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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

30 August - Blogs I'm Following

11:15pm MDT

The University of Chicago Takes a Stand for Free Speech

Thomas Sowell at The Stream - 44 seconds ago
[image: University of Chicago president Robert J. Zimmer, left, is accompanied by Mayor Rahm Emanuel during a news conference Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016, in Chicago. The Obama Foundation officially announced Jackson Park on the city's South Side as the site of the Obama Presidential Center.] We have gotten so used to seeing college presidents and other academic “leaders” caving in to so many outrageous demands from little gangs of bullying students that it is a long overdue surprise to see a sign that at least... more »

In Denouncing Alt-Right, Hillary Treads Where GOP Will Not

Jonah Goldberg at The Stream - 44 seconds ago
[image: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton talks with media as she meets with law enforcement leaders at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016.] Last week delivered one of the most remarkable moments of this most remarkable political season. A major politician defended the conservative movement and the Republican Party from guilt-by-association with a fringe group of racists, anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists who have... more »

I Wish It Was More Shocking That Florida Democratic Primary Voters Picked Conservatives Over Democratc

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 hour ago
Last night, for a post I was working on, I was trying to figure out what major party presidential candidate has done as badly as Trump's latest polling indicates he will. I looked at the results of campaigns I remember tanking badly-- Goldwater, McGovern and George H.W. Bush's failed reelection campaign. But all of them ended up better than the 35% Señor Trumpanzee is polling today. I had to go all the way back to the 3-way race in 1924 to find a candidate who did worse than Trump is doing. It was the conservative Democrat from West Virginia, John Davis, in a three-way race with R... more »

Advice to Needy Neoliberals

Karen Garcia at Sardonicky - 1 hour ago
The kludge known as Obamacare is trying desperately to slide down the tubes, but it's too dense with defenders to simply go gently and smoothly into that good night. It's moldering in a limbo between the toilet and the sewer, while its subscribers and rejects are trapped in either purgatory or hell, depending upon the health of their bodies, their faith in politicians, and the size of their dwindling bank accounts. It seems that the predatory insurance companies, which literally wrote the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, just aren't getting enough bang for our bucks, even... more »

Libertarians *against* immigration? How is that even a thing?

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 1 hour ago
If you understand anything at all about libertarianism (which, I lament, too few libertarians even do) you would know that it is based squarely on defending the rights of individuals – “That to secure these rights,” to use Thomas Jefferson’s ringing phrase, “Governments are instituted among Men.” That government’s only purpose being to secure individual rights; a government itself being an entity with a monopoly over the use of force in any given geographic area; a border simply being the boundaries around that aforementioned area. This is the place from which legitimate liberta... more »

Olympic Champion Kim Rhode Talks Gun Control and Feminism, and Explains Why the Media Ignore Her

Kelsey Harkness at The Stream - 2 hours ago
[image: A single spent shotgun cartridge , ejected from a 12 bore shotgun at a clay pigeon shoot] Outside of the gun world, few Americans know about Kimberly Rhode. Ironically, it wasn't until The Wall Street Journal coined her "The Unknown Olympic Champion" that the general public became curious about what this athlete had achieved. But at the Rio Olympic... more »

Hacking of Election Data Raises Concerns for States Without Voter ID

Fred Lucas at The Stream - 2 hours ago
[image: Hand of a person casting a ballot at a polling station during voting.] Hacking incidents at voter registration systems in Arizona and Illinois could demonstrate the need for stronger voter identification laws and the flaw with pushing for online voting and registration, experts said. "We can't afford this vulnerability in our election systems,"... more »

Good Boy! Dogs Know What You’re Saying, Study Suggests

FRANK JORDANS and ALICIA CHANG at The Stream - 3 hours ago
[image: Dog Brains_perr__1472605459_71.164.139.145] BERLIN (AP) -- Scientists have found evidence to support what many dog owners have long believed: Man’s best friend really does understand some of what we’re saying. Researchers in Hungary scanned the brains of dogs as they were listening to their... more »

Egypt’s New Law on Building Churches Upsets Christians, Who Say It Restricts the Church, Doesn’t Help It

Maggie Michael at The Stream - 3 hours ago
[image: A general view of the Cave Cathedral or St. Sama'ans Church on the Mokattam hills overlooking Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. After long hoping for an end to restrictions on the building of churches, many of Egypt's Christians are infuriated and feeling betrayed after lawmakers passed a law Tuesday giving authorities broad powers to veto construction for vague reasons including worries over 'national security.'] CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt’s lawmakers on Tuesday passed the country’s first law spelling out the rules for building a church, a step Christians have long hoped would ... more »

Preparing for 16th Annual Keep Space for Peace Week

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 3 hours ago
*No Missile Defense * *Stop Drones Surveillance & Killing* *Stop the Endless Wars * *No to NATO* *End Corporate Domination of Foreign/Military Policy* *Convert the Military Industrial Complex* *Deal with climate change and global poverty* It's that time of year when the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space begins to compile a list of local actions planned around the world in conjunction with Keep Space for Peace Week. Just this morning I emailed out the first list which is always a bit slim but you've got to begin some place. Before long folks will start sending ... more »

Are Congressional Republican Extremists Getting Ready To Fuckitol Up?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 3 hours ago
I wonder if Ryan wishes he hadn't screwed Hueslkamp over and caused him to lose his reelection bid by reneging on his promise to reappoint him to the House Agriculture Committee. Now the House Freedom Caucus is ready for war against Ryan. Next year there's a good chance poor Paul Ryan-- who just wants to be left alone so he can try to pass his silly BetterWay think tanks gibberish off as a 2020 or 2024 presidential platform for himself-- will have to deal with two years of a Democratic Senate plus a Hillary presidency and a Trumpanzee Media Empire, likely to be pushing a breakup of... more »

Chris Brown Declares Race War: “F*ck The Police, Black Lives Matter”

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 3 hours ago
Chris Brown has declared his support for a racially motivated war with police in response to the LAPD retrieving guns and drugs from his property, saying that “it’s always going to be f*ck the police” and “black lives matter.” Chris Brown emerged from his Los Angeles home Tuesday after police served a search warrant after a bizarre hours long standoff during which the singer posted videos on Instagram declaring war on the police and promoting Black Lives Matter. The LAPD earlier retrieved a gun and other weapons and drugs from Chris Brown’s home when the singer threw the items outsi... more »

Time for SOLO to change its name

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 4 hours ago
[image: ayn-rand-purpose-of-morality-joy-sunset-sunrise1] Why have I posted so many recent posts opposing or explaining the odious Alt-Right movement? Because too many people I know and once valued have become infected by its virus, and intellectual hygiene demands that be acknowledged and rebutted (or an attempt at least made). One local place that’s become a carrier for the virus is a site that’s still confusingly labelled “Objectivist,” although it’s now clearly anything but. It should be abundantly evident now to any visitor of Lindsay Perigo’s site “for Sense-of-Life Obje... more »

Vladimir Putin Arrested For Trespassing And Harassment

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 4 hours ago
Vladimir Putin has been arrested at a supermarket in Florida for trespassing. A man with the same name as Russian President Vladimir Putin has been detained by West Palm Beach police after harassing staff at a supermarket and refusing to leave. Putin had become irate after missing his ride outside one of the largest grocery chains in the US. RT reports: The man who shares the same name as Russia’s president has been arrested for allegedly trespassing and harassing employees at a Florida supermarket. According to CBS 12, Putin appeared in court on Monday accused of verbally accosting... more »

Minnesota’s Independence Party Tries to Break In By Attracting Never-Trumpers

KYLE POTTER at The Stream - 4 hours ago
[image: Fair goers check out Minnesota's Independence Party tent Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016, at the Minnesota State Fair in Falcon Heights, Minn. The party is hoping to hitch a ride on the "Never Trump" movement back to glory as a major party. Evan McMullin, the face of Republicans opposed to Donald Trump, will represent Minnesota's Independence Party on the ballot. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)] ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- A party that gained prominence when wrestler Jesse Ventura was elected Minnesota governor in 1998 is trying to return to political relevance in the state by harnessing the dismay... more »

Back-to-Back Hurricanes Head Towards Hawaii

Austin Roscoe at The Stream - 4 hours ago
[image: NOAA Hawaii - 900] The National Weather Service on Tuesday issued a hurricane warning for Hawaii as not one but two hurricanes make their way toward the Big Island. Hurricane Madeline, which briefly became a Category 4 storm Tuesday morning before weakening back down... more »

Are these the 50 greatest jazz albums of all time?

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 4 hours ago
uDiscoverMusic reckons this list represents the 50 greatest jazz albums of all time. Are they? No, of course they’re not. Not when so many geniuses are so under-represented. Where’s Duke Ellington’s *Far East Suite*, *Blanton-Webster Band* or *Such Sweet Thunder*? Where’s Louis Armstrong with the Al*l Stars* or Louis *Plays WC Handy* or *Satch Plays Fats*? Ella Fitzgerald’s Col*e Porter Songbook*? Miles Davis’s *Sketches of Spain* or *Silent Way*? Thelonious Monk’s *Trio*? Even (since this mostly a post-50s list) Wynton Marsalis’s *Black Codes from the Underground*? Sure, ... more »

Editor's Note

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 5 hours ago
Busy tonight. Blogging will return tomorrow morning.

Navajo President arrives at Standing Rock Camp

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 5 hours ago
. Photos by Michelle Cook, Dine' (Navajo) and legal team member in camp. By Brenda Norrell Censored News CANNON BALL, North Dakota -- Navajo President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez arrived at the Standing Rock Camp today, and greeted a large delegation from the Northwest who arrived with a Totem Pole. President Begaye said like the struggle here, the Navajo Nation is

Economic News , Data& Views .....August 30 , 2016 ...... Quick Hits -1. US Stock Market Wrap , Asia & Europe Front-Running Report ; Gold & Oil Items Of Note ; Another Merger Brewing In Ag Sector- Potash Corp & Agrium. 2. ISIS Number Two Leader Al-Adnani Killed At Al Bab Today. 3. Around The Horn In Europe. 4. Syria Conflict - Updates On The Great Game Called The Syria Conflict. 5. Turkey Purge Updates. 6. Libya Items De Jour.

Fred Walton at Catharsis Ours - 5 hours ago
Markets and Market Moving News.... *fred walton* ‏@fredwalton216 41m 41 minutes ago fred walton Retweeted zerohedge Fisher translated - Tradeoffs means -winners & losers , don't hate the player , hate the game. fred walton added, *zerohedge* @zerohedge Fed vice chair said this: "If you’re a saver neg. rates are very difficult to deal with but they go along with quite decent equity prices" *zerohedge* ‏@zerohedge 2h 2 hours ago Crude Carnage & A Confident Consumer Send Stocks Lower, USD Higher http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-3 0/crude-carnage-confident-consumer-s... more »

Apple’s response to EU: “FU”

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 5 hours ago
The unelected EU Commission has brought down a bizarre decision against Apple and the Irish Government, insisting that Apple pay billions in “back taxes” to the very Irish Government that says they don’t owe them. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has sent out an open letter to Apple customers that indicates the spirit of Steve Jobs has not yet totally left the building. It’s deadly: *Thirty-six years ago, long before introducing iPhone, iPod or even the Mac, Steve Jobs established Apple’s first operations in Europe. At the time, the company knew that in order to serve customers in Europe,... more »

Homeowner Told to Remove ‘Noxious & Offensive’ Pro-Police Flag

Todd Starnes at The Stream - 6 hours ago
[image: American for Police flag - 900] Rodney Ivester, of Corinth, Texas, is the kind of guy you'd like as a neighbor. He maintains a tidy lawn, doesn't make much of a racket and he flies an American flag. About three weeks ago, Rodney decided to post... more »

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- August 30, 2016

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 6 hours ago
*Farzin Nadimi, RCW:** Iran's Aggressive Naval Intercepts Serve Foreign and Domestic Purposes* The IRGC will likely continue using such incidents as a way to signal its domestic rivals, justify its large budget, and meet other goals, so Washington should remain vigilant and consider seeking an official channel for emergency communications. The strategic Strait of Hormuz has once again been the scene of close encounters between U.S. Navy vessels and speedboats from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN), leaving observers to guess at the motivations behind the Iranian ...more »

Quote of the Day: “The big agenda on the left …”

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 6 hours ago
*“Although the big word on the left is 'compassion,' the big agenda on the left is dependency.” *~ Thomas Sowell [Hat tip FamousQuote.net]. Content is copyright PC.BlogSpot.Com © Permission to republish is granted, with attribution.

Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 6 hours ago
As a Canadian, all I can do is watch the circus that is the American Presidential race as it unfolds, and from my perspective most Americans are sleepwalking into a disaster... Right now, all the American Jew spew media outlets are filling most Americans with the garbage that the psychotic mass murdering freak of nature, Hillary "Killary" Rodham Clinton, is somehow "leading" in all the polls..... Again as I have said before, exactly WHO is conducting these polls and where? For the only way that demon seed could be 'winning' the race is if the polls were conducted only amongst the D... more »

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 6 hours ago
"Is this what will become of our Milky Way Galaxy? Perhaps if we collide with the Andromeda Galaxy in a few billion years, it might. Pictured below is NGC 7252, a jumble of stars created by a huge collision between two large galaxies. The collision will take hundreds of millions of years and so is effectively caught frozen in time in the above image. The resulting pandemonium has been dubbed the Atoms-for-Peace galaxy because of its similarity to a cartoon of a large atom. *Click image for larger size.* The above image was taken recently by the MPG/ESO 2.2 meter telescope in Chile. ... more »

The Poet: Langston Hughes, "Dreams"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 6 hours ago
*"Dreams"* "Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow." - Langston Hughes

"When One Grasps The Irony..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 6 hours ago
“How is one to live a moral and compassionate existence when one is fully aware of the blood, the horror inherent in life, when one finds darkness not only in one’s culture but within oneself? If there is a stage at which an individual life becomes truly adult, it must be when one grasps the irony in its unfolding and accepts responsibility for a life lived in the midst of such paradox. One must live in the middle of contradiction, because if all contradiction were eliminated at once life would collapse. There are simply no answers to some of the great pressing questions. You conti... more »

Chet Raymo, "In the Cave"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 6 hours ago
*"In the Cave"* by Chet Raymo "I have mentioned here before the ospreys that patrol our beach - or "fish hawks," as they call them here - generally in the afternoon at about the time I take my long walk to the palm point. Magnificent birds with broad wings that glide seemingly effortlessly on the wind. And here's the thing: As often as not I am startled by a bird's shadow before I see the bird itself. That wide-winged shadow, sweeping across the white sand, sometimes across me. That flicker of chill as the osprey blocks the sun. And generally when it happens I think of Plato's all... more »

"I Hope I End Up..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 6 hours ago
"I don't want to pass through life like a smooth plane ride. All you do is get to breathe and copulate and finally die. I don't want to go with the smooth skin and the calm brow. I hope I end up a blithering idiot cursing the sun- hallucinating, screaming, giving obscene and inane lectures on street corners and public parks. People will walk by and say, "Look at that drooling idiot. What a basket case." I will turn and say to them, "It is you who are the basket case! For every moment you hated your job, cursed your wife and sold yourself to a dream that you didn't even conceive. For... more »

Thank you, Matt McCarten

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 6 hours ago
As Matt MCarten steps down from the wreckage of yet another political organiser’s position once proclaimed with much hope and many huzzahs, it might be time to ask: Why is this dickhead thought to be some kind of a political genius? From the way he’s been talked about over the years, you’d think he were the southern hemisphere’s answer to Machiavelli. And being an anti-capitalist political organiser in a country in which that political disposition is imbibed with mother’s milk, you’d think any even *half*-decent organiser of that persuasion would have acheived great career succ... more »

Evidence Of ISIS Holocaust Uncovered In Iraq and Syria

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 7 hours ago
Counter-terrorism forces in Iraq have uncovered evidence of a holocaust orchestrated by ISIS in both Syria and Iraq. Sergeant Ahmed Abdelaziz of Iraq’s elite counter-terrorism forces released footage of 72 mass graves left behind by the Islamic State – showing 15,000 dead body’s buried in secret graves. Metro.co.uk reports: Sergeant Ahmed Abdelaziz of Iraq’s elite counter-terrorism forces showed reporters on his mobile phone a video, posted by Isis, in which his brother, Saad Abdelaziz, is killed by militants. Saad was killed in June 2014 at Camp Speicher when militants overran his... more »

Royal Family Furious After Bing Translates ISIS As ‘Saudi Arabia’

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 7 hours ago
Saudi Arabia’s royal family have expressed their disgust and fury after a search engine ‘accidentally’ translated “Daesh” (ISIS) as “Saudi Arabia”. Microsoft’s Bing search engine translated the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State incorrectly due to an algorithm “error”, according to developers. As a result, many pro-Saudi regime supporters have called for a complete boycott of the search engine. Rt.com reports: While no one fully expects online translation tools to be perfect, it is at least expected that they won’t falsely identify countries as being synonymous with terrorist grou... more »

Climate Science is NOT Settled

Geoff Brown at The Australian Climate Sceptics Blog - 7 hours ago
*A Statement by Viv Forbes, Founding Secretary of “Clexit” * *31 August 2016* For at least a decade we have been told by the UN/IPCC, by most government media and officials, by many politicians, and by the Green “charities” and their media friends that “the science is settled”. We are lectured by Hollywood stars, failed politicians and billionaire speculators that anyone who opposes the World War on Carbon Dioxide is ignorant, mischievous or supporting some hidden vested interest. We endure calls for an end to free speech for climate sceptics, smearing with derogatory terms like “d... more »

Lummi, Yakama and Salish arrive with Totem Pole in Standing Rock Camp

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 7 hours ago
. . Photos copyright Michelle Cook, Dine' (Navajo) Northwest Delegation, Navajo President, NCAI Chairman arrive at Standing Rock Camp Photos by Michelle Cook Article by Brenda Norrell Censored News CANNON BALL, North Dakota -- The President of the National Congress of American Indians, Brian Cladoosby, Swinomish, arrived with a large delegation from the

World News Briefs -- August 30, 2016 (Evening Edition)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 7 hours ago
Turkish army tanks and Turkish-backed Syrian fighters make their way in the Syrian border town of Jarablus as it is pictured from the Turkish town of Karkamis, in the southeastern Gaziantep province, Turkey. REUTERS/Stringer *Reuters: **Ceasefire holding between Turkey and Kurdish fighters in Syria* BEIRUT (Reuters) - A ceasefire is holding between Turkey and Kurdish-backed militia in northern Syria, a Kurdish military official said on Tuesday, but a Syrian rebel commander characterized it only as a "pause" and added that military operations would resume soon. The truce is between ... more »

Victorian London, live

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 7 hours ago
This is the earliest known footage of London, filmed over a century ago (from 1896 to 1908) when it was still possible to understand why early engines were described in horsepower. It shows a number of scenes taking in locations such as Hyde Park Corner, Parliament Square and Charing Cross Station. We see crowds of people disembarking from a pleasure steamer at Victoria Embankment, pedestrians dodging horse-drawn carriages in Pall Mall, and heavy traffic trotting down the Strand. There are plenty of famous landmarks to spot here, including Big Ben, the National Gallery and the Ban... more »

The Rise of Islam - Tom Holland + The First Crusade - Thomas Asbridge

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 7 hours ago
*From the documentary "Islam: The Untold Story" which is officially banned in the land of the 1st Amendment and a lot of other countries.* *Related: Dan Gibson - Trailer for The Sacred City.* *Video Title: HISTORY - The Rise of Islam - Tom Holland. Source: Hay Levels. Date Published: September 30, 2015. Description:* How did Islam become one of the most powerful religions in the world? *Video Title: HISTORY - The First Crusade - Thomas Asbridge. Source: Hay Levels. Date Published: January 4, 2016. Description:* What were the factors that contributed to the first crusades success?

7 Reasons Why We Do Not Need a President

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 7 hours ago
*Gary ‘Z’ McGee* - Heads of state and heads of snakes must be chopped off, and for the same reason. The post 7 Reasons Why We Do Not Need a President appeared first on Waking Times.

Court: Israeli Soldiers Routinely Shoot At Injured Palestinians Heads

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 7 hours ago
A military court has heard evidence that Israeli soldiers routinely shoot at the heads of injured Palestinians as part of their combat strategy. The testimony was given by Eliyahu Liebman, a witness for the defense in the trial of Elor Azarya, an Israeli soldier indicted for manslaughter after he was caught on camera shooting at the head of an incapacitated Palestinian lying helplessly the street. Electronicintifada.net reports: Abd al-Fattah al-Sharif and Ramzi al-Qasrawi were fatally wounded after they allegedly attempted to stab soldiers in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron i... more »

Strange Voicemail Left By Woman’s Dead Grandpa Goes Viral

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 7 hours ago
A bizarre audio recording purporting to be the voice of a woman’s dead grandfather has gone viral on social media, after a mom posted the clip online. Reddit user heaveninarms posted the clip of what her mom claimed was a message she received earlier that day from the ominous (000) 000-0000 telephone number. Thedailysheeple.com reports: The call went straight to voicemail. Here’s what they got: “Uhh…This is dad, I was trying to contact you. Uh, this is dad.” The voice reportedly sounded like heaveninherarms’ grandfather… who died in March from mesothelioma. No one in the family for...more »

Official Study Confirms Fluoride In Water Causes Diabetes

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 7 hours ago
According to a new study published in the Journal of Water Health, adding sodium fluoride to public water systems increases the risk of members of the public developing type 2 diabetes (T2D). The study by Kyle Fluegge, PhD, convulsively shows that fluoride has a direct link to T2D rates in the public. Ajmc.com reports: Fluegge, a health economist for New York City’s health department, completed his research as a post-doctoral fellow at Case Western Reserve University. He used mathematical models and publicly available data to examine connections between diabetes incidence and fluor... more »

Leaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan For U.S. Federal Police Force

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 7 hours ago
Billionaire George Soros secretly plotted to build a federal police force in the U.S. in order to replace local policing, a newly leaked document reveals. According to a leaked Open Society Foundations memo, Soros attempted to build a “national movement” that would reform local police forces across the U.S. in order to centralise power and strip citizens of rights given to them by their State. Breitbart.com reports: The document identifies an opportunity in the police killings of African-American men in Ferguson, Staten Island, North Charleston, and Baltimore. It relates that the U... more »

Barbra Streisand To Quit US If Hillary Isn’t Elected President

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 7 hours ago
American singer, songwriter, actress, and filmmaker Barbra Streisand has threatened to leave America permanently unless Hillary Clinton is elected President. The superstar told Australian broadcaster Michael Usher that if Trump is elected she will be moving to either Canada or Australia. Newsmax.com reports: In an interview on 60 Minutes with Australia-based correspondent Michael Usher, Streisand said that if Trump is elected, “I’m either coming to your country if you’ll let me in, or Canada.” Streisand, who is an ardent Democrat, said she is very worried about the election. “I don... more »

SETI Investigate First Real Extraterrestrial Signal From Space

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 7 hours ago
A team of scientists from the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) have announced that the very first extraterrestrial signal from space has been detected by a radio telescope in Russia. The international team of scientists say they are currently investigating a mysterious spike in signals originating from a 6.3-million-year-old star in the constellation Hercules– which is 95 light years away from Earth. Msn.com reports: The unusual signal was originally detected on May 15, 2015 by the Russian Academy of Science-operated RATAN-600 radio telescope in Zelenchukskaya, Russia... more »

Why don't you switch off the TV ?

sue at Is the BBC biased? - 7 hours ago
A couple of days ago Craig included the following observation in his smorgasbord post: “In a questionable editorial decision, this morning's Today chose to invite in comedian Jake Yapp to mock ITV for switching off all their channels this morning in a Team GB-related stunt to encourage children to go out and do some exercise... The BBC mocking ITV for doing something noble doesn't strike me as being very...er...noble on the part of the BBC. The one upside is that Jake, as ever, was funny. I like Jake. He does all the voices:” Over on the Spectator, ‘Steerpike’ has posted somet... more »

