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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

30 May - MSM

Benefit Security Card .. HALF of the U.S live ...Benefit Security Card .. HALF of the U.S live in households that receive government benefits (26 May 2012) ... (Photo credit: marsmet481)
MENLO PARK, CA - MAY 18: Reporters and onlooke...MENLO PARK, CA - MAY 18: Reporters and onlookers outside Facebook headquarters May 18, 2012 in Menlo Park, California. The eight-year-old social network company listed their initial public offering on NASDAQ Friday morning at $38 a share and a valuation of $104 billion, making its IPO the third largest in U.S. history after General Motors and Visa. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 02:  A discount on educatio...CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 02: A discount on educational DVDs for children is offered through the Groupon website in the Chicago area on June 2, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. Groupon announced today that it has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a proposed initial public offering (IPO) of its Class A common stock. The social buying site is expected to raise an estimated $750 million with the IPO. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
google booksgoogle books (Photo credit: osde8info)
000-174-934 F/A-18 HORNET 20th Anniversary000-174-934 F/A-18 HORNET 20th Anniversary (Photo credit: mashleymorgan)
Arsenio HallArsenio Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(500) The Atlantic Wire



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