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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

29 May - Morning Meanderings

HM Treasury ministers during photocallHM Treasury ministers during photocall (Photo credit: HM Treasury)
Russia Today Adverts 002Russia Today Adverts 002 (Photo credit: Adam Crowe)
English: US airstrike during the battle of Tor...English: US airstrike during the battle of Tora Bora. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: A view of Abbottabad, Pakistan, from ...English: A view of Abbottabad, Pakistan, from Shimla Hill Français : Une vue d'Abbottabad, Pakistan, depuis la colline de Shimla (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: George Bush message after the death o...English: George Bush message after the death of Osama bin Laden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beautiful, inspiring & mind-blowing images on HighExistence

Holland’s parliament has unanimously voted against the international Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). No similar agreement will be ever signed by the government, Dutch lawmakers said.
Today on The Gary Null Show:
Dissecting the media’s images and spin that is fed us – the media behind the death of Osama bin Laden, Obama’s secret Kill list – what is the rule of thumb for discerning the news the media feeds us?

With guest Danny Schechter The News Dissector

Tune in at Noon ET to http://prn.fm/listen-live/

Or on the go at http://prn.fm/mobile

Boy solves Newton's 300 year old riddle

The coming schools crisis

My personal hope was that expansion of capacity in England would come from the new Academies — Gove has had huge success converting half of secondaries to independent ‘Academy’ status. Except they’re not independent: HM Treasury is refusing to let them borrow. Without the ability to borrow, companies don’t expand: withdraw bank funding, and see what would happen to the economy. Treasury control freakery is alive and well, and stopping the expansion of the very best schools. Pickles’ department jealously protects its power over planning (and that of councils).


April 20th, 2012 11:00am Report this comment
But why is anyone surprised or the Department not planning for it ?
With a combination of Birth Registers and immagration data, aligned to welfare claims at local level, plus the occasional dodgy Census, there is a wealth of data available with which government departments should be planning resources.
It's hardly a surprise that, a few years after birth, kids need a primary school-place. It's also no shock that, a few years later, they need a secondary one.
Rocket science it ain't.
True, the underlying cause of this peak may be unaceptably high immigration levels, but that's another story - this one is about the demonstrable planning incompetence of civil servants at both national and local level.
( Not really. It pushes privatization for those who can afford it ... and the devil with those who can't. Lack of planning hardly enters into it. 
Depending on one's politics...is it a bug...or a feature ? )

Trusted college in immigration scam

Impact of visa changes on mobility ( hits vocational education providers )
The study

Meet the brother of the first high-value detainee: he came to the US to pursue the American dream, spent two years in an immigration jail following the 9/11 attacks and was then recruited by the FBI to spy on Muslims. This exclusive report took Jason Leopold 14 months to investigate and write - please share it widely!
Hesham opened the envelope at the bar, expecting a green card. Instead it was a subpoena from the FBI, which would force him to testify--against his brother.

In 2002, Antoine Vumilia, a political officer in the regime of Laurent Kabila, the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, was sentenced to life imprisonment for supposed involvement in Kabila's assassination. After enduring 9 years of dehumanising brutality, he managed to escape. And in this film, he tells his disturbing and moving story.
The story of a Congolese theatre student turned revolutionary who spent years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Opinion: "A major report recently released by the ACLU of Georgia confirms the problems inherent to keeping immigrants in for-profit detention centres... The report documents serious violations of detainees' constitutional and human rights as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement standards. These abuses require immediate action," says Azadeh Shahshahani from the ACLU. More here: http://aje.me/LOXGov
The number of immigrants held in detention in the US - many in for-profit prisons - has nearly doubled since 2001.

The US State Department has criticised Israel's treatment of thousands of African asylum-seekers who it said are being denied basic social services. So with racial tensions and violent attacks against African asylum-seekers on the risein Israel, who is legally responsible for their wellbeing?
We discuss why Israel is denying African immigrants their basic rights, as revealed in an annual US human rights report.
What did Nigeria's federal government have to say about the U.S. Dept. of Justice proposal to label #BokoHaram as a foreign terrorist organization? Watch the latest episode of AfriCurrent brought to you by #SaharaTV
AfriCurrent, hosted by Chika Oduah, is the weekly broadcast that airs on SaharaTV. AfriCurrent gives viewers a snapshot of what's happening in Africa, and hi...

