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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

5 May - My Feedly - Weekend Edition

Afghanistan_021_LGS_WFP_Franco_PagettiAfghanistan_021_LGS_WFP_Franco_Pagetti (Photo credit: Peter Casier)
Afghanistan_059_BEN_WFP_Clive_ShirleyAfghanistan_059_BEN_WFP_Clive_Shirley (Photo credit: Peter Casier)
A small fortress on a hill in Kabul, Afghanistan.A small fortress on a hill in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The $35 billion New Kabul master plan, in whic...The $35 billion New Kabul master plan, in which the city is expected to expand north towards Bagram Air Base. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
AfghanistanAfghanistan (Photo credit: Ricymar Fine Art Photography)
AfghanistanAfghanistan (Photo credit: Ricymar Fine Art Photography)
A small section of Kabul, Afghanistan.A small section of Kabul, Afghanistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
AfghanistanAfghanistan (Photo credit: Ricymar Fine Art Photography)

Weekend Edition Feed your mind

Alleged 9/11 Plotters Keep Mute In Cuba Court
Four of the five men accused of the 9/11 terror charges have refused to utter a single word throughout their first court appearance at a military tribunal in Guantanamo Bay.The only defendant at the hearing to speak was Yemeni prisoner Ramzi bin al Shibh, who yelled in a mix of Arabic and broken English at the judge: "Maybe they will kill me and say I committed suicide."All five accused refused to

The Power of Crowd Sourcing Versus the Power of Propaganda
There is a fascinating discussion thread at Enenews debating whether crowd-sourced intelligence from Japanese citizens can combat the veil of silence and lies that together constitute official discourse about Fukushima http://enenews.com/ability-unit-4-withstand-another-seismic-event-rated-nuclear-watchdogOne of the participants of the thread feels that spent fuel pool fires at the plant could not
Afghanistan Weekly Reader: Agreement Allows 10-Year Extension of US Presence in Afghanistan
President Obama made headlines this week with a surprise trip to Kabul to sign the US-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement. The agreement made explicit what has been understood all along: the US commitment to Afghanistan will continue after 2014. What the agreement fails to do, however, is define what that commitment will look like. In particular, while restating that the US does not seek p


Former IDF Intelligence Head: Attacking Iran May Accelerate Nuclear Program
Shlomo Gazit A growing number of current and former Israeli officials are voicing concern that attacking Iran may prove counterproductive in deterring Iran from pursuing a nuclear weapon. Last week, former Israeli internal security chief Yuval Diskin warned that attacking Iran may “encourage them to develop a bomb.” In an interview on Tuesday, former Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) intelligence head


Global Population Explosion Marks The End Of The Iron Age
The KALI YUGA, also known as the Iron Age, is acknowledged by the ancients to contain the seeds of its own destruction. The Mayan Long Count Calendar reveals when and how and where these seeds will sprout and grow into a vine of planetary disintegration. Picture a thousand dots on a radar screen which have been placed by the Universe itself. Then, imagine the challenge that is presented to connect



The EnvironmentaList
4 unread articles

Hog Tied
Small Farmers say Michigan’s Efforts to Root Out Feral Pigs is Driven by Big Ag Interests
Farm Bill Subsidies Often Harm Not Help Family Farmers
The Real Winners Have Been Animal Feedlot Operators, Corporate Mega-Farms, Input Suppliers Like Monsanto, And Big Grain Traders Like Cargill
Occupy 2.0
With the Takeover of a University of California Agricultural Testing Station, Occupiers Move from Envisioning a New World to Creating One
Occupy Movement Seeks May Day Revival
Follow Independent Media Coverage of Occupy's Spring Uprising