Off topic

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 7 hours ago
I'm going to go seriously 'off topic' myself here again. I wasn't intending to, but today's *Making History *on Radio 4 included such a delicious (and delightfully alliterative) historical exposition (courtesy of the librarian at St. Paul's Cathedral) that I thought I really ought to attempt to be public-spirited and transcribe it for you (and for posterity too)... ...and then the post expanded from there. So... One of things I knew about the Great Fire of London on 1666 was that it destroyed the old St. Paul's Cathedral and led to the creation of the new St. Paul's Cathedral o... more »


JR at GREENIE WATCH - 7 hours ago
*The Arctic ice was lower than today 6,000 years ago* *And they had no anthropogenic global warming then! So could the present ice level be just another natural fluctuation? If not, why not?* Arctic Ocean perennial sea ice breakdown during the Early Holocene Insolation Maximum Christian Strannea et al. Abstract Arctic Ocean sea ice proxies generally suggest a reduction in sea ice during parts of the early and middle Holocene (∼6000–10,000 years BP) compared to present day conditions. This sea ice minimum has been attributed to the northern hemisphere Early Holocene Insolation M... more »

Escritura en la pared

Carlos at Viva Bolivia - 7 hours ago
A 16 August article in El Deber - http://www.eldeber.com.bo/bolivia/vagabundo-boliviano-apoya-trump.html - captured the graffiti art work of a homeless Bolivian who is writing that in Iran, there are no free elections, and that he is supporting Donald Trump in the US elections. He is not the only Bolivian to support Trump, and far from being the only Latin American. Thousands of Bolivians in the state of Virginia, and all over the US, are rooting for El Donald. And so are Mexicans! This week there is a Latins for Trump conference in the US, but since the left wing media is ignorin... more »

Wall Street tells it like it is!!! Just what is the underpinning of the sudden pitch upward of the Standard&Poor 500, the Dow Jones Industrial, and the Nasdaq? What are they smoking? Or are they just stupid? Fed chief Janet Yellen keeps saying that there is 100% employment in the U.S. ...ignoring the 23% of Americans who have wanted a job but finally gave up because there simply weren't any. The remaining "middle class" jobs pay very little, so those folks have little money to spend on frivolous things. Thus, it is increasingly likely that the fat cats of the stock markets will soon find themselves in a monumental market crash. Don't you go down with them. Sell everything but quality gold and silver producers.

David L Griscom at Cherchez la Verite - 7 hours ago
------------------------------ At Ports, a Sign of Altered Supply Chains Flat import activity indicates how retailers are adjusting as customers shop online Cargo containers were stacked on the docks at the Port of Los Angeles in February. U.S. ports are on pace to handle 2.2% more imports this year, the slowest rate of growth since 2011. Photo: Patrick T. Fallon for The Wall Street Journal By *ERICA E. PHILLIPS* and *ROBBIE WHELAN* Updated Aug. 29, 2016 6:12 p.m. ET This summer, dockworkers, truckers and railroads geared up for a surge of retail goods pa... more »

Islamic State Group Says Spokesman Killed in Syria

Zeina Karam at The Stream - 8 hours ago
[image: This undated militant image provided by SITE Intel Group shows Abu Muhammed al-Adnani, the Islamic State militant group's spokesman whom ISIS says was "martyred" in northern Syria. The ISIS-run Aamaq news agency said Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016 that al-Adnani was "martyred while surveying the operations to repel the military campaigns against Aleppo," without providing further details.] BEIRUT (AP) -- The Islamic State group’s spokesman and chief strategist, who laid out the blueprint for the extremist group’s attacks against the West, has been killed while overseeing operations i... more »

Obamacare Stumbles On

Rich Lowry at The Stream - 8 hours ago
[image: obamacare medicaid] For years, Obamacare supporters have been telling critics of the law to shut up and fall in line. Now, they are urging them to come to its rescue. A key part of President Barack Obama’s domestic legacy is sputtering so... more »

State: Benghazi Emails Involving Clinton Recovered by FBI

Eric Tucker & Michael Biesecker at The Stream - 8 hours ago
[image: In this Aug. 25, 2016 file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks in Reno, Nev. The State Department says about 30 emails that may be related to the 2012 attack on U.S. compounds in Benghazi, Libya, are among the thousands of Hillary Clinton emails recovered during the FBI's recently closed investigation into her use of a private server.] WASHINGTON (AP) -- The State Department says about 30 emails that may be related to the 2012 attack on U.S. compounds in Benghazi, Libya, are among the thousands of Hillary Clinton emails recovered during the FBI’s r... more »

ISIS Anthrax Arrests Could Signal America’s Worst Nightmare is Coming True

Saagar Enjeti at The Stream - 8 hours ago
[image: 397445 01: A hazardous material worker sprays his colleagues after they came out from an anthrax search at Dirksen Senate Office Building November 18, 2001 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Authorities closed two Senate office buildings to test for anthrax spores after investigators discovered a contaminated letter addressed to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT). (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)] Two Islamic State operatives were arrested in Kenya after trying to launch an anthrax attack, raising fears the terrorist group is increasingly close to acquiring the deadly biological weap... more »

15 Conspiracy Theories for Why Hillary’s September Schedule … is Blank

Al Perrotta at The Stream - 8 hours ago
[image: CHARLOTTE, NC - JULY 05: Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally with U.S. president Barack Obama on July 5, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hillary Clinton is campaigning with president Obama in North Carolina.] The folks over at The Last Refuge blog noticed something peculiar the other day: According to her schedule, Hillary Clinton has no campaign events on the calendar between now and the first presidential debate September 26 at Hofstra University. See for...more »

Banks Prepare For An “Economic Nuclear Winter”

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 8 hours ago
A banking crisis, along with weak corporate earnings and the Brexit vote are forcing banks to prepare for the worst case scenario by the end of the year. According to CNBC quoting a major lender, banks are “preparing for an economic nuclear winter situation.” Activist Post reports: The chaos in the market has major bank officials running for the hills. According to CNBC, European banks, in particular, have had a very tough six months as the shock and volatility around Brexit sent banking stocks south. Major European banks like Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse saw their shares in free... more »

Iceland’s Biggest Volcano May Be Close To Erupting

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 8 hours ago
Earthquakes and tremors have rocked one of Iceland‘s largest volcanoes, Katla, raising fears of an eruption. The country is home to a dozen active volcanoes out of 130, with the largest of them, Katla, in the south, now possibly joining the list. Atlas Obscura reports: In recent days, according to the Iceland Review, seismic activity has been detected in the mountain, an augur of a potential eruption. The volcano last erupted in 1918, though similar seismic activity was detected in 1977, when it failed to blow its top. Yet, Katla is overdue for an eruption, having generally blown onc... more »

Praise For Philpott

Owen Gray at Northern Reflections - 8 hours ago
Jane Philpott has been getting a lot of blow back for a ride she recently took in a supporter's limousine. It cost, admittedly, much more than public transportation. But Gerry Caplan has come to her defence: Jane Philpott is exactly the kind of citizen we should want in Parliament: a doctor of medicine, with a masters degree in public health; doctored in Niger, one of the world’s very poorest countries, for a full decade; chief of the department of family medicine at her hospital; central to a Canada-Ethiopia collaboration to develop a training program for family medicine in Ethio... more »

Pentagon Orders An Independent Review Of The $12.9 Billion Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 8 hours ago
© Photo: Wikipedia/U.S. Navy *Bloomberg:* *Pentagon Weapons Buyer Orders Review of Troubled New Carrier* * Kendall cites $12.9 billion ship’s reliance on new technology * Flaws cited from power systems to radar and launch and landing The Pentagon’s top weapons buyer has ordered an independent review of the $12.9 billion Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier, citing a list of actual and potential deficiencies with the costliest warship ever. “With the benefit of hindsight, it was clearly premature to include so many unproven technologies” on the vessel, from those needed to generate power ... more »

Another "Safe Republican" House Seat Is In Play in New Jersey-- Guest Post By Peter Jacobs

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 8 hours ago
Six people were murdered in a 72-hour period in Newark in late August. In the same time frame, in Bridgeport, Conn., 13 people were shot at a house party. And one man shot another man to death in a Minnesota park in some kind of dispute. And on and on and on. No surprises here. We’re all becoming-- or have become-- numb to news of shootings in the United States. After all, roughly 87 people are killed from gun violence in the U.S. every single day, according to Americans for Responsible Solutions, the organization headed by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and astronaut Mar... more »

in which i test a bit of conventional wisdom and find out is in false: the mystery of roman tuna salad

laura k at wmtc - 8 hours ago
*I've noticed that ideas that I used to blog about, I am now posting on Facebook instead -- a combination of laziness and time pressure. I'm going to try to get the ideas here, first.* Conventional wisdom has it that preparing food at home is less expensive than buying prepared food. I'm not talking about frozen or processed food, but freshly prepared food from a store like Whole Foods, or increasingly, regular supermarkets trying to compete with specialty stores. Allan and I buy quite a bit of prepared food. With limited time and energy, it's often the tool we reach for to keep hea... more »


brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 8 hours ago
CRIMINAL CORPORATE OCCUPATION Posted on August 30, 2016 Please post & distribute. MNN. AUG. 30, 2016. We onkwe’hon:weh, the natural people of great turtle island, are not part of the occupying CORPORATION. All Admiralty courts are artificial private Vatican courts for banks, corporations and are always about money. The corporation is a violent squatter that put their guns to us,

South Korean Military On Full Combat Readiness Over North’s Threats

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 8 hours ago
The South Korean President has ordered the military to be in full combat readiness against threats from North Korea. Park Geun-hye said any more provocation from the North would lead to the “self-destruction” of the Kim Jong-un regime. Yahoo News reports: Park’s warning has come amid instability in the Korean peninsula, which has been witnessing a series of aggressive acts in recent months. Tensions further rose in the region after Pyongyang blasted off a ballistic missile from a submarine on 24 August. “I call on you to maintain a robust posture to retaliate… to make sure that any... more »

US Cultural Colonisation in Asia Pacific

Land Destroyer at Land Destroyer - 8 hours ago
*August 31, 2016* (NEO - Joseph Thomas)* - *Ancient Roman historian Tacitus (c. AD 56 – after 117) would adeptly describe the systematic manner in which Rome pacified foreign peoples and the manner in which it would extend its sociocultural and institutional influence over conquered lands. (Modern day "chief's sons (and now daughters) being recruited by the empire, indoctrinated in their ways, and sent back home to culturally colonise their homelands, just as Tacitus described nearly 2,000 years ago.)Far from simple military conquest, the Romans engaged in sophisticated cultural col... more »

Is The U.S. On The Verge Of Losing Its Air Superiority?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 9 hours ago
Image: U.S. Air Force *Peter Layton, War on the Rocks*: *The Looming Air Superiority Train Wreck* America is on track to lose air supremacy in contingencies involving near-peer air combat. Even as soon as next year, achieving air superiority in a war with China within a politically and operationally effective time frame might be doubtful. In a 2025 war, American aircraft losses are expected to be severe. In a 2030 war, the U.S. Air Force, after assessing currently funded improvement programs, now expects to no longer be able to win the air superiority battle. This downward progres... more »

The U.S. Was Surprised By The Turkish Offensive On ISIS And Kurdish Positions In Syria

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 9 hours ago
*Wall Street Journal*: *Turkish Offensive on Islamic State in Syria Caught U.S. Off Guard* Behind scenes, coordination between Washington and Ankara broke down at senior levels, according to officials. When Turkish ground forces delivered a lightning strike on Islamic State fighters in Syria last week, the Pentagon hailed what it described as close U.S.-Turkish coordination. But behind the scenes, cooperation between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization partners broke down at senior levels, according to officials on both sides. The two countries weren’t as aligned on the operat... more »

Brazil Impeachment Trial: Rousseff Defends Her Record

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 9 hours ago
*Daily Mail:* *'Brazil is on the brink of a coup', says suspended president Rousseff as she faces impeachment judgement day as her supporters riot in the streets* * The Senate will vote on whether to depose Brazil's first female president * She confronted her accusers in a marathon hearing on Monday * 'We are one step away from a genuine coup d'etat,' Dilma Rouseff said * She is accused of having taken illegal state loans to patch budget holes * Her supporters have lit fires and rioted in the streets Brazil's suspended president Dilma Rousseff faces judgement on Tuesday in a Senate ... more »

MSM Breathlessly Insists Border Hawk Sheriff Arpaio May Lose Today’s Primary. Hardly.

