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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

17 March - My Feedly

English: 2008 Computex: Foxconn "Denube&q...Image via Wikipedia
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Dozens of cancer victims settle tainted groundwater suit in Florida.
More than three dozen former factory workers have settled their multimillion-dollar five-year legal battle against Siemens Corp. and General Dynamics Corp. over trichloroethene and other toxic chemicals they allege the companies carelessly dumped into drinking water, causing them to develop cancer.
'This American Life' retracts Foxconn report after Reporter Fabricated Some Information
Acclaimed Public Radio International program "This American Life" has retracted an entire episode about working conditions inside Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer that builds much of Apple's most popular hardware, after learning the reporter "partially fabricated" information about his visit to the factories.In the episode, PRI aired a monologue from reporter Mike Daisey, a self-proclaimed perfo
Keep Canned Soups From Sticking in the Can with a Knife
Many thicker canned soups such as tomato or cream of whatever soup have a tendency to stick to the inside of the can and must usually be scraped out with a spoon. Vimeo user Wes Kennedy found that once you remove the lid you can have these soups pour easily by puncturing the back of the can with a knife or other sharp object. More »


Iran Drumbeat Watch: Really Getting Ready for War?
A few days ago I argued that a U.S. strike against Iran would be a more reckless step than any modern President has taken, and therefore is unlikely -- and that the threatened Israeli strike would be so self-destructive of Israel's long-term interests that "even" PM Netanyahu was likely to hold back. One reader replied that a "psychological inversion" may have already occur
Leon Wieseltier Thinks You Can Never Have Enough War
I haven’t read Rachel Maddow’s new book, Drift.  That is because, unlike The New Republic's Leon Wieseltier, I am not a book critic. I am a national security professional.  This means that – also unlike Wieseltier – I spend my days immersed in the thinking and writing of defense experts and policymakers – in the U.S. government, in the military, in other nations, in the non-governmental sector.
You Might Have Missed: Nuclear Material, Poverty Decline and George Washington
Government Accountability Office, Further Actions Needed by U.S. Agencies to Secure Vulnerable Nuclear and Radiological Materials, March 14, 2012. Despite individual agency efforts to implement the 4-year initiative, we found that the overarching interagency strategy coordinated by NSC lacked specific details concerning how the initiative would be implemented, including the identity of, and det


How godlike do I want to be? Some observations on first person versus third person, and a question for you writer types
No, it has nothing to do with the post, but c'mon, I'm trying to sell books here. Up until my last novel, I’d never written in first person much beyond the occasional flash fiction piece. (You want to read my short fiction collection OLD SCHOOL, don’t you? C’mon, it costs less than that pastry you bought this morning and it has fewer calories.) I’d always been a third-person guy, liked being able
RIP, Britannica
So the Encyclopedia Britannica is dead. OK, not dead, just digital, but it’s all the same to me. I suppose it makes sense. The idea of a printed work that summarizes all the world’s meaningful knowledge was always a bit presumptuous, but the speed with which science and technology now make obsolete existing information has hammered a steep Malthusian angle into the learning curve. Too much of any
Japanese Regularly Eating Food Containing Radio Nuclides Such As Cesium
By Richard Wilcox PhD Exclusiive to Rense.com 3-8-12 “Nuclear power? We don’t have a hope. These people are so far off the track they should be classified as stark raving lunatics. The population is not out on the street demanding the removal of all the lunatics? They must all be lunatics too (1).” -  Tony Boys, nuclear crisis archive: http://candobetter.net/node/2603 Damnably unstable atoms have
The religious right and their traditional family of lies
From the Texas Patriots' Tea Party web site. No, of course they aren't promoting a theocracy. The phrase “traditional family values” is the sheep’s clothing of the religious right, their thinly veiled attempt to disguise their aim to remake America into a fundamentalist theocracy in which their religious beliefs and preferences are encoded into law.  Which raises a few questions. The religious rig

