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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, January 19, 2015

19 Jan - Blogs I'm Following

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11:00pm MST

Bradley Cooper Message To Service Members (American Sniper)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 38 seconds ago

Green To Not So Green

Lori Anne Haskell at Our Paradise--Life in Costa Rica - 2 minutes ago
So "dry" season in Costa Rica supposedly starts in mid-November and continues to mid-May. This has not really been the case this year. We had rain going into like mid-late December and then it stopped. Until this week there it has poured four days. Not the entire day, but for a couple hours. Which i guess is weird for dry season. My plants like it, so I am cool with it! Speaking of plants, I have started planting some seeds to grow some of our own veggies. I know NOTHING about this, so we will see how it goes. I am so far growing garlic, bell peppers, leeks and radishes. P... more »

Picture Of The Day

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 17 minutes ago
*NANGARHAR ARRIVAL* U.S. Army Spc. John Gilbert, left, U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Christopher Bentley, center, commander of Train, Advise, Assist Command East, and U.S. Army 1st Lt. Steven Sanders depart a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province, Jan. 6, 2015. Gilbert and Sanders are assigned to the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, Train, Advise, Assist Command East. U.S. Army photo by Capt. Jarrod Morris

Top U.S. General In Afghanistan: 'We Could Extend The Mission'

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 17 minutes ago
Gen. John Campbell, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, expects a very violent summer season. (Photo: Army) *Michelle Tan, Army Times*: *4-star in Afghanistan: We could extend mission* WNU Editor: It appears that he is not only laying the groundwork to extend the mission .... but to keep the same level of U.S. forces (or more) in Afghanistan. In the meantime .... the political crisis (and gridlock) in the Afghan government continues .... *Afghan leader in cabinet setback as nominee quits, others in doubt* (Reuters).

PBS: Clashes raise fears of power vacuum in vulnerable Yemen

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 1 hour ago
*An excerpt from, "McCain slams Obama 'success story' in Yemen" The Hill, January 19, 2015:* "The government's fall could risk the United States's ability to continue its counterterrorism efforts against al Qaeda and the Arabian Peninsula, which is seen as al Qaeda's most dangerous affiliate. Obama touted Yemen in September as an example of a counterterrorism success story and a model for the U.S.-led war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria." *Title: Clashes raise fears of power vacuum in vulnerable Yemen. Source: PBS NewsHour. Date Published: January 19, 2015. Descripti... more »

Food Watch: Next up from the Cronut&trade' man: a six-course dessert tasting menu paired with cocktails

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 1 hour ago
*No, there won't be any Cronuts™ at Dominique Ansel's new café in Manhattan's West Village, but there will be an after-hours chef's table with a six-course dessert tasting menu paired with cocktails.* *"A sample tasting menu presented to Community Board 2 last week would start with a dish titled 'Bread and Butter,' made from yeast ice cream and brown butter mousse, paired with a 'milkshake' cocktail of mezcal, lemon blossom, honey and egg whites."* *-- from "Dominique Ansel Plans Tasting Menu PairingCocktails and Desserts," on DNAinfo New York* *by Ken* *CB2's district*Alas for t... more »

Guest Post - Recycling Cell Phones – GreenBuyback – Be Green | Get Green

Small Footprints at Reduce Footprints - 1 hour ago
According to the Electronics *Take Back Coalition*, consumers purchased 1.8 billion cell phones in 2013. 125 million of those phones are iPhones alone. It is anticipated that the US will increase purchases of cell phones to a projected 1.96 billion in 2015. These are tremendous numbers and are consistently trending upwards. There is a major concern for the amount of potential e-waste this could create if consumers are throwing these phones away after they upgrade to a new phone. What happens if cell phones end up in a landfill? Cell phones and accessories contain heavy metals such a... more »

Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.   (The Solid Nonpareil:  Mark Twain)

So much has been said in the last 46-plus years about the importance of remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his life's accomplishments, that it seems almost beside the point to mention how shocked and awed he'd be at the destruction of our democratic governments today by internal elements, and yet totally on point. Having been attacked for his beliefs, Paul Craig Roberts speaks from

Musical Interlude: Liquid Mind, "Night Light"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 hour ago
Liquid Mind, "Night Light" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5VzYAPBVJc

Here Comes The Currency Wars

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 hour ago
*Edward Harrison, Foreign Policy*: *What the Wild Swiss Franc Appreciation Really Means* *Currency wars are coming. Will the U.S. Federal Reserve’s interest rate moves make it worse?* *WNU Editor:* A sobering analysis on how key nations .... by politically manipulating the value of their currencies.... are creating an economic/monetary environment that will not be sustainable in the foreseeable future. Read it all.

Dying Pacific Ocean?

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 2 hours ago
*Marine defaunation: Animal loss in the global ocean.* *Science 16 January 2015: Vol. 347 no. 6219 DOI: 10.1126/science.1255641 * Review Douglas J. McCauleyMalinL. PinskyStephen R. PalumbiJames A. EstesFrancis H. JoyceRobert R. Warner [excerpted] Wildlife populations in the oceans have been badly damaged by human activity…. Human dependency on marine wildlife and the linked fate of marine and terrestrial fauna necessitate that we act quickly to slow the advance of marine defaunation…. Three lessons emerge when comparing the marine and terrestrial defaunation experiences: (i) ... more »

German Journalist Embeded With Islamic State Fighters: 'They Want To Kill Hundreds Of Millions In A 'Religious Cleansing'

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 2 hours ago
*Breitbart*: *German Embed Reporter: ISIS Plans On Killing ‘Hundreds of Millions’ in ‘Religious Cleansing’* *Update #1:* Interview with German 'Islamic State' fighter surfaces -- Deutsche Welle *Update #2:* Watch A Rare Interview With A German Jihadi In Iraq -- Huffington Post *WNU Editor*: And according to this "German journalist" .... it is all George Bush's fault .... *“ISIL is the baby of George W Bush”* (Euronews).

Vote Now for the 2015 (The Duckies) IR Blogging Awards

Jon Western at Duck of Minerva - 2 hours ago
It’s time to vote! We are asking readers to vote for the finalists in each category. ONce we have finalists for each category, a panel of judges that includes previous years’ winners and permanent contributors at Duck of Minerva will select this year’s award winners in each category. The winners will be announced at the Continue reading

An Analysis On The Impact Of Falling Oil Prices On Venezuela, Russia, And Iran

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 3 hours ago
*Jackson Diehl, Washington Post*:* Falling oil prices hit Venezuela, Iran and Russia hard * *WNU Editor*: I am not complaining .... I heat using oil, and I am banking about $250/delivery when compared to last year. But there are geopolitical consequences, and we are seeing that fallout from countries like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela. *More News On The Impact Of Falling Oil Prices* Russia Braces for Widening Deficit as Oil Plunge Starves Budget -- Bloomberg Moody's downgrades Russia amid oil slide -- Deutsche Welle Iran sees no OPEC shift toward a cut, says oil industry could withst...more »

Canadian Soldiers Involved In The First Ground Battle Between Western Troops And The Islamic State

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 3 hours ago
Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) provides Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) with military training. Now the forces have also been involved in combat. Photo: CANSOFCOM, DND. *IBTimes*: *Canadian Special Forces Confront ISIS In First Ground Battle Between Western Troops And Militant Group* *WNU Editor:* Apparently Canadian troops are more actively involved in the fight against the Islamic State than what is being reported .... *Canadian special forces guiding missile strikes in Iraq* (Globe and Mail) *More News On Canadian Soldiers Being Involved In The First Ground B... more »

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- January 19, 2015

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 3 hours ago
*Kim Hjelmgaard, USA TODAY:* *Davos arrives as world on verge of nervous breakdown* *Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- January 19, 2015* What Is the Point of Davos? -- Iain Martin, Telegraph Israel Kills Iran’s Favorite (Terrorist) Son -- Iran Wire/Daily Beast Playing with fire on Israel's northern front -- Alex Fishman, YNet News Peer pressure not propaganda crucial to IS recruitment: experts -- Michael Holden and Kate Kelland, Reuters Q&A: Yemen power struggle threatens anti-al-Qaida campaign -- Maggie Michael, AP Pakistan: No More ‘Good Taliban’? -- Kunwar Khuldune Sh... more »

Curse of Oak Island - An Expanded History Part V

KRandle at A Different Perspective - 3 hours ago
(*Blogger's Note:* Early postings about this follow. The entire article is more than 12,000 words and should contain a good history of Oak Island.) *The Money Pit Claims Additional Victims* Nothing more was accomplished until 1959 when Bob Restall moved to the island. He had fallen under the spell during a chance visit several years earlier. Although his financing was always small, he was convinced that he would be the one to succeed. With his family, wife Mildred, and his sons, he moved to the island, living in a couple of shacks that had no indoor plumbing, running water, and for... more »

Snowden and Greenwald: Latest bombshells

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 3 hours ago
. Journalists spied on by US and UK: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jan/19/gchq-intercepted-emails-journalists-ny-times-bbc-guardian-le-monde-reuters-nbc-washington-posthttp://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jan/19/gchq-intercepted-emails-journalists-ny-times-bbc-guardian-le-monde-reuters-nbc-washington-post Greenwald interview with CIA agent in prison for exposing US torture https

Ground Zero Protest

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 3 hours ago
Ground Zero Center for Non-violence Action: Memorial on the Death of Planet Earth. January 17, 2015 at Trident Naval Base Bangor.

