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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

1 March - iGoogle

YEONPYEONG ISLAND, SOUTH KOREA - NOVEMBER 23: ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
The Economist - Peak Oil by 2020The Economist - Peak Oil by 2020 (Photo credit: London Permaculture)
Peak Oil | September 2005Peak Oil | September 2005 (Photo credit: Idiolector)
Cuba landscapeCuba landscape (Photo credit: RHTRAVELER)
English: New presentation of data in figure 20...Image via Wikipedia
The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak OilImage via Wikipedia
Topographic map of North Korea. Created with G...Image via Wikipedia
Map of Korea 대한민국전도 大韓民國全圖Map of Korea 대한민국전도 大韓民國全圖 (Photo credit: skinnylawyer)
South Korea's Formula 1 Track @ DawnSouth Korea's Formula 1 Track @ Dawn (Photo credit: k.kazantzoglou Greek and Proud of it!)
Coat of Arms of North KoreaImage via Wikipedia

  Seattle view

Second Beach Washington



Post Peak Oil: Cuba & North Korea lead the way

The global food system we are familiar with depends crucially on cheap energy and long-distance transportation—food consumed in the United States travels an average of 1,400 miles. Does peak oil mean inevitable starvation? Two countries provide a preview. Their divergent stories, one of famine, one of sufficiency, stand as a warning and a model. North Korea and Cuba experienced the peak-oil scenario prematurely and abruptly due to the collapse of the former Soviet bloc and the intensified trade embargo against Cuba. The quite different outcomes are partly due to luck: the Cuban climate allows people to survive on food rations that would be fatal in North Korea’s harsh winters. But the more fundamental reason is policy. North Korea tried to carry on business as usual as long as possible, while Cuba implemented a proactive policy to move toward sustainable agriculture and self-sufficiency. The 1990s famine in North Korea is one of the least understood disasters in recent years. It is generally attributed to the failure of Kim Il Jung’s regime. The argument is simple: if the government controls everything, it must be responsible for crop failure. But this ideological blame game hides a more fundamental problem: the failure of industrial chemical farming. With the coming of peak oil, many other countries may experience similar disasters.

Modern Living: Part IV of V (Pollutants & Spills)

Doctors Don't Always Get to Bury Their Mistakes

One question - who allowed this to happen?  "This" is the oxycontin addiction plague that has swept through northern native communities and may leave enormous suffering in its wake when the drug is abruptly removed from distribution next month.  Oxycontin, the so-called "hillbilly heroin", drug of choice of addicts like Rush Limbaugh.

It is reported that some northern communities have oxycontin addiction rates in excess of 50% of the population.   Imagine half a village facing opioid withdrawal at once.

All Things Considered - NPR
Fannie, Freddie Won't Write Down Mortgage Principal
N. Korea To Halt Nuclear Tests; U.S. To Provide Aid

American Water Intelligence
Islamorada new WWTP, FL
Victoria Biosolids Facility, BC (formerly Victoria, British Columbia)
Syria rebels form military bureau
Syria's main political opposition forms a military bureau to co-ordinate rebel fighters, as the UN condemns government attacks on civilians.  

Blog of Rights - ACLU
Editorial: We Need Reforms to Increase Confidence in the Justice System
Exposing the Ugly Details of the Military Sexual Violence Epidemic

Deadline looms to charge alleged Ohio school shooter
Authorities have until Thursday to file charges against T.J. Lane, the teen accused of killing three students and wounding two others in a shooting...  
Obama honors Iraq war veterans at White House dinner

iPad 3 to be 'significant' refresh with LTE and Siri, says analyst

Carbon Farmers of Australia
UN calls for urgent action on soil carbon measurement
Additionality Trap defanged

Center for Climate and Energy
Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) conference

Climate Leadership Conference
Circle of Blue Water News
The Stream, March 1: Drought Could Return to the Horn of Africa
Third Time’s Not A Charm: U.S. Supreme Court Again Denies Request to Stop Asian Carp 

Thomas Hammarberg: Please end this disgrace, Mr Pickles

Daily Bell
Faiths and Public Affairs
DailyNews - Egypt
Cairo airport told US NGO workers can leave
Two Chinese workers kidnapped for ransom in Cairo 

Democracy Now!
Amnesty International's Salil Shetty: Arms Embargo, Human Rights Monitors Needed for Syria Crisis
Leaked Stratfor Email Suggests Secret U.S. Indictment of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange 

Madagascar Says Hands Off Marine Life
Madagascar is proactively protecting 4,000 square miles of marine resources from human exploitation.  
Stolen NASA Laptop Had Space Station Control Code 

U.S. EPA Radiation News
EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, Testimony Before the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittees on Energy and Power, Environment and the Economy
EPA’s FY 2013 Budget Proposal Focuses on Core Environmental and Human Health Protections / EPA budget supports President Obama’s vision of an America that is built to last 

U.S. EPA Water Science News
2012 Beach Grants
Notice of Final 2010 Effluent Guidelines Program Plan; Re-Opening Public Comment Period 

Food and Water Watch
Toilet Pesticides: The New American Standard?

