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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

18 September - Blogs I'm Following

11:26pm MDT

Publishing My Email Exchanges with D. Ravitch, Part 1

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 56 minutes ago
Dear Diane, I saw your new blog post yesterday that shows your earnestness to depict me as an out-of-control sexist bully who is out to get you: Jim Horn has a website called “Schools Matter.” He opposes corporate reform, as I do. I have never met him. I hear he doesn’t like me. I don’t know why. I thought we were fighting for the same goals. The first time I became aware of his hostility was when he posted a photograph of me with the caption, “Nice face job, Diane.” Very puzzling as I have never had a facelift. Sexist too. I ignored him. When Anthony Cody and I decided to create t... more »

California-- Not Quite As Blue As You Might Imagine

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 hour ago
*Eloise* Yesterday, Jon Wiener, writing for *The Nation* picked at the ugly scab of California's Democratic politics, something few outside the state know about, namely that deep blue California has a Democratic Party very much under the thumb of corrupt conservatives calling themselves, inaccurately, "moderates." And these moderates represent, primarily, their campaign donors and their campaign donors' lobbyists-- oil and gas, agribusiness, real estate developers, Big Pharma, the charter school industry and, of course, the banksters. Democrats hold the governorship and every state... more »

Putin's United Russia Party Wins A Parliamentary Majority In Today's Vote

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 3 hours ago
*Reuters:* *Pro-Putin party wins Russian parliamentary election* Allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin comfortably won a parliamentary election, early results showed on Monday, but low turnout suggested a softening of enthusiasm for the ruling elite 18 months before the next presidential election. The ruling United Russia party won 51 percent in Sunday's election, according to a preliminary central election commission tally after a quarter of the votes had been counted. That would allow the party, which was founded by Putin and benefits from his popularity, to extend its dom... more »

Lydia the Tattooed Lady

Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 3 hours ago

amor omnia vincit

Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 3 hours ago


Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 3 hours ago

How a bureaucracy fixes things

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 4 hours ago
Housing New Zealand is a government department supposed to house New Zealanders who can’t or won’t house themselves. At least that’s what it says on the label: *Housing New Zealand has bought a South Auckland motel to help meet the area’s housing shortage – but ironically the existing residents will have to move out to make room for the homeless. A spokesman said the agency bought the 10-unit Cimarron Motel in Waterview Rd, Takanini, as “part of our work to make more housing available in Auckland for those who require it urgently.” But the motel was already being used...more »

Movie Watch: Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman the best way -- by looking at his work

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 4 hours ago
*Philip Seymour Hoffman in the title role of The Master (2012)* *The great actor Philip Seymour Hoffman had an uncanny ability to disappear into a role yet at the same time to invest his performances with such complexity, depth, and empathy that they always felt deeply personal. Drawn to playing highly flawed characters, he was able to seem at once larger than life and recognizably imperfect. In over 60 film performances, the boldness of his choices was always breathtaking. As he once said, “It’s all risk! Living a life is basically about you entering one situation after another th... more »

Micro-housing v modern zoning

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 4 hours ago
[image: Lamon-Luther-Tiny-House-Interior] *Laman Luther Tiny House**, interior* Over the past almost one hundred years, the unintended consequences of well-meaning zoning regulations have destroyed housing opportunities for thousands. Attempts to “fix” the problems with more regulation often make matters worse – Seattle’s story of the killing of micro-housing – small cunningly crafted spaces that young folk can afford – is just another in the long and lengthening case file. *Beginning in 2009, *developers in Seattle became leaders* in micro-housing [“**a niche option in cities ... more »

Brad Steiger and Real Visitors, Voices from Beyond and Parallel Dimensions

KRandle at A Different Perspective - 5 hours ago
Back more years than I care to admit, I read a book, *Allende Letters: New UFO Breakthrough* (the title seems to be part of the advertising on the cover) written by Brad Steiger and Joan Whritenour. It was much more than just the story of the Allende Letters but it did spark an interest in me. It also raised some questions about all this sort of thing. Although only one chapter actually discussed the Allende Letters in detail, it did Brad and Sherry Hansen Steigermention that a researcher, Steve Yankee, who written to the Chief of Naval Operations in an attempt to learn more about ... more »

Turning Away from Catastrophic Legacies

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 6 hours ago
My friends in Japan tell me Fukushima is rarely discussed anymore. The problem has disappeared from mainstream public consciousness although the plant continues to contaminate fresh water aquifers and the Pacific Ocean. I find the same phenomenon occurring in my backyard. I live adjacent to an old mining town that is in my eyes located in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I love the desert! Tragically, this seemingly pristine beauty is marred and threatened by the legacy of gold mining in the area. Mining started in the late 1800s and continued through the 1950s. Spur C... more »

"The Truth..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 6 hours ago
“The truth, indeed, is something that mankind, for some mysterious reason, instinctively dislikes. Every man who tries to tell it is unpopular, and even when, by the sheer strength of his case, he prevails, he is put down as a scoundrel.” - H. L. Mencken, Chicago Tribune (23 May 1926)

No MUOS Anywhere!!!!

