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Thursday, March 8, 2012

8 March - Blogs I'm Following II

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Why are Whales Beaching Themselves?

Capt. David Williams
Thanks Alkalite,

Dishonest marine mammalogists, bought and paid for by the oil inductry, are getting ready to blame the unusual wheather in Cape Cod Bay. The real culprit in the dolphin die off is some type of mapping sonar or 4D siesmic survey going on just offshore of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and/or West Greenland. The dolphins get trapped between the survey boat and the hundreds of small coves along these rocky shorelines. They swim in front of the vessel and duck into one of a thousand small coves/inlets to escape the loud booms. They become trapped when the survey vessel comes along the shoreline. Their injury is barosinusitis--it destroys their ability to dive and feed themselves along with their sense of direction. The swim downstream with the flow of the current and get traped by the natural hook-shape of Cape Cod. The current washes they into the sand or into the backwater lagoons.


February-27-12, 5:32:08 AM
Capt. David Williams
It took me 40 years to solve the mystery of why whales and dolphins mass strand themselves.

The ANSWER is barosinusitis (barotrauma in their massive head sinuses).

This is not a complex concept and should have been obvious to mammal experts since the 1950s.

As every scuba diver knows, barosinusitis in diving mammals is caused by exposure to rapid and excessive changes in the surrounding (ambient) water pressure. Dangerous pressure oscillation are identical to loud (subsonic) sound waves--the same acoustic energy generated by military sonar, sound survey and mapping devices, geophysical survey devices (airguns), explosives, undersea earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and the impact of heavenly bodies with surface of the sea.

The frequencies are too low to harm the cochlea (deafness). Instead, the rapid oscillating pressures cause injury in the air sinuses.

Healthy, functional air sinuses are absolutely necessary if cetaceans are going to dive everyday. Theses air sacs also play a vital role in the workings of the animals biosonar.

The question is:  Why have marine mammal scientists refused to discuss barotrauma in diving mammals?


Capt. David Williams
Deafwhale Society, Inc.

Comment on Care2 thread about high numbers of dolphin beachings

possible contributors which are not mentioned.

Noise: It has been determined that a number of dolphins which beached were deaf. The oceans are getting progressively noisier. Seismic testing for oil and gas "can reach volumes of 260 decibels (anything above 180 decibels is believed to be harmful to marine mammals). The injuries that may be caused by sounds at this level include permanent hearing loss, disorientation, brain hemorrhaging and death." http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/news-and-blogs/news/the-dangers-of-seismic-testing/

Dolphins tend to stay with injured or stranded family members and may then become stranded themselves.

Human overfishing: "Dolphins, sharks and other large marine species around the world are going hungry as they seek out dwindling supplies of the small, overlooked species they feed on, according to a new study that says overfishing is draining their food sources.

In a report released Monday, scientists with the international conservation group Oceana said they found several species were emaciated, reproducing slowly and declining in numbers in part because their food sources are being fished out." http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2009/03/02/tech-starving-dolphins.html

Dumping: " Accidental and deliberate discharge of crude oil into the ocean by cargo ships is regarded as one of the prime causes of pollution of the water body.
- Dumping of industrial wastes into ocean is another reason for marine pollution. The wastes often contain toxic materials such as mercury, dioxin, PCBs, PAHs and radioactive materials, which contaminate the water of ocean.
-Deposition of sediments from mining leads to ocean pollution.
-Trash washed into the ocean after heavy rain or floods gives rise to marine debris, which pollutes the water body.
-Dumping of human wastes, plastic and disposal of untreated or partially treated sewage water into the ocean is called 'garbage dumping'. This is one of the leading causes of marine pollution.
- Carbon dioxide, emitted by automobiles, due to the burning of fossil fuels, leads to air pollution. The contaminated air containing carbon dioxide reaches the ocean in the form of acid rain, thereby polluting the water."

Plus fertilizer, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

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