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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

11 March - Other `Terrorist Threats`

BarnImage by Salmando via Flickr
Don't Frack with PittsburghDon't Frack with Pittsburgh (Photo credit: Marcellus Protest)
Henry Kissinger.Image via Wikipedia
Author Laura Ingalls Wilder used her experienc...Image via Wikipedia
Long Exposure Experiment (384 seconds)Image by Jeff S. Photography via Flickr
my favorite treeImage by AlicePopkorn via Flickr
Take-offImage by Steve-h via Flickr


 stony run farm

life on one acre

Control food and you control the people. -- Henry Kissinger
Grow it, pick it and eat it fresh. -- Risa Bear

Again with the older posts

Monoculture and other practices of the industrial agricultural system have some resistance to disaster, but that resistance comes with the costs attendant upon aquifer depletion, soil depletion, depletion of genetic diversity, oil and coal dependence for farm implements and for commodity storage-transportation-processing-and-retailing, and increased reliance upon debt. Any one link in that chain breaks, they all break.

Historically, all such chains have eventually broken.

  Victory gardens supplied something like half the produce in the United States during World War II. Each year of the war, the ranks of the gardeners grew. Since then, the various back-to-the-land movements that have sprung up have borrowed some of the spirit of the war gardeners, but, as there was not so obvious an emergency, each time the energy has faded away.

Risa sees some of that fading occurring now, as the paid lobbyists of the industrial/financial order successfully ridicule and disparage every movement toward diversification and decentralization as it arises. Their power to see that no one can think clearly about getting along without them has been amplified by the rise of radio and television, and the demise of independent newspapers. The potential of free information dispersal on the Internet remains great, but is under increasing assault.

There is now almost no public domain. We're being -- 24/7 on thousands of channels -- talked down to by a self-anointed overclass, and the contempt in the messaging is palpable.

Our inability to see things that are right before our eyes ... would be amusing if it were not at times so serious. We are coming, I think, to depend too much on being told and shown and taught instead of using our own eyes and brains and inventive faculties, which are likely to be just as good as any other person's. -- Laura Ingalls Wilder in The Missouri Ruralist 


Places to go

 ( And I'll flog Care 2 once again  

Global Alliance to Ban GMOs 

Group Mission Statement

In our opinion GE is, in its current form, possibly the most destructive and dangerous technology developed. Nuclear technology is bad enough, as are the 310 kg of mixed toxic chemicals, industries around the world are releasing each second into our global environment. However, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may very well become the end for us all. The effects of GMO's on humans are insufficiently studied, and they are likely dangerous to our health, and to the health of nature. Moreover, GMOs are unlabeled, thus our personal free choice to select food that can support our health has been removed. Instead, the state, despite the protests of many of its citizens, is forcing us to eat what corporations’ produce, manufacture, process, and sell – at their monopolized prices. That is domination and it does not belong in a democracy.
Click on the link to read the full statement here

Group Mission Statement 2/2
4 months ago

A fourth problem is reduced bio-diversity. The corporations promote only a few selected GMO crops, in this way limiting diversity in plant production. In addition, when GMOs mix with non-GMOs, the GMOs are cross-pollinating, threatening healthy regeneration in natural plants. In theory, this could mean that GE can wipe out the majority of the 80,000 plant species that are available for human consumption. Cross-pollination has also made non-GMO farmers liable to legal suits from corporations, the CEOs of which are accusing non-GMO farmers of illegally planting the patented GE seeds.

Finally, it seems that the hardship has been to no avail. According to a 2009 report, “Failure to Yield” by the Union of Concerned Scientists, GMOs have been unsuccessful in increasing food production as promised. GMOs have oppositely sown the seed for hunger. When ownership of food production is placed into the hands of a few greedy corporations, we are creating the perfect recipe for famine. During decades, reality has shown that the industrial mode of food production has increased hunger and poverty worldwide, while also degrading natural resources. The only ones who have profited seem to be the owners and CEOs of the agri-corporations, who have reaped huge profits from this technology’s destructive effect on society and nature.

When we examine the beautiful promises that GE is a new and brave technology that can increase yields and alleviate hunger, we clearly observe the political and economic elite’s manipulation, lies, and greed for ever more power and profit. A brief look into history only confirms this. It all started in 1986 when the then Vice President George Bush deregulated the biotechnology industry, deciding that GMOs should be treated as “natural food additives.” In 1992 George Bush, who at that time had become President, extended the GE deregulation, defining GMO plants to be “substantially equivalent” to ordinary plants of the same variety. In this way, no regulation, no research, and no labeling would be required. Nevertheless, and quite inconsistently, the GMOs were still considered substantially new plants, allowing corporations to obtain legal patent. Since then it has become clear that these decisions were not based on sound scientific research, but founded on political ideology and meant to avoid testing and regulatory measures. By placing exclusive ownership of the GE seeds with the corporations and the political system, the elites would be in control of food production worldwide, and by that, gain tremendous power and huge economic profits. As Henry Kissinger said, “If you control the oil you control the country; if you control the food you control the population.” Thus, when somebody takes ownership of our food by patenting seeds, it is a bid for control. Conclusively, the GE technology is not meant to increase crop yields and alleviate hunger; it is meant to dominate society and exploit nature worldwide. Like with all other forms of domination we must resist it. The greed of the economic and political elites has come too close to home. They have created food dictatorship.