Food Consumer
Be a Food Safe Office Mate: Help Keep the Office Refrigerator Clean
The Limits of Ebay Buyer Protection: Is Ebay buyers' protection real? A Personal Story 

Force Change
Restore Nutritional Content to Our Produce

FreakOut Nation
President of Ireland’s epic Smack down of Tea Party talk show host and Sarah Palin (video)

Syrian rebels leave embattled Homs stronghold - Reuters
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A federal mandate requiring tobacco companies to place graphic images on their products warning of the dangers of smoking was tossed out Wednesday by a judge in Washington, with the judge saying the requirements were a violation of ...
Seniors do just fine catching their zzzz's, a new study reports. In fact, compared to seniors over the age of 80, men between 18 and 24 are twice as likely to report sleeping problems. By Linda Carroll Contrary to popular belief, healthy seniors have ...
AP NEW YORK — Researchers are reporting the first treatment to speed recovery from severe brain injuries caused by falls and car crashes: a cheap flu medicine whose side benefits were discovered by accident decades ago. Severely injured patients who ...
(ABCNEWS.com) A growing number of physicians may find patients questioning the safety of statins following the US Food and Drug Administration's announcement Tuesday that it would require additional safety warnings on the labels of the ...
The scientist who made a deadly bird flu virus transmissible in mammals, touching off public fears of a pandemic, said Wednesday that the virus he created was neither as contagious nor as dangerous as people had been led to believe.
By Todd Neale, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today Reviewed by Dori F. Zaleznik, MD; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston. A placebo-controlled trial found no difference in quit rates for cigarette smoking during ...
HealthDay News -- Hypnotic sleep aid use was associated with a three- to five-fold higher mortality risk compared to nonuse, even among patients taking relatively few pills a year, study data indicate. Patients prescribed 0.4 to 18 doses per year had a ...
By Carol Cratty, CNN The DEA extended another six months its ban on five

Guardian UK
North Korea pledges to halt nuclear programme in exchange for US aid
Washington promises food aid for first time since 2009, with Hillary Clinton hoping new leadership will 'guide nation to peace' North Korea has...
( North Korea decided to restart tests after the USA failed to fulfill its last set of promises - and note how it relates directly to depriving nations of essential energy supply...something nuclear reactors provide

Targeting North Korea

The conflict in U.S.-North Korean relations over the nuclear issue first arose on January 26, 1993, when President Clinton announced that the U.S military would conduct war games in South Korea. This was followed the next month by the news that some of the nuclear weapons previously targeted on the Soviet Union would be redirected at North Korea. By March, the massive Team Spirit war games involving bombers, cruise missiles and naval vessels were underway. Interpreting this as a provocation, North Korea responded by signalling that it would withdraw from the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). However, talks with U.S. officials in June 1993 led to North Korea rescinding its stated intention to depart from the NPT. But new difficulties soon arose when the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) insisted on inspecting undeclared nuclear sites in North Korea, something the agency had never demanded from any other nation. The demand came at the instigation of U.S. officials, who had been pressing the IAEA to engage in more intrusive and wide-ranging inspections, hoping to turn up a pretext for applying pressure on North Korea and to expand opportunities for gathering intelligence.

In the final analysis, the most likely outcome for the Korean peninsula is reunification.
( If North and South Korea keep a 'demilitarized Zone' and the U.S. continues with its program of war games on the border...who will project that China will entertain quietly losing its buffer zone from the West when it had to throw western forces out last go round....and North Korea lost 30% of its population in the violence. )

The international consortium charged with implementing a 1994 energy agreement with North Korea agreed Thursday to suspend fuel oil deliveries to the Communist nation ...

