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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

14 March - Night Notes

English: Platform supply vessels battle the bl...Image via Wikipedia


redgreenandblue.orgBy Bill McKibben . Cornell’s Global Labor Institute issued a big new report [PDF] this morning examining the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, the most comprehensive look yet at its economic impact. And it makes clear just how right President Obama was to block this boondoggle: It would make money f...

Join us here every Sunday at 8-10pm ET /7-9pm CT for Gulf of Mexico Blue Plague discussions and updates with host Michael Edward as guests and callers reveal whats really been happening in the Gulf of Mexico since April 2010.

Oil Spill Daily

ECU research reveals impact from 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill

researchers found that crude oil from the spill entered the food chain through the tiniest of organisms, zooplankton, which forms the base of the food chain in marine ecosystems.

Did BP Permanently Rip Open the Gulf Sea Floor Around The Macondo Well?

For a complete background and some stunning visuals see the following:

 Why we call

Uploaded by on Mar 12, 2012
The April 2010 BP/Deepwater Horizon explosion & oil spill was one of the largest man-made disasters in U.S. history. Almost two years later, individuals and families living and working along the Gulf are still suffering distress related to the economic fallout of the disaster- like depression, overwhelming feelings of anxiety, or even substance abuse.

London 2012: Olympics missile sites considered for Blackheath and Shooters Hill

 Persian Gulf militarization

 Secret SAS teams hunt for terrorists

A SECRET squadron of Australian SAS soldiers has been operating at large in Africa, performing work normally done by spies, in an unannounced and possibly dangerous expansion of Australia's foreign military engagement.

US, EU and Japan challenge China on rare earths at WTO

The co-ordinated complaints are the first step in a process that could ultimately lead to sanctions against China.

( Who hold more western debt than enough. Sanctions usually involve defaulting on foreign deposits. You think there's been a loss of confidence in banks due to fraud so far.

Shale-Shocked: Hydraulic Fracking Turns Into a Curse

The gas industry describes fracking fluids as containing ingredients like soap and oil. However, because recipes are highly guarded secrets, the public never knows what is in them until an accident happens. Samples from some spills have revealed that the fluids contain more than 200 different chemicals, many of which have been linked to cancer and birth defects. USA Today reports that municipal waste water systems can’t handle the chemicals in the waste water, which can contain radioactive elements. 

America’s groundwater is so precious that President Obama supposedly cancelled the proposed Transcanada pipeline because it transversed the important Ogallala water aquifer. The risk of contamination was just too great, he said. There are thousands of pipelines already dissecting it, but one more is one too many.

Yet with hydraulic fracking, America is not only purposefully polluting huge amounts of water to frack rock formations, but it is then purposefully disposing the wastewater by pumping it back down other wells—and potentially into contact with groundwater aquifers. And once groundwater gets polluted, it can take generations to clean it up. 

"Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal."
- Intergovernmental Panel on ClimateChange
( So NASA show us a graph of increased co2. What is wrong with this picture ?  It isn't the same as a chart of thermal change, is it.)

On climate change

12:00 PM on 01/31/2012
When a scientist who has no dog in the hunt, i.e., isn't benefitting from gov't or private grants, or as in the case of Al Gore, making $$$ off his claims, THEN I might take so-called manmade global warming seriously--until then, I'll stick with my meteorologist son-in-law's well-researched AND well-balanced conclusion that it's nothing more than a cycle that has been going around for who knows how many centuries. His professors at Creighton U., laughed when asked the question of whether man is causing weather change, saying that as long as there's $$$ to be made with the claim, it'll continue to be imposed on any gullible politician or person that can use it to either their advantage or their peril--as in high prices for electricity, gas, etc. The reason the weather guys don't toe the politically correct enviro line is because THEY KNOW BETTER!

 Climate Change

Why Do Meteorologists Dismiss Climate Change Science? 


Clouds, biological life, the thermohaline circulation, ice and snow cover, man, and climate scale weather phenomena like ENSO interact in nonlinear ways. If you change one of those things (such as carbon dioxide emissions), the result will be a nonlinear interaction between all of those things.

