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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, August 15, 2016

15 August - Blogs I'm Following

Thinking People  Sunniva Rose  

More Comments on Climate from the Energy Discussion Forum ( warm herrings ? )

11:46pm MDT

Fukushima Daiichi August 16, 2016

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 17 minutes ago

DC Leaks Expose George Soros Manipulating Elections

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 21 minutes ago
Notorious globalist billionaire George Soros has been exposed manipulating European elections in a massive new leak of hacked documents from his raft of organizations, predominantly Open Society Foundations. The new leak, published by the mysterious website DC Leaks, reveals over 2,500 documents from international Soros groups, and expose work plans, strategies, and election reports, as well as migration and asylum in Europe. . @sn0wba111 @CapuPatriote Full list of Soros NGOs manipulating elections in all EU member states. #SorosLeak #Soros https://t.co/h5qWX6eZCi — ⚓ Cain Raiser (@...more »

The Intellectual Conceit of IQ Ideology

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 1 hour ago
*The fetid end of the political spectrum is rising up to support statism in the name of protecting IQ – on the basis, say the fetid-swamp warriors, that the “low IQs” will only destroy the culture and are too dumb to deserve freedom anyway.* *Vile enough, but does their chosen proxy even merit serious consideration? No, says Jeffrey Tucker in this guest post.* ------------------------------ The cultural fascination with the idea of an “intelligence quotient” or IQ seems to be experiencing a resurgence. Relentless testing is a feature of schooling and school admissions, and test... more »

The Bombast Of Monsieur Trumpanzeè Turns A Large Republican-Leaning Group Against The GOP-- Pinoy Power!

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 hour ago
There are over 3 and a half million Flipino-Americans (Pinoy) living in the country, some of whom are descended from immigrants who started coming in significant numbers in the 1700s. Filipinos are the second largest Asian-American group, after Chinese-Americans. Though a plurality of Filipinos consider themselves independents (45%)-- slightly more identify and Republicans than Democrats-- Filipinos are generally socially-conservative and have tended to vote Republican. They voted for Bush in landslide numbers and it wasn't until Obama's 2008 race that that started turning around.... more »

US Nukes at Incirlik - Just Do The Right Thing!

greencrow at Greencrow As The Crow Flies - 2 hours ago
*US Soldiers Loading Bombs at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey* *file photo courtesy RT* First, a little update on my experience so far with my new laptop and Windows 10. After two weeks of using it I can say that the only good thing about having Windows 10 is that I am no longer harassed to GET Windows 10. No more annoying pop-ups when I open my desktop asking/pleading and threatening about downloading (or is it uploading) Windows 10 on an old laptop which could not take the added memory load. Other than that...Windows 10 is VERY slow and glitchy. So many times I'm reading a report ... more »

‘Act of God’: Ruinous Flooding Catches Louisiana Off Guard

Michael Kunzelman, Melinda Deslatte & Rebecca Santana at The Stream - 2 hours ago
[image: Motorists try to navigate deep water flowing over a road in Walker, La., Monday, Aug. 15, 2016. Although some flood waters have receded roads continue to be difficult to pass with private vehicles.] BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) -- An act of God is how some are describing it, a catastrophic 48-hour torrent of rain that sent thousands of people in Louisiana scrambling for safety and left many wondering how a region accustomed to... more »

What Aristotle could teach central bankers

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 2 hours ago
[image: 4causes] Ideas are what moves the world. The biggest and most benevolent influence on the west are the ideas inherited from ancient Greco-Roman thinkers. The greatest of all these was Aristotle. What we think of today as common sense is, while not so common as we’d like it to be, largely the spread and influence over the last two millennia of Aristotle’s thinking on fundamentals. If we want to know something, *really* know something – know it *right down to the root – *then, said Aristotle, we must know the *causes* of that thing. Causes? Why the plural? Because *all ... more »

So who’s the American idiot here?

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 3 hours ago
[image: 14054236_1039564139475239_5207627092739282144_n] [Pic by Minarchyball. Hat tip Monica B.] . Content is copyright PC.BlogSpot.Com © Permission to republish is granted, with attribution.

State Dept. Wants to Review FBI’s Notes on Clinton Before Congress

Michael Biesecker & Matthew Lee at The Stream - 4 hours ago
[image: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton listens to Vice President Joe Biden speak during a campaign event Monday, Aug. 15, 2016, in Scranton, Pa.] WASHINGTON (AP) -- The State Department wants a chance to review notes and other materials from the FBI’s probe of former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s email use before any documents are provided to Congress, a spokeswoman said Monday. House Republicans are... more »

Communist Group Members in Milwaukee to ‘Support Revolution’

Kyle Potter at The Stream - 4 hours ago
[image: People protest and block traffic in Milwaukee, Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016.Police said one person was shot at a Milwaukee protest on Sunday evening and officers used an armored vehicle to retrieve the injured victim during a second night of unrest over the police shooting of a black man, but there was no repeat of widespread destruction of property.] A Chicago-based communist revolutionary group blamed by Milwaukee’s police chief for stoking a second day of violence said that some of its members did go there to “support a revolution” but didn’t set out to cause trouble. Police chie... more »

Anti-IP advocates fail again to understand IP

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 4 hours ago
Surprisingy, the European Union is amending its copyright laws to *strengthen* them – better protecting the intellectual property of creators. This is good news. *According to David Woods, a British lawyer, the EU’s changes aligned its copyright laws with those governing literature and music, providing uniform legal protections for all products of creative labors. Further, as **Mr. Woods properly points out* *, “[t]he intent of the change to the legislation is to stop ‘exact’ copies of existing industrially designed artistic works”—a measure that he predicts will result in the ... more »

“When we discuss energy in public, let’s stop using the misleading word capacity, certainly when it comes to unreliables.”

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 4 hours ago
It really is the age of "green-energy" hype. Hype without any serious substance. Greens call them “renewables” but, says Alex Epstein of the Center for Industrial Progress: a better term for so-called “renewable energy” he argues is “unreliable energy.” We hear nonetheless of new “renewable energy” plants commissioned, falling prices in the sector, new evidence “smart people” are seeing the possibilities of renewables, and new possibilities on the horizon for solar, for wind, for making energy out of everything from banana skins to hemp. Here’s an example *"In the last ... more »

Women Burn Burkas, Celebrating Liberation of Manbij form ISIS

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 4 hours ago
*The best photo of the war in Syria so far.* The way current trends are going it won't be surprising at all that 20-30 years from now more women will be in burkas and hijabs in Europe and North America than in the Middle East and Africa, including in places like Saudi Arabia and Iran where it is currently mandatory for women to wear Islamic dress. The women of these countries are sick of this suffocating clothing, especially when it is forced on them by terrorist groups like ISIS or by paternalistic clerics. *Video Title: Women Burn Burkas, Celebrating Liberation of Manbij form I... more »

Secret Service Confirm Hillary Is Sick

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 4 hours ago
*An excerpt from, "Hillary Clinton Medical Records Leaked: Fact or Fiction?" By Charisse Van Horn, Inquisitr, August 15, 2016:* According to a new Rasmussen poll, people want Hillary Clinton to release her medical records. Some people are so convinced that Hillary Clinton is sick and dying, they’re using the hashtag #illary Clinton instead of Hillary. At this point, it might be the best way to quiet the rumors and stop the questions. Hillary Clinton has been seen in positions that make her appear old and weak. Is she really coughing nonstop? Is she suffering from a chronic cough o... more »

Stupid And Heartless Saudis Bomb Doctors Without Borders Hospital In Yemen

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 4 hours ago
*U.S. and UK generals, as well as U.N officials, should inform the stupid Saudis that killing students and doctors is not the way to win a war. * *An excerpt from, "Bombing of Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Yemen Kills at Least 15" By Shuaib Almosawa and Rod Nordland, New York Times, August 15, 2016: * At least 15 people were killed on Monday in northern Yemen when warplanes bombed a hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders, according to hospital and local health ministry officials. The airstrike hit Abs Hospital in Yemen’s northern Hajjah Province, and three Yemeni staf... more »