Compared to industrial farming, its GMOs, and monoculture, research has shown that organic agroecology and permaculture farming, which focuses on bio-diversity, is producing more yields per acre. Organic farming is also drought and flood resistant, developing plants with strong root systems and soils with good moisture retention, preventing water runoff and soil erosion. Besides, when soil is cultivated organically, its carbon content increases, which contributes to reduction of global warming. Physicist Amory Lovins estimates that boosting the carbon content of the world’s depleted soils at reasonable rates would absorb about as much carbon as all human activity emits. Hence, switching to organic food production is the single most critical action we can take right now to stop our climate crisis. Finally and importantly, organic food is healthy, not harmful to people, animals, soils, air, water, or any living organisms. It is an inexpensive, labor intensive, and community oriented way of producing food with close proximity between field and table. Therefore, demanding labeling of GMO foods will help people to choose healthy food, which will boost organic farming and with that all its advantages. Conclusively, organic food production will increase the quality of life for society and nature, while reducing the power of the elites. Thus, by demanding labeling of GMOs, we remove ownership of food production from state-supported corporations, and return it to the people. Hence, we restore food democracy.

In order to succeed in banning GMOs, and re-establish food democracy, we must be well-informed about the GE technology. When we increase our knowledge we will gain self-confidence and be able to argue our case against GMOs. It is therefore the aim of this group to increase information of and raise awareness about bio-technology and its negative side-effects. Relevant and reliable knowledge is a strong weapon in the struggle to keep our food chain healthy. With such knowledge we can assertively face our politicians, and calmly tell them why we do not want this technology. We can take part in public debates, have our say, and in that way, make a difference for ourselves, our families, and for society and nature at large, including future generations.

Therefore, please join our efforts in ending food domination.

( Which is the upshot when you Search ``Monsanto,Rumsfeld`` : military planned destruction of world foodstocks. Search YouTube for The World According to Monsanto. Jokers made it a link to their company homepage at one point.
Sometimes it`s instructive to search Angry Aboriginal.  )

Theft from a homepage

Must See Environmental Videos:
FLOW (For Love Of Water):


A Silent Forest: http://www.naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=CB069DB645440DF9AF4E74E8BA4C5E77

Turning Up the Heat:

Natural World - A Farm for the Future:

Organic Solution: A solution to Global Warming

Obviously, like Desmedoma Despair`s ozone death of trees there is concern for forest health. I posted an article on widespread pest attacks on larch in the Appalachian eastern forests. Spruce budworm looks to be jumping prey species in the west. 

AGW -  Snort  ROFLMAO 

My Own Blackbody Error: The Scientific Method Poignantly Illustrated



 But organic farming itself is the pushback to the unsustainable catastrophic model of corporate farming : targeted itself by Monsanto`s war on seeds

Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Oh.) have introduced a new bill known as the Local Farms, Food and Jobs Act that would help decentralize the food system and promote diversified, small-scale farming operations capable of meeting the growing demand for clean, fresh, local foods.
Support 'Local Farms, Food and Jobs Act' to help decentralize food system
ArborGen is applying to the USDA to plant field trials of GE Eucalyptus trees, and the USDA is accepting comments on the petition ending March 12th.
“Pink slime,” a cheap meat filler, is in 70 percent of the ground beef sold at supermarkets and up to 25 percent of each American hamburger patty, by some estimates.
Jamie Oliver gave a must-watch demonstration on the subject a year ago:
On the Season Premiere of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution filmed in Los Angeles a...See More
.all grass-fed beef – organic or not – has a much lower risk for mad cow than other types of beef.
Because mad cow disease is most commonly caused by feeding animal products to cows. For example, Wikipedia notes:A British inquiry into BSE [the scientific abbreviation for mad cow] concluded that the [disease] was caused by cattle, who are normally herbivores, being fed the remains of other cattle in the form of meat and bone meal (MBM), which caused the infectious agent to spread.
If they are fed grass – their natural food – they are much less likely to get sick.
( And Alberta`s livestock industry - grass fed - has been decimated by boycotts  because of Mad Cow - in dairy cattle fed animal protein in their rations )
I'm going live on the Robert Scott Bell Show at the top of the hour to discuss California's interrogation and torture of the 65-year-old "milk man" James Stewart. Listen in at www.GCNlive.com as the show is broadcast nationwide. Some new information has already emerged since last night...
GCN: The Genesis Communications Network. GCNLive Talk Radio - Listen Live: On Air, Online, On Demand & Mobile!
While raw milk farmers are tortured in California, France unveils raw milk vending machines that allows healthy consumers to buy raw milk on any street corner: http://naturalnews.com/035215_raw_milk_vending_machines_France.html
While California persecutes raw milk farmers, France unveils raw milk vending machines for happy, healthy consumers
The Official Website of Greg Palast. Greg Palast is the author of Vultures' Picnic: In Pursuit of Petroleum Pigs, Power Pirates and High-Finance Carnivores, released in the US and Canada by Penguin.

