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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

29 Oct - Night Owl News Picks

Cannabis evidence 'was distorted'

The row over the reclassification of cannabis has been reignited after the government's chief drug adviser accused ministers of "distorting" the evidence.

Prof Nutt said: "We have to accept young people like to experiment - with drugs and other potentially harmful activities - and what we should be doing in all of this is to protect them from harm at this stage of their lives.
"We therefore have to provide more accurate and credible information. If you think that scaring kids will stop them using, you are probably wrong."
Following these comments, a spokesman for the ACMD said: "The lecture Prof Nutt gave at King's College was in his academic capacity and was not in his role as chair of the ACMD.
"We acknowledge that the lecture has prompted further debate on the harms of drugs."

House Advances Measure to Create Hundreds of New Low Power FM Radio Stations

After the incident, Pritchard, who was on his way to his family's home in Victoria and had been waiting in the international arrivals lounge at the time, handed his video over to the RCMP to use in their investigation. The police promised it would be returned in 48 hours. 

But when the RCMP's public statements about the incident conflicted with what Pritchard and other witnesses said they saw, Pritchard demanded the RCMP return the video so that he could release it to the public.

When the police refused, saying releasing the video would compromise their investigation, Pritchard hired a lawyer, held a news conference and threatened to use legal action to get it back. 

e release of the 10-minute video, which contradicted the police version of the incident, led to widespread public outrage around the world and diplomatic tensions between Canada and Poland. It also resulted in the deepest scrutiny of the RCMP in decades in the form of a special inquiry into the incident, led by retired British Columbia Appeal Court Justice Thomas R. Braidwood.

Diet Beats Drugs for Diabetes Prevention

Study Shows Lifestyle Changes Are More Effective Than Drugs in Preventing Diabetes

Roadrunner supercomputer maps HIV family tree

Physicist Tanmoy Bhattacharya and HIV researcher Bette Korber are creating anevolutionary genetic family tree based on samples taken by the international Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology consortium, in order to compare the evolutionary history of more than 10,000 sequences from more than 400 people with HIV.
If they can identify common features of the virus as it is transmitted, researchers might be able to create a vaccine that recognizes the virus before the body's immune system reacts to--and mutates--it.

Diet And Intestinal Bacteria Linked To Healthier Immune Systems

Insoluble dietary fibre, or roughage, not only keeps you regular, say Australian scientists, it also plays a vital role in the immune system, keeping certain diseases at bay.

Dendritic Cells Spark Smoldering Inflammation In Smokers' Lungs

Inflammation still ravages the lungs of some smokers years after they quit the habit. What sparks that smoldering destruction remained a mystery until a consortium of researchers led by Baylor College of Medicine found that certain dendritic cells in the lung -- the cells that "present" a foreign antigen or protein to the immune system -- provoke production of destructive T-cells that attack a key protein called elastin, leading to death of lung tissue and emphysema.

News gets worse for the mainstream media

New circulation figures showed that big city papers had lost as much as a quarter of their circulation in the past six months. And new TV ratings showed that CNN, the cable network that prides itself on news coverage down the middle, finished dead last in prime time against more partisan rivals likeFox News and MSNBC.

“A Woman Among Warlords”: Afghan Democracy Activist Malalai Joya Defies Threats to Challenge US Occupation, Local Warlords

Obama May Have Death Panels After All

What happens when a Nobel Peace Prize winner breaks international law in the rules of war? The world may find out as increased attention is being focused on the use of unmanned military drones that are carrying out assassinations of suspected militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Executions, stated today that the Predator drone operations approved by Obama and currently being carried out by the CIA may be a violation of international humanitarian law.

The Surge a Success? Ask an Iraqi.

 try to tell Iraqis who are not part of the ruling circles that their situation has improved since the occupation and they will remind you not only of the countless dead and injured but also of the million-plus orphans and widows, the 2 million who fled the country, and the 2 million internal refugees, most of whom live in dreadful squalor.
They will tell you about the sewage covering the streets of many towns and cities, the lack of clean water, fuel and electricity, and the ever deteriorating health and education services. They will tell you about the more than 50% unemployment, the kidnapping of children, the fear of women to move freely, and the rapid rise in drug abuse and prostitution. They will describe the horrific methods of torture inflicted on the tens of thousands of prisoners in Iraqi and American jails. They will remind you that if a “world-famous patriot” such as Muntadhar al-Zaidi, who threw his shoes at President Bush, was tortured by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s own guards and forces, what chance ordinary citizens?


was investigated but, like 911, the case is obviously not solved. It it was Mossad, according to Time, which issued the first 'tip' that a bomb had been placed among the luggage. That may be sufficient grounds for reasonable suspicion. Mossad, after all, is probably second only to the US CIA among the world's largest 'official' terrorist organizations!

Memorial services were held to mark the 20th anniversary of the crash of Pan Am 103 near Lockerbie, Scotland. Like 911, 'Lockerbie', an alleged 'terrorist' attacked named for the nearby township, raises more questions than are answered. But there is one important difference. In Lockerbie there is identifiable wreckage. In New York and at the Pentagon, the laws of physics --we are expected to believe --were suspended!

In Lockerbie, southern Scotland, eleven people were killed when large sections of aircraft fell on, in and around the township, bringing total fatalities to 270. Many have called it the 'Lockerbie bombing'. Unlike 911, Lockerbie was investigated but, like 911, the case is obviously not solved.
( You don't think Len leaves it there, do you ? This man writes and attributes like crazy. )

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has established a task force to help keep gang-related activity from crossing the U.S.-Canada border at Windsor, Ont.

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