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 6 hours ago
US space warfare communications base in Sicily.... MUOS stands for The Mobile User Objective System. The MUOS system includes four ground station facilities, each of which serves one of the four active satellites of the MUOS constellation and are located at: the Australian Defence Satellite Communications Station at Kojarena about 30 km east of Geraldton, Western Australia; Naval Radio Transmitter Facility (NRTF) Niscemi about 60 km from Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily, Italy; Naval SATCOM Facility, Northwest Chesapeake, Southeast Virginia; and the Naval Computer and Telecommu... more »

U.S. Bombs Syrian Military

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 6 hours ago
US-led coalition jets have bombed Syrian government forces’ positions near the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor, killing 62 troops and "paving the way" for Islamic State militants to capture more land. Even the US military newspaper *Stars & Stripes* admitted that the US had done this bombing. See it *here * Is the US trying to torpedo this Syria ceasefire? Is the US trying to draw Russia into a dog fight over the skies of Syria? Are the Pentagon and State Department in the US at war with each other? Who is actually running US foreign and military policy these days? Is the US angr... more »

Sunday Song

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 6 hours ago


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 6 hours ago
*Student Forced to Remove Trump Hat, ‘You’re Not Allowed to Share Hate Language’* Students at a Canadian university confronted another student who was wearing a "Make American Great Again" hat—when he refused their demands to remove his hat, the students grabbed it off his head. You've got to take it off," insisted one female student, later identified as Zoe Slusar, a former vice president of Mount Royal University's student life program. The student wearing the hat—Matt Linder, according to CBC—argued that he was exercising his free speech rights. "I'm not allowed to support a p... more »

The Myth of the Ineffective Opposition

Phil at All That Is Solid ... - 6 hours ago
Cast your mind back to just over a year ago. You will remember that awful general election result won by Tory scaremongering and lies. You may also recall the short interregnum in which Harriet Harman took on the mantle of acting leader, and stumbled into the most decisive, disastrous misstep the Labour Party establishment - from its point of view - has made since the foundation of our party. In the July 2015 budget, Harriet took to the dispatch box and attacked the former chancellor for planning to cut social security and tax credit payments to millions of our people. Then, days l... more »

What if We Held a Parade & Nobody Came?

jurassicpork at Welcome Back to Pottersville - 6 hours ago
Trump blamed Muslims for #ChelseaNYC & Clinton almost fell asleep. This was a dress rehearsal for the real thing. https://t.co/6Y7k7yxBwo — MikeFlannigan (@MikeFlannigan78) September 18, 2016 That's right. There was a bomb that went off on 27th Street in Chelsea last night and, as always when this sort of thing happens in an election year, presidential candidates jump (Or, in Hillary Clinton's case, fall) on the headline. It was a ball bearing-impregnated pressure cooker bomb (Apparently not very dissimilar to the Boston Marathon bombs) and another, thankfully, was defused by ... more »

"Hillary Clinton’s Crisis: A Polling Question for History Fans"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 6 hours ago
*"Hillary Clinton’s Crisis: A Polling Question for History Fans:* * If the Election were held Today…"* By John Zogby "Here is a polling question for history fans: If the election were held today and the candidates were Republican Nero, Democrat Catherine de Medici, and Libertarian Timothy Leary, for whom would you?An impossible match up but, in some ways, a real one. None of these are credible or beloved characters from history– at least when we think of the Black Box with the button, making a nationwide television address, or attending the G8 Summit. But today we have the moral equ... more »

Ex-Haitian Senate President Accuses Bill Clinton Of Bribery

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 7 hours ago
The former Haitian Senate President, Bernard Sansaricq, told a crowd of Trump supporters on Friday that Former President Bill Clinton tried to bribe him into supporting regime change. He also accuses the Clinton Foundation of withholding billions of dollars in charity donations for Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. The Daily Caller reports: Speaking at a Trump campaign event in Little Haiti, Sansaricq explained that he became president of the Senate in 1994, a year during which the Clinton presidency attempted to oust the oppressive military regime in Haiti by threat of invasio... more »

Women's Boat to Gaza -- Enroute to France from Spain

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 7 hours ago
WOMEN'S BOAT TO GAZA Zaytouna-Oliva approaches Ajaccio, France There has been a lot that has happened with the Zaytouna-Oliva and Amal-Hope (see below) since their departure from Barcelona, Spain on September 15. After a delayed start, Zaytouna-Oliva is now approaching its next European port of call, Ajaccio France. Watch her progress

Summing up the week

Sunniva at SunnivaRose - 8 hours ago
Another week has just come to an end, and it's time to sum up. One of the conclusions is that I have survived the first of the three crazy weeks :) *Right now* Right now I've just come out of the shower, am in my bed at a hotel in Kristiansand, and looking forward to talk to several hundred girls about *nuclear physics and research and stuff*, and why I think science is awesome, tomorrow. My talk isn't completely ready yet - that will probably happen tomorrow morning during an early breakfast <3 *Boost(s) of the week* When I had just finishing my talk on Bruges. When Stephan Obersted... more »

