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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

8 March - iGoogle

Alabama DaresAlabama Dares (Photo credit: SeeMidTN.com (aka Brent))
Senate HouseSenate House (Photo credit: Peter Schauer)
All Things Considered - NPR
Economic Conservatives Question Santorum's Record
Winter Songs: A Family In Limbo Looks To Brandi Carlile

American Water Intelligence

Xingning Yetangzhen WWTP, Guangdong

Blog of Rights - ACLU
Counting On Us: Release of New Civil Rights Data Is the First Step in Helping Our Kids

Court blocks two portions of Ala. immigration law
A federal appeals court in Atlanta on Thursday blocked two more portions of Alabama's tough law against illegal immigration.  
Senate rejects GOP measure to build oil pipeline


SXSW: a hotbed for app developers
Apple barred from pursuing patent claims against Kodak

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Inequality: The role of unions and race
Nova Scotia doubles number of temporary foreign workers in past five years

 Center for Climate and Energy

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) conference
Electric Vehicles: Plugging into the U.S. Grid

Circle of Blue Water News
The Stream, March 8: Damming the Mekong
The Stream, March 7: Australia Floods Stir Murray-Darling Debate


Owen Jones: My father, and the reality of losing your job in middle age

Common Dreams

Limbaugh F-a-i-l
Netanyahu to Obama: Not Quite the Whole Megillah

Daily Bell

Fed Saves the Day by Sterilizing Money
VIDEO: Warming Hoax Rolls On: Skeptical Weathermen Must Be Counseled

Daily News Egypt

Islamists could crown Egypt's next president
Egyptian women participate in Bush fellowship

Democracy Now!

Women Fight Back as Virginia, Georgia Curb Reproductive Rights: "When We're Screwed, We Multiply"
Headlines for March 8, 2012

GIFs - The Rebirth of a Medium: DNews Nuggets

Whether you pronounce it like the peanut butter or not, GIFs are back and doing more than ever.  
New Volvo Has Pedestrian Airbags

U.S. EPA Radiation News

EPA Provides Major Grant to CACWNY
EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, Testimony Before the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittees on Energy and Power, Environment and the Economy

Food and Water Watch

Why Will Activists Be Protesting the World Water Forum?
Fracking: The New Global Water Crisis

food consumer

Don't use foreign-made skin creams - FDA
Monsanto Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in France

Force Change

Stop ‘Pink Slime’ Meat Scraps from Being Served in School Lunches
Republican Presidential Candidates Should Stop Using Inflammatory Pro-War Rhetoric Towards Iran

Oil industry jumps gun on Keystone vote - Politico
Ex-LAPD detective found guilty of killing romantic rival in 1986 - Los Angeles Times
A small pilot study indicates that following up an imperfectly matched organ transplant with an infusion of the donor's stem cells may free recipients from a lifetime of anti-rejection drugs. If the stem cell technique proves successful, ...
WASHINGTON — Prescription drugs to treat some of the most common chronic diseases, such as high cholesterol and diabetes, may become available over the counter under a plan being considered by US regulators. A college fashion student's dream came true ...
By AP / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS RICHMOND, Va.— More work needs to be done to keep young Americans from using tobacco, including hiking taxes, the US surgeon general's office said in a report released Thursday. Almost one in five high school-aged teens ...
A new study, published in New England Journal of Medicine, conducted by Professor Robert Howard at the King's College London Institute of Psychiatry, and funded by the Alzheimer's Society and the Medical Research Council, reveals that the drug ...
Coca-Cola is changing its top secret recipe to avoid having to put cancer warning labels on their beverages. The move came amid mounting pressure from an American consumer watchdog group to ban an additive used in the caramel colouring of cola.
Pink slime to be served in school lunches - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Minnesotans voiced concern after USDA said it plans to buy beef treated with ammonium hydroxide. WASHINGTON - When McDonald's and other fast-food chains announced last month that "pink slime" was no longer being used in their burgers, some thought that ...
Back in September, the traditionally family-friendly Campbell's Soup brand was attracting attention from moms for all the wrong reasons: A report released by advocacy group Breast Cancer Fund found the company's soup to have some of the highest BPA ...
WASHINGTON — Medical device maker Boston Scientific Corp. said Thursday it will pay at least $150 million

 Guardian UK
Republican race turns to Mississippi and Alabama

Live coverage as Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and the other candidates turn their attention to the southern states9.30am: Hello and welcome to our...  
Child abductee featured in Kony 2012 defends film's maker against criticism


FreedomWorks Launches Campaign In Support Of Jindal’s School Reform

Inside Facebook

Facebook platform update: European incentive program, policy, training course, more
Facebook career postings: engineering, data centers, marketing, more


Best Meeting Minutes Service? [Hive Five Call For Contenders]


Purim: When Bad History Makes Bad Policy

Gas Prices Now A Big Factor In Presidential Election (CBS Minnesota)
How a $1,000 test could destroy the health-insurance industry (Ezra Klein)

Steven Munro

TTC Meeting Review February 29, 2012

NPR -News

Senate Blocks Effort To Speed Pipeline Approval
Miss. Supreme Court Upholds Former Gov. Barbour's Pardons

New Scientist - online news

Buffalo bushmeat linked to brucellosis in Botswana
Plant-mimicking gel could morph into any 3D shape

News 24

Walmart verdict to test SA image
The impending court ruling on the state's appeal against Walmart's R18bn Massmart deal will be a litmus test for SA's reputation among global...  

