retraction notice for the study — which appeared in Brain Research Bulletin — cites an investigation by the scientific integrity committee at Tongji University in Shanghai, China, […] The post Data were “fraudulently obtained” in epilepsy paper, probe finds appeared first on Retraction Watch.

HuffPo Predicts Trump Win In Tonight’s Debate.. If He Doesn’t Vomit

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 13 hours ago
HuffPo writer Amanda Terkel claims that the bar for tonight’s presidential debate is set so low that as long as Donald Trump doesn’t puke on stage he should beat Hillary Clinton. The Daily Sheeple reports: Tonight is predicted to be the most-watched presidential debate in American history. HuffPo writer Amanda Terkel is mad that Trump is going to boast his “HUGE win” (although, if she really even halfway understood Trump, she would have taken the opportunity to write “YUGE!” instead). Terkel doesn’t waste time, opening with: Donald Trump is an arrogant slacker who wastes his time ... more »

Norwegian Airline Cash In On Brangelina’s Split

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 13 hours ago
A Norwegian airline spent no time in capitalizing on Brangelina’s split with a tongue in cheek advertisement campaign, based on the famous couple’s divorce. On September 19, 2016, Angelina Jolie filed for a divorce from Brad Pitt, claiming she had done so for the “health of the family”. Sputnik news reports: When the whole world was still discussing the minute details and the implications of the split-up, Norwegian, which is Europe’s third largest low-cost carrier, quickly announced a new London to Los Angeles cheap-flight campaign. The ad said ‘Actor. LA. Newly Single. Seeks like... more »

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 26, 2016

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 13 hours ago
*South China Morning Post:* *China dispatches one of its largest air force fleets ever near Okinawa in show of force to Japan* Chinese military heads out to Western Pacific for the second time this month in sabre-rattling aimed at Tokyo China’s air force sent an unusually large fleet of fighter jets and bombers through the Miyako Strait near Japan’s Okinawa Island for exercises on Sunday, the second time it has headed to the Western Pacific this month. Analysts said the sabre-rattling was meant as a strong message to Tokyo, after Japan’s new defence minister vowed to step up its m... more »

Preparing For Nuclear War On The Korean Peninsula

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 13 hours ago
YouTube *Bob Butterworth, Breaking Defense*:* Preparing for The Next War in Korea* Preparing for war can sometimes help prevent one, and those preparations are probably helpful if one does start. Perhaps it’s time to show North Korea what its forces would be in for, and to show our allies in the South that we are with them, seriously. The best course may be through field exercises conducted jointly by US and South Korean conventional forces, demonstrating operational capabilities to be used in the face of nuclear strikes. Often a second Korean War is imagined to end with US nuclea... more »

World's silliest people to cover debate!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 13 hours ago
*MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2016With thoughts about balcony failure:* In the 1990s, as a comedian, we entertained the national convention of a major group from the construction industry. The theme of their four-day conference was this: "Balcony failure." We often think about that group, and about the work they successfully do, when we read the work of the political wing of our fatuous national press corps. We'll explain the connection below. For today, consider yesterday's Washington Post, which was filled with the remarkably childish thoughts of our journalistic elite. The journalist... more »

Security In Iraq, Sep 15-21, 2016

Joel Wing at MUSINGS ON IRAQ - 14 hours ago
Security incidents have slowly crept up each week of September, but they are still at a low level compared to earlier in the year . The Islamic State was still focused upon its terrorist campaign in Baghdad, while the government forces attacked Shirqat in Salahaddin and the areas to the east and west of Ramadi. There were 136 recorded incidents from September 15-21, 2016. There were 70 in Baghdad, 17 in Anbar, 15 in Incidents, 14 in Salahaddin, 13 in Ninewa, 3 in Diyala, 1 in Babil, 1 in Basra, 1 in Kurdistan, and 1 in Muthanna. Those incidents led to 165 deaths and 305 wounded ... more »

Coding error sinks cancer study

Alison McCook at Retraction Watch - 14 hours ago
Authors of a 2016 cancer paper have retracted it after finding an error in one line of code in the program used to calculate some of the results. Reposting as our subscription software appears to be acting up again. Read the whole post here. The post Coding error sinks cancer study appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Federal Agency Votes To Slaughter 65% Of US Wild Horses

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 14 hours ago
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), an agency of the US Dept. of the Interior, voted last Friday to slaughter some 44,000 of the remaining 67,000 wild horses in the United States. The stunning and horrifying decision to cull 65% of the US wild horse population currently corralled by the BLM, and to surgically sterilize all the rest, effectively means eliminating the entire country’s population of wild horses. There is currently an online petition to stop the slaughter. True Activist reports: The decision was reached after a congressional hearing in June where beef industry repres... more »

Here Are 14 Firms That The CIA Has Invested In

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 14 hours ago
Larry Downing/REUTERS *Business Insider:* *14 cutting edge firms funded by the CIA* The Central Intelligence Agency has its own investment capital arm, and it's been pumping money into some of Silicon Valley's most innovative companies for years. In-Q-Tel (named after "Q" in the James Bond films) invests in companies that can deliver useful technology to the intelligence community within 36 months. But since it's structured as an independent, non-profit organization, it's rather unique: It's a VC firm that doesn't really need to make money back for outside investors, and it can ta... more »

The Pentagon's 'Arsenal Plane' Will Be A Modified B-52 Or C-130

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 14 hours ago
*Scout Warrior*: *Pentagon "Arsenal Plane" Could be B-52, C-130* The Air Force is already upgrading the historic, 1960s-era bomber with new radios, avionics and weapons capability The Pentagon’s emerging “Arsenal Plane” or “flying bomb truck” is likely to be a modified, high-tech adaptation of the iconic B-52 bomber designed to fire air-to-air weapons, release swarms of mini-drones and provide additional fire-power to 5th generation stealth fighters such as the F-35 and F-22, Pentagon officials and analysts said. It is also possible that the emerging arsenal plane could be a modif... more »