Episode 222 – Lessons in Resistance: Open Source
Can we imagine a world without intellectual property? With the various enemies of freedom finding ever more elaborate ways to control the internet, we may have to find an answer to that question sooner than we think. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we go in search of the freedom of the open source universe. For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file s
Who’s Afraid of War Crimes Prosecution? – Cheney cancels Toronto speaking event
by James Corbett GRTV.ca March 16, 2012 Former US Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter, Elizabeth, have cancelled a planned speaking engagement at Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre next month, citing safety concerns. According to the president of the promotion company that booked Cheney for the April 24th speech, “He felt that in Canada the risk of violent protest was simply too high. They
Corbett Report Radio 091 – The Eugenics Agenda
Tonight on Corbett Report Radio James dips into the corbettreport.com archive for interviews, articles and episodes that help to shine light on the eugenics agenda and the “elite’s” obsession with preserving their genes…and eliminating ours. Works Cited: Climate craziness of the week: Eugenics is making a comeback with climate optimized human engineering All Hail President Brzezinski Carbon Eugeni
Corbett Report Radio 090 – Terror by Proxy and Food World Order
We know that Israeli, US and other NATO members are behind the wave of assassinations, bombings and sabotage going on in Iran right now, but do we know how it is being done? Tonight on the program we discuss “terror by proxy”: the use of organizations like the MEK / MKO to do the West’s dirty work against the boogeymen of the moment. We also go over the Food World Order with James Evan Pilato and
New World Next Week – 2012/03/15
Welcome to http://NewWorldNextWeek.com – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Story #1: ‘Top Gun’ Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise Starting Final Voyage http://ur1.ca/8nqxi Navy Carrier USS Enterprise On Final Voyage – America’s Oldest Active-Duty Warship To Close 50-Year Career http:
Interview 481 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Welcome to http://NewWorldNextWeek.com – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Story #1: ‘Top Gun’ Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise Starting Final Voyage http://ur1.ca/8nqxi Navy Carrier USS Enterprise On Final Voyage – America’s Oldest Active-Duty Warship To Close 50-Year Career http


Bain’s China Ties Draw Scrutiny
Politico By ALEXANDER BURNS| 3/16/12 6:19 AM EDT The Times takes a look this morning at Bain Capital’s role in expanding Chinese government surveillance programs, in another instance of the private equity fund linking Mitt Romney – however indirectly – to some politically undesirable activities: In December, a Bain-run fund in which a Romney family blind trust has holdings purchased the video surv
Firm Romney Founded Is Tied to Chinese Surveillance
The New York Times By ANDREW JACOBS and PENN BULLOCK Published: March 15, 2012 BEIJING — As the Chinese government forges ahead on a multibillion-dollar effort to blanket the country with surveillance cameras, one American company stands to profit: Bain Capital, the private equity firm founded by Mitt Romney. In December, a Bain-run fund in which a Romney family blind trust has holdings purchased
Joe Biden Rips Mitt Romney Over Auto Bailout: ‘Bain Capital Wasn’t Lining Up’ To Help
The Huffington Post | By Jennifer Bendery  | Posted: 03/15/2012 12:48 pm  Updated: 03/15/2012  1:36 pm WASHINGTON — In a fiery campaign speech on Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden took direct aim at former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for advocating that the auto industry go bankrupt instead of the Obama administration bailing it out. “[Romney] said let Detroit go bankrupt. He said that,” Bide
How Mitt Romney Lost Latinos
POLITICO By GLENN  THRUSH | 3/14/12 6:38 PM EDT Updated: 3/15/12  12:39 PM EDT Republicans had high hopes of eroding President Barack Obama’s dominance among Hispanic voters in 2012 — so  great was Latino frustration with Obama’s tough deportation policy and his  failure to fulfill the promesa of immigration reform. Instead, with eight months to go before Election Day, Obama is on pace to matc

The EnvironmentaList
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Oil Exploration, Mining Threaten Lake Malawi
Locals and Environmentalists Fear Drilling Will Impact African Nation’s “Inland Sea,” Destroy Livelihoods
Cuba’s Gulf of Mexico Oil Exploration Makes Strange Bedfellows
US Enviro Groups and Oil Execs Band Together to Promote End of Cold War-Era Hostilities Between Two Nations
Wildfires Getting Worse Around the World
Climate Change Likely Intensifying the Problem
“We Owe it to Our People to Make Sure All Nuclear Plants Remain Shut”
75% of Fukushima's Population, Including 350,000 Children, Still Exposed to Serious Levels of Radioactive Contamination, Says Anti-Nuke Activist
“Guerilla Grafters” Seek to Bear Fruit on Streets of San Francisco
Food Vigilantes Take on City Prohibition on Sidewalk Fruit Trees