Although Good At Playing One, Mr. Trumpanzee Is No Fool-- His Appeal

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 4 hours ago
As we mentioned a few days ago, the American Psychiatric Association is telling it's members it isn't ethical to tell voters that Trump is mentally ill-- many say dangerously so-- without examining him personally and then getting his permission to release the findings. Fortunately, earlier this month, our own resident *DWT* practicing psychologist explained how she feels her duty to America is more important than a nonexistent duty to the APA and has shared her thoughts on why she's certain Trump is afflicted with severe narcissistic personality disorder. Friday, psychoanalyst Thom... more »

GOP To Charge Hillary Clinton With Perjury

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 5 hours ago
The GOP are preparing to file perjury charges against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for alleged misstatements made under oath. Two leading House Republicans laid out detailed plans to enable the Justice Department to launch a criminal probe into Clinton, saying they believe she lied to Congress about her email set-up when she was Secretary of State. Thehill.com reports: In at least four separate occasions during a marathon appearance before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, the lawmakers alleged, the former secretary’s claims were at odds with what the FBI h...more »

University of California: There Is No Chemtrails Conspiracy

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 5 hours ago
A new study by the University of California Irvine has apparently debunked the “chemtrails conspiracy” once and for all. According to the Carnegie Science Center, there is no evidence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program by the government. Activistpost.com reports: The study, Quantifying expert consensus against the existence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program, was published in the journal Environmental Research Letters. We find broad scientific consensus against the existence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program. Our goal is not ... more »

Flight Attendant Admits Routinely Spraying Passengers With Pesticides

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 5 hours ago
A video has surfaced showing a flight attendant spraying toxic pesticides in the cabin of an aircraft while passengers were on board. The video, discovered by natural health healer Jonathan Landman, shows how airline officials routinely spray pesticides in aircraft as part of a process called “disinsection“. Naturalblaze.com reports: In a video Landsman posted on RiseEarth, it showed a flight attendant of an airline disinsecting the cabin of an aircraft while passengers were on board. A passenger then began filming the attendant as she sprayed. When the attendant realized she was be... more »

London ‘Thought Police’ Unit To Target Online Trolls

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 5 hours ago
The London Mayor’s Office has se-up an Orwellian-style “thought police” unit in order to tackle online trolls and Internet hate speech. The £1.7 million “online hate crime hub” unit, funded by the tax payer, is expected to run for two-years in order to help London police officers identify suspects who have said nasty things online. Rt.com reports: The Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC) came up with the idea due to the “increasing role that online hate played in targeting individuals and communities.” Disguised under a “veil of anonymity” on social media, online abusers a... more »

Pro-Democracy Activist Captured By NSA In World’s First PRISM Raid

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 5 hours ago
The NSA have confirmed their first ever capture of a pro-democracy target under the controversial surveillance operation, PRISM. It has been three years since NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden shed light on the PRISM operation when he leaked a trove of documents outlining the U.S. government’s various methods for spying on American citizens. PRISM was explained as a clandestine surveillance operation under which the United States National Security Agency (NSA) collects internet communications from at least nine major US internet companies. Tony Fullman of New Zealand appears to be t...more »


New Orleans Ladder at New Orleans Ladder - 5 hours ago
*Federal government agrees to assist Louisiana, Gov. John Bel Edwards says 20,000 rescued in historic flooding ~Advocate * [image: http://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/news/weather_traffic/article_884f14b4-62fb-11e6-9903-ab3ee4711175.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=user-share] Hat tweet @jwilliamsNOLA Ways to help flood victims in Baton Rouge, elsewhere across Louisiana via @theadvocatebr*~Interactive map: See Baton Rouge areas hit hardest by historic flooding over the weekend* *~Hat Tweet~ **Gov John Bel Edwards* ‏*@LouisianaGov* If your parish is not curren... more »

Stimson Center Report: ISIS May Steal US Nuclear Bombs In Turkey

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 5 hours ago
US think tank The Stimson Center have warned that US nuclear weapons in Turkey are at high risk of being stolen by ISIS militants. In a report titled “B61 Life Extension Program: Costs and Policy Considerations,” the group urge Washington to withdraw its nuclear bombs from bases in foreign nations, in particular Turkey. Zerohedge.com reports: As a reminder, in the aftermath of the July 15 failed coup, Turkish authorities blocked the Incirlik base off completely, cutting the facility’s electric power and prohibiting any aircraft from flying in or out of the airfield. “The continued ... more »

ISIS Claim To Have Captured U.S. Military Commander In Afghanistan

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 5 hours ago
ISIS claim to have killed a U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, according to their news service Amaq. The Islamic State say they assassinated a top U.S. army commander using an explosive device which also killed two Afghan officers. Breitbart.com reports: The claim was reported Monday morning by the UK Daily Mirror, which provided no further details. Amaq’s statement was also noted by the SITE Intelligence Group: #ISIS 'Amaq reports fighters in #Kabul killed a U.S. military commander and two Afghan officers with an IED #Afghanistan — SITE Intel Group (@siteintelgroup) August 15...more »

Public New Jersey College Creates Drug-Free Housing, 1 Person Signs Up

Craig Boudreau at The Stream - 5 hours ago
[image: The College of New Jersey's Lion's House dormitories.] The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) created a substance-free dorm for recovering addicts, but only one person has signed up to live there. Substance-free living at colleges is becoming more common across the country, in large part due to the growing opioid... more »

Legalise it?

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 5 hours ago
Cartoon by Blunt [image: Posted with Blogsy]Posted with Blogsy Content is copyright PC.BlogSpot.Com © Permission to republish is granted, with attribution.

Police Taser Aston Villa Footballer Dailan Atkinson To Death

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 6 hours ago
Former Aston Villa footballer Dalian Atkinson has died after being tasered to death by UK police near his father’s home in Telford. Atkinson was hit with 50,000 volts of electricity at 1.30am on Monday after officer responded to reports of concerns for a person’s safety. He was pronounced dead just 90 minutes later. Theguardian.com reports: The incident was automatically referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) because it involved a death caused by police officers. West Mercia police said it was assisting the IPCC and was unable to comment further. The IPCC c... more »

Editor's Note

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 6 hours ago
*WNU Editor*: I am vacation right now .... so blogging is light. Regular blogging will return on Monday, August 22, 2016.

Do We Need A New Grand Bargain With Russia?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 6 hours ago
*James Stavridis, Time*: *We Need a New Grand Bargain With Russia* Admiral Stavridis was the 16th Supreme Allied Commander at NATO and is Dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University *Here’s a 4-point plan* As we contemplate the lazy days of late August, we need to bear in mind that a reckoning is coming sooner rather than later in Western relations with the Russian Federation. It is easy to feel the slow burn in Moscow watching the Olympics unfold with so many Russian athletes justifiably barred from the competition. Russia also feels intense frustration o... more »

Russian Media Wants Donald Trump To Win The U.S. Presidential Race

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 6 hours ago
*Washington Times: **Donald Trump winning over Russians, Moscow-run media in U.S. presidential race* *Donald Trump says he wants a better U.S. relationship with Russia, and the state-controlled media in Russia are rooting for him, too.* Although most Russians aren’t paying close attention to the U.S. presidential election, the majority of those who are following the campaign favor Mr. Trump, the GOP nominee, with their views shaped by positive portrayals in Russian media. As a result, they view Mr. Trump as a maverick, and they don’t like his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, who’... more »

Russian Defense Minister Hints On A U.S. - Russia Alliance To Battle Militants For The Syrian City Of Aleppo