China stokes global coal growth

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 14 hours ago
By Paul Homewood https://www.chinadialogue.net/article/show/single/en/9264-China-stokes-global-coal-growth Chinadialogue reports: Chinese companies and banks are continuing to drive global coal expansion, as state owned companies, backed by state loans, build coal-fired power plants across the world. This is despite commitments from China’s top leaders to deliver clean energy and low carbon infrastructure for developing countries. The […]

Temperature Adjustments In Greenland, Iceland & Norway

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 14 hours ago
By Paul Homewood http://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/stdata/ When I started posting about how GHCN and GISS were altering the historical temperature record a few years ago, many thought I was making it up. Things have now gone well past that stage now, and now GISS actually offer a tool to chart actual and adjusted […]

Is The Syrian Conflict A War That Can Only Be Resolved By Military Means?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 14 hours ago
A man at a site recently hit by what activists said was a Scud missile in Aleppo’s Ard al-Hamra neighborhood, February 23, 2013. REUTERS/Muzaffar Salman *Bilal Abdul Kareem, Middle East Monitor*: *Why there can only be a military solution in Syria* Most of the outside world watched in horror at news that the ill-fated Aleppo aid convoy was blasted and burned. Words such as “unbelievable” and “shocking” filled news broadcasts. However, here in besieged Aleppo, the events of that day were neither unbelievable, nor shocking. Most of the outside world watched in horror at news that t... more »

17 Healing Uses of Geranium Essential Oil by Marnie Clark

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 14 hours ago
17 Healing Uses of Geranium Essential Oil By Marnie Clark The Truth About Cancer, 19 August 2016 We tend to think of geraniums in terms of decorative summer flowers. Many of us have pots of them on our patios, or in window boxes, impressing us with their different hues of white, pink, and bright red. They are so much more, however! Geraniums can also be used medicinally. Read on to discover how geranium essential oil can be used to heal your body. Contrary to popular belief, geranium essential oil is not distilled from the flowers. Rather, it is steam distilled from the fuzzy ... more »

Error in one line of code sinks cancer study

Dalmeet Singh Chawla at Retraction Watch - 15 hours ago
Authors of a 2016 cancer paper have retracted it after finding an error in one line of code in the program used to calculate some of the results. Sarah Darby, last author of the now-retracted paper from the University of Oxford, UK, told Retraction Watch that the mistake was made by a doctoral student. When […] The post Error in one line of code sinks cancer study appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Hillary VS Trump

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 15 hours ago
What Hillary will look like. Is she even alive? Where is this woman? Phony calls with Anderson Cooper which any half decent open source audio S/W can tell is two different people compared to other calls with him. Body doubles showing up being younger, slimmer, missing facial features, ears not matching. CGI appereances that GLITCH OUT during live transmission. I mean what the fuck is going on? I always knew they'd do anything to push her through and her power trip knows no end but this is just beyond anything anyone could've ever imagined. I hope she's alive and well and shows up t... more »

U.S. Forces Using White Phosphorus In The War Against The Islamic State

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
U.S. Army soldiers with Battery C, 1st Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, Task Force Strike, execute a fire mission in northern Iraq on Aug. 14 2016. White Phosphorus smoke rounds are pictured in the right-hand corner. (1st Lt. Daniel Johnson/U.S. Army) *Washington Post:* *U.S. forces are using white phosphorus munitions in Iraq but it’s unclear exactly how* U.S. forces are using white phosphorus munitions in their fight against the Islamic State based on pictures and videos posted online by the Pentagon, but it is unclear exactly how the controversial armament is being em... more »

Did The US Target Aid Convoy With Hellfire Missile?

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 15 hours ago
Is it possible that the US targeted the Syrian aid convoy with a hellfire missile on the evening of September 19th? A Russian Defense Ministry spokesman pointed out “There are no craters, while the vehicles have their chassis intact and they have not been severely damaged, which would have been the case from an airstrike” Subsequent footage also reveals that no craters were visible of the burned convoy. Coincidentally, a predator drone capable of hitting targets on the ground was also registered in the area where the UN humanitarian convoy came under attack in northern Aleppo. Sot... more »

Syrian Town Renamed “Russiya” To Honor Russia

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 15 hours ago
Some people in Syria believe that if it wasn’t for Russia’s help in fighting terrorism in their country many more civilians would have died at the hands of black-clad bandits. A small town in Syria has changed its name to “Russiya”, which means “Russia” in Arabic. Fort Russ reports: This residential area is located in the Latakia province just 10 kilometers from the Russian air force base in Khmeimim. Russiya is home to around 1,800 people and the leadership of the small town is vested in the elder Ali Assad Hamoudi. At first glance, this man doesn’t look like a Syrian at all, as... more »

Christie Still Hasn't Been Arrested... However, Slowly But Surely The Law Is Closing In On Him

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 15 hours ago
Chris Christie isn't on trial yet. But the testimony on the first day, Friday, of the trial of Bridget Kelly, Christie's former deputy chief of staff and of former Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni, indicates that Christie-- who has two years left in his term-- will likely face trial and impeachment by the state legislature. Testimony from former Christie crony David Wildstein-- who already pleaded guilty to 2 federal counts of conspiracy as part of a plea deal for his cooperation-- indicates that Christie was the mastermind behind the plot to shut down the Geor... more »

WHERE THE TEST SCORES ARE: Four-week series to resume!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 16 hours ago
*MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2016Series resumes tomorrow:* Our four-week series, Where the Test Scores Are, will resume tomorrow. We'll be offering the third week in the series. This week's reports will carry this title: Where the Achievement Gaps Are. When our four-week series is done, we'll offer a single post with links to all sixteen reports. That post will offer single-stop shopping to the basic facts about one of our most remarkable journalistic scams. What do domestic and international test scores suggest about American schools? For reasons at which we can only guess, the mains... more »


