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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

16 May - Late Links

Emergency Services Unit of the New York Police...Emergency Services Unit of the New York Police Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
NYPD graduation ceremony in Madison Square Gar...NYPD graduation ceremony in Madison Square Garden, July 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The most comprehesive study ever done of climate in the last millennium found the last 50 years in Australia have been the warmest Scientists from Melbourne university used 27 different types of natu
A community group in Seattle is transforming a 7-acre plot of land into a forest of fruit trees where neighbors will be encouraged to forage and meet each other.
Stung by a UN official's criticism of the country for allowing some of its people to go hungry, Canada has dismissed him as a "patronizing academic" and said there are more pressing food concerns in other countries.
Ministers question use of his time and dismiss him as a patronising academic for saying 800,000 households need help.
A federal judge in New York has given the go ahead for a class action lawsuit to move forward against the city’s police department over allegations that its stop-and-frisk program has continuously allowed officers to discriminate against minorities.
Don't watch the news, don't listen to the media, listen to the actual people on the ground. These people, they're dying every day and the animals are dying. We have no jobs. It's depressing and if they don't get us help, it's just going to keep getting worse.
After the BP oil disaster, Thao Chi Nguyen worked with Asian Americans for Change (AAC) to provide services and advocate for Asian American fishing communities along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She spoke with Bridge The Gulf and the Institute for Southern Studies for the report Troubled Waters: Two ...
Allen and her co-workers at the Cornerstone Care community clinic are like a lot of health care professionals across the suddenly overwhelmed Marcellus Shale region of Appalachia: They’ve seen an increase in visit from anxious neighbors who are worried that symptoms such as increased headaches, dizziness, rashes, difficulty breathing, and various and sundry aches and pains might have something to do with these new wells, polluting the air that they breathe or the water that they drink.
Kay Allen is a nurse who deserves some answers. She works at a health clinic in Burgettstown, Pa. -- in the southwestern corner of the Keystone State where the
Rebuilding the beach with even more sand. This operation runs all day and night. As if us coastal residents didn't have enough VOC's in our blood. Now we get to choke on diesel fumes. How can they allow this dozer to run like this? This isn't just one time, it has ran for weeks like this. Maybe the engine will hurry up and blow soon.
‎"Natural Oil Seeps" afterthoughts are being actively expounded by obviously pro-BP scientists and industry experts, in the futile attempts to absolve BP of billions in liability for the obvious regional environmental damage, economic disruption, slow genocide and untold wildlife suffering from the BP Macondo Oil spill disaster. Realistically, how could one shallow gas well blowout have caused so much damage ?( Corexit 9500 and a blowout 5 miles deep )
 minnesota.publicradio.orgResearchers for the state Department of Natural Resources have found evidence of petroleum compounds and the chemical used to clean up the oil in the eggs of pelicans nesting in Minnesota.
Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is an environmental charity protecting the UK’s oceans, waves and beaches for all to enjoy safely and sustainably, via community action, campaigning, volunteering, conservation, education and scientific research. 
Oregon – Right to Know’ gathering signatures for a state-wide ballot initiative for labeling GMO foods Newport OR
With all of the evidence that sunlight is beneficial in the prevention of cancer and heart disease, maintaining a strong immune system and building bones, no one should be using sunscreens on a routine or daily basis.
Commercial sunscreens are a danger to your health
Institute for Responsible Technology
Yet another study showing that genetically modified foods cause sterility -- this one in humans instead of just animals. Health and medical experts in N...
When civilizations start to die they go insane. Let the ice sheets in the Arctic melt. Let the temperatures rise. Let the air, soil and water be poisoned. Let the forests die.
A US federal judge has temporarily blocked a section of the controversial National Defense Authorization Act that allows for the indefinite military detention of US citizens.
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has sworn in the seven members of a truth commission created to investigate human rights abuses committed during the nation's long military dictatorship.
Long-delayed panel's work begins years after neighbouring nations fully investigated actions of dictatorial regimes.
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