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Friday, March 9, 2012

9 March - Blogs I'm Following II

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The CODA electric car will be launched in late...Image via Wikipedia

Coda Automotive customer deliveries of electric car in March


Why taxpayers serve nuclear power and not the other way around

The question of subsidies is central to Bradford's analysis:
The most implacable enemy of nuclear power in the past 30 years has been the risk not to public health, but to investors' wallets. No new nuclear-power project has ever bid successfully in a competitive energy market anywhere in the world.
That's pretty damning and explains Bradford's next point: big nuclear programmes only happen when citizens sign blank cheques.

Drastic Cuts to Lead Poisoning and Prevention Funds

programs that states run to prevent lead poisoning and to respond to children with elevated blood levels will be eliminated.

 Virginia’s Ultrasound Bill Violates Medical Association’s Guidelines

Lead Plaintiff In Health Care Reform Suit Files For Bankruptcy With Medical Debt 

Pakistan appoints new head of ISI spy agency 

Don't let the Senate make bicycling more dangerous for you

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