Farmwork is especially unbearable if you have to work yourself to exhaustion all day under the watch of the man who raped you. Michelle Chen, In These Times

Teresa Fox Bettis is executive director of the Center for Fair Housing in Mobile, Alabama. She recently spoke with Bridge the Gulf and the Institute for Southern Studies for the report Troubled Waters: Two Years After the BP Oil Disaster, a Struggling Gulf Coast Calls for National Leadership for Rec...
I was on a panel discussion this past weekend on free expression. In such discussions, there are always those who are proponents of banning ‘hate’ speech because they say it causes emotional distress and can lead to discrimination. My response is that much of religion is hate speech. Have they...
Opinion: "Ultimately, the loss of coherence of the West is a sign of the new times which have arrived, in which the old categories of West and East, North and South no longer provide a grip on events. Even so, we will continue to act as if they do for some time to come, for as yet we know no other script," writes Barkawi. Read more: http://aje.me/LACvHd
The absence of a coherent left and right is only the latest sign of the political bankruptcy of the West.
New blog post: Michael Heller on why intellectuals can't fully accept market-based society.
The highest-quality commentary and analysis from the world's most distinguished voices.
‎"The panoply of aggression towards Iran is emanating from Western powers that have murderous blood on their hands from the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, among other places, and this campaign is based on a repetition of outlandish allegations over 'weapons of mass destruction'."
by Finian Cunningham: Mainstream news media is becoming ever more servile to Western government foreign policy agenda.
Outside of Wisconsin there is another austerity election in the offing. On May 31st the Irish will vote on whether or not to support the austerity agenda of the European Union. The opposition is producing some of the funniest political ads ever made, check it out:
Not sure how to vote in the forthcoming referendum? Let this objective, dispassionate video be your guide! Actor: Margaret McAuliffe Writer: Turlough Kelly C...
‎'The way to avoid this austerity trap is to get growth and jobs back first, and only then tackle budget deficits.' Robert Reich
A coalition of unions, national and community groups managed to hit the trifecta--beating ALEC-backed deregulation bills in three states.

When spring doesn't turn into summer

It’s the nature of democracy that countries get what they vote for — but in the case of the Arab Spring countries there are plenty of reasons to doubt the ‘democratic process’ so far, and even more to fear that democracy will soon be eroded again. The question that stands out now, amongst many others, is whether last year’s revolutionaries will keep on fighting

Or - how overthrowing the system - didn't. Countries did not get what activists wanted.


May 29th, 2012 3:07pm Report this comment
Yall need a dose of Saladin
"The Crusades form `one of the maddest episodes in history. Christianity hurled itself against Muhammadanism in expedition after expedition for nearly three centuries, until failure brought lassitude, and superstition itself was undermined by its own labour. Europe was drained of men and money, and threatened with social bankruptcy, if not with annihilation. Millions perished in battle, hunger or disease and every atrocity imagination can conceive disgraced the warrior of the Cross'."
The point is no one takes heed of history
Politicians urged on by the small minded keep trying their luck
It is about to run out
Marseilles is now a Moslem city
Next Paris
Next Bradford

• 4 cloves garlic • 1/3 cup Brazil nuts (selenium source) • 1/3 cup sunflower seeds (cysteine source) • 1/3 cup pumpkin seeds (zinc, magnsium sources) • 2 cups packed fresh cilantro (coriander, Chinese parsley) (Vitamin A source) • 2/3 cup flaxseed oil • 4 tablespoons lemon juice (Vitamin C source) ...

Eight radical solutions for the water shortage

with population rising, how can a water crisis be averted?

Companies in energy and related industries donated nearly $600,000 to the campaigns...


Palm oil giant making good on forest commitment in Indonesia, finds independent analysis


Palm oil giant PT SMART appears to be honoring its commitment to avoid conversion of high carbon forests in Indonesian Borneo, reports a new assessment published by Greenomics, an Indonesian environmental activist group.

The report was issued 15 months after PT SMART — a subsidiary of Singapore-based Golden Agri Resources (GAR) and owned by Indonesia's Sinarmas Group — signed a landmark agreement with The Forest Trust (TFT) to spare forests and peatlands that have more than 35 tons of carbon per hectare. The deal came after a damaging Greenpeace campaign, which targeted PT SMART for clearing orangutan habitat in Kalimantan and cost the company millions of dollars in contracts.

Amazing Scalar Waves In Sky!! 6-9-07
dad2059.wordpress.comFrom Boing-Boing: André Kuipers, a Dutch physician and astronaut with the European Space Agency, was on board the ISS when the SpaceX Dragon vehicle berthed. He took this photograph, and wrote, In...
Dragon has a sci-fi look: http://dad2059.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/spacex-dragon-has-that-sci-fi-feel/
Only £118,000 was given to good causes, despite more than £5.1million being spent on paying salaries.
F. William Engdahl: "I think the significance of the new UN report is that for the first time, it’s acknowledged that there are atrocities on the side of the so-called Syrian opposition; the rebel groups, the jihadists, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood forces that are trying to create regime change. So to that extent I think it’s a step forward, that it’s not simply a one-sided genocide by the Assad regime."
F. William Engdahl says that Syria must be left alone to determine its own future.
‎"It is worth noting that Obama's newly appointed CIA head, General David Petraeus played a key role the organization of covert support to Syria's rebel forces, the infiltration of Syrian intelligence and armed forces, etc."
by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky: "The Salvador Option" is a "terrorist model" of mass killings by US sponsored death squads.
The BBC is facing criticism after it accidentally used a picture taken in Iraq in 2003 to illustrate the senseless massacre of children in Syria.
Progressive small farmer organizations in Mexico scored a victory over transnational corporations that seek to monopolize seed and food patents. When the corporations pushed their bill to modify the F
Not only did it taste better, but it was much healthier and we had greater variety.
Take action Tuesday: All kinds of food from oatmeal to orange juice are required by law to show nutritional and ingredient labels. Why not our seafood so Canadians can make ocean-friendly choices?
Wouldn't it be nice to know where your seafood came from? Or how your fish was caught or farmed? Unfortunately, this information is largely unavailable in Canada. Worse, recent studies show that a quarter of all seafood is actually mislabeled. You may think you're buying eco-friendly, but actually y...

