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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 May - Noted at Care 2

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 29:  A label on the pa...CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 29: A label on the package of a Primatene Mist refill tells customers the product will soon no longer be available September 29, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. Primatene Mist, the only over-the-counter inhalers approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat asthma, will no longer be available after December 31 because the inhaler contains ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which are being phased out. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 03:  Sen. John McCain (R...WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 03: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) (R) speaks about dietary supplements while flanked by Rob Manfred (L) executive vice president of labor for Major League Baseball,Kicker Vencill (2nd-L) former U.S. Swim Team member, Jeremy Bloom (3rd-L) of the U.S. Olympic Ski Team, world champion freestyle skier and Travis T. Tygart (2nd-R) CEO of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency on Capitol Hill, February 3, 2010 in Washington, DC. Senator McCain discussed new legislation that would improve the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) current regulations that would ensure that all dietary supplements sold over the counter are safe and effective. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Coupon for plagiarismCoupon for plagiarism (Photo credit: Wesley Fryer)
FEMA emergency meal recallFEMA emergency meal recall (Photo credit: circulating)
http://www.fda.gov/fdac/features/1999/499_aids...http://www.fda.gov/fdac/features/1999/499_aids.html (US government Food and Drug Administration) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"William R. Carter, government pharmacist..."William R. Carter, government pharmacist for 40 years... As (a) laboratory aide in the Food and Drug Administration of - NARA - 535823 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
RitalinRitalin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
December 1965 FDA Report on Enforcement and Co...December 1965 FDA Report on Enforcement and Compliance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
FDA Inspector LCDR Teresa Fox (USPHS) gives an...FDA Inspector LCDR Teresa Fox (USPHS) gives an overview of the seafood inspection process to HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt and FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach at Phillips Foods and Seafood Restaurants’ processing facility in Baltimore, MD., from the Outreach Activities section of the website of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Author: Food and Drug Administration website U...Author: Food and Drug Administration website U.S. Government documents are, by law, not subject to copyright (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
How to understand and use the US Nutritional F...How to understand and use the US Nutritional Fact Label (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
FDA poster warning against the use of the Hoxs...FDA poster warning against the use of the Hoxsey method. Product of the Food and Drug Administration (U.S. government agency). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mmmm....cake.  And government info.Mmmm....cake. And government info. (Photo credit: emkeller)

FDA Refuses to Ban Antibiotics in Livestock, Resorts to Voluntary Phase Out That Will Be Ignored By Industry
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: abuse, americans, corruption, dishonesty, ethics, government, obama, lies, politics, FDA, antibiotics )
Penny - 2 days ago - naturalnews.com
In a desperate attempt to avoid implementing an actual ban on the non-therapeutic use of antibiotic drugs in factory animal feed, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has once again made it abundantly clear that it favors corporate interests
What Doesn't the NHTSA Want You to Know About Auto Safety ?
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: dishonesty, government, corruption, politics, corporations )
John - 2 days ago - safetyresearch.net PDF
unofficial defect investigations, needlessly redacting public documents, and delaying the release of important investigatory material in high-profile cases due to constant industry pressure
The Banned Doonesbury Abortion Cartoon
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: crime, ethics, terrorism, usa, rape, fascism )
John - 9 days ago - newsjunkiepost.com
Political commentary on legislation implementing Statutory Rape via required involuntary intrusive physical examination to establish no medically needed data
If I Was God
Society & Culture  (tags: ethics, children, health, humans, religion )
John - 9 days ago - newsjunkiepost.com
I have come to despise religion. It didn't take long to realize how religion has taken everything good about god, and made it bad. I still very much believe in a just and sensible god. Let me present to you my version of "IF I WAS GOD...,"
Keeping Global Warming Within Limits
Science & Tech  (tags: investigation, nasa, science, study, space, technology, energy, climate )
John - 9 days ago - my.opera.com
Why would anybody want to calculate all of atmospheric absorption in the form of a "greenhouse gas optical thickness" parameter ? To uphold the very integrity of science against authoritarianism.
'Publication Bias' Casts Doubt on Value of Antidepressants for Autism
Health & Wellness  (tags: children, healthcare, investigation, research, drugs, safety, ethics )
John - 10 days ago - health.msn.com
When researchers combined the data from published studies and those that never made it into print, the new analysis showed that SSRIs don't help repetitive behaviors much at all.