The Endless Arrogance of Wall Street
The American Prospect Jamelle Bouie May 2, 2012 The super wealthy apparently believe that they deserve constant deference. Greg Sargent is rightfully stunned by the entitled petulance of Wall Street bankers who are shocked—shocked—that President Obama would do anything other than praise their indispensable brilliance: Wall Streeters are so upset about Obama’s harsh populist rhetoric that they pri
Obama’s Speech In Afghanistan – May 1, 2012 – FULL TEXT
The New York Times Published: May 1, 2012 Good evening from Bagram Air Base. This outpost is more than seven thousand miles from home, but for over a decade it has been close to our hearts. Because here, in Afghanistan, more than half a million of our sons and daughters have sacrificed to protect our country. Today, I signed an historic agreement between the United States and Afghanistan that defi
How ‘Obamacare’ Is Saving Seniors Billions On Meds
TPM Sahil Kapur May 1, 2012, 6:16 AM In the first two years after “Obamacare” was signed, Medicare reforms in the law saved seniors a total of $3.4 billion in prescription drug costs by bridging a coverage gap, according to official figures.Over 220,000 beneficiaries have saved an average of $837 in the first three months of 2012, the Medicare agency said Monday. That’s on top of $3.2 billion
Swiss Bank Account
Published on May 1, 2012 by BarackObamadotcom Are you in? https://my.barackobama.com/swissbankad “Swiss Bank Account” highlights Mitt Romney’s belief that a strong economy is built on outsourcing, loopholes and risky financial deals. As a corporate CEO, he shipped American jobs to places like Mexico and China. As governor, Romney outsourced state jobs to India, and now as a candidate for preside

Corbett Report Radio 126 – Blowing the Whistle on the FBI
On tonight’s broadcast we dip into the Corbett Report archives to highlight the stories of some of the whistleblowers from within the ranks of the FBI. From perjury on the stand to fraud in the crime lab to theft of evidence from Ground Zero, tonight we uncloset the FBI’s skeletons. Works Cited: Classified Woman – The Sibel Edmonds Story DOJ review of flawed FBI forensics processes lacked transpar
Syrian Girl on the Global Agenda
Syrian Girl joins us once again to go over the latest in Syria, including the (predicted) breakdown in the Annan peace deal and the likely next steps in the escalation of the conflict. We also discuss the larger agenda of global conflict and global government and what the average person can do in the face of these geopolitical nightmares.
Japan’s Last Nuclear Reactor Taken Offline – James Corbett on RT
Japan is set to turn off its last working reactor this weekend, leaving one of the world’s largest industrial nations without a source of nuclear energy for the first time in almost 50 years. The government has bowed to public pressure following last year’s disaster at the Fukushima power plant after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. For more on the impact of the shut-down, RT talks to Jame
Interview 510 – Syrian Girl on the Global Agenda
Syrian Girl joins us once again to go over the latest in Syria, including the (predicted) breakdown in the Annan peace deal and the likely next steps in the escalation of the conflict. We also discuss the larger agenda of global conflict and global government and what the average person can do in the face of these geopolitical nightmares.
Corbett Report Radio 125 – Internment USA and Food World Order
On tonight’s Thursday night edition of the broadcast we cover the latest ominous indicators of FEMA camps and interment of the population in the USA. In the second half of the show we talk to James Evan Pilato of FoodWorldOrder.com for all the latest stories from the world of food, health, and the environment. Works Cited: Asian shares fall after data, ECB disappoint Restricted U.S. Army Internmen
Interview 509 – Roger G. Charles on What the OKC Investigation Missed
Veteran investigative journalist Roger G. Charles joins us to discuss the new book which he has co-authored, Oklahoma City: What the Investigation Missed and Why It Still Matters. We investigate some of the anomalies, discrepancies and holes in the official account of the OKC bombing, including the bombing itself, the role of Andreas Strassmeier at Elohim City, the numerous forewarnings, and much