Intractable Issues of Afghanistan
By Sajjad Shaukat While Afghanistan has already been facing intractable issues internally and externally, some latest developments will create more complications, darkening the future of the war-torn country in wake of new emerging geo-political scenario. At a time when Afghan President Hamid Karzai was making strenuous efforts to have a long-term strategic partnership with the United States for t
Mehrangate Scandal Exposes Politicians’ Corruption
By Sajjad Shaukat Although various forms of mal-practice such as horse-trading, nepotism, bribery, graft, illegal obligation etc. are very common in Pakistan’s politics, yet after the NRO regarding Swiss bank accounts of the President Asif Ali Zardari, the Mehrangate scandal has clearly exposed the corruption of country’s politicians who claim to be representatives of the people in the national an
Indian Failure to Protect ‘Nukes’
By Sajjad Shaukat A committee of Indian experts, appointed by the Tamil Nadu government regarding the safety aspects of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNNP) recently submitted its report to Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, opening a controversial debate over the project, while, the State government also invited the representatives of People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) for talks.
Indo-Israeli Secret Alliance
By Sajjad Shaukat In the first week of February, this year, Israeli secret agency, Mossad’s Chief Tamir Pardo visited India with a three member delegation. Pardo’s detailed talks with the Chief of Indian spy agency, RAW, Sanjeev Tripathi was part of Indo-Israeli secret alliance. The major aim of this meeting was to accelerate joint initiatives through their secret agencies so as to manipulate the

ukushima Revisited
(snip)The release of radioactivity from Fukushima — both as atmospheric fallout and direct discharges to the ocean — represents the largest accidental release of radiation to the ocean in history.(snip)Oct. 15: Hot spots in TokyoIndependent groups found 20 radioactive hot spots inside Tokyo, 150 miles from the disaster zone, that were contaminated with cesium as heavily as parts of the exclusion z
Follow the Money
UPDATE: There is a predictable symmetry between those who finance presidential campaigns and those who benefit from government economic policy: The aftermaths of the Great Recession and the Great Depression produced sharply different changes in U.S. incomes that tell us a lot about tax and economic policy.The 1934 economic rebound was widely shared, with strong income gains for the vast majority,
an Invisible Children guidebook
UPDATE 2: So why are they making it seem like Uganda is one big hellhole because of Kony, because it's not.UPDATE 1: This is the same narrative about Africa that we have seen for centuries.Hat tip to Jews sans frontieres.INITIAL POST: Blissfully, I live outside the universe of viral videos, so I only heard about the Invisible Children one about Joseph Kony and the Lords Resistance Army indirectly.
Free Fire Zone Afghanistan
UPDATE: Publicly, at least, the Pentagon has already figured it out: A similar line came from the Pentagon, where a spokesman described the killings as a deplorable but isolated incident and said that the indications were that they were perpetrated by a single individual acting on his own.Of course, there are a lot of important questions to ask. Did the perpetrator tell anyone else in the unit of


What the US Republicans think of women
The US Republican Party, in their own words:
Future Edinburgh Pirate meetings
The Pirate party is holding Edinburgh meetings this Saturday and next Saturday, both being held at the Cameo Bar in Tollcross. Some people have said to me that they haven’t had enough notice of meetings and have not been able to attend. So I’ve decided that there will be a meeting on every Saturday afternoon between now and the election. The location might change (and will be announced here and on
Some improvements to STV
I went to an event on Monday organised by COSLA (the Confederation of Scottish Local Government) on STV, the voting system used in Scottish local elections. Some of the comments that the presenters and attendees made got me thinking about STV and how it could be improved. One point that some of the attendees made is that some voters don’t understand STV. (If you’re one of these people, I wrote a s
Edinburgh Council Threatens Arts
Last Thursday, along with my Pirate Party colleague Stephen Bathgate, I went to a public meeting about change to public entertainment licences and how they will affect the arts. Currently, while large arts events have had to be licenced, small ones do not. The change is due to legislation by the Scottish government, which give local government the power (but not, in my opinion the obligation) to l