FBI Seizes Server From Progressive Internet Service Provider
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: usa, war, terrorism, SupremeCourt, propaganda, politics, news, obama, media, military, Govtfearmongering, freedoms, government, ethics, elections, dishonesty, corruption, cover-up, crime, constitution, congress, americans, abuse, technology, internet, com )
O O - 10 days ago - truth-out.org
In an attack on our infrastructure, our movement and the democratic Internet, the FBI seized a server from one of our cabinets in a colocation facility. Server is owned by our sister organization, Riseup, and is managed by ECN, a progressive technology pr
Destruction of Poppy Fields in Afghanistan
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: War Against Drugs, GWoT, propaganda, terrorism, troops, usa, war, cover-up, crime, corruption )
John - 10 days ago - englishrussia.com
Photo essay According to some American soldiers, the current U.S. program to combat Afghan drug trafficking which focuses on the destruction of poppy fields is a "waste of money".
U.S. Supreme Court Says Ok for Organizations and Companies to Torture
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: abuse, americans, SupremeCourt, usa, torture )
Jaime - 13 days ago - readersupportednews.org
The Supreme Court is totally out of control and has been for the past 10-15 years
"2012″ and Electromagnetic Effects on Consciousness
Offbeat  (tags: environment, magnetism, gestalt, mind, hallucinations, consciousness, perception )
John - 13 days ago - truththeory.com
excerpted from Revolution 2012 by Dieter Broers We are in the midst of a process involving the restructuring of our neuronal networks, and that the catalyst of this process is the high solar-geomagnetic activity
Surrender Now or We'Ll Bomb You Later
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: usa, war, propaganda, lies, media, Govtfearmongering, military, dishonesty )
John - 13 days ago - atimes.com
Former United States president George W Bush issued an ultimatum to Saddam Hussein before bombing and invading Iraq. Nine years later, US President Barack Obama has issued an ultimatum to the leadership in Tehran
Natalia's Story of HOPE: Blended Learning Model   video
Society & Culture  (tags: Blended learning, blended learning model, what is blended learning, blended education, HOPE Online Learning Academy, HOPE academy charter school, Denver learning center, charter schools in Colorado, Colorado charter schools, charter schools Colorado )
Erik - 14 days ago - youtube.com
3rd grade student, Natalia, shares her experience with blended learning at HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op. For more information, visit ‪http://hopeonline.org
Nuclear Politics
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: media, propaganda, war, terrorism, NATO, UK, Govtfearmongering, lies, cover-up, corruption )
John - 14 days ago - opitslinkfest.blogspot.ca
Rather than revisiting the NPT TRAP again I expanded the range of issues surrounding war and nuclear technology in what I hope is a fresh view

Environment Petition: EPA: Save Our Bees and the Food We Eat! Ban Bayer's Chemicals Now! SIGN NOW!
Environment  (tags: animals, climate, climate-change, conservation, destruction, ecosystems, bees, protection, habitat, water, trees, nature, medicine, chemicals, politics, green, government, fruits, vegetables )
Jim - 28 days ago - change.org
United States bee populations are in a nationwide free fall -- and this could spell the end of fruits and vegetables grown on our soil. Not only has the US experienced widespread honeybee deaths and disappearances, called "Colony Collapse Disorder"
Attack of the Killer Fungi
Health & Wellness  (tags: illness, research, environment, disease, science, risks )
John - 21 days ago - livescience.com
Diseases caused by fungi have been causing some of the most severe die-offs and extinctions ever witnessed in wild species and crops.Fungi are wiping out amphibians, decimating bats.contributing to the disappearance of bees,killing corals and sea turtles.
The Folly of Big Agriculture: Why Nature Always Wins
Environment  (tags: ecosystems, habitat, Sustainabililty, biodiversity. healthconditions )
John - 21 days ago - e360.yale.edu
Large-scale industrial agriculture depends on engineering the land to ensure the absence of natural diversity. Nature ultimately finds a way to subvert uniformity and assert itself.
The Incredible Power of Clouds (and Roy Spencer's Work)
Science & Tech  (tags: space, study, investigation, energy, climate )
John - 22 days ago - joannenova.com.au
Clouds cover an enormous 65% of the planet and are responsible for about half of the sunlight that is reflected back out to space.Most of the differences between IPCC-favoured-models comes from the assumptions the models make about clouds.

Land Mine Detector By 17 Year Old Inventer
Science & Tech  (tags: land mines, inventions, war, humans, habitat )
John - 22 days ago - globalwarming-arclein.blogspot.ca
Seventeen-year-old Marian Bechtel has invented a prototype for a new land-mine-detection device that uses sound waves to identify where deadly mines are buried.

Control Of Your Food Is One Step Closer: It Starts With The Homeless.
Offbeat  (tags: society, food, prevention )
Eric - 23 days ago - homesurvivaltraining.com
Home Survival Training posts a lot of articles and videos on emergency food storage for your home. This article is the reason why Home Survival Training posts and posts again on the importance of a family emergency food supply.
Quakers Address The Queen
Society & Culture  (tags: ethics, religion, violence, freedoms, environment, education )
John - 23 days ago - quaker.org.uk
'The produce of the earth is a gift from our gracious creator to the inhabitants, and to impoverish the earth now to support outward greatness appears to be an injury to the succeeding age.' We must face our responsibility to redress inequalities.