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 16 hours ago
*High school student is suspended for posting 'concerning' picture of discolored water coming out of a restroom sink on social media * A teenager was suspended for posting a photo of discolored water that was coming out of the sink at her school on social media. Hazel Juco said the water concerned her and she 'just took a picture of it' and then talked about it with other students in her newspaper class, WXYZ reported. Juco, who is a senior at John Glenn High School, posted the photo on Facebook and Twitter. She told the station that she hoped 'someone will see it and want to ... more »


JR at GREENIE WATCH - 16 hours ago
*Why correlations of CO2 and Temperature over ice age cycles don’t define climate sensitivity* *This paper from a great headquarters of Warmism is something of a mess. Its conclusion -- that there are so many unknowns in the paleoclimate record that it should not be used as a basis for generalizations -- most skeptics would wildly applaud. The authors limit themselves to talking about only one type of generalization but the same considerations surely throw all paleoclimate generalizations into doubt.The other thing of interest is their comment on the long-term correlation b... more »

Exposing Donald Drumpf: Donald Drumpf As President Will Recognize Jerusalem As The "Eternal Capital Of Israel"

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 16 hours ago
Yes, for the longest time I have been writing at this blog exposing the true evil intentions of one Hillary "Killary" Clinton.....I stated clearly that if this psychotic witch and demon was ever to become the next President of the United States, it would be the end of America as a nation as we know it... And of course this psychotic demon has stated clearly that if she was ever to become the President, war with the innocent nation of Iran would follow shortly afterwards.... But in stating the facts about Killary, I have in no way shape or form endorsed the other criminal running for... more »

Ottawa, A D -- After Duffy

Owen Gray at Northern Reflections - 16 hours ago
Last week, two of the movers and shakers in the Prime Minister's Office announced that they were giving back part of the money they had received to move from Toronto to Ottawa. They were followed by two other staffers -- for Ministers Dion and Bains -- who refunded another $55,000 to the federal coffers. Michael Harris writes: After asserting that they had broken no rules, the PM’s prodigal aides followed a step further in [Mike] Duffy’s shoes. They both claimed that there were elements of their relocation expenses that made them feel uncomfortable at the time, just as Duffy had t... more »

Fracking scare stories condemned by watchdog per The Times but unlikely to be reported by the BBC

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 16 hours ago
The Times reports http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/fracking-scare-stories-condemned-by-watchdog-mkw6dn6t0 'A green campaign group made a series of misleading claims about the health and environmental impacts of fracking, according to a damning draft ruling by the advertising watchdog. Friends of the Earth (FoE) failed to substantiate claims that fracking could cause cancer, contaminate water supplies, increase asthma rates and send house prices plummeting, the Advertising Standards Authority says.' Oddly I can't find where the BBC are reporting this ruling, maybe because th...more »

Waging Financial Warfare Against Turkey- Downgraded to Junk Status

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 16 hours ago
*This was in the news late last week: * Couldn't get to it then, however, it's important and worth addressing now! *September 23/2016- Moody's Downgrades Turkey's Issuer and Bond Ratings* *Fortune* Credit ratings agency Moody’s Investor Service has downgraded Turkey’s sovereign credit rating to non-investment grade* citing worries about the rule of law following an attempted coup,* risks from external financing and a slowing economy. *Turkey's GDP has been excellent compared to the US **(no exact figure, but am certain it's poor**) & Canada** ( Canada: 2ndquarter: - 1.6, yes that ... more »

North Korea Vows To Expand And Strengthen Their Nuclear Capability

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho addresses the United Nations General Assembly in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S. September 23, 2016. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz *Reuters*:* Defying U.N., North Korea vows to strengthen nuclear capability* North Korea vowed on Friday to further strengthen its nuclear weapons capability, in spite of U.N. condemnation and sanctions, and said it would never abandon its deterrence while it was threatened by nuclear-armed states. In an address to the United Nations General Assembly, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho described his countr... more »

More Threats From North Korea On Nuclear War

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
North Korean leader Kim Jung Un supervises a demonstration of a new rocket engine for the geo-stationary satellite at the Sohae Space Center n this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang September 20, 2016. *IBTimes*: *North Korea Threatens US Base With Nukes: Kim Jong Un Regime Warns Of 'Uncontrollable' Nuclear War* North Korea threatened Seoul and a United States' base in Guam with a nuclear warhead attack Friday after South Korea spent the past week cozying up to the U.S. military. A North Korean army spokesman announced via the c... more »

Deplorable Ted: The Aftertaste

jurassicpork at Welcome Back to Pottersville - 16 hours ago
I can only imagine what happened backstage after Ted Cruz searched what passes for his conscience (more like oleaginous political, partisan calculation) and endorsed Trump after refusing to do so last July on the basis that, "I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father." Until he does. Poor wingnut- he'll probably still be brushing his teeth and tongue until one arm or both fall off. Although why Trump would seek the endorsement of a guy who was almost ridden out of Cleveland on a rail is beyond me. But it's obvious that as we approac... more »

President Barack Obama: The Ultimate Exit Interview

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 17 hours ago
OVAL TEAM The 44th president and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin share a West Wing tête-à-tête. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz. *Doris Goodwin, Vanity Fair*: *Barack Obama And Doris Kearns Goodwin: The Ultimate Exit Interview* *As his two-term presidency draws to a close, Barack Obama is looking back—at the legacies of his predecessors, as well as his own—and forward, to the freedom of life after the White House. In a wide-ranging conversation with one of the nation’s foremost presidential historians, he talks about his ambitions, frustrations, and the decisions that still haunt him... more »