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Long Range Missiles Of Any Kind
I have previously noted the importance of reading very, very closely the utterances of the Great Fitzpatrick. Another case in point: On March 15, Mark gave a talk at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House in which he “predicted trouble” over the DPRK moratorium on long-range missiles launches “because North Korea does not consider space-launch rockets to be missiles.” Of course, today, I awake to learn
Honest Johns in Korea
I find it hard to believe that one could confuse a nuclear weapon with a latrine, but during the 1970s anything was possible. I am teaching a class at MIIS entitled “Security and Arms Control in Northeast Asia.”  The course is structured around national security decisions so that students understand both the evolution of national security decision-making structures in the United States, as well
The Gift of Giving
Readers beware: The next two posts are ridden with conflicts of interest. Policy entrepreneurship to reduce nuclear dangers would dry up without foundations. National leaders and bureaucracies are too consumed by their daily calendars to serve as their own think tanks. Instead, they borrow, embrace, implement or oppose initiatives that come from outside their ranks. It’s hard to think of a big suc
Tuppenny Trident?
In case you haven’t been watching, some very interesting fissures are now evident in the support for an independent British nuclear deterrent.  This is going to be very interesting. There are two factors at play — the looming UK budget crisis and the possibility of an independent Scotland.  Together, these two factors may achieve something very interesting: an NPT nuclear weapons-state undergoing


Describe for me the world in which this makes sense
by Doctor Science So you've probably been wondering why I haven't posted about the current battles in the War on Women. Mostly it's because I've been very busy with that "work" thing, and I don't think it's right to make such posts if I don't have time to moderate the comments, because they can get a bit ... heated. The other reason is that I've been reeling from one day to the next, as the hit
Having a bad day Friday open thread
by liberal japonicus A little early, but we have a school party, and I am thinking about this guy this morning: The Premier League was forced to distance itself from its own chairman after an embarrassing rant in which he accused Fifa and Uefa of "stealing" the game from Britain and told his Middle Eastern hosts they had their "heads in the sand" over proposed alcohol restrict
Getting reality in your TV: characterization, continuity, and competence
by Doctor Science It recently occurred to me that one reason people like unscripted "reality" TV so much is because it does two of the basic storytelling jobs better than scripted TV: Characterization and continuity. Velázquez' painting of the Spanish court shows unheroic people who aren't particulary intelligent, beautiful, or brave -- but they certainly seem real. When fanfiction writers are
lèse majesté
by liberal japonicus In Thailand recently, there has been a lèse majesté case that has attracted attention in that it was against a high school student. The Grauniad has a summary at this link.  We've got some folks here who are a lot more familiar with this part of the world, so I'll leave it to you to read about it rather than summarize it and screw it up, but this link puts a face to th

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Photo of the Day
Seems like the Phronesisaical crowd is traveling. Here's a hint as to where I am!
Bits and Pieces - March 10, 2012
Seeds from plants that survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb will be planted in the Irkutsk University Botanical Garden. Keep us posted on their progress, Viktor Kuzevanov!I'm wondering, as does Frank Munger, whether these atom-bomb shelters were intended for short-term use only. I was in the Silmet plant's shelter in Estonia, and it was quite spacious, with rollaway cots, ventilators that could be h
Bits and Pieces - International Women's Day Edition
We don't make much of International Women's Day here in America, and from the last barrage of invective, legislation intended to humiliate women, and defunding of women's health services, it's easy to see why. Maybe when we all give up our shoes and independent voices and don the veil, our men will deign to celebrate our proper behavior.Which is unfair to those men who haven't joined the Republica


