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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

8 May - iGoogle

The Saenger Theatre in Hattiesburg, Mississipp...The Saenger Theatre in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, listed on the National Register of Historic Places (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Jaguar exhibit at Hattiesburg Zoo, Hattiesburg...Jaguar exhibit at Hattiesburg Zoo, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Environment Agency operates numerous locksThe Environment Agency operates numerous locks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Peru ,CuscoPeru ,Cusco (Photo credit: Ianz)

All Things Considered - NPR
Soccer Star With Soap Opera Roots Aims At Olympics
Uphill Climb For Veteran Lugar In Tuesday Primary

American Water Intelligence


  • Environment chief backs fracking
    The chairman of the Environment Agency, Lord Smith, is expected to back the expansion of the controversial "fracking" method of extracting natural gas from shale rock.
  • Dinosaur gases 'warmed the Earth'
    Giant dinosaurs could have warmed the planet with their flatulence, say scientists.
  • Bacteria may help build PCs
    Magnet-making bacteria may help build biological computers of the future, an international team of researchers says.
  • 'Supermoon' graces the night sky
    A "supermoon", bigger and brighter than usual, is seen in the night sky as it comes closer to the Earth - bringing with it the chance of higher tides.
  • Artificial quakes rock 'hospital'
    Engineers in California unleash high-intensity artificial earthquakes on a five-storey building packed with medical equipment
  • Peru beach alert over dead birds
    Scientists in Peru hunt the cause of the mysterious deaths of hundreds of pelicans on the coast in the north of the country.

Blog of Rights - ACLU

Will We Let the FBI Micromanage Our Software?
The Shame of Guantánamo: A Close-Up View of Injustice


Verizon's HomeFusion now brings 4G LTE home, but not for cheap
Liquid-cooled LED bulbs ready for summer


Prince Harry honored, salutes wounded war vets at D.C. dinner
A Washington think tank celebrated Prince Harry on Monday night for his humanitarian efforts, with the British royal deflecting the praise by...  
New terrorist plot to attack plane foiled

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Lessons learned from the Climate Justice Project: Seth Klein at INET conference (video)
Study reveals secret Canadian bank bailout

Carbon Farmers of Australia

Top 15 Questions about the Carbon Farming Initiative
How common is common practice?

Center for Climateand Energy

Carbon Forum North America 2012
Speech: Utilizing CCS to Reduce Emissions

Circle of Blue- water news

Designing Water Use and Pricing
Federal Water Tap, May 7: Fracking Fracas


Terence Blacker: The 10 keys to being happy and highly ineffective
Rhodri Marsden: A deathly dull road trip – the perfect way to get to know someone

Common Dreams

They Are Taking Our Rights Away, Again
Confirmed: Oil Is Bad For People, Turtles and Other Living Things

Daily Bell

Enduring Commitments Abroad

Daily News - Egypt

Farewell Note from the Shareholders of EMS
Pan-Muslim body may participate in UN Syria observer mission

Democracy Now!

'Google' for Music Could Be on Its Way
A computer program is able to find songs using keywords like "happy" or "funky."  

EPA Radiation News
Statement on Passing of Peter Lord, Environmental Reporter for Providence Journal
EPA to Help Citizen Scientists Learn More about Air and Water Pollution in the U.S. Virgin Islands

EPA Water Science

Fish Advisories with EPA’s Improved Online Tools
BEACON 2.0 - Beach Advisory and Closing On-line Notification

Food and Water Watch

A Watered-Down Education
REVIEW: Last Call at the Oasis

Food Consumer

Do You Really Need That Expensive Prescription? Lawmakers Have Doubts
Stop Feeding Our Babies Genetically Engineered Infant Formula and Baby Food

Force Change

Overturn Decision to Allow Unlimited Night Hunting in North Carolina

FreakOut Nation

Bernie Sanders on Sarkozy’s defeat: “Austerity, yes, but for millionaires & billionaires, not working families”

Guardian UK

Al-Qaida airline bomb plot foiled by CIA
Plan hatched by Yemen affiliate of al-Qaida ( trademarked disinformation comedy special - CIA ) involved more sophisticated version of 2009 underwear bombUS intelligence services foiled a plot... ( and Inspector Clouseau nowhere in sight )
François Hollande prepares for life in the Élysée Palace as 'President Normal'

Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon BP Core-Exit

SteveLendmanBlog: America's Gulf Disaster Revisited
The 4th Media » Two Years After the BP Oil Spill: IS THE GULF ...


BEAR POOPS IN WOODS: Big Labor Falls In Line With Obama
Cover Versions: Walk Off The Earth

Inside Facebook

Data shows social readers have mixed results, but aren’t ‘collapsing’
Viddy, Instagram, Pinterest, games, Metacafe, Zoosk, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook apps by MAU


Metanota Is An Elegant, Cloud-Syncing, Simple Notes Manager [Mac Downloads]


More Israeli Official Quotes on Iran
Iran, threat, irrational–right?

