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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

28 March - Pre Election

Alberta Legislature and FountainAlberta Legislature and Fountain (Photo credit: rgoshko)George Read, leader of the Green Party of Albe...George Read, leader of the Green Party of Alberta, speaking at a Canadians For Kyoto rally on March 11, 2007, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Saint Joseph's College on the north campus of ...Saint Joseph's College on the north campus of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)A view from the south of the University Hospit...A view from the south of the University Hospital complex on the north campus of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary, Alberta.Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary, Alberta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Alberta mtn.'s1Alberta mtn.'s1 (Photo credit: bbob)alberta summer landscapealberta summer landscape (Photo credit: Jodene)David Swann, the Alberta Liberal Party MLA for...David Swann, the Alberta Liberal Party MLA for Calgary Mountview, attended a rally for affordable housing at New Edinborough Park, located at 5A Street and 3 Avenue NW in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Alberta from the PlaneAlberta from the Plane (Photo credit: RTPeat)Alberta Coin LaundryAlberta Coin Laundry (Photo credit: taberandrew)Kevin Taft, leader of the Alberta Liberal PartyKevin Taft, leader of the Alberta Liberal Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The 2010 logo for the Alberta Liberal Party Fr...The 2010 logo for the Alberta Liberal Party Français : Le logo de l'année 2010 du Parti libéral de l'Alberta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith reacts...Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith reacts to Premier Ed Stelmach's resignation announcement on January 25, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Wildrose written in Wildrose Party green, as s...Wildrose written in Wildrose Party green, as seen on http://www.wildrose.ca/. Français : Wildrose écrit en Parti de Wildrose vert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Alberta Environmental Stewardship Coalition ForumAlberta Environmental Stewardship Coalition Forum (Photo credit: ItzaFineDay)For a blogger with world class contacts I sure don't know local politics. Not knowing anything about a political party formed in the city I'm living in was silly enough. But looking around it's the same old Alberta with attitudes I can't grasp for myself.

 The provincial government has been formed by a series of right-wing parties without interruption for almost 80 years, beginning in 1935 with Social Credit and continuing since 1971 with the Progressive Conservatives.
Alberta's political stability has led to a series of political dynasties, only four governments in 106 years, the last two of which were/are among the longest-lived in the Commonwealth

In its history, Alberta has seen only four parties form governments, none of which has been returned to power after being voted out of office:
1905–1921Alberta Liberal Party
1921–1935United Farmers of Alberta
1935–1971Social Credit Party of Alberta
1971–presentAlberta Progressive Conservatives
Most of the 27 Alberta general elections held as of 2011 have resulted in overwhelming majorities in the Legislature for the governing party, a trend unseen in any other province in Canada. No minority government has ever been elected in Alberta, nor has any minority ever been brought about due to by-elections and/or floor crossings.
...increasing disfavour among ordinary Albertans regarding the government's market-first policies, its low quality of social (health and education) services and its anti-worker legislation, for example, a very low legislated minimum wage. As well, for the first time in decades, the PCs are facing a challenge from the right wing from the upstart Wildrose Alliance Party, with a November 2009 poll finding the new party having 28% support, just 6 points behind the governing PCs.[11] Wildrose found itself enjoying a double digit polling lead in December 2009 with 39% versus 25% each for the PCs and Alberta Liberals.[12]

Alberta--The Details

Albertans must surly know the funding for Orman comes from the oil companies where as  the huge Funding for the Wild Rose party 2.1 million dollars is coming from vested interests, both the energy companies and the Mormon church who are not at all shy about these things.   Not only that but municipalities in Southern Alberta who are vested in Bulk Water Exports to the US are big contributors.   

( I surely don't know what that is about. Southern Alberta was noted on one physical analysis I saw  as part of the Great American Desert; complete with antelope, cactus, tumbleweed, sagebrush, rattlesnakes and scorpions from  personal observation. Community pasture is a large treeless waterless sand coloured wildgrass desolation where settlers in pioneer days gave up their land allocations in despair. That's why the huge CFB Suffield army tank and artillery range is there 60 km west of Medicine Hat: it can't displace much. I worked at the base and lived in the Hat for many years. Now if you want some alkali....
Somebody must have figured the St Mary's River Irrigation District canals actually carried water year round. )

 Our Heritage Trust which should have been far above 200 billion dollars is now sitting at 15 billion.  That in turn will be gone by 2014 where  Liepert expects a 5 billion dollar surplus off taxes alone having totally done away with Alberta Health Care and having sold off provincial hospitals to private companies and physician and health care consortium's.

( The money pushing privatization is fixated on markup  at public expense and never stops drooling over the chance to destroy healthcare. It wouldn't work at all if sold out - though it wouldn't be the first time public programs worked too well for their own good . The slobber pervades politics. Medicare was an NDP program in Saskatchewan institute federally by the Liberals. 
It is considered a trade advantage to Canada: one of few indeed. )

Alberta Wildrose budget would have surplus, put some projects on hold

The leader of the main rival party in Alberta says the province's budget could be balanced immediately — even with spending increases — if the government would delay hospital and museum construction for one year.

The Wildrose Party’s agenda would threaten LRT and the Royal Alberta Museum project.

Aug 25 2011

most, if not all, of the candidates running to replace Progessive Conservative leader Ed Stelmach strongly support the GreenTrip program, which will put $2 billion into transit programs across the province.

Alberta Votes Day 3: Time to bring back Ed?

In retrospect, maybe it wasn't such a good idea for Alison Redford to call the election after a month of wall-to-wall scandal and controversy.

Two more polls have been released today - let's start with the bad news for Alison Redford.

Leger Marketing confirms the statistical tie we saw in two polls Monday: PC 37%, WRP 34%, ALP 12%, NDP 11%. Keep in mind, Leger had the Tories leading by 37 points in January.

From the bad news, we move to the worse news. The Sun's Forum poll shows the Wildrose Party leading by 10 points. 

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