The Fukushima story you didn't hear on CNN 


Fukushima-Daiichi: An Accident Waiting to Happen

( As my comment at Majia`s blog makes clear, there is plenty of reason to conclude the àccident` was rather the result of deliberate design which overrode objections at both design and contracting levels

A Series of Links Suggesting Something Wicked This Way Comes... 

arnie gunderson at www.fairewinds.com , the burning of radioactive waste is only going to disperse the radioactive particles over a wider area. so the fact that only 5% has been "disposed" of, may actually be a good thing.)


February 11, 2012  
Arnold Gundersen with the first 2012 Fukushima update
The 9. 0 magnitude earthquake and the subsequent tsunami that devastated Japan’s east coast exactly one year ago were not supposed to happen.

Veterans Today

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  2. Resisting Israeli Oppression Courageously
  3. The Successes & Failures of Occupy Movement
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  16. Urgent Call To All Citizens To Help Gulf War Veterans Get Research Funds for FY2013
  17. Women Veterans: Make Your Own History
  18. PTSD and Pain Management: VA’s Latest Research
  19. VA Takes Action to Address Post-9/11 GI Bill Concerns
  20. Social Workers, Caring for Veterans

 NHK News

Podcast )


Forget diet drugs: Learn how natural vitamin D can help you maintain a healthy weight

‎65-year-old California 'milk man' subjected to week of extreme torture, hypothermia, biological sewage assault in LA County jail

America was once considered the land of opportunity, home of the American Dream - where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives. But is all that a thing of past?

Japan is marking the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami which struck the north-eastern coast, leaving 20,000 dead or missing.
One year on from the disaster, a 24-year-old Japanese woman tells the BBC how Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami affected her family.
Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett reports from the resort town of Minami-sanriku, which was largely decimated by the massive force of the tsunami.
Since last year's earthquake and tsunami, Japan's government has passed three emergency budgets totalling $170bn for recovery and reconstruction. Some of tha...
“All that is hidden must now be revealed.” That statement reflects a profound Truth that is affirmed by all world religions and spiritual aspirants whenever the end times that we are now in the midst of are discussed. For several decades, sincere and dedicated people have been focusing on everything...
Over a quarter of a century ago a study was performed on the seeds of the Soursop fruit, also known as graviola, which at that time demonstrated such amazing cancer-fighting potential, that those exposed to it within the conventional medical community looked upon it with complete incredulity.
James Quinn has delivered another fact-filled article on how bad the economic situation is. His focus is oriented toward retailing and the mal-investment that exists as a result of multiple booms and credit expansions. It is consistent with the predictions of Austrian Business Cycle theory (ABC).
beforeitsnews.comLast month, we had reported Remote viewers predicting catastrophic events 2012/2013 …back in 2008 some predictions were mad
When the sun becomes angry super spacestorms scour Earth. For the next 14 months the sun will be the angriest it's been since 1859. The massive storms electrify the geomagnetic field, affects the Arctic vortex, and warps and twists the jetstream creating gigantic vortexes sweeping across the defense...

‎(CNN) -- The oldest and largest crater in the solar system -- The South Pole-Aitken basin -- sheds new light on understanding how the Earth-Moon system possibly formed and evolved, scientists say. ...    Friday, March 9, 2012.
Vision research over the past 30 years has gradually proven that forbidden colors — reddish green and yellowish blue — are real, though some scientists still don't believe it.
Under the new rules issued by the US Department of Agriculture, schools are now required to offer healthier options to students starting July 1.