Rachel Alexander at The Stream - 9 hours ago
[image: Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Testify at Contempt of Court Hearing] The mainstream media is warning that nationally renowned Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, may lose the Republican primary today. An AP article warns, “Controversial Arizona Sheriff Faces Stiff Primary Competition, Legal Troubles.” Don’t hold your breath. It’s true... more »

Obama Will Bypass Congress and Join UN Climate Treaty, Sources Say

Michael Bastasch at The Stream - 9 hours ago
[image: WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 25: U.S. President Barack Obama (R) speaks next to Chinese President Xi Jinping during a joint press conference in the Rose Garden at The White House on September 25, 2015 in Washington, DC. Jinping is in the U.S. on an official state visit to meet with President Obama to discuss a range of issues. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)] The U.S. and China will formally join the United Nations global warming agreement while President Barack Obama makes his final trip to Asia for the G20 meeting in September, sources tell the South China Morning Post. U... more »


Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 9 hours ago
Further to a post here on Saturday night, the ever-excellent Daphne Anson has published a piece called *Something To Do With Islam: The BBC befuddles British schoolkids*. Exploring further, Daphne looked at the Test at the end of the *Crusades * section of BBC Bitesize's medieval history course and found this question, which she rightly calls "childish": Note that Muhammad got a "peace be upon him" bestowed upon him there by the respectful BBC. She also provides neat little example of the BBC making a 'value judgement' on a political issue: One of her readers put in a complain... more »

Education Is Life Itself - The Wisdom Of John Dewey

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 9 hours ago
*“If I were asked to name the most needed of all reforms in the spirit of education I should say: 'Cease conceiving of education as mere preparation for later life, and make of it the full meaning of the present life.'”* John Dewey Academic, Philosopher, Educator (1859–1952) *Source of Quotation:* *http://www.biography.com/people/john-dewey-9273497*

The Daily "Near You?"

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León, Castilla y Leon, Spain. Thanks for stopping by!

Free Download: Eckhart Tolle, “The Power of Now”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 10 hours ago
*“The Power of Now” (Excerpt)* by Eckhart Tolle • "Is there a difference between happiness and inner peace? Happiness depends on conditions being perceived as positive; inner peace does not. • Is it not possible to attract only positive conditions into our life? If our attitude and our thinking are always positive, we would manifest only positive events and situations, wouldn't we? Do you truly know what is positive and what is negative? Do you have the total picture? There have been many people for whom limitation, failure, loss, illness, or pain in whatever form turned out to b... more »

"Spectacular Drone Footage Captures Northern Lights Over Iceland"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 10 hours ago
"*Spectacular Drone Footage Captures Northern Lights Over Iceland"* by Ozzo Iceland "It seems that the Northern Lights season– which typically runs from September to mid-April – has reached Iceland a little early this year, treating islanders to a spectacular celestial display. One minute and 46 seconds of pure serenity, the drone captures every magnificent streak of color as the phenomenon stretches across the night sky. f you ever felt unmotivated to witness the dancing aurora in person, this video is sure to make you reconsider. Shot in Reykjanes, south west Iceland, the only thi... more »

Online Polls Confirm Hillary Dip

Phillip Stucky at The Stream - 10 hours ago
[image: In this Aug. 15, 2016, photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign event at Riverfront Sports in Scranton, Pa. A federal judge has ordered Clinton to answer questions in writing from a conservative legal advocacy group about her use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state. U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan issued the order Aug. 19, as part of a long-running public records lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch.] Republican nominee Donald Trump narrowed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's lead in the latest online... more »

Defense Contractors Tell Investors World War III is Great for Business

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 10 hours ago
*Isaac Davis* - Escalating US/Russia tensions are lucrative for the military industrial complex. The post Defense Contractors Tell Investors World War III is Great for Business appeared first on Waking Times.

"Not a Drill: SETI Is Investigating a Possible Extraterrestrial Signal From Deep Space"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 10 hours ago
*"Not a Drill: SETI Is Investigating a Possible Extraterrestrial Signal From Deep Space"* by Robin Seemangal "An international team of scientists from the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) are investigating mysterious signal spikes emitting from a 6.3-billion-year-old star in the constellation Hercules–95 light years away from Earth. The implications are extraordinary and point to the possibility of a civilization far more advanced than our own. The RATAN-600 Radio Telescope in Russia The unusual signal was originally detected on May 15, 2015 by the Russian Academy o... more »

Perfect Failure : The Tao of Spencer

Spike EP at News Spike - 11 hours ago
*" I'm a Failure :-) "* The Remainders suffered *Total Defeat* Remove the Scots and the Irish from the equation - despite the corruption of* Cosmopolitan Urban Elites* and their *Identity Politics*, *The English* and *The Welsh* voted *overwhelmingly *to Leave and came out in their *droves *to say so - *this was an absolute landside.* The Remainders were *utterly routed* at the ballot box - they have been *decisively beaten*, and* taken a blow to their confidence* that will *shatter all of their assumptions* and from which they will *never **recover.* *WE ARE GODZILLA* *YOU ARE... more »

Fact: The FDA Engineered the EpiPen Monopoly

Todd Scacewater at The Stream - 11 hours ago
[image: Epi Pen - 900] Do the prices of the healthcare market need to be heavily regulated to remain affordable for consumers? Recently, two companies have raised prices to a level that aroused public ire. This is the tale of two competitions: one with a happy ending, and one whose... more »

Is The Islamic State In Chaos?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
*Michael Weiss, Daily Beast*: *Leaked ISIS Documents Show Internal Chaos* *Recently uncovered ISIS documents read like a bad comedy about embezzlement, infiltration, and bureaucratic infighting.* What appear to be internal documents from the administration of the so-called Islamic State, obtained exclusively by The Daily Beast, show the terrorist organization under strain from financial misappropriation, embezzlement, alleged infiltration by anti-ISIS spies, and bureaucratic infighting. These documents, originally captured by a Syrian rebel group near Damascus, are stamped by off... more »

Is Russia A Military Threat?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
Yuri Maltsev/Reuters *Anna Mulrine Grobe, CSM:* *How big a military threat is Russia, really?* Some US generals see Putin's moves in Ukraine and Syria as dangerously aggressive. Others see calculated efforts aimed at blunting Western influence but not directly challenging the US. In a recent talk at one of America’s premier war colleges, the nation’s top military officer warned incoming students about the dangers of Russian aggression. Gen. Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, pointed to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, its meddling in Ukraine, and its aid to the Syr... more »

China Wants To Limit Social And Entertainment Channels That Promote 'Western Lifestyles'

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
Reuters *Times of India*: *China regulator to curb news that promotes "Western lifestyles"* BEIJING: China will crack down on social and entertainment news that promotes improper values and "Western lifestyles", the country's broadcasting regulator said, the latest effort at censorship in an already strictly regulated media environment. President Xi Jinping has embarked on an unprecedented drive to censor media that do not reflect the views of Communist Party leaders. Authorities have already issued rules limiting "foreign-inspired" television shows and put tougher penalties on t... more »

The U.S. Will Maintain Their Military Superiority Over China

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
Image Credit: U.S. Navy photo by John F. Williams/Released *Robert Farley, The Diplomat:* *Don't Be Too Sure About a Stalemated US-China Military Balance* *There are reasons to believe that the United States will maintain a qualitative technological edge.* As discussed in last week’s column, Stephen Biddle and Ivan Oelrich have made a significant contribution to the literature on the future military balance in the Western Pacific. As with any such analysis, however, their article offers as many questions as it does answers. We can break these quibbles down into three areas; strate... more »

New Iranian Propaganda Video Shows The Destruction Of The U.S. Navy

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
*Times of Israel:* *Iranians destroy US Navy with willpower in video* Propaganda film shows young men standing up to American attacks on innocents, then bringing them down with song and battle cries A newly released Iranian propaganda film shows American warships in the Persian Gulf attacking the Islamic Republic before being foiled and destroyed by the will and endurance of the Iranian people. The video, titled “Steadfastness 2,” was produced by an office under the supervision of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the Middle East Media Research Center (MEMRI) reported. It shows US shi... more »

World News Briefs -- August 30, 2016

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
*Reuters:* *Turkey signals no let up in Syria campaign, despite Western concerns* Turkey's army chief signaled no let up in a Syria offensive Washington has criticized for targeting U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters as well as jihadists, and said its successes showed last month's failed coup had not dented the military's power. Turkish-backed forces began the offensive last week by capturing the Syrian frontier town of Jarablus from Islamic State; they then advanced on areas controlled by Kurdish-aligned militias which have U.S. support in battling jihadists. *Read more* .... *MIDDL... more »

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 30, 2016

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
*USNI News*: *Officials: E.U. and U.S. Need to Do Better Job Sharing Terrorism Intelligence* The U.S. and the European Union need to do a better job of sharing information immediately and in a secure way to best deter terrorist attacks, two senior international security officials said Monday. But even after years of effort, the E.U. and the United States are not yet there. *Read more* .... *Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 30, 2016* Three US allies are now fighting each other in northern Syria -- VICE News LA TIMES: U.S. intel sees ISIS as weakened after defeats -... more »

The Cost Of Solar Power – Ed Davey’s Vanity Project

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 11 hours ago
By Paul Homewood https://edmhdotme.wordpress.com/comparative-effectiveness-of-renewable-energy-in-the-uk/ Ed Hoskins has one of his excellent and detailed posts on renewable energy: Comparative effectiveness of weather dependent Renewable Energy in the UK Summary The late Professor David Mackay in his final interview with Mark Lynas in April 2016 stated that powering the UK wholly with […]

Clinton Insider Neera Tanden: Sanders Did "Significant Damage"

Gaius Publius at DownWithTyranny! - 11 hours ago
*Top Clinton insider Neera Tanden at a Google- and Elle-sponsored DC function (source)* *by Gaius Publius* Short and bitter-sweet. The primary election is mainly over (but not quite; there's still a black swan or two hovering overhead). Clinton and her camp have vanquished the challenge from the left wing of her own voting base. We've listened to call after call for "party unity." And yet we see this — Neera Tanden, a major Clinton insider, current head of the prominent (and Clintonist) thinktank Center for American Progress, someone in line for a significant job in a new Clinton... more »

Former NIH postdoc doctored data

Dalmeet Singh Chawla at Retraction Watch - 11 hours ago
A genetics researcher included falsified data in two published papers, according to a report by the U.S. Office of Research Integrity (ORI) released today. At the time of the misconduct, Andrew Cullinane was a postdoctoral fellow in the Medical Genetics Branch at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). According to his LinkedIn page, he is now an assistant professor […] The post Former NIH postdoc doctored data appeared first on Retraction Watch .