RIP MCA aka Adam Yauch
Mark Richardson: The Beastie Boys turned curiosity into a form of art. They wanted to know more about what was around them and learn everything they could about what wasn’t. Forget about Kurt Cobain for a second: For kids like me, the Beastie Boys invented the 90s. Technology was changing fast and the world was shrinking rapidly. Between their music and label/magazine Grand Royal, the Beasties sh
The F-35 boondoggle in context: This “is oppressive, dictatorial regime-building that would do any petro-state proud”
We are definitely not in Kansas anymore, Canuckistan — and Michael Harris says that we just had our “Wizard of Oz moment”: The curtain has been well and truly whipped away from the PM’s self-promoting deceptions and he is revealed for what he is: a power-tripper on a mission to give Canada an extreme makeover that only the super-rich and the semi-comatose could endorse. And he is doing it with vi


Let’s Intervene in Elections
Adbusters' Kalle Lasn, who initiated the call to "occupy" Wall Street, says that by working in the Republican Party, Tea Partiers are "blind" to how change actually happens. He believes the New "Occupy" Left would be better off starting a third party. Were In These Times Founding Editor & Publisher James Weinstein alive, he would say, as he did in an August 2000 article: "The Left should
Property Rights in the Cloud
When you hear the phrase "property rights," you probably think of farmers fighting environmental regulators and homeowners arguing with oil drillers. But in the Information Age, you should also be thinking about your computer--and asking, how much of you is really yours? It's not a navel-gazing rumination from a college Intro to Existentialism class--it's an increasingly pressing question in the b
Out of the Margins, Into the Fray
In this presidential election year, millions of voters find themselves caught, once again, between a Republican rock and a Democratic hard place. Because of the primacy of the two-party system, only major party candidates have the funding, organization and media visibility to be competitive in most federal, state and local elections. As a result, Greens or other minor party standard bearers are al
Cartagena Beyond the Secret Service Scandal
Though sidelined by the Secret Service scandal, last month's Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, was an event of considerable significance. There are three major reasons: Cuba, the drug war and the isolation of the United States. A headline in the Jamaica Observer read, "Summit shows how much Yanqui influence had waned." The story reports that "the big items on the agenda were the lu
Occupy’s Meme Warrior
Last July, Adbusters sent out this invitation addressed to those "ready for a Tahrir moment": "On Sept. 17, flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street." And thus, the Vancouver-based nonprofit magazine published by self-described "culture jammers and creatives working to change the way information flows, the way corporations wield power and the w


How Does an economical SEO Business Cut Costs To You?
An affordable SEO companies doesn’t cut prices or help you know great discounts at your SEO company. Yet, it concluded on saving a a significant money for your business. This really through efficiency, productivity in addition to a more smart system to the overall approach to website Optimization. First of all affordable SEO agencies do is have a array of tools, some free as well as some paid to r
Hot Trainer Luggage Teach You to demonstrate Elegance of Man on this Summer time
coach outlet resilient good quality, delightful design from the tote in order to earn the style industry’s interest,http://www.coachoutlet90.com/ despite the fact that it is lower tone layout is not hard, however Mentor continually in the traditional U . s . traditions with regard to creativity, and integration from the modern U . s . fashion, standard and common model associated with ideal balanc


End of the beginning.
There is always the danger of reading far too much into local election results. By any yardstick both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats ought to have done badly yesterday, and indeed they have. The Liberal Democrats are playing their losses down, despite how this leaves them with fewer councillors than at any time since the Liberals merged with the SDP. They obviously hope that this w
Louise Mensch goes stray for pay! (Or, seeking attention and then complaining about the downsides of doing so.)
Louise Mensch has it seems been taking lessons in distracting attention away from legitimate criticism from Nadine Dorries. Yesterday Mensch tagged a few, and it should be stressed it is a few, unpleasant tweets from various people and then complained about how horrible it is being bullied on social networking websites. First off, some of them aren't unpleasant or anything approaching bullying,
A nasty taste in the mouth.
There are many things about the investigation into the death of Gareth Williams that leave a nasty taste in the mouth. While the apparent murder of an MI6/GCHQ worker in such bizarre circumstances is always going to invite comment and speculation, it's fair to say that the leaks to the press alleging that Williams was either gay, a transvestite or had come to a sticky end at the hands of al-Qaida
"Not fit."
The select committee system has at long last come of age. Today's report by the culture, media and sport committee into News International and phone hacking (PDF) is absolutely devastating, even more critical than this morning's Guardian report suggested it would be. While neither James or Rupert Murdoch are criticised for directly misleading parliament, the majority decision to say that Keith s