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 18th, 2016

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 8 hours ago
[image: rant-jpeg-b] Sunday, and here we go with my weekly rant.... I honestly do not know how to reach the average American in regards to the reality about that heinous diabolical demonic psychotic creature known as Hillary "Killary" Clinton...EVERYTHING about this poor excuse for a woman shows that we are indeed dealing with pure evil, and yet we still find according to some "polls" that there are some 40% of the American electorate that will still consider casting their vote for this creature? Honestly, are Americans truly this brain dead? Lets face it right now.. In terms o... more »

"How It Really Is"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 8 hours ago
"What's the Real Unemployment Rate? That's the Wrong Question"

What If Trump Wins? Would You Hide A Latino Family Or Muslim Refugees In Your House Once The Deportations Begin?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 8 hours ago
In today's *NY Times* Nick Kristof asked his readers whether they would have hidden a Jew from the Nazis. In the 1970s I lived in Amsterdam for nearly 4 years and passed the Anne Frank Huis-- now a museum-- on the Prinsegracht a few times a week. It was vaguely, a little circuitously, between my apartment on the Overtoom and my job at the meditation center on Prins Hendrikkade. It was built in 1635. I thought about the question Kristof asked today very frequently back then. More recently though, I sometimes try to imagine what I would do if President Trumpf was having Latinos rou... more »

Thousands March For Britain To Welcome More Refugees

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 8 hours ago
The world faces a humanitarian crisis as people flee from persecution and injustice in their own homelands and knock on Europe’s door as refugees. Amid global crises that have seen people forced from their homelands in unprecedented numbers, citizens call on UK government to open doors to those in need. War and poverty has forced millions to turn toward Europe for a better future despite the continent suffering from its own financial and social problems. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of central London on Saturday, demanding that the government do more to help mig... more »

For Whomever (remix and re-edit_

Russell Duffy at GlobaLove Think Tank - 9 hours ago
I count the lines on my hand and watch my footprints in the sand and all my schemes as yet unplanned as they float upon the breeze. they talk of me in tones now hushed with words that ramble and are rushed like toilet paper to be flushed as I crawl upon my knees. those humble servants of commerce who genuflect and promptly curse I wonder who is really worse the beggar or the thief? the lines are so clearly writ and in those lines, I have to sit my brain and soul can't benefit from this lack of self-belief. they tell me that the trouble is I'm far too old for this young man's biz I've ... more »

US Airstrike On Syrian Army Positions Was No Mistake -Assad Aide

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 9 hours ago
A senior adviser to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad said that the US airstrike on Syrian Army positions in Deir Ezzor was preplanned. President Assad’s Political and media adviser Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban told RT, “None of the facts on the ground show that what happened was a mistake or a coincidence.” US-led coalition jets bombed Syrian government forces’ positions near the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor, killing troops and “paving the way” for ISIS militants to launch their offensive, according to Syria’s official news agency Shaaban said: “The moment the American planes struck the ... more »

US Syrian War Atrocity - Who Did It?

greencrow at Greencrow As The Crow Flies - 9 hours ago
*WANTED - Ashton Carter* *US Secretary of Defense* *for ordering war crimes against the* *sovereign state of Syria OR* *gross negligence/incompetence* *leading to mass death/casualties* Who is responsible for the latest international crisis caused by ostensible "mistakes" by the US Air Force...leading to mass death and casualties? The circle of suspects is narrowing. Sunday pundits and alternate bloggers, notably Wayne Madsen, have pointed their fingers at the above suspect, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. “I would blame squarely [US] Defense Secretary [Ashton] Carter for th... more »

(Election a Tie?)  Russia Did It  (5-Alarm Monsanto-Bayer Merger Threat?  ITT Frauds)  9/11 Truth  (Syriza Fake Reforms)  Mass Murder Megaphone  (Contract Ensured Bush Beat Kerry?)  Rubin Criminal Probe  (Wall St. Fakes)  Co-ops Vs. Capitalism  (NYT Obituary)  FOIA Lawsuits Grow 42%  (Deutsche Bank Like Trump Says NO!)   Warren Opens Pandora's Box  (BDS NOT)  Son of a Bitch?  (Delusional Democracy)  Living 15 Years In a Lie

All politicians, like all human beings, shade the truth, use evidence selectively, recast the emphasis of events to cast themselves in a more favorable light.But what we are seeing here is a campaign that, with not one iota of moral conscience, has reached into the playbooks of Big Brother, Joseph Goebbels, and Soviet Russia and simply fabricated an entire false narrative. This is not a case of


JR at GREENIE WATCH - 10 hours ago
*Nearly every one of these is routinely violated by Warmists* *Does the El Nino Cycle Reveal a Flaw in Man-Made Global Warming Theory?* *Increased humidity is NOT self-sustaining* Most people are unaware that the bulk of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming theory (AGW) is built on the concept of atmospheric water vapor feedback—not rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. Plenty of climate critics have questioned the soundness of this assumption, however, and evidence of its flaws may be more obvious than we realize. Here’s the essence of AGW theory: CO2 is something of a lim... more »

Editor's Note

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 10 hours ago
Blogging will return later this evening.