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 6 hours ago
*Reuters*: *Russia says close to joint military action with U.S. in Aleppo: agencies* Russia and the United States are close to starting joint military action against militants in Syria's Aleppo, Russian news agencies on Monday quoted Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu as saying. Fighting for control of the divided city of some 2 million people has intensified in recent weeks and there have been some gains for rebel groups battling Syrian government forces. Russia backs Syrian President Bashar al Assad in the five-year-old Syria conflict, while the United States wants to see Assad st... more »

South Sudan Government Forces Go On A Rampage Of Violence. UN Forces Ignored Please For Help

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 6 hours ago
*Bloomberg:* *Troops Killed South Sudan Reporter, Raped Women, Group Says* South Sudanese government soldiers executed a journalist and gang-raped women when they overran a compound used by international organizations during fighting in the African nation’s capital last month, Human Rights Watch said. At least 73 civilians were killed, others raped and aid agencies looted as a result of about five days of fighting that raged in Juba from July 7, the New York-based organization said Monday in a statement. Soldiers loyal to President Salva Kiir and army chief Paul Malong committed m...more »

Video: Horseback Riders at the Pipeline Blockade

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 6 hours ago

Standing Rock Chairman: Black Snake Pipeline Threatens Mother Earth

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 6 hours ago
Now: Horseback riders take on the pipeline blockade Arrests ongoing at pipeline blockade. Statement from Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman on the Dakota Access Pipeline Date: August 15, 2016FORT YATES, ND – The following is a statement from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman, Dave Archambault II on the Tribe’s opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline proposed project."The

People Of Balochistan And PoK Thanks PM Modi

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 6 hours ago
*The final disintegration of Pakistan is coming. Source of photo.* *An excerpt from, "Indian PM Modi's Balochistan comments upset Pakistan" By Shamil Shams, DW, August 15, 2016: * In his Independence Day speech, Indian PM Narendra Modi accused Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism and committing rights abuses in its Balochistan province. Will his remarks help or sabotage the Baloch separatist movement? While Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held India responsible for the ongoing violence in Kashmir in his Independence Day speech on August 14, Indian Premier Narendra Modi retaliate... more »

More Photos from Seoul Events

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 6 hours ago
*Just arrived at the US military base Yongsan in downtown Seoul yesterday for rally and march near the base gates. This THAAD prop was later sent on fire by the protesters and the police immediately came and extinguished it which created a toxic cloud that was not fun to breath.* *As we marched by the US base a long line of police stood on one side of the road for as far as the eye could see. Some even stood on top of the long rows of police buses parked on the opposite side of the street. * *I think most of the police were relieved that nothing happened - they are largely draft... more »

Couple Injured in Joplin Shooting Grateful, Forgiving

MARGARET STAFFORD at The Stream - 6 hours ago
[image: This Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016, photo provided by KOAM-TV in Joplin, Mo., shows Don and Debbie Pugh speaking from a hospital room in Joplin. The Pughs were among victims in apparently random shootings Saturday, Aug. 13 in Joplin. The couple were driving to work when a man shot at their truck Saturday, aug. 13, 2016, hitting Don three times. Six people and two dogs were injured before the suspect, Tom Mourning II, was captured. (KOAM-TV via AP)] KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- Don and Debbie Pugh were just driving to work in Joplin when a gunman opened fire on their pickup as part of app... more »

Navajo Nation to Sue EPA for Contaminating Their Waters with Mine Waste

Michael Bastasch at The Stream - 6 hours ago
[image: FILE - In this Aug. 14, 2015 file photo, water flows through a series of sediment retention ponds built to reduce heavy metal and chemical contaminants from the Gold King Mine wastewater accident, in the spillway about a quarter mile downstream from the mine outside Silverton, Colo. A year after a mine waste spill, residents are taking a break from the aftermath for a party that includes a specially brewed beer the color of the spill. They're also taking a few jabs at the federal Environmental Protection Agency, which accidentally caused the 3-million-gallon spill at the Gol... more »

Rio Olympics: Silver Medal Marathon Swimmer Disqualified For Dunking

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 6 hours ago
French marathon swimmer Aurélie Muller has been disqualified for dunking her Italian opponent near the finish line at the Rio Olympics. The Olympian had won the silver medal position in the 10km open water swim event, but footage later emerged showing her grappling with Rachele Bruni on the finish line, obstructing her chances for the medal. Aurelie Muller Metro reports: A major storm had meant that the start of the race was marred by shambolic scenes and it was a theme that, thanks to Muller, continued to the end. ‘The French swimmer has sunk me,’ Italy’s Bruni told media after the... more »

August 15: What a world!

Graeme Decarie at The Decarie Report - 8 hours ago
I'll open today with some items that got lost in the confusion of Saturday. First. there's an item on climate change that the oil industry assures us isn't happening. http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/ski-resorts-weather-proofing-climate-change-1.3715284 Then there's the one about how the F-35. probably the most expensive fighter aircraft in world history, is now ready for sale. The maker wants to sell it to Canada, despite signs that its problems are not over, that it's aburdly over-priced, and despite the fact that Canada really has no need for it. (Any war that would require such a ... more »


JR at GREENIE WATCH - 8 hours ago
*Greenie food faddism kills Orang Utans* *Food processors used to use a lot of animal fat in making their products. Then Greenies discovered that such fats were "saturated", which was a very bad thing -- even though the human race has been consuming animal fats as far back as we can go. Anyhow, with their constant attention-seeking activism, the faddidsts managed to get saturated fats banned and looked with favour on the alternative: hydrogenated vegetable oils. But wait a minute! Hydrogenated vegetable oils contain trans-fats, which are VERY bad. So after a while ever... more »


Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 8 hours ago
Related: *The Gutless Pakistani Army Slaughtered Baluchistan's Top Lawyers And Blamed It On Patsy Jihadists.* *The Crimes of Pakistan Against Balochistan*. The geopolitical importance of Balochistan, Pakistan's largest province and *its biggest source of natural resources*, cannot be overstated. Countries such as China, India, the United States, Iran, Israel, and Russia are all invested either in the province's failure or success. Straddling the borders of Pakistan and Iran, Balochistan remains the most underdeveloped region in both countries. The minority Baloch people are view... more »

Animotion - Obsession

Phil at All That Is Solid ... - 8 hours ago
I have the lazy Monday blues, so no blogging tonight. Only a tune, and what a tune it is.

Seventh-day Adventist Facts & Fables

Spike EP at News Spike - 8 hours ago
*Make up your own mind.*

How The Gulf War Destroyed Iraq’s Electricity Network

Joel Wing at MUSINGS ON IRAQ - 8 hours ago
The 1991 Gulf War shaped much of modern Iraqi history. One major way was that the opening bombing destroyed the country’s electricity network, which was never fully rebuilt because of sanctions. It is a major reason why the power supply remains so poor in Iraq today. Starting on January 17, 1991, the U.S. led coalition began a 43 day air campaign against Iraq before the land war started. (1) At the time American official insisted that they were only going after military and transportation targets. (2) When some key infrastructure was hit, officials claimed that was collateral and... more »


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 8 hours ago
*Only Gender Neutral Pronouns, Please* Schools are one of the primary places where the minds of the next generation are developed, molded and guided. What is taught in school will have a deep impact on the culture for years to come. What is troubling is just how successful the Rainbow Mafia has been not only in pushing for acceptance but in promulgating its odious agenda in the nation’s schools. The latest example of this comes from a school district in North Carolina, where the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) board has recommended that educators not refer to students as “boys... more »

Earth-Like Planet Found Orbiting Proxima Centauri Not Too Far Away

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 8 hours ago
Scientists have discovered a planet in our galactic neighborhood which might be “Earth-like” and is only 4 light years away. The terrestrial exoplanet is orbiting a star which is closest to our own sun, Proxima Centauri in the Alpha Centauri star system. Silicon Republic reports: By comparison, the previous best Earth-like planet candidate, dubbed Kepler 452-b, discovered last year, is located 1,400 light years away, far outside humanity’s hopes of ever reaching it. Formal announcement due within weeks The discovery was made by the European Space Observatory (ESO), which plans to re...more »