NPR - news

Shhhh! (Facebook's About To Go Public)

NRC news releases

IV-12-017: Statement From Chairman Gregory Jaczko on San Onofre Restart
II-12-029: NRC Schedules Meeting to Discuss 2011 Performance of Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant

New Scientist - online news

Astrophile: Hot Jupiters oust their siblings
Sauropod farts warmed the planet*
( * Which came first - the heat or the dinosaur )
Global warming heats up tornado debate

News 24
US thwarts new al-Qaeda plane bomb plot

The CIA has thwarted an ambitious plot by al-Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen to destroy a US-bound airliner.  
Smartphones the indispensable thing


TRENDING: Romney: 'I'll take a lot of credit' for auto industry success (CNN)

Obama Conspiracy Theories

Open Channel
Even a $31.5 million bid won't snag Huguette Clark apartments for Qatari P.M.

Brown Harris StevensThe view from Apartment 8W at 907 Fifth Avenue, a view that Huguette Clark gave up for the last 20 years of her life. The...  
Prostitute at center of Secret Service scandal: Agents were 'stupid brutes'

Open Secrets

The NFL's Influence Game

Aamir Debuts on TV With Focus on Female Foeticide 


Now a witness to Breitbart’s death vanishes

Payvand Iran News

Photos: Visiting Armenian Leader says Armenian community has satisfactory co-existence with Muslims in Iran
West denies Iran "vital" drugs: Rafsanjani

Pesticide Action Network

Midwest communities find atrazine in their water

Philippines News

21 more Filipinos evacuated from Syria

Political MoJo : Mother Jones

Corn on Hardball: What's Obama's Campaign Pitch?
Roe v. Wade Is Not a Gateway to an Islamist Takeover

Psychology Today

Is It Willpower or Self-Control?

Politics Security Secrecy
SSPA - Agorà | Blog | Womens Nike Air Max 2012 in your eyes


How the war on terror could solve art's most enduring mysteries

Science Daily

Some giant planets in other systems most likely to be alone

Scientific American
Shut Off E-Mail to Ease Work Stress
Conservation is important - for the sake of our health

Shaleshock Media

Hector Clean Waters presents Joe Heath & Sandra Steingraber

Star Online

Car washer gets three years' jail for robbery, slashing victim


Nation Digest: 3 plants to close after 'pink slime' flap; Abbott Labs to pay $1.5 billion over drug Depakote
Army: No bullet wound found in soldier Skype death

TED Blog

The color of x: Seeing red in this photo set from TEDxSummit
How midwives can save lives in the Horn of Africa: Edna Adan Ismail at TEDxRC²


After SOPA And ACTA, Now TPP Starts To Fall Apart
DailyDirt: Fooling Some Of The People Some Of The Time...

Ten Percent

Friday. Confusing
Friday! Portlandia & Kate Bush

This Week in Science

Hooking Up in Water Striders
Uneven Gap

Turkmenistan to host WHO ministerial meeting

Turkmenistan prepares for holding a meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) with the participation of European countries’ health ministers...  

USA Today

New French president has quieter style

Unexplained Mysteries

Did Mars rocks shelter ancient life ?

Rick Santorum endorses Mitt Romney in late-night email - Los Angeles Times
Liberals steer outside money to grass-roots organizing - msnbc.com
By Lauran Neergaard AP WASHINGTON -- The obesity epidemic may be slowing, but don't take in those pants yet. Today, just more than a third of US adults are obese. By 2030, 42% will be, according to a forecast released Monday. That's not nearly as many ...
Drug firm guilty of fraud - The Register-Guard
By Pete Yost AP WASHINGTON — Abbott Laboratories has pleaded guilty and agreed to pay $1.5 billion over allegations that it promoted the anti-seizure drug Depakote for uses that were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
Federal regulators said Monday that an experimental pill being developed by Pfizer to treat rheumatoid arthritis raised “serious safety concerns” and was linked to a higher risk for lymphoma, a form of cancer, and serious infections.
By Alexandra Sifferlin | @acsifferlin | May 7, 2012 | + Popping a couple zinc supplements at the start of cold could save about two days of sniffling, at least for adults, finds a new review. A analysis of 17 studies involving 2121 people aged 1 to 65 ...
By Richard Shears and Rob Cooper Thousands of pills filled with powdered human flesh have been discovered by customs officials in South Korea, it was revealed today. The capsules are in demand because they are viewed as being a medicinal 'cure-all'.
By Robert Weisman Shares of Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. surged more than 55 percent Monday after the company released interim data showing an experimental drug combination dramatically improved breathing for some cystic fibrosis patients taking it in a ...
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Most Americans have seen a decade-long erosion in access to medical services that is likely to continue if President Barack Obama's healthcare law is struck down by the Supreme Court or repealed in Congress, a study released on ...
Jeff Padrick / AP This photo provided by Dominos shows a Domino's Pizza. The pizza
Web MD
Longer Commutes Can Put Us on Road to Poor Health
A new study found that people who commuted more than 15 miles to work each day were more likely to be obese and to carry a lot of fat around the...  
Preventing Skin Cancer in Youths: Appeal to Vanity
Fancy dress Chihuahua parade fails to break world record
Graeme Obree aiming to hit 100mph on bike made from old saucepan 
White House
First Lady to Welcome Spouses of Foreign Leaders to White House and Hometown of Chicago
Presidential Proclamation -- National Charter Schools Week, 2012

Watergate Revelations: The Coup Against Nixon, Part 1 of 3
This Week in Bullsh*t: Startup Fever 
Zoe - It's Our Nature

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