Alot of AMS papers talk about such climate nonlinearity.





There's alot more to be found with the AMS search http://journals.amet...action/doSearch 

March 12, 2012 – WORLD – We have all heard about several animal species becoming extinct, even in the modern world, humans have seen whole generations of some animals disappear. Will bees b...

Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease

Global Research, November 19, 2006

Supreme Court Likely to Endorse Obama's War on Whistleblowers

“Everything that Richard Nixon did to me, for which he faced impeachment and prosecution, which led to his resignation, is now legal under the Patriot Act, the FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] amendment act, the National Defense Authorization Act”

You cannot have a meaningful democracy where the public only has authorized disclosures from the government. If they [officials] get control, if they can prosecute anybody who violates that, you are kidding yourself if you think you have any kind of democratic control over foreign policy, national security and homeland security. We don’t have a democracy now in foreign affairs and national security. We have a monarchy tempered by leaks. Cut off the leaks and we don’t even have that.


But in the end, after 25 years spent as a NASA rocket scientist and a commercial airline pilot, Schumaker has ended up saving more animals than she ever thought possible. She is the founder and director of On Wings of Care, an organization dedicated to saving animals great and small, from feral cats to humpback whales. During the BP oil spill, Schumaker and a Cessna airplane she calls Bessie acted as the eyes in the sky for teams of federal scientists tracking everything from oil to sea turtles, whale sharks, dolphins and oiled birds. She describes the 300 hours spent flying over the Gulf as bittersweet, a mix of magic moments following cavorting pilot whales and wretched hours following huge plumes of oil that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Sometimes, a dream takes a long time to come true. For Bonny Schumaker, the dream was hatched in the woods of Wisconsin during a childhood spent nursing hurt animals back to health. From her earliest days, all she ever wanted was to save squirrels, turtles, frogs and dogs, basically anything that wa...

Graham Rayman at the Village Voice brings us more on officer Adrian Schoolcraft, the modern day Serpico who was sent to a psych ward for reporting on corruption in the NYPD. While working out of the 81st precinct in Brooklyn, Schoolcraft became aware of a pattern of crime victims getting caught up i...
KONY 2012 SCAM - Obama Deploys US Special Forces to Africa ( ALEX JONES INFOWARS ) Alex Jones talks with Webster Tarpley about the 30-minute documentary that...
The former vice president has reportedly canceled an April appearance in Toronto because of concern about security in Canada. "He felt that in Canada the risk of violent protest was simply too high," said Ryan Ruppert, president of promotions company Spectre Live, according to Canada's National Post.

This is what life is like now for Dick Cheney.
It was April of last year when the news came out that the University of Texas decided to take physical delivery of $1 billion worth of gold. (By the way, that doesn’t mean the campus is chock full of gold bars — the university actually stuck the gold in an HSBC vault in New York [...]
Daughter of Bonesman Charlotte Iserbyt lifts the veil on the mysterious secret society Paul Joseph Watson http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/ http://www.in/...
The secret is out. The secret that the Illuminati have been trying to suppress for thousands of years. http://www.glcoherence.org/ The Global Coherence Initi...
While mainstream media spent last week writing headlines like The Washington Post’s “Limbaugh, Fluke and the GOP’s ‘war on women,’” something much more frightening than Fluke’s having to forgo luxuries while in college to pay for birth control was afoot.
“And so, demonstrating like this is as American as apple pie. We have been marching up and down and demonstrating throughout our history. And one of the things that is of concern to all of us is that there’s an increasing gap between those who are doing very well and I’m doing well, and those who a...
It’s ba-aack — the Keystone XL pipeline, that is. The Senate is set to vote tomorrow on an amendment created by Big Oil wearing a Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) mask. The amendment would revive ev...
For all the pompous prognostications by Keystone XL tar sands pipeline boosters in Congress about jobs and economic impacts, you don’t have to look much further than the devastated communities of the Kalamazoo River to get to the truth about...