2014 Deadliest Year In Iraq Since Civil War Period

MUSINGS ON IRAQ - 3 hours ago
Unsurprisingly 2014 ended as one of the deadliest years since the civil war period of 2005-2008 in Iraq. Violence was high in the first half of the year, and then exploded during the summer offensive. Fortunately, by the winter attacks were going down as the Iraqi forces rallied and started to retake lost territory. Musings On Iraq counted 10,209 security incidents during the year. That averaged out to 27.9 per day. 2014 was a year of two halves however. From January to June there were an average of 31.8 attacks per day with over 900 incidents each month. In July there was 937, bu... more »

Then and Now: Kappanzan

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 4 hours ago
I was trawling through the East Asia Image Collection at Lafayette again when I found this shot of Kappanzan. That's the well known tourist site of Jiaobanshan. The Taoyuan County government website on the area, now a tourist area, is here. On Facebook the East Asia Image Collection describes its Kappanzan collection: Kappanzan/Jiaobanshan entered Japanese colonial history as a hotly contested battleground in the war for precious timber in Taiwan's interior. By the 1930s, it was accessible to tourists and visiting government officials by push-cart rail, and was appointed with comfo... more »

America's First Very Gay President?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 4 hours ago
The other day, I noticed one of the polling firms had included Lindsey Graham in their sample. He polled 0%. Yesterday I also noticed that far right firebrand Joe "You Lie" Wilson endorsed Graham for president. Odd. Republicans in South Carolina don't even like him that much. He only polled 56.4% in last years's GOP primary and on election day the other South Carolina senator, Tim Scott won 749,266 votes (61.2%) and Governor Nikki Haley won 689,319 votes (56.0%) while Lindsey struggled to get to 665,605 (54.5%) from the exact same pool of voters. But on *Meet the Press* yesterday ... more »

We have a whole socity that buys who would I like to fuck overall

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 4 hours ago
When the plumber shows up at the wedding it gets messy You know what most of us can not afford to drift between failed relationships My partner is not perfect though I truly believe compared to me close I expect the same evaluation from anyone who loves someone the most Love is a village Love is what makes us post Love is ever thing and as a Kinky Institute Study reveals the Philippines are where you will find love hits you the most Not going down on the Pines these people I know a little bit they are smart they are attractive and the only reason they are down is as usual the gove... more »

World News Briefs -- January 19, 2015 (Evening Edition)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 4 hours ago
*Kyiv Post*: *Severe fights go on near Donetsk airport, more Russian troops reportedly enter Ukraine* *MIDDLE EAST* Houthi rebels and *Yemeni soldiers clash in Sana’a*. Fiercest fighting *in months besets Sana’a*. U.N. saw drones over Syria *before Israel strike in breach of truce*. Iran general died in *'Israeli strike' in Syrian Golan*. Iranian general, son of ex-Hezbollah leader, killed in *Israeli airstrike in Syria.* Israel on alert for possible Hezbollah retaliation* to Golan Heights missile strike.* 35 killed in Syrian military plane crash, *al-Qaida claims credit.* Kob... more »

Did Iran Assassinate Argentinian Prosecutor Alberto Nisman?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 5 hours ago
*Christopher Dickey, Daily Beast:* *Did Iran Murder Argentina’s Crusading Prosecutor Alberto Nisman?* *Update: *Officials: No sign of others in Argentine prosecutor death -- Washington Post/AP *WNU Editor:* This story is being covered extensively in South America .... and the optics for the Argentinian government are just horrible now. My prediction .... this is a cloud that is going to be over the heads of the Argentinian government for a very long time .... and questions on Iran's role (if any) will only persist.

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 5 hours ago
"The most distant object easily visible to the eye is M31, the great “Andromeda Galaxy some two and a half million light-years away. But without a telescope, even this immense spiral galaxy - spanning over 200,000 light years - appears as a faint, nebulous cloud in the constellation Andromeda. In contrast, details of a bright yellow nucleus and dark winding dust lanes, are revealed in this digital telescopic image. Narrow band image data recording emission from hydrogen atoms, shows off the reddish star-forming regions dotting gorgeous blue spiral arms and young star clusters. *C... more »

Kahlil Gibran, "A Poet's Voice"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 5 hours ago
“You are my brother, but why are you quarreling with me? Why do you invade my country and try to subjugate me for the sake of pleasing those who are seeking glory and authority? Why do you leave your wife and children and follow Death to the distant land for the sake of those who buy glory with your blood, and high honor with your mother's tears? Is it an honor for a man to kill his brother man? If you deem it an honor, let it be an act of worship, and erect a temple to Cain who slew his brother Abel. Is self-preservation the first law of Nature? Why, then, does Greed urge you to... more »

"The Transparent Self"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 5 hours ago
"We begin life with the world presenting itself to us as it is. Someone – our parents, teachers, analysts – hypnotizes us to 'see' the world and construe it in the 'right' way. These others label the world, attach names and give voices to the beings and events in it, so that thereafter, we cannot read the world in any other language or hear it saying other things to us. The task is to break the hypnotic spell, so that we become undeaf, unblind, and multilingual, thereby letting the world speak to us in new voices and write all its possible meaning in the new book of our existence. ... more »

"Whatever Your Fate Is..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 5 hours ago
"Whatever your fate is, whatever the hell happens, you say, “This is what I need.” It may look like a wreck, but go at it as though it were an opportunity, a challenge. If you bring love to that moment- not discouragement- you will find the strength there. Any disaster you can survive is an improvement in your character, your stature, and your life. What a privilege! This is when the spontaneity of your own nature will have a chance to flow. Then, when looking back at your life, you will see that the moments which seemed to be great failures, followed by wreckage, were the incident... more »

Paulo Coelho, "Walking the Path"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 5 hours ago
"Walking the Path" by Paulo Coelho "I reckon that it takes about three minutes to read my text. Well, according to statistics, in that same short period of time 300 people will die and another 620 will be born. It takes me perhaps half an hour to write a text: here I sit, concentrating on my computer, books piled up beside me, ideas in my head, the scenery passing by outside my window. Everything seems perfectly normal all around me; and yet, during these thirty minutes, 3,000 people have died and 6,200 have just seen the light of the world for the first time. Where are all those ... more »

The Daily "Near You?"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 5 hours ago
Vestaburg, Michigan, USA. Thanks for stopping by.

“Self-Compassion: The Most Important Life Skill?”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 5 hours ago
*“Self-Compassion: The Most Important Life Skill?”* by Robin Nixon “A charming animated baby, Kristin Neff's son Rowan retreated into himself as a toddler, losing his few words and becoming prone to inexplicable screaming fits. There are numerous ways Neff could have reacted to Rowan's 2004 diagnosis of autism. She could have buried her emotions, become despondent or immediately found something to blame. But Neff, an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin, was in the midst of pioneering psychological research on self-compassion. And her findings suddenly proved in...more »

"Our Best..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 5 hours ago
"That the situation appears hopeless should not prevent us from doing our best." - Aldo Leopold

"8 Things to Remember When Everything Goes Wrong"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 5 hours ago
*"8 Things to Remember When Everything Goes Wrong"* by Marc Chernoff “The best way out is always through.” - Robert Frost “Today, I’m sitting in my hospital bed waiting to have both my breasts removed. But in a strange way I feel like the lucky one. Up until now I have had no health problems. I’m a 69-year-old woman in the last room at the end of the hall before the pediatric division of the hospital begins. Over the past few hours I have watched dozens of cancer patients being wheeled by in wheelchairs and rolling beds. None of these patients could be a day older than 17.” That’... more »

Some In Hollywood Are Waging 'War' Against The Movie 'American Sniper'