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 11 hours ago
*Back to Campus, Where Due Process Is a Myth* Colleges are supposed to be places of learning. However, many argue they've become liberal indoctrination centers, dedicated to churning out legions of progressive zombies who can parrot the Democratic Party's platform verbatim -- yet can't actually do anything useful to support themselves, or society. Liberals, unsurprisingly, deny this. However, there appears to be a movement afoot on college campuses that should alarm liberals, conservatives, and libertarians alike. By now, most readers of this site are bound to be familiar with the... more »

Mike Pence subsidizes offshorers

Kenneth Thomas at Middle Class Political Economist - 11 hours ago
The *Indianapolis Star* reports (h/t Greg LeRoy) that the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), which is headed by Governor/Vice-Presidential nominee Mike Pence, has given millions of dollars in incentives to companies that have subsequently offshored jobs to countries including China, Mexico, Taiwan, and Japan. Not only that, but the 10 companies that outsourced the jobs sent more jobs abroad from Indiana, 3800, than their agreements with the IEDC required them to create, 1087. For this, the companies were initially awarded $24 million. Moreover, four of the 10 companies... more »

Transgender Hate Incident Reported After Mayor Slips, Calls Biological Male ‘He,’ ‘Him’

Amber Randall at The Stream - 12 hours ago
[image: Bully Free LGBT Street Sign - 900] A councilor from England who identifies as transgender filed a report with police to complain that his Labour opponent misgendered him. Zoe Kirk-Robinson, who attempted to transition from male to female over a decade ago, claimed Bolton's former mayor, Guy... more »

Tech Experts: Rigging the Presidential Election Would Be ‘Easy’

Kathryn Watson at The Stream - 12 hours ago
[image: Stock photo of a vote here sign at an American voting location with American flags in the background] Hacking November's presidential voting machines to ensure a win for either Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would be "easy," cybersecurity experts claimed in a report released Monday. America's outdated voting systems are about as secure as... more »

France To Cut Nuclear Power By A Third

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 12 hours ago
By Paul Homewood http://www.powerengineeringint.com/articles/2016/08/edf-to-receive-451m-compensation-for-nuclear-facility.html?cmpid=enl_PEI_Digest_2016-08-30&eid=296412419&bid=1509882 PEI report: The French government will pay around $451m in compensation to EDF for the closure of its Fessenheim nuclear power plant. The company had just recently performed works on the facility to improve its safety but has since been confirmed for closure. Insiders have told Reuters that […]

An ice-free Arctic Ocean has happened before

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 12 hours ago
By Paul Homewood http://www.rationaloptimist.com/blog/arctic-sea-ice/ A bit of common sense from Matt Ridley: When the Arctic loses all its sea ice one summer, will it matter? My Times column on how the Arctic sea ice has melted in late summer before, between 10,000 and 6,000 years ago: The sea ice in the Arctic […]

Morning's Musical Interlude: The Moody Blues, “The Story In Your Eyes”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 12 hours ago
The Moody Blues, “The Story In Your Eyes” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlAOujOu6y0

“Russia Update: Now Mobilization of 300,000 Troops!”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 12 hours ago
*“Russia Update: Now Mobilization of 300,000 Troops!”* by Newsroom "On Monday, August 29, we reported that Russia had mobilized Reserve Army Troops for the first time since the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia. Today, Tuesday August 30, we have found that the total mobilization is actually 80 mobilization brigades. About 10 tank brigades, 30 motor rifle brigades, 20 artillery and 20 other support brigades. So about 300,000 men. Our original story appears HERE. SuperStation95 has reached out to our contacts in the Pentagon, The Intelligence Community and the State Department and the ... more »

"How It Really Is"

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“Retired Green Beret Rages: "How Can Hillary Still Be In The Running For President?"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 12 hours ago
*“Retired Green Beret Rages: * *"How Can Hillary Still Be In The Running For President?"* by Jeremiah Johnson “It is literally amazing how an individual so crooked, so duplicitous, and with so many chargeable offenses can actually stay in the running for the presidency of the United States. Mac Slavo recently penned a piece on the $32-million-dollar donation from the Prince of Bahrain to Hillary Clinton (indirectly), via the Clinton Foundation. The battle for the presidency is won with the bank account, and Clinton is leaving Trump behind in the starting gates. Just in the month of ... more »

Security In Iraq, 4th Qtr 2015

Joel Wing at MUSINGS ON IRAQ - 12 hours ago
This is the second article in a series reviewing security in Iraq. These are based upon the most complete numbers collected by Musings On Iraq so far. The basis for these figures are 41 newspapers, which are read each day. These are a collection of Iraq, western, and Arab media outlets. In addition, Airwars, which documents U.S.-led Coalition air strikes in Iraq and Syria, Iraq Body Count, and the United Nations are also consulted. This article covers the fourth quarter of 2015 when there was the last great surge of violence in Iraq. From October to December 2015 there was a larg... more »

The Latest From Campaign 2016: Actors Union Endorses Clinton for President

AP at The Stream - 13 hours ago
[image: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, right, accompanied by Democratic Party activist Jay Snyder, left, leaves after a fundraiser at his home in East Hampton, N.Y., Monday, Aug. 29, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)] WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Latest on the U.S. presidential race (all times EDT): 7:25 p.m. Hillary Clinton is wrapping up a three-day fundraising blitz in the Hamptons. The Democratic presidential nominee hopped from mansion to mansion in the tony New... more »

LGBT Rights vs. Religious Freedom

John Stonestreet at The Stream - 13 hours ago
[image: Breakpoint LGBT Middle Ground - 900] Last week a thought occurred to me. I wanted to tweet it out but wondered whether it would be too incendiary. The thought was this: "It seems odd how confident we are that folks can lose their unwanted sexual parts,... more »

President Obama Will Be Meeting Presidents Xi (China), Erdogan (Turkey) and Putin (Russia) On The Sidelines Next Week At The G20

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 13 hours ago
© Sputnik/ Sergei Guneev *Wall Street Journal:* *President Obama to Meet China’s Xi and Turkey’s Erdogan Next Week* *Meetings to take place in China on sidelines of G20.* WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama will meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan next week for the first time since the attempted coup in Turkey in July, the White House said Monday. Mr. Obama also will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping for several hours in a session to review the status of U.S.-China relations, said Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser. The meetings will take place on the ... more »

Apple To The EU: You Can Have Taxes Or You Can Have Jobs, But You Cannot Have Both

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 13 hours ago
*Business Insider:* *Apple: You can have taxes or you can have jobs, but you can't have both* Apple's official statement on the EU ruling against its Irish tax arrangements tells you all you need to know about what is at stake: You can have taxes, or you can have jobs, but Apple is in no mood to deliver both. After learning this morning that the EU expects Apple to pay €13 billion (£11 billion, $14.5 billion) in back taxes, the company said, "it will have a profound and harmful effect on investment and job creation in Europe." That is not a threat, technically. But it will be seen... more »

EU Migration Crisis Explodes. 6,500 Rescued In 24 Hours

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 13 hours ago
Hundreds more refugees have been rescued from the sea about 40 miles off the coast of Tripoli, Libya *Daily Mail*: *Second front reopens in migrant crisis: 460 arrive in Greece despite EU deal to block route from Turkey as 6,500 refugees are rescued from the Med trying to reach Italy* * Dramatic pictures show migrants jumping into the sea off the coast of Libya as rescue boats approach * More than 6,500 refugees were rescued in a matter of hours with 700 crammed on to one wooden vessel * Among those rescued by Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms was a father cradling his five-day-old s... more »

Another Change In U.S. Military Fashion

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*CNN:* *Military's fashion don'ts cost hundreds of millions* Washington (CNN) In 2008, the Navy debuted a new blue, black and gray uniform named Navy Working Uniform Type I. It just had a couple of hiccups: It melted in heat, weighed a ton and was effective camouflage only for sailors who happened to find themselves in water. Mockingly nicknamed "aquaflage" -- though the Navy noted upon its release that it wasn't intended for concealment -- the Navy deep-sixed the design this month. Instead, it will clothe its staff in a new green uniform, known as Navy Working Uniform Type III. ... more »

The Story of Two Soldiers Abandoned Afetr An Ambush In Iraq But Who Survived To Tell The Story

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U.S. soldiers stand in front of a base before they start a night mission in Baquba early June 28, 2007. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic *Rolling Stone:* *Abandoned in Iraq: Inside Two Soldiers' Harrowing Escape* *The true story of U.S. soldiers left for dead in Iraq, their epic battle for survival, and the military cover-up that kept them silent – until now.* In the orange light of late afternoon, a mile-long Army convoy of 33 heavily loaded trucks crossed a bridge over the Tigris River into the dusty, trash-strewn streets of Al Amarah, Iraq. Sgt. Stuart Redus was at the wheel of a boxy ol... more »

#RPGaDay 2016 Day 30: Describe the Ideal Game Room

Daniel Stack at 19th Level - 13 hours ago
Money is no obstacle... I've been primarily a virtual gamer over the past few years so my tastes will largely skew in that direction. We've got a nice desk with three monitors on it - want to make life easy for me on the virtual tabletop setup. We've also got on the walls a lot of shelf space for books, boxes, etc. I'd also like to be able to support a physical group as well, so we've got a nice large table, with room for books, papers, munchies, recreational beverages, etc. Lots of power outlets to charge up laptops, tablets, etc. And since I'm not big on miniatures, I'm thinkin... more »

Egypt Parliament to Vote on Tougher Penalties for Female Genital Mutilation

AP at The Stream - 13 hours ago
[image: A doctor from the Upper Egyptian city of Minya, center, talks to women at the home of a villager from Sultan Zawyit, Egypt, about the dangers of circumcising their daughters on Dec. 5, 2008. The talks are part of grass-roots efforts to stop the long-held tradition of female circumcision. (AP Photo/ Asmaa Waguih)] CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt’s parliament is to vote on tougher penalties for female genital mutilation, after the Cabinet approved a bill to redefine it as a felony. In a report carried on state news agency MENA on Sunday, the Health... more »

Catholic Hospital System to Provide Contraceptives in Walgreens Partnership

Dustin Siggins at The Stream - 13 hours ago
[image: Walgreen Co. Reports 4th Quarter Loss] A Catholic hospital system has confirmed that it will provide contraceptives as part of its partnership with Walgreens, in violation of the American Catholic bishops' directives. SSM Health describes itself as “a Catholic, not-for-profit health system,” and in its mission statement says that... more »

Experimental Zika Vaccine Trial Launched in Hard-Hit Puerto Rico

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[image: In this photo provided ​by The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases shows a healthy volunteer receiving the NIAID Zika virus investigational DNA vaccine as part of an early-stage trial to test the vaccine's safety and immunogenicity. This is the first administration of this vaccine in a human. (​The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases via AP)] SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- A Pennsylvania drug company announced Monday that it has launched a clinical trial of an experimental Zika vaccine in Puerto Rico, the part of the U.S. hardest hit by the ... more »

AFT Affiliate Exec Among United Opt Out Admins

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 14 hours ago
by Jim Horn A friend sent me a link to some reactions by AFT members to the recent national conference, where it seems that everything that transpired was tightly controlled by Weingarten and TURN veteran, Mary Ricker, to advance the Clinton candidacy, rather than to advocate for students and teachers. Surprise, right? Take a moment to read it, and you will see why anyone who is not a hand-picked enforcer of Weingarten's corporate agenda has no chance to affect the direction of this faux union: *AFT Leadership controls the membership. This must change. *We are a top down driven... more »

The Inspiring 14 Year-Old Prodigy Who Dreams in Computer Code

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*Vic Bishop* - I really enjoy learning, to me I find it as essential as eating. The post The Inspiring 14 Year-Old Prodigy Who Dreams in Computer Code appeared first on Waking Times.


Jenna Orkin at From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog - 14 hours ago
*From* *Jenna Orkin* "Massive Shock" Looms In Japan As Kuroda Is In "Jeopardy", According To $2 Trillion Investor Iran Deploys Russian S-300 Surface To Air Missiles At Its Fordow Nuclear Facility New Evidence Reveals Iran Evaded Sanctions, Continued Nuclear Weapon Development With Venezuela Al Qaeda In Syria Changed Its Name And Now The US Is Arming Them You forgot the word, "again." FBI says foreign hackers penetrated state election systems China regulator will curb news that promotes 'Western lifestyles' At least one dead, several injured in bomb attack at Chinese embassy in Kyrgyz... more »

“Wake Up America- It's Time To Eliminate The 'Pusher'”

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*“Wake Up America- It's Time To Eliminate The 'Pusher'”* by Charles Hugh-Smith "Central banks can only do one thing, and that's provide monetary welfare for the wealthy. The fact that central banks provide welfare for the wealthy is now entering the mainstream. The fact that all central bank policies since 2008 have dramatically increased wealth and income inequality is now grudgingly being accepted as reality by mainstream economists and the financial media. The central banks' PR facade of noble omniscience on behalf of the great unwashed masses has cracked wide open. Even The Wal... more »

British Warship Set To Join US Fleet In Persian Gulf

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 14 hours ago
The Royal Navy destroyer HMS Daring is planning to join a fleet of US warships stationed in the Persian Gulf, even though there are concerns over the warship’s technical reliability in warmer climes. The UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said the Type 45 destroyer will arrive in the region on Friday and take on the role of HMS Defender, another warship of the same class which provided air support to American aircraft carriers. This ship, that costs up to £1billion, is the type that has been suffering glitches in the Gulf because they are unable to cope with the hot sea. Press TV ... more »

Hofer's call to restore Austrian monarchy deserves to be heard

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 15 hours ago
The recent Austrian presidential elections were annulled after a result indistinguishable from 50-50 and a top court's confirmation of doubts about some irregularities. The polls will be repeated on October 2nd and especially because of the Freedom Party's softening stance on some EU- and immigration-related issues, a majority expects Norbert Hofer to beat his green rival. *The anthem of Austria-Hungary, the imperial and civic stanzas of it, in Czech. Other versions* As Sputnik tells us, the possible future president of Austria would like to create a regional group – the Austrian... more »

U.S. Slams Turkey For Attacking Kurdish Opposition Forces In Syria

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 15 hours ago
The United States has criticized Nato ally Turkey over ‘unacceptable clashes’ with Syrian opposition forces in northern Syria. The U.S. says clashes take the focus away from the fight against Islamic State/ISIS. The terrorists were driven out of the area last week and could go on to capture other territories. The U.S. wants Turkey to stay focused on ISIL/ISIS and not to bombard ISIS’s enemy, the Syrian Defense Forces, who are predominantly Kurd. RT reports: Turkey’s use of force against Kurdish forces in Syria has not gone down well with the US, with Washington openly supporting the... more »

Man Guilty Of Attempted Murder Jumps To Death Out Of Ohio Courthouse

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 15 hours ago
A man jumped to his death from an Ohio courthouse building after receiving a 13-year prison sentence for attempted murder. 42 year old Jason Binkiewiz escaped from a guard and jumped over a third floor balcony of the courthouse in Steubenville, Ohio, on Friday. ITV reports: The man was being escorted out of the courtroom after being sentenced to 13 years for shooting a man in the face in 2015, when he broke free and ran towards the banister. Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said: “As soon as Binkiewicz started running, Deputy Price he was on him quick enough when he reached out... more »

A Canadian Legacy Giant

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 15 hours ago
China has a memory that remembers 6000 years ago like it was yesterday. Pierre Elloit Trudeau is still remembered fondly.