WASHINGTON -- A one-year progress report on the Obama administration's Blueprint for a Secure Energy Policy offers a sanguine portrait of increased domestic energy production and reduced reliance on foreign oil since the president took office. The report, presented to the president Monday by a Cabinet-level task force, asserted that the administration had brought what Interior Secretary Ken Salazar called, "the sweet spot of America, and that's the Gulf of Mexico," safely back to "robust" production.

Report says we 'are now permitting at levels seen before the spill, all while meeting these important new standards'

Led by Boxer and DeFazio, Bicameral Letter Calls for Reversal of Two Decade-Old Labeling Policy, Supports CFS Legal Petition

Monsanto's dark company history of polluting the planet with agent orange, DDT, PCBs, RoundUp, dioxin, aspartame, rBST rBGH milk Posilac shots - not to mention most of your corn, soy, canola, alfalfa, cottonseed oil, the BANNED sugarbeets, and coming soon: WHEAT!
How Did We Get Here: A Brief History of Monsanto and the US Government: http://www.occupymonsanto360.org/2012/02/23/how-did-we-get-here-a-brief-history-of-monsanto-and-the-us-government/

Monsanto’s Government Ties: http://www.occupymonsanto360.org/2012/02/23/monsantos-government-ties/

Chemtrails and Monsanto's New Aluminum Resistance Gene - Coincidence?

Infographic just released: Nutrition Alert for Patriots. And by "patriot" I mean people who love freedom and their country. This concise guide delivers important information for shoring up your health as part of fighting for freeom, liberty and justice in any nation! http://www.naturalnews.com/Infographic-Nutrition-Alert-for-Patriots.html

Eating red meat - any amount and any type - appears to significantly increase the risk of premature death, according to a long-range study that examined the eating habits and health of more than 110,000 adults for more than 20 years.' Eryn Brown, Los Angeles Times
Four-Year Agreement Includes 100 Acres of PowerCane Miscanthus Near BP Biofuels' Demonstration Plant in Jennings, Louisiana


The video featured above captures one of those rare, “out of the mouths of babes” moments. In an interview released Monday, an 11-year-old reporter named Topanga Sena challenged the first lady Let’s Move! anti-obesity program. Michelle Obama was asked to respond to critics of the program who say the...
Jeff Lewis is a nationally known motivational speaker and a quadruple amputee. Even though he is well known by the TSA and other airport staff. He is routine...

It's not the first crowd control tool to use sound waves, but Raytheon's patent for a new type of riot shield that produces low frequency sound waves to disrupt the respiratory tract and hinder breathing, sounds a little scary. Crowd control tools like the LRAD Sound Cannon emit bursts of loud and.....


Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger said in an interview Sunday that the United States should assume that Iran is actively preparing to build

Cannabis news by Cannazine, Dr Claudia Jenson, who is a consultant pediatrician from USC, has come up with a novel way of treating ADD/ADHD, WITHOUT any of the unwanted side effects which can result from using popularly prescribed medicines.
About 1 in 5 people said they couldn't always afford to feed everyone in their family in 2011.

Absurd doctor says feeding babies raw milk is 'child endangerment'
Todd Tucker, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch joins Thom Hartmann. Put down that fork! Do you now what's REALLY on your dinner plate? Well - it's becoming...

Disclaimer: the posting of stories, commentaries, reports, documents and links (embedded or otherwise) on this site does not in any way, shape or form, implied or otherwise, necessarily express or suggest endorsement or support of any of such posted material or parts therein.
A Sunday Times article published in July 2001 detailed Shell/BP undercover activities including infiltration, spying and subversion operations around the world directed at perceived enemies.

In a Reuters article published today, the UK company Hakluyt & Company Limited is described as “an ultra-secretive firm that is purported to spy on companies in order to gather intelligence in a more covert manner.”

An Ohio officer says he shocked the boy twice as the 9-year-old lay on the floor with his hands underneath his body.
Harrisburg, IL (KSDK/AP)--FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is denying disaster aid to Harrisburg and other Southern Illinois communities ravaged by an EF4 Tornado on February 29. Seven people were killed and 100 injured. One Hundred homes were destroyed. Another 400 homes were damaged...
This video is based on a speech by Rodney Atkinson at a public meeting at the Houses of Parliament on 26th Feb 2008 -updated 2010 The EU is based on the Nazi...