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 5 hours ago
Anger: Michael Moore took to Twitter with his views on snipers the day after American Sniper came out *Daily Mail*:* 'They are cowards not heroes': Michael Moore slams 'military assassins' as Oscar-tipped movie American Sniper storms box office* * Documentary maker Michael Moore said snipers 'shoot you in the back' * Said that he was taught that snipers were 'cowards' and 'not heroes' * Tweets came a day after Clint Eastwood's film American Sniper came out * Movie starring Bradley Cooper is a biopic of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle * He was credited with most confirmed kills in American milita... more »

Middle East Politics Rears Its Ugly Head At The Miss Universe Pageant

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 6 hours ago
Miss Israel, Doron Matalon, posted this picture with Miss Lebanon, Saly Griege, Miss Slovenia and Miss Japan. Many in Lebanon are calling for the removal of Griege from the Miss Universe pageant because of her contact with Matalon. Instagram/Screengrab *Daily Mail:* *Miss Lebanon claims Israeli beauty queen 'jumped in' and photobombed her in controversial selfie at Miss Universe contest as she faces calls to be stripped of title* * Miss Lebanon Saly Greige forced to apologise for selfie with Miss Israel * The group selfie was taken by Miss Israel, who posted it on social media * Mis... more »


Allen L Roland, Ph.D at Allen L Roland's Weblog - 6 hours ago
*Listen to the words of Martin Luther King, Jr in his final speech in Memphis, Tennessee a day before he was assassinated ~ listen to the impassioned eloquence of his words, listen to the truth of his heart felt message and recognize he was a prophet of our times whose words still resonate in our souls and demand a response: Allen L Roland, Ph.D* On April 3, 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his last speech called *"I Have Been To The Mountaintop" *in support of the striking sanitation workers at Mason Temple in Memphis. *This is that speech in full and in honor of his memor... more »

Five Modes of Science Engagement

noreply@blogger.com (Roger Pielke, Jr.) at Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog - 6 hours ago
In my book, The Honest Broker, I describe four modes of engagement by scientists and other experts. They are ideal types and shown in the figure above. The different modes are a function of how we think about democracy and how we think about the proper role of science in society. The book gets into some more detail, of course, on the theoretical background. Here I respond to a few recent requests to provide a high level overview of the different roles. I also list some thoughts based on my experiences engaging experts on these roles over the past several years. *The Pure Scientist*... more »

So they’re “reforming” the RMA again?

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 6 hours ago
In the middle of last year John Key told a roomful of council numpties that if he was returned to government after the election, one of our top priorities will be to progress the Resource Management Act amendments that we’ve had to park for the time being. Our changes to the RMA will tackle housing affordability by freeing-up land supply and making it easier to build, extend, and renovate houses. Consenting will be sped up and simplified. Since these same promises have been made every single time the Resource Management Act has been amended – right back to Nick Smith’s fir... more »

Anti-Choice Should Support Approval of RU486

noreply@blogger.com (fern hill) at DAMMIT JANET! - 6 hours ago
Many questions are being raised over the delay in Health Canada's expected announcement on mifepristone, aka RU486. While we and others remain confident that the overwhelming evidence of its safety and efficacy will convince scientists (!) at Health Canada to approve it, some are wondering about the politics and secrecy of the process. Many pro-science/pro-choice people have a very dim view of the Harper government's dismissal of science and evidence and its repeated meddling in supposedly arm's-length agencies, so it's rather odd to see Official Fetus Freakdom speculating on poli... more »

A Devilishly Smart Pope

mollymew at Molly'sBlog - 6 hours ago
*A DEVILISHLY SMART POPE* One of the books I'm reading now is John D. Barrow's '*The Book of Nothing'*. The subject is a look at the concept of 'nothing', the void, emptiness, zero, the vacuum and so on. There's actually quite a bit to say about nothing, and book ranges from a history of the mathematical sign for zero, through the 'philosophic concept' of nothingness, to the idea of the vacuum in physics, its explanation by the 'ether' and the eventual overthrow of that concept. Temperatures (absolute zero) and the place of the vacuum in quantum mechanics, relativity and cosmology... more »

Hugh Sykes in harmonious Roubaix

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 7 hours ago
There's a depressing article from last July in *Tablet *magazine called *How a City in France Became a Mecca for Islamists* written by French writer Marc Weitzmann. The piece describes a visit to Roubaix, Northern France - the city where alleged Jewish Museum killer Mehdi Nemmouche was born and raised. Once called "the city of the thousand chimneys", Roubaix now has 40% unemployment and an exceptionally high crime rate. Marc Weitzmann paints a scene he sees: From one of the trailers, a heavyset blonde woman sells sandwiches and lukewarm beers to two middle-aged men, who then sit ... more »

Mylo vs Miami Sound Machine - Doctor Pressure

Phil at All That Is Solid ... - 7 hours ago
Many apologies, more music filler tonight I'm afraid to say. There's no way I'm going to get the post I'm working on done before bed time. For your jollification and mine then, here's one of the best mash ups ever to have taken wing.

A male doctor looking at a viagina

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 7 hours ago
For those men that are not aroused we have a term: Gay For those men that can control their animal instincts we have a term:doctor Hawkwye saved the life of thousands of men. He was not the American Sniper. If your a Canadian you should be impressed by Dr Bethune. Apperently dispite the fact he saved enough lives to make MAo SURE he could counterattack he was a total hound. Does that make him a villian today? No not saving Mao, just going all anti socialist on women. I say, and its a good plan. Given the fact its 2015 there are enough women to look at viaginas that men need not apply.

Jan. 19: Lies our history books and news media told us.....

Graeme Decarie at The Moncton Times@Transcript - Good and Bad - 7 hours ago
This is not the usual blog about the news. It's about what is terribly wrong about the ways we see the world - and those ways are designed deliberately to make us a lineup of puppets. The thought came to me as I read a story in The National Post (a paper so bad it occasionally makes the Irving press look good.) It's about a North Korean man who was tortured by his country. The story compares the camps, rightly enough, with Hitler's concentration camps. Washington officials are quoted as breathing fire, and condemning North Korea for its human rights abuses. Hey, guys, hey.... Wash... more »

Illinois New Dem Bill Foster Doesn't Beat His Wife-- So What Kind of Senator Would He Be?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 8 hours ago
Illinois Democrats can do a lot better Illinois is one of the most Democratic-leaning states with a vulnerable Republican seantor-- Mark Kirk-- up for reelection in 2016. Local fave Hillary Clinton is likely to sweep the state comparable to how Obama did in 2008, when he thumped McCain 3,419,348 (62%) to 2,031,179 (37%). Kirk himself was elected in the 2010 midterm, low voter turnout, with just 48% of the vote against a weak Democrat who got 46%. But so far, Illinois Democrats have come up with an even weaker cast of characters to take Kirk on than Alexi Giannoulias. Beltway media se... more »

Ukraine Accuses Russia Of Sending Soldiers To Support The Rebels in Their Push To Seize The Airport At Donestk

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 8 hours ago
*Voice of America*: *Ukraine: Russia Sending Troops to Back Rebels* *WNU Editor:* The last thing that this region needs right now (in the middle of winter) is a full fledged war .... but this is what is now happening in and around Donetsk. Information and news from independent sources on the conflict is something that is becoming very difficult to get right now. Even my own friends and contacts who are in the Ukraine government and in parliament do not know what is exactly happening in eastern Ukraine .... relying more on international news reports rather than their own media and ... more »

Supplemental: On first agreeing with Maureen Dowd!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 8 hours ago
*MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 2015On rereading Dr. King:* A half dozen commenters said the same thing about yesterday’s Maureen Dowd column. They said it was the first such column they had ever agreed with. Funny that! The very same thought had run through our minds as *we* read the Dowd column! That said, we also disagreed with one basic part of Dowd’s piece. Below, you see the part of the column with which we agreed. Dowd is speaking about Ava DuVernay’s new film, Selma, which has received an Oscar nomination as the year’s Best Picture. In particular, Dowd is discussing the film’s sem... more »

Women outside

Abraham Ben Judea at Abraham says - 8 hours ago
Seed Newsvine

Grat car jump

Abraham Ben Judea at Abraham says - 8 hours ago
Seed Newsvine

Robert Jensen : MEDIA | Journalist launches online archive to document diversity of rural India

Thorne Dreyer at The Rag Blog - 8 hours ago
P. Saimath’s People’s Archive of Rural India aims to make the ‘invisible India’ both visible and audible, not only to urban Indians but to the whole world. By Robert Jensen | The Rag Blog | January 19, 2015 P. Sainath … finish reading Robert Jensen : *MEDIA* | Journalist launches online archive to document diversity of rural India

EU Appeals For Arab Help In The Fight Against Terrorism

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 9 hours ago
*WSJ:* *EU Foreign Ministers Discuss Counterterror Strategies* *Ministers Discuss Tightening Links With Muslim Countries* *WNU Editor:* If the above video clip is any indication, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini is echoing what the White House is saying .... stay away from words and phrases that link radicals to Islam. In other-words .... do not define the enemy even though the enemy is very clear on who they are. As to the EU plan to work with Arab States in countering the flow of Jihadists and to share intelligence .... I am skeptical that it will work. Everyone is now... more »

Since The Start Of U.S. Airstrikes The Islamic State Has Tripled Its Territory In Syria

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 9 hours ago
(*Click on Image to Enlarge*) Wall Street Journal *WNU Editor:* This is not forward progress. But what makes me shake my head is that the Pentagon believes that this is proof that the Islamic State is now in a "*defensive posture*". Sighhh .... something is not computing here.

