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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

9 May - MSM

SN 1996cr in Circinus: Powerful Nearby Superno...SN 1996cr in Circinus: Powerful Nearby Supernova Caught by Web (A supernova in Circinus galaxy about 12 million light years away.) (Photo credit: Smithsonian Institution)
Ficus microcarpa tree at Vàm cỏ Đông riverside...Ficus microcarpa tree at Vàm cỏ Đông riverside ....Cây Gừa , Cừa ở bên bờ sông Vàm cỏ Đông ... (Photo credit: Vietnam Plants & America plants)
Defoliant spray run, part of Operation Ranch H...Defoliant spray run, part of Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War by UC-123B Provider aircraft. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Group of U.S military C-123 aircraft spraying ...Group of U.S military C-123 aircraft spraying Agent Orange over Vietnamese jungle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Large stacks of 55-gallon drums filled with Ag...Large stacks of 55-gallon drums filled with Agent Orange. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Vietnamese babies, deformed and stillborn afte...Vietnamese babies, deformed and stillborn after prenatal dioxin exposure from Agent Orange (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
U.S. Army armored personnel carrier (APC) spra...U.S. Army armored personnel carrier (APC) spraying Agent Orange during the Vietnam War (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Vietnam 044Vietnam 044 (Photo credit: SwedeBear)
Rizières inondées à la frontière entre le Viet...Rizières inondées à la frontière entre le Vietnam et le Cambodge (Photo credit: dalbera)

The road ahead for Agent Orange victims  Aug 2010

I remember when in the late 90s and early 2000s it was almost impossible to discuss Agent Orange with US embassy officials.
Due to much misinformation, misunderstanding, and miscommunication about AO, the issue was off the table in bilateral discussions between the US and Vietnamese governments.
It was sensitive to talk about it and for many it was too sensitive to work on. While still sensitive, the US and Vietnam are now cooperating on this issue.
Ten years ago you would not have heard from the visiting Secretary of State that the US promises to "increase our cooperation and make even greater progress together” on Agent Orange. The most recent appropriation of $12 million “…to support the remediation of dioxin contamination at Danang airport, which poses extreme risks to human health and welfare, and related health activities” would also not have been possible 10 years ago, or for that matter two years ago.


Expert reiterates red mud warnings Oct 2010

The recent red mud spill in western Hungary, which forced hundreds of local dwellers out of their homes, contaminated the soil and decimated wildlife, has raised the concerns about bauxite mining projects in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese bauxite mining companies have assured that the red mud will be buried carefully. But it does not mean it will be safe after 20-30 years. It should be noted that the highest content of pH in red mud is 13, which is around 1 million times higher than the safe level.
If a similar catastrophe happens in the Central Highlands, the red mud will flow into Dong Nai River, threatening the lives and health of tens of millions of people.
As the red-mud lakes are buried permanently in the Central Highlands, no one can tell what will happen after the projects are finished and developers leave the construction sites. Huge red-mud lakes will lie on the high places, which are prone to landslides. It will be a threat to the Central Highlands’ environment and the lower section of the Dong Nai River.

Free fraud protection scam delivers financial malware

an online banking Trojan horse first discovered in May 2011 is promising security products to gain access to confidential personal information to steal identities and money. "[The new scam] is both simple and extremely believable -- they are promising online banking fraud protection insurance that is, well, fraudulent,

The Tatanga malware affects nine browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari, and uses social engineering techniques to try to trick victims into bypassing security measures enforced by banks, like one-time passwords (OTPs) or transaction authorization numbers (TANs).
Oren Kedem, director of product marketing for Trusteer, says the new configuration of Tatanga, discovered last week, was initially aimed at customers of a specific bank in Spain

(500) The Atlantic Wire



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