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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

31 March - My Feedly !

20060610 - First camping of the season - 101-0...20060610 - First camping of the season - 101-0146 - Dan & Clint chilling (Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL))
Eigen Materieel Geert C. Smulders, Rosmalen Ca...Eigen Materieel Geert C. Smulders, Rosmalen Categorie:Wikipedia:Afbeeldingen/Gebruiker:Hsf-toshiba Categorie:Afbeelding Kampen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Windmill d' Olde Zwarver in Kampen, a city in ...Windmill d' Olde Zwarver in Kampen, a city in the Dutch province of Overijssel Frysk: Wynmûne d' Olde Zwarver yn Kampen, Oerisel Nederlands: Windmolen d' Olde Zwarver in Kampen, Overijssel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. RT
    Burning Beam Target US Navy may deploy lasers in four years like
  2. Smirking Chimp
    William Rivers Pitt in today's Chimp: "A nation that does not care for its sick and infirm is a nation that does not deserve to exist. A nation that actively profits from the pain and suffering of those sick and infirm deserves to burn in Hell. A nation that throws those sick and infirm to the wolves is so far beneath contempt as to beggar description." The Daily Chimp for Saturday, 31 March 2012 | The Smirking Chimp like
  3. Disinformation
    Senator Al Franken: ‘Privacy is a Casualty’ of Google and Facebook’s Success Senator Al Franken: ‘Privacy is a Casualty’ of Google and Facebook’s Success | Disinformation like
  4. Truthout
    http://truth-out.org/news/item/8221-current-tv-fires-keith-olbermann-replaces-him-with-eliot-spitzer-olbermann-to-sue Current TV Fires Keith Olbermann, Replaces Him With Eliot Spitzer; Olbermann to Sue like
  5. Reader Supported News
    http://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/317-65/10727-olbermann-vows-to-sue-current-tv Olbermann Vows to Sue Current TV like
  6. Al Jazeera English
    French President Nicolas Sarkozy has made internal security a focus of his presidential election campaign, and his ratings have soared over his handling of a series of shootings. Distance between Europe's cozy couple like
  7. Reader Supported News
    http://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/312-16/10723-as-fukushima-worsens-us-approves-new-nukes As Fukushima Worsens, US Approves New Nukes like
  8. Reader Supported News
    http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/272-39/10725-whats-lost-if-the-supreme-court-kills-the-health-care-reform-act What's Lost if the Supreme Court Kills the Health Care Reform Act? like
  9. Reader Supported News
    http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/271-38/10724-nature-deficit-disorder Nature-Deficit Disorder like
  10. Real Coastal Warriors
    TONIGHT - 8:30PM - watch live as the earth goes dark here! Earth Hour Global like
  11. Real Coastal Warriors
    The near week-long gas leak at a Total SA (TOT, FP.FR) platform in the North Sea has prompted the U.K. government to release oil-spill data more quickly amid growing concerns that existing offshore regulation isn't robust enough to deal with the ever more challenging type of drilling that companies are undertaking in the region. Total Gas Leak Prompts UK Government To Publish Spill Data Quicker - www.capital.gr like
  12. Real Coastal Warriors
    DAUPHIN ISLAND, Alabama -- Coastal scientists say that actions taken by city leaders and property owners here during the BP oil spill may have unwittingly ensured that the next major hurricane breaks the island in half, right at the center of a heavily populated section. Rushing to block oil, Dauphin Island opened itself to split like
  13. Real Coastal Warriors
    The risk of an explosion at the site of a massive natural gas leak in the North Sea has been greatly reduced, said oil analysts. Oil giant Total confirmed on Saturday that a flare, which was lit as part of the evacuation procedure at it’s Elgin platform has gone out by itself. Elgin gas leak flare extinguished, says Total like
  14. Real Coastal Warriors
    Since February 2010, more than 675 dolphins have stranded in the northern Gulf of Mexico—a much higher rate than the usual average of 74 dolphins a year. This has prompted NOAA to declare an Unusual Mortality Event and investigate the cause of death for as many of the dolphins as possible. Barataria Bay Dolphins Severely Ill like
  15. Real Coastal Warriors
    State officials expressed their unhappiness last fall when the Coast Guard and BP decided to stop cleaning up oil from the massive 2010 spill. They believed that the plan to shift away from cleanup efforts would leave coastal beaches and wetlands vulnerable to continued oil contamination, and there is new evidence that they were right. BP's oil spill cleanup isn't done: An editorial like