School meals will have to offer fruits and vegetables to students every day under standards issued by the United States Department of Agriculture...
Lafitte, Barataria and Crown Point, Kerner said, play an important role in the Louisiana economy as well as the nation because of its fishers, and oil and gas workers. He said he hopes the study will stand as testament to the will of those individuals.
Residents are extremely resilient, UNO researchers say
The Deepwater Horizon spill of April 2010 hit the Gulf just before the charter season gets rolling in May. The industry came to a standstill in 2010 after when government officials banned fishing in the waters charter fishermen frequent locally and across much of the Gulf Coast.
Chip Seeber has been a charter boat captain 16 years, but over the past year or so, he has also driven trucks, done carpentry and mowed lawns — whatever he can do to supplement his dwindling income.
Real Coastal Warriors shared a link.
Maps and satellite images of showing the extent of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and explaining what is being done to tackle it.
The out-of-court settlement announced Friday night of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil disaster is shamefully inadequate for victims and the public's right-to-know, according to author Greg Palast, a blunt-speaking former private eye who has long investigated such occurrences.
That’s a potentially crucial issue because a separate victims’ claims fund that was set up was also meant to cover environmental damages, but it’s now expected to be used to cover the BP settlement with plaintiffs. BP said it expects to pay out $7.8 billion in the settlement that was announced Friday.
BP's settlement with plaintiffs suing the company over the 2010 oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico may address harm to individuals and businesses, but there is nothing in it that compensates the public for damage to its natural resources.
BP Class Action Settlement Terms
If you have been a victim of the BP oil spill, this website will show you how to join a BP class action lawsuit

Nearly two years after an explosion on an oil platform killed 11 workers and sent millions of gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico; deepwater drilling has regained momentum in the gulf and is spreading around the world.


Nearly two years after an explosion on an oil platform killed 11 workers and sent millions of gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico; deepwater drilling has regained momentum in the gulf and is spreading around the world.The announcement of an agreement by BP and lawyers representing individ...
Houston based oil services company Halliburton claims BP hid critical information about the Macondo oil well before the explosion and spill.
Secret Holmes-Douglas, director of marine mammals at Gulf World Marine Park, says her facility has taken part in the concentrated investigation, which calls for a higher number of biological samples that are then sent off for testing.
Gulf Coast residents report continued health issues stemming from the destruction of their environment. The ecosystem stands in peril, the fishing industry has been thoroughly decimated, and the economic livelihood of thousands of people entirely ruined. From the Gulf Coast to the streets of New Orleans, corporate interests have laid waste to the population of the state. Meanwhile, cries for justice have begun to amplify as the afflicted population carries on its fight against the power elite.
A small group of activists in the Gulf are pushing back against predators who try to profit from disasters.
March 10, 2012
It is one of the wonders of the natural world. But the organisation that awarded Australia's Great Barrier Reef 'World Heritage status' thinks it could be at...
Women in Virginia, like those in seven other states, will be required to undergo an ultrasound procedure as a condition for having an abortion under a new law signed by Republican Governor Bob McDonnell.' Matt Bewig, AllGov
‎'Recent days have seen significant concern about an unassuming bill with an unassuming name: the 'Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011.' The bill, H.R. 347, has been variously described as making the First Amendment illegal or criminalizing the Occupy protests.'
Gabe Rottman, ACLU

Thousands of Italian workers have staged a strike to protest Prime Minister Mario Monti’s labor reforms.

Indian healthcare lags behind, revealing the huge gap between rich and poor, while many accuse the government of being more concerned with attracting medical...
I made this video because i was tired of people supporting something that is a fraud and has two faces.Made by Zyad Limamy NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED (C) All righ...
NATO commander James Stavridis has fallen victim to spies who created a fake profile on his behalf on Facebook and sent numerous “friend requests” to UK military chiefs. UK media suspect reams of acquired personal data have flown to China.
Commentary By Dr. David Duke -- Haaretz is one of the leading newspapers in Israel. The Jewish State of Israel allows Jews to have a much freer media than the
 **WoT Red Flag
The engineer who reported on serious flaws in body scanner technology now reports that journalists are being warned not to cover the story.
Internet activists do not rally for "free online stuff", the leader of the UK Pirate Party Loz Kaye told RT in an interview. Rather, they protest against giv...
A recent poll of Georgia voters says that while 64 percent of those surveyed favor drug-testing for individuals applying for public assistance, a whopping 79 percent support drug-tests for lawmakers and other elected officials. The poll, conducted by the progressive organization Better Georgia, als...
When the Libyan uprising began, many women enthusiastically took part, marching alongside men and aspiring to greater freedoms. But now they may have to pay for that liberation by losing their rights
Hello there. This message is brought to you by none other than Anonymous. Recently, Invisible Children Inc. has posted a video propaganda to advocate world p...
While the rest of the world jumps onto the Kony2012 bandwagon -- wrongly assuming that the main problem in Uganda is the Lord's Resistance Army -- Ugandans are worrying about the much more urgent problem plaguing their country: nodding disease.
Gauteng authorities have issued a stern warning to the general public - not to buy any unpacked or unmarked substances resembling coffee from unknown retailers. A group of men hijacked a truck carrying 30 tons of toxic mining chemicals at the weekend. To the untrained eye...it looks and smells like coffee. Consumption however is extremely dangerous.


‎"A nuclear plant is built with steel and cement and lies and fraud - and that's the take-a-way for today"

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