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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

13 March - Blogs I'm Following - 1 of 5

 11:11 pm MST

This Picture Is How America Sunk Japan’s Super WWII Aircraft Carrier
Warfare History Network, The National Interest - 34 minutes ago
*Warfare History Network* *WWII History, Asia* Almost as crucial as Shinano’s weaponry was the secrecy under which she was built. *Here's What You Need to Remember: *When the intelligence officers saw the distinctive, bulbous clipper bow Enright had drawn, they realized his kill had been the suspected third super warship of the *Yamato* class and that the Japanese had converted her to an aircraft carrier, although the intelligence people seriously underestimated her weight at 28,000 tons. Further confirmation came from an intercepted Japanese radio transmission from November 29:...
Sci-Fi Rifles: Is This Chinese Future Weapon Visionary or Absurd?
Robert Beckhusen, The National Interest - 34 minutes ago
*Robert Beckhusen* *Assault Rifle, * The U.S. Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office has speculated the Chinese announcements may serve as a form of propaganda. *Here's What You Need to Know*: Bulky hybrid rifles have a poor track record. To hear Chinese state media tell it, the soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army will go into battle in the future wearing an array of high-tech gizmos. In their hands will be enormous weapons combining a rifle with a 20-millimeter grenade launcher akin to the old — and cancelled — American OICW. On top of that, they will have heads-up display...
Command Senior Enlisted Leader Of United States Space Command Weighs In On Pregnant Women Serving In The Military
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 1 hour ago
Drama TV - my response to Mr. Carlson’s comments on women in the Armed Forces. @TuckerCarlson pic.twitter.com/acix7CFLO9 — U.S. Space Command, Command Senior Enlisted Leader (@US_SpaceComCSEL) March 11, 2021 *WNU Editor*: A very strange response from this senior military leader to Tucker Carlson's remarks on pregnant women serving in the military. His linking of pregnant women to having a lean, ready and fit force made absolutely no sense to me. And then he makes the strawman argument that "we value women and families serving in the military". LOL. How this person was promoted to...
Musical Interlude: The Moody Blues', "Question"
CoyotePrime, Running 'Cause I Can't Fly 2 - 1 hour ago
A Spadecaller video of The Moody Blues' "Question" Please do visit the Spadecaller channel link above. A magnificent, inspired talent...
NEW STUDY : Greta Can See CO2 Where Science Can’t
Jamie Spry, Climatism - 2 hours ago
“Action must be powerful and wide-ranging.After all, the climate crisis is not just about the environment.It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and of political will.Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it.We need to dismantle them all.”– GretaThunberg™️ “Play silly games, expect silly prizes!”– Dan Bongino • H/t @Kenneth72712993 CONTRARY to […]
Modern Marvels: The Real National Treasure
Mark Schumacher, From the Trenches World Report - 2 hours ago
HISTORY May 23, 2020 The post Modern Marvels: The Real National Treasure appeared first on From the Trenches World Report.
Barbara Boxer : Climate Regulations Are a Life And Death Issue
tonyheller, Real Climate Science - 2 hours ago
Ten years ago this week, Barbara Boxer said “climate regulations” were a life and death matter. Sen. Boxer: Opponents of EPA Climate Regulations ‘Hurting the American People’ | CNSnews.com She was correct, as people in Texas found out last month. … Continue reading →
No Genuine Scientific Dissent
tonyheller, Real Climate Science - 2 hours ago
Ten years ago today, the Australian government’s climate advisor said there was no genuine scientific dissent. Pell row with climate scientist heats up
Why You Should Question Vaccine Passports
A Reader, From the Trenches World Report - 3 hours ago
Deception is Not True Consent March 13, 2021 Sunday Wire Radio Show, host Patrick Henningsen talked about the new globalized push for a “Vaccine Passport”... The post Why You Should Question Vaccine Passports appeared first on From the Trenches World Report.
More than 300,000 maskless bikers flex their defiance on Daytona Beach over Biden’s national mask mandate
Galen, From the Trenches World Report - 3 hours ago
Daily Mail More than 300,000 bikers rolled into Daytona Beach this week with a defiant message for President Joe Biden and his national mask mandate:... The post More than 300,000 maskless bikers flex their defiance on Daytona Beach over Biden’s national mask mandate appeared first on From the Trenches World Report.