Could This Simple Vitamin Help Treat Psychotic Disorders Better Than Drugs?
Health & Wellness  (tags: anti-psychotic drugs, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Risperdal and Abilify, vitamins, niacin )
Ellyn - 25 days ago - articles.mercola.com
Tragically, many of these dangerous medications may be completely unnecessary, as safely and inexpensively correcting a simple vitamin B3 deficiency may produce dramatic improvements in many with psychotic disorders.
Covering Iran's Ninjas
Society & Culture  (tags: internet, media, news, politics, rights, violence, women, world, ethics, culture )
John - 23 days ago - jadaliyya.com
It may be time for Foreign Policy to have an editorial meeting about its abuse of humor. Ironically, Parks herself warns of "glibly labeling a group in a way that plays into stereotypes about violence is no laughing matter."
Yet MORE Evidence That Pesticides Are Key Culprit in Bee Die-Offs
Environment  (tags: colony collapse disorder, pesticides, endangered, ecosystems, habitatdestruction )
John - 25 days ago - panna.org
Three new studies out in the past two weeks add to the growing body of evidence that implicate pesticides as a critical catalyst behind drastic declines in bee population.
Putting Syria Into Some Perspective
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: cover-up, crime, military, propaganda, terrorism, war )
John - 25 days ago - killinghope.org
The Holy Triumvirate -- The United States, NATO, and the European Union -- or an approved segment thereof, can usually get what they want.Removal of Bashar al-Assad of Syria: As with Gaddafi, the ground is being laid with continual news reports of barbarity

Pesticide Isolated as Cause of Bee Colony Collapse
Environment  (tags: environment, pesticides, bees, farming, organic, healthy, greenliving, sustainable, Sustainabililty, economy )
Organic - 26 days ago - organicconnectmag.com
The likely culprit in sharp worldwide declines in honeybee colonies since 2006 is one of the most widely used pesticides according to a new study from Harvard School of Public Health.
The Failed Pundit
Society & Culture  (tags: dishonesty, environment, politics, society, Post Normal Science )
John - 26 days ago - opitslinkfest.blogspot.ca
A short time ago I was quipping on a thread on a site supposedly 'discussing' the insanity of 'climate deniers' in what looks like an open forum. It was interesting to see how swiftly variations from accepted wisdom disappeared preserving an Echo Chamber
How You Subsidize the Enery Giants to Wreck the Planet
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: ethics, corruption, economy, environment, pollution )
John - 26 days ago - tomdispatch.com
Payola for the Most Profitable Corporations in History And Why Taxpayers Shouldn't Stand for It Any More. The energy watchword for the next few months is: "subsidies."
A Primer on How to Avoid Magical Solutions in Climate Policy
Science & Tech  (tags: science, technology, environment, emissions, climate )
John - 28 days ago - rogerpielkejr.blogspot.ca
The risks of not understanding the Kaya Identity is that one can get caught out proposing magic as the main mechanism of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The identity is also an extremely powerful tool of policy analysis
EcoAlert: Does Cosmic Dust Play a Role in Climate Change?
Science & Tech  (tags: astronomy, discovery, environment, space, study, investigation )
John - 29 days ago - dailygalaxy.com
A new research program will try to see how much space dust enters the Earth's atmosphere and its impact on climate change. Estimates of how much dust comes in vary by a factor of a hundred

Govt Multiagency CleanUp of Navajo Nation Toxic Abandoned Uranium Mines Lags: Indian Advocates & Scientists Ask Why
Environment  (tags: Navajo Nation, toxic abandoned uranium mines, federal 5-yr cleanup plan, DOE, EPA, uranium legacy, decay products-, radon&radium, constant exposure, contamination, water, river, land, livestock, food, disease, death, Native Am lives, politics, money )
PeasantDi - 31 days ago - nytimes.com
Govt efforts to clean up radioactive sites across 27,000 miles² of Navajo rez in AZ-UT-NM, legacy of shoddy mining & federal neglect, way behind & 5-yr plan ends this yr! 3 generations've suffered illness & death from constant exposure that continues...

Someone You Love: Coming to a Gulag Near You - Chris Hedges
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: afghanistan, barack obama, book, chris hedges, election, government, media, military, ndaa, obama, security, speech, terrorism, wall street, war )
Judy - 31 days ago - truthdig.com
The NDAA puts into the hands of people with no discernible understanding of legitimate dissent the power to use the military to deny due process to all deemed to be terrorists, or terrorist sympathizers, and hold them indefinitely in military detention.
How the Fundamentalist Mind Compels Conservative Christians to Force Their Beliefs on You
Society & Culture  (tags: activists, culture, ethics, religion, sects, programming )
John - 31 days ago - alternet.org
Good people are willing to subvert the U.S. Constitution and even violate human decency in their quest for converts. Religions take charge of our moral reasoning and emotions,Religion can alter the way we stack competing values It embeds us in a community
Infographic Comparing Fresh Raw Dairy to Pasteurized Homogenized Dead Milk Learn More: Http://Www.Naturalnews.Com/035 130_raw_mi
Health & Wellness  (tags: nutrition, health, diet, food, risks, science, illness )
John - 32 days ago - naturalnews.com
Infographiic reveals the crucial differences between the nutritional properties, animal compassion and health implications of raw (living) milk versus pasteurized (dead) milk.
The FDA, Monsanto, and Soy : The Assault on the Human Diet
Health & Wellness  (tags: healthcare, diet, nutrition, warning, food, risks )
John - 34 days ago - daghettotymz.com
One of america's rising epidemics is obesity.There are several combinationz that contribute to its growth. there's no tellin' what we're actually eatin' because it's camouflaged by the flavor! more Fast Food chainz opening up 2003 movie, 'Super Size Me'