Obama Conspiracy Network

Mississippi: Sanctions sought against Taitz
Posse book popularity declines

Oddly Enough

The last huzzah?
You’ve got till tomorrow to pay up, pal…

Open Channel
Heiress Huguette Clark's apartments hit the market, listed at $55 million

Brown Harris StevensThe view from one of Huguette Clark's three apartments, 12W, on the top floor of 907 Fifth Avenue in Central Park. At right is...  
Lawsuit claims rape, misconduct at D.C. Marine Barracks

Open Secrets

Happy Women's Day!


Ravi (1926 - 2012), R.I.P.
2012 Assembly Elections: Exit Polls


Why an MRI Costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France
College Student’s Lawsuit: Roommate Had ‘Disturbingly’ Open Sex Life

Payvand Iran News

UN Report Documents "Striking Pattern of Violations" in Iran
Shidvar Island: A safe haven for the sea turtles

Pesticide Action Network

China puts the brakes on GE rice

Philippines News

Philippine tax officials file criminal complaint against Manny Pacquiao
U.S. Tries to Turn Philippine Island in Naval Base

Political MoJo | Mother Jones

We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for March 8, 2012
Pot Legalization Foe Getting Rich off the Drug War

Politics Security Secrecy

The New School of Information Security » How's that secrecy ...
Reciprocity and Self-Defense in Relation to Targeted Killing ...

Psychology Today

The Narcissist Next Door
The Political Personality

Rescuing the Frog

The ‘economics’ of upgrading
Molasses, the viscosity of “natural bitumen”, and the FQD

Satellite News
NASA's THEMIS Satellite Sees a Great Electron Escape

When scientists discovered two great swaths of radiation encircling Earth in the 1950s, it spawned over-the-top fears about "killer electrons" and...  
Jeff Adams – Real Estate Investing


Science Daily

Counting reef sharks with cameras: 'Chum cam' underwater video survey shows that reef sharks thrive in marine reserves
Study pinpoints effects of different doses of an ADHD drug; Finds higher doses may harm learning

Scientific American

Shaleshock Media

Citizens Speak Up About Contaminated Water in Franklin Twp., Pa.
Treading Lightly on the Planet

Sovereign Independent

Australian children to be sterilized without parental consent under new eugenics law
US Attorney General Eric Holder confirms government has right to murder U.S. citizens anywhere, anytime, without legal review
Star Online
Flash floods in KL after thunderstorm
Second suspect in fatal Big Lots burglary gets probation
Sheriff's department investigating death of inmate 
TED’s first response to Bryan Stevenson’s talk on injustice 
DailyDirt: Epic Fail In Advertising
Ten Percent
Q2N: David Does A Tony
This Week in Science
Israel's anti-Iran threats violate IAEA's charter: Soltanieh
Islamic Republic of Iran's Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Ali Asghar Soltanieh, said that the threats by Israel...  
Netanyahu: Attack on Iran not imminent, but could take place
USA Today
Unexplained Mysteries
Woman falls in love with Statue of Liberty
Velociraptor's last meal revealed 
Web MD
Should I Get Allergy Shots?
Also called immunotherapy, these shots can help people with severe allergies, our expert says.  
WebMD 5: Gastrointestinal Disorders 
Kim Jong-il lookalike William Cheong 'ronery' after struggle to find love
White House
Fact Sheet on the U.S.-Ghana Development and Economic Relationship
Remarks by President Obama and President John Atta Mills of Ghana 
WHOFACTCHECK: New Bill a Protest Clampdown?
Media’s Belated “Acknowledgment” of Saudi 9/11 Story 
Zoe - It's our Nature
Exploring America the Wild
Another New Veggie Meat Is Unveiled
Daily Galaxy
Revealing Our Antimatter Universe--1st Measurement Ever of an Antimatter AtomRevealing Our Antimatter Universe--1st Measurement Ever of an Antimatter Atom
HyperActive Star Factories of the Milky Way's DiskHyperActive Star Factories of the Milky Way's Disk
Image of the Day: NASA Captures a Tornado on MarsImage of the Day: NASA Captures a Tornado on Mars
Objects of Extinction -- Analysis of the Itokawa Asteroid Brought to Earth by Japan’s Hayabusa Space ProbeObjects of Extinction -- Analysis of the Itokawa Asteroid Brought to Earth by Japan’s Hayabusa Space Probe
 50,000 Suns --The Mirror Symmetry & Giant Molecular Clouds of the Milky Way 50,000 Suns --The Mirror Symmetry & Giant Molecular Clouds of the Milky Way
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