The Islamic State Is Now In Israel

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 9 hours ago
Suspects arrested for allegedly setting up ISIS cell in Israel‏.. (photo credit:SHIN BET,Wikimedia Commons) *Reuters:* *Israel says cracks first local Islamic State cell* *WNU Editor:* This is the first Islamic State cell to be discovered in Israel, and I do not expect it to be the last. *More News On Israel's First Islamic Cell Being Uncovered* Shin Bet says it busted Israeli Islamic State cell -- Times of Israel "Branch" of Islamic State in Israel: Seven Israeli-Arabs arrested and charged -- Israel Defense Seven Israeli Arabs charged with trying to set up ISIS cell in Israel -- ... more »

Men shooting the shit aboot who they would like to fuck!

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Its a fact ladies most men do it all the time. It dont mean nothing because if it did, the question Ginger or Mary Anne, Veronica or Betty, Betty or Wilma would not be part of popular culture. For the record I am for Ginger, and Betty. Even a dentist could not drill into mens minds how wrong this is.

UN Witnessed ISRAELI drones over Syria before & immediately after Strike. Israel breaks 1974 ceasefire

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* I am going to repeat a bunch of indisputable facts!!!!* *Israel breaks Ceasefire. Israel breaks Ceasefire Israel breaks Ceasefire* *As witnessed by UN peacekeepers, while supporting, NATO's Islamist Jihadis!* *The same Jihadis that have been murdering innocent Syrian civilians for years now.* *Israel loves Islamists. Israel supports Islamist terrorists. * *Israel does not fear Islamists.Israel unequivocally supports terrorists and terrorism!* *Those are the facts. They are indisputable. They have been clear for a long, long time now!* *I have written about these facts, these indis... more »

"How It Really Is"

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The Economy: "Next Time Around The Feds Are Going To Have To Confiscate Stuff"

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*"Next Time Around The Feds Are Going To Have To Confiscate Stuff"* by James H. Kunstler “Events are moving faster than brains now. Isn’t it marvelous that gasoline at the pump is a buck cheaper than it was a year ago? A lot of short-sighted idiots are celebrating, unaware that the low oil price is destroying the capacity to deliver future oil at any price. The shale oil wells in North Dakota and Texas, the Tar Sand operations of Alberta, and the deep-water rigs here and abroad just don’t pencil-out economically at $45-a-barrel. So the shale oil wells that are up-and-running will pr... more »

What I See In My Crystal Ball For Employment Law In 2015

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So far I've been pretty prescient in my annual predictions, so better pay attention here. My predictions for what will happen on the employment law scene in 2015 are: 1. *Intern sexual harassment*: With Broward County moving to develop an ordinance to ban sexual harassment of interns, can Miami-Dade County be far behind? While I predict a bill will be introduced in the Florida legislature, Republicans in charge of both houses and the governorship will block it. Who can be in favor of sexual harassment of our teenagers? I'm guessing pretty much anyone who has an elephant as their sym... more »

Postales de Amor con Nombres y Grados Familiares

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“The Beginning of the End for the Credit Bubble?”

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*“The Beginning of the End for the Credit Bubble?”* by Bill Bonner “Today, we were going to talk about stop losses. But we need to look first at what is going on in the markets. In short: Things are starting to happen! The Dow rose 191 points, or 1.1%, on Friday. Gold topped off a 5% rise for the week. You probably thought we were exaggerating the connection between the Paris terrorist killings and the credit bubble, right? We almost thought so ourselves. But then a report in the French newspaper Libération told us about Amedy Coulibaly, the terrorist who took hostages at a kosher... more »

Crazy Straw Valentine

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Who doesn't love a crazy straw? My daughter begs for a straw with almost every drink. This fun Crazy Straw Valentine lets her share one of her favorite thing with her friends. This Valentine will work with any kind of crazy straw, but if you buy the heart straw from the dollar store, the hearts should match up exactly. Simply print the free printable for this Valentine. have your child address them and then attach the straws using double sided tape. Easy! You can find the download of this printable here. Please keep in mind that this Valentine is for personal use only and if you... more »

Kurdish Forces Have Recaptured The Strategic Hills Overlooking Kobane From The Islamic State

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*BBC* *BBC:* *Kobane battle: Kurdish fighters 'capture strategic hilltop'* *WNU Editor:* This is a major setback for the Islamic State .... and one in which they have lost a lot of soldiers. But the battle for Kobane is one of many battles that are occurring throughout Syria and Iraq, and in those battles the Islamic State has shown it self to be a resilient and formidable foe that is reluctant to lose territory, while being aggressive to conquer new territory. Kurds recapture strategic Kobani hilltop from Daesh -- Al Bawaba *More News On The Battle For Kobane* Syrian Kurds battli... more »

U.S. - Turkey Far Apart On Expanding The Bombing Campaign In Syria

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Smoke and flames rise over a hill near the Syrian town of Kobani after an airstrike, as seen from the Mursitpinar crossing on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province, October 23, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach *Washington Post:* *Plan to expand bombing campaign in Syria stalls amid U.S.-Turkey disagreements* *Update:* Expansion of bombing campaign in Syria stymied by U.S.-Turkey discord -- Washington Times *WNU Editor:* This difference of opinion on how to expand the bombing campaign in Syria is just fueling more speculation that Pr... more »


David Greene at Schools Matter - 11 hours ago
[image: respect-logo-web]There is no doubt in my mind that the single most important factor in work, play, or life is respect. Marriage, working relationships, negotiations, sports, teaching, even basic conversation simply are always more successful by any measures if the players involved have a respect for one another. This MLK weekend I was asked to speak to a group of concerned, teachers, parents, and “civilians” at the “Green Toad Bookstore” a wonderful bookstore in Oneonta NY and co-sponsored by “Oneonta Area For Public Education” and “Oneonta Teachers Association”. What I reali... more »

(Squeezed Suisse? Not So Much!)  I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill

The richest 1 percent of the population will own more than half the world's wealth by 2016, Oxfam International said in a report released as the World Economic Forum begins in Davos, Switzerland. Oxfam said the world's richest people saw their share of global wealth jump to 48 percent last year from 44 percent in 2009. Rising inequality is holding back the fight against global poverty as

Time To Blow The Charlie Hebdo FRAUD Shootings In Paris Right Out Of The Water! If THIS Video Does Not Convince Everyone We Are Dealing With A False Flag, Then Nothing Will!

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I honestly had hoped by this point that people would finally have gotten the message and seen the truth that this "Charlie Hebdo shooting" fiasco was indeed a false flag operation perpetrated on the French public and that absolutely NOBODY has died! It is just too bad that there are so many brain dead zombies out there that just are either too stupid, too intoxicated by the poisons they injest, or simply too ignorant, to see the facts that we are all being played as suckers...... Well, it looks like I again have to present the best damning evidence out there that shows that this C... more »

15 Herbal Teas for Every Ailment

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*Infographic - *A list of 15 of the most common herbal teas that can boost your immune system, cure a variety of ailments and could even help prevent fatal diseases. The post 15 Herbal Teas for Every Ailment appeared first on Waking Times.

New Candle Powered Heater to Revolutionize Home Heating

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*Anastasia Pantsios* - Egloo is conceived for contrasting continuous waste of electricity used for warming domestic environments, offering as an option a candle-powered way that provides a cheaper and more ecological energy... The post New Candle Powered Heater to Revolutionize Home Heating appeared first on Waking Times.