The Absurdity and Incapacity of Individualism
Unknown, The Conservative Socrates - 3 hours ago
When an individualist takes part in a debate, doesn’t it show that he thinks that he can actually convince people to become individualists? He expects people to stop thinking for themselves and live in accordance to his specific positive opinion—in other words, he expects everyone, except himself, to be a collectivist. But this means that he is no longer an individualist; he is the founder of a collective, comprising of people who follow his opinion of individualism. The individualism of a man is lost in a swamp of irreconcilable contradictions, and leads to the formation of a utopi...
Five EU Leaders Want A Summit To Discuss 'Huge Disparities' In Vaccine Allocation Across The Bloc
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 1 hour ago
The vaccination rollout in the EU has been comparatively slow *DW*: *Five EU leaders complain about vaccine allocation gulf* *Five EU member states have called for a summit to discuss "huge disparities" in vaccine deliveries across the bloc. * Austria's chancellor has suggested some nations may have signed secret contracts with manufacturers. Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Latvia have claimed that vaccine deliveries to EU member states are not being carried out on an equal basis and have called for a summit to discuss the matter. In a letter to top EU offic...
North Korean Defectors Want America to Fight Kim to the Last American
Doug Bandow, The National Interest - 2 hours ago
*Doug Bandow* *North Korea, Asia* Although North Korean defectors typically do not provide good policy advice regarding the DPRK, they are a useful reminder of the moral stakes in defusing the Korean confrontation. Defectors from North Korea deserve respect. Escaping the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is difficult enough. Getting somewhere safe, most often South Korea, is even harder. In recent years the North has dramatically toughened border controls, while Beijing sends defectors back to the DPRK. However, though defectors are brave, they understandably are focused on ...
Is the UK Considering Cutting Its Order for the F-35?
Peter Suciu, The National Interest - 2 hours ago
*Peter Suciu* *F-35, Europe* It isn’t clear why the UK Ministry of Defense is so eager to scale back. Are they in or are they out? For now, it seems that the United Kingdom is in, but perhaps not fully in when it comes to its commitment to the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has reportedly been debating whether to scale back its order and only move forward with 48 of the fifth-generation fighters, down from the previous commitment to purchase 138 of the jets. According to a report that first circulated in *The Sunday Times*, ”an order for 90...
Why Artificial Intelligence Might Not Win a War
James Jay Carafano, The National Interest - 2 hours ago
*James Jay Carafano* *Artificial Intelligence, * If neural networks and machine learning remain the dominant AI guiding technologies, the operational usefulness of AI in battle will be rather limited. It’s widely presumed that artificial intelligence (AI) will play a dominant role in future wars. Maybe not Skynet and Terminator-level stuff, but plenty of independent hunter-killer vehicles blasting each other and the rest of us. However, the way the future unfolds might be nothing like that. AI developments increasingly led by machine learning-enabled technologies, seem to be g...
What a Russian Mercenary in Syria Says About Life in the War There
Michael Peck, The National Interest - 2 hours ago
*Michael Peck* *Syrian Civil War, Middle East* Russia has relied on mercenaries to help bolster the Assad regime. *Key point: *Being a paid gun-for-hire is a rough life. However, many are willing in order to make more money. Good pay, bad food and corruption. That’s the life of a Russian mercenary in Syria, according to one veteran who’s glad to be out of there. Several years ago, the Russian newspaper *Sobesednik* published an interview (English translation here) with a Russian ex-soldier who just returned from Syria after working as a private military contractor, or PMC. Aleks...
F-117 Nighthawk: America's First Stealth Fighter Revolutionized War
Sebastien Roblin, The National Interest - 2 hours ago
*Sebastien Roblin* *F-117, * The Nighthawk had a very specific mission—to fly unseen into the heart of enemy air defenses and take out critical targets. *Here's What You Need to Know*: The F-117 offered the United States military a unique ability to slip through enemy air defenses and takeout high value targets. The F-117 Nighthawk, America’s original stealth plane with a deeply sinister appearance, is an example of a weapon system designed around the limitations imposed by a promising new technology. The Nighthawk was revolutionary when it entered service in 1983—not that many ...
