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Thursday, March 15, 2012

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Louisiana teachers left waiting outside Capitol to protest school privatization

Education reform bills that would scapegoat teachers rather than actually improving schooling in Connecticut and Louisiana drew rather different demonstrations this week. In Louisiana, many schools canceled classes as teachers traveled to Baton Rouge to protest Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal's plan to expand charter schools, make it easier to fire teachers and implement avoucher privatization program. Hundreds of teachers gathered at the state Capitol to lobby against the bill—but they had trouble getting inside: 
A Louisiana House committee approved the charter expansion and voucher program, paving the way to take money out of the public schools and lessen accountability. 

( Let me draw an analogy to the constant rape of the public purse in the instance of medical care and corporate supply of supposed  foods : where real food and natural herbs are made unavailable and the inevitable failure of health funds ceaseless perversion of failed technology to concentrate alleged goodness to cure ingestion of coloured and flavoured pasteurized-sterilized  sawdust. Interaction between staff and pupils must not be allowed to exist....lest teachers help students grow and learn for themselves. )

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