BP Settlement Sells Out Victims -- Greg Palast
Environment  (tags: BP Exxon, climate-change, conservation, destruction, ecosystems, environment, habitatdestruction, healthconditions, pollution, research, science, trees, water, weather, wildlife, world )
Kit - 34 days ago - truth-out.org
Some deal. BP gets the gold mine and its victims get the shaft. And a few lawyers will get vacation homes - though they won't be so stupid as to build them on the Gulf Coast.
The Climate Wars Revisited or No Truce With Kings.
Environment  (tags: climate-change, ecosystems, environment, conservation, science, Sustainabililty, weather )
John - 35 days ago - thepointman.wordpress.com
Analysis piece on the politics and infowar aspects ; A lot of those articles are small stand-alone explanations of political or psychological ideas. The Establishment were absolutely determined to deconstruct western industrial society into their vision

Eating This Common Food Could Damage Your Kidneys [+ VIDEO]
Health & Wellness  (tags: GMOs, herbicide Roundup, human kidney cells killed )
Ellyn - 36 days ago - articles.mercola.com
According to a new study, low doses of the Bt biopesticide CryA1b, and the glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup, kill human kidney cells. Glyphosate at 57.2 parts per million -- 200 times below agricultural use - killed half the cells.
So-Called Confined Field Releases of GM Eucalyptus Neither Confined Nor Safe
Science & Tech  (tags: NewTechnology, environment, geneticengineering, forests, Eucalyptus )
John - 36 days ago - globaljusticeecology.org
Perfunctory environmental assessment is based largely on uninformed prejudice and hides crucial details on gene constructs under 'Confidential Business Information'.
What FACEBOOK and GOOGLE Are Hiding From World.
Business  (tags: Google, Facebook )
Jason - 36 days ago - youtube.com
What FACEBOOK and GOOGLE are Hiding from world.
Access to Water Is a Right- Not a Privilege
Environment  (tags: ecosystems, water, world, oceans, pollution, conservation )
John - 36 days ago - goodgirlgonegreen.com
After watching Blue Gold, I think that if we continue polluting, diverting, pumping, and wasting our limited supply of fresh water at an exponential rate as our population and technology grows, we may very well end up in a war over water.
Losing My Religion for Equality
Society & Culture  (tags: religion, women, rights, world, freedoms, dishonesty, crime, abuse )
Gail - 37 days ago - theage.com.au
Jimmy Carter, President of the United States from 1977 to 1981, on his decision to sever ties with the Southern Baptist Convention after six decades due to the misogyny being preached through a "twisted misinterpretation of the word of God".
Dancer Walks 500 Miles to Find Coal Mines
Environment  (tags: habitat, Sustainabililty, ecosystems, energy, coal, destruction )
John - 37 days ago - sierraclub.typepad.com
Cassie Meador realized she had no idea where the resources she used came from, or how her resource use impacted the environment.She has decided to take a little walk to trace the source of the energy she uses in her Washington D.C. home.
Fight Against Solitary Confinement in California Prisons Goes to UN
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: crime, government, terrorism, constitution, freedoms, healthcare, housing )
John - 40 days ago - breakallchains.blogspot.ca
Lawyers working with prisoner advocates and community organizations filed a petition to the United Nations calllng for UN action against California's prison administration for treatment that may be considered torture of world's largest isolated population

The BBC Film That Exposed Israel's Secret Illegal Nuclear Weapons (FULL Documentary)   video
World  (tags: israel, 'HUMANRIGHTS!', ethics, crime, death, violence, terrorism, usa )
Barbara - 40 days ago - youtube.com
This documentary tells us that Israel has the 6th largest nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in the World. Israel is the only piece of land on Earth where UN Inspectors do not go to inspect their nuclear sites. WHY NOT??
Dr. Walter Willett on Red Meat
Health & Wellness  (tags: food, risks, red meat, diet )
John - 40 days ago - latimes.com
Willett and colleagues published a study : we did see a linear, step-wise increase in risk of dying prematurely with higher red meat consumption. Low risk : one serving of meat or less per week

Feeding The Homeless Banned In Major Cities All Over America
Society & Culture  (tags: usa, news, constitution, americans, society, humans, sadness )
Evelyn - 41 days ago - fourwinds10.net
What would you do if you came across someone on the street that had not had anything to eat for several days? Would you give that person some food? Well, the next time you get that impulse you might want to check if it is still legal to feed the homeless