Georgia Crackpot Barry Loudermilk Wants To Be The New Allen West

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Barry Loudermilk reads Revelations while waiting for his make-up artist to arrive Unindicted war criminal/torturer and one-term far right congressman Allen West, was widely considered an embarrassment even to the Republican Party. Although Democrats had their collective fingers crossed that he would run for the Rubio Senate seat if Rubio decided to run for vice president, those hopes were dashed last month when West took a job at an extremist think tank in Dallas. He celebrated his new position on Fox with Sean Hannity, describing a Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential race ... more »

World News Briefs -- January 19, 2015

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*NYT/AP:* *Yemen Truce After Shiite Rebels Battle Troops, Seize Media* *Al Jazeera:* *Yemen clashes throw capital into chaos* *MIDDLE EAST* Houthi rebels and *Yemeni soldiers clash in Sana’a*. Fiercest fighting *in months besets Sana’a*. Iran general died in *'Israeli strike' in Syrian Golan*. Iranian general, son of ex-Hezbollah leader, killed in *Israeli airstrike in Syria.* Israel on alert for possible Hezbollah retaliation* to Golan Heights missile strike.* 35 killed in Syrian military plane crash, *al-Qaida claims credit.* Kobane: Kurdish fighters* 'capture strategic hillt... more »

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 19, 2015

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US Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent John Beliveau speaks with reporters after leaving a federal court in San Diego, California on Dec. 17, 2013. *John R. Schindler, The XX Committee* -- *The 'Fat Leonard' Scandal Exposes The Rot In The US Navy's Senior Ranks* *Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 19, 2015* Defense contractor pleads guilty in massive bribery case -- Washington Post Russia ends US nuclear security alliance -- Boston Globe Plan to expand bombing campaign in Syria stalls -- Washington Post Russia's unmanned next generation fighter is being based ... more »

The Physical Universe is an Information System

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*K.J. MacLean* - For 5,000 years we have been taught that our physical reality is massive and really hard to change. The post The Physical Universe is an Information System appeared first on Waking Times.

Unusual Solar activity, or wonky recordings? hmmmmmmm

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A HUGE thank you to Consciously Connecting who sent me the link to this video below- I have been so deep into the financial and political news that I havent' had much time to watch the solar reports. But .... I"ll take a look and see what else I can find. In the mean time- this is a very interesting video- as this gentleman points out- it could be some sorta weird camera/scope blip...... but with an unexpected geomagnetic storm hitting right at the same time.... and given the other rather weird things we've seen with the sun over the past year, I'm more inclined to say that somet... more »


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*Billions at stake as latest phase of BP civil trial opens ~Richard Thompson* Nevermore*Why Are These Beverage Craftsmen Concerned With Water Conservation? ~Poppy Tooker, WWNO* *More than 10,000 Christmas trees placed along Jefferson Parish coastal wetlands ~WDSU* *Artists get funding for their creative projects @ Propeller * *Cajun Jambalaya Recipe*

Dear Senator:

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 13 hours ago
In education policy, the Party of Bush II has become the Party of Obama and Clinton. The loser, Arne Duncan, has even adopted the "bigotry" bit in his last speech--Bush's "bigotry of low expectations" has become the "bigotry of the optional." Same meaning: you're a racist if you don't insist on labeling poor children as inferior for not passing tests. Are we in the Age of Aquarius yet? The Party of Paul Wellstone has disappeared and a few remaining stragglers who believe they once knew what he was about are now signing on to Lamar Alexander's ESEA "grade span" testing feint, wh... more »

The Magic Of Laughter

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*RJ Spina* - A good sense of humor is essential to experiencing the richness of life; the subtle and not so subtle intricacies and nuances that are captured while observing the absurdity of it all. The post The Magic Of Laughter appeared first on Waking Times.

Transpicuous News Jan 18, 2015:Swiss Conflagaration, Smoking Subways, and Invasion Manuals

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http://transpicuousnews.blogspot.com/2015/01/transpicuous-news-jan-18-2015swiss.html Welcome to this weeks Transpicuous News Report on Sunday January 18, 2015 This week we witnessed several major events in the realms of finance and politics. Some were reported by the main stream media, some were spin doctored by the talking heads, and some.... were conspicuously absent from the western medias news reports. ALL of these events are world shaking and huge indicators of what is actually happening, not only in the global economic arena, but the the political realms as well. News ... more »

Sedation by Sound Bite

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*Julian Rose* - Millions upon millions of educated – and even aware people, all over the world, are succumbing to a new virus ‘SBS’, or ‘Sound-Bite Syndrome’. The post Sedation by Sound Bite appeared first on Waking Times.

The Battle For Donetsk Airport Rages On In Eastern Ukraine

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*BBC:* *Ukraine battle for Donetsk airport rages on* *WNU Editor:* This is ominous .... and if true .... further proof that Ukraine cannot solve this conflict by using its military if Russia escalates its involvement for every move that Ukraine makes .... *Ukraine Says Russians Cross Border as Airport Battle Rages* (Bloomberg). I am also reading reports from Russian and Ukrainian social media of very heavy casualties, and that official Ukrainian military announcements on fighting and casualties should not be trusted. But as I keep on telling everyone .... treat every report from t... more »

The Forgotten History of Vaccinations You Need to Be Aware Of

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*Dr. Mercola* - Vaccines are one of the most controversial medical therapies, and it's impossible to make an informed decision unless you know both sides of the story. The post The Forgotten History of Vaccinations You Need to Be Aware Of appeared first on Waking Times.

Heavy Fighting In Yemen's Capital. Houthis Accused Of Coup

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*Reuters:* *Fighting shakes Yemen capital as Houthis accused of coup* *WNU Editor:* It is a coup. The Houthis have been on a military roll for the past few months, and they are now trying to consolidate their power. The unfortunate outcome of all of this is that Al Qaeda in Yemen will probably become the big winners as the Sunni population rushes to them for protection. *More News On Reports Of Heavy Fighting In Yemen's Capital* Coup feared in Yemen as rebels fire on PM's convoy, seize media -- USA Today/AP Yemen clashes throw capital into chaos -- Al Jazeera Conflicting accounts ... more »

The Poisoned Well Of Information

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http://awoiaf.westeros.org/ Will Colonel Sanders get the chickens to vote for him again? That, Michael Harris writes, is the question which the next federal election will turn on. And, given what has happened to the Canadian media, it's a lot easier to get the chickens to vote: The mainstream media could once be relied upon to distinguish the hot air from the facts. That is still partially true, and there are many fine journalists on the scene. But the media landscape is profoundly changed. You could be forgiven, for example, if you ... more »

Fastest Finger Painter Creates Landscapes in Under 3 Minutes

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*Video - *This street artist creates amazing landscape pictures in just three minutes using nothing but his fingers. The post Fastest Finger Painter Creates Landscapes in Under 3 Minutes appeared first on Waking Times.

Abbas says he would turn down free land if it wasn't claimed by Israel

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 15 hours ago
'... we in Palestine also would 'never establish a Palestinian state on one centimeter of the territory of another Arab country.' The Palestinian claim is not for land but for land they can take away from Israel. Piece by piece until Israel is too small to be viable or to protect itself. More here http://elderofziyon.blogspot.co.il/2015/01/abbas-says-he-would-turn-down-free-land.html

Musical Interlude: Celtic Spirit, "Medley: Miller's Crossing, The Kiss, Last Of The Mohicans"

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Celtic Spirit, "Medley: Miller's Crossing, The Kiss, Last Of The Mohicans" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AzrQ41ZmP4

Martin Luther King, Jr., "Day of Service"

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Wishing everyone a safe, happy and thoughtful day... - CP

Palestine, Road Map to Nowhere and the Egging of Baird

thwap at thwap's schoolyard - 15 hours ago
I've been reading Tanya Reinhart's *The Road Map to Nowhere* lately. It's about the cynical dithering and posturing and continued theft of Palestinian land during the bush II - Ariel Sharon era. Read it. And try to put yourself in the place of a Palestinian under the conditions described in the book. It's a horrifying read, made worse by the knowledge that our own society has degenerated to the point where almost half of Canada (and all of our political elites) are now completely okay with the deliberate carpet-bombing of innocent civilians. One would have to be either a complete ig... more »

Selma Songs And More Music for MLK Today

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 16 hours ago
by Denise Sullivan You can thank Stevie Wonder for the move toward making today a federal holiday, and it all started with the song “Happy Birthday," from his album, *Hotter Than July*. The idea to honor the birthday of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. with his own national observance was first mooted by Rep. John Conyers in 1968, but the collection of millions of citizen signatures from city to city was Wonder's doing (along with that of his tour mate, Gil Scott-Heron). Taking to the road for 41 days at the end of 1980 to promote his album and the idea of a nat... more »

Candid Thoughts on Being an Oil Patch Worker and Owning a Home in Fort McMurray Part II

Way Way Up at Fort McMurray Adventures - 16 hours ago
On ground level within the small box of my own daily existence, I've noted a cooling off in the housing market and cheaper prices at the pumps. Gas prices in my little corner of Fort McMurray are almost down to the level they were when I first came here in 2009. My work has been effected insofar as my work schedule will be changing once again this coming week. This is something I used to freak out over a little as I AM a creature of habit. But this will be the fifth different work schedule I've had now so I adjust and deal with it. I'm actually not seeing a reduction in hours b... more »

Impending Coup in Yemen? Overthrow of Western Puppet Leader?

