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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

20 May - Blogs I'm Following

ALTON, HAMPSHIRE - MAY 18:  Royal Navy air cre...ALTON, HAMPSHIRE - MAY 18: Royal Navy air crew work on a Sea King helicopter (L) at Royal Air Force (RAF) Odiham air base ahead of a rehearsal for a Diamond Jubilee flypast on May 18, 2012 near Alton, England. The armed forces are paying tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in a Parade and Muster event at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2012. The RAF, Royal Navy and Army will take part in a flypast of 73 aircraft including a World War II Lancaster bomber and four Spitfires. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Brochel Castle Defences old and new - note the...Brochel Castle Defences old and new - note the nuclear powered submarine in distance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Map of the relief of the landscape around Ene ...Map of the relief of the landscape around Ene River, Peru (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A British Valiant-class nuclear-powered attack...A British Valiant-class nuclear-powered attack submarine underway on 14 May 1986. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
USS Nautilus' (SSN-571)USS Nautilus' (SSN-571) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
An Andean man in traditional dress. Pisac, Per...An Andean man in traditional dress. Pisac, Peru. Français : Un homme des Andes en costume traditionnel. Písac, Pérou. Italiano: Un uomo delle Ande in costume tradizionale. Pisac, Perù. Português: Um homem dos Andes, num fato tradicional. Pisac, Peru. Basa Sunda: Lalaki Andés dina pakéan tradisional. Pisak, Péru 中文: 秘鲁比萨卡穿传统服饰的安达斯人。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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