Monday Round Up

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 17 hours ago
*Along came a spider...* KMT: The internal struggle for the KMT continues apace. This week Wu Den-yi and Hau Long-bin criticized KMT Chairman Hung Hsiu-chu over the One China/Two interpretations of the 1992 Consensus.... Former ROC Vice President Wu Den-yih (吳敦義) and KMT Vice Chairman Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌) attended the annual meeting of the Taiwan Benevolent Association of America (TBAA) in Boston on September 24. During the meeting, Hau stated that the 1992 Consensus must be connected with “one China/different interpretations.” Hau asked why we would abandon the one China/different ... more »

Fracking scare stories condemned by watchdog

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 17 hours ago
By Paul Homewood http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/fracking-scare-stories-condemned-by-watchdog-mkw6dn6t0 From the Times: A green campaign group made a series of misleading claims about the health and environmental impacts of fracking, according to a damning draft ruling by the advertising watchdog. Friends of the Earth (FoE) failed to substantiate claims that fracking could cause cancer, contaminate water supplies, […]

Mocking Republican candidates...

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 19 hours ago
It's odd how mocking someone for a disability or for being different is unacceptable at the BBC or the left of politics, unless the person being mocked is on the right of politics of course. Donald Trump has oddly, funnily, stupidly, small hands - so comedians inform me. Back in 2008 John McCain was being mocked for his war injury https://youtu.be/JWApSrLThDM Heaven forbid anyone on the right of politics says anything derogatory about Hillary Clinton though...

Musical Interlude: Medwyn Goodall, “Topaz”

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Medwyn Goodall, “Topaz” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApyaOs6Omkk

How Bison Could Hold the Key to Human Migration

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 21 hours ago
[image: bison dna] The opening of the corridor coincides with the Pleistocene nonconformity approximately 13,000 years BP. That date is as fuzzy as the rest of them and what is reasonable is the pleisticene nonconformity been evidence of a crustal shift, served to bring about the rapid collapse of the ice barrier itself. Thus if we arbitrarily accept 12,900 BP as Event day, five hundred years should suffice to allow bison penetration and human penetration at the same time. That suggests 12,400 BP as Entry date. The degree of probable error is dating is certainly sev... more »

Bison: The American Prairie’s First Farmers

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 21 hours ago
*[image: bison tallgrass prairie]* At the very least bison need to be rotated with cattle on at least every five years at least and ideally every other year. Even better we need to adopt controled grazing for both. That has started with cattle and this has enhanced pasture yields hugely. A really good start would be the building of buffalo fairways that act as guide-ways across country in order to optimize and fully restore the native habitat. Such fairways would allow. A moving bison herd to pass through the country while local cattle herds occasionally share pasture. To ma... more »

'Pardon Snowden' Campaign Takes Off as Sanders, Ellsberg, and Others Join

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 21 hours ago
Yes it is time. The fundamental problem with the culture of secrecy is that the good intentions of the authors are readily converted to private interests. These often as not include perversions in particular and these cause serious blowback. An example is that of schools, Boy Scouts and the Catholic church been sucked into the role of protector of perversion by their own natural fear of public ridicule. It is also extremely hard to handle immediate public exposure particularly when it is also a certain criminal matter and this part must be addressed differently. The fact is th... more »

A Homerun For The Donald—-Attack The Fed’s War On Savers, Workers And The Unborn (Taxpayers)

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 21 hours ago
*[image: Average Hourly Earnings - Nominal and Real - Click to enlarge]* You need to understand something. Though i do not know his exact course load at Wharton, you may be sure that he became very conversant with monetary policy and its nuances. you may also be sure that as an active developer, he remained awake to those issues as they do impact his business directly. That actually makes him likely the most conversant in economics and monetary theory of any such potential president since Reagan who actually held a degree in economics and sociology. Recall that college happens ...more »

Dead People Voting Early And Often For Hillary In Colorado

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
Everything is in place for Hillary Clinton, every judge is in place, and nothing has been overlooked in what will be the most embarrassing display of voter fraud and deceit ever heaped on a people up to and including the Kim Jong-un “elections” in North Korea, the Manuel Noriega reign in Panama, and the grand theft of California from Bernie Sanders. A CBS4 investigation has found multiple cases of dead men and women voting for Hillary Clinton in Colorado months and in some cases years after their deaths, a revelation that raises questions about safeguards apparently in place to pre... more »

Obama Just Gave The Most ‘New World Order’ Speech In History

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
If you mention things like the New World Order or suggest Barack Obama is actively driving us towards a one-world government, you generally get treated to a roll of the eyes, a deep sigh, and an offhand comment about being a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. But times are changing, and more and more mainstream folk are starting to wake up and smell the coffee that Obama and the global elites are brewing. Rolling Stone magazine, discussing the New World Order, has even issued an apology to “conspiracy theorists,” admitting that “you were right all along.“ “Conspiracy theori... more »

Hillary Clinton Is HIV Positive, Claims Washington D.C. Call-Girl

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
Hillary Clinton is HIV positive, according to a shock claim by a Washington D.C. call-girl who says she was diagnosed with the virus after a pay for play fling with former President Bill Clinton in April of last year. “Bill Clinton visited me one night when he was in town, and he left me with more than a cash payment,” said Mandy Cloud, the pseudonym the former D.C. call-girl chose for her book set to be published next month. Cloud says she worked as a high-end call-girl in the world’s most powerful city for 14 years, and claims she went for routine STD tests every other week. Bill... more »

Ahrar Al-Sham Plan Chemical Weapons Attack On Civilians

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
Evidence has emerged that militants from Ahrar Al-Sham are planning to use chemical weapons against civilians in Syria and then blame it on President Assad. UN envoy Bashar Ja’afari says he has uncovered a plot by the terrorist organisation to frame Assad for white phosphorus attacks on civilians, which will be blamed on Syrian troops. “I have information that Ahrar Al-Sham terrorists intend to mount attacks on civilian population using white phosphorus for the sake of fabricating accusations against the Syrian state and its army,” the diplomat said at an emergency UN Security Co... more »