For Pennsylvania's Doctors, a Gag Order on Fracking Chemicals
Health & Wellness  (tags: Pennsylvania, fracking, health concerns, toxic materials, disclosure, physicians, gag order on fracking chemicals, EPA's Toxics Release Inventory, Halliburton Loophole )
Judy - 41 days ago - motherjones.com
Under a new law, doctors in Pennsylvania can access information about chemicals used in natural gas extraction--but they won't be able to share it with their patients.
Judge Says FDA Must Act on Rule to Prevent Overuse of Antibiotics in Farm Animals
Animals  (tags: ethics, habitat, humans, protection, antibiotic safety, antibiotic resistance, food supply )
John - 41 days ago - startribune.com
Factory farming rule from 1977 Part of concerns of http://factoryfarmingconference.org/
What the "Skeptics" of Climate Catastrophe Are Skeptical of: Nordhaus Reconsidered
Science & Tech  (tags: investigation, news, research, energy, climate, environment, computer )
John - 42 days ago - motls.blogspot.ca
The most frustrating thing about being a scientist skeptical of catastrophic global warming is that the other side is continually distorting what I am skeptical of. ( Note 'side' :climate scientist Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. makes similar observation re GIGO)

Dick Cheney Is Satan: Fracking, the Environment, and the Halliburton Loophole
Environment  (tags: climate, climate-change, environment, energy, hydraulic fracturing )
Jacquelin - 43 days ago - theorganicblonde.com
A look at hydraulic fracturing, the huge environmental impact of fracking and the Halliburton Loophole

Business  (tags: investments, economy, markets, WORLD BANKS, INVESTMENT HOUSES, MONEY FUNDS, RESIGNATIONS )
Jason - 43 days ago - americankabuki.blogspot.com
I'm in danger of giving myself carpal-tunnel syndrome with all the clicking and pasting. I may make another post at the end of the 2nd quarter and I will pull that data from the Edgar database at the SEC.
Latest Study Confirms No Atmospheric Warming From Carbon Dioxide
Environment  (tags: radia-active, science, weather, globalwarming, CO2emissions, climatechange )
John - 43 days ago - webcommentary.com
PSI think tank publishes more evidence refuting man-made global warming and announces ambitious expansion plans in war against government-sponsored junk science http://www.coyoteblog.com/coyote_blog/2012/03/my-y ears-of-experience-with-public-discourse
The Earth Organization Non-Profit Environmental Conservation View of the Hidden Crisis In The Gulf   video
Environment  (tags: water, healthconditions, pollution, habitatdestruction, government, ecosystems )
John - 51 days ago - youtube.com
http://www.TheEarthOrganization.org Released in January on Gulf Coast cable channels, argue Corexit is a far worse problem than the oil was
Persian Gulf Militarization
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: war, usa, military )
John - 51 days ago - maps.google.com
Military bases and Contingency Sites surrounding Iran.
Other Terrorist Threats
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: lies, propaganda, usa, war, terrorism, politics, government, ethics, constitution, corruption )
John - 52 days ago - opitslinkfest.blogspot.com
Sometimes everything just falls together in the news. Here`s the rundown on corporate war on the environment - and us

The Fukushima Story You Didn't Hear on CNN
Environment  (tags: destruction, government, cover-up, dishonesty, nuclear power, radioactive )
Jo - 53 days ago - gregpalast.com
The real causes of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Unsurprisingly, the story had been squelched.
What Nasty Surprises Await Our Warmongers in the Gulf ?
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: usa, war, military, threats, Iran )
John - 53 days ago - veteranstoday.com
Iran's Sunburn missiles, acquired from Russia and China over the last 10 years, have the capability of creating "a world of hurt" for the US Navy's 5th Fleet.
Why Do Whales Beach ?
Animals  (tags: whales, dolphins, disease )
John - 55 days ago - deafwhale.com
Barotrauma in the sinusitis can be a deadly injury for marine mammals because it prevents them from diving and feeding themselves and also disables their biosonar. Unable to dive deeper than a few meters due to pain,they also lose their sense of direction
Talk to Action Digest
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: crime, corruption, dishonesty, propaganda, religion, cults )
John - 56 days ago - my.opera.com
I subscribe to an emailed weekly synopsis of the misuse of religion in politics. With the AlterNet story on subversion of public schools ( and Texas textbooks by the GOP ) by Dominionists ( there's a wild backstory on Palin ) remember the Brotherhood also