Why the Air Force Almost Sent the P-51 Mustang Back to Work
Michael Peck, The National Interest - 2 hours ago
*Michael Peck* *Military History, * Sometimes, retirement isn’t permanent. *Here's What You Need to Remember: *In fact, the U.S. Air Force did eventually buy a propeller-driven counterinsurgency plane. Brazil's A-29 Tucano was selected in 2011 for the new Light Air Support contract. There are twenty aircraft on order. The North American P-51 Mustang was one of the greatest fighters of World War II. Had life worked out differently, the Mustang could also have fought in Vietnam and flown against a Soviet invasion of Western Europe. In fact, it might even have replaced the A-10 Wa...
Brazil Now Has The World’s Worst Covid Outbreak
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 2 hours ago
*Forbes:* *Brazil Now Has The World’s Worst Covid Outbreak. Experts Blame Variants. * Brazil faces its most severe Covid-19 surge since the pandemic began, with more daily infections and deaths than any other country in recent days, because of what some health officials are blaming on a coronavirus variant that has spread rapidly in Brazil, and reached other countries like the United States. *KEY FACTS* The Brazilian government reported 2,216 Covid-19 deaths Friday, and it posted a record 2,286 deaths on Wednesday, eclipsing the United States as the country with the world’s w...
BWorld 478, Power demand contraction and natural gas cronyism
Bienvenido Oplas Jr, Government and Taxes - 2 hours ago
* My column in BusinessWorld, March 9, 2021. Based on average power demand in the Luzon-Visayas grids for January and February, the Philippines’ first quarter 2021 GDP seems to point to a -5% contraction with a -6.7% power demand contraction in January and a -4.8% contraction in February. Data from the Independent Electricity Market Operator of the Philippines (IEMOP) further shows that electricity prices at the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market, the customer effective spot settlement price (ESSP) and load-weighted average price (LWAP) remain low in January and February, reflecti...
Tax Cut 33, WTA meeting and Asia tax competition
Bienvenido Oplas Jr, Government and Taxes - 2 hours ago
Last month, the World Taxpayers Association (WTA) held its first regional forum for the two continents this year. I was one of the brief speakers for country updates, I made this presentation. I was not able to show this data in my presentation, I didn't see the updated numbers for 2020 earlier. But it's a warning sign how the deficit and borrowings/financing for 2020 alone would require high taxes, fees, penalties, that will be invented by the PH government soon. I add these figures, personal income tax rates, ASEAN 5. I did not include Singapore, it has a flat 17% for many y...
Explosive Statement – Attorney Sidney Powell Alleges Kelly Loeffler Staffer, Harrison Deal, Was Murdered
Sundance, The Last Refuge - 2 hours ago
On Friday December 4, 2020, a 20-year-old campaign worker for Senator Kelly Loeffler named Harrison Deal was killed in a fiery three car crash on Interstate 16. On Thursday night March 11th, during an explosive interview carried on BEK TV with Doug Billings, Attorney Sidney Powell alleges the crash was not an accident. When responding […] The post Explosive Statement – Attorney Sidney Powell Alleges Kelly Loeffler Staffer, Harrison Deal, Was Murdered appeared first on The Last Refuge.
The Shapers of Slavery – A Global Project of the World Economic Forum [Winter Oak Series]
"Over 900 Global Shapers joined World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab for talks on the Great Reset initiative... a Great Reset that places all citizens, especially young people, at the heart of social and economic systems." The post The Shapers of Slavery – A Global Project of the World Economic Forum [Winter Oak Series] appeared first on Wrong Kind of Green.
New York To Drown – Polar Bears In The Harbor
tonyheller, Real Climate Science - 3 hours ago
Ten years ago today, the Washington Post said the weather had gone haywire, we were running out of time, New York was going to drown – and Polar Bears would be floating in the harbor. http://www.pressherald.com/opinion/climate-change_2011-03-13.html This is a little … Continue reading →
Bitcoin Mining Now Uses More Electricity Than All The Internet Giants Combined
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 3 hours ago
Pictured: A graph showing the amount of energy in terawatt hours (TWh) consumed by tech giants, electric vehicles and Bitcoin mining (lower, central and upper bounds). The bar second from right shows the current annual bitcoin consumption, that on March 3 was at a rate of 130.9 terawatt hours (TWh), roughly the same as New Zealand and Argentina *Daily Mail:* *How Bitcoin is eating the Earth: Computers creating 'worthless' cryptocurrency drive global warming as they use vastly more electricity than all the internet giants combined * * Bill Gates said earlier this week: 'Bitcoin us...