If only people stopped providing money to companies who are trying to create GM products to eat...
The former minister of economics for the country of Georgia is the largest shareholder of a U.S. company with operations in P.E.I. that's waiting for U.S. approval on its genetically modified salmon.
Newly published scientific evidence is bolstering calls for greater regulation of some of the world’s most widely used pesticides and genetically modified crops. (Photo by Brian Wolfe)
As expected, the Australian Federal Government has just approved the roll-out of compulsory full body scanning for passengers passing through Australia’s international airports. The bill also enables future governments to update the technology (without restriction), and prohibits images or personal ...
 They are taking their time rolling out Chertoff's Folly - need I point out he has shares in the operation ? - an unsafe radiation source which DOES NOT WORK for its supposed purpose...though it can titillate the operators 
Rapiscan received $25.4 million from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by way of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (i.e., the Stimulus Bill), to produce 150 new full-body scanners to be used at airports across the United States.
Michael Chertoff, Former Department of Homeland Security, is the head of the Chertoff Group, the lead cheerleader for what is being called the Full Body Scanner Lobby, reports ...
AFTER a six-month test, Italy's government will drop the use of full-body scanners for security checks in airports, judging them slow and ineffective, Italian daily Corriere ...
You are here Blogs / WcP.Common.Sense's blog / Body scanner ineffective to single out hazards. ... A year ago, Germany said “nein” to the idea of using full body scanners in its ...
Each full body-scanner costs around £100,000. However, opinion is divided among aviation ... In the US, the "pat-down" search used by security staff was derided as ineffective ...
Over at Pharyngula, PZ has a nice wrap-up of the debate between Bruce Schneier and Sam Harris on the topic of whether or not we ought to implement a 2-tiered screening system that subjects “Muslims or anyone who looks Muslim” to extra scrutiny at airports. Bruce points out some very good reasons...
 Prison Industries: "Don't Let Society Improve or We Lose Business"
After Jason Leopold filed a FOIA request with the FBI about the case of Hesham Abu Zubaidah, the Bureau sent an agent to Hesham's house to ask if he was being "coerced" by Truthout's Lead Investigative Reporter. Why?
‎"I've never heard of the FBI going to an individual's house and asking if the reporter coerced the individual who signed the waiver" - Brad Moss, open government expert and attorney with the James Madison Project.
Exposing Bilderberg 2012
Exposing Bilderberg 2012 These are some of the videos you will see released on May 31st during our 12 hour donation drive broadcast at Bilderberg For decades, a shadowy and secret elite organization called the Bilderberg Group has plotted policy together that subjugates humanity under the cover of darkness. On the first day of the Bilderberg Group meeting in Chantilly, VA on May 31st, from 10am to 10pm, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange will shine a much needed light on the group's members and media pundits that have kept details about the group hidden from the American public. Tune into http://www.ustream.tv/WeAreChange for a twelve hour donation drive being broadcast outside the Bilderberg conference to watch TWELVE never seen before confrontations released LIVE every hour. If you want to continue to hold these politicians accountable and make sure the elites continue to hear the voice of the people, donate to WeAreChange.org. http://wearechange.org/donationdrive http://wrc.chipin.com/ intro audio from Aaron Dykes on the Alex Jones radio show http://infowars.com WeAreChange's show schedule on Thursday May 31st 2012 10am to 10pm 1. Tony Blair (10am) 2. Lawrence O'Donnell (11am) 3. Alan Greenspan (12pm) 4. George Pataki (1pm) 5. Charlie Rose (2pm) 6. Ted Turner (3pm) 7. Henry Kissinger (4pm) 8. Jill Abramson (5pm) 9. Vernon Jordan (6pm) 10. Paul Wolfensohn (7pm) 11. Lou Dobbs and Paula Zahn (8pm) 12. Lord Jacob Rothschild (9pm) For interview requests please contact: bedachange (dot) com (at) gmail (dot) com From: wearechange Views: 246 76 ratingsTime: 01:12 More in News & Politics
Source: We Are Change (Youtube)

HT George Takei's fans
( Where do you write to fix stupidity ? )

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