How Much Of The UK’s Energy Comes From Wind & Solar

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 11 hours ago
By Paul Homewood Robin Guenier asked how much wind and solar power were contributing to the UK’s overall energy consumption. According to DECC’s latest energy trends, wind, solar and hydro added up to only 2.4% of primary energy consumption last year. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/532895/Section_1.pdf According to DUKES, hydro’s share was 0.3%, leaving 2.1% […]

Russian Foreign Ministry: No Arms Control Talks With The U.S.

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
John Kerry (right) expressed his concerns to Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. (Reuters: Brendan Smialowski) *Sputnik:* *Russia-US Cooperation in Arms Control Impossible Over Sanctions* United States and Russia are impossible to cooperate in the arms control sector due to sanctions imposed against Russia’s defense enterprises. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – It is impossible for the United States and Russia to cooperate in the sector of arms control due to sanctions imposed against Russia’s defense enterprises, Russian Foreign Ministry’s Deputy Director of the Department for Nonproliferati... more »

At Least 29 Injured In ‘Intentional’ New York Explosion

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 11 hours ago
At least 29 people were treated for injuries following a powerful explosion in Chelsea Manhattan on Saturday night. All 29 injured people have been released from the hospital –#FDNY Commissioner Nigro #ChelseaExplosion pic.twitter.com/flpygpG8Wg — FDNY (@FDNY) September 18, 2016 They say that an improvised explosive device stuffed inside a dumpster was the most likely cause of the blast which occurred at around 8.30pm local time. The blast came after a pipe bomb explosion in neighbouring New Jersey on Saturday morning along the route of a planned charity race. The bomb, which only... more »

September 16 heart data work with Loie and family memories...

Obi-Wan Kabuki at AMERICAN KABUKI - 12 hours ago
[9/16/16, 10:52:16 AM] Terran: Hi Loie do you have a moment to do some heart work? Loie: Bill, I am here. I am ready. Shall we begin, Love? Loie. Terran: Yes Loie: I am sending you my energies, dear. Feel me? Loie. Terran: I do now can you boost that slightly? Loie: Yes, Love. Accelerating now. Loie. Terran: Excellent! Terran: This energy is going deeper within Loie: I am with you now, Love. Loie. Terran: I see a road busy with cars slightly blurred like a telephoto lens Terran: Say an old Ford Fairlane truck/car don't know if it's the 60s Terran: I'm in a narrow house... more »

Alaska-- Bernie Country-- Has A Senate Race Heating Up Rapidly

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 12 hours ago
As we've mentioned before, a homophobic and hypocritical DSCC refuses to acknowledge that Utah even *has* a Senate race this year because they are so freaked out that a ultra-progressive, working class, transgendered woman, Misty Snow, beat their preferred conservative Blue Dog candidate in the primary 59.4-40.6%. So they've given GOP radical Mike Lee a free re-election pass. Neither Misty nor the state of Utah is even mentioned on the DSCC website. On the other hand, the site does acknowledge that Alaska has a Senate race this cycle. On the page touting the candidates, they have ... more »

US And Russia In War Of Words Over Syria Air Raid

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*CNN*: *Syria ceasefire under threat after US-led strikes kill regime troops, Russia says* (CNN)Russia says US-led coalition airstrikes that mistakenly killed dozens of Syrian troops on Saturday -- prompting a diplomatic firestorm -- could jeopardize a fragile ceasefire. The strikes near Deir Ezzor Airport -- which the US says were intended to target ISIS but instead killed 62 Syrian soldiers, according to the Russian military -- sparked a furious row between the US and Russian ambassadors to the United Nations outside an emergency Security Council meeting. The US has expressed r... more »

Presidential Candidates Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Comment On Yesterday's New York City Bomb Attack

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*NBC*: *How Trump and Clinton Reacted to New York City 'Bomb'* The presidential candidates remained true to form in their reactions to an explosion in New York City Saturday night, with Donald Trump sounding alarms and Hillary Clinton offering caution. Trump was set to take the stage in Colorado Springs just as unconfirmed reports of an explosion in downtown Manhattan started spreading over Twitter. After waiting on his plane for about 13 minutes, he took the stage and reported what no news outlets or law enforcement had yet: that a "bomb" went off in New York City. "Just before... more »

Governor: New York Bomb Blast 'Obviously An Act Of Terrorism But There Are No International Links'

