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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, March 16, 2012

16 March- Blogs I'm Following II

wikileakswikileaks (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)
Wikileaks LIKE it posterWikileaks LIKE it poster (Photo credit: avlxyz)
Wikileaks: Impact on Public Policy and JournalismWikileaks: Impact on Public Policy and Journalism (Photo credit: CSIS: Center for Strategic & International Studies)
US Air Force Wikileaks blocked screenshotImage via Wikipedia
Deutsch: Alexander Klimov als Anonymous-Aktivi...Image via Wikipedia
WikileaksImage via Wikipedia
English: A van that purports to be the 'WikiLe...Image via Wikipedia
STRATFOR (20120105)STRATFOR (20120105) (Photo credit: renaissancechambara)
English: The logo used by WikileaksImage via Wikipedia

Wiley cover-up: The great Wegman and Said “redo” to hide plagiarism and errors

Tom Harris, Heartland and the 2007 Bali open letter to the U.N.

 ( UN is discreet about funding 'warmists' too - unless you think the IPCC is dealing at arms length.  LOL )

From deSmog Blog

scotts miracle gro's evil seeds

Mar 16

scotts pled guilty this tuesday to charges that the company illegally put insecticides in its “morning song” and “country pride” brands of bird seed. yhat’s right: the company knowingly coated products intended for birds to eat with substances toxic to birds and wildlife. - grist

I had fully intended to do a recap of the week's news regarding the investigation into the possibility of vote suppression in last year's federal election and yesterday afternoon I began to draft something. Yesterday evening I saw the news and gutted the first few paragraphs of the draft. Since Alison has hit all the high points at Creekside, I would encourage you to go read her post.
Alison leads with last night's CBC report, as she should. This is an independent investigation by a different news organization than the one that first broke the story. This independent investigation not only finds fraudulent phone calls in 31 ridings across the country but identifies a pattern that strongly suggests the goal of these calls was to misdirect voters who opposed the Conservatives.

All the news that's fit to bury

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Peter Kent certainly isn't the first minister in the Harper cabinet to bury an inconvenient report for months, only to finally release it when he figures it'll do the least damage. But given his long career as a broadcast journalist, he's probably the one who ought to have the best understanding of the importance of transparency. He shouldn't need to be reminded of his responsibility to keep the public informed; he lived and breathed it for decades.
Environment Minister Peter Kent overlooked calls from his department in 2011 to show more "transparency" and he delayed the release of a scientific paper on Canada's climate change challenges -- prepared several months before the May 2 federal election -- until late July, newly released internal memorandums reveal.
The memos referred to an analysis of Canadian trends in greenhouse gas emissions that projected a sharp rise in emissions from the energy-intensive oilsands industry....
And this is despite a strong recommendation from his deputy minister, Paul Boothe, to release the report.

Just how broken is the document management system of the Superior Court of Justice?

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