Syria Comment

Week’s Round Up
Maps of the Syrian Conflict: Please acknowledge either syriamap.wordpress.com or, if you have space, as Brendan O’Hanrahan & Esther Kim, or Kim & O’Hanrahan.. The Week’s Round UP - Because the Annan Truce has been so badly observed by both sides – government and rebel- most observers have struggled to apportion blame. The Syrian government has insisted that the rebels are the primary viol
From the Comment Section
From Foreign Policy – Violence continues in Hama An explosion in the Masha at-Tayyar district in the city of Hama killed up to 70 people. The Syrian government and opposition activists have offered conflicting accounts of the blast. According to Syrian state media, 16 people were killed in an accidental explosion in a house that was used as a bomb factory by “armed terrorist groups.” However, acti

our what's in a name Friday open thread
by liberal japonicus While in the US, there is an apparent cultural taboo about naming sports teams after business concerns (though stadiums connected with the team seem to be fair game, as Network Associates Coliseum, home of the Oakland Raiders and Qualcomm Stadium, home of the San Diego Chargers suggests), in Japan, there is no such dividing line. So for most people, it is not the Tokyo Giants,
Why, bless their hearts
by Doctor Science Following links from The Warmth of Other Suns, I'm currently reading Caste and Class in a Southern Town by John Dollard (first published 1937). Dollard was a Yale sociologist with a strong interest in Freudian psychology who did "field work" in Indianola, Mississippi, in the mid-1930s. Dollard was mostly interested in a "study of the Negro mind" by interviewing a variety of bla

Centauri Dreams

Rogue Stars Leaving the Galaxy
Having just re-read Arthur C. Clarke’s The City and the Stars for the first time in a couple of decades, I’ve been preoccupied by the idea of ‘deep time,’ and astronomical events that play out over billions of years. The fictional trick, of course, is to pair human observation with events that take aeons to unfold. In Clarke’s novel, the city of Diaspar is a place that is almost outside of time, a
The Asteroid and the Telescope
One of the topics receiving fairly little coverage in the excitement of the Planetary Resources announcement is asteroid deflection. It seems clear that learning how to reach an asteroid and extract everything from water to platinum-group metals from it will also teach us strategies for changing an asteroid’s trajectory, in the event we find one likely to hit the Earth. The recent report from the
Bringing an Asteroid to Lunar Orbit
Long before Planetary Resources was a gleam in the eye of its founders, John Lewis (University of Arizona) wrote a book that put asteroid mining into the public consciousness. Mining the Sky: Untold Riches from the Asteroids, Comets and Planets (Perseus Books, 1996) contains no shortage of wonders, as in the well publicized idea that a single one-kilometer asteroid could produce enough gold and si
Advent of the ‘Belters’
On the Trail of the Space Pirates was a 1953 adventure written by Carey Rockwell, a house pseudonym used by a Grosset & Dunlop writer who may or may not have been one Joseph Greene, an editor for the firm in that era. We don’t know for sure who ‘Carey Rockwell’ was and no one has come forward to claim the title, but see the Tom Corbett Space Cadet website for another possible clue to authorshi