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 16 hours ago
Surely their was a solid reason behind the name dropping of the AQ in Yemen in the Paris attack? *That was an obvious meme implantation.* *As mentioned in this post* * One of the shooters presented the meme for the media to run with!!* *That's really unbelievable!!* *"You can tell the media that it's al Qaeda in Yemen."* * Giving the media it's talking point? Does that make sense to you? It sounds planned. Really. * On the same day of the Charlie Hebdo incident we had the mass killing of more then 50 men, lined up for work, in Yemen. *Recall?: As the Messiah was killed in France... more »

Update: A Top Iranian General Was Killed Along With 6 Top Hezbollah Officials By An Israeli Airstrike In The Golan Heights

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
The Revolutionary Guards said Gen Allah-Dadi had been killed while defending the people of Syria *BBC:* *Iran general died in 'Israeli strike' in Syrian Golan* *WNU Editor: *Apparently this General was coordinating Iran's support of the Assad regime in the Syrian civil war .... so his lost is a hist for Iran/Hezbollah/and the Syrian regime. There are also conflicting reports that 6 Iranian soldiers were also killed along with the 6 Hezbollah officials. It would not surprise me if this report is true .... I am sure that this Iranian General had a contingent of Iranian bodyguards, e... more »


JR at GREENIE WATCH - 16 hours ago
*Warmist crooks backpedal* *Now that they have got the lie splashed worldwide they can afford to do that* The Nasa climate scientists who claimed 2014 set a new record for global warmth last night admitted they were only 38 per cent sure this was true. In a press release on Friday, Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) claimed its analysis of world temperatures showed ‘2014 was the warmest year on record’. The claim made headlines around the world, but yesterday it emerged that GISS’s analysis – based on readings from more than 3,000 measuring stations worldwide – is ... more »

Argentine Prosecutor Who Accused President Fernandez Of Iran Plot Found Fatally Shot At His Home

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman speaks during a meeting with journalist at his office in Buenos Aires May 29, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Marcos Brindicci/Files *Buenos Aires Herald:* *AMIA Special Prosecutor Alberto Nisman found dead in his Puerto Madero home* *WNU Editor*: He had told a daily newspaper just a few days ago that “*I could end up dead because of this.*”. Well .... he is now dead ... and so is his investigation. Argentine Prosecutor Is Found Dead After Accusing President: Bloomberg Argentine prosecutor who accused Fernandez of Iran plot found dead -- Reuters Prosecuto... more »


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 17 hours ago
*Canada: Ten reasons to reject Wynne’s sex education curriculum* As the Ontario government gets ready to bring back the radical sex education curriculum for Ontario's children, here are ten reasons why parents should reject it in spite of the political correctness propaganda that supports it. 1. Children don't need to know all the mechanics of sex before they are emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually old enough to understand what they are being taught. Scrap the curriculum and spend the money on properly counselling students, in making sure there is help for stud... more »

Global Financial Report ( January 19 , 2015 ) - Financial News and view focusing on Asia and Europe

Fred Walton at Catharsis Ours - 18 hours ago
Tweets..... *zerohedge* @zerohedge · 33s33 seconds ago GERMANY SAYS ECB IS INDEPENDENT, MERKEL’S SPOKESMAN SAYS. And Mario Draghi will repeat this as soon as he gets German permission *zerohedge* @zerohedge · 8m8 minutes ago I raq Pumps Crude at Record Level Amid Plummeting Prices http://www. bloomberg.com/news/2015-01-1 8/iraq-pumps-crude-at-record-level-amid-plummeting-prices.html … *zerohedge* @zerohedge · 30m30 minutes ago CHINA ECONOMY FACES RELATIVELY BIG DOWNWARD PRESSURE, LI SAYS. Brent +5% *zerohedge* @zerohedge · 44m44 minutes ago GERMAN 10-YEAR BUNDS... more »

film trailer - CHAPPiE - from the director of District 9 and Elysium

Mike Philbin at Mike Philbin's free planet blog - 18 hours ago
anyone else noticing a theme here?

Monday links...

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 18 hours ago
*You never know where a bike trip will take you.* Enjoy some links... too tired to blog today. - Wed and Thurs expect brutal cold. - KMT appoints new vice chairman. Jason Hu and Wu Den-yi have indicated they want to step down, as I recall. So Former Mayors Huang of Chaiyi and Hau of Taipei are being promoted. - New Bloom on the 9-in-1 and the Year in Review - Ben Goren is taking flying lessons in Taiwan. Can't wait to read the posts! - New research into the Japanese officers who stayed in Taiwan and helped Chiang fight the Chinese. (got this off the excelle... more »

two random observations arising from watching a tv show from my childhood

laura k at wmtc - 19 hours ago
In September, I blogged about watching "Bewitched" on Netflix as my "comedy before sleep" show. I'm still watching it, sometimes taking as many as three nights to get through one episode, so potent is this sleep aid. I want to share two random observations based on Bewitched. People on TV have whiter teeth now. I always notice teeth and smiles, and it was immediately apparent that the teeth of every actor on Bewitched is dull and off-white, compared to the gleaming white teeth seen on TV shows today. This is obviously down to tooth-whitening technology. But it must mean that everyo... more »

Predicting Volcanoes’ Activity Is Tricky, and for Iceland, Nerve-Racking

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 19 hours ago
What you do is wait and minimize all physical exposure. All volcanoes are inherently dangerous even if it is only theoretical as in a dormant volcano. What bothers me here is that a large plug is now subsiding at a rate of one foot per day. This is obviously unsustainable and it must end. If we are lucky, it will just end. The good news is that it is not rising and we must presume that hydraulic movement is simply readjusting things. Yet it can break up, though that is likely a diminishing risk. Regardless it is all on the move. The fact remains that Icel... more »

China's Remote Fortresses Lose Residents, Gain Tourists

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 19 hours ago
[image: Picture of Chuxi Village in China] In its unique way this is almost a snap shot of our human future. That future will include indoor toilets and all modern conveniences which have really been quite perfected. You will want to live there. The change will be the formation of a natural community that include community endeavors as well and an internalized economy all participate in. We need examples like this to remind us of possibilities too often set aside simply because they are mostly right but not right enough to overcome human nature. I have dedicated a lot of eff... more »

The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 19 hours ago
*[image: rite1-277x300]* This is a novel idea that may have a great deal of practical merit It is that our glands act as conduits to flood our nervous system with electrical energy. Considering what we have learned abut the nature of the spirit body itself and its integral role in ordering our physical existence, we can not be too surprised. This lists stimulating exercises and need to be attended to. We all come from a mindset in which exercise is about progressive physical exertion. This suggests that this needs to be thought out. This set certainly can replace the aver... more »

Gathering Sasquatch DNA For New Genome Study

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 19 hours ago
This is more good news. From this we can presume that labs will do the work and let the chips fall. Thus many more studies can and will take place and we will recover genetic information associated with the best independent observations. some of those are compelling. Better, investigators do know where to go to capture samples to test out. The one described here is not unique and such sightings make it far more likely that we will get lucky. At worse we will isolate unknown DNA and we may well repeat it from other samples. It all came down to lab availability and n... more »

Reduce Footprints is back with some changesfor 2015

Small Footprints at Reduce Footprints - 19 hours ago
Welcome back to Reduce Footprints! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are eager to embrace a new year! While on hiatus, I thought about how to make Reduce Footprints a better blog. Here's what we'll be doing this year: WHAT'S NEW [image: Building an Eco-friendly home is challenging!] Owning Property & Building a HouseIn April of 2014, "Art" and I bought some property and began building a home. This year I'd like to share some of my thoughts with you. I'll talk about the choices we've made (and will continue to make), how we've learned to work with nature, building practices and ma... more »

PLA's J-11 fighter rumored to have upgraded avionics

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 20 hours ago
[image: J-11 (Flanker B+)]China's mainstay J-11A jet fighter has been refitted with an upgraded avionics packages to warn of incoming missiles, according to a report published Friday by Shanghai-based news website New Outlook. The web portal suggested that several protruding additions observed on either side of the fuselage and in front of the cockpit canopy, in photos released by China Military Online, a website sponsored by the People's Liberation Army, may be sensors for an ultraviolet band-based missile approach warning system. The website said that similar protrusions on the a... more »