Australia Never Used To Have Fires, Floods And Cyclones
tonyheller, Real Climate Science - 3 hours ago
Ten years ago today, there was unanimous consensus that Australia didn’t used to have fires, floods and cyclones, and that they were now caused by the local mining industry. “The upshot of all the fires, floods and cyclones that have … Continue reading →
Dr. Kendrick: What is an Anti-Vaxxer?
AdminM, Medical Kidnap - 4 hours ago
I am particularly interested in the whole concept of being ‘anti-‘ or a ‘denier’, or a sceptic. I think in great part this is due to constant attacks I have had to put up with because of my views of cholesterol and statins. I am often called a statin ‘denier’. I have also been referred to as a professional contrarian, a sceptic, a zealot and suchlike. However, I am not actually a cholesterol sceptic, nor a denier. I am not denying cholesterol exists. I just happen to believe it is not harmful – probably beneficial. To be accurate, it is the other side who attack cholesterol and who...
NY Times Climate Science : Off By Six Orders Of Magnitude
tonyheller, Real Climate Science - 4 hours ago
Twenty one years ago, the New York Times announced that the North Pole was ice-free for the first time in fifty million years. “The North Pole is melting. The thick ice that has for ages covered the Arctic Ocean at … Continue reading →
Running and walking for the land and water -- Day 1 photos to Thacker Pass by Bad Bear
Unknown, CENSORED NEWS - 4 hours ago
Photos by Western Shoshone Photojournalist Carl Bad Bear Sampson. Day 1, March 13, 2021: Walkers and runners departed from Yomba Shoshone on their 273 mile journey to Thacker Pass this morning. Canadian company Lithium Nevada plans a lithium mine, destructive to the land and water in this pristine region. Today, Saturday evening, walkers and runners were near their stay place of Austin, Nevada.
More deaths in Myanmar: Military coup leaders in a cul-de-sac
Lee Jay, Modern Tokyo Times - 4 hours ago
More deaths in Myanmar: Military coup leaders in a cul-de-sac Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Reported deaths since the military coup in Myanmar have now reached at least 90 people. At the same time, State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi and other politicians of the National League for Democracy (NLD) face […] The post More deaths in Myanmar: Military coup leaders in a cul-de-sac first appeared on Modern Tokyo Times.
Dr. Kendrick: What is an Anti-Vaxxer?
Brian-Admin, Health Impact News - 4 hours ago
I am particularly interested in the whole concept of being ‘anti-‘ or a ‘denier’, or a sceptic. I think in great part this is due to constant attacks I have had to put up with because of my views of cholesterol and statins. I am often called a statin ‘denier’. I have also been referred to as a professional contrarian, a sceptic, a zealot and suchlike. However, I am not actually a cholesterol sceptic, nor a denier. I am not denying cholesterol exists. I just happen to believe it is not harmful – probably beneficial. To be accurate, it is the other side who attack cholesterol and who...
“Americans Using Homes As ATM; Don’t Lose Everything; Housing Bubble Unsustainable; Real Assets”
CoyotePrime, Running 'Cause I Can't Fly 2 - 2 hours ago
Jeremiah Babe, *“Americans Using Homes As ATM; Don’t Lose Everything; * *Housing Bubble Unsustainable; Real Assets”* You *really* need to view this video... And you'd be wise to view this article: "Here's How 30 Preppers Have Adapted And What They Foresee Happening Next"
Chicago River Dyed Green in Surprise Move by City’s Mayor
AP News, Snopes.com - 2 hours ago
The Chicago River was dyed a bright shade of green after Mayor Lori Lightfoot reversed an earlier decision not to tint the waterway for second year because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Get Ready for the Future Long Range Assault Aircraft
Kris Osborn, The National Interest - 3 hours ago
*Kris Osborn* *military, Americas* Air Assault raids will likely be of an entirely different character in ten years, something which continues to inform the developmental trajectory of two competing aircraft, Bell’s V-280 Valor and Lockheed-Sikorsky-Boeing’s DEFIANT X. Utility helicopters delivering infantry under heavy enemy fire in 2030 will need new levels of speed, maneuverability and agility to succeed in an entirely new sphere of high-speed combat intensity. Such is the premise of the now evolving Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft, a now-in-development Black Hawk-like air...