AAPL 599.55 -10.31
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Autodesk, Apple, Rio Tinto plc, BHP Billiton and Vale S.A The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Autodesk, Apple, Rio Tinto plc, BHP Billiton and Vale S.A • 1 day ago
GOOG 641.24 -7.17
Research In Motion Misses Again Research In Motion Misses Again • 1 day ago
CRM 154.51 -1.9
EMC's Pivotal Buy to Boost Big Data EMC's Pivotal Buy to Boost Big Data • 10 days ago
F 12.475 -0.025
Steel Industry Stock Outlook - March 2012 Steel Industry Stock Outlook - March 2012 • 2 days ago
ORCL 29.16 -0.14
Micron Settles Oracle Lawsuit Micron Settles Oracle Lawsuit • 19 hours ago
MSFT 32.255 0.135
Red Hat Reports Mixed 4Q Red HReports Mixed 4Q • 2 days ago
GHDX 30.61 -0.31
Positive Data from Genomic Health Positive Data from Genomic Health • 8 days ago 

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 Top 10 (Mostly) Harmless Geek Pranks
Being a geek amongst the non-technical has the advantage of making you seem like a wizard, and your magical computer skills can come in handy on April Fools' Day. 

Why Democracies Fail…or How?
Over at the Center for Global Development‘s Views from the Center blog, visiting fellow Ethan Kapstein looks to the recent coups in Mali and the Maldives for lessons about why democracies fail. Drawing on his book with Nathan Converse, Kapstein starts by refuting a few widely-held notions about the causes of democratic breakdown: Democracies do not fail for the reasons commonly supposed. They do n
What if Israel bombs Iran?
What if Israel bombs Iran?: Israelis demonstrate on Saturday in Tel Aviv against war with Iran. “Bibi” is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Editor’s note: Gary Sick served on the National Security Council staff under Presidents Ford, Carter and Reagan, and was the principal White House aide for Iran during the Iranian Revolution and the hostage crisis. Sick is a senior research sc


TSA Continues to Expand Operations Outside of Airports With VIPR Teams
The Intel Hub By Madison Ruppert March 30, 2012 Through so-called VIPR teams, meaning Visual Intermodal Protection and Response, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a child agency of the behemoth Department of Homeland Security (DHS), continues to expand beyond the confines of airports. In my view, the DHS is just about one of the least trustworthy government agencies we are subjecte
FBI Explanation of Missing Oklahoma City Bombing Tapes Not Credible, Judge Says
Cryptogon Why not just produce it? If you know what I mean by produce it. Maybe they could get the birdman on the job. It shouldn’t take long. Via: Deseret News: A federal judge on Wednesday continued to question the FBI’s explanation for not producing videotapes associated with the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that a Salt Lake lawyer has sought for nearly six years. “It’s quite astounding that docu


Japan’s Near Miss With Large Scale Nuclear Catastrophe
And The Ongoing Crisis By Richard Wilcox Ph.D. March 29, 2012 Spring is finally here. Even in post apocalypse Japan after days of cold rain and gloom the veil has lifted. The blue sky came out the other day and people enjoyed Tokyo’s central park for gentle weather and sunshine dancing on the leaves; the viewing of early variety cherry blossoms; young families had picnics with their children and p


.The EnvironmentaList
11 unread articles


Frackers Win With Obama’s New Greenhouse Gas Rule
Most Natural Gas Plants Already Meet Proposed Emissions Limit
Wolf Torture and Execution Continues in the Northern Rockies
Montana Anti-Trapping Group Gets Death Threat for Releasing Photos
EPA Proposes Strict Emissions Limits on Future Power Plants
Industry, GOP Cry Foul, but Enviros Say New Rules Don't Not Make Much Difference Since Coal's Already on Its Way Out
Ecuadorians Protest Mining Plans in the Amazon
President Correa Faces Criticism for Violating Rights of Nature Enshrined in Country’s New Constitution
Anti-Nuclear Protest in Small Coastal Indian Town Faces Govt. Wrath
Hundrends of Men, Women, and Children Camp out Near Nuke Plant Site in Koondankulam


