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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, March 16, 2012

16 March - FB Feeds

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 05:  Supporters of...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 02:  Protestors gath...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
The Carbon Tax Tapir - Melbourne World Environ...The Carbon Tax Tapir - Melbourne World Environment Day 2011 (Photo credit: Takver)
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 02:  Protestors gath...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 02:  Protestors gath...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Queensland's floods inquiry says three dam engineers should be referred to the Crime and Misconduct Commission over their role in last year's disaster. Follow the latest events live.
( Water in the Topical Index gives context by highlighting the principles of water warfare )


Ladies and gentlemen, I have been struggling (unsuccesfully) to get the new facebook timeline features to work in a reasonable way which suit the needs of this website, and I just want to let you all know that I've had enough! I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more! I've come to the...

A page dedicated to exposing BP's "troll" populations threats, racism, vulgarity, and other illegal manuevers against anyone who posts on the BP America Facebook page that isn't pro-BP. Screen captures and identities noted, and site linked to FBI and other law enforcement agencies and groups.
People who have commented against Big Polluter on their page and other anti- Big Polluter pages have been repeatedly subjected to harassment, demeaning slurs, libel, slander, endless corporate spin, people's employers have been called in attempts to have people fired, stalking, all types of intimida...

THE government is confident its carbon tax will survive a High Court challenge by the mining baron Clive Palmer and has dismissed the exercise as Mr Palmer doing favours for Tony Abbott. Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/government-brushes-off-palmers-challenge-to-carbon-ta
( Must provide funds to the NWO via the UN )


STRUGGLING small business retailers are facing a carbon tax hike from July 1 that will add thousands of dollars to their annual rent, power and landlord costs.
With America’s largest Internet providers only weeks from their next attempt at curbing copyright crimes by way of a coast-to-coast anti-piracy campaign, opponents of online censorship are taking their own message to the streets — literally.

These Streets are Watching is a 50 minute video on police accountability in three communities; Denver, Cincinnati and Berkeley.[1] The video documents incide...
Must read post at End the Lie - Independent News : By Madison Ruppert Editor of End the Lie The Sturmabteilung-like Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which is run by the atr[..]

America’s Congress has been contaminated, but don’t worry — someone is already on it. Members of Occupy Monsanto, a protest group opposed to the biotech giant, are dispatching aid to the nation’s capital.


‎(This timeline is excerpted from my book Natural Health Solutions and the Conspiracy to Keep You From Knowing About Them)

Unless the natural health community fights back, the practice of homeopathy "down under" could soon be a thing of the past.

McDonald’s has recently caved to consumer demands to cease the utilization of ‘pink slime’ scrap meat covered with ammonium hydroxide in their hamburgers

Last September, your delegates to the ISMA House of Delegates voted to take Resolution 10-04 to the AMA House of Delegates. The resolution seeks support for legislation or regulation to require clear labeling of food with genetically engineered ingredients.

The warnings and revelations of truth regarding current events that the alternative community is exposing are having a profound effect. This uncensored research is based on real history, news trends, accumulated information, knowledge of the occult such as ritual dates, numerology and other esoteric...


Nutiva, ELEVATE, The Luminaries, Aishah and Clayton Joseph Scott have teamed up for part 2 of ELEVATE's Solution Series. This s...
Touted as the cure for what ails public education, charter schools have historical roots that are rarely acknowledged.

As a parent I find it easy to understand the appeal of charter schools, especially for parents and students who feel that traditional public schools have failed them. As a historical sociologist who studies race and politics, however, I am disturbed both by the significant challenges that plague the...


Connecticut has the potential to become the first state to pass a mandatory GMO labeling bill and your support is critical to its success. An advocacy campaign to support this bill has begun. Please see righttoknowct.org for updates on events and advocacy efforts. Please write and/or call your Conn...