Busted! Turkey caught smuggling weapons to al-Qaida

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
[image: Turkish trucks said to be carrying weapons]Turkish intelligence, under the apparent direction of then Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, allegedly has been authorizing the smuggling of arms to al-Qaida cells in Syria, according to informed Turkish sources. The weapons, said to include rocket warheads, were allegedly smuggled in up to seven container trucks under the direction of Turkish Intelligence, or MIT, but were ordered halted by Aziz Takci, the public prosecutor for the southern Turkish city of Adana. Takci, however, was subsequently removed from his post, an... more »

All The Weapons Australia's New F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Is Designed To Carry

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
[image: F-35A Lightning II]The image shows an F-35A at Edwards Air Force Base in California next to the F-35 systems development and demonstration weapons suite the aircraft is designed to carry. According to Lockheed Martin, the Joint Strike Fighter can carry more than 3,500 pounds of ordnance in low-observable (stealth) mode and over 18,000 pounds uncontested. The Lightning II is conducting testing required for full weapons certification through a campaign that included validating 2B weapons software and successfully executing several weapons separation and engagement tests. Rea... more »

Six Hezbollah Fighters Killed by Israeli Airstrike in Syria

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
The Israeli air force, on Sunday evening, fired missiles targeting a number of fighters from the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party, in the Syrian bity of al-Qneitra, killing several fighters, including the son of late Hezbollah leader Imad Mughaniya, who was assassinated by Israel in February of 2008. The Hezbollah party, headed by Hasan Nasrallah, said that seven of its fighters, including three senior leaders, were killed by Israeli missiles, and that one of slain has been identified as Jihad Moghaniya. The other six slain fighters are Mahdi Mosawy, Ali Fuad, Hasan al-Ash-hab, Hussei... more »

China stole Joint Strike Fighter jet designs: NSA document leak

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
[image: J-31 Gyrfalcon]New leaks from former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden show China stole the designs for American-built F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. In a large top-secret document dump, provided by Snowden to German magazine Der Spiegel, the extent of the ongoing international cyber warfare between the U.S., its allies and the rest of the world has been outlined. According to Fairfax Media, one of the confidential documents within the latest leak show Chinese spies stole "terabytes" of design and military information relating to the F-35, also known as th... more »

Navy orders three RQ-21A Blackjack small tactical UAS for Navy and Marines surveillance

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
[image: RQ-21A Blackjack UAS]U.S. Navy officials are buying three new RQ-21A Blackjack small tactical unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to provide surveillance capability for U.S. Marine Corps and Navy tactical commanders. Officials of the Naval Air Systems Command at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Md., announced a $41.1 million contract this week to Boeing Insitu Inc. in Bingen, Wash., for three low-rate-initial-production RQ-21 Blackjack UAS, to include air vehicles, ground control stations, launch and recovery equipment, and spare parts. The Boeing Insitu RQ-21 is a twin-boom, s... more »

Japan Selects Northrop Grumman's E-2D Advanced Hawkeye and RQ-4 Global Hawk to Improve Intel Gathering Capabilities

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
[image: E-2D Advanced Hawkeye]The Japan Ministry of Defense has selected two Northrop Grumman Corporation systems to enhance its intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. Under a process known as type selection, the Japanese government chose the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye airborne early warning aircraft and the RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aircraft system to help maintain the country's sovereignty. Type selection identifies the capabilities and systems to be purchased to meet specific defense requirements. Following selection, the U.S. government will be asked to enter int... more »

PLA's East Sea Fleet bolstered by new Type 054A frigate

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
[image: Type 054A FFG]A report by China's state-run China News Service said Jan. 16 that the Huanggang-class Type 054A multi-role frigate has become the latest addition to the People's Liberation Army's East Sea Fleet. Assigned with the pennant number 577, the Huanggang-class frigate rolled off the assembly line in April 2013 and was commissioned Jan. 16. The ship's armaments include 32 HQ-16 "red banner" radar-guided surface-to-air missiles and 8 YJ-83 "eagle strike" infra-red and millimeter-wave radar-guided anti-ship missiles capable of supersonic travel. Read more

Russia ends US nuclear security alliance

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
[image: Dismantled submarine]The private diplomatic meetings took place over two days in mid-December in a hotel overlooking Moscow’s Red Square. But unlike in previous such gatherings, the sense of camaraderie, even brotherhood, was overshadowed by an uncomfortable chill, according to participants. In the previously undisclosed discussions, the Russians informed the Americans that they were refusing any more US help protecting their largest stockpiles of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium from being stolen or sold on the black market. Read more

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Attempt To Raise The Global Price For Oil Fails

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 21 hours ago
*Fuel Fix*: *Venezuela’s Asia tour backfires as crude extends slump* *WNU Editor*: His trip was a failure. And the price for oil (as of this evening) was still declining *on gloomy Chinese, European demand*.

Stealth tech no given in Japanese sub deal

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 22 hours ago
[image: Soryu class SSK]Retired Vice Admiral Masao Kobayashi commanded Japan’s submarine fleet from 2007 to 2009. In a recent interview in Tokyo with The Japan Times, when asked to explain one of the country’s most tightly guarded military secrets, he seemed reflective. Kobayashi pointed to the ceiling lights in the quiet interview room and said: “Take those fluorescent lights, for example. Any fluorescent light generates sound.” Other than our voices, there were no other sounds in the room. Read more

Before The Sony Cyber Attack The NSA Had Already Penetrated North Korea's Network

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 22 hours ago
News Talk Florida *New York Times*:* N.S.A. Tapped Into North Korean Networks Before Sony Attack, Officials Say* *More News On The NSA Penetrating North Korea's Computer Networks In 2010* U.S. penetrated North Korean networks years ago - New York Times -- Reuters Before Sony hacking, NSA breached Korea -- Dallas News NSA Broke Into North Korea's Internet Before Sony Hack: Report -- IBTimes Report: US penetrated North Korean networks in 2010 -- YNet News NSA tapped North Korea before Sony hacks, leading to quick verdict, report says -- Mashable

Did a Russian Parliamentarian Just Commit Treason?

Land Destroyer at Land Destroyer - 22 hours ago
PowerPoint given by Russian opposition leader blueprints US-backed violent overthrow of Russian government. *January 19, 2015* (Eric Draitser - LD) - An interesting thing happened in Washington recently, and it had nothing to do with Beltway politics, Democrats vs. Republicans, or any of the other standard fare for the middle of the week in mid-January. Rather, a relatively small, little publicized event took place at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a prominent liberal-leaning think tank in Washington. *Image: Ilya Ponomarev prepared an entire PowerPoin... more »

Secret Service Investigating Drive-By Shooting Outside Vice President Biden's Delaware Residence

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com *FOX News:* *Shots fired Saturday night near Biden's Delaware home* *WNU Editor:* An assassination attempt? A terrorist attack by a lone gunman? No one in authority is talking. *More News On Saturday Night's Shooting Outside Vice President Biden's Delaware Residence* Shots fired near Vice President Biden's Delaware residence -- Reuters Gunshots Fired From Vehicle Speeding Past Biden's Delaware Home, but Driver gets away -- NYT Secret Service investigating gunshots outside Biden’s Delaware home -- Washington Post Gunshots fired outside VP J... more »

Israeli Airstrike Kills Six Senior Hezbollah Figures In Syria

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Reuters:* Israeli strike in Syria kills senior Hezbollah figures *WNU Editor: *Apparently the son of the group's late military leader Imad Moughniyah was also killed in this airstrike .... if true .... expect Hezbollah to respond very soon. *More News On Today's Israeli Airstrike That Killed 6 Senior Hezbollah Commanders* Israeli strikes kill 6 Hezbollah fighters in Syria -- AP Hezbollah Says Israeli Strike Kills 6 Fighters -- WSJ 'Israel strike' kills Hezbollah men in Syria's Golan Heights -- BBC Hezbollah fighters killed in 'Israeli attack' -- Al Jazeera Hezbollah Says Israeli He... more »

The Effective Rage of Nonviolent Protest

Karen Garcia at Sardonicky - 1 day ago
Now that a new generation of civil rights activists is making its collective voice heard, the same very important persons who lately scoffed at Occupy and declared it dead are scoffing once again. The demonstrators staging the nationwide die-ins and strikes and generally disrupting life for the self-satisfied Establishment are rankling them for all the usual reasons. They don't have a single charismatic leader for possible co-optation by the Duopoly. They aren't going through official channels by groveling before politicians, or running for office themselves. They aren't getting ou... more »