Obama Campaign Seeks Romney Tax Returns
WSJ POLITICS Updated March 29, 2012, 9:42 p.m. ET BY MARK MAREMONT President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign called on Republican front-runner Mitt Romney to release his tax returns dating back to the 1980s, to see if they contain information about an uncommon investment arrangement at his former private-equity firm that may have helped swell his individual retirement account. The request fo
George Galloway wins Bradford West byelection
Respect candidate takes seat from Labour with 10,140 majority, claiming ‘the most sensational victory in British political history’ Patrick Wintour, political editor | The Guardian | Friday 30 March 2012   George Galloway, right, is greeted by a supporter as he arrives to hear the results of the Bradford West byelection. Photograph: Anna Gowthorpe/PA George Galloway, the leading figure in Respect,
Mitt Romney Thinks Closing Michigan Factories Is “Humorous”
By Eclectablog on March 28, 2012in Michigan, Mitt Romney Oh, now THAT is funny. Not. Mitt “I’m-a-Michigander-through-and-though” Romney barely got his foot out of his mouth before he stuck the other one back in today. This time it was to have a good belly laugh at the expense of — wait for it — Michigan. Speaking to a group of Wisconsinites from Texas, he related a “humorous” story about his dad,
Bain Gave Staff Way to Swell IRAs by Investing in Deals
WSJ Updated March 28, 2012, 10:09 p.m. ET By MARK MAREMONT Just after Philippe Wells took a job in 1998 at Bain Capital, then run by Mitt Romney, he recalls hearing an unusual boast from a partner. The man’s individual retirement account had jumped tenfold in five years. Mr. Wells soon learned how this was possible. Bain, like many other private-equity firms, allowed employees to co-invest in its
Romney Wants Insurance Companies To Be Able To Deny Coverage
3/28/12 Last night on the Jay Leno show, Mitt Romney said he wants insurance companies to be able to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. http://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/video/mitt-romney-part-2-32712/1393112 Before the Affordable Care Act: Insurance companies could deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, from asthma to cancer. Today: Insurance companies can no l
Romney’s Well-Rehearsed Case Against Obama and the Russians
Time Swampland By Michael Crowley | @CrowleyTIME | March 27, 2012 For months now, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has overwhelmingly focused on the economy.  But as he geared up his candidacy a couple of years ago, Romney opened with an argument heavy on foreign policy. In March 2010, for instance, he published No Apology: The Case for American Greatness, a campaign stage-setter largely based


Corbett Report Radio 101 – We Are Winning
There can be no doubt that we are living in dark times, but we must never lose sight of what it is we’re fighting for. On tonight’s edition of the broadcast we look at all the signs that the people are waking up, shaking loose the chains of dogma and challenging the authorities that are attempting to enslave their bodies, minds, and souls. Works Cited: Sibel Edmonds’ forthcoming memoirs Skeptiko 1
Corbett Report Radio 100 – Springtime in the Food World Order
James (aka @corbettreport) takes your calls and covers the news in the first half of the program. Then, in the second half of tonight’s broadcast we get into all the latest from the world of food, health and the environment with James Evan Pilato of FoodWorldOrder.com. Works Cited: Can the Brics create a new world order? Pesticides can have devastating impact on bees: studies Death of the Bees. Ge
New World Next Week – 2012/03/29
Welcome to http://NewWorldNextWeek.com — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Story #1: Trayvon Tragedy Exploited for Social Engineering, Class Warfare http://ur1.ca/8u3i1 Related: Trayvon, Kony Demonstrate Impotence of Misguided American Rage http://ur1.ca/8u3i3 Related: Ron Paul Mo
Interview 486 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Welcome to http://NewWorldNextWeek.com — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Story #1: Trayvon Tragedy Exploited for Social Engineering, Class Warfare http://ur1.ca/8u3i1 Related: Trayvon, Kony Demonstrate Impotence of Misguided American Rage http://ur1.ca/8u3i3 Related: Ron Paul M
US Using Kissinger “Food As a Weapon” Plan to Starve North Korea
The US has suspended food aid to North Korea after the country refused to cancel a scheduled rocket launch. Washington says this breaks the deal in which North Korea agreed to suspend its uranium enrichment program and nuclear missile tests in exchange for humanitarian support. Pyongyang says the launch is merely intended to send a satellite into space.For more, lets’ talk to James Corbett, editor
Corbett Report Radio 099 – Against Intellectual Property with Stephan Kinsella
Writer, thinker, lawyer and Austro-anarchist libertarian legal theorist Stephan Kinsella joins us to discuss his writing on intellectual property. We discuss the philosophical roots of property rights, how IP differs from those concepts, and how alternative models of making money from creative work are being pioneered in the age of the internet.