Assclowns of the Week #102: Orange is the New Fat edition

jurassicpork at Welcome Back to Pottersville - 8 hours ago
Hi ho, Potterinos! As we enter the final stretch of this Salvador Dali election cycle, one has to wonder if both the Republican and Democratic parties have completely lost their collective minds or if they've even had possession of their faculties in the last generation. Indeed, it seems as if this entire general election cycle was scripted by David Lynch for a Pirandello Theater of the Absurd production and adapted by Mike (*Idiocracy*) Judge. To wit: NJ Gov. Chris Christie (5) for knowing all too well about his spontaneous production of Bridge On the River Crybaby; ... more »

"Refusing To Think..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 8 hours ago
"It is not any crime you have committed that infects your soul with permanent guilt, it is none of your failures, errors or flaws, but the blank-out by which you attempt to evade them- it is not any sort of Original Sin or unknown prenatal deficiency, but the knowledge and fact of your basic default, of suspending your mind, of refusing to think. Fear and guilt are your chronic emotions, they are real and you do deserve them, but they don't come from the superficial reasons you invent to disguise their cause, not from your "selfishness," weakness or ignorance, but from a real and b... more »

"DNC Insider: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Is Imploding"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 8 hours ago
*"DNC Insider: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Is Imploding"* by Dr. Eowyn "I don’t know if this is true, but thought it worth a read. A website called Real. True. News. (RTN) published an interview on August 7, between RTN‘s Max Insider and an unnamed source within the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The source says Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is imploding because every weapon they’ve deployed against Donald Trump has failed, and Hillary may soon drop out of the race. Note: Max Insider describes himself as having “20+ years of reporting for liberal news outlets in the... more »

"If You Caught A Glimpse..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 8 hours ago
"If you caught a glimpse of your own death, would that knowledge change the way you live the rest of your life?" - Paco Ahlgren, "Discipline"

Musical Interlude: Afshin, “Prayer of Change”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 8 hours ago
Afshin, “Prayer of Change” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75SGQ65QhaU

Musical Interlude: Thomas Bergersen, “Promise”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 8 hours ago
Thomas Bergersen, “Promise” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2R-spdD_2fQ

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 8 hours ago
“In one of the brightest parts of Milky Way lies a nebula where some of the oddest things occur. NGC 3372, known as the Great Nebula in Carina, is home to massive stars and changing nebulas. The Keyhole Nebula (NGC 3324), the bright structure just above the image center, houses several of these massive stars and has itself changed its appearance. *Click image for larger size.* The entire Carina Nebula spans over 300 light years and lies about 7,500 light-years away in the constellation of Carina. Eta Carinae, the most energetic star in the nebula, was one of the brightest stars in the... more »

John O'Donohue, "A Blessing"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 8 hours ago
*"A Blessing" * “May you awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence. May you have joy and peace in the temple of your senses. May you receive great encouragement when new frontiers beckon. May you respond to the call of your gift and find the courage to follow its path. May the flame of anger free you from falsity. May warmth of heart keep your presence aflame and may anxiety never linger about you. May your outer dignity mirror an inner dignity of soul. May you take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention. May you be cons... more »

Chet Raymo

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*“The Burden Of Thinking”* by Chet Raymo “Let me speak for gray. Not black or white. Good or evil. Truth or falsity. Yes or no. Let me speak for maybe. Sort of. More or less. I think so. I am reluctant to speak for gray for fear of being considered wishy-washy. Indecisive. Unprincipled. But lately it seems as if we are surrounded on every side by zealots, and it's not a pretty sight. We are surrounded by people who are so certain of their Truth that they are willing to strap bombs to their chests and walk into crowded pizza parlors. Or fly airplanes into towers. Or bomb abortion cl... more »

The Daily "Near You?"

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Neptune, New Jersey, USA. Thanks for stopping by.

"The Human Condition"

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*"The Human Condition"* by Meanings of Life "Man remains largely unknown of himself. What are we, in our innermost recesses, behind our names and our conventional opinions? What are we behind the things we do in our lives, behind what we see in others and what others see in us, or even behind things science says we are? Is man the crazy being about whom Carl Gustav Jung spoke ironically, when he demanded a man to treat? Is man the Dr. Jerkyll that contains in himself a criminal Mister Hyde, and more than a personality, and contradictory feelings? Are we the result of our dreams, as... more »


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“Destiny has two ways of crushing us: by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them.” - Henri Frederic Amiel

"The Psychopath Next Door"

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*"The Psychopath Next Door"* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsGOymlFNww ◆ *"The Sociopath Next Door"* by Martha Stout ‧ "Imagine - if you can - not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends, or even family members. Imagine no struggles with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken. And pretend that the concept of responsibility is unknown to you, except as a burden others seem to accep... more »

"How It Really Is"

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- Steven King, "The Shawshank Redemption"

"A Quiet Conscience..."

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"People who have a religion should be glad, for not everyone has the gift of believing in heavenly things. You don't necessarily even have to be afraid of punishment after death; purgatory, hell, and heaven are things that a lot of people can't accept, but still a religion, it doesn't matter which, keeps a person on the right path. It isn't the fear of God but the upholding of one's own honor and conscience. How noble and good everyone could be if, every evening before falling asleep, they were to recall to their minds the events of the whole day and consider exactly what had been ... more »

8 Years, and Thank You!

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- Steve Jobs It seems incredible to me, unbelievable, that the very first post here on this little blog was on August 14, 2008. Google Blogger and StatCounter tell me that since then we've had 35,731 posts; 4,072,145 page views; and 1,928,150 unique visitors from every country on Earth. I'm astonished and humbled by that, and want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by! I hope you've found something of value to your life here, and I will, for as long as I'm able, carry on our daily sharing of the best version of truth I can find. Thank you again, and onward, into the fr... more »

“Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Disease, Physician Confirms”

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*“Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Disease, Physician Confirms”* by Mike Cernovich "Hillary’s health is declining, as anyone who has looked at her can see. The question is: What condition does she have? A board certified Anesthesiologist has written a memo of Hillary’s health. Feel free to pass it along to doctors and to analytics and criticize it. *Hillary Clinton’s Probable Diagnosis:* (Download the PDF here, share with doctors for their opinion.) *Intro:* Hillary Clinton (HRC) has suffered a variety of health issues. Unfortunately, she has declined to make her medical records publ... more »

“Why Time Seems to Go by More Quickly as We Get Older”

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*“Why Time Seems to Go by More Quickly as We Get Older”* By Christian Yates “When we were children, the summer holidays seemed to last forever, and the wait between Christmases felt like an eternity. So why is that when we get older, the time just seems to zip by, with weeks, months and entire seasons disappearing from a blurred calendar at dizzying speed? This apparently accelerated time travel is not a result of filling our adult lives with grown-up responsibilities and worries. Research does in fact seem to show that perceived time moves more quickly for older people, making our ... more »


Sunniva at SunnivaRose - 8 hours ago
I almost can't believe it, but just one week from now; Alexandra's starting school! Therefore, today we went shopping for a new backpack and some new outfits (plus a pair of sneakers, rain gear - after all, fall's coming soon, and some nail polish that she really wanted <3). The sun was shining, none of us were tired or stressed, and we simply had a great time! Then suddenly, from nowhere she squealed: - Let's take a selfie! (Often, she doesn't like me to take any pictures, so I love the times when she decides that pictures are good :) ) And then: - What is a selfie? Haha - she obvi... more »

Big Money Largely Controls Electoral Politics-- The Evidence

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 8 hours ago
Campaign finance reform should be relatively easy... instead of virtually impossible. But the big money forces that dominate American politics have muddied the waters about the impact of Big Money in politics and voters are, as usual, confused and unsure what to think. Is Big Money bad for democracy? Bernie supporters certainly think so. Trump backers may believe so (unless they are told to believe something else). Hillary backers may even think so, even though she is the quintessential big money recipient candidate. Broadly speaking the two establishment parties are in favor of u... more »