Heavy Fuel Oil Delivered to North Korea Under the Agreed Framework

Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO discussed the status of heavy fuel oil delivered to North Korea under the October 1994 U.S./North Korean Agreement Framework, focusing on the: (1) status of heavy fuel oil funding and deliveries to North Korea; and (2) controls in place to detect the diversion of heavy fuel oil from heating and electricity generation to other purposes not specified in the Agreed Framework and any limitations in these controls that would allow North Korea to divert heavy fuel for unintended uses.
GAO noted that: (1) as of July 31, 1999, 1.9 million metric tons of heavy fuel oil had been delivered to North Korea at an approximate cost of $222 million; (2) for the first 3 years of the Agreed Framework's implementation, shipments to North Korea were not regular and predictable because the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO)--the organization that has arranged and paid for the majority of the heavy fuel oil shipments--did not always have sufficient funding to pay for heavy fuel oil deliveries; (3) for the past 2 years, shipments of heavy fuel oil to North Korea have been made more regularly because of increased contributions from the organization's members and decreasing commodity and freight prices; (4) however, a recent rise in oil and freight prices caused the organization to seek additional funding from the United States in order to pay for this year's remaining scheduled heavy fuel oil deliveries;  Report PDF

Korea, North  Economy 2011)

Romney setback as Santorum takes half of Michigan delegates

Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon Corexit BP
Opit's LinkFest!: 28 February - iGoogle + Gulf of Mexico BP Search
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Apalachicola Bay Corexit Poisoning ... 
Those Wacky Occupy NOLA Zombies Are Back With A Funeral For The Gulf Of Mexico…
Inside Facebook
Facebook to give pages new ‘Offers’ posts, scrap check-in deals
Readability Launches New iPhone and iPad Apps for Text-Only Reading On the Go [Video] 
How the Media got the Parchin Access Story Wrong
Blown Away 
Kim Dotcom's first TV interview: 'I'm no piracy king' (John Campbell/3 News)
Is This What an Arranged Marriage Feels Like? (David Frum/david-frum) 
Steve Munro
Sheppard Panel To Recommend LRT, Not Subway
12-019: NRC Issues Final Safety Evaluation Report and Environmental Impact Statement on Proposed N.C. Uranium Enrichment Plant
New Scientist
The secrets of solving mathematical puzzles
There's no sense in revising the psychiatrist's bible 
News 24
Cops watch Malema's hometown
Police are remaining alert in ANC Youth League president Julius Malema's hometown of Seshego, in Limpopo, on Thursday following overnight clashes...  
2 die in Pretoria street race 
Obama Conspiracy Theories
Apuzzo appearance in PA: CANCELED
Open Channel
Is your child breathing radon gas at school?
High levels of radioactive radon gas are invading classrooms across the country as more than 40 schools in radon "hot zones" declined free testing...  
White House issues rules to keep terrorism suspects under FBI control 
( That should be vague enough for anybody )
Open Secrets
Moneyed Sectors Returned to Santorum After Big Win in Iowa
'The Finest Administrators...'
India 321/3 (220 Balls), Kohli 133 (86 Balls) 
Secretary of Energy Admits Obama Administration “OK” with High Gas Prices
U.S. Military Burned Bibles at Bagram in 2009 
Payvand Iran News
Magic Of Persia's Magical Nights Dubai 2012
Clinton: Internal Power Struggle in Iran Over Nuclear Weapons 
Pesticide Action Network
Advocating for bees in California's capitol
Wanted: scientific integrity on GMOs 
Philippines News
Wedding Expo Philippines On Its 20th Edition 
Political MoJo - Mother Jones
Romney Didn't Know What The Blunt Amendment Was
We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for February 29, 2012 
Politics Security Secrecy
NCIS 2012 | conference | 14 to 15 June 2012 | THANJAVUR ... 
Rescuing the Frog
Psychology Today
Sweating Makes You Smart
Satellite News
NASA's THEMIS Satellite Sees a Great Electron Escape
When scientists discovered two great swaths of radiation encircling Earth in the 1950s, it spawned over-the-top fears about "killer electrons" and...  
The six million dollar question
Fossils of giant fleas discovered 
Science Daily
Thickest parts of Arctic ice cap melting faster
Who's in the know? To a preschooler, the person doing the pointing 
Scientific American
Paper May Be the Unkindest Cut
Teen Brain Takes Biggest Sports Hits 
Shaleshock Media
Montrose Borough Meeting Walk-Out
Public Comments at 2/22/2012 Vestal Town Board Meeting 
Sovereign Independent
Jim Corr followed by Walter Graham @ Truth Agenda Dublin on(PSTV)Tonight Sky Channel 203@ 9:00 PM

Did Germany approve bailout to force Greece out of eurozone?
Star Online
Cops identify syndicate using sound of crying child to dupe parents
Hazardous material call at UT's Welch Hall triggers closure
Dell Children's adding third patient tower, mounting $30 million fundraising campaign 
Living for the city: Gospel for Teens and Mama Foundation for the Arts at TED2012
How cities make us smarter: Ed Glaeser at TED2012 
NSA Power Grab: New Legislation Would Give It Broad Powers To Spy On 'Critical' Private Networks
EU Parliament Urged To Reject Agreement With The US To Hand Over Passenger Data 
Ten Percent
Friday. Arthur Lourié – Two Poems for Piano Op. 8: No. 2
David Cameron Thinks You Are This Stupid 
This Week in Science
Enduring Tolerance