Reinforcements needed to save remaining Cameroon elephants
It has been two weeks since the Cameroon government authorized a military intervention at the site of the slaughter of hundreds of elephants. WWF is disturbed by reports that the poaching continues unabated in Bouba N’Djida National Park and that a soldier’s life has been lost. The forces arrived too late to save most of the park’s elephants, and were too few to deter the poachers. It is like
The EU Commission’s health and consumers department caves in to farmers and industry lobby request to allow the spread of highly dangerous pest
On explicit request of the dominant farmers unions and the pesticide industry, the department taking care of health and consumers issues within the European Commission (DG SANCO) has proposed(1) to dismantle the European safety system by removing the obligation on countries and farmers to contain the spread of a highly destructive maize pest - Diabrotica virgifera virgifera Le Conte (the Western c
WWF urges action to save “Amazon of Europe”
 Zagreb, Croatia – A WWF petition to save the Danube’s most valuable and best preserved natural river stretch is underway and despite support from close to 10,000 people more signatures are needed. The petition aims to stop the Croatian Water Management Authorities plans to channel the river in Kopački Rit Nature Park, a unique nature spot on the Croatian-Serbian border in a project that would ig
Investigation following new evidence against APP
Jakarta, Indonesia - In the space of a week the National Geographic Society (NGS) has publicly broken ties with Asian Pulp and Paper (APP) and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) has called for an investigation after a Greenpeace report revealed the company was illegally logging protected tree species. WWF recently revealed that APP claims that its operations were indep


The Miseducation of the Negro Pseudo-intellectual
“I stated that Kony 2012 is pro-imperialism, pro-militarism propaganda.  Again, here is the link to the article explaining my position.  http://new-possibilities.blogspot.com/2012/03/kony-2012-is-imperialistic-propaganda.html Most of you have not provided any logical arguments refuting that assertion.  Instead, many of you have resorted to ad hominem attacks. It is easy to call me “Negro pseudo in
“Will Wade make it this time?” by Nkwazi Mhango
Some people are lucky, others are not. Senegalese strong man, Abdulaye Wade is among the luckiest old men even though he behaves like an adolescent. Had it been not for divided and ever-greedy opposition, Wade would have been history now. Voters gave him a very heavy blow in the first round. He secured a leading of 34.8%, ahead of his former protégé and PM, Macky Sall who garnered 26.5%. Other fo
The Negro Pseudo-intellectual and Social Media Activism
“That Kony2012 video is one of the most effective pro-imperialism, pro-militarism pieces of propaganda ever produced.” Anson Asaka “It’s a sad commentary on affairs when white people are the ones constantly and consistently advocating for the safety and security of African children and all “Negroes” can do is criticize their efforts. Instead of having and sprouting pseudo-intellectual and hyper-m
Byts and Bytes
Blogtalkradio: The Promotion of Homosexuality in Africa Farm life of African family in Russia is “beyond bad dream” The Great African Scandal Kiva: Loans that change lives


“Exclusive: Secret Assad Emails Lift Lid on Life of Leader’s Inner Circle,” in Guardian
The Assad emails Exclusive: secret Assad emails lift lid on life of leader’s inner circle BY Robert Booth, Mona Mahmood and Luke Harding – Guardian • Messages show Bashar al-Assad took advice from Iran • Leader made light of promised reforms • Wife spent thousands on jewellery and furniture Assad emails: ‘If we are strong together …’ Date: 28 December 2011 A simple supportive message from Asma al
Defection Rumors Rife; Annan Diplomacy Founders
The big rumor today is that Mustapha and Firas Tlass fled Syria and are in Paris. Mustapha Tlass is ex-Defense Minister. His son is a major businessman and his second son, Manaf, is  a current top officer in the Syrian Army, born in 1964. Both Tlass and opposition members in Paris reject these allegations, claiming, “Syrian regime stalwart and former defence minister Mustafa Tlass has arrived in P
Syrian Pound at 90 per Dollar as Government Intervenes
The Central Bank has managed to bring the Syrian pound back down into a manageable trading range. It had plunged to an exchange rate over 100 pounds to a dollar. It is now below 100 to a dollar. How did it do this? Reports are that the central bank sold only 2 million dollars. Yes, only 2 million dollars in order to calm the market. One friend reported paying 113 pounds for a dollar in Aleppo on W
Sunni Deputy Minister Defects; Panetta Pushes back against US Involvement
Syrian deputy oil minister Abdo Hussameddin announced his resignation from the Syrian government in a YouTube video, becoming the highest-ranking civilian official to join the revolt against President Bashar al-Assad. Hussameddin had worked for the Syrian government for 33 years, and had served as deputy oil minister since August 2009. “I am joining the revolution of the people who reject injustic