Why Do So Many Northern Californians Win Statewide Races Despite The Population Advantage of Southern California?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
Gavin Newsom and Eric Garcetti, into tech When I first moved to California, the U.S. senators were both from Northern California. Democrat Alan Cranston, from a prominent Northern California family was from Palo Alto, when he was elected to the first of 4 terms starting (1968). Republican S.I. Hayakawa was born in Vancouver, Canada,but was the president of the University of San Francisco and lived in Mill Valley when he was elected to his single term.Since 1992, that's the Dianne Feinstein seat, another Bay Area politician.. Caught up in John McCain's Keating 5 scandal, Cranston deci... more »

DAHBOO77 : "Peace Plan" Rejected! Ukraine's President Rejects Putin's Plan, Continues Shelling of Donetsk

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 1 day ago
*"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." - Matthew 5:9.* *Title: "Peace Plan" Rejected! Ukraine's President Rejects Putin's Plan, Continues Shelling of Donetsk. Source: DAHBOO77. Date Published: January 18, 2015. Description:* Further to the dramatic footage yesterday, Ukrainian troops have launched a massive assault on militia-held areas, according to RT. This comes on the heels of Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko rejecting a peace plan proposed to him last week by his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. As Reuters reports, Putin's spokesm... more »

Steve Weissman : We are all Charlie, even as political hacks steal Charlie’s soul

Thorne Dreyer at The Rag Blog - 1 day ago
Within days, the French political elite and their international allies were using the tragedy to sell new policing measures. By Steve Weissman | Reader Supported News | January 19, 2015 ∗ French-based journalist Steve Weissman joined legendary satirist Paul Krassner and … finish reading Steve Weissman : We are all Charlie, even as political hacks steal Charlie’s soul

American Sniper...

Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner - 1 day ago
*see it!* And remember, every time a ticket is purchased a libtard head explodes.

Reality Check: Why Accept What the Feds Are Offering?

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 1 day ago
Monty Neill finds himself in the unenviable, though totally expected, position of doing PR for the corporate unions, who find themselves in bed with Arne Duncan and Bill Gates on testing. Here is what Monty posted to all the lists: Reality check. One person emailed me to ask the meaning of 'grade span.' It means a requirement to test annually once in each of grades 3-5, 6-9 and 10-12, in reading/ELA, math and science. This is what the 1994 law called for (tho without science) and it was quite livable if states did not attach sanctions - and most did not. The context is the House ... more »

Moving week at the office is traumatic for everyone, including "New Yorker" cartoon editor Bob Mankoff

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
*In his current "Cartoon Lounge" video, Bob decides, while clearing out his old office, that there's no way he's tossing the album from his bar mitzvah in 1957 at the Hotel Pierre, where he "made out like a bandit."* *by Ken* Would it be fair to guess that most readers have had the experience of an office move on the job? Offhand I can remember four of them -- two each on two jobs -- and while of course they're nowhere near as traumatic or exhausting as home moves, they can be pretty trying and tiring. I bring this up in connection with a distinguished visitor to this space we had... more »

Musical Interlude: 2002, “Remember Now”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
2002, “Remember Now” - http://www.youtube.com/

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
"A gorgeous spiral galaxy some 100 million light-years distant, NGC 1309 lies on the banks of the constellation of the River (Eridanus). NGC 1309 spans about 30,000 light-years, making it about one third the size of our larger Milky Way galaxy. Bluish clusters of young stars and dust lanes are seen to trace out NGC 1309's spiral arms as they wind around an older yellowish star population at its core. *Click image for larger size.* Not just another pretty face-on spiral galaxy, observations of NGC 1309's recent supernova and Cepheid variable stars contribute to the calibration of the... more »

The Universe

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
“No matter how great the desire is to please another, let it be no greater than the desire to be yourself. Please, it's why you're there. Otherwise ain't no one happy.” “So pleased with you,” The Universe “Thoughts become things... choose the good ones!” - www.tut.com

"The Purpose Of Life..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
“I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honorable, to be compassionate. It is, after all, to matter; to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.” – Leo C. Rosten

The Daily "Near You?"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
Cumberland Center, Maine, USA. Thanks for stopping by.

"Fear By Another Name"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
*"Fear By Another Name"* by Michael Brenner "Assassination of American citizens by presidential dictate, blanket suspension of habeas corpus indefinitely, massive wiretapping and surveillance with and without warrant, torture as the official policy of the United States government – these are trademarks of the “war on terror” pursued since 9/11. This despite the absence of a single serious attack over the past twelve years and the scattering of a defanged al-Qaida – the only group that once had the potential capability to do us major harm. The extraordinary trashing of our cherished... more »

"The 12 Rules of Survival"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
* "The 12 Rules of Survival"* by Laurence Gonzales "As a journalist, I've been writing about accidents for more than thirty years. In the last 15 or so years, I've concentrated on accidents in outdoor recreation, in an effort to understand who lives, who dies, and why. To my surprise, I found an eerie uniformity in the way people survive seemingly impossible circumstances. Decades and sometimes centuries apart, separated by culture, geography, race, language, and tradition, the most successful survivors–those who practice what I call “deep survival”– go through the same patterns o... more »

Chet Raymo, “Sky High”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
*“Sky High”* by Chet Raymo “As upright primates, the sky is half of our visual field, but we give it only a tiny fraction of our attention. Food, drink, sex and shelter are all to be found close to the ground. What goes on above our heads is mostly irrelevant. Here in Ireland the sky is much more than half our visual field; we couldn't ignore it if we wanted to. Our cottage is perched on a hill above Dingle Bay, and beyond the garden wall the land slopes to the sea, as if trying to get out of the way, surrendering the view to- air. Insistent, in-your-face, not-to-be-ignored nitrog... more »

In general costs below follow costs on appeal

James C Morton at Morton's Musings - 1 day ago
Bell (Re), 2015 ONCA 19: [6] The appellant has succeeded in this court and accordingly should be entitled to its costs throughout. The settlement offer referenced by the respondent in its submissions is irrelevant to the issue before this court. So too are its submissions in relation to events involving a creditor of the appellant. [7] In our view, there is no reason why the appellant should not be entitled to its costs below in view of its success in this court. Further, there is no reason to fix a different amount from the figure to which the parties agreed... more »

I Am Here

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 1 day ago
It's like quoting from the bible the sacred cows are coming home to graze on the bones of the nation 'wasichu' the one who eats the fat CONTRACTS AIR FORCE Northrop Grumman Technical Services, Herndon, *Virginia*, has been awarded a $963,500,000 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) ground subsystems support. Contractor support includes sustainment engineering, technical assistance and program management services for ground subsystems to include sustainment, assessment, system modification and technical support. Work will be... more »

Leftist Opportunism During the Pope Motorcade

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 1 day ago
This morning, Pope Francis will leave the Philippines and go back to the Vatican. He arrived four nights ago, January 15, from Sri Lanka. The visit at UST yesterday in the morning and the last mass at Luneta in the afternoon drew several millions of people. Yesterday too, some leftist groups in the Philippines played epal, unfurled streamers calling for social justice, social debt, socialism. What a bunch of lousy minds. If it was Senator X or Congressman Y or Governor or Mayor Z, or other party list groups unfurling streamers and placards showing their faces and names during t... more »

Charlie Hebdo Shootings Censored Video

Mars Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 1 day ago
By SCG This is footage of the Charlie Hebdo shootings which has been restricted or taken down from a number of websites. As you will see it contains no blood, gore or graphic violence. It does however punch a major hole in the official story. Visit StormCloudsGathering.com *Get truth delivered to your inbox every week.* Subscribe to GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING by Email

Prison State America: Inmates becoming corporate slaves in for-profit facilities

Mars Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 1 day ago
By Ben Swann on RT For-profit prisons have created a “neo-slavery” in the US, according to award-winning journalist Chris Hedges. Inmates work eight hours per day for major corporations such as Chevron, Motorola, Nordstrom’s and Target, yet only have the possibility of making up $1.25 an hour. In addition, companies that provide services like phone calls overcharge prisoners on even the most basic services, making hundreds of millions in profits annually. RT’s Ben Swann speaks to Hedges, who explains how this shadowy system came into existence. Visit BenSwann.com *Get truth de... more »

I Am Here

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 1 day ago
It's like quoting from the bible the sacred cows are coming home to graze on the bones of the nation 'wasichu' the one who eats the fat *CONTRACTS* *AIR FORCE* Northrop Grumman Technical Services, Herndon, Virginia, has been awarded a $963,500,000 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) ground subsystems support. Contractor support includes sustainment engineering, technical assistance and program management services for ground subsystems to include sustainment, assessment, system modification and technical support. Work will ... more »

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