'Scatter Their Own' band members arrested at Dakota Access Pipeline blockade

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Oglala Lakota Tribal members Scotti Clifford and Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford from the band Scatter Their Own have been arrested for protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline. They have been standing in solidarity with their relatives in Standing Rock SD to protect the sacred water! You can contribute to the Legal Defense Fund for Sacred Stone Spirit Camp. https://fundrazr.com/d19fAf

Oglala Elder Guy Dull Knife arrested at Dakota Access Pipeline Blockade

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. By Natalie Hand By Lakota Media Project OWE AKU Censored News August 15, 2016 CANNON Ball, North Dakota -- On August 24, 2016, a federal judge in Washington, DC will issue his ruling on the injunction filed by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Many water protectors and land defenders have gathered here to show love and respect for our first

Mohawk Nation News 'Rio Last Olympics'

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RIO LAST OLYMPICS Posted on August 15, 2016 Please post & distribute. MNN. Aug. 15, 2016. This will be the last Olympics! No more pitting elite athletes from expensive elite sports that mostly corporate elites can afford. The Nazis invented the Olympic ritual, using the eagle as the main symbol. Sports are selected that enhance the image of the fascist way while the corporate matrix


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It seems that we had a really short summer on account of all the drama back in May. The past few days I've really started to notice the daylight getting shorter. I still get home before the sun sets (at a little after pm) but that won't last too much longer). And while it may mean that fall is around the corner, it also means that the upcoming concert season is fast approaching as well. With the season schedules in hand (Calgary actually mailed one to me. Aren't I special?) for both Edmonton and Calgary, I began planning out concerts that I can get to on my days off. The work s... more »

B61-12 Nuclear Bomb Is ‘Most Dangerous Ever’

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 9 hours ago
The B61-12 bomb, developed by US scientists, is so accurate that it is probably the most dangerous nuclear weapon ever produced, according to military experts It is a variable yield thermonuclear weapon with a precision-guided trajectory thanks to a Boeing manufactured tail kit. Its accuracy might tempt a U.S. president to use it tactically, that might then stop or initiate a wider nuclear conflict. It could be launched from an aircraft, specially the stealth jet bomber. It has a yield of between 0.3 to 50 kiloton (up to 340 kiloton, according to Wikipedia.org), which means one bomb... more »

Scotland Yard Spends £1.7M On Special Unit To Tackle Online Trolls

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 9 hours ago
Scotland Yard has set up a controversial unit to investigate offensive comments made by users on the internet. The very generously funded “online hate crime hub” has been set up to tackle online vitriol by identifying suspects and encouraging citizens to report them to police. The new cyber unit will cost £1.7 million and will be staffed by five detectives. It will also be supported by volunteers trained to seek out anything they deem inappropriate on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Critics fear the newly-established unit, which they have dubbed ‘thought police’, might ... more »

Response to R. Berman, Foxnews: The problem is poverty, not unions

skrashen at Schools Matter - 9 hours ago
August 15, 2016 The low ranking of US students on international tests (“If your child's school is failing, thank a union," August 15) has nothing to do with unions. There is overwhelming and consistent research that it has everything to do with poverty. When researchers control for the effects of poverty, American students rank near the top of the world. Also, middle class American students in well-funded schools score very well on international tests. About 25% of American children live in poverty – the highest level of all industrialized countries, and in some urban district... more »

Why was Hillary the only Democrat running?...

Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner - 9 hours ago
*because we all know that Bernie Sanders and that other fellow didn't really count.* Republicans started out with 17 potential nominees. Democrats started out with really only one. And a sick, old, and criminally insane one, at that. How is that possible? Are there no other democrats in the U.S.? How is it possible that a screeching harridan, who leaves in her wake a trail of dead bodies, stolen money, and improper handling of state secrets, could even be considered for the office of the president of the United States? These are questions that I've been pondering. Posting ha... more »

NATO Denies ISIS Killed U.S. Military Commander In Kabul

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 9 hours ago
ISIS has claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack near the U.S. embassy in Kabul. The Amaq news agency which is linked to the terror group claims that a U.S. military commander and 2 Afghan army officers were assassinated in the attack. But the NATO-led Resolute Support mission later said no-one was killed in the attack, says Mirror: A statement said: “There is no truth to any claims that a U.S. military commander was killed in today’s Kabul explosion, several ANA members were wounded only.” Faredoon Obiadi, chief of the police’s criminal investigations department, says an army o...more »

Milwaukee Latest: Mayor, Chief Say Outsider Causing Unrest

AP at The Stream - 10 hours ago
[image: This undated photo provided by the Milwaukee County Sheriff shows Sylville K. Smith. Smith, whose killing by police touched off rioting in Milwaukee, was shot by a black officer after turning toward him with a gun in his hand, the police chief said Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016, as Wisconsin's governor put the National Guard on standby against any further violence on the city's mostly black north side.] MILWAUKEE (AP) -- The Latest on violence in Milwaukee following the shooting of a man by police (all times local): 12:00 p.m. Milwaukee’s mayor and police chief say outsiders are fome... more »

Our Mind Must Make Peace With Our Heart - A Quotation from Roxana Jones

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 10 hours ago
Source: *Roxana Jones G+*

Sphere Alliance Message #199Heart work with Loie, FEEEEELING THE ALL!!!

Obi-Wan Kabuki at AMERICAN KABUKI - 10 hours ago
This isn't precisely the usual SA posting, but I include it in that group since Denice is assisting. - Terran [8/14/16, 6:10:17 PM] Terran: Loie can you assist with some heart work? Loie: Bill, yes. I am here to assist you. Now is perfect. When you are ready. Loie Terran: I begin. Loie: And I assist now. Loie. Terran to Denice: Feeling Loie very strongly! Terran: Bill take that feeling into your heart. We begin there. Terran: I am not getting much visuals but a great deal of feeling like more of me coming in Terran: Plus I feel your love!!! Terran: Oh, yes Bill! I pour my... more »

At Least 25 Killed In Saudi Airstrike On Yemeni Hospital

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 10 hours ago
At least 25 civilians were killed and 20 others injured in a Saudi led coaltion airstrike on a hospital run by Medecins Sans Frontieres in northern of Yemen. MSF Yemen wrote on Twitter that the Abs hospital was “targeted by air strikes” at 15:45 (12:45 GMT) on Monday. Today’s attack follows less than 48 hours after 10 children were killed in an airstrike on a school in Yemen. The UN condemned Saturdays deadly attack on as a violation of international law. Press TV reports: Yemen’s al-Masirah TV said the casualties occurred on Monday as Saudi fighter jets carried out airstrikes on t... more »

Maureen Dowd doesn't [HEART] Hillary Clinton!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 10 hours ago
*MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 2016Husband of the Goldwater Girl repealed Glass-Steagall, scribe says:* Maureen Dowd doesn't [HEART] Candidate Hillary Clinton. In 2008, public editor Clark Hoyt said that was a problem. He said complaints about the Times' perceived misogyny had almost always turned out to be complaints about Maureen Dowd. Given Dowd's status in the guild, this was a *very* unusual column: HOYT (6/22/08): *Dowd's columns about Clinton's campaign were so loaded with language painting her as a 50-foot woman with a suffocating embrace,* a conniving film noir dame and a victim de...more »

Listen to Bro. Steve

Spike EP at News Spike - 10 hours ago
"White Supremacy is the problem - Jews just happen to be White." "Even in Israel, Serphadic Jews are discriminated against by the European and Soviet Jews." "Well, I think Politics has a way of *accommodation. * I don't think we have true political leaders in the sense that you're going to find purity in Politics - *Politics is about accommodation and compromise.* *When our Black Leaders go into Politics, as was discussed recently in Harpers' Magazine, Blacks have to prove to Whites that they will protect their interests first."* "Nah, we're not that immature - I don't believe ... more »

We’re blinded by positive results. So what if we removed them?