Know the difference: 'Natural' foods are not organic, often contain GMOs and other toxins

tv.naturalnews.comDo you want to live to 100 & sill be functional & healthy? Dr. Meschino lists & briefly explains 5 essentials that you must adhere to for healthy longevity. Visit http://www.meschinohealth.com/
The Department of Homeland Security says it is prepared to adopt a facility design that includes "significant changes beyond the industry standard to reduce risk." Reducing risk isn't, of course, the same as eliminating it!
The Department of Homeland Security plans to build a high-risk virus research center in the heart of America


The Sierra Club and Gulf Restoration Network have filed a lawsuit against the Mississippi Development Authority, challenging the regulations that have been created for oil and gas exploration in MS.
After witnessing the devastation of the 2010 Gulf oil spill, he launched the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) in December 2010 to create awareness about environmental issues, raise funds and mobilize people to take action.


‎'The Vampire Diaries' actor talks to MNN about his passion for the planet and how youth are empowering global change.

The top 20 biggest polluters in Rhode Island include a company that dumped nearly 600 tons of contaminated soil at a middle school, a community leaking sewage into the bay, and a former power company that dumped hundreds of gallons of heating oil into the ground.

From contaminated soil at a middle school to sewage dumped in a major river, GoLocalProv has the breakdown on the biggest polluters in the Ocean State.
The top 20 polluters include developers who either cut corners to cut costs or simply screwed up big time. But some of the most serious o…
The EPA said water samples from six of the 11 homes for which it received initial test results showed sodium, methane, chromium or bacteria, but at levels that did not exceed primary or secondary drinking water standards. Arsenic was found in the well water of two homes, but at levels that did not present a health hazard, regulators said.


SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) — Federal environmental regulators said Thursday that well water testing at 11 homes in a northeastern Pennsylvania village where a gas driller was accused of polluting the aquifer failed to show elevated levels of contamination. The Environmental Protection Agency, w...
‎"Meanwhile, what about jobs? I have to admit that I started laughing when I saw The Wall Street Journal offering North Dakota as a role model. Yes, the oil boom there has pushed unemployment down to 3.2 percent, but that’s only possible because the whole state has fewer residents than metropolitan Albany — so few residents that adding a few thousand jobs in the state’s extractive sector is a really big deal. The comparable-sized fracking boom in Pennsylvania has had hardly any effect on the state’s overall employment picture, because, in the end, not that many jobs are involved." -- Paul Krugman


Republicans say gas would be cheap and jobs plentiful if we stopped protecting the environment and gave energy companies free rein. They’re wrong.


A group of Pennsylvania farmers and land owners who receive royalties from hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) natural gas wells on their property are not being informed about violations and safety issues on their land, said this report from CNN Money.

“The state has surrendered over 2,000 municipalities to the industry. It’s a complete capitulation of the rights of the people and their right to self-government. They are handing it over to the industry to let them govern us. It is the corporate state. That is how we look at it.”


The Best in Uncensored News Information and Analysis

The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District is having a town hall meeting tonight about a plan to release genetically modified mosquitoes in order to control the population of Aedes aegypti, the mosquito responsible for the spread of dengue fever.


With the stroke of a pen, President Obama signed bill HR 347 into law earlier this month. With that move, Obama made it a felony to express freedom of speech...
On a per capita basis, there is a huge spurt of growth between World War II and 1970. There is also a small spurt about the time of World War I, and a new spurt in growth recently, as a result of growing coal usage in Asia.

“Now I know what it feels like to live in Nigeria,” said recently retired Pittsburgh City Council President Doug Shields. “You’re basically a resource colony for multi-national corporations to take your natural resources, take them back to wherever they are at, add value to them, and then sell them back to you.”


Pennsylvania's Republican leaders have given the natural gas industry unprecedented power to overrule local government and drill anywhere.

Deniger has toured the state visiting schools — she will soon visit some in Terrebonne — not only to read from the book but to talk about conservation and the fact that smaller spills happen all the time. She mixes water and oil to show how the two substances interact and shows videos of pelican rescue efforts, telling students that thousands of birds died as a result of the spill. She tries to help them understand the magnitude of 210 million gallons of oil by explaining that there are 600,000 gallons in an Olympic-size swimming pool.