PARIS (The Blaze/AP) — On Monday — “World Day Against Cyber Censorship” — Reporters Without Borders has released a new list of “Enemies of the Internet” and said that movements like Arab Spring are changing the face of freedom. Reporters Without Borders states that World Day Against Cyber Censorship...

Jocelyn Anderson of the Examiner has written an article called Kirk Cameron, Complementarianism, and Christian Patriarchy. In other words, I’m not the only one watching Cameron’s connections to Doug Phillips and all the rest....

Late last month, Bloomberg reported that British Petroleum continues to experience substantial growth in the amount of money it receives from the Pentagon for its oil services. From 2010 to 2011, Pentagon contracts with BP increased by one-third from about 1 billion to 1.35 billion. This was presented by some in the media as a scandal, since presumably, BP should be punished by the Pentagon for it’s massive 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The larger story, however, should be about just how much the Pentagon spends on oil every year.

Spending on oil 26% surged  in 2011.
Last week, The Blaze brought you the first official trailer for the epic Hollywood-produced Obama documentary: The Road We’ve Traveled. By the looks of it, this 17-minute film has everything: Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) narrates the commercials, there are first-hand accounts of America’s experience wit...
“We are no longer citizens of the United States,” said longtime indigenous rights activist Russell Means at a press conference at Plymouth Congregational Church in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 19. “We offer citizenship to anyone provided they renounce their U.S. citizenship,” said Mr. Means.
The Illinois law against recording conversations was ruled unconstitutional earlier in March by Cook County Judge Stanley Sacks, which was the second time in the past year that a judge struck it down. The eavesdropping law says it’s a felony to record conversations without the consent of everyone in...
by Damien Millet, Yorgos Mitralias, Sonia Mitralias, Eric Toussaint and Renaud Vivien On Thursday night (8 March 2012) more than 85% of private creditors (banks, insurance companies, pension funds, etc.) agreed to take part in the restructuring of the Greek debt by cancelling EUR 107 billion. On pa...
A report has been released chronicling the political strategies of private prison companies "working to make money through harsh policies and longer sentence...
Please Prepare for the Economic Collapse Martial Law 2012 coming to a city near you!!!
A 10 hour in-depth historical and biblical look at powers that have shaped this world from the times of Nimrod to now from the FUELPROJECT. Check them on You...
NATO, the world's biggest war machine, has evolved from a defensive to an aggressive alliance. NATO adds fuel to the fire. Under the pretext of 'Responsibili...
A news report about the student loan scam. The man in the story was better off before he went to college and got into debt.
It now costs over $10,000 a year to “educate,” or brainwash, a child in a public school, whereas it costs about $550 to $1,000 a year to homeschool a child. The taxpayer pays nothing for the education of a child at home. Yet, the homeschooling parent must continue to pay the taxes for the public sch...


Pre and Post DWH Disaster Health Survey

A document leaked to the ETC group reveals that Canada is going to the UN to promote "terminator" technology: genetically engineered (GE) seeds designed to grow crops which can't reproduce. These "suicide seeds," designed solely to protect the patents and profits of multinational corporations, are ...

BARIUM ,ALUMINUM OXCIDE,STRONTIUM 90 AND URANIUM 238 ARE BEING SPRAYED ON US VIA CHEMTRAILS North America is now suffering its seventh year of conspicuous an...

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s speech at the Women of the World Summit on Monday in New York City stopped short of actually naming and pointing to the Catholic Church and others opposed to the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate. That being said, she did have plenty to say about ...
There have been two attempts to create a centre of Global Governance / Global Government: the first, the forerunner of the United Nations was the League of Nations. During the First World War several world leaders such as Woodrow Wilson and Jan Smuts, began urging the establishment of an internation...
Thimerosal is a widely used vaccine preservative that is present in the majority of flu shots and other vaccines. Thimerosal is 49% mercury by volume, an extremely toxic chemical element that wreaks havoc on the nervous system, neurological function, and overall biological function [1]. Each dose of...
‎2001 Sundance Winner DON'T BLINK! Tracking the covert history of CIA drug smuggling from Nicaragua to Arkansas and South Central Los Angeles, GNN sheds light...