Indian Army Chief Involves in Corruption
By Imran Farooqi Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has taken the strict notice of the allegations of corruption against the Indian Chief of Army Staff General VK Singh. Gen. Singh also went to the Supreme Court against the government for correction of his date of birth. He is scheduled to retire at end of May this year. He wanted the present regime to accept that he was born in 1951 and not 195
Consequences of Desecrating the Holy Quran in Afghanistan
By Sultan M Hali Tension is running high in Afghanistan after the burning of the copies of the Holy Quran by American soldiers at Bagram Airbase, a large US base north of Kabul.  Since the incident, 35 people have been killed in clashes between the protesters and the Afghan forces. The disgraceful act resulted in outrage among Afghans, and they resorted to rioting and arson. It has given a great b
Suspension and Recommencement of NATO Supplies
By Imran Farooqi Just a few days of the 9/11 tragedy, the former President Gen. Pervez Musharraf was compelled to accept American demands in September 2001 as like other small countries, Pakistan was facing economic and financial crises health was unsatisfactory. Besides, Pakistan was also facing hostile factor of India. In these circumstances, Pakistan became a frontline state of the US global wa
Indian Unending Defence Purchases: Threat to China and Pakistan
By Lt Col Zaheerul Hassan (R) Recently, Indian military has conducted four days major exercises in the north-eastern border, located at Arunachal Pradesh close to the Chinese border. India’s Special Forces of the Army and frontline fighters such as Su-30MKI as part of the endeavour to be ready for the battle in the mountainous region have participated in day–night exercise with the “code-named as
Foreign-backed Human Rights Violations in Balochistan
By Sajjad Shaukat While some foreign elements have already been assisting their affiliated militant groups and agents in conducting subversive acts such as suicide attacks, abductions, targeting killings, ethnic and sectarian violence in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Karachi including other cities of Pakistan, the situation in the province of Balochistan has deteriorated. As part of psychological warfare

This update is mostly signal boosts. Next time, I’ll have a book review up for Neesha Meminger’s Into the Wise Dark! This children’s bookstore needs a makeover! Nnedi won a BEST NOVEL World Fantasy Award for Who Fears Death! Andrea Hairston is WisCon Guest of Honor AND a Tiptree Award winner! Nisi Shawl has several short stories and articles out that are available online. These are: “Honorary Ear
Black in America
  I could be Rekia Boyd. Easily. I can’t tell you how many warm nights have included me hanging out in the park with friends. Just shooting the shit you know? Have we been loud? Probably. But there’s a reason it was an off duty cop “new to the neighborhood” & not a patrol car. People who grew up in the area wouldn’t call the cops over something as mundane as people hanging out in the park. B
Life Lessons
Had a conversation with kid #1 (12 years old), about how to handle himself if he’s been stopped by the cops, or someone like Zimmerman. Somewhere in the middle of explaining how to protect his head & neck if a cop decided to kick his ass (happened to my husband when he was 13), and how to respond if a cop calls him a nigger (happened to me at 12) I had this sudden ridiculous urge to start scr


Blowin' In The Wind
I don't see a way to embed this, so you'll have to believe this still:If you go to this link, you will see the current state of winds across the US, moving and changing.
E. J. Dionne Says What I've Been Thinking
The irony is that if the court’s conservatives overthrow the mandate, they will hasten the arrival of a more government-heavy system. Justice Anthony Kennedy even hinted that it might be more “honest” if government simply used “the tax power to raise revenue and to just have a national health service, single-payer.” Remember those words. - E. J. DionneNow that Americans are beginning to recall the
Bits and Pieces - March 27, 2012
Did you know the first US patent for a color TV was awarded to a Mexican inventor? This is a cool site with an enormous store of information. And it has the good sense to feature Estonia as one of its up-front countries.It's hard to tell if Anne-Marie Slaughter is doing a bit of cherry-picking here, or if the examples she cites are really a trend. In either case, good job, Secretary Clinton!Doing
Do We Need Stories?
I've just completed a two-week safari across Texas. I stayed with or visited friendly natives, including Steve Hynd of The Agonist and Newshoggers and a number of long-time friends from other venues. The news was not good for all of them, part of the reason I made the trip.All of them have stories and represent stories in my life. Sometimes they figured in stories that many others have heard and r