With the second anniversary of the BP oil spill looming, some of the bayou region's youngest residents may not remember or fully understand the largest offshore disaster in the nation's history.

Check out this great letter by Charles Taylor of Bay St. Louis, MS -

"First they burned crude oil and sprayed dispersants that traveled on the air all the way to our neighborhoods. This resulted in a dormant auto-immune disease called Crohn's that I have had in remission for over 20 years coming back with a vengence as well as the chemical toxicity itself from breathing it. You have to remember,
it smelled like being near a truckstop or worse for a long time. Everyday we were breathing it. The air in my house was filled with it too, and my house is only a few years old. When I had my blood tested in February of 2011 I still had measurable and disturbing levels of volatile organic compounds [VOCs] in my body!!"
“BP has falsely certified compliance with critical environmental and safety regulations” to pump billions of dollars in petroleum from the offshore facility, the lawyer said. “BP’s corporate policy and practice is to buy its way out after it is caught and then do it again.”


BP Plc (BP\)’s Atlantis facility remains unsafe, according to a whistle-blower who said in a court filing that the company’s second-largest oil producer in the Gulf of Mexico is operating under permits BP obtained by lying to regulators.
Documents prepared by the National Marine Fisheries Service for the BP oil spill trial are confidential and are not to be made public, U.S. Magistrate Judge Sally Shushan ruled Tuesday. Shushan's one-page order cites earlier orders issued by U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier outlining what documents should be treated as confidential by the trial's Plaintiff Steering Committee, BP and Justice Department attorneys.


Fisheries service gathered a lot of information about pre-spill fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and the effects of the spill

This is an image of BP's crude oil in zooplankton from researchers at East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C. The food chain has conclusively been contamined. This is the base from where everything in the Gulf feeds from... including the fish and shrimp on your plate. If the zooplankton die off - kiss all life forms in the Gulf goodbye.

Despite promises of quick payments, it may be months if not years before plaintiffs associated with the BP Gulf Oil Spill receive compensation. The settlement covers lawsuits brought by more than 100,000 fishermen who lost work, cleanup workers who suffered illness, and others who claimed harm from the April 2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill. RD Legal Funding, LLC ("RD Legal") is offering lawsuit settlement funding to plaintiffs who are experiencing financial hardship as soon as their settlement amounts are determined.


CRESSKILL, N.J., March 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite promises of quick payments, it may be months if not years before plaintiffs associated with the BP Gulf Oil Spill receive compensation. The sett
HORRIFIC! "A Texas widow, one of the 11 wrongful-death claimants from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig accident, finally settled her case with BP on Feb. 28, apparently for an eight-figure sum. Then suddenly, 10 days later, with an order from a judge who is not overseeing her case, Shelley Anderson of Midfield, Texas, thought the agreement to compensate her and her two small children for the death of rig worker Jason Anderson had been nullified."


Gulf Coast Claims Facility payments were cut off before deal was sealed

Research by faculty and students at East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C. found crude oil from the 2010 spill in zooplankton (photo), small animals that play a critical role in the aquatic food web.
An award-winning Hollywood director has offered his talents to US President Barack Obama, but the glitzy campaign clip the team produced focuses solely on the fairy tale facets of the administration — and none of its real life tragedies.



The earliest evidence that federal authorities in the United States were aware of Occupy Wall Street and preparing to squash it comes from a September 1 Department of Homeland Security briefing. Warning of an upcoming protest on Wall Street, the leaked memo explained that the unique conjunction of c...

Filmed in Watsonville, CA South of Santa Cruz..........what is going on?......Ron Paul 2012 are we are SCREWED!!!!......PEOPLE WAKE UP

‎'If a SWAT team drew down on unarmed occupiers, that would still be a horrifying, newsworthy story, but what makes the Miami event additionally alarming is that these were not squatters, but rather legal residents.' Allison Kilkenny, In These Times

Horrified with the way the US government uses the Patriot Act against its own people, two senators have been trying to make these practices public for years. Tired of being ignored, they're now taking their fight against secret programs to public.