Why the Army Is Saying Goodbye Mossberg 500, Hello M26 Shotgun
Kevin Knodell, The National Interest - 3 hours ago
*Kevin Knodell* *U.S. Army, Americas* [image: Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=448520] Every weapon has its day and then needs to be modernized or replaced. *Key point: *The Mossberg 500 served well, but was larger and bulkier. This new shotgun is supposed to help holdiers move around and reduce fatigue. A young combat engineer with a shotgun blew out the “popsicle stick” support holding up one of the few targets sitting in an old trench. “Good job, you destroyed the target,” Sgt. First Class Keith Novembre teased. The soldiers were members of the 5...
Hypersonic Weapons: The Most Hyped Weapon Ever?
Charlie Gao, The National Interest - 3 hours ago
*Charlie Gao* *Security, * [image: The X-51A Waverider, shown here under the wing of a B-52 Stratofortress, is set to demonstrate hypersonic flight. Powered by a Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne SJY61 scramjet engine, it is designed to ride on its own shockwave and accelerate to about Mach 6.] The Pentagon has cancelled at least one hypersonic weapons program. *Here's What You Need to Remember: *The U.S. Army and U.S. Navy seem to be pushing forwards with their C-HGB-based hypersonic weapons though, under the names Long Range Hypersonic Weapon and Intermediate Range Prompt Conventiona...
WWII: How Nazi Germany’s Panzerfaust Smashed Allied Tanks
Robert Beckhusen, The National Interest - 3 hours ago
*Robert Beckhusen* *History, Europe* A true terror weapon. *Here's What You Need To Remember: *Crew members would only have a second or two to jump from their tank, surely suffering horrific burns regardless of whether or not they survived. If unable to escape, the flames would leave little more than ashes and bones. To Allied tank crews during World War II, the Panzerfaust was one of the German army’s deadliest weapons behind the static 88-millimeter cannon, the rocket-propelled Panzerschreck and — most of all — other tanks. The shoulder-launched Panzerfaust, or “tank fist,” pr...
China's Master Plan Is Clear to Invade Taiwan: Kill the Tanks
Peter Suciu, The National Interest - 3 hours ago
*Peter Suciu* *Chinese Army, Asia* [image: https://www.reutersconnect.com/all?id=tag%3Areuters.com%2C2016%3Anewsml_S1BETUGUAXAC&share=true] The HJ-10 is meant to be launched from the ZBD-10 armored vehicle. *Key point: *Beijing has been training to invade Taiwan now for some time. It has also ramped up its miltiary modernization and its threatening rhetoric. Months back, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) announced that it had conducted a test of a new anti-tank missile system as part of a so-called “Taiwan Drill.” The exercise, which was conducted in an island-landing ...
Agüero Ends Premier League Goal Drought as Man City Rolls over Fulham
Sergio Agüero scored in the Premier League for the first time in 417 days on Saturday as champions-in-waiting Manchester City beat Fulham 3-0 at Craven Cottage.
Atletico Madrid Drops Points vs Getafe in LaLiga
Lowly Getafe stymied Atletico Madrid 0-0 on Saturday to deny the LaLiga leaders a chance to give themselves a cushion over defending champions Real Madrid.
Burnley Dents Everton’s Hopes; Palace Close Door on West Brom
Everton suffered its seventh home defeat of the Premier League season on Saturday, falling 2-1 to Burnley.
Four Killed in Plane Crash in Kazakhstan
At least four people were killed on Saturday when a military aircraft crashed near Almaty, Kazakhstan’s Emergency Situations Ministry said.
Real Madrid Nips Elche 2-1 on Benzema’s Double
Karim Benzema scored both goals for Real Madrid as the reigning LaLiga champion edged Elche 2-1 on Saturday to remain in the 2020-2021 title race.
Myanmar Junta Continues Deadly Crackdown on Anti-Coup Protests, Killing 8
The military junta that seized power in Myanmar last month continued its deadly crackdown against anti-coup protesters across the country on Saturday as security forces killed at least eight people in 24 hours.
Leeds Holds Chelsea to Scoreless Draw in Premier League
Chelsea left Leeds on Saturday with a bittersweet draw, settling for a point but extending its unbeaten run to 12 games ahead of its Champions League clash against Atletico Madrid.
China, Sri Lanka Caught in a ‘Doormat’ Issue
The sale of Chinese-produced non-slip doormats depicting the Sri Lanka national flag has caused a diplomatic stir.
Sri Lankan Minister to Push for Burqa Ban
A Sri Lankan minister announced on Saturday that he had signed a proposal to ban the burqa as part of a national security measure in the island nation.