The Religious Right's Plot To Take Control Of Our Public Schools
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: politics, politics and religion, education, radical Right, SupremeCourt, usa, propaganda, republicans, lies, government, ethics, dishonesty, corruption, abuse )
Cal - 57 days ago - alternet.org
The people who brought you "Jesus Camp" are moving into your neighborhood school. And there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Targeted Killings And The Death Of Due Process
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: war on terror, government, constitution )
Lovechild - 56 days ago - fairandunbalancedblog.blogspot.com
The Obama Administration believes it is constitutional to authorize the killing of U.S. citizens in secret without charging them with a crime, notifying them of the government's case or providing any opportunity to defend themselves?
Obama Administration: ACTA Is Binding & Don't Worry Your Pretty Little Heads About TPP
Society & Culture  (tags: censorship, secrecy, ACTA, copyright )
John - 56 days ago - techdirt.com
Under international law, the ACTA is a legally binding international agreement.ACTA dangerously restricts Congress from passing new laws that could push back on some of the worst aspects of copyright law.
Is Skeptic Tom Harris a Dirty Denier of Climate Change?
Environment  (tags: greenhousegases, habitat, pollution, science, weather, climate, CO2emissions, ecosystems )
John - 62 days ago - slayingtheskydragon.com
Howls of protests in the mainstream media denouncing a prominent Canadian skeptic of the man-made global warming narrative sparks a heated debate on academic freedom. But what is the truth behind the hype?
Modern Living: Part III of V (Antibiotics & GMOs)
Health & Wellness  (tags: disease, risks, study, warning, drugs )
John - 63 days ago - 4dtraveler.net
China's reckless use of antibiotics in the health system and agricultural production is unleashing an explosion of drug resistant superbugs that endanger global health
Judge Throws Out Organic Farmers' Case Against Monsanto
Science & Tech  (tags: GeneticEngineering, Monsanto, GM Foods, Terminator Seeds, Seeds of Destruction )
John - 63 days ago - sovereignindependent.com
Between 1997 and 2010, 144 lawsuits were filed by Monsanto against American family farmers, with an additional 700 being settled out of court.The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association was hoping that the judge would disallow the use of Monsanto's see
Monsanto's Bt GMO Corn to Be Sold at Wal-Mart With No Indication It Is Genetically Modified
Health & Wellness  (tags: Environment, Politics )
Walter L - 72 days ago - naturalnews.com
Most of the genetically-modified (GM) corn products forced on American consumers today are hidden in processed foods in the form of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), corn oil, corn starch, and various other corn-based additives. But soon to be available at
World  (tags: Politics, Police State, Central Banking )
Walter L - 72 days ago - thetruthnews.info
Thanks be to the traitors, moles, deceivers and manipulators and all their tools such as the many false flag operations like the 93 world trade center bombing, the underwear bomber and even today with the foiled attack on the U.S. Capitol where there is a

Lhasa Lockdown and Tibetan Disappearences
World  (tags: Lhasa Lockdown and Tibetan disappearence )
Rex - 72 days ago - jamyangnorbu.com
Lhasa consists of approximately 1.2 million Chinese and approximately 200,000 Tibetans. The majority of these Tibetans live in an area which is now almost entirely enclosed by military compounds with walls between 10-16 feet; some with barbed wire.
The Corporate Climate Coup
Science & Tech  (tags: environment, investigation, study, history, news, climate, computers )
John - 72 days ago - activistteacher.blogspot.com
How did scientific speculation so swiftly erupt into ubiquitous intimations of apocalypse? These are not hypothetical questions but historical questions, and they have answers.
But Syriasly, Folks...
World  (tags: Politics )
Walter L - 78 days ago - whowhatwhy.com
An awful long time has elapsed since the media began frenetically covering the uprising in Syria--long enough for more truth to have emerged by now. At WhoWhatWhy, we've had our suspicions that pressworld was getting it wrong (as usual)--but held off from a
CIA Drone Attacks Murder Civilians, Rescuers, Mourners
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: Military )
Walter L - 73 days ago - uruknet.info
Obama recently defended his controversial "drone campaign" in Pakistan as a "targeted, focused effort at people who are on a list of active terrorists," adding that it "has not caused a huge number of civilian casualties." Now, a shocking new report not o
"Salt: This Forbidden Indulgence Could Actually Spare You a Heart Attack"
Health & Wellness  (tags: diet, disease, food, risks, safety, warning )
John - 73 days ago - coyoteprime-runningcauseicantfly.blogspot.com
High-quality salt is actually essential for life,Salt has been vilified as a primary cause of high blood pressure and heart disease. These latter claims have failed to be proven conclusively, as have the purported benefits of a low-salt diet.
'Gag Order' in Internet Snooping Bill Prevents Canadians From Knowing Whether Personal Information Is Handed to Authorities
World  (tags: 'CIVILLIBERTIES!', 'HUMANRIGHTS!', ethics, government )
John - 74 days ago - globaltvedmonton.com
The law would compel Internet service providers to hand over a person's name and home and emailing addresses to the government, RCMP, CSIS or even the Competition Bureau. But that individual has no right to know their information was tapped
Reports Shed Light on Iran Sanctions and US's, Big Oil's Goals in Middle East
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: crime, corruption, economy, Govtfearmongering, propaganda, military, war )
John - 75 days ago - truth-out.org
The anti-Iran campaign has a great deal to do with the fortunes of the world's largest oil companies, rather than with nuclear threats to either Israel or the United States.