The so-called war on terror is just one of the reasons the West says it gets involved in conflicts abroad - the other is bringing democracy. But as the US and its allies criticize other countries for their lack of freedom and human rights, they're failing to notice matters closer to home, as Marina ...
‎"We are very disappointed in this decision," said Sharon Young, marine issues field director for the Humane Society of the United States. "Lethal management is not necessary and will do nothing to help the salmon."


By Teresa Carson PORTLAND, Ore., March 15 (Reuters) - The states of Oregon and Washington can kill sea lions that have feasted on endangered Columbia River salmon, under an authorization given on Thursday by the federal government. The decision by the National Oceani...
Even if we told BP and the other oil companies we don't care how many people they kill in the process (11 workers died in the Deepwater Horizon explosion) and whose land and beaches they destroy (in other words, no respect for private property) they could at most increase production by 1-2 million barrels a day, and even this increase would take years to bring about.


Charles Krauthammer is angry at President Obama for not allowing more oil drilling and delaying t...

‎"There is no reason to believe that that any lessons have been learned from the Deepwater Horizon blowout. They seem to be shutting their eyes and crossing their fingers that they will not have a spill and it beggars belief that they are not able to tell shareholders how much it would cost to deal with a worst case scenario. Either it has not been done or we were not being told"


Give something back by sponsoring OilVoice access to the university of your choice. Learn more!

But what happens to those political positions should there be a material shift in the nature of the underlying dynamics that shape a country’s energy politics, particularly when that country is a superpower? That’s precisely what energy group BP is forecasting in its ‘Energy Outlook 2030’ – a document released earlier in the year and presented to a South African audience by chief economist Christof Ruehl earlier this month.


Nobody the world over would argue with the notion that energy and politics are inextricably linked. Whether it's the issue of foreign oil and the role it plays in the US and in shaping its military interventions globally. The massive growth of coal-fired power generation in China in the context of g...

‎'At least Bank of America got its name right. The ultimate Too Big to Fail bank really is America, a hypergluttonous ward of the state whose limitless fraud and criminal conspiracies we'll all be paying for until the end of time.' Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone
The company that wants to build a pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast said it would change the line's route to avoid the Sand Hills region of Nebraska, but the new route still is above the Ogallala Aquifer, InsideClimate News has learned.


The company that wants to build a pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast said it would change the line's route to avoid the Sand Hills region of Nebraska, but the new route still is above the Ogallala Aquifer, InsideClimate News has learned.

A whistleblower is alleging for the first time in a yearslong lawsuit against BP that its massive Atlantis oil platform operation off the Louisiana coast faces present and imminent danger. "The federal government dragged its feet on this investigation, and its findings are appalling -- like a doctor's note for a truant student," she said. "They are a weak attempt to cover BP's foul play. After all this time, the public deserves better."


He complained in 2009 that BP didn't keep proper design drawings onboard
“In the case of the Gulf oil spill,” Baichwal said, “I couldn’t imagine there was a language to even speak about that level of debt…

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Payback+debt+conversation+with+Margaret+Atwood+Jennifer+Baichwal+with+video/6308593/story.html#ixzz1pJ8sl7LA


Both author Atwood and filmmaker Baichwal resisted the book and the film on which it is based

For the past 18 years there has been a very involved litigation process which has come up with a final expense to Chevron of $18 billion USD. Letters released on Feb 13 show that Chevron may not plan to submit to paying the $18 billion so easily. It turns out that Chevron is working to use something called “secret investor arbitration,” which, if they were to be successful would decide on a different ruling than the litigation courts. This is another example of a growing issue in international diplomacy of litigation vs. arbitration.
A large majority of U.S. voters say super PACs should be illegal, and a growing number of actions are targeting the Supreme Court decision that made them possible.