General Strike in Spain/Clashes in Barcelona
UPDATE 2: A first hand account from Oscar Reyes in Barcelona, posted at Red Pepper: * Over 1,000 people joined the march from our neighbourhood (Sant Andreu) into town. It wasn’t the 'usual suspects'. It was the regulars of our local high street – where most shops were closed – transplanted onto Meridiana, a major six-lane road into the centre of Barcelona. The good-humored march was one of numero
77 Deaths in Norway/7 Deaths in France
Even if, like me, you are unable to read French, you can still understand the contrast here between Anders Breivik and Mohamed Merah. According to Le Figaro, one is a terrorist, the other is not. Guess which one is which?Hat tip to the Angry Arab.
No One Asked Their Names
UPDATE 2: Afghan officials retract an earlier claim that there are eyewitness villager accounts of several soldiers involved in the massacre: The evidence collected from the villagers was not enough to confirm that there was more than one shooter. Accounts of multiple gunmen were based on hearsay.UPDATE 1: Did Staff Sergeant Robert Bales kill and wound all of the victims, or did other troops in h
firedoglake Bans Anti-Zionist
UPDATE 5: The conflict continues.UPDATE 4: The firedoglake insurrection prevails. Cavlan has been reinstated, with an explanation that the moderator was confused about the nature of the video in question. But the fact that it took over 36 hours to address the situation when it is common for websites to resolve similar ones within hours, if not minutes, will certainly fuel speculation among fired


Hostile Intent
I am back from London –where I participated in a Track 2 conversation with real live North Korean officials, with Kim Il Sung pins and everything.  It was very interesting! 1. The International Institute for Strategic Studies hosted a n0t-for-attribution Track 2 event at Arundel House.  They are preparing a report, but let me make some basic observations. The event occurred at a very interesting
The Big Shift
Since the Cold War ended, no region has experienced more shocks or a more significant reorientation in US foreign policy than South Asia. The big shift was enabled by the demise of the Soviet Union and New Delhi’s turn away from Nehruvian economics to market-oriented entrepreneurship. Then came the 1998 nuclear tests, the Kargil War, and the 9/11 attacks on US soil, which served to clarify Washing
Rockets and the Leap Day Deal
I am beginning to understand how the US-DPRK “Leap Day Deal” came apart . You have to hand it to the North Koreans.  They screwed the Obama Administration. But the Obama Administration didn’t do itself any favors, either. 1. To understand what happened, the most important observation relates to process. I had, somewhat carelessly, assumed that the unilateral DPRK and US statements represented som
A Nuclear Coup
  If you liked reading Frederick Forsyth’s Day of the Jackal, wait until you see the new monograph by Bruno Tertrais, A “Nuclear Coup”? France, the Algerian War and the April 1961 Nuclear Test. Actually, it would make a great movie.  As much as I love The Battle of Algiers, Le Petit Soldat and Day of the Jackal – the collapse of French rule in Algeria and its impact on French identity is awfully


ICT Funds Final Projects
  ICT R&D Fund aims to provide graduating students a chance to really make their final projects counts. I have always felt that students in their final year some times product excellent products which due to lack of any infrastructure and proper guidance plus funding just go in the Universities Libraries. Seems ICT R & D fund is giving these students a chance to take their projects to the
Thiel Fellowship: right idea, wrong approach
I wanted to discuss the Thiel Fellowship and sort of run the idea among our readership to figure out if it was justified or not. Bay Area hedge fund manager Peter Thiel started a Fellowship program in his name about a year ago trying to capitalize not on start ups, but the smart kids who may actually come up with the next billion dollar idea. Let there be no mistake. Innovation solves problems. B