Baby Killers
The United States has high rates of premature births and of infant mortality. From the New York Times of 5/3/12 regarding premature births— “Although American hospitals excel at saving premature infants, the United States is similar to developing countries in the percentage of mothers who give birth before their children are due, the study’s chief author noted. It does worse than any Western Europ
Houston Scene Reminds Me Of The Charles Sheeler Painting Classic Landscape—You See Stuff If You Just Go Out And Drive Around
Above is a picture I took while driving about Houston recently. This picture reminded of the 1931 Charles Sheeler painting that you see below called Classic Landscape.  The painting is of the massive Ford River Rouge plant in Michigan. Here is how the painting is discussed in American Art And Architecture by Michael Lewis— “….at the end of 1927…Ford unveiled the new Model A…to riotous crowds. Fo
May 4 Is Rhode Island Independence Day
May 4 is Rhode Island Independence Day. On May 4, 1776 Rhode Island declared independence from Great Britain. It was the first of the soon-to-be former colonies to take this step. If you were a school kid in Rhode Island in 1976, you got the day off as a holiday as part of Bicentennial observances that year. I recall that as a good day. I lived in Rhode Island between 1968 and 1980. (Below—The Ro
Life Is Many Things At Once—Creation May Or May Not Be Worth The Violence And Disruption It Involves
Above is a picture I took in January of 2011 of Pioneer Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati is one of my home towns. One thing I like about this cemetery is that it contains the remains of the Revolutionary War soldiers who were among the first wave of white settlers in Cincinnati. Also here are the remains of the women who made everyday life work. When we expand our view of history, we are


Midwest communities find atrazine in their water
Today, PAN released water sampling results from communities across four Midwestern states — Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota — that indicate atrazine is present in drinking water at levels well above those linked to birth defects and low birth weight. Exposure to this common herbicide and potent endocrine disruptor can also increase risk of several types of cancer, including ovarian and
Organic vs Conventional. Is that really the question?
Media are all atwitter about a new Nature study by researchers at McGill University and the University of Minnesota that compares organic and conventional yields from 66 studies and over 300 trials. In extrapolating the study's findings to the charged question of how to feed the world, more than a few got it all wrong. The core finding of the study is that “yield differences [between organ
PAN China takes down paraquat
Last week, the Chinese government officially announced that the country will phase out use of Syngenta's paraquat, an herbicide linked to Parkinson's, cancer and reduced fertility. The official announcement stated that the ban had been imposed "in order to protect the health and safety of the people" and gave a phaseout timeline of four years. read more
Attention Monsanto: Californians to vote on GE labeling
On Tuesday, 971,126 signatures were delivered to county registrars throughout California in support of a ballot initiative to require labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods. Ninety-three percent of Americans say they want to know when they are eating GE food. With up to 80% of the non-organic products on our shelves containing GE ingredients, and little-to-no studies on their long term


Addendum on KN08
Markus Schiller and Robert Schmucker have sent along an Addendum, following up on their original analysis posted here and which  spawned so much press coverage. The issues it raises continue to be very interesting.  I am embroiled in several very interesting discussions, one of which is occurring in the comments to my previous post, Real Fake Missiles.  My favorite moment has been encountering the
Real Fake Missiles?
The other day I joked that I am the Director of the East Asia Nonproliferation program which means, lately, I am the Director of the North Korean Nonproliferation Program. Yeesh. Many of you have noticed that Markus Schiller and Robert Schmucker’s paper on the mockups garnered a significant amount of press attention, including a nice story in the New York Times by Choe Sang-hun with Bill Broad, wh
The Bomber Gap
There is a long history of deceptive practices and bogus military displays designed to project greater firepower than is actually available. In my military dictionary, this is known as creative deterrence, or deterrence on the cheap. A classic case in point occurred during the July, 1955 Moscow Aviation Day, which stoked fears in the United States of a bomber gap. The bomber gap preceded Sputnik


How to get round the censorship of The Pirate Bay
Following the recent High Court judgement ordering ISPs to block The Pirate Bay, Virgin Media have done so: More than four million subscribers were cut off from www.thepiratebay.se on Wednesday evening. Virgin Media was one of five major broadband firms ordered to block the website on Monday after an application to the High Court by the BPI, a record industry trade body. The Pirate Bay, based in