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*CNN*: *New York blast 'obviously an act of terrorism,' governor says* New York (CNN)Hours after an explosion injured 29 people in a Manhattan neighborhood, police were scouring the area for evidence Sunday as they tried to pinpoint exactly what -- and who -- caused the blast. "A bomb exploding in New York is obviously an act of terrorism," Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters Sunday, vowing that authorities will catch whoever is responsible. The governor said there's no evidence of an international terrorism link to Saturday's blast, which shook New York City's Chelsea neighborhood an... more »

Venezuela Warns World Leaders At The Non-Aligned Summit That The U.S. Is Waging Economic War At Him

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*AFP*: *Venezuela, Cuba warn of US intervention at Non-Aligned meet* Porlamar (Venezuela) (AFP) - Venezuela's embattled President Nicolas Maduro has warned world leaders at a Non-Aligned Summit that his country was being lashed by a US economic war aimed at toppling him. Speaking at the same event, which opened Saturday, Maduro's closest regional ally, Cuban President Raul Castro, echoed the charge, despite his country's thawing relations with the United States. "Venezuela is facing an onslaught... that is against all of Latin America and the Caribbean, that is trying to re-impose... more »

Retired British General: Military 'Unable' To Protect UK From Attack

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*The Guardian*: *UK armed forces 'could not withstand attack by major power like Russia'* Gen Sir Richard Barrons, recently retired chief of joint forces command, gives scathing assessment of UK military. The UK’s armed forces would not be able to protect the country from a full-scale attack by Russia or another major military power, the recently retired commander of joint forces command has said. Gen Sir Richard Barrons, who stepped down in April, delivered a scathing assessment of the UK military in a 10-page private memorandum to the defence secretary, Sir Michael Fallon. It ... more »

Top Somali General Killed In Suicide Bombing Attack

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
A policeman gives instructions near the wreckage of a car destroyed during a suicide bombing near the African Union's main peacekeeping base in Mogadishu, Somalia, July 26, 2016. REUTERS/Ismail Taxta *Reuters:* *Somali general, 7 bodyguards killed in suspected car bomb attack - police* A Somali general and at least seven of his bodyguards were killed on Sunday when their military convoy was hit by a suspected car bomb, a police officer said on Sunday. "Military General Mohamed Roble Jimale and at least seven of his bodyguards died," police colonel Abdikadir Farah told Reuters. The... more »

Taliban Claim Suicide Bombing Attack That Killed 36 At A Mosque In Pakistan

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*ABC News Online*: *Pakistan suicide bombing: Death toll rises to 36, including eight children* Eight children are among 36 people who were killed in a Taliban suicide bomb attack on a mosque in northwest tribal Pakistan, officials say. The Friday (local time) attack targeted a mosque in the Mohmand tribal district bordering Afghanistan where the army has been fighting against Taliban militants. "We have now compiled a list of victims of the blast, which includes 36 dead and 27 injured. At least eight children below the age of 10 years are among the dead," deputy chief of the Moh... more »

The War In Kashmir Is Heating Up. India Blames Pakistan For The Latest Attack That Killed 17 Soldiers

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*BBC*: *Militants attack Indian army base in Kashmir 'killing 17'* Militants have attacked an army base in Indian-administered Kashmir, killing at least 17 soldiers, the army says. Four of the attackers were killed, an army officer told the BBC. Carrying guns and grenades they stormed a base in Uri, close to the Line of Control with Pakistan in a pre-dawn ambush. Indian Home Affairs Minister Rajnath Singh reacted by calling Pakistan a "terrorist state". It is the deadliest attack on security forces in Kashmir in two decades. It comes as violent protests against Indian rule in the... more »

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Stabbings At Minnesota Mall

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 12 hours ago
ISIS claim that the man who stabbed eight people in a Minnesota shopping mall on Saturday was one of its “soldiers” A statement published by the groups Amaq news agency said: “The executor of the stabbing attacks in Minnesota yesterday was a soldier of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls to target the citizens of countries belonging to the crusader coalition” They did not specify if the unnamed suspect, who was shot dead, was in direct contact with the terrorist group. RT reports: A man dressed in a private security guard uniform stabbed eight peo... more »

High Speed Trains

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 13 hours ago

September 3 Conversation with Loie about two people having different perspectives of absolute data from the heart

Obi-Wan Kabuki at AMERICAN KABUKI - 13 hours ago
Date: Sat, Sep 3, 2016 11:16 PM Terran: Loie can two people have different versions of the same data in their heart or is the data absolute for ALL? Loie: Bill, two people can have different perspectives of data. Absolute data is available to all. Loie. Terran: How does One know it's absolute data? Loie: Bill. You know in your heart, love. Loie. Terran: Loie I have had data recently that *[redacted]* sees differently. Is there a unique feel to absolute data? Loie: Bill , there is only unique perspective. Loie. Terran: So my search for absolute answers is pointless? Truth will... more »


New Orleans Ladder at New Orleans Ladder - 13 hours ago
*After Federal Flood of New Orleans 8-29-05, house elevations depended on timing, funding, mindset ~David J. Mitchel, The Advocate *

Hillary Clinton: "I've been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey and the attack in Minnesota"...

Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner - 14 hours ago
*criticizes Trump for calling it a bomb.* In her statement, interspersed with 37 "ah's" in a period of approximately 2 1/2 minutes (I may have missed some), a barely awake (sedated?) Clinton managed to refer to a "bombing" and immediately denounced Trump for calling it a bomb. Do these people hear themselves? And how stupid is the "press" pool for asking: “Do you have any reaction to the fact that Donald Trump, prior to taking the stage tonight, called the explosion tonight *a bomb*, and if that’s an appropriate term”? Hey, dumbkopf, she just called it a "bombing" and you ask her... more »

Rocketship is a gross place

SPJ at @ THE CHALKFACE - 14 hours ago
I’ve always thought Rocketship was a really gross model for a charter school. It’s a terrible experiment for poor black and brown children, one that more affluent parents would would never stand for, and they’d run these hucksters out on a rail. What really grossed me out was catching Rocketship people poaching our students outside […]

Economic News & Views ...... Sunday September 18 , 2016...... Quick Hits - 1. Berlin State Election On Sunday , AfD Expected To Show Big Gains While SPD Should Remain Largest Party , CDU Could Fall Out Of Ruling Coalition. 2. Libya In Focus - LNA Beats Back Attempt By PFG Militia To Retake Oil Ports , Battle Against ISIS At Sirte Continues , View Of Haftar Shifting In The West As It's Realized He Can't Be Ignored. 3, Syria In Focus - After Yesterday's Accidental Bombing By Coalition Forces Against An SAA Position , Ceasefire Deal In Extremely Fragile Condition. 4. Strange / Ominous Things Happening In The US , Besides The Presidential Election.

Fred Walton at Catharsis Ours - 14 hours ago
Berlin Election..... ( To be updates during the day , as appropriate. ) *Laura Schneider* ‏@alauraschneider 3m 3 minutes ago Where did the votes for the far-right AfD party come from? Mainly former non-voters, and former CDU voters. *Laura Schneider* ‏@alauraschneider 4m 4 minutes ago It's especially the older voters (40+) who voted for the anti-immigration AfD party in Berlin today. #agh16 *Yannis Koutsomitis* ‏@YanniKouts 12m 12 minutes ago #Berlin federal state election, prel results [22:42]: SPD 21.5% CDU 17.6% Linke 15.7% Grüne 15.2% AfD 14.1% F... more »

ISIS air force?

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 15 hours ago
It was an accident, sure! Just like the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Serbia. I find it difficult to fault the conculsions of the moonofalabama.


Jenna Orkin at From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog - 15 hours ago
*From Jenna Orkin* Hitman for President Duterte Amazon Echo will bring artificial intelligence into our lives much sooner than expected Turns out LA's shade balls actually worked Britain's prime minister secretly told the EU when she'll trigger Article 50 for a Brexit The number of new businesses in the US is collapsing — and that's disastrous news for the economy Chaffetz Obliterates Stunned FBI Official; Serves Him With A Subpoena During Testimony It's official: Gary Johnson won't get the chance to debate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Why East Coast Gas Prices Are About To E... more »

U.S. F-22 vs. Russia's SU-35: Who Would Win In A Dogfight?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
Public Domain via Alex Lockie *Alex Lockie, Business Insider*: *Here's who'd win in a dogfight between Russia's and the US's top fighter jets* The newly brokered cease-fire between the US and Russia has paved the way for military cooperation in fighting terrorist elements in Syria, seemingly closing the book on a window in time where Russian and US jets were flying close enough to each other to risk a potential clash between world powers. But how does Russia's air force stack up against the US? During Russia's stint in Syria, four of their latest and greatest Su-35 Flanker jets fl... more »

Saudi Arabia And Iran Are Waging War On Twitter

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
Hollywood Reporter Jennifer Williams, VOX: Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting a proxy war — on Twitter Saudi Arabia and Iran are waging a proxy war for dominance of the Middle East and the broader Muslim world that is playing out on battlefields from Yemen to Syria. This past week, though, the hottest front in the Saudi-Iran cold war wasn’t in some war-torn country in the Middle East. It was on Twitter and in the pages of one of the world’s leading newspapers. Over the past several days, the two countries have engaged in an escalating series of tit-for-tat attacks in the press an... more »

Vladimir Putin: 'I Can Destroy America In A Half Hour Or Less'

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
Reuters *Business Insider*: *Putin once casually said over dinner that he could destroy America in a half-hour or less* In December 2011, Vladimir Putin, then Russia's prime minister, was positioned to reclaim his role as Russia's president in the March 2012 elections. Fittingly, he hosted a lavish banquet at New Century, Moscow's richest equestrian club, for members of the Valdai Club and distinguished academics and journalists from around the world. "The fare was extravagant: smoked trout, duck liver, venison soup, rhubarb sorbet, veal cheeks, and pear soup with caramel," accor... more »