Former Secretary James Baker Commenting On Syria – The Charlie Rose Show
James Baker, Former Secretary of State appeared on the Charlie Rose Show last night. His comments on Syria start on the 16-minute mark. Mr. Baker is always worth listening to. Set below are some quotes from the interview: “I am not a big fan of what we did in Libya even though I am glad to see Gaddafi gone.  We don’t know who these people are, the Free Syrian Army and all those people.  Syria is a
The Annan Peace Proposal
President Assad walked around Baba Amr neighborhood in Homs in this video. He promises to make it “better than it was previously” and demands a timeline for the completion of repair work. Al-Jazeera reports that his motorcade was sniped at during the trip. The Syrian military is carrying out “mopping up” operations in the A’zaz, Hamadan, and Khraytan area, the poor industrial suburbs and towns nor
The Muslim Brotherhood Issues a New Covenant that Gives Hope
The Muslim Brotherhood has issued new Covenant. It is being praised widely on the Gulf TV stations by Christians such as Michel Kilo and others. They say that the Muslim Brotherhood has now embraced the notion that political authority emanates from the people and not from God. Human law should be the arbiter of human affairs and not divine law. Sharia is finished for the Muslim Brothers, who state
Assad’s Emails Reveal that Syria Has Extremely Weak Government Institutions
Assad’s emails have revealed many things about the President and first lady of Syria. Those Syrians who were counting on their leaders being exemplary humans are surely disappointed. They turn out not to be above average. Bashar has all the weaknesses of a teenager. Most devastating, however, is the absolute lack of institutions in Syria. It is perhaps not shocking or unusual that a “king and quee


U.S.-backed war in Somalia runs into stiff resistance
By Abayomi Azikiwe Editor, Pan-African News Wire  Mar 22, 2012 A major battle outside the Somalian central city of Baidoa on March 10 showed that the imperialist-backed war against Al-Shabaab is far from over. Reports in recent weeks in the corporate media had made it appear that the Islamic resistance forces were in retreat and suffering massive casualties at the hands of the multinational invasi
Federal Judge: FDA Must Act to Stem Antibiotics Overuse in Animal Feed
Public Health Victory: FDA Must Act to Stem Antibiotics Overuse in Animal Feed NRDC: “The rise of superbugs that we see now was predicted by FDA in the 70’s” By  Common Dreams staff March 23, 2012 Yesterday a federal judge in New York ordered the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to act on the growing human health threats caused by the overuse of antibiotics in animal feed. The FDA had
Privatization in Canada’s Health Care System is Killing People
March 22 2012 Poor hospital cleaning revealed as major problem ‘Some hospitals are a real freaking disaster’ The health of hospitalized Canadians and their visitors is being seriously put at risk by hospitals that have cut corners in cleaning budgets to a Marketplace investigation has revealed. The program took hidden cameras inside 11 hospitals in Ontario and British Columbia. What they found in
UK teenager arrested for anti-war Facebook post
  March 17, 2012 A British teenager has been arrested and is expected to appear in a UK court after he posted about the injustice of the occupation of Afghanistan on his Facebook page. Following the death s of six UK soldiers in Afghanistan earlier this month, Azhar Ahmed from Ravensthrope left his comment on the social networking site in order to indicate the hypocrisy of praising the UK soldiers


Say No to Minimum Alcohol Prices
On Edinburgh Pirate blog: Say No to Minimum Alcohol Prices.
Why people pirate TV programmes…
The Oatmeal explains why people pirate TV programmes such as Game of Thrones. Hint: it’s because the industry make buying a legal version so difficult, time consuming or plain impossible that people give up and simply go to The Pirate Bay, type “Game of Thrones” and press download.
A free clue to the record industry
Here’s a free clue I’m giving to the record industry. They won’t take it, of course: (from Techdirt)


Delhi Delirium
I am well aware that Osborne has been redistributing money to the rich in his budget. I am also stunned by the idea that the state should see its role not as reducing regional inequality of wealth, but as reinforcing it through regional public sector pay rates. But my days at the moment are like this. I get up at 7.30 am and after a very frugal breakfast I take a local taxi to the disastrously n
Karimovs Cash In
UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond’s visit to Tashkent on 28 February was not covered in any UK mainstream media that I can find, which is peculiar, given the media’s obsession with covering anything to do with “Our heroes” in Afghanistan. It was not really the kind of visit the state would want to publciise, with Hammond in the rather unheroic position of having his knees firmly placed on the a
A New Goethe Needed
The Peacock Throne of the Mughal Emperors was set at the heart of beautiful gardens, fountains and elegant courtyards. Poetry was as important to them as warfare. On the throne was set the inscription: “If there be heaven on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.” I am in Dubai. If there be hell on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here. Dubai. The land that taste forgot. Apparently d


