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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

12 May - Morning Notes

Oh my God, I KNEW my Digestion was Deranged!Oh my God, I KNEW my Digestion was Deranged! (Photo credit: meeralee)
Whitsand Bay Cornwall in the Winter Looking fr...Whitsand Bay Cornwall in the Winter Looking from the Military Road near Freathy towards Rame Head on a very cold and wet Friday afternoon just after 12 o'clock. There were surfers in the water to the right of me. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Rame Head Windy and Cold , not like spring at all.Rame Head Windy and Cold , not like spring at all. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cold Moss. On the descent, looking towards Com...Cold Moss. On the descent, looking towards Comb Head. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A British poster from World War II describing ...A British poster from World War II describing the cost of the common cold "The Cost of the Common Cold and Influenza". Imperial War Museum: Posters of Conflict . vads . . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Poster encouraging citizens to "Consult y...Poster encouraging citizens to "Consult your Physician" for treatment of the common cold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cough and the Common ColdCough and the Common Cold (Photo credit: RobertFrancis)
Kitchen cures doctors swear by - CNN.com

Whether you have a head cold, an upset stomach, or an itchy rash, fast (cheap!) relief may be sitting on your kitchen shelf.

#SaharaTV...Lagos State sacked over 700 doctors...let's talk about it www.saharatvonline.com
Contrary to myth, Christianity's concept of marriage has not been set in stone since the days of Christ, but has constantly evolved as a concept and ritual. Prof. John Boswell, the late Chairman of Yale University’s history department, discovered that in addition to heterosexual marriage …

Listen to our show live every week on Logos Radio Network or call in to make your voice heard! AUSTRALIA CALL: 1300 153 372 US CALL: 512 646-1984
A police officer in Georgia is under criminal investigation for allegedly kicking a woman who was nearly nine-months pregnant in the stomach before charging her with obstruction of justice. In an incident report filed on Dec. 12, 2011, Dekalb County Police Officer Jerad Wheeler wrote that he gave "t...
Eduardo Saverin will be doing a lot of long-distance poking from now on — and probably won't be giving the thumbs-up “like” to Uncle Sam. The billionaire co-founder of Facebook, Inc. has renounced his US citizenship.
Tens of thousands of demonstrators will descend on Chicago, Illinois this month to protest the annual conference of NATO nations, and police are preparing with the help of one million dollars’ worth of weapons and riot gear.

2012 Secret Revealed: Mass Bio-Terror Pandemic By December 21, 2012

With 6.7 million bats already dead, scientists believe the fast-spreading disease called White-nose Syndrome could lead to the extinction of some species.
NORWAY - Toxic algae blooms are suspected in Nordland following the report of 550 tons of dead famed salmon over the last ten days.
NORWAY - Toxic algae blooms are suspected in Nordland following the report of 550 tons of dead famed salmon over the last ten days.
A federal study released Tuesday found more than 100 toxic substances from everyday life are making their way through wastewater treatment plants into the Columbia River.
What might he do with a majority? Well, he once called his country a "welfare state in the worst sense." Here's that speech.
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced a five year plan including 15 leases for oil development on Alaska’s Outer Continental Shelf and in the Gulf of Mexico. For now the East and West coasts of the continental U.S. have been spared from drilling, but environmentalists are particularly worried about opening up the fragile Alaskan Arctic to off-shore rigs.
Chicago, May 12 (Xinhua-ANI): The United States has become the world's fastest growing oil producer under President Barack Obama, said a former White House green jobs advisor. "We are now 80 percent energy independent when it comes to oil," Van Jones told Xinhua. "If you put 10 gallons of gas in your car, eight came from the United States. That's a huge development that has happened under President Obama."

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment this week ordered Lone Pine to stop polluting and threatened fines of $10,000 a day. But state regulators have allowed the company to continue operating while making improvements and cleaning up black stains on river banks.
It's not Just PELICANS - Storks in Thailand too: "Hundreds and possibly thousands of open-billed storks have died mysteriously in Ang Thong, triggering fear of a new outbreak of bird flu. The birds were found dead in open ground behind a deserted factory by the side of the Chamlong-Nong Jik road in tambon Chamlong in Sawangha district after residents noticed that the animals looked drowsy and lay around on the ground, causing a bad stench in the air, the kamnan of Chamlong, Suebsak Waewkaew, said."
Space weather forecasters are keeping a close watch on a large collection of sunspots that could unleash blasts of energy or charged particles toward Earth in ...

The State of Israel may launch a military strike on the Islamic Republic of Iran any time now, reports Israeli television network Channel 10 News.
( Russian warnings not to do so are studiously ignored. Not only is the whole issue ridiculous, Mike Duff at Veteran's Voice made a note Russia had likely provided an option for retaliation by turning Israeli WMD into dirty bombs at their home bases via Russian missiles)
Catherine Ashton, the lead negotiator for the six-nation group bargaining with Iran over its contentious uranium enrichment program, did not offer specifics about talks on May 23 in Baghdad.
( Iran has signed a treaty outlining how it is to behave, signed with over 100 countries. Who is messing with the volunteered regime promoted by a country dedicated to nuclear disarmament..... in the paper thin disguise of threat reduction )
Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, has accused the US, Israel and some Arab states of stoking "terrorism" in Syria during a speech broadcast to thousands of his supporters in southern Beirut.

"Who wants the destruction of Syria? America and Israel and some Arab countries," said Nasrallah, whose Shia movement is close to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government.
In Beirut speech, Hezbollah leader also says his movement can accurately hit targets throughout Israel in case of war.
The vast majority of the radioactive plutonium on the planet is man-made—roughly 500 metric tons, or enough to make 100,000 nuclear weapons by the calculations of ...

freethoughtblogs.comIranian cartoonist Mahmoud Shokrayeh has been sentenced to 25 lashes for ‘insulting’ a Member of the Islamic Assembly, Ahmad Lotfi Ashtiani, by drawing him in a football kit. The cartoon is criticising the interference of politicians in sports.
Opinion: "In societies otherwise so thoroughly dominated by money and its colonisation of every sphere of private and public life, it is imperative that public universities remain one of the few places where a democratic, non-commodified public sphere can function," argues Mark LeVine: http://aje.me/KR32Mx
Universities are the canaries in the coal mine for determining the health of society at large.
One Documentary You Need To See Today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqbRGzv3KMA
Mickey Lemle's documentary Ram Dass, Fierce Grace is a portrait of Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), author, 60s guru, spiritual teacher, cohort of Timothy Leary, &...
From the farmers to the traders, the cartels to the consumers, we assess the economics of the 'war on drugs'.
TOKYO/NEW YORK (Reuters) - One of the reactors at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant has a hole in its main vessel following a meltdown of fuel rods, leading to a leakage of radioactive water,
Researchers, worried about the weaponization of the global High Altitude Atmosphere Research Program (HAARP) network, suddenly have much more to fear. The Russians, Chinese, and Americans are racing to power up their Antarctic HAARP facilities and bring them online. Once the newe

Via the National Security Archive at George Washington University: More than year after the National Security Archive sued the CIA to declassify the full
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