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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

30 May - Blogs I'm Following II

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 08:   Chief counsel Fred...WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 08: Chief counsel Fred Bartlit (2nd L) questions witnesses as (L-R) Commission co-chairs William Reilly and Bob Graham, commission members Elena Melchert, Fran Ulmer, and Don Boesch listen during a hearing before the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill And Offshore Drilling November 8, 2010 at Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel in Washington, DC. The hearing was to examine the preliminary findings regarding BP�s Macondo well blowout , and the causes of the rig explosion. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Conservative Party of CanadaConservative Party of Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Pro-Euro Conservative PartyPro-Euro Conservative Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Scarborough Conservative ClubScarborough Conservative Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inquisition — Part 3 of 3

The prosperous consumer societies of today are living in a manner that is radically different from the historic norm for civilized people.   In his incredible book, A New Green History of the World, Clive Ponting came to the stunning conclusion that prior to 1800 “almost everyone, everywhere in the civilized world, lived on the edge of starvation.”  Only in the last 200 years has a significant portion of humankind temporarily escaped from the traditional (civilized) norm of living in close proximity to poverty and malnutrition.

A 200 year binge on cheap fossil energy has temporarily replaced a muscle-powered way of life.  The temporary era of antibiotics, vaccines, public sanitation, and high-tech medicine has given us a brief vacation from the traditional nightmares of contagious diseases.  The temporary era of chemical-guzzling industrial agriculture had created an obesity epidemic and a catastrophic population explosion.  The temporary era of soil mining, fish mining, water mining, forest mining, and mineral mining has produced a bizarre way of life that is notable for its extreme levels of waste and pollution. 

Inquisition — Part 1 of 3

This is the first of three blogs on the Inquisition, which occurred during an era of corruption, plutocracy, overpopulation, homelessness, crime, health crises, and economic breakdown.  During periods of heightened social stress, there seems to be a tendency to create scapegoats and lash out at them.  Pressurized fear and anger need a relief valve, and when mass hysteria arrives, reason and compassion go out the window.
Hitler stomped the Jews, the Rwandan Hutus stomped the Tutsis, and in the twenty-first century, I sense that immigrants are becoming the preferred scapegoats in America, Europe, and elsewhere.  Today, we have no quick and easy solutions for overpopulation, Peak Cheap Energy, or a global economy that is terminally ill.  The pressure is growing.

All of the Above

I heard the news today, oh boy.  The stream of stories was like a dopey sophomoric science fiction novel from the 25 cent box at St. Vinnie’s — The Planet of the Consumers, or something.  The Republican candidates are an unbelievable freak show.  The President is a slick-talking hand puppet owned by the investment banking crime syndicate.  Lecherous football coaches are fondling slippery naked boys in the shower room.  Everyone is praying for economic recovery and full employment, so we can fire up our credit cards, return to engorging on trendy imported merchandise, and successfully complete our extermination of life on Earth.
QUOTE OF THE DAY From Stuart Smith, Gulf State Environmental Attorney: "What scares me the most is this: Here in the United States, we’ve already seen how federal regulators have been eager to cover up the worst impacts from the Deepwater Horizon disaster on the seafood that comes from the Gulf. So who can we trust to keep us safe from the threat of radiation poisoning from the Pacific catch?"
 due to the current reform efforts that are based on a radical re-invention of education, now spearheaded by a psychometric blitzkrieg of "metastasizing testing" aimed at dismantling a public education system that took almost 200 years to build.

Crisis in PA Cracks Ed Privatization Scheme Wide Open

The fiscal crisis facing our public schools is being exploited by a movement to privatize public education, break unions and subject students to high-stakes test-prep regimes.

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