Economics Lesson 1
World  (tags: activists, abuse, culture, crime, ethics, education, freedoms, government, interesting, politics, rights, congress, democrats, bushadministration, government, ethics, economy, politics, obama, terrorism, freedoms, candidates, constitution, corruption, eco )
Michael - 92 days ago - opednews.com
Consequences of a dead economy when the government is wasting trillions of dollars in wars of naked aggression and in bailouts of fraudulent financial institutions is a government budget that can only be financed by printing money. Emperor has no cloths.
Political Climate
Society & Culture  (tags: corruption, crime, culture, dishonesty, education, environment, ethics )
John - 85 days ago - opitslinkfest.blogspot.com
You likely know climate change is a political football, even if only from ridiculous seeming pronouncements. And scientists are respected - so they make good cover for politicians to use them as sock puppets.
Environment  (tags: climate-change, destruction, habitatdestruction, Sustainabililty, trees, water, wildlife )
John - 85 days ago - opitslinkfest.blogspot.com
I was thinking of our drinking water shortage ever increasing and reflecting on an old story about CIDA drilling wells in the Sahel and causing desertification. So I explored as the muse led.
American Airlines Exposes Bush's 'Big Lie': Flight 11 DID NOT FLY on 911!
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: Big Lie, terrorism, usa, war, propaganda, Govtfearmongering, crime, cover-up, cheney )
John - 89 days ago - sovereignindependent.com
American Airlines itself is the source for information that AA Flights 11 (North Tower) and 77 (Pentagon) did not fly on 911. ( Len Hart posts at OpEd News, guest blogs at Bluebloggin,: his own Existentialist Cowboy is filled with scholarly research )

Scientists: Dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico Dying 'At An Alarming Rate'
Animals  (tags: Gulf of Mexico, many dolphin deaths, scientists, investigation, BP oil spill, Gulf Restoration Network, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, brucella bacteria, NOAA )
Judy - 92 days ago - commondreams.org
"Unusual Mortality Event" contradicts BP's portrayal of health of Gulf. Dan Favre of the Gulf Restoration Network says the blame belongs to the BP spill.
War Crimes Tribunal Finds Bush and Blair Are War Criminals
World  (tags: terrorism, war, death, humanrights, conflict, politics, UnitedNations )
John - 91 days ago - rainbowwarrior2005.wordpress.com
five-panel Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal decided that Bush and Blair committed genocide and crimes against humanity by leading the invasion of Iraq in 2003

Whistleblowers Expose FDA's Illegal Surveillance of Employees
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: Govtfearmongering, constitution, dishonesty, congress, republicans, democrats )
Barbara - 92 days ago - whistleblowersblog.org
Employees of the Food and Drug Administration have filed a complaint against the FDA in U.S. District Court. The employees are seeking an injunction to stop the agency from illegally spying on employees' private communications to Congress & other oversig
The Libya Americans Never Saw on Television
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: war, troops, terrorism, usa, propaganda, politics, cover-up, crime )
John - 93 days ago - rainbowwarrior2005.wordpress.com
Take a tour of Libya with me and see how things were before US/NATO intervention and tell me if they lived in the Dark Ages. Videos of how Libya was before the invasion

Everything You Thought You Knew About Learning Is Wrong
Health & Wellness  (tags: Everything You Thought You Knew About Le )
Agnes - 92 days ago - psychologytoday.com
Taking notes during class? Topic-focused study? A consistent learning environment? All are exactly opposite the best strategies for learning. Really, I recently had the good fortune to interview Robert Bjork,
USS Enterprise False Flag Target for US Criminal War on Iran
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: war, usa, propaganda, politics, cover-up, radioactive pollution )
John - 94 days ago - examiner.com
US wars are not even close to lawful. The two-minute video explains the possible false flag attack target of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise to start war on Iran. ( More credible since it's a 'two-fer one' deal poisoning like DU )
Canada's PM Harper Threatens De-Funding Charities Who Oppose Him, Labels Them "Enemies Of Canada"
Environment  (tags: ecosystems, destruction, Canada, Harper, pipelining )
John - 97 days ago - allvoices.com
The Harper Government is privately threatening Canadian charities that are helping people participate in the public hearings about Enbridge's western pipeline and supertanker project.
Environmental Impacts of Road Salt
Environment  (tags: salt, soil, ecosystems, habitatdestruction, transportation )
John - 97 days ago - medicinehat.ca
Approximately five million tonnes of road salts are applied to Canadian roadways every year. A comprehensive assessment of road salt application by Environment Canada has led to the recommendation that they be added to the list of toxic substances
A New Reserve Currency to Challenge the Dollar - What's Really Going on in The Straits of Hormuz.
World  (tags: politics, terrorism, war, usa, conflict, crime )
John - 97 days ago - golemxiv.co.uk
I speculated that an unintended consequence of QE had been to spur several countries to think very seriously of how they could replace the dollar as their settlement currency for international deals.
The New York Times' Ode to Foxconn and Anti-Employee Control Fraud
Business  (tags: ethics, labor, marketing, technology, society, corruption, cover-up )
John - 97 days ago - neweconomicperspectives.blogspot.com
Control frauds occur when the persons who control a seemingly legitimate entity use it as a "weapon" to defraud. Anti-employee control frauds defraud the workers. Apple's audit showed endemic anti-employee control fraud by its suppliers.