RIP Gene Wilder

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 15 hours ago
I have been trying to think of anyone who was as funny in an individual movie, than he was in Blazing Saddles or the Richard Pryor collaborations, got nothing. His body of work is beyond compare. RIP Gene

Turkey In Syria, FSA & The Upcoming Quarrel Over Syria's New (UN Mandated) Constitution

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 15 hours ago
*Really excellent analysis from Andrew Korbyko via Katehon* *hattip Ally for leaving the link :)* *I've underlined for emphasis* *Much ado has been made over the past few days about the ulterior motives behind Turkey’s conventional military campaign in northern Syria, with most people refusing to believe that Erdogan ‘altruistically’ ordered the operation just to ‘take one for the team’ and help his multipolar allies clear out the Kurdish “federalists”. Turkey does indeed have a self-interested national security reason in doing so, but knowing the wily Sultan, he’s bound to have a t... more »

Former professor shoots dean who fired him for misconduct

Ivan Oransky at Retraction Watch - 15 hours ago
A former assistant professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York fired a shotgun yesterday at two men– including the school’s dean, who had fired him six years ago. The New York Times reports that Hengjun Chao was taken into custody on charges of attempted murder, after his shots hit Mount Sinai […] The post Former professor shoots dean who fired him for misconduct appeared first on Retraction Watch.

FBI Warns of State-Level Election Hacks

BREE FOWLER & ERIC TUCKER at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: State Election System_perr__1472562331_71.164.139.145] NEW YORK (AP) -- The FBI is warning state officials to boost their election security in light of evidence that hackers targeted related data systems in two states. In a confidential “flash” alert from its cyber division, first reported by... more »

“Read The Opposite of What You Believe”

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*“Read The Opposite of What You Believe”* by Steve Saville “People are naturally attracted to viewpoints that are similar to their own and to information that supports what they already believe. In fact, most people go out of their way to find articles and newsletters that are biased towards their pre-existing views of the world. However, they should do the opposite. If you seek-out information that supports what you already think you know and exclusively read authors whose opinions match your own, you will never learn anything. All you will do is increase your comfort in, and ther... more »

Politics/Government: “Trending”

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*“Trending”* by James Howard Kunstler “Would fate permit it, the election of Hillary Clinton will be the supreme and perhaps terminal act in an Anything-Goes-And-Nothing-Matters society. Yet, even with the fabulous luck of running against a consummate political oaf, she struggles to get the upper hand, and she may land in the White House with the lowest voter turnout in modern history. And then her reward in office may be to dodge indictment for four years while the nation crumbles around her. This is the way the world ends: not with a bang or a whimper but with a cackle. Imagine ... more »

Obama Admin Hits Goal of Admitting 10,000 Syrian Refugees

KEVIN FREKING at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: Obama Syrian Refugees_perr__1472561483_71.164.139.145] WASHINGTON (AP) -- The United States on Monday met President Barack Obama’s goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country, the White House announced. Obama sought a sixfold increase in the number of Syrian refugees provided safe haven in... more »

Maine Governor Under Bipartisan Fire After Fiery Tirade, Accusations of Racism

MARINA VILLENEUVE at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: Maine Governor_perr__1472560751_71.164.139.145] AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) -- Republican leaders in Maine are trying to figure out a fitting punishment for racially charged comments and a threatening voicemail made by Gov. Paul LePage, who has repeatedly avoided punishment for impolitic remarks. Meanwhile, a top... more »

Seattle, Home to $15 Minimum Wage, to Hit Businesses With Scheduling Regs

PHUONG LE at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: Seattle Hourly Worker_perr__1472559853_71.164.139.145] SEATTLE (AP) -- Seattle leaders have proposed new rules for retail and food-service businesses with hourly employees, including requiring them to schedule shifts two weeks in advance and compensate workers for some last-minute changes -- the latest push by a... more »

Controversial Arizona Sheriff Faces Stiff Primary Competition, Legal Troubles

JACQUES BILLEAUD at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: Election-Arizona-News_perr__1472559059_71.164.139.145] PHOENIX (AP) -- Sheriff Joe Arpaio faces three Republican challengers in Tuesday’s primary in what has turned out to be the toughest election in his 23 years as the top law enforcer in metro Phoenix. The 84-year-old sheriff of Maricopa... more »

An Advance In Grassroots Campaign Phone Banking

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 16 hours ago
Phone banking is one crucial way for grassroots candidates to reach out to voters but I've been hearing from savvy candidates for several years that the commonly available phone banking software for small grassroots campaigns is subpar. One of the sharpest and most agile of the 2016 Blue America primary candidates, Alex Law, worked on creating a phone banking application called Partic, which is extremely simple on the front end for unpaid volunteers. Candidates can have their volunteers make calls from anywhere in a simple system with the best scripting function out there. It has ... more »

Peters-Margedant ‘Tiny House,’ by William Wesley Peters

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 16 hours ago
[image: Arch_Rendering.0.0] One thing Auckland’s new Unitary Plan makes more difficult, if not bans entirely, is so-called Tiny Houses – those oft-ingeniously crafted tiny spaces that are an many urbanites’ answer elsewhere to the problems of rocketing house prices. A very early modern Tiny House was this 50m2 gem designed in 1934 by Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice (and eventual son-in-law) William Wesley Peters – who had at this point just *left* the Wright orbit. *"This might be one of the only early organic designs in the small house movement," says Dennis Au, Evansville’s H... more »

Despite Billions to Spend on Zika, Obama Demands More Money From Congress

Juliegrace Brufke at The Stream - 16 hours ago
[image: A mosquito (Culex) in close-up and backlit by a LED-lamp] In the wake of the Obama administration's warnings that funding to fight the Zika virus is quickly depleting, GOP Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and James Lankford of Oklahoma questioned why billions in unappropriated Heath and Human Services (HHS) funds have... more »

Human Rights Group: Palestinians Abuse Media, Activists

IAN DEITCH at The Stream - 16 hours ago
[image: Gaza_City_from_the_Sea,_July_2016] JERUSALEM (AP) -- Palestinian authorities are silencing dissent by cracking down on free speech and abusing local journalists and activists critical of their policies, a leading international human rights group said Tuesday. Human Rights Watch said both the Western-backed Palestinian... more »

Members of Congress Launch Broadsides, Investigation Into Epipen Price Increase

LINDA A. JOHNSON & TOM MURPHY at The Stream - 16 hours ago
[image: Mylan EpiPen_perr__1472555379_71.164.139.145] The maker of EpiPens will start selling a cheaper, generic version of the emergency allergy shots as the furor over repeated U.S. price hikes continues -- and looming competition threatens its near-monopoly. Despite its second move in five days to... more »

Franklin Graham Holds Massive Prayer Rally in Boston Today

AP at The Stream - 17 hours ago
[image: Boston Common Evangel_perr__1472554512_71.164.139.145] BOSTON (AP) -- The son of famed evangelist Billy Graham is holding a mass prayer rally in Boston as part of a 50-state tour to urge evangelicals to vote. Franklin Graham’s noontime rally on Tuesday on Boston Common is a... more »

North Carolina Warily Watching 2 Tropical Weather Systems

BEN FINLEY & JONATHAN DREW at The Stream - 17 hours ago
[image: NOAA Clouds_perr__1472554040_71.164.139.145] BUXTON, N.C. (AP) -- A tropical weather system off the coast of North Carolina’s Outer Banks is expected to strengthen in the next day, bringing winds up to 45 mph and heavy rains that could flood low-lying areas, officials said.... more »

Party Platforms on Gun Rights: GOP Stands Firm, Dems Slide Further Left

Rachel Alexander at The Stream - 17 hours ago
[image: Dems GOP Guns Constitution - 900] The Republicans’ and Democrats’ respective platforms on the Second Amendment could not be more starkly different. The GOP’s Second Amendment plank has not changed over the years, while the Democratic platform has slid ever further to the gun-grabbing left. The Democrats signal this... more »

It's reading day!

Sunniva at SunnivaRose - 18 hours ago
I was at my office at nine this morning, and after a quick discussion with Gry (with whom I share my office), I realised today has to be *reading day.* I need to read stuff - and a lot of it. My biggest problem right now is that I need to correct my data for neutrons: The thing is that we have different kinds of detectors, and one of these detectors measure all the gamma radiation that comes when the nucleus fission. The problem is that when a nucleus fissions, it will also send out neutrons (in addition to gamma radiation), and the detectors that is really there for the gamma r... more »

"In This Life..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 18 hours ago
"Many people don't fear a hell after this life and that's because hell is on this earth, in this life. In this life there are many forms of hell that people walk through, sometimes for a day, sometimes for years, sometimes it doesn't end. The kind of hell that doesn't burn your skin; but burns your soul. The kind of hell that people can't see; but the flames lap at your spirit. Heaven is a place on earth, too! It's where you feel freedom, where you're not afraid. No more chains. And you hear your soul laughing." - C. JoyBell C.