Guest blog: California communities want clean water
Do you need clean and safe water? So do farmworker communities along California's central coast. Yet for far too long, their water has been polluted and contaminated by unsustainable agricultural practices. This week, our organization is joining with partners to press the Regional Water Quality Board to address the severe water pollution problems the communities in this region face. A new
When IQs fall
In the past year, there have been a slew of studies showing that when a child is exposed to certain pesticides — whether before birth or while eating conventionally-grown food — his or her IQ may drop. Sometimes by several points. But what does this really mean? As a society, what might the impacts be? In short, should we be worried? The answer, according to one recent study, is an emphatic
China puts the brakes on GE rice
A raging public controversy over genetically engineered (GE) rice in China captured media attention in recent months, and has culminated in a surprising win. A few weeks ago, the country’s State Council released a new Draft Food Law1 that, if passed, would protect the genetic resources of China’s food crops and restrict the application of GE technology in its main food crops. This is significa
GMO labeling momentum builds
The call for labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods continues to grow louder. The Just Label It campaign — with more than 500 partner organizations — is well on its way to collecting one million comments urging the Food and Drug Adminstration to mandate GE (or GMO) labeling. Members of Congress are joining the groundswell of concerned citizens by signing onto a bicameral letter to FDA s


Beyond Irony
The videos of both my speech and my interview at the Berlin Freedom of Expression Forum have been taken down. This is not an accident. All the other speeches and all the other interviews are still there. Both series have been renumbered to hide the fact that someting has been removed. Given that my talk was about censorship and exclusion of whistleblowers, and the lack of genuine freedom in wes
Afghanistan: Mainstream Media Awakes
This morning Sam Kiley, Sky News’ security correspondent, stated bluntly that the large bulk of Afghan heroin and opium production is controlled by members of the Karzai government. That is a simple truth, and I have been publishing it repeatedly on this blog for the last six years, but it runs absolutely contrary to what has been an extraordinary and monolithic mainstream media narrative. The
Berlin Conference
This speech in Berlin was to an interesting conference on freedom of expression at the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy. It proved useful in forcing me to pull together an overview of my current thoughts on events of the last year or so. You can find video of other speakers here.
I was going to entitle this blog post “The Trouble With Nigeria”, but that would require a book not a blog. Probably several volumes. I spent four years of my life in Nigeria, and one reason I seldom blog about it is that I do not wish to upset my many Nigerian friends, who tend to find my views unpalatable (and it is their country, not mine). It is only in recent years that I have come to the vi


3 Canadians accuse U.S. border guards of ‘molestation’
WARNING: This story contains disturbing detaails By Steven Bull and Ron Charles March 13, 2012 Three Canadian women filed lawsuits Tuesday alleging “sexual molestation” by American female border guards at the Canada-U.S. border near Windsor, Ont. Two separate lawsuits were filed, one involving two women travelling together and the other by a woman travelling separately who alleged incidents at th
Outrage grows over ‘Stop Kony’ campaign
  By Angela Mulholland, Mar. 9 2012 A group aimed at bringing elusive African rebel leader Joseph Kony to justice is being praised for its ability to spread its message so quickly and effectively, but it’s also being harshly criticized for misleading the public. The Kony 2012 campaign, orchestrated by non-profit group Invisible Children, calls for the arrest of Joseph Kony, the head of Lord’s Resi
“Canada”Trouble in Toryland: their Dirty Tricks catalogue Part Two
The other page was getting to long. I did try to keep it all there, but there is just too much information. So I decided to make a part two and at the rate things are going I my need a part three or” four”. So if you haven’t read Part  1 You should go through it first. Part 1 also has the information on how to lodge a complaint. “Canada”Trouble in Toryland: their Dirty Tricks catalogue Part 1 This