Do Democratic Congressional Candidates Pass The Smell Test?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 16 hours ago
*Who would you vote for to be a senator, Ed Snowden or the execrable Patrick Murphy?* The good thing about a narrow win for Clinton-- which is currently being forecast-- is that Trump won't be in a position to destroy the United States. The bad news is that the incredible weak menagerie of candidates recruited by the DSCC and DCCC-- all premised on an anti-Trump tsunami and strong Clinton coattails-- are all going to lose. The Democrats might not even be able to take back the Senate, something that was in the bag before Schumer started recruiting his shitty candidates and underminin... more »

US GrandStanding: Russia's Vitaly Churkin Exits UN Meeting.

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 16 hours ago
Russia's Vitaly Churkin Walks Out Of UN Meeting Mad At USA" The video captures Churkin's emotional state very wellWar of words after US air strike in Syria *US-led coalition air strikes have reportedly killed dozens of Syrian soldiers, endangering a US-Russian brokered ceasefire and prompting an emergency UN Security Council meeting as tensions between Moscow and Washington escalated.* The United States military said the coalition stopped the attacks against what it had believed to be Islamic State positions in northeast Syria after Russia informed it that Syrian military personne...more »

James Oschman - The Human Story - interconnected neuro-electric matrix penetrates all of time and space.

Mike Philbin at Mike Philbin's free planet blog - 16 hours ago
this is what happens when a biologist (Dr James Oschman) finds himself comfortable at an Electric Universe conference... intriguing stuff dealing with our psycho-medical relationship with Nature and our place in the electric Cosmos. *"Barefoot is natural,"* and allows us to reconnect ELECTRICALLY with our home planet.

Good Times at Pottersville, #25, Birtherism edition

jurassicpork at Welcome Back to Pottersville - 17 hours ago
Republicans like Donald Trump can resurrect the old specter of birtherism until the Mexicans go home. But one thing is indisputable: No matter what nation he hails from, when children are around the President, they don't act as if they've just seen the Bogey Man, a Killer Clown and Satan combined.

ITP Final Conflict: FC 1570, 22nd February 2001 - The twisted 'pc' view on race attacks

Knowledge Is Power at Knowledge Is Power - 17 hours ago
ENGLAND: RACE ATTACKS.... THE SLANTED PC VIEW [Ed: Commentry outside brackets by FC regular Rufus]: ANTI-RACISM SHAM 13th February 2001 By Yasmin Alibhai-Brown 'White man kills a black man, all hell breaks loose; black kills another black, it's an embarrassment' “Mention the possibility that violence between ethnic minorities may be as bad as white racism against black, and that such conflicts have been denied too long, and the so-called "ethnic minority leaders" will accuse you of everything from ignorance to irresponsibility. Yet that is the obvious and unspoken implication... more »

War On Terror Has Cost $5 Trillion & Increased Terrorism by 6,500%

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 18 hours ago
The ‘war on terror‘ initiated by former U.S. President George W. Bush and given the stamp of approval by British Prime Minister Tony Blair has brought untold misery and death to the Muslim world in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The intention of the war was to stop radical Islamic terrorism. Instead it has inflamed and outraged Muslims and helped exacerbate terrorism, making one question its motive. What does spending $5 trillion USD on the war on terror achieve? More terror and poverty for the next generation. Fifteen years after 911 what is certain is that meddling in terror ... more »

Why so shy BBC News?

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 18 hours ago
This BBC report http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-37399862 is staggering for the last line of this extract from it: 'At least eight people were wounded in a stabbing attack at a shopping mall in the US state of Minnesota, before the suspected attacker was shot dead by police, officials say. The attack happened in St Cloud, 70 miles (110km) north-west of Minneapolis. The motive is unclear. The suspected attacker reportedly made references to Allah before he was killed.' Made references to Allah? Derogatory references? Or did he scream "Allahu Akbar" as have so many Islami... more »

Disarming Hillary Clinton's bodyguards

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 18 hours ago
I was going to post a piece pointing out the blatant bias and misrepresentation in the BBC's report on Donald Trump's comments about Hillary Clinton's bodyguards entitled 'US election: Clinton security should be disarmed, says Trump.' however the wonderful Craig at Isthebbcbiased.blogspot.co.uk has done a great job already, read it here http://isthebbcbiased.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/seriously-bbc.html

Get Out Of Jail Free Cards

Owen Gray at Northern Reflections - 18 hours ago
We were told for decades that Investor Settlement Dispute Mechanisms were essential in the new globalized economy, because they spurred economic growth. But, after thirty-five years, the evidence is in. Murray Dobbin writes: *Financial Times* analyst Martin Wolf recently argued bluntly that globalization no longer drives the world economy. He points out that "…ratios of world trade to output have been flat since 2008, making this the longest period of such stagnation since the second world war. According to Global Trade Alert, even the volume of world trade stagnated between Jan... more »

Child Genius Reveals Symbolic Pattern Hidden In The 4 Times Table

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 18 hours ago
A child genius has found a secret geometric pattern hidden in the 4 times table with symbolic references worldwide. The seven year old has worked out that if you apply a vedic mathematical principle called the sutra digit sums to the 4 times table you will get an Enneagram, a nine pointed star. Math genius Amir shows how he summed up the digits from the 4 times table and reduced them into a single digit from 1 to 9. In the process of linking the numbers together within a circle he came up with a beautiful geometric pattern that has significance for many people and beliefs. Truth Th... more »

Riding the oil fields of Miaoli...