Dalmeet Singh Chawla at Retraction Watch - 11 hours ago
The problem of publication bias — giving higher marks to a paper that reports positive results rather than judging it on its design or methods — plagues the scientific literature. So if reviewers are too focused on the results of a paper, would stripping a paper of its findings solve the problem? That was the […] The post We’re blinded by positive results. So what if we removed them? appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Detainee Transferred by Obama Admin Linked to New ISIS Cell in Italy

Jacob Bojesson at The Stream - 12 hours ago
[image: ISIS - 900] Libyan authorities have informed Italy an Islamic State cell linked to veteran jihadi Abu Nassim has formed in Milan. Italian media reported Sunday documents left behind after a raid in the Libyan city of Sirte contained information on ISIS's activities...more »

Mortgages Are Instruments Of Fraud

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 12 hours ago
With a momentary "lull" in the fighting for freeing Aleppo from the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal's "rebels" or "terrorists", I figure I take a look at the world of finance and the scams run by the Jewish pricks that control our monetary system and have put all of us at their mercy through never ending debt..... As a homeowner, I am glad to state that I FINALLY have been able to pay off the "mortgage" on my property and in a sense my house is finally my own.... For years I paid a local credit union a bi-weekly mortgage payment with the attached "interest rate".... What I found after... more »

B-1, B-2 and B-52 Bombers Are Deployed To Guam At The Same Time

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*(Click on Image to Enlarge)* B-1s, B-2s and B-52s at Andersen Air Force Base on Guam on Aug. 10, 2016. Air Force photo *Joseph Trevithick, War Is Boring*: *B-1, B-2 and B-52 Bombers All Descend on Guam in a Huge Show of Force* *This is not something you see every day.* Talk about unusual. On Aug. 10, the U.S. Air Force announced it had sent its B-2 Spirit stealth bombers to join older, non-stealthy B-52 Stratofortresses and B-1 Lancers on Guam. It’s an extraordinary show of force in the Pacific region, because for the first time ever, America has based all three heavy bomber type... more »

Does The U.S. State Department Have A Plan To Evacuate Contractors From Afghanistan If The Taliban Launch A Massive Attack?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
GK Sierra Security Contractors in Afghanistan. Wikipedia *Sara A. Carter, Circa*: *The next Benghazi? State Department leaves contractors in Afghanistan without escape plan* Surrounded by increasing violence and instability, U.S. contractors left behind in Afghanistan are raising alarm about the potential for another Benghazi tragedy, saying the State Department isn't sharing with them a plan to evacuate if insurgents launch a debilitating attack. The concerns are heightened by the fact that many of those civilians doing the security and nation-building work of the U.S. government ... more »


War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*Reuters*: *Taliban 'special forces' lead Helmand assault: Afghan officials* Only a few days ago, this village of mud huts in southern Afghanistan was a battlefield. Afghan security forces beat back attacks by encroaching Taliban fighters on Chah-e-Anjir, just 10 km (6 miles) from Helmand's provincial capital of Lashkar Gah, but schools remain shuttered and many residents who fled are too scared to return. Helmand, a Taliban stronghold and the heartland of the lucrative illicit drug trade, is seen as a strategic target for the militants who would win a major psychological victory... more »

The RNC Isn't Pulling The Plug Yet But They Are Already Stabbing Mr. Trumpanzee In The Back

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 12 hours ago
There's been a steady stream of stories all of last week about how the RNC is "mulling" the idea of if-- or some even claim "when"-- they need to just give up on the self-destructive narcissist dragging down the whole party. Maybe Team Hillary is pushing the narrative. Or maybe the permutations of the large and growing #NeverTrump people are. It got so pervasive this week that Peince Priebus was forced to fly to one of those excruciating fascist rallies that Trump does to get onstage and tell the rubes and monkeys that the RNC is sticking with Trump to the bitter end. I've never he... more »

Yale Poll: Global Warming Now More Polarizing Issue Than Abortion

Andrew Follett at The Stream - 13 hours ago
[image: Melting Ice Caps Global Warming - 900] Global warming is a more polarizing issue than gay marriage or abortion, according an Associated Press article citing a new Yale University poll. Yale researchers found only 17 percent of Americans are "extremely concerned" by global warming and want immediate... more »

Mutilating Femininity Isn’t Just a Third World Issue

Michael Cook at The Stream - 13 hours ago
[image: Female to Male Transgender - 900] On no cause on the face of the planet are nations so united as the wickedness of female genital mutilation. Young girls on the cusp of puberty in the Middle East and Africa submit to the partial or total removal... more »

Obama Claimed It’s Easier in Some Neighborhoods to Get a Gun Than a Book. Here are the Facts.

The Daily Signal/Video Team at The Stream - 13 hours ago
[image: guns and books - 900] President Barack Obama said it is easier in some neighborhoods to get a gun than a book. Is that true? The fact checkers weighed in and we have their verdict: it's false. Here's why: To buy a gun in... more »

Israel Ordered To Pay Iran More Then 1 Billion Dollars- Secretive Pipeline Case

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 13 hours ago
*37 Years Later-* I have found 3 msm sites covering this news. Apparently Israel's military censors have a very long reach? The Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company was established in 1968 when Israel was on good terms with Iran *Forbes- Business- Foreign Affairs* * Israel Loses Secretive Oil Pipeline Case To Iran, Ordered To Pay $1.1 Billion Plus Interest* * The Swiss Federal Tribunal, Switzerland’s highest court, ordered Israel to pay $1.1 billion plus interest to Iran in a decades old dispute over a secretive oil pipeline predating Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution. The verdict was da... more »

The Vast Gamble On Wind Power

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 13 hours ago
By Paul Homewood http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/08/14/britains-vast-national-gamble-on-wind-power-may-yet-pay-off/ AEP follows up last week’s piece on energy storage with another attempt to flog the dead horse known as offshore wind: Wind power has few friends on the political Right. No other industry elicits such protest from the conservative press, Tory backbenchers, and free market economists. The vehemence […]

Tale of Newbigot

sue at Is the BBC biased? - 13 hours ago
Did anyone listen to the radio this morning? I heard a mini documentary “documenting the untold dramas of 21st century Britain” from a series by Grace Dent. Ms. Dent is a journalist and columnist who writes for the Indy and the Graun, so - par for the course. As manipulative leftism goes, I thought this was a gem. “Horrible story of xenophobia wonderfully, if distressingly, told by @gracedent on R4, just now. The Untold:” ..........as one of her Twitter fans tweeted. A tale of woe about ice-cream van turf wars in Newbiggin - she must have read it as "Newbigot." The deceptively s... more »

From Mossad with love

sue at Is the BBC biased? - 13 hours ago
I don't think the BBC has noticed this, but I wonder how many MPs are taking combat lessons to protect themselves against attack, following the murder of Jo Cox? “………the particular type of Krav Maga MPs are being taught is to ‘disarm and run’ but not ‘confront’……… ‘We are teaching them techniques where if someone comes at them with a knife or a gun, they can disarm the weapons and then run. They are not being taught how to fight. Krav Maga? What’s that? "Hebrew for ‘contact combat’ – it combines elements of judo, jiu-jitsu, boxing and street fighting and can be used on assailants... more »

Journal blacklists authors for plagiarizing case report about hypersexuality in dementia

Dalmeet Singh Chawla at Retraction Watch - 13 hours ago
A biology journal has blacklisted authors from publishing their work after finding their case report about a dementia patient with hypersexuality was plagiarized from a previously published report. The retraction notice, issued by Advances in Human Biology (AIHB) in June, recognizes the case as “scientific misconduct.” The journal launched an investigation after the plagiarism was […] The post Journal blacklists authors for plagiarizing case report about hypersexuality in dementia appeared first on Retraction Watch.