Chen Guancheng: No Easy Choices - Updated 5/5/12
A blind activist shows up at the US Embassy in Beijing. He and his family are being threatened. The movie version is that the brave diplomats spirit him out in the dark of night, lying on the floor of the back seat of the limousine, and fly him to safety. The reality is otherwise. Embassies represent an agreement with the host country not to mess with internal issues. This is an especially sensiti
Bits and Pieces - April 30, 2012
Perhaps the New Yorker could share its surplus of dots-over-letters with the New York Times, which doesn't seem to believe in them.If we want electricity, the generating plants have to be put somewhere.For those of us who have been struggling with the problem like, forever, this is a duh moment. But Foreign Policy is trying to make up to us for its horrible misjudgement on its latest SEX ISSUE cov
Bits and Pieces - April 26, 2012
Today is the twenty-sixth anniversary of the reactor explosion at Chernobyl.I love the Norwegians. I wish we had more coverage of the Breivik trial in the US, so we could see how stupid our security fixation and propensities to hate are.Another story we're not hearing enough about. Or that Murdoch owns Fox. And the Wall Street Journal. The Guardian is doing a good job. The Agonist, where I sometim
Charli Carpenter Gets It Right on Foreign Policy's Sex Issue
Blake Hounshell, currently the managing editor of Foreign Policy, and once upon a time the blogger known as Praktike, has been all over the twitter machine the past few days hawking FP's SEX ISSUE!Yes, sex sells, and yes, I read some of the articles. I was particularly disgusted at the illustrations of a nude woman with a burkha painted on her body. Yes, FP was selling articles about the sexploita

Marching with the Black Bloc in Sacramento
I'm the guy in the blue shirt and charcoal pants, holding my tea from the family operated Fluid on N Street. The introduction states that the liberals and the passives drifted away from the march after awhile, which is sort of true, but in my experience, the number of people involved in most marches tends to dwindle unless there is pre-determined destination for a rally, which was not the case in
Marching with the Black Bloc in Sacramento
Yesterday, I resisted my temptation to engage in activist tourism, and decided to stay in Sacramento for May Day, instead of traveling to Oakland. Oakland is a fine place, no doubt, one that fuses memories of my childhood in Georgia and my junior high and high school years in midtown Sacramento, but I thought it best to participate in a public May Day protest at home. I tend to believe that my p
May Day 2012
For updates, Twitter is the most current source of information, with links to livestreams and photographs. Go to hashtags #M1GS and #BayM1GS. The Guardian is also providing live updates as well. For a livestream and updates as to events in New York City, go here.


Sustainable Energy For All: Action, not just an agenda
London, UK- WWF welcomes the launch of the Global Action Agenda under the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. But WWF urges participants in the initiative to work towards an Action Agenda that focuses much more on achieving energy access through sustainable energy sources and by implementing nationally binding targets through a multi stakeholder processes.

OP-ED: Putting Resilience at the Heart of Development
The world's population today is healthier, wealthier, and better educated than ever before. Yet, despite incredible progress, disconcerting realities stubbornly persist.
Standing Up for the Planet and the Future
What are you doing on Saturday? Peter Nix, a retiree, will be standing on a railway track on Canada's west coast blocking a coal train destined to ship U.S. and Canadian coal to Asia.
Spreading Climate Literacy in Cuba
Local communities can play a key role in adaptation to climate change if they are helped to properly understand the problem and take it on board. "Climate literacy is needed," says Ángela Corvea, a long-time Cuban environmental activist.
U.S. Corporations Sponsor Carbon Scam in Europe**
Major publicly traded U.S. corporations, including Dow Chemical, ConocoPhillips, Chevron and Cabot Corporation, have secured multi-million-dollar dubious carbon credits to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, as revealed in this investigative report.
Q&A: Reviving the Spirit of Rio+20
In the weeks and months leading up to the Rio+20 summit on sustainable development, groups spanning a wide spectrum of interests are doing everything in their power to ensure that the outcomes of the summit are actually carried out.
U.S. Lifestyle Is Not Up for Negotiation
Just before the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, some of the industrial nations, and specifically the United States, were lambasted for their obscenely high consumption of the world's finite resources, including food, water and energy.
Energy Forests, the Feminine Art of Reforesting
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