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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

9 May - Chemtrails and Conspiracy

In January 2009, President of the United State...In January 2009, President of the United States of America, George W. Bush invited then President-Elect Barack Obama and former Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter for a Meeting and Lunch at The White House. Photo taken in the Oval Office at The White House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
President Barack Obama autographs a Singing Ca...President Barack Obama autographs a Singing Cadets poster during a visit with former President George H. W. Bush, following the Points of Light forum at Texas A&M University, in College Station, Texas, Oct. 16, 2009. In the mirror, Reggie Love, personal aide of President Obama and Robert Gates, secretary of Defence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
President George W. Bush and President-elect B...President George W. Bush and President-elect Barack Obama meet in the Oval Office of the White House Monday, November 10, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9-11 The Big Clue Everyone Missed
( What I mean when I say everything was too pat, too fast)

Notes from Care 2 comments

Loose Change 9/11 2001
(AE911truth:) "9/11: Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction" (2008; 112 min)
"Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out" (2011, 138 min) not-yet-in-IMDb (?)

Dear Friends & Family,

I made the mistake of voting for Barack Obama in 2008, but since then, I have learned to look into political candidates' voting records, political funding sources, and more, before deciding to support them. In the spirit of hoping to prevent others from making the same mistake I made in 2008, I am sharing this very important information that I thought you might want to review for yourself:

Obama Fact Sheet (Bush & Obama, Same Old Drama): http://stpeteforpeace.org/obama.html

Bush 2.0: 100 Ways Barack Obama Is Just Like George W. Bush: http://www.humblelibertarian.com/2011/08/bush-20-100-ways-barack-obama-is-just.html

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Big PHARMA, were top donors to Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign: http://votesmart.org/candidate/campaign-finance/9490/barack-obama-jr & http://maplight.org/us-congress/legislator/635-barack-obama & http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/drug-law/obama-tops-big-pharma-campaign-dollars-2012

Oil, Gas industry give biggest contributions to (1) Mccain and (2) Obama in 2008 election: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0510/36783.html & http://www.opensecrets.org/industries/recips.php?ind=e01&cycle=2008&recipdetail=A&mem=Y&sortorder=U


Secrecy Defines Obama’s Drone War: http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2011/12/20

Rare photos of CIA drone attack civilian victims: http://www.examiner.com/human-rights-in-national/rare-photos-of-cia-drone-bugsplat-bodies-secret-blackhole-battle-released

Obama Administration’s 2012 Defense Spending Proposal Is ‘The Largest Request Ever’ Since World War II: http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2011/02/14/143911/pentagon-budget-largest/

Congressman Kucinich says Obama "crossed the line," calls attacks on Libya an "indisputable" impeachable offense: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20045508-503544.html

Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen? http://www.thenation.com/article/166757/why-president-obama-keeping-journalist-prison-yemen

Meet Obama's Proposed 2013 Federal Drug Budget: http://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle/2012/feb/15/meet_obamas_proposed_2013_federa

Obama: From First to Worst on Medical Marijuana: http://blog.mpp.org/prohibition/obama-from-first-to-worst-on-medical-marijuana/10112011/

The Unholy Alliance: Monsanto, Dupont, and Obama: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ronnie-cummins/the-unholy-alliance-monsa_b_642385.html

ACLU trashes Obama over indefinite detention and torture act: http://rt.com/usa/news/obama-detention-ndaa-aclu-303/

Supreme Court: Sorry Obama, Police Cannot Invade Property, Track Without Warrant: http://www.dailytech.com/Supreme+Court+Sorry+Obama+Police+Cannot+Invade+Property+Track+Without+Warrant/article23851.htm

Obama signs anti-protest Trespass Bill: http://rt.com/usa/news/trespass-bill-obama-secret-227/

Obama Administration Called Out for Hypocrisy Over Whistleblower Prosecutions: http://pogoblog.typepad.com/pogo/2012/02/obama-administration-called-out-for-hypocrisy-over-whistleblower-prosecutions.html

Why is Obama Championing Bush’s Financial Wrecking Crew? http://www.rooseveltinstitute.org/new-roosevelt/why-obama-championing-bush-s-financial-wrecking-crew