The Latest: Rain, Winds Put Track and Field on Hold in Rio

AP at The Stream - 13 hours ago
[image: Cuba's Jhoanis Portilla, left, Spain's Orlando Ortega, center, and Jamaica's Deuce Carter compete in a men's 110-meter hurdles heat in the pouring rain during the athletics competitions of the 2016 Summer Olympics at the Olympic stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Monday, Aug. 15, 2016.] RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) -- The Latest on the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (all times local): 8:50 p.m. The evening track and field program has been put on hold due to strong winds and rain in Rio... more »

ONE DAY ONLY: To the apricot cocktails-in-themselves!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 13 hours ago
*MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 2016The critics agree to agree:* What did we read on our summer vacation? When did this vacation occur? We'll grant you, the vacation in question was short. It happened last weekend—and, to answer your first question, we enjoyed another bout with Sarah Bakewell's unintentionally amusing and instructive new book, which bears this instructive title: "At the Existentialist Cafe: Freedom, Being and Apricot Cocktails with Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger, Karl Jaspers, Edmund Husserl, Maurice Merleau-Ponty and others" What makes ... more »

Police setting up blockade Monday morning Sacred Stone Camp

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 13 hours ago
Drone video, now, four arrests Monday morning, Sacred Stones Camp . Police setting up barricade at Sacred Stone Camp Monday morning at 6 am. FBI reported present with police. Aug. 15, 2016 Listen to Drum and Singers: NOW! at frontline, Sacred Stones Camp. Video by Waniya Locke. Standing Rock Sioux Nation: Now and Obama in 2014 at Standing Rock -- when the new

9 Iraqi Men Arrested in New Year’s Day Rape in Austria

AP at The Stream - 14 hours ago
[image: Vienna Austria - 900] BERLIN (AP) -- Austrian authorities have arrested nine Iraqi men on suspicion of rape for an attack on a German tourist in Vienna on New Year’s Day, police said Monday. The men range in age from 21 to 47 and are all either... more »

NYT: Obama’s Legacy Will Be as ‘Regulator-in-Chief’

Michael Bastasch at The Stream - 14 hours ago
[image: Obama Miffed - 900] The New York Times has published the first in a series of articles detailing what it sees as a key part of President Barack Obama's legacy: his massive regulatory agenda. The Times wrote about Obama's transformation from "a presidential candidate... more »

Streamlining the world: Western Communities, privatization of Moon, recolonialization

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 14 hours ago
It's not the most important story of the week but it is an annoying story, anyway. For the first time in my life, a relatively small package of products I bought at amazon.com in the U.S. made it to the customs. I had to send numerous documents because of this almost trivial but not quite trivial purchase and in the optimistic case, I will get the product and have to pay the value-added tax plus some fees etc. It has never happened to me in the past. Maybe it's because the things always went through FedEx, DHL or another courier company – but it was sent through USPS now which is ... more »

Hillary Has Flipped on Nuclear Power 8 Times While Running for Office

Andrew Follett at The Stream - 14 hours ago
[image: Nuclear Power Plant, Nuclear Power Station, Nuclear Energy, Smoke Stack, Electricity] Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has flipped on nuclear power eight times while running for office, according to an analysis of her public statements and policy positions by The Daily Caller News Foundation. Clinton has consistently opposed nuclear power during her... more »

Hotels in 10 States and D.C. May Have Been Hit by Hackers for Six Months

AP at The Stream - 14 hours ago
[image: FILE - This Feb. 1, 2010, file photo, shows The Westin Philadelphia hotel in Philadelphia. Hyatt, Sheraton, Marriott and Westin hotels in 10 states and the District of Columbia may have been targeted by hackers for months. Hotel operator HEI Hotels & Resorts, said Monday, Aug. 15, 2016, that malware put into place in at least 20 locations may have collected names, card account numbers, card expiration dates and verification codes. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)] NEW YORK (AP) -- Hyatt, Sheraton, Marriott and Westin hotels in 10 states and the District of Columbia may have been ... more »

Russia Is Rushing To Build New Underground Nuclear Command Posts

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
Sturdy: Inside the blast doors that would protect residents from nuclear attack *Washington Free Beacon*: *Russia Building New Underground Nuclear Command Posts* *U.S. intelligence detects dozens of hardened bunkers for leaders.* Russia is building large numbers of underground nuclear command bunkers in the latest sign Moscow is moving ahead with a major strategic forces modernization program. U.S. intelligence officials said construction has been underway for several years on “dozens” of underground bunkers in Moscow and around the country. Disclosure of the underground command ... more »

South Koreans Continue To Protest The Deployment of THAAD Missile System

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
*DW:* *Shaved heads in South Korea signal protest against missile shield* Hundreds of South Koreans have shaved their heads to protest a US missile shield they say will increase regional tensions. Seoul says the THAAD system will protect the country from North Korea's ballistic missiles. About 900 South Koreans shaved their heads Monday to protest against a US missile shield designed to counter North Korean missile threats, in the southeastern county of Seongju. "This is the most powerful way of displaying protest," protest leader Kim An-Soo said. "We cannot protest any bigger." ... more »

Japan To Develop New Missile System To Defend Disputed Islands Against China

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
A group of disputed islands known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China is seen in the East China Sea, on September 2012.PHOTO: REUTERS *Straits Times:* *Japan eyes new land-to-sea missile amid tensions over isles: Report* TOKYO • Japan will develop a new land-to-sea missile as part of plans to beef up its defence of remote southern islands, as tensions with China continue to increase over the disputed territories, a report said yesterday. The two countries are locked in a long-running dispute over the uninhabited islets known as the Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyudao in China. The ... more »

Can A U.S. Aircraft Carrier Be Sunk?

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The aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis pulls into San Diego Bay, Aug. 10, 2016, after completing a seven-month deployment. Navy photo by Seaman Austin R. Clayton *Loren B. Thompson, National Interest*: *Five Reasons U.S. Aircraft Carriers Are Nearly Impossible To Sink* Large-deck, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers are the signature expression of American military power. No other combat system available to U.S. warfighters comes close to delivering so much offensive punch for months at a time without requiring land bases near the action. As a result, the ten carriers in the curre... more »

Turkey Threatens To Abandon Migrant Deal If Nit Given Visa Free Travel To Europe

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Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu speaks during a news conference with the Adviser to Pakistan's Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz at the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad, Pakistan, August 2, 2016. REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood *Reuters*: *Give us EU visa freedom in October or abandon migrant deal, Turkey says* Turkey could walk away from its promise to stem the flow of illegal migrants to Europe if the European Union fails to grant Turks visa-free travel to the bloc in October, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told a German newspaper. His commen... more »

Tweet For Today

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Two more #RioOlympics2016 golds for immortality, says Bolt https://t.co/nx1so2gwFP pic.twitter.com/WkgngqySLl — AFP news agency (@AFP) August 15, 2016

U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi's Personal Computer Hacked

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*Reuters*:* U.S. Democrat Pelosi gets 'obscene and sick' calls after hack* U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said on Saturday she has been flooded with "obscene and sick" calls and text messages after a hacker linked to Russia posted personal contact information online for her and hundreds of other Democratic lawmakers and aides. Pelosi sent a letter to colleagues warning them to take precautions and said she was changing her phone number after a hacker identified as "Guccifer 2.0" posted the personal cellphone numbers and email addresses on Friday. The posted information... more »

Picture Of The Day

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*Making History* A B-1 Lancer sits on the flightline at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, Aug.10, 2016. This month, B-1s are replacing B-52s to support U.S. Pacific Command's continuous bomber presence mission. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Richard Ebensberger

Massive Hack Of George Soros Files Released

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Business magnate George Soros © Luke MacGregor / Reuters *RT:* *Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online* More than 2,500 files from the raft of organizations run by billionaire George Soros have been leaked by hackers. Saturday’s leak, published by DC leaks, includes hundreds of internal documents from multiple departments of Soros’ groups, predominantly the Open Society Foundations. *Read more* .... *WNU Editor:* The link to Goeroge Soros'* emails are here.* *More News On The Massive Hack Of George Soros Files Being Released* Soros Groups Get H... more »