Exactly where To Perform Casino Games On the net
If a single is looking to get a chance to get massive income just the way in which the actual casinos (located in the intriguing places like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo) present and does not have an alternative to take a look at this kind of a location, then casino games on line is a good alternative. Regardless of where you reside or whatever you do, casino games on line is an excellent opportunity fo
obaidul karim | Network Marketer
Obaidul Karim Orion Group obaidul karim managing director of Orion Laboratories, and Abdur Rauf, chief executive officer of ICML, signed a deal on behalf of their respective organisations on Monday.orion Laboratories will collect the money from the general investors to set up a pharmaceutical plant and a power plant.This new factory will be the biggest in the pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh
Facts About Ritalin and Where to Buy
Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders are commonly treated with drugs. Most commonly prescription drugs are used to treat these disorders. Methylphenidate is used as a psycho-stimulant drug that has been shown to help with ADHD and other hyperactivity disorders. You can now buy ritalin (methylphenidate) online for a lot less than what it costs at your local drug store. You may also not nee
Appin Security Certification, IT Security & Ethical Hacking
APPIN Technology a group of APPIN Research Labs, USA Appin Security Courses:From the pioneers in Niche technology : Front Runner Programs -Duration 6 months IT Security & Ethical Hacking Embedded Technologies Application Programming Nanotechnology Robotics Appin Security Course Details 1. Covers Niche ? Technology 2. Over one million jobs available in these technologies in next 3 years worldwi

Pakistani retailers enters UAE using LumenSoft Candela RMS
It gives a sense of pride and achievement to hear the news about Pakistani retailers entering UAE market using LumenSoft Candela RMS, a software solution primarily designed for the retail management from a small store to huge business chains. Best part is the fact that it’s a home grown solution and was completely developed in Pakistan by LumenSoft Technologies (Pvt.) Limited. The solution is curr


To The Benefit Of Greens, Democrats Unable To Find Candidates For Full Texas 2012 Ballot—Greens Could Assert A Unanimity Against State-Sponsored Rape That Has So Far Eluded Texas Democrats
The Texas Democratic Party has failed to offer candidates for five statewide offices on the Texas 2012 General Election ballot. (Above–A voting machine) In two of these five races without a Democrat there is a Green Party candidate on the ballot. This means that Greens are likely to maintain automatic ballot access for Texas in 2014 just as they have for 2012. Automatic ballot access is gained wh
Pennsylvania Governor Corbett Says Women Should Close Their Eyes During State-Mandated Rape—Texas Already Has State-Mandated Rape
Here in Texas, state-mandated rape is already permitted under the forced sonogram law. Now Pennsylvania is considering a similar measure. (Above—Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. How would he like it if somebody shoved that microphone inside of him? Photo by Jenn Grover.) From The Huffington Post-– “During a discussion of a far-reaching mandatory ultrasound bill, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R
Texas Republican Senate Candidate Ted Cruz Says With Agenda 21 The U.N. Wants To Take Your Car And Your Farm—Vote For Mr. Cruz If Doing So Sails Your Ship
( Blogger’s note 3/16/12–This is a post I ran last month. I’m running it again after reading a Houston Chronicle story about Republican Texas U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz. From the Chronicle— “Cruz warned on Glenn Beck‘s Jan. 26 radio show that the imposition of Agenda 21 will result in the demise of single-family homes, farming and ranching, personal cars and the “American way of life.” Mr. Cr
Eddie Lucio, Jr., Carlos Uresti and Judith Zaffirini Were The Democratic Texas State Senators Who Voted For The State-Mandated Rape Of The Texas Forced Sonogram Law—The Texas Forced Sonogram Law Is Rape
Recently I wrote about how the Texas forced sonogram law is state-mandated rape and about how Texas State Senator Dan Patrick defends state mandated-rape. Senator Patrick was feeling sorry for himself and saying that he was the victim of unfair attacks. Here is some of what Senator Patrick said— “Once again I couldn’t care less about what the opposition says no matter how mean spirited. We did the
Rally Against Wage Theft In Houston On 3/20—This Is Simple Fairness
There will be a rally against wage theft in Houston held on Tuesday March 20. Below you see the details of this event. Here is a Houston Chronicle story about wage theft.  Here are details about wage theft on a national level. Here is the website of the anti-wage theft effort in the Houston area.  Here is a video with a number of facts about this concern.   Cheap goods and services are often provi
March 15 Is The Ides Of March—A Great Day To Learn About Rome And Caesar
Tomorrow, March 15, is the Ides of March. Here is an explanation of what the term Ides of March means. (Above–The Death of Caesar. This work was painted in 1798 by Vincenzo Camuccini.) Here are two accessible book to learn about the events surrounding the fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of Julius Caesar. Rubicon–The Last Years of the Roman Republic by Tom Holland. A quality biography is C
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