Percent of U.S. voters who say super PACs -- independent committees that can raise unlimited funds from individuals, corporations and other groups -- should be illegal: 69


A huge oil spill is never good news for anyone. The environment suffers, the people living closest to the spill suffer, and the business that loses all that oil suffers. In this case, it was Che
Estimates of the fishermen's lost income were low, the report says, because the study forecast that the fishermen would be hired for the clean-up. This did occur, but many of the fishermen hired by BP to help with spill cleanup are now suing the company for their myriad health problems.


BP's $7.8 billion settlement covers lawsuits brought by more than 100,000 fishermen who lost work, as well as ill oil spill cleanup crews and others. But not su
Shortly after the oil spill, BP signed a one-year lease with Myrtle Grove Marina for $10,000 a month. Plaquemines District Attorney Charles Ballay and Nungesser own the marina -- right now, Nungesser's portion of the ownership is held in a trust. Ten days before BP signed a lease for the marina, Plaquemines Parish signed an agreement with BP to pay the parish $1 million. Those two deals put together could be against state law.


This all dates back to right after the BP oil spill, but new information has surfaced that has one ethics attorney saying, the facts show the former Plaquemines Parish president likely broke the law.

“The Justice Department should not enter deferred prosecution or non-prosecution agreements with the companies responsible for the Gulf oil spill,” Uhlmann told Corporate Crime Reporter in an interview last week. “A deferred prosecution or non-prosecution agreement would send a terrible message to the families of the workers who died on the Deepwater Horizon, the thousands of victims of the spill,...See More

“The Justice Department should not enter deferred prosecution or non-prosecution agreements with the companies responsible for the Gulf oil spill,” Uhlmann told Corporate Crime Reporter in an interview last week. “A deferred prosecution or non-prosecution agreement would send a terrible message to t...
“We have received information from an individual regarding BP and are currently in touch with the company,” the SFO said. It declined to comment further. The SFO’s inquiries come at a sensitive time for BP, which is still facing scrutiny and legal action in the US over the Gulf of Mexico spill in April 2010.


BP could become embroiled in one of the first investigations of a breach of sweeping new bribery legislation by Britain’s principal fraud buster. The Serious Fraud Office confirmed on Friday that it had received information on the oil major from a
We hear from folks on a daily basis who are frustrated that their friends, families, and acquaintances seem to have bought into this whole bogus BP PR campaign that everything is all hunky-dory on the Gulf. We know better so the next time someone asks, simply steer them to this blog by GRN's Jonathan Henderson which takes you on a state by state tour of current, ongoing oil impacts all within the last few weeks.

Over the last few weeks, there has been renewed attention down here in the Gulf region thanks to the planned BP trial and eventual partial settlement. You may have seen GRN staff at a wide range of

A Jacksonville woman called police to report a fraudulant use of her identity after she received a 10-99 tax form from the IRS Tuesday indicating she was paid $31,452 from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Trust, according to a report from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

The soaring price for crude that helped Chief Executive Officer Bob Dudley rescue BP from the brink of collapse may figure in talks with the U.S. government, potentially the biggest claimant in the Deepwater Horizon accident, according to Barclays Plc. The U.K. oil producer estimates its earnings rise $350 million a year for every $1 gain in Brent crude, which has jumped $40 a barrel to $125 since the April 20, 2010, tragedy.

Oil prices close to the highest since 2008 are increasing BP Plc’s available cash as it negotiates a final bill with the Obama administration to pay for damages caused by the worst U.S. spill.
Seaside, Florida, February 22nd, 2012. Tar balls along the beach stretched for at least 1 mile. According to a family vacationing on the beach, "they were awful and so hard to wash off our skin." (Photo courtesy of Marcelle Jumonville-Viator)


Seaside, Florida, February 22nd, 2012. Tar balls along the beach stretched for at least 1 mile. According to a family vacationing on the beach, "they were awful and so hard to wash off our skin." (Photo courtesy of Marcelle Jumonville-Viator)

But according to state officials, the peninsula on Florida's Panhandle cradles the state's most rapidly eroding beach — and replenishing the sand is costing state and local taxpayers millions of dollars. There is also a movement to change a 30-year-old environmental designation that would make sand replenishment projects at St. Joseph eligible for federal money, shifting some of the burden to Washington.