Armenian parliament votes in favor of state of emergency draft law
Armenia’s National Assembly voted, in its first hearing on Thursday, in favor of the bill on the Legal Regime of the State of Emergency.  
Passenger train carriage derails in Iran
USA Today
Ohio shooting suspect 'an average 17-year-old'
AP: Senior North Korea nuke envoy heading to N.Y. 
Unexplained Mysteries
'Dog-headed pig monster' terrorizes Africa
Why are some bird feathers blue? 
Web MD
Vitamin A May Help Reduce Melanoma Risk
Can popping vitamin A supplements help stave off melanoma, the potentially fatal form of skin cancer? Maybe, a new study suggests.  
New USDA Nutrition Labels for Meat, Poultry 
War horse helps to clean up his own stable using broom
White House
The Jeb Scenario: Can You Say “President Bush” again?
Monday Humor Break: The Lighter Side of NASCAR Politicking
Zoe - It's our Nature
The Leaf Chaser
Kate Middleton Fools Fur Federation
Daily Galaxy
NewsFlash: Star Wars? ---ISS Control Codes on Stolen NASA Laptop NewsFlash: Star Wars? ---ISS Control Codes on Stolen NASA Laptop
"Alien Moons Could Act as Giant Mirrors to Reveal Signs of Organic Life" --The ESO"Alien Moons Could Act as Giant Mirrors to Reveal Signs of Organic Life" --The ESO
Complex Organic Matter Discovered Created by Stars Throughout the UniverseComplex Organic Matter Discovered Created by Stars Throughout the Universe
Radical New 3-D Model of Planet Formation UnveiledRadical New 3-D Model of Planet Formation Unveiled
Image of the Day: A Colossal Star Destined to Become a Black HoleImage of the Day: A Colossal Star Destined to Become a Black Hole
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LIMITING FACTOR: There is no national feed-in tariff for renewable sources such as solar. Picture: Peter Wallis Source: The Courier-Mail WIND and solar power accounted for just more than 2 per cent of Australia's electricity production in 2009-10 ...
The Idaho Statesman
A bill that would require renewable energy credits to go to public utilities was introduced in the Senate State Affairs Committee Wednesday. Idaho Power Co., Avista and Rocky Mountain Power Co are pushing the legislation, which would shift the ...
SmartPlanet.com (blog)
By Kirsten Korosec | February 29, 2012, 12:47 PM PST California dominates in nearly every clean energy category, according to a new report by Ernst & Young that ranks states according to renewable energy markets, infrastructures and their suitability ...
Power Engineering Magazine
By Jennifer Runyon, Renewable Energy World North America It's a leap year and I am writing this on February 29th. This year we have one extra day to make our work count. It's exciting and invigorating to me. There's another exciting and invigorating ...
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Bradenton Herald
29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Ecology Coatings, Inc. (OTCQB:ECOC), a leader in the discovery of ultraviolet-curable advanced coatings, today announced it is working with Michigan-based Whitlam Label Company on the development of a sustainable labels program ...
Cebu Daily News
LOCAL ecology groups are seeking President Benigno Aquino III's support in their call for a moratorium on all reclamation projects in the country. Lawyer Gloria Estenzo Ramos of the Philippine Earth Justice Center said they will also request the ...
Daily Markets
29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Ecology Coatings, Inc. (OTCQB:ECOC), a leader in the discovery of ultraviolet-curable advanced coatings, today announced it is working with Michigan-based Whitlam Label Company on the development of a sustainable labels program.
US Ecology reported earnings on Feb. 16. Here are the numbers you need to know. The 10-second takeaway For the quarter ended Dec. 31 (Q4), US Ecology beat expectations on revenues and beat expectations on earnings per share. Compared to the prior-year ...
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San Francisco Chronicle
(AP) -- The US House of Representatives has approved a controversial water bill that would block the restoration of the San Joaquin River and give California farmers and urban residents more water. But the measure approved Wednesday is expected to die ...
(RTTNews.com) - California Water Service Group (CWT) announced that its fourth-quarter net income was $1.9 million, down 61.7% from net income of $4.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2010, and earnings per common share were $0.04, a decrease of 61.8% ...
Sun News Network
Grand Chief Charles Weaslehead, John Duncan, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Treaty 8 Grand Chief Richard Kappo and Treaty 6 Grand Chief Cameron Alexis raise a glass of water in celebration after Duncan announced the ...
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Frank Gehrke, chief of snow surveys for the Department of Water Resources, walks across a snow-covered meadow after conducting a snow survey near Echo Summit Calif., Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012. Despite recent storms the survey showed the snow pack to be ...
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