US Demand Russia Is Removed From U.N. Security Council

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
The U.S. has demanded that the United Nations remove Russia from the Security Council due to the deteriorating situation in Syria. US Ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Power, blamed Russia for the surge in violence in Syria after the ceasefire agreement collapsed last week following the US-ISIS airstrike that killed 62 Syrian troops. Sputniknews.com reports: Russia points to the over 300 ceasefire violations by US-backed Syrian rebels in the first days of the ceasefire and the refusal of the so-called ‘moderates’ to adhere to the conditions of the agreement forged by Russia and th... more »

World War 3: US Missile Defense Shield Activated In Europe

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
The United States has activated its $800 million dollar missile defense system in Europe, in a move that Russia warn could spark World War 3. The defense system, located in Romania, aims to defend Europe and the U.S. from “rogue states,” such as Iran. However, President Putin insists that the shield is designed to neutralize Moscow’s nuclear arsenal so that the U.S. can strike Russia. Israelnationalnews.com reports: According to Putin, “This is not a defense system. This is part of U.S. nuclear strategic potential brought onto a periphery. In this case, Eastern Europe is such per... more »

South Korea Threaten To Assassinate Kim Jong Un

administrator at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
South Korea plans to assassinated North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the event of an imminent attack, a defense official has admitted. Defense Minister Han Min-koo made the remarks on Wednesday during a parliamentary meeting. “If it becomes clear the enemy is moving to attack the South with nuclear missiles, in order to suppress its aims, the concept is to destroy key figures and areas that include the North Korean leadership,” Han said. He warned that Seoul is “considering launching a Special Forces unit to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.” Usatoday.com reports: “If i... more »

US Officials Admit Fracking Causes Earthquakes

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
US scientists studying the effects of fracking have confirmed that wastewater injections are directly responsible for causing earthquakes. Seismologists say that since 2008, there has been the same increase in earthquake activity as there has been in hydraulic fracturing. Pravdareport.com reports: The scientists connect the increased seismic activity with wastewater injections used in drilling for oil and gas, which generates an increase of hydrodynamic pressure. As a result it leads to a rupturing and uplift of the ground. And that can be detected from a satellite. Seismologists... more »

Dentist Claims Cannabis Oil Cured Him Of Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
An 80-year-old dentist has described how he cured his stage 4 lung cancer with cannabis oil, just weeks after doctors had left him to die. Anonhq.com reports: In 1989, 55-year-old Stan Rutner — then retired dentist running a lucrative mini-storage business — was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. After six months of aggressive and toxic standardized allopathic treatment, Stan was cured; he heaved a sigh of relief since his cancer was in remission. However, he was fighting cancer again in 2011; this time he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis to the brain. Afte... more »

Stephen King: Trump Presidency Scarier Than Any Horror Story

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
Best selling author Stephen King has said that nothing scares him more than the idea of Republican candidate Donald Trump becoming President. The 69-year-old author told Washington Post editor, Ron Charles, that the idea of a Trump presidency is more horrific than anything he’s ever written about in one of his novels. News.com.au reports: “A Trump presidency scares me more than anything else,” King said in a Facebook Live interview. “I’m terrified that he’ll become president.” King also gave a related explanation for Trunmp’s popularity. “The key chord to all of this is fear,” he... more »

Risk Of Nuclear War Rises

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 22 hours ago
B-52 bomber. CBS NEWS *60 Minutes/CBS:* *Risk of nuclear attack rises* What are the chances the next president would have to make a decision on whether to use nuclear weapons? It’s greater than you might think President Obama’s nuclear strategy states that while the threat of all-out nuclear war is remote the risk of a nuclear attack somewhere in the world has actually increased. When that was written three years ago the risk came from a rogue nation like North Korea. Back then the U.S. and Russia were said to be partners but that was before Russia invaded Crimea, using military f... more »

Tweet For Today

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It's not every day that these pilots get to sink real live ships. Great training!!! @USMC #ValiantShield pic.twitter.com/CphX0GUQ9x — U.S. Dept of Defense (@DeptofDefense) September 26, 2016

U.S. To Replace Its ICBM Force

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
An unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile launches during an operational test from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California at 11:01 p.m. on February 25, 2016. REUTERS/Ian Dudley/U.S. Air Force photo/Handout via Reuters *Military.com/AFP*:* US Air Force Set to Replace Intercontinental Nuke Arsenal* Hidden underground in steel-and-concrete silos across rural America, more than 400 intercontinental ballistic missiles point to the skies, poised for launch -- and ready to obliterate cities across the world. First designed in the 1960s at the height of the Cold War, the ... more »

Picture Of The Day

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The amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard fires a Sea Sparrow missile during Valiant Shield 2016 in the Philippine Sea, Sept. 18, 2016. The biennial exercise focuses on integrating joint training among U.S. forces. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Raymond D. Diaz III

Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu In New York City

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Reuters*: *Trump tells Netanyahu he would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital* U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Sunday told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that if elected, the United States would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the campaign said, marking a potential dramatic shift in U.S. policy. During the meeting that lasted more than an hour at Trump Tower in New York, Trump told Netanyahu that under his administration, the United States would "recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of Israel." While Israel c... more »

Golf’s Great Arnold Palmer Dies At 87

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Golf Week:* *Golf’s most beloved figure, Arnold Palmer, dies at 87* Arnold Palmer, a seven-time major winner who brought golf to the masses and became the most beloved figure in the game, died Sunday in Pittsburgh from heart complications. He was 87. Palmer, a native of Latrobe, Pa., had been admitted to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where he was scheduled to have heart surgery Monday, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Reaction poured in from “Arnie’s Army” of admirers in the world of golf. *Read more* .... *Update #1:* Arnold Palmer obit: The King passe... more »