Why Yogurt Isn't Healthy for You
Health & Wellness  (tags: yogurt, food preservatives, GMO )
Jaime - 98 days ago - itoldyouiwassick.info
Think all yogurt is the same? Think again! Read about the health dangers of preservatives in yogurt and the yogurt you should be eating instead!
Mass Psychogenic Illness or Brain Damage of Unknown Origin
Health & Wellness  (tags: protection, society, safety, warning, women )
John - 98 days ago - naturalnews.com
When vaccines are administered to groups, the physical reactions of the recipients may be similar, causing a form of mass reaction, the mechanism for which is the same as that for mass reactions from other causes
Forging the American Garrison State By Privatizing the State's Repressive Apparatuses
Society & Culture  (tags: government, law, media, religion, violence, world, crime )
John - 102 days ago - majiasblog.blogspot.com
Galbraith defined a "predator state" as "a coalition of relentless opponents of the regulatory framework on which public purpose depends
World  (tags: war, conflict, crime, death, ethics, sanctions, infrastructure )
John - 106 days ago - my.opera.com
Torture, secrecy, genocide, and lies : history in the raw

Haiti: The Republic of NGOs? - We Ask Where Billions of Dollars in International Aid Ended Up.
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: usa, haiti, crime, government, ethics )
Sacha - 110 days ago - aljazeera.com
If we take the US contribution alone, about 99 per cent of it goes back to the Pentagon, the State Department, the NGOs and the contractors The growth of the republic of NGOs in Haiti began 40 years ago, before that Haiti could feed and clothe itself.
Back to a Non-Resilient Future
Society & Culture  (tags: green, survivalism, energy, independence )
John - 110 days ago - forumforthefuture.org
The failure to match growth in our dependence on electric power with appropriate investment in the resilience of the infrastructure is a political one. End of January The Islay Energy Trust will publish outline plans for Community Energy Cooperative
Doctor Exposes Fluoride as Poison
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: Health, Environment )
Walter L - 112 days ago - dprogram.net
It is now known - thanks to the meticulous research of Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England - that the pineal gland is the primary target of fluoride accumulation within the body. Also, Fluoride is known to have tremendous effects on
Natural Gas: Avoidable Health Hazard
Health & Wellness  (tags: energy, healthcare, illness, gas, radon, asthma )
John - 112 days ago - elements.nb.ca
If you value your health, don't burn gas indoors. Natural gas has caused more cases of environmental illness than any other substance, even than pesticides.

The Magic of Magnesium
Health & Wellness  (tags: magneisum, health, disease, diet, research, prevention, treatment, interesting, food )
Organic - 113 days ago - naturalvitality.com
Calcium has received an enormous amount of attention. Magnesium and calcium work together, but magnesium may actually play a more important role: It controls the entry of calcium into each and every cell.
Society & Culture  (tags: culture, media, world, arts, interesting )
John - 118 days ago - youtube.com
Park JiMin wows a Korean talent show - at 15
Libya's Security Problem   video
World  (tags: middle-east, NATO, al Qaeda, conflict, crime, terrorism )
John - 118 days ago - youtube.com
Destruction of government leads to chaos
We Created Al-Qaeda   video
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: propaganda, military, Govtfearmongering, dishonesty, cover-up, crime, war )
John - 121 days ago - youtube.com
Flashback to Charlie Wilson`s War - CIA creating the Taleban and mujahideen operatives to prey on fear of Islamic terrorism

FBI Tracking Videotapers as Terrorists?
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: abuse, americans, AETA, animals, video, FBI, terrorism, politics, freedoms, usa )
Raymond - 124 days ago - latimes.com
New documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by activist Ryan Shapiro show the FBI advising that activists - including Shapiro - who walked onto a farm, videotaped animals there and "rescued" an animal had violated terrorism statut.
28 Signs That US Public Schools Are Rapidly Being Turned Into Indoctrination Centers And Prison Camps
Society & Culture  (tags: education, freedoms, children, abuse, ethics, government, police, safety )
John - 124 days ago - blacklistednews.com
Our children are being trained how to live as subservient slaves in a Big Brother police state. Today, nearly everything that children do in public schools is watched, monitored, recorded and tracked.
HELPLESS, TEARS: Dealer Says Load of Crab "Contaminated With Oil" -- STATE TRYING TO COVER IT UP   video
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: cover-up, crime, media, lies, u.s., healthcare, BP, crude oil, habitatdestruction, oceans )
John - 124 days ago - youtube.com
http://www.facebook.com/RealCoastalWarriors continue the expose once revealed at http://www.floridaoilspilllaw.com/
Comment: Spreading Democracy Involves Routine Bribing
Society & Culture  (tags: crime, death, culture, ethics, murder, politics, law, violence )
John - 125 days ago - intelnews.org
The benefits of American democracy are so difficult to discern in Afghanistan that local tribal leaders have to be routinely bribed CIA officials have had to come up with new and creative methods of concealing it,
HSBC & Other Big Banks Launder Drug Money
Business  (tags: government, lies, politics, business, cover-up )
John - 128 days ago - counterpsyops.com
Throughout the 19th century the British families of Matheson, Keswick, Swire, Dent, Inchcape, Baring and Rothschild controlled the Chinese heroin traffic.When a British subject named Mohandas Ghandi spoke out against the opium trade in 1921, he was jailed
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