This Pattern Suggests Conservative Christians are Being Targeted

George Yancey at The Stream - 19 hours ago
[image: Bible with flag in background - 900] I do not tend to pay attention to what people say; I am much more interested in what people do. If a group claims they are not biased, I need to see the evidence for it before I will believe it.... more »

Trump’s Catholic Problems Continue

Jay Richards at The Stream - 19 hours ago
[image: Rosary Trump Catholic Vote - 900] In July, I wrote about Trump's Catholic problem, on the assumption that the campaign was already aware of it. I half-expected them to launch a new effort to woo Catholics before my piece had even been published. Since then, I've...more »

Oompah Loompah Doompedee Do

Way Way Up at Fort McMurray Adventures - 19 hours ago
The film adaption of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" came out not too long before I was born and has long remained one of my favourite childhood movies. (The 1964 Roald Dahl book is quite likely one of the first fantasy-type books I read when I was learning to read on my own.) Its main character was a quirky, blue-eyed figure who made a teachable moment without sounding preachy. Perhaps I'm starting to sound my age but I much prefer these older style of imaginative stories that used real people and bright colours compared to a lot of the computer-generated pablum we see ... more »

Consensus statement on conscientious objection in healthcare

noreply@blogger.com (Christian Munthe) at Philosophical Comment - 19 hours ago
[image: http://blog.practicalethics.ox.ac.uk/2016/08/consensus-statement-on-conscientious-objection-in-healthcare/] Just a very brief pointer to this post at the Oxford Practical Ethics blog, showcasing a consensus statement on how states and health systems should handle the phenomenon of healthcare staff conscientiously objecting to practices included in medical practice that comes out of the symposium on this very topic that I related in a recent post. *** *Philosophical Comment Blog: Christian Munthe, Professor of Practical Philosophy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. C... more »

Four New Scientific Papers Show No Detectable AGW Sea Level Rise

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 19 hours ago
By Paul Homewood http://notrickszone.com/2016/08/01/all-natural-four-new-scientific-publications-show-no-detectable-sea-level-rise-signal/#sthash.xlBjTcEr.PTYr0iwo.dpbs No Tricks has an interesting post by Kenneth Richard: It is widely assumed that sea levels have been rising in recent decades largely in response to anthropogenic global warming. However, due to the inherently large contribution of natural oscillatory influences on sea level fluctuations, this assumption lacks substantiation. […]

"USA Debt Pig: ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Society, ‘Pay Later’ Is Rapidly Approaching"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 20 hours ago
*"USA Debt Pig: ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Society, * *‘Pay Later’ Is Rapidly Approaching"* By Michael Synder "If you really wanted to live like a millionaire, you could start doing it right now. All you have to do is to apply for as many credit cards as possible and then begin running up credit card balances like there is no tomorrow. At this point, I know what most of you are probably thinking. You are probably thinking that such a lifestyle would not last for long and that a day of reckoning would eventually come, and you would be exactly right. In fact, anyone that has ever had a trem... more »

Ghost Squad Takes Bank Of Israel And Israeli PM Offline

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 20 hours ago
The official websites of the Bank of Israel and the Israeli Prime Minister were taken down by Ghost Squad hackers on Sunday. Both sites were targeted under the banner of OpIsrael, an online operation started by Anonymous in 2013. S1ege, one of the hackers from Ghost Squad, told HackRead: “We found a denial of service exploit on Israeli prime minister office website and it’s been down for 72 hours and counting.” S1ege confirmed that the attack was conducted in support of Palestine and there are plans to coordinate more attacks to continue raising international awareness regarding the ... more »

The Economy: “How Does It All End? Part II: The Fed”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 21 hours ago
*“How Does It All End? Part II: The Fed”* by Bill Bonner ‘We’re not hunting for sport,’ explained the woman in charge of the hunt. ‘We’re hunting for necessity.’ Each hunt has a person who is responsible to the government. Not necessarily a hunter. In our case, it is a woman of 80 years, still spry and attractive. She stopped by yesterday afternoon to bring us a choice cut…a ham. Our farm is one of several farms included in the area she oversees. It is customary to give each owner a piece of the animals that have been killed. ‘It’s so hot that nobody really wants to go out,’ she ex... more »

Hillary Can’t Hide Her Lying Eyes, And Her Smile Is A Thin Disguise

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
Surprise, surprise! Hillary Clinton has been caught lying again. It was a serious lie too, because it was a lie to the FBI, and lying to the FBI is a federal crime punishable by a fine – or jail time. During her marathon interview with the FBI on July 2, she told investigators that former Secretary of State Colin Powell, during a private dinner, advised her to use a personal email account. Colin Powell says this isn’t true. “The truth is she was using [her personal email] for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did [when I was in office],” he told the New York Post’s ... more »

World Ignores Clinton And Backs Putin’s Vow To Destroy NWO

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
Much to the dismay of Hillary Clinton, Russian President Vladimir Putin has rocketed up the popularity charts of world figures according to a British poll, proving that his determination to destroy the New World Order is resonating with people all over the world. YouGov surveyed people across 30 different countries and President Putin was the fastest riser on the list of 3000 world figures, being voted the sixth most admired man in the world. In contrast, Hillary Clinton, the New World Order’s selected candidate, is nowhere to be seen on the list. ‘It’s a unique window onto the share... more »

DC Leaks Reveal George Soros Plot To Control The Internet

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
Not content with controlling politicians and manipulating elections around the world, George Soros is now pushing for control of the Internet. Soros has been an advocate of a more regulated Internet for years, and a hacked document released by DC Leaks reveals the globalist billionaire plans to regulate the Internet in favor of his Open Society agenda and the governments and politicians that support it. The document titled ‘Open Society Justice Initiative Proposed 2014 Strategy’ was part of the huge cache of leaked documents released by DC Leaks from George Soros’ Open Society Found... more »

The New Space Superpower Is China

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 21 hours ago
(Click on Image to Enlarge) *The Guardian*: *China: the new space superpower* *For years, its space programme was shrouded in secrecy. Now, with plans for lunar and Mars missions, and crowds at its launch sites, China is ready for liftoff.* At 8pm Beijing time on 25 June this year the tropical darkness over China’s Hainan province was temporarily banished by a blinding orange light. Accompanied by the thunderous roar of engines, a 53m-tall rocket pushed itself into the sky. An increasing number of Chinese rockets have launched in the past few years but this one was significant fo... more »

Complete List Of Rothschild Owned And Controlled Banks

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
An increasingly number of people are waking up to the fact that 99% of the Earth’s population is controlled by an elite 1% – but did you know that one family, the Rothschilds, rule everything, even that elite 1%? Behind the scenes the Rothschild dynasty is unquestionably the most powerful bloodline on Earth and their estimated wealth is around $500 trillion. Here is a complete list of all Rothschild owned and controlled banks. The U.S. entries might surprise you. Afghanistan: Bank of Afghanistan Albania: Bank of Albania Algeria: Bank of Algeria Argentina: Central Bank of Argentina A... more »

Sphere Alliance Message #204Memories from the Pleaides

Obi-Wan Kabuki at AMERICAN KABUKI - 21 hours ago
By American Kabuki This was one of the earliest memory work with Loie... rich in detail with a calamitous ending, followed by the construction of sphere habitats.... took me a bit to find images that were somewhat close to what I saw. This conversation is from August 11, 2016 -Terran [8/11/16, 5:38:23 PM] Terran: Loie I tried finding that place again but didn't seem to arrive. Loie: Bill. The portal to ALL is in your heart. Deep within. Go there. Loie Terran: How did I get there yesterday? Loie: Bill you followed your heart. The energetic trail. Focus on that place. You... more »

UN Set To Take Control Of Internet, Vows To Ban Offensive Speech

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
The United Nations may soon take control of the Internet after the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) stops being controlled by the U.S. government this October. Despite the Obama administration promising that the U.N. would never take control of the Internet, they admitted via a recent Freedom of Information Act request that control of the Internet will most likely pass to the United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Breitbart.com reports: While the administration and its defenders have denied that the UN will have authority over ICANN,... more »

Iran Bans GMO Food Due To Public ‘Health Risks’

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
Iran has announced that it is banning the import, production and consumption of GMO food products in the country. Following in Russia’s footsteps, Abbas Papizadeh, member of Iranian Parliament Committee on Agriculture, said that GM crops posed a risk to people’s health. Ahtribune.com reports: He explained the idea of banning production and consumption of GM crops in sixth Development Plan was brought up by him and added: “there were other suggestions such as producing GM crops limitedly or under supervision of strict standards, but finally the bill was written to ban import, product... more »

Election Fraud Underway As NBC Post Fake ‘Results’

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
A Republican has uncovered evidence of election fraud after discovering that NBC falsely reported that she had lost a race before votes had been cast. Republican candidate for Florida House District 86, Laurel Bennett, expressed her shock this weekend after finding out that a local West Palm Beach NBC affiliate, WPTV, reported that she had lost a race before votes had even been cast. Zerohedge.com reports: The note from WPTV showed Laurel getting 12,189 votes or 45%. Laurel posted the following comment to her facebook page in response to the erroneous report:“Election fraud is alr... more »

Top University Professor Claims Processed Food Drives People Mad

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
New research by a Canterbury University professor reveals that people who eat processed food are at a greater risk of becoming clinically insane. According to research by Julia Rucklidge, the decreasing nutritional value of our food may be contributing to an “epidemic” of mental illness. Nzherald.co.nz reports: Research has shown that eating more fresh foods consistent with a Mediterranean-style diet, and eating less Western foods, could reverse spiralling rates of conditions such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety and depression. Eleven years ago, when Ruc... more »

HuffPo Fires Journalist Who Exposed Hillary’s Declining Health

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
HuffPo has fired one of its journalists after he published an article that exposed Hillary Clinton’s declining health. The Huffington Post deleted the article by David Seaman that raised important questions relating to the Democratic nominee’s health. Infowars.com reports: Seaman penned a commentary piece discussing questions surrounding Hillary’s health problems on Sunday. The story included a link to my viral video about the subject, which now has over 3.5 million views. Cached link to the original Huffington Post article about Hillary's health that was deleted. https://t.co/Ruto... more »

Major Bank Tells Public To ‘Prepare For Economic Nuclear Winter’

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
A major lending bank has warned the public that they should prepare for the coming “economic nuclear winter,” according to a report by CNBC. “This could mean triggering Article 50, a referendum in other European nations leading to a break-up of the euro or sterling hitting below $1.20 or lower. The banks are ready for anything now,” the bank told the broadcaster. Rt.com reports: After the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in June, there have been talks a similar referendum may be held in France, the Netherlands and other countries. “Markets hate uncertainty and the ev... more »

Nationwide Carbon Tax Set To Become A Reality

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
Exxon has been lobbying Congress to institute a nationwide carbon tax since 2009, and it looks like their lobbying is about to pay off. This corporate policy became public after a 2009 speech by their CEO, Rex Tillman. Recently, Judges from Minnesota and Washington have lent credence to the public costs (health and pollution) of burning fossil fuel. Electrek.co reports: Is a Federal Carbon Tax coming to the USA? The answer can be surmised in one point: Exxon has been lobbying Congress to institute carbon regulation. This corporate policy became public after a 2009 speech by their CE... more »

Military Photo of the Day: Stealth Bombers Taxi Before Take-Off

Tom Sileo at The Stream - 22 hours ago
[image: Stealth Bomber] B-2 Spirits, also known as Stealth Bombers, taxi prior to take off at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam on August 11, 2016. Thank you, Tech. Sgt. Miguel Lara III, for taking this photograph.

U.S. Navy's Freedom-Class Littoral Combat Ships Continue To Break Down

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 22 hours ago
The littoral combat ship USS Freedom (LCS 1) is underway conducting sea trials off the coast of Southern California. Freedom, the lead ship of the Freedom variant of LCS, is expected to deploy to Southeast Asia this spring. February 2013. Wikipedia *Military.com*: *Third Freedom-Class LCS Breaks Down in 12 Months* The littoral combat ship USS Freedom will need an engine rebuild or replacement after a seawater leak resulted in significant damage, Navy officials said. The Freedom is the third ship in the Freedom class of LCS, built by Lockheed Martin Corp., to suffer an engine casua... more »

The White House's Syrian Strategy is Unravelling As Feuding Allies Continue To Battle Each Other

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 22 hours ago
Men inspect a damaged site after double airstrikes on the rebel held Bab al-Nairab neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria, August 27, 2016. REUTERS/Abdalrhman Ismail *Reuters*: *U.S. tries to stop feuding allies from unraveling Syria strategy* The United States scrambled on Monday to get its feuding allies, Turkey and Kurdish YPG militia, to focus their firepower on Islamic State instead of each other after clashes that have threatened to unravel America's war strategy in Syria. Turkey, which has long viewed Kurdish militants as its top security threat, upended U.S. assumptions about the ... more »

Hundreds Of Reindeer Found Dead In Norway

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
Over 300 wild reindeer have been killed in a freak lightning accident in central Norway. The Norwegian Environment Agency released images showing 323 reindeer carcasses scattered across an area on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. Rt.com reports: When Knut Nylend, an official from the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (Statens naturoppsyn – NNI) went out on a routine inspection near Hardangervidda National Park on Friday, he wasn’t expecting to see hundreds of dead reindeer lying across a field. “They were lying there dead in a fairly concentrated area. Reindeer are pack animals and...more »

The State as Accomplice: Did Idaho's "Justice" System Shield a Serial Murderer?

William N. Grigg at Pro Libertate - 22 hours ago
“Our investigation in the death of Angie Dodge is not over,” insists Idaho Falls Police Chief Mark McBride. “It will never be considered a closed case until after we have identified and brought all involved to justice.” The man currently serving a life sentence for the June 12, 1996 sexual assault and murder of the 18-year-old Dodge, Christopher Tapp, is not guilty of that crime. No physical evidence exists to connect him to the scene. He was convicted solely on the basis of a coerced false confession that was extracted through methods a former FBI supervisory special agent has ... more »

Well... at least they're honest...