Japan Scrambles Fighter Jets While China Stages Air Force Exercises Near Okinawa

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
Chinese air force planes, including an H-6K bomber (left) and an Su-30 fighter, fly over the Miyako Strait in Okinawa Prefecture to the Western Pacific on Sunday. CNS / VIA KYODO *Japan Times:* *Japan scrambles ASDF near Okinawa as Chinese air force planes pass over key entryway into Pacific* Japan scrambled Air Self-Defense Force aircraft after eight Chinese warplanes passed through a critical international entryway into the Western Pacific on Sunday — a move analysts said was a warning to Japan over pledges of increased engagement in the disputed South China Sea. The Chinese air... more »

Will Trump's Handlers Successfully Persuade Him Not To Throw His Spaghetti On The Wall Before The Debate Ends?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
Trump likes to reassure his dumbell fans that he's in the fraternity of top business leaders. But he's a joke in the business world and, as the *Wall Street Journal* pointed out Friday, not a single Fortune 100 CEO is backing him, or at least not contributing to his campaign. Nearly a third of them gave to Romney's campaign and during the primary quite a few gave to Bush and Rubio to try to save America from Trump. So far 11 have contributed to Hillary's campaign. I suspect that the endorsement Trump got from Cruz Friday isn't going to sway any CEOs. (Remember when Trump brayed th... more »

A New Arms Race Over Warplanes

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*(Click on Image to Enlarge)* F-16.net *Wall Street Journal:* *Big Spending on Warplanes Spurs Aerial Arms Race* *Russia, China seek to challenge Western superiority in the sky with stealthy, next-generation jets* For more than two decades, combat aircraft flown by the U.S. and its European allies have pretty much owned the sky. Now, Russia and China are spending lavishly on new weapons that could challenge that superiority, spurring a new arms race. Some of the hardware, both planes and antiaircraft capabilities, is expected to roll out in the next few years. The upgrades come as... more »

U.S. Accuses Russia Of 'Barbarism' In Syria, Moscow Says Peace Impossible

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Reuters*: *U.S., Russia trade blows over Syria as warplanes pound Aleppo* The United States accused Russia of "barbarism" in Syria on Sunday as warplanes supporting Syrian government forces pounded Aleppo and Moscow said ending the civil war was almost "impossible". A diplomatic solution to the fighting looked unlikely as U.S. and Russian diplomats disagreed at a U.N. Security Council meeting called to discuss the violence, which has escalated since a ceasefire collapsed last week. Rebels, who are battling President Bashar al-Assad's forces for control of Aleppo, said any peace p... more »

56 Years Ago, He Saw Him Coming.

jurassicpork at Welcome Back to Pottersville - 1 day ago
"If [television] drives politics toward theatrics, so that the number of politicians who imagine themselves entertainers swells to match the number of entertainers who imagine themselves politicians; if it ruthlessly practises a kind of intellectual payola that rewards the man who can reduce the most complex issue to the silliest simplification; if it effectively invites a whole people to foreswear the labor of reading for the ease of gaping ... If the pungent slogan asserts such sovereignty that disarmament is discussed on the level of deodorants; if all impulses conspire to glut ... more »

The splendid piece on John le Carré is part of an embarrassment of riches in the new NYRB

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
*The new NYRB has a terrific review-essay by Neal Ascherson on John le Carré, described by his new biographer, Adam Sisman, as "one of the most important English writers of the post-war period." To me this kind of understates le Carré's importance as a writer, but hey, that's me.* *by Ken* The new (October 13) issue of *The New York Review of Books* was in the mailbox yesterday, and such free time as I've had since then has been heavily absorbed by an issue overflowing with "must read"s. There are half a dozen or more pieces that we should probably talk about, and may yet, but for... more »

Rob McConnell Interviews Tom Carey

KRandle at A Different Perspective - 1 day ago
Rob McConnell, on the X-Zone Broadcast Network interviewed Tom Carey about the Roswell Slides, and Carey said some very interesting things. You can hear the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ0V-Xuzzp0 Tom Carey We learn from Carey (at about 04:15 into the interview) that it was Joe Beason who contacted him after Beason had attempted to interest Stan Friedman in the slides. Friedman, according to Carey, was too busy to follow the lead and suggested Carey to Beason. This bothers me because it would seem that Stan, who has been very protective of his leads about Rosw... more »

"A Look to the Heavens"

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"M78 isn't really hiding in planet Earth's night sky. About 1,600 light-years away and nestled in the nebula rich constellation Orion, the large, bright, reflection nebula is well-known to telescopic skygazers. But this gorgeous image of M78 was selected as the winner of the Hidden Treasures 2010 astrophotography competition. Held by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), the competition challenged amateur astronomers to process data from ESO's astronomical archive in search of cosmic gems. *Click image for larger size.* The winning entry shows off amazing details within bluish M78...more »

Chet Raymo, "Cosmic View"

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*"Cosmic View"* by Chet Raymo "When writing about Philip and Phylis Morrison's "Powers of Ten" the other day I found I had made the following notation in the flyleaf, perhaps a dozen or more years ago: Britannica 32 volumes 1000 pages per vol 1200 words per page 5 letters/wd =200 million letters So, 200 million letters in the 32 volume set of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Why was I making that estimate? I can think of several possibilities. Perhaps… *1.* I was making a comparison with the number of nucleotide pairs in the human DNA; that is, the number of st... more »

"If You Caught A Glimpse..."