Tunisia Begins COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout with Sputnik V
Tunisia got on Saturday its coronavirus vaccination rollout underway by administering the first of 30,000 Sputnik V doses to healthcare workers and elderly people suffering from underlying health conditions.
Before Michael Mann Destroyed Climate Science
tonyheller, Real Climate Science - 4 hours ago
The Arctic saw a large amount of warming in the first half of the 20th century, and Greenland used to be much warmer. 02 Apr 1952, 35 – The Spokesman-Review at Newspapers.com
Obama : Americans Are Ready For A Change
tonyheller, Real Climate Science - 5 hours ago
Fifteen years ago, Barack Obama said : “Americans are fed up. They’re fed up with the war in Iraq, the federal deficit, illegal immigration, high gas prices, and the health care system, and it’s time for change” Obama: Americans ready … Continue reading →
A World Without Snow
tonyheller, Real Climate Science - 5 hours ago
Sixteen years ago, the Guardian warned of a world without snow. Warming effect in a world without snow | Environment | The Guardian That sounds bad. Particularly since the Washington Post says we may be having having our largest snowstorm … Continue reading →
A Brussels Church at the Heart of a Migrant Rights Protest
The centuries-old Church of St. John the Baptist at the Beguinage in Brussels has hosted nearly 200 undocumented migrants since January and, for the fourth time in two decades, has become a hub for protests in favor of their regularization.
UK Accuses China of Non-Compliance with Joint Treaty over HK Election Reform
The United Kingdom’s government said on Saturday Beijing’s decision to overhaul Hong Kong’s electoral system was a further breach of the joint agreement underpinning handover of the former British colony.
Inside a Brazilian ICU Overwhelmed by COVID-19
The intensive care unit at the M’Boi Mirim hospital in the suburbs of Sao Paulo looks like a warzone.
At Least 8 Killed, 54 Injured in Car Bombing in Afghanistan
At least eight people were killed and 54 injured in a car bomb explosion close to a police checkpoint and civilian houses in Afghanistan’s eastern Herat province, authorities said on Saturday.
10 Years of Pain, Waiting for Families of Disappeared People in Syria
On Sept. 15, 2013, Omama’s father took her to look for universities and dropped her off with the promise of picking her up the next day. She never saw him again.
Bolivia Arrests Former President Añez, Her Ministers as Part of Coup Probe
Bolivian authorities confirmed early on Saturday that they had arrested former interim president Jeanine Añez as part of a probe into the alleged 2019 coup against Evo Morales.
Ant Group CEO Simon Hu Resigns
Simon Hu has resigned as CEO of Ant Group, a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, four months after the company canceled its mega initial public offering amid regulatory changes.
Children at Tijuana Migrant Camp Fall Sick amid Low Temperatures
Recent cold weather in Tijuana, northern Mexico, is causing respiratory illnesses among children at a camp of migrants who are waiting for their requests for asylum in the United States to be processed.
Minneapolis Approves $27 Million Settlement with George Floyd’s Family
The city of Minneapolis voted unanimously on Friday to approve a $27 million settlement with the family of George Floyd, whose death in police custody last year unleashed a wave of racial justice protests that shook the United States.
A Week of Paraguay Protests Marked with Dwindling Numbers
A week of protests in Paraguay against the government of Mario Abdo Benitez ended on Friday with fewer and more deflated protesters after the president made Cabinet changes and the health authorities declared a red alert due to the increase in COVID-19 infections in the country.
Russian Police Detain 200 Participants At An Opposition Forum In Moscow
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 4 hours ago
*DW:* *Russian police raid Moscow opposition conference * Some 200 people, including scores of opposition politicians, were detained during a meeting in Moscow. The police claim participants were breaking COVID-19 rules. Several prominent Kremlin critics were released from police custody on Saturday following an unprecedented raid on a political conference. Moscow police previously said some 200 people had been detained while attending a summit on municipal politics. *Read more* .... *WNU Editor*: This forum was organized by former Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Here ...
Bitcoin Surpasses $60,000 In A New Record High
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 4 hours ago
FILE PHOTO: Representations of virtual currency Bitcoin and U.S. dollar banknotes are seen in this picture illustration *CNBC:* *Bitcoin surpasses $60,000 in record high as rally accelerates * * Bitcoin, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, was at $60,415.34 as of 7:25 a.m. ET, according to Coinbase. * The digital currency is up over 80% this year and 570% higher over the last 12 months. Its value surpassed $1 trillion last week for the second time. Bitcoin crossed a record high of $60,000 on Saturday morning, continuing its rally as major companies and financial institutions a...