Biggest Earth Hour Ever Begins The Journey Across The Globe
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: As Earth Hour begins its monumental journey around the globe, hundreds of millions of people are uniting to demonstrate that we urgently need to take action to protect our planet. Tonight, the largest voluntary action for the environment is reaching further than ever before. Earth Hour is being celebrated in a record 150 countries and territories and 6494 towns and cities to s
Fisheries commission blind to Bigeye fate
Tumon, Guam: Deadlocked talks and a deferral of key conservation and management measures for high value tuna stocks mark a disappointing outcome for the annual meeting of The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC), WWF noted as the meeting closed in Tumon, Guam today. Particularly disappointing was the failure to find solutions to resolve the downward spiral of already overfishe
Africa's prized park needs protection from oil threat
Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is Africa’s oldest and most biodiverse national park and a World Heritage Site. Almost half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas live inside the park, along with numerous birds, reptiles and mammals found nowhere else on Earth. But its under threat from British company looking for oil. Marc Languy is WWF’s Green Heart of Afric
UN chief urges those turning off lights to remember those who can’t
UN Headquarters, New York: As United Nations Headquarters in New York and other facilities around the globe switch off their lights for Earth Hour, they will be marking their solidarity with the 20 per cent of human kind who live without access to electricity. “Turning off our lights is a symbol of our commitment to sustainable energy for all,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. “We need to
Life on the front lines
By Fidelis Pegue Manga Ask Abagui Iya Lucien, a game ranger who has been working for Lobéké National Park since 1998, what it feels like working as a ranger today and he tells you, “We have attained the nadir.” Never have rangers working in the southeast of Cameroon been so demoralized. With reason: they have been going after dangerously armed poachers wholly unarmed. They have been begging and
Arrests made as Cameroon elephant poaching crisis spreads
Twelve suspected poachers have been arrested and 14 elephant tusks confiscated outside protected areas in southeast Cameroon this week. Forest rangers carried out the arrests and seizures near Boumba-Bek and Nki National Parks after receiving intelligence information from village monitoring groups formed by WWF. The anti-poaching operation comes just weeks after the Cameroon military entered a na


Two Protests Against Cruel Proposed Houston Anti-Food Sharing Ordinance On Tuesday, April 3—Annise Parker Wants To Limit How You Can Help Those Most In Need
There are two upcoming events to protest the ongoing efforts of Houston Mayor Annise Parker and  Houston City Council to criminalize many acts of sharing food with the homeless in Houston. Both protests are taking place on Tuesday, April 3. Here is the first event– Those wanting to share food with one another can gather in anticipation of the Free To Give public rally which meets @ 1:00 PM outsid
A Houston Oasis
I was driving around Houston a few days ago, and came upon this water and palm tree. With this being a construction site and with a highway in the background, this seemed just how an oasis would be in Houston. This would be an oasis with water you could not drink, and with a tree that was planted in a parking lot rather than “naturally occurring.” This might sound critical of Houston. Yet I’m not
Photos From Sunday Trayvon Martin Protest At Houston City Hall
This past Sunday afternoon, I attended a rally in at Houston City Hall calling for justice in the case of Trayvon Martin. This rally was organized by the Houston NAACP and by LULAC in Houston. I went to this protest and took some  pictures. The Trayvon Martin shooting , which took place in Sanford, Florida, is relevant to Houston because everything is connected. The killing of Trayvon in Florida
Conservative Houston Mayor Annise Parker Keeps After The Homeless And Says That Public Is Private—A Progressive Challenger Is Needed In 2013
Houston Mayor Annise Parker has been pushing an anti-food sharing ordinance in Houston that would criminalize  many acts of kindness towards those most in need in our city.  (Above–The type of sharing with others that may soon be illegal in Houston.)   Beyond that, Mayor Parker, in explaining her support for the anti-giving ordinance, has some strange views about the public’s right to use public
Call For Amnesty International To Come To Texas In Response To State-Mandated Rape Of Forced Sonogram Law
As regular readers of this blog will know, I’ve been writing often in recent weeks about the fact that the Texas forced sonogram law is state-mandated rape. In addition to my postings here, I’ve co-written a letter to Amnesty International asking that this organization come to Texas to investigate this matter, and to take any steps they find appropriate to bring this concern to greater national an
The State-Mandated Rape Of The Texas Forced Sonogram Bill, The Cruel Houston Anti Food-Sharing Ordinance & A Report On A Trayvon Martin Protest Are The Topics For The Week Ahead
Above is a photo from a rally for justice for Trayvon Martin that was held in Downtown Houston on Sunday afternoon. I attended this rally. I’ve seen one estimate of 1,000 people at the protest. All I can say is that there were many people present. We’ve all got to stick up for each other. What happens to one person happens to everybody. My time is a bit short today, but I will have a lot to discu