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"If you caught a glimpse of your own death, would that knowledge change the way you live the rest of your life?" - Paco Ahlgren, "Discipline"

“Perspective: Same Situation, Different Thinking”

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*“Perspective: Same Situation, Different Thinking”* by Marc Chernoff “A puppy thinks: “Hey, these people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with a warm, dry home, pet me and take good care of me… They must be gods!” A kitten thinks: “Hey, these people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with a warm, dry home, pet me and take good care of me… I must be a god!” “One Simple Phrase that Will Change Your Thoughts (and Spare Some Pain)” - http://www.marcandangel.com/

The Daily "Near You?"

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Rosemère, Quebec, Canada. Thanks for stopping by!


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"Once in a while, life gives you a chance to measure your worth. Sometimes you're called upon to make a split-second decision to do the right thing, defining which way your life will go. These are the decisions that make you who you are." - Perry Moore

The Poet: John O’Donohue, “For The Time Of Necessary Decision”

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*“For The Time Of Necessary Decision”* “The mind of time is hard to read. We can never predict what it will bring, Nor even from all that is already gone Can we say what form it finally takes; For time gathers its moments secretly. Often we only know it’s time to change When a force has built inside the heart That leaves us uneasy as we are. Perhaps the work we do has lost its soul Or the love where we once belonged Calls nothing alive in us anymore. We drift through this gray, increasing nowhere Until we stand before a threshold we know We have to cross to come alive once more. May we... more »

Massive Coronal Hole

Obi-Wan Kabuki at AMERICAN KABUKI - 1 day ago
http://spaceweather.com/ *CORONAL HOLE TURNING TOWARD EARTH:* A vast "coronal hole" has opened up in the sun's atmosphere, and it is spewing solar wind into space. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is monitoring the structure as it turns toward Earth: *"Coronal holes are regions in the sun's atmosphere where the magnetic field peels back and allows solar wind to escape. Today's coronal hole is a big one, and the emerging solar wind stream is broad. It is very unlikely to miss Earth when it arrives on Sept. 28-29. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras later this w... more »

Nemesis : Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug

Spike EP at News Spike - 1 day ago
*There is no Moriarty* Nemesis, winged balancer of life, dark-faced goddess, daughter of Justice, *"It is cocaine," *he said, *"a seven-per-cent solution. * *Would you care to try it?"* "I have been guilty of several monographs. They are all upon technical subjects. Here, for example, is one *'Upon the Distinction between the Ashes of the Various Tobaccos'. * In it I enumerate a hundred and forty forms of cigar, cigarette, and pipe tobacco, with coloured plates illustrating the difference in the ash." *Two Half-Men* "Hence the cocaine. I cannot live without brain-work. What e... more »

Hillary's economically clueless plans would create poverty

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 1 day ago
*What qualifies this woman to give folk stuff that doesn't belong to them, to tell them what to do in any aspect of their life? Nothing more than her lust for power, says Daniel Mitchell in this guest post. What has she ever accomplished in life?* Because of my disdain for the two statists that were nominated by the Republicans and Democrats, I’m trying to ignore the election. But every so often, something gets said or written that cries out for analysis. Today is one of those days. Hillary Clinton has an editorial in the *New York Times *entitled “My Plan for Helping America’s... more »

Trump: US Will Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s ‘Undivided’ Capital

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday. Trump affirmed that the whole City of Jerusalem should once again become Israel’s capital. During the meeting in New York, Trump pledged to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided” capital once elected president. GMA News reports: Netanyahu met privately with Trump at his residence in Trump Tower a day before the New York billionaire faces off against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for their first presidential debate. “Trump acknowledged that Jerusalem has been the eter...more »

Humanitarian Catastrophe: 2 Million Without Water In Syria’s Aleppo

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
Up to two million people are without water in Aleppo, Syria, according to the UN. The Bab al-Nayrab water pumping station supplying rebel held eastern parts of Aleppo was damaged by Syrian Army airstrikes. In retaliation, so-called “moderate” rebels have turned off the water to 1.5 million civilians in the government controlled West Aleppo. Water is now being used as a weapon of war by both sides. The latest act of inhumanity on the besieged Syrian people has set the stage for an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. Sputnik reports: The city of Aleppo is “dying” according to Un... more »

Benjamin Netanyahu ‘Occupies’ New York Toilet

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
Benjamin Netanyahu was seen heading to the bathroom at New York’s Sherry-Netherland Hotel with an escort of 20 bodyguards. The Israeli prime minister was having dinner with his wife at the Hotel’s Harry Cipriani restaurant when nature called. As Bibi got up to go to the toilet, half of his 40-strong crew of security agents followed him. It lead some to wonder if he had declared the New York toilet as a new occupied territory! RT reports: According to a bystander, a few went into the bathroom with him, while “one watched the door and the rest lined up with their arms up to form a... more »

Labour today

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 1 day ago
Not BBC-bias-related but still extraordinary (and well-sourced):

Aerial Spraying is Not an Effective Strategy for Controlling Zika

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 1 day ago
*Dr. Mercola* - Spraying for Zika with dangerous insecticides is ineffective and dangerous. The post Aerial Spraying is Not an Effective Strategy for Controlling Zika appeared first on Waking Times.