Beaches are essential to Florida's tourism success, but what happens when they erode?
The US oil giant Chevron is suspending drilling operations in Brazil following an oil spill which was reported at an oil platform off Rio de Janeiro state. The oil was leaking near a crack that caused a severe oil spill in November last year. In November, the Brazilian authorities reacted by levyi...
The size of the new leak, which is ongoing, is unknown, said a spokeswoman with Brazil's National Petroleum Agency, known as ANP. She said the leak was detected because an oil slick appeared on the ocean surface. "The oil is not coming from the well; it's been sealed. It seems to be coming from fissures on the ocean floor near the well," the spokeswoman said.

Oil started leaking again from cracks on the ocean floor near an offshore Chevron well where at least 110,000 gallons (about 416,000 liters) spilled late last year, Brazil' s oil regulator said Thursday.

The dead zone is a problem rarely mentioned in national Gulf Coast discussions, and whether BP oil entered the sea food chain after their disaster is a discussion neither the federal government, nor BP would like to have. For those who live and work off of Gulf Coast seafood, frankly it's not the mo...
Since 1985, the dead zone has doubled in size. The zone covered 6,765 square miles in 2011, according to Eugene Turner, a professor at Louisiana State University who annually measures the dead zone, which stretches across the Louisiana coast toward Texas.


Environmentalists are escalating their fight against a growing area in the Gulf of Mexico where excessive algae is choking out marine life. Much of what feeds the algae in the "dead zone" comes from farms in Missouri and Illinois. Forcing the EPA to reduce nutrient pollution in the Mississippi River...
If there is any good coming from the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it is that it has brought the continuing erosion of the Louisiana coastline into sharp focus. For years scientists and ecologists have warned that our coastline along with the wetlands that are nurseries for our seafood industry were washing away at an alarming rate. The damage to our coastline done by the oil spill ramped up the warnings and finally our elected officials finally paid attention


The death toll has now risen to 14, after another body was found on Thursday. Four people have been taken into custody in connection with the ship collision that left so many dead, and six people still missing. The accident occurred in the city of Guiping in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. The Kenos Athena, a Korean vessel, was loaded with 7,000 tons of sulfuric acid and 140 tons of residual fuel oil when it wrecked in waters near Zhelang Island. The SOA’s South China Sea Branch and the Guangdong Provincial Administration of Ocean and Fisheries provided immediate monitoring of any potential water pollution following the incident, according to the China Daily.

S. China Shipwreck Update: Death Toll Rises, Oil Leak Confirmed | Maritime News | Maritime Executive

Endeavor was about to drill a gas well approximately 10 miles off the coastline when the fire started. 154 people were working on the rig and a barge at the time. While 152 of them were rescued to safety, the fire killed two. The explosion, caused by excessive gas pressure because of drilling, subsequently set fire to the drilling rig.


As experts scrutinise what happened on BP’s Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon platform last summer, few have heard of the devastation following the last oil and gas spill in Nigeria.

State regulators are investigating the cause of high methane levels in three Susquehanna County water wells after residents reported gray or black sludgy water, and one home's well began to erupt water through its cap.


State regulators are investigating the cause of high methane levels in three Susquehanna County water wells after residents reported gray or black sludgy wat...

The plan has been presented to BP and other members of the consortium overseeing the development of Azerbaijan’s large Shah Deniz II gasfield.