The loveliness of by-election leafletting.
While many have rightly said the highly sectarian letter sent to mosques in Bradford West by George Galloway is very close to being beyond the pale, Political Scrapbook has the almost as ghastly leaflets from the Tory candidate Jackie Whiteley, targeted specifically elsewhere in the constituency. The result? The Tory vote fell by 78%, compared to Labour's 55%. An incredible victory for Galloway
From despair to where?
It's been one of those weeks when you just genuinely despair of the human race as a whole.Never let it be said again that the average person doesn't take much notice of politics. All it seems you need to create a panic buying spree is for a cabinet minister to say the words "jerry can" and suddenly much of the nation decides they simply must fill their petrol tank right up. Being a cynic, I imag
Just what are they still scared of?
(Or, an extended review of the new DVD release of Ken Russell's The Devils. And by extended I mean almost 2,500 words.)A couple of weeks back, as part of BBC4's Talk season of programmes, those watching the Beeb's flagship arts channel at half past midnight on a Sunday night/Monday morning were treated to a full repeat of the (inappropriately named) Friday Night, Saturday Morning discussion on Mo
Well, at least it's not boring.
One of the few things that we can hopefully all agree on is that parliament should not be boring. It should also be representative. As an added bonus, it's also to be hoped that those sent there should be well informed, intellectually curious and dedicated to their constituents. Seeing though as this has always been the exception rather than the rule for hundreds of years, it's unlikely to chan
How politics works.
Forgive me if I'm not in any way shocked or surprised by the revelation that Peter Cruddas, the now ex-treasurer of the Conservative party, openly suggested that donations to the value of £250,000 would win businessmen personal access to the dinner tables of Dave and George. After all, as the Graun points out, the party's website has long openly stated the benefits donors will get for pledging sp


Racist Bikers Busted in Undercover Florida Probe
Six members of a racist motorcycle gang in Florida face drug and bomb-related charges following a three-year undercover investigation, federal and state authorities announced Friday. The suspects are affiliated with the Outlaws motorcycle club and the 1st SS Kavallerie Brigade Motorcycle Division, a racist gang formed by former Aryan Nations leader August Kreis III, according to [...]
Faith and Freedom Coalition: Is Obama Greater Threat than Nazis?
OK, time for a survey. First question: How much danger do you think liberty is in right now as a result of President Obama’s policies, actions and agenda for America’s future? More serious that the threats we faced in World War II from Nazi Germany and the [...]
Hutaree Case Ends as Two Plead to Weapons Charges
The two remaining defendants in the government’s case against members of Michigan’s Hutaree Militia pleaded guilty today to federal firearms charges, just two days after a judge dismissed antigovernment conspiracy charges against the pair and five others. David Stone Sr., 47, and his son Joshua Stone, 23, pleaded guilty to possessing machine guns. They admitted to [...]
Calling All Black People: NOM Wants to Use You
Black folks, this is a message for you: The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the country’s preeminent group fighting against same-sex marriage, really, really likes you. They even want to make some of you famous! Have NOM’s principal leaders, former president Maggie Gallagher and current leader Brian S. Brown, stood up for African Americans before? Well, [...]
Faculty Adviser Quits, YWC Loses Official Status at Towson University
Nearly two weeks after members of the Towson University chapter of Youth for Western Civilization chalked messages on university sidewalks that included the words “white pride,” the group has lost its campus privileges. The school’s official recognition of the YWC was pulled when the group’s faculty adviser informed chapter president Matthew Heimbach that he would no [...]
Most Charges Dismissed Against Hutaree Militia Members
A federal judge in Detroit today dismissed charges against seven members of the Hutaree militia who have been on trial for allegedly plotting to kill police officers in hopes of igniting a revolution against the government. “The government’s case is built largely of circumstantial evidence,” U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts said in a 28-page order dismissing [...]
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