Mission Accomplished...but why now?

greencrow at Greencrow As The Crow Flies - 1 day ago
*Aleppo, Syria* *To most of humanity, the above photo is a hideous example of man's injustice to man..."They created a desolation...and called it Peace." But, to the Perps of USrael....the masterminds and machinators of 9/11 and maestros of the formal government policy of "Seven Countries in Five Years", it's a thing of beauty. If they had a Louvre, the above photo would be framed in gilt and hung in the great hall.* *According to Sputnik* The so-called "moderate" rebels turned off the water to 1.5 million civilians living in West Aleppo in retaliation for a Syrian Army airstrike... more »

Standing Rock: Water Protectors Shut Down Continued Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 1 day ago
WATER PROTECTORS SHUT DOWN THE CONTINUED CONSTRUCTION OF THE DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE By Natalie Hand Lakota Media Project Censored News 1851 Ft. Laramie Treaty Territory, Cannon Ball, North Dakota -- Hundreds of tribal members and allies marched onto active and ongoing construction sites of the Dakota Access Pipeline today. Water protectors brought offerings of prayer,

Massive Explosion In Budapest Injures Two Police Officers

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
The Hungarian capital Budapest was rocked by a huge explosion on Saturday. Two police officers were seriously injured in the blast. Hungary’s police chief said: “… someone wanted to murder our officers” after police found a home-made nail bomb. The attack comes just days before Hungary is due to hold a crucial vote on migration. Police are looking for possible terrorist links and the perpetrator who is still at large. The Sunday Express reports: Witnesses described seeing an attacker waiting in a doorway before throwing the explosive device packed with nails at two officers as the... more »

Animal Protein vs Plant Protein - the illusion of scale in diet epidemiology.

George Henderson at The High-fat Hep C Diet - 1 day ago
This graph appeared in Jason Fung's excellent Intensive Dietary Management blog here. I don't really want to disagree with Jason's statement that animal protein raises insulin more than plant protein, as I haven't looked into the evidence for that or what it means - I merely want to point out that this graph, and the paper it comes from, do not by themselves provide evidence that eating animal protein is associated with a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than eating plant protein. The paper, by Sluijs et al, is titled "Dietary Intake of Total, Animal, and Vegetable Prote... more »

The Matter of the North

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 1 day ago
And *still *still catching up... Well, I actually enjoyed Melvyn Bragg's 10-part series *The Matter of the North. *So there! He may have overstated his pro-Northern case at time, especially in his bullish opening rant, but his walks around many of the landmark places of the North, often waxing lyrical, and his fine cast of academics and famous Northerners kept me engaged pretty much throughout - especially as Melvyn himself was just so enthusiastic about things. I even found inspiration for some days out: I would now dearly love to visit Whitby Abbey and might well pencil in a vis... more »

Progressive Veterans Running For Congress

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
Unless you live in his district, you probably never heard of Ohio teabagger Warren Davidson, the Trumpist nut who won Boehner's seat when he was forced out of office. Last week Butler County's *Journal-News* reported that Davidson told a room full of veterans that one way to clean up the Department of Veterans Affairs’ health care system is to get the "moochers" out of it. "Part of the problem," he said, "is there are some vets that are moochers and they’re clogging up the system. And we do as taxpayers want to make sure the VA filters out these folks that are pretenders." A spokes... more »

Something more on Question Time audiences

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 1 day ago
Still catching up... Andrew Marr's interview with Morecambe-born Labour leadership failure Owen Smith (two weeks ago) contained an interesting comment from the unsuccessful Mr. Smith: *Andrew Marr*: Owen Smith, your fundamental pitch is that Jeremy Corbyn is less electable than Owen Smith. What possible evidence do you have of that? He has been getting huge crowds all around the country. He’s been addressing massive rallies. And when it comes to something like the BBC’s *Question Time *everyone pours over him at the end to get selfies, not, I’m afraid, to you. *Owen Smith*: Well,... more »

On Chris Packham

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 1 day ago
I suppose I ought to write something (as others are doing) about Chris Packham being cleared by the BBC Trust for calling those involved in hunting "the nasty brigade" and demanding a ban on driven grouse-shooting in the *BBC Wildlife *magazine. The (two) complainants argued that Chris had broken BBC impartiality guidelines (the *BBC Wildlife* magazine being bound by those guidelines) and had a conflict of interest (being a campaigner against driven grouse-shooting). Now, I've seen some of Chris Packham's videos on the subject and there's no doubt about it: He *is *a campaigner on... more »

Al Qaeda Is Resurging

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*The Economist:* *Al-Qaeda, The other jihadist state* Eclipsed by Islamic State, al-Qaeda may be making a comeback in a more pragmatic, and dangerous, form. SOON after it attacked America on September 11th 2001, al-Qaeda issued a book by its co-founder, Ayman al-Zawahiri, setting out a grand strategy. “Knights under the Prophet’s Banner” explained that striking America, not local regimes, would galvanise Muslims everywhere; jihadists had to cleave “to the masses” and needed a “base in the heart of the Muslim world” to achieve eventual success. In the event, al-Qaeda was chased fr... more »

One swallow

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 1 day ago
Amid all the relentlessly knee-jerk anti-Trump stuff being poured out by the BBC, day in and day out (whether entirely justified or not), came a striking exception this week in the shape of John Gray's latest *A Point of View* - a typically free-thinking take on the whole Trump phenomenon that's well worth a listen.

Standing Rock: Water Protectors Shut Down Continued Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 1 day ago
WATER PROTECTORS SHUT DOWN THE CONTINUED CONSTRUCTION OF THE DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE By Natalie Hand Lakota Media Project Censored News Dutch translation by Alice Holemans at: http://www.denaisgazet.be/nieuws/standing-rock-wateractivisten-stoppen-de-nog-steeds-verdergaande French translation by Christine Prat at: http://www.chrisp.lautre.net/wpblog/?p=3648 1851 Ft. Laramie

MSM declares Hillary winner of tomorrow's debate...

Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner - 1 day ago
*thought I'd get that out of the way early.* Because you know it's true. It isn't going to matter what she says or does. Short of having a grand mal seizure during the second half of the debate, which would only gain her sympathy and praise for "powering through", she will be the hands down favorite. No matter what Trump says or does, he will be labeled pushy, un-presidential, ill-prepared, and "dangerous." Lester Holt will challenge Trump's statements and twist everything he says. Conversely, Holt will treat Hillary with delicacy and restraint. Sure wouldn't want the world ... more »

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