The companies behind the proposed 3,900km Nabucco pipeline that would carry natural gas from the Caspian region to Europe have pitched a slimmed-down version of the project, acknowledging the challenges confronting their original vision. The scaled-d
The four tubes in a massive steam generator failed Thursday in the Unit 3 reactor at the San Onofre coastal plant in northern San Diego County, Southern California Edison said. Three other tubes failed earlier tests, the company said Wednesday, bringing the total to seven.


LOS ANGELES — Four more tubes that carry radioactive water at a Southern California nuclear power plant failed pressure tests, prompting new safety concerns, officials disclosed Friday. The four tubes in a massive steam generator failed Thursday in the Unit 3 reactor at the San Onofre coastal ...

NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko said U.S. nuclear power plants would likely miss the agency’s five-year goal for implementing orders aimed at avoiding the effects of earthquakes on the plants. An agency task force on the Japanese disaster said the measures should be put in place at the nation’s 104 nuclear power plants by 2016. But Jaczko said the earliest completion date for key seismic upgrades at the plants would be in 2017, and 2019 for low-risk plants.


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued three new orders to U.S. power plants, with a fourth on the way. But a fifth may not meet the agency’s schedule.
Underground News Network shared a link.


The spring air in the small, sand-dusted town has a soft haze to it, and clumps of green-gray sagebrush rustle in the breeze. Bluffdale sits...

Anarchism in America Part 1 of 8

A full-length documentary on outlining the history of Anarchism in America, and its push for both: individual and collective freedom. www.pacificstreetfilms.com


Whilst the web has been buzzing with expectation of several potential big events for March including a mega-earthquake, another war, and several other possibles, out in space an incredible event has been silently brewing at the centre of our solar system. Something very weird has been happening to o...
What was that planet-sized 'Death Star'-like structure seen floating near the surface of the sun on Monday? Although sightings of supposed UFOs in space images are nothing new, this particular orb appears to be refueling with solar plasma -- there's even a hose extending from the sun's surface!

The strange shape spotted in the sun's atmosphere isn't a UFO, but it is a fascinating glimpse at some explosive solar dynamics.
Stellar Filament or Rendevous With Rama?: http://dad2059.wordpress.com/2012/03/15/rendevous-with-rama-refueling-death-star-or-stellar-filament/

Rendevous With Rama, a 1972 novel written by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, is about an asteroid sized alien starship that enters the Solar System in the 22nd Century. A human spaceship crew enters and expl...

The move will isolate Iran financially by making it almost impossible for money to flow in and out of the country via official banking channels. It will hit its oil industry, but may also have a heavy impact on Iranians who live abroad and send money home.


The body that handles global banking transactions says it will cut Iran's banks out of the system on Saturday to enforce EU sanctions.


Iran is facing further isolation, as the world's biggest electronic banking system, known as SWIFT, prepares to cut off dozens of financial firms blacklisted by the EU. It's part of a broader effort by European nations who also plan to impose an embargo on Iranian oil this summer, to pressure Iran o...

The United States depends on India to counterbalance China in the Asia-Pacific region, international affairs expert Sreeram Chaulia told RT. And he believes the US will eventually give in to India’s commitment to buying Iranian oil.
Sidney's Picks: http://bit.ly/FO8ymX
Sara Robinson, Ezra Klein, and more!


And now for something completely different: Republicans against prison labor! When public exploitation undercuts private profit, something has to be done.


US private Bradley Manning, who's accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the secret-spilling website Wikileaks, has called on th...

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has said that all churches in the Arabian Peninsula must be destroyed. The statement prompted anger and dismay from Christians throughout the Middle East.
Despite the threat of another arms race erupting over a US missile defense system in Europe, Washington shows no sign of cooperating with Moscow.
‎'Neither major political party has figured out what to do, in a systematic way, with its anti-war wing, or with the discontent that has swirled and gathered around the question of Afghanistan.
This is hardly confined to the recognizable factions like the Paulists on the Republican side or the anti-interventionist liberals among the Democrats.' Amy Davidson, The New Yorker

The Afghan Taliban says it has suspended talks with the United States. This comes from the group’s spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid.
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