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 22 hours ago
_______________________ [Taiwan] Don't miss the comments below! And check out my blog and its sidebars for events, links to previous posts and picture posts, and scores of links to other Taiwan blogs and forums!

Polish Foreign Minister: EU Exacerbated Migrant Crisis - No Shit Sherlock

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 23 hours ago
' Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski on Monday criticised the European Commission's handling of last year's migrant crisis, saying that Brussels had exacerbated the problems rather than offering real solutions. The EU took "hasty, irresponsible and not-fully thought through steps" in response to a massive influx of refugees from Iraq, Syria and other war-torn regions, Waszczykowski said at a news conference with his German and French counterparts.' More here http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/08/29/polish-foreign-minister-eu-exacerbated-migrant-crisis/ but not on the ... more »

Before contacting us, ETs at Sun 2.0 HD 164595 didn't even see Faraday's experiments

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 23 hours ago
As lots of media tell us, Russian Academy's telescopes near the Georgian border detected some two-seconds-long strong radio signal at frequency\[ f\sim 11\,{\rm GHz} \quad \Leftrightarrow \quad \lambda=\frac cf\sim 2.7\,{\rm cm} \] plus minus 10% (a huge bandwidth) on May 15th, 2015. They didn't have to tell us quickly and they didn't tell us quickly. Also, as anti-Russian pundits will surely tell us after they will have read this blog post, this discovery may be just a trick to redirect all West's radars etc. to the constellation Hercules and make it easier for Russia to take over ... more »

"Truth" and MJ-12

KRandle at A Different Perspective - 23 hours ago
So, I was watching *Truth*, the docudrama about CBS chasing the Bush Air Guard records. I’m not really going to get into the politics of it because I’m sure that we’ll all disagree with one another about that in some way. Instead, I was struck by the investigation into the records and the vetting process, or lack thereof and the story’s similarity to MJ-12. As most of you know, CBS, on *60 Minutes II*, aired a report that President George W. Bush had been given preferential treatment to enter the Air National Guard and had not properly completed his Guard duties once he was clear of... more »

My Letter to the AZ Department of Environmental Quality Concerning Permits for Uranium Mining in the Kaibab National Forest

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 23 hours ago
Brief letter: Bv1@azdeq.gov Dear AZ Department of Environmental Quality Members I am writing to urge the department to NOT renew air quality permits for uranium mining in the Kaibab National Forest. AZ has a long history of contamination from uranium mining, culminating most recently in December 2015 when radioactivity four times ordinary levels were detected around Pinenut. As I’m sure you are aware, a single alpha particle emitted by an inhaled atom of uranium can cause lung cancer. Moreover, new research suggests that uranium’s risks derive as much from the element’s ch... more »

Tweet For Today

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
RIP Gene Wilder a true acting legend. #RIPGeneWilder pic.twitter.com/os2RNgdWJO — You Had One Job (@_youhadonejob1) August 29, 2016

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

Cal Thomas at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: In this May 24, 2016 file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks in Commerce, Calif. The House oversight committee says it has received FBI documents related to the investigation of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. A spokeswoman for the committee says the committee is reviewing documents that are labeled classified.] The prize quote of this incendiary political year may go to Hillary Clinton. In response to Donald Trump’s charge that the Clintons set up a pay-for-play arrangement that granted big contributors access to Clinton while sh... more »

Abstract Immigrants in an Abstract World

Thomas Sowell at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: Immigration Abstract - 900] Why would a country with the world’s largest Jewish population, outside of Israel, admit large numbers of immigrants from countries where hatred of Jews has been taught to their people from earliest childhood? This question is ultimately not about Muslims... more »

Hillary Clinton's Old Office

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*(Click on Image to Enlarge)*

Picture Of The Day

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Out of Darkness* Sailors on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower participate in the Out of the Darkness walk to raise awareness for suicide prevention while in the Arabian Gulf, Aug. 26, 2016. The ship is supporting Operation Inherent Resolve in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations. Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Casey J. Hopkins

An Appeal To Readers

Colin Todhunter at EAST BY NORTHWEST - 1 day ago
You won't see well-paid journalists working for the mainstream corporate media asking for public donations to keep their heads above water. By contrast, much of the online 'alternative' media which challenges the mainstream narrative exists on a shoestring budget and relies on reader donations to survive, especially those sites that do not take advertising in order to remain independent. If you are a regular reader of my work and value what I do, please read this appeal.

The Election Isn't Over Yet-- But It's Probably Too Late For Trumpanzee To Recover

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
*Trumpanzee is looking at a John W. Davis-sized landslide* The Public Religion Research Institute released a poll over the weekend that isn't just bad news for Señor Trumpanzee, but looks like band news for the Republican Party going forward. If America was a country where only white people could vote-- a goal the GOP still works towards whenever they get a chance-- Trump would be OK and the Republican Party would be rocking from coast to coast. But it's 2016 and the U.S. is a far richer and more diverse country today that it was in the 19th Century. And that's why Trumpanzee and th... more »

A Look At Israel's Booming Surveillance Industry

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
The Israeli NSO Group, now owned by US private equity firm Francisco Partners Management, has flown far under the radar, without even a website ©Jack Guez (AFP) *AFP:* *iPhone spyware spotlights Israel's secretive surveillance industry* The discovery of sophisticated spyware to infiltrate and remotely take control of iPhones without leaving a trace has put a spotlight on Israel's secretive surveillance industry, considered among the world's most advanced. Apple rushed out a security update last week after researchers said a prominent Emirati rights activist was targeted by "Pegasus... more »

In the Memory of Baloch veteran leader Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 1 day ago
*Pakis kill the Baloch and then cry "Zionist conspiracy" when they fight back. Muslim states are truly pitiful. * *Video Title: In the Memory of Baloch veteran leader Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti. Source: Rahim Bakhsh Bugti. Date Published: August 28, 2016. Description:* this video is dedicated to the baloch veteran leader #ShaheedNawabAkbarBugti on his tenth martyrdom anniversary on 26 August 2016 by Baloch Activist @laljanBugti *Video Title: Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti New English Interview Israel News Talk Radio 2016 (Part 1). Source: Rahim Bakhsh Bugti. Date Published: June 16, 201... more »

The War In Syria Is About Israel/Palestine

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 1 day ago
The war in Syria has nothing to do with overthrowing a dictator, democracy, human rights, freedom, or anything of that sort. The truth is that Syrians are bleeding and dying by the hundreds of thousands because Iran, Assad and Hezbollah want to continue to wage their war on Israel and liberate Palestine. Syria is a key chess piece for them in a much greater war. It is a link in a chain. As *Nasrallah recently said in an interview*, the war against Syria via ISIS and other Jihadist proxies backed by the U.S. and NATO is Israel's revenge for Hezbollah's victory in the summer of 2006... more »

Resistance Is Fertile: It's Time To Prioritise Agroecology

Colin Todhunter at EAST BY NORTHWEST - 1 day ago
Huffington Post Don't take free content on the web for granted. If you value what I do, please read *this* Food is becoming unhealthy and poisoned with chemicals, while diets are becoming less diverse. There is a loss of plant and insect diversity, which threatens food security, soils are being degraded, water tables polluted and depleted and smallholder farmers, so vital to global food production, are being squeezed off their land and out of farming. Over the last 60 years or so, Washington's plan has been to restructure indigenous agriculture across the world. And this plan has in... more »

U.S. Military Rushing To Train Cyber Warriors

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
West Point students, from left, Lieut. Colonel Robert Fanelli and cadets Nathan Larsen, Mark Evinger (seated) and Marc Abbott participate in National Security Agency cyberwar games. Michael Falco / The New York Times / Redux *U.S. News and World Report*: *Cyber Wars* *The military is experimenting with drones, censors and new tactics designed to defeat digital enemies on tomorrow's battlefields.* FORT IRWIN, Calif. – One of the three reconnaissance soldiers peers over a ridgeline at the target compound his small patrol is surveilling. Another adds a piece of foliage to an antennae ... more »

British Navy To Take Charge Of Coalition Naval Operations In The Persian Gulf Against The Islamic State

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
HMS Ocean during Operation Ellamy and the 2011 military intervention in Libya. Wikipedia *Daily Mail:* *Leading the fightback! British warship will take charge of coalition naval operations in the Gulf against ISIS militants * * HMS Ocean will be in charge of coalition naval operations against ISIS * It will go to the Gulf this year to take over the role from a US aircraft carrier * The commanding officer on board will be in charge of giving battle orders The Royal Navy's flagship is set to take charge of coalition naval operations in the Gulf to bolster the fight against ISIS. HM... more »

I’m an African-American Woman. Here’s My Advice to Conservatives Wooing My Community.

Kay Cole James at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: As the 2016 election gets closer--the divides within the parties are becoming more apparent.] The moment Donald Trump urged black voters to consider supporting him -- asking, "What do you have to lose?" -- the consultants and pundits sprang into coordinated action, bombarding the airwaves with their "r" and "b" words. "Donald Trump is... more »

Monsanto – World Leader in the Promotion of Infertility

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 1 day ago
*Dr. Mercola* - There are many ways in which Monsanto products negatively affect fertility. The post Monsanto – World Leader in the Promotion of Infertility appeared first on Waking Times.

the fly

Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 1 day ago


Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 1 day ago

shadows and dust

Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 1 day ago
dust in the wind

Musical Interlude: Kevin Kern, "Out of the Darkness, Into the Light"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
Kevin Kern, "Out of the Darkness, Into the Light" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey62Yn6rzJg

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
“Long before Stonehenge was built, well before the Dead Sea Scrolls were written, ancient artists painted life-sized figures on canyon walls in Utah, USA- but why? Nobody is sure. The entire panel of figures, which dates back about 7,000 years, is called the Great Gallery and was found on the walls of Horseshoe Canyon in Canyonlands National Park. *Click image for larger size.* The humans who painted them likely hunted Mammoths. The unusual fuzziness of largest figure led to this mural section's informal designation as the Holy Ghost Panel, although the intended attribution and socie... more »

Chet Raymo, “The Maintenance of Self”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
*“The Maintenance of Self”* by Chet Raymo "Ah, yes, the pitcher plant. Those devouring goblets. Those caldrons of digestive juices. And now naturalists have found the biggest one yet, as big as a chalice, on a mountaintop in the Philippines, its punch bowl filled with beetles, flies and wasps. *Come hither, ye who flitter. Admire my colors. Sip my nectar. Yes, yes, just like that, touch my milky pool. I'll be your Tar Baby. Your flypaper paramour. That's it. Sniff my irresistible scent. My buffet waits. Sip. Lap. Gorge yourself.* Gotcha! Countless plants use insects to consummate t...more »

"The Will To Survive!"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
“The sands of time blew into a storm of images... Images in sequence to tell the truth! Glorious legends of revolutionaries, bound only by a desire to be true to themselves... And to hope! Parables of colliding worlds, of forbidden love... of enemies healing the wounds of circumstance! Projected myth of persecution through greed and selfishness... And the will to survive! The Will to survive! And to survive in the face of those who claim credit for your very existence! We survive not as pawns, but as agents of hope... Sometimes misunderstood, but always true to our story. The story ... more »

Working on the 2016 Peace Walk

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 1 day ago
MB and I just got back from a four-day trip to Downeast Maine where we spent a couple days being a tourist and walking along the beautiful rocky Atlantic coast. We stayed our first night in Eastport and then our second night with friends in Hancock. Our artist friend Russell Wray is the one who made this dolphin and banner (above) for our walk through Maine last year. Russell is now working on the banner design for our Maine peace walk this October 11-26 that will travel from the Penobscot Nation on Indian Island (Old Town) inland to Dexter, Pittsfield, Unity, Waterville, August... more »

Quote of the Day: On ‘racial identity’ and genius

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 1 day ago
[image: f2d8c4113f30447ce4776d3f6282c6fe] From her essay ‘Racism’ that previously appeared in her collection of essays *The Virtue of Selfishness.* *.* Content is copyright PC.BlogSpot.Com © Perm

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