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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, January 4, 2010

4 Jan - Must see video and Green Post

The Existentialist Cowboy

BBC : Al Qaeda never existed!  

The BBC had revealed that Al Qaeda is a creation of US propaganda, in fact, a term never used by Bin Laden until after 911. The implications of the BBC documentary are enormous. It means that the US government of George W. Bush is guilty of the crimes of mass murder, high treason with respect to 911 and war crimes with respect to the mass murder of Iraqi civilians who had nothing whatsoever to do with 911. The specific crimes are violations of U.S. Codes, Title 18, Section 2441 which prescribes the penalty of death for violations thereof!

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Royal Canadian Air Farce

 Reptile GOD

Record cold weather roundup – hundreds of new cold and snow records set in the last week

Maryland Reports 4 Cold Weather Deaths

Cold weather kills scores in India
Dublin airport suspends flights after heavy snowfall, cold weather
Once in generation cold snap forecast for North Carolina
Record low blows into Siouxland
Recent global cool-down challenges validity of climate change models
National Weather Highlight for 12 / 29 / 09: Record snow falls in Dallas / Fort Worth area

 Cooling the Earth with Food Sovereignty

Sustainable farms maintain more carbon in the soil than industrial agriculture does and, to the degree that widespread small farms are well integrated into local food economies, transportation of farm products can be dramatically reduced from the average 1,500 miles Americans’ food now travels.

 The Toilet That Can Help Solve Our Water and Energy Problems

While the practice of using human waste as fertilizer is as old as humanity itself, Tepotzlan's eco-sanistas marked an engineering watershed when they found a way to separate feces from urine. A locally designed toilet seat harvests the fluids while allowing the solid wastes to fall into a dry compost toilet. (Not such a strange idea: The human body is designed to send solid and liquid wastes in opposite directions.) One immediate result of separating pee from poo is the elimination of the unpleasant aromas associated with the traditional outhouse.

While installing waterless toilets in high-rise apartments might raise certain engineering challenges, "urine-separating dry toilets" are being adopted around the world -- from South Africa, Peru, Cuba, and India to the United States, where composting waterless toilets can be purchased online. There are several to choose from, including Biolet, Envirolet, Sun-Mar, the venerable-sounding Clivus Multrum, and the EcoJohn (an "incinerating toilet" that's being used in US homes and military camps). Most sell for around $1,500. Home Depot lists a Biolet for $1,400 (about the price of a new fridge). The Nature's Head urine-separating dry toilet (designed by sailors for onboard use) is a bargain, priced at $850.


Glowing wallpaper could replace the bulb

a company called Lomox based in Wales has patented a new chemical composition for their OLED membranes which they say will bring luminescent wallpaper to the market by 2012.

A new research lab on the West Coast wants to put the “pest” back in pest control for gardens everywhere

Havana has turned urban raised-bed gardening into a viable food source for its population — without pesticide use of any kind. At the helm of North America’s first research laboratory devoted to biological pest controls, Henderson and her staff aim to prove that with a few strategically placed insects and fungi, cities such as Vancouver could soon be doing the same.


Reports call for radical rethink on food policy to tackle climate change and food security

Friends of the Earth and Compassion in World Farming, which also recommends a radical change change in the way with think about food production – warns that feeding the world in a more ‘planet-friendly’ way will leave little room to grow bio-fuel crops for cars.

The Soil Association’s report – ‘Food Futures: Strategies For Resilient Food And Farming’ – calls for a new cross-Governmental joined-up approach to food strategy which means changing what we eat as well as the way food is grown, processed and distributed.

“We’ve got to make fundamental changes to food and farming if we’re going to meet the Government-agreed climate target of a cut in greenhouse gas emissions of 80 per cent by 2050 and reduce the £6 billion burden on the NHS from diet-related illness,” said the Soil Association’s policy director, Peter Melchett:

“We need a joined-up strategy that links changes in diet to changes in our food systems. We can’t make plans for what people might eat in future in a different box to how that food is produced.”

In particular, the Soil Association wants the Government to be much tougher on the agricultural sector when it comes to tacking climate change, raising the target for cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from six per cent to at least 20 per cent by 2020, in line with other sectors.

It also wants to see the minimisation of soil carbon losses made a condition of the Common Agricultural Policy subsidy payments


Myrrh, bones, and medical waste

A statistical analysis of experimental data on laboratory animals shows that the resin of the middle-eastern tree Commiphora, better known as “myrrh” can act as a protective antioxidant against liver damage caused by organic lead compounds.

2010 may be Finland's breakthrough year in cleantech

Technology pundit Shawn Lesser identifies 11 breakthrough companies in Finland's expanding cleantech sector.



Madagascar feels the heat

David Smith

December 30, 2009 

Deforestation, drought and political instability have ravaged a nation rich in wildlife but poor in infrastructure. And, reports David Smith, climate change is blamed for playing havoc with harvests and the seasons.

( Deforestation by itself can change temperatures and rainfall patterns to alter : something people worry about happening in the Amazon )

The Story of Cap and Trade

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