Your Weekend Open Thread
Diogenes Sarcastica™, Diogenes' Middle Finger - 4 hours ago
Your Beloved Blog Editrix turns things over to you, the readers. Post your links. Say your piece.
Democrats Want to Spend Trillions on Infrastructure. Can It Pass?
Rachel Bucchino, The National Interest - 5 hours ago
*Rachel Bucchino* *Infrastructure, * Democrats appear to be staggered over which policy matters to pivot to next, but it seems likely that the focal points will be on infrastructure and clean energy. Just as President Joe Biden and Democrats scored a legislative win with the $1.9 trillion rescue package, party members are already debating the next big-spending initiative to jam through Congress, despite the soaring national debt incurred largely from pandemic-related measures. Democrats passed the coronavirus relief bill this week through budget reconciliation, a legislative pro...
What Happens when Aircraft Carrier Go Away?
Michael Peck, The National Interest - 5 hours ago
*Michael Peck* *History, Europe* For an answer, we can turn to World War II, and more specifically the navies of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. *Here's What You Need To Remember:* The ability to deploy aicraft away from land made the difference between victory and defeat in the Second World War engagements—something that Hitler and Mussolini didn't learn until it was too late. Dictators are not in the habit of admitting mistakes. But if Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini could talk from the flames of hell, they might have advice for today’s America: don’t give up your aircraft c...
$100/Barrel Of Oil On The Horizon?
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 5 hours ago
*CNBC:* *Crude to $100: Trader makes the case for a spike in oil prices* Crude oil prices are on a path to highs not seen since 2014, according to one chart analyst. As the energy sector tracks for its best quarter on record with a year-to-date gain of nearly 40%, there’s “clearly some upside” for oil prices as well, Piper Sandler’s Craig Johnson told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Friday. U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude prices slid half of 1% to around $65.60 a barrel on Friday. “I could actually see a number that could be north of 100 in the next, say, six to ... 12 months f...
Marvin Hagler, Middleweight Boxing Great, Dies at 66
AP News, Snopes.com - 5 hours ago
Marvin Hagler, the middleweight boxing great whose title reign and career ended with a split-decision loss to “Sugar” Ray Leonard in 1987, has died.
1 Year Into ‘15 Days to Flatten the Curve’, Why Are We Still Tolerating Authoritarian Gov’t Clampdowns
Geopolitics101, Covert Geopolitics - 5 hours ago
In the 12 months since states first started ordering citizens to stay at home under the pretext of Covid, we’ve come a long way. Particularly in our understanding of how illiberal our politicians can be and how supine we are. By Rachel Marsden One year ago, at noon on Tuesday, March 17, France went into total … Continue reading 1 Year Into ‘15 Days to Flatten the Curve’, Why Are We Still Tolerating Authoritarian Gov’t Clampdowns →
Let’s Talk About UFOs
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 5 hours ago
ARTEM PERETIATKO/ISTOCK *NextGov:* *Critical Update: Let’s Talk About UFOs * *What’s behind unidentified aerial phenomena observed by military officials? Are we alone in the universe? Nextgov asks some experts.* It can be difficult to discuss unidentified flying objects, especially for a government. While some may dismiss reports as fantasy, others argue that whatever is going on could be a threat to national security. “In the past, pilots were afraid to report these strange things happening—for fear it would affect their advancement in the officer corps,” former Sen. Harry R...
Musical Interlude: Nickelback, "If Everyone Cared"
CoyotePrime, Running 'Cause I Can't Fly 2 - 5 hours ago
*Full screen recommended.* *Nickelback, "If Everyone Cared"*
FCC Has Designated Five Chinese Companies As A Threat To U.S. National Security
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 5 hours ago
Breaking News: Today the FCC released a list of communications equipment and services that have been deemed a threat to national security, consistent with requirements in the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act of 2019. Details here: https://t.co/m3bqYHeW1N #FCCGov — The FCC (@FCC) March 12, 2021 *Reuters: **Five Chinese companies pose threat to U.S. national security: FCC * WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Friday designated five Chinese companies as posing a threat to national security under a 2019 law aimed at protecting U.S. commu...

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