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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

27 March - Netvibes

Route of the World Solar ChallengeRoute of the World Solar Challenge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Umicore Infinity is the name of the solar race...Umicore Infinity is the name of the solar race car of the Belgian Umicore Solar Team (based in Leuven) in this year's World Solar Challenge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
is the first Philippine Solar-Powered Race Car...is the first Philippine Solar-Powered Race Car and the first entry of the Philippines to the World Solar Challenge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Nuon Solar Team tweede in World Solar ChallengeNuon Solar Team tweede in World Solar Challenge (Photo credit: Nuon)
Nuna solar powered car, which has travelled up...Nuna solar powered car, which has travelled up to 140km/h (84mph). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tokai University's Solar Car "Tokai Chall...Tokai University's Solar Car "Tokai Challenger". The winner of 2009 Global Green Challenge. 日本語: 東海大学チャレンジセンターのソーラーカー「東海チャレンジャー」。2009年グローバル・グリーン・チャレンジのWorld Solar Challenge部門の総合優勝車。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
World Solar ChallengeWorld Solar Challenge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 20: Sierra Club member...NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 20: Sierra Club member John Koeferl and fellow demonstrators gather to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the BP oil spill on April 20, 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The event, organized by the Sierra Club, drew less than 30 people, highlighting the dearth of environmental activism in a state where oil production is a key employer. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
( Not to mention the dearth of MSM information on the true and continuing costs of the blowout. )

F-35 in context I

You know, this whole F-35 business is absurd to the point of hilarious. Here's the government and air force trying to buy the most expensive warplane ever, sight pretty much unseen, from a company so full of itself that it thought it could start production runs on the prototypes and simply retrofit and adjust production to correct bugs on the fly (Why do envision an internal air-frame full of shims and metal tape?) 


As far as I can tell the answer to that question comes down to little more than hubris, ego, and a soft and spoiled military culture. 

Sierra Club Launches "Mr. Coal" Video Campaign to Mock Dirty Coal PR

The Sierra Club launched a funny new "Mr. Coal" video campaign this week in its ongoing 'Beyond Coal' effort to shut down coal plants throughout the United States.

Solar power towers overpower PV panels by 20X

One distinct advantage of the 3D structures, the team reports, is that they can gather slanting sunlight better than can flat panels in locations far from the equator, during morning and evening hours, and during the winter.
Although mounting photovoltaic cells in a 3D configuration is more expensive than placing them in a simple flat panel, that cost is offset by the extra power generated per unit of mounting area, they say.
They also contend that their 3D configurations provide "much more uniform power output over the course of a day, over the seasons of the year, and in the face of blockage from clouds or shadows."

World Solar Challenge

Last October, we at El Reg's Special Projects Bureau jetted off to Oz in pursuit of theWorld Solar Challenge – a gruelling 3,000km test of the planet's most advanced solar cars.

Mr. Toews insulted every Canadian who has concerns about privacy issues by tacitly accusing them of being "with the child pornagraphers," and for someone to illustrate the point by publishing PUBLIC information about Mr. Toews hypocrisy was in my estimation completely appropriate.

Jumbo Glacier ski resort likely to fail, says NDP's MacDonald

The proponents will have to be shopping around for investors, said Kathryn Teneese, the chair of the Ktunaxa Nation. Any possible investors should know that the Ktunaxa First Nation holds the area sacred and strongly opposes the project, she said.
"We intend to make sure part of that shopping list includes the fulsome picture," she said. "I think they need to know."
The Ktunaxa are leaving the door open for whatever action is necessary to stop the project, she said. "I think we have a responsibility to protect the area and it's one we take very seriously."

Will social media determine next NDP leader?

As New Democrats vote in the first round of their leadership election on Friday, a website has already ranked the candidates by their use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Read more…

Bell acquires one of Canada's last independent media firms

In a deal valued at $3.38 billion, it has been announced that Bell will acquire Astral Media, giving the largest telecommunications company in Canada a significant increase in French-language content in Quebec, putting it on par with Quebecor. Read more…

Robocalls issue keeps bloggers, tweeters active over weekend

Long after last May's federal election, the "robocalls" scandal suddenly returned to public attention late this week. It has stirred responses from bloggers, tweeters, and most political parties -- but not from the Conservative Party of Canada. Read more…

MPs should defeat Internet snooping bill, says poll

A majority of Canadians believe the federal government's Internet snooping bill should be defeated, according to an Angus Reid opinion poll released today. Read more…

Month on welfare challenge wins more media attention than years as critic

Surrey-Fleetwood MLA Jagrup Brar's effort to live for a month on a welfare-level income of $610 has generated many more headlines than his years as the official opposition's critic on the file ever did. Read more…

New UBC course takes on representation of Aboriginals in media


Paul Frampton drug case could take years to resolve.

 ( Another bonus of the criminalization of drugs...to enforce the state monopoly and fill jails to bursting )

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