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 18 hours ago
[image: DSC03315] *Tyler zips down the road parallel to the HSR.* I took some friends on an easy ride through the low hills west of Sanyi and east of the sea on Friday, and discovered the mother lode of Taiwan's oil and gas wells. This old article gives a brief introduction to oil and gas drilling in Taiwan. Come below the READ MORE line for more... *ROUTE NOTES*: To find the oil fields of Miaoli, take Pingding Road southeast out of Tungxiao. The natural gas and oil wells lie along it, and at the end, where it meets the Miaoli 40, is the massive oil and gas storage facility. All th... more »

Articles of Business Overflowing

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 18 hours ago
*The Shigang Dam against a steel typhoon sky. The dam's north abutment (right) was destroyed when the 921 quake lifted the entire dam 12 meters but left the north abutment in its original location.* Rupert Hammond-Chambers writes in the WSJ under the title Taiwan's President Must Prove She Can Lead: In fact, Ms. Tsai’s primary external challenge so far has been Chinese intransigence to her election. Along with the constant drumbeat of Chinese military modernization, *China has poached a diplomatic ally, had Taiwan citizens deported from third countries to China and reduced by up to... more »

Britain is now free to frack and slash energy bills

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 19 hours ago
By Paul Homewood http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09/16/britain-is-now-free-to-frack-and-slash-energy-bills/ Bjorn Lomborg has just gone further down the greenies’ Xmas card list! From the Telegraph: This week has seen debate rage about whether the Hinkley Point deal represents good value. But there is another vital element of energy policy that is not being discussed. For one of the […]


noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 20 hours ago
"I am a pessimist by nature. Many people can only keep on fighting when they expect to win. I’m not like that, I always expect to lose. I fight anyway, and sometimes I win." - Richard Stallman

Would The U.S. Military Lose The Next War In Europe?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 20 hours ago
U.S. military vehicles parading near Russia's border in Narva, Estonia on Feb. 24. (Estonian Defense Forces) *Loren Thompson, Forbes*: *Five Reasons The U.S. Army Will Lose Its Next War In Europe -- Maybe In 2017* U.S. Army planners believe they may have to fight a “near-peer” adversary within five years. Near-peer in this case means a rapidly modernizing Russian military seeking to regain lost ground along Russia’s border with Europe. There’s plenty of evidence that Russia’s military is on the move in the Baltic region, near Ukraine, and elsewhere. Some observers have wrongly inf... more »

WWE wrestlers 'more recognisable' than England captain Alastair Cook

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 20 hours ago
The BBC report http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/37384828 that: 'WWE wrestlers are more recognisable than England Test captain Alastair Cook, according to new research. Derbyshire chairman Chris Grant said the findings came from market research conducted by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) into the game's popularity. "More kids these days can recognise a WWE wrestler than the England captain," Grant told BBC Radio Derby." Only a third could recognise Alastair and I think we've got to improve that."' The answer is not city based 20 20 cricket, the answer is putting cricke... more »

UPDATED: Russia - No More Mr. Nice Guy

greencrow at Greencrow As The Crow Flies - 23 hours ago
*UPDATED: September 18, 2016* I have added the video and relevant text of the Churkin UN press conference. One of the most important events of the Syrian war to date. W *Who's responsible? Mr. Belalov. * *What's Mr. Belalov up to these days?* I think anyone who watches Russian Ambassador to the UN Churkin's Press conference of today will understand who he's speaking for. It is highly recommended for all to carefully watch the entire press conference... because *here is the sea change. No more Mr. Nice Guy.* From now on the world will see the same Putin that Russians have been ... more »

"No Room For Cowards..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 23 hours ago
"Life has no victims. There are no victims in this life. No one has the right to point fingers at his/her past and blame it for what he/she is today. We do not have the right to point our finger at someone else and blame that person for how we treat others, today. Don’t hide in the corner, pointing fingers at your past. Don’t sit under the table, talking about someone who has hurt you. Instead, stand up and face your past! Face your fears! Face your pain! And stomach it all! You may have to do so kicking and screaming and throwing fits and crying- but by all means- face it! This li... more »

Tweet For Today

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
Probably the most badass thing I've ever seen pic.twitter.com/Rk5sDjRteF — Military (@MilitaryEarth) September 17, 2016

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