Australian Government Moves To Quickly Pass Laws To Sterilize, Electroshock, And Restrain Children Without Parental Consent



Oxytocin - Hormone alleviates symptoms of autism
Once Valued More Precious Than Gold, Cinnamon Is The Epitome of Natural Medicine

A recent article published in the Ithika journal cites a study performed on average citizens of Berlin testing whether or not people with no exposure to agriculture such as lawyers, doctors, and journalists had glyphosate in their systems. Guess what, they did, and had no idea it was in what they h...

I ALMOST COULDNT BELIEVE THIS... http://www.opednews.com/populum/linkframe.php?linkid=146801 SO I WENT TO THE REPORT... http://www.opednews.com/populum/linkf

Monsanto’s Roundup, containing the active ingredient glyphosate, has been tied to more health and environmental problems than you could imagine. Similar to how pesticides have been contributing to the bee decline, Monsanto’s Roundup has been tied to the decrease in the population of monarch butterfl...
Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are now higher than at any time in the last 800,000 years, while the last decade in Australia was the warmest on record, CSIRO scientists say.
Since the nuclear crisis began unfolding at Japan's Fukushima plant a year ago, nothing has changed to make the U.S. nuclear industry any safer -- and the natural disaster-prone South remains especially vulnerable.
Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the tragedy in Fukushima, Japan, where an earthquake and tsunami crippled a coastal nuclear power plant, leading to meltdowns in three reactors, hydrogen explosions and a release of radiation so massive that the surrounding areas could remain uninhabitabl...

As an ongoing case involving the parent company of Houston-based Shell Oil illustrates, conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court appear to want to put an end to the Alien Tort Claims Act, a key tool for holding corporations accountable for human rights violations.

Global corporations often think they are above the law, but for more than a decade some of the most egregious human rights and environmental violators have had to answer for their overseas actions in U.S. courtrooms. It now appears that the conservatives on the Supreme Court want to put an end to th...

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by Occupy Monsanto! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. See you around!
Interview by James Corbett for GRTV. Joining us to discuss the legacy of Fukushima is Helen Caldicott, a physician, author and radio host who has spoken out for decades about the deadly effects of nuclear radiation.

One year on from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan's northeast, details continue to emerge about how the crisis was much worse than the government and TEPCO originally let on. 
‎"U.S.-Canada bilateral dialogue on strategic issues concerning the Beyond the Border deal continues as the action plan lays out deadlines where initiatives will be incrementally implemented over the next several years. The proposed changes promise to bring about a radical transformation of the northern border. This will further bring Canadian security practices in line with American ones and under the reach of the Department of Homeland Security."

by Dana Gabriel: Through a series of bilateral meetings, U.S. and Canadian officials are busy working out the details of the perimeter security action plan.

www.naturalnews.comFDA admits mercury in cosmetic products is extremely toxic - so how is it safe in dental fillings, vaccines?
( See Dr. Mercola's articles. It isn't  )
Afghanistan is demanding a public trial for the US soldier who gunned down 16 civilians. British MP Jeremy Corbyn told RT the West has long outlived its usefulness in the region and will only continue to provoke the opposition.

Hundreds of Afghan university students have taken to the streets to protest the American soldier who slaughtered 16 villagers in Sunday's shooting spree in Kandahar. Nine children were killed in the massacre.
( Shades of My Lai )

Wondering if the US government’s shadowy security agents are working behind the scenes with the biggest entity on the Internet? Don’t hold your breath waiting — one advocacy group has to take Uncle Sam to court for an answer.

Human rights groups fear that the detention center, the largest of its kind in the world, with a capacity to hold 8,000 migrants, will turn into a festering refugee camp, and deprive those escaping persecution at home of their rights to seek asylum in Israel.' Catrina Stewart, The Independent UK

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