The White House deal with Big Pharma undermines democracy: http://www.salon.com/2009/08/10/pharma/

Obama's Ironic Legacy Might be That He Continued the Unconstitutional Patriot Act: http://baltimorechronicle.com/2011/021511Brasch.shtml

Taxpayers slapped with $32 billion bill to pay for TSA molestation of their children and seniors: http://www.naturalnews.com/034998_TSA_molestation_taxpayers.html

Obama Tries to Bypass Congress with Deadly Global Internet Treaty ACTA (Worse Than SOPA & PIPA!): http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/foreign-policy/10685-obama-tries-to-bypass-congress-with-deadly-global-internet-treaty-acta

Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama 2012 (Contrast): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBa4cY5IWTk

What do you do when The Truth just won’t go AWAY?

Secret Presidential Chemtrail Budget Uncovered - Congress Exceeds Billions To Spray Populace Like Roaches

(Red flagged at Web of Trust. It's getting so that is a sign something worthwhile might be posted ! ) 

 Chemtrails : Hard Truth

In what may be the first governmental acknowledgement of its kind, a public official from Cleveland, Ohio has referenced "chemtrails" in a bill put before congress.  Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) has submitted bill no. HR 2977 IH , which proposes a ban on the weaponization of space.  One of the weapons systems listed in the bill is "chemtrails". The use of this term is significant because until now, all reported governmental inquiries into this issue have been dismissed or denied.  Agencies such as the Air Force have routinely called reports of chemtrails "a hoax". CONGRESSMAN ACKNOWLEDGES CHEMTRAILS

This whole chemtrail issue is related to the plan for decreasing the world population to around 450-500 million -- and starting with the US first. Another dark chemtrail hypothesis

  I remember Vice President Gore -- he was just elected at that time -- giving a keynote address about reducing population. And I thought, 'What? Do the American people know what's going on? The U.N.'s Shocking Agenda

 Contrail Science - Its Impact on Climate and Weather Control Programs Conducted by the United States and Its Allies  PDF

An Updated Look at Aerosol Toxins – Part 1 

Monsanto has just released an Aluminum Resistant Seed which is Genetically Modified to tolerate Aluminum in high levels in the soil. Is this a coincidence, or do they know something?

Chemtrail Assault - Crime Against Humanity


my site: http://www.indianinthemachine.com
To learn about the Supreme Commander of Project Transition Earth, visit I AM SANANDA.

"When we speak that the Avatars and Masters have permeated the gridwork of the world, they bring with them their own tools for Teaching. The tools that are being utilized on your planet are artifacts that are not of your dimension. They are symbolic forms, but, literally, they have a life of their own and they make up what is known as the language of light." ~ Pleiadians Channeled through Barbara Marciniak "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; It is the source of all true art and science." ~ Albert Einstein

This superficially resembles my water filter which is an older version  Nikken Aqua Pour. My deceased mother in law was sold on magnetic resonance therapy and I seem to have inherited it - with a recharge several weeks ago.

Orgonite Info.com
True Vibrations Organite FB Invitation

Cemenite Story 6: How to make cemenite

on  at 2:44 AM
Posted In: HEALTH
Originally posted on this link. Here is how to make cemenite:
Cemenite is an orgone device. A device that produce a type of energy which people call as orgone. It produce orgone by utilizing specific geometry and material. Correctly made, the type of orgone that cemenite produce is the one that has these kind of effect:.................

   Urine Toxic Metals
Sample Report |  Collection Instruction  |  Order

  • Assessment of toxic metal retention and essential element status/wasting
  • Monitors detoxification therapy
  • Analysis by ICP-MS
  • Result specific commentary provided
  • Variable urine collection periods
Urine toxic and essential elements analysis is an invaluable tool for the assessment of retention of toxic metals in the body and the status of essential nutrient elements. Toxic metals do not have any useful physiological function, adversely affect virtually every organ system and disrupt the homeostasis of nutrient elements.

Project Bluebeam and Chemtrails
Awaken Part 2 – DawnchristineFord

Galactic Free Press 

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