He'd Never Blame Himself

Owen Gray at Northern Reflections - 15 hours ago
Last week, Donald Trump blamed the "disgusting and corrupt media" for not covering him "honestly" and for putting "false meaning into the words I say." Philip Bump, of the *Washington Post*, writes: Donald Trump has the same ability as any other candidate to say precisely what he wants to any voter in any state: By advertising. He can buy ads in swing states and run 30- or 60-second spots making whatever case he wants in any language he chooses. He can send mail, he can knock on doors. He can, in other words, run a campaign. But he’s not. He isn’t running any ads, spending zero do... more »

Judges toss lawsuits by CrossFit gym claiming fraud in $273 million in grants

Michael Koziol at Retraction Watch - 15 hours ago
Federal judges in Ohio have dismissed two lawsuits claiming that university researchers used false results to secure more than $250 million in federal grants. Both lawsuits, which objected to a study examining the effects of CrossFit-based training, were filed by Mitchell Potterf, the owner of a gym affiliated with CrossFit in Columbus, Ohio. Potterf took issue […] The post Judges toss lawsuits by CrossFit gym claiming fraud in $273 million in grants appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Keeping Readers Ignorant to Protect Diane

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 15 hours ago
From reading Diane Ravitch, it is hard to tell how much our neoliberal matron of anti-reformy complaining does or does not know about the real threat that competency based education (CBE) or "personalized learning" represents to public schools, children, and teachers. For even while it is an advertised fact that corporate education deformers are initiating a plan to digitally teacher proof schools and to have children's learning paths determined by computer algorithms, Ravitch seems puzzled about what's really going on. Based on her latest post, she seems to think that CBE is just ... more »

Trump Backtracks Statement That He’s Running Against ‘The Crooked Media,’ Not Clinton

Austin Roscoe at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the BB&T Center, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016, in Sunrise, Fla.] Donald Trump has partially walked back a Sunday morning statement in which he declared he is “honestly … not running against ‘Crooked Hillary. I’m running against the crooked media.” The GOP presidential nominee, who spoke at a campaign event in... more »

Thousands Evacuated in Louisiana Floods

MICHAEL KUNZELMAN & MAX BECHERER at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: Deep South Flooding_perr__1471267674_71.164.139.145] BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) -- Robert and Gwen Arceneaux endured a sleepless night Sunday after noticing floodwater creeping into their home -- in a neighborhood that had never seen floodwater before. They gathered up their dogs and a few bags... more »

Report Finds VA Shoved Thousands of Patients Onto ‘Ghost Panels’

Jonah Bennett at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: PHOENIX, AZ - MAY 08: Exterior view of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center on May 8, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Department of Veteran Affairs has come under fire after reports of the deaths of 40 patients forced to wait for medical care at the Phoenix VA hospital.] Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers in Iowa and South Dakota secretly placed thousands of veterans on "ghost panels," where they were assigned to doctors who no longer worked at the facilities. A new report from the VA inspector general...more »

In Solidarity Showing, US Tanks Join Polish Army Parade

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[image: Brigadier General Johnny R. Miller, Assistant Adjutant General- Illinois National Guard, talks to Major General Jerzy Biziewski, 2nd Corps Commander from the Polish Land Forces. BG Miller was here to view his National Guard forces that supported the Polish military for Bagram IX mission readiness exercise. Bagram IX s a "brigade staff and command post" exercise designed to certify that the Polish military is ready for it's mission in Afghanistan. There are almost 60 US military participants along with over 500 Polish participants, support staff and contractors supporting the... more »

Boko Haram Demands Captured Terrorists in Exchange for Chibok Girls

MICHELLE FAUL & HARUNA UMAR at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: Nigeria Kidnnaped Gir_perr__1471266347_71.164.139.145] MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) -- The mother of one of the Chibok girls kidnapped more than two years ago by Nigeria’s Islamic extremists on Sunday saw the first proof her daughter is alive -- a video of her begging Nigeria’s government... more »

Refugee Crisis Possible Culprit as Child Marriages Grow in Germany

Jacob Bojesson at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: 1200px-Wien_-_Westbahnhof,_Migranten_am_5_Sep_2015] Germany is struggling to prevent and keep track of the over 1,000 child marriages taking place in the country. Child marriages have not been an issue in Germany until recent years. The practice is illegal in Germany, but since the... more »

Today Is The First Day Of Early Voting For The Florida Primaries

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 16 hours ago
Today is the first day of early voting for the August 30 Florida primary. As it always does, the corrupt, self-serving establishment has candidates it's trying to slip in, incumbents like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and even worse garbage, like Patrick Murphy, it's trying to advance up the ladder. This is the last great stand of the 2016 Democratic primary season-- where genuine progressives like Alan Grayson, Bob Poe and Tim Canova are battling all the worst the Democratic Party has to offer. Grayson's wife, Dr. Dena Grayson, is the strongest candidate in his old district to beat b... more »

Future Energy Strategies

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 16 hours ago
By Paul Homewood http://fes.nationalgrid.com/fes-document/ More on the FES: The National Grid has produced, in their own words, “a credible set of Future Energy Scenarios”, based around four scenarios: We need not pay too much attention to these, as it is really the Gone Green option that is being driven by […]

17-Year-Old Girl Remains in Critical Condition After Swiss Train Attack

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[image: Switzerland Attack_perr__1471264584_71.164.139.145] BERLIN (AP) -- A 17-year-old girl remained in life-threatening condition Monday after a man attacked her and other passengers on a Swiss train with a knife and burning liquid, police said. Seven people including the suspect were wounded in the... more »

Northern California Wildfire Forces 4,000 to Evacuate

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[image: APTOPIX California Wi_perr__1471263023_71.164.139.145] LOWER LAKE, Calif. (AP) -- A wildfire destroyed at least 10 homes and forced some 4,000 people to flee their homes as flames jumped a road and moved into a Northern California town located miles away from a devastating wildfire... more »

2017 European Elections Could Test EU’s Viability

Robert Donachie at The Stream - 16 hours ago
[image: 6755068753_6e8558ae43_b] Over the next twelve months, elections in Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands could decide the fate of the European Union. Those elections, if the current political and economic environments continue, could challenge the viability of the European experiment. Skepticism... more »


Jenna Orkin at From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog - 17 hours ago
*From* *Jenna Orkin* As many as 100 people protesting a fatal police shooting in Milwaukee set fire to businesses, destroyed squad cars, and chased journalists Here are the methods police use to catch 'deep web' drug dealers Thousands rescued from waist-deep Louisiana flood waters, which the Governor called ‘unprecedented’ and ‘historic’ New York City police are searching for the man who shot and killed an imam and his friend Pope Francis has been treating Rome's homeless to trips to the beach, pizza dinners The man who took Greenland out of the EU says Brexit will take 'much longer... more »

Destabilizing Turkey:"Roll of the Dice” to Have US Nukes at Incirlik

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 17 hours ago
*Catchy Phrase! “Roll of the Dice”- Gamble. Risky Business.* *Saw a number of news articles covering the Washington based Stimson Center’s warning.* *Additional links: here, there, and everywhere* * I would expect this new mind virus to get a whole lot of play this week coming- Perhaps starting today?** The first thought that popped into my mind was Gulf War 2- George Bush Jr- Smoking gun/ mushroom cloud- Recall that?* Of course there was no smoking gun. In the form of a mushroom cloud or otherwise? Period. Bush's claim pushed up the fear levels and enabled the US to sell their war... more »

Mossad Self-Defence Training Given To British MPs

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 17 hours ago
Following the murder of Jo Cox, British MPs are being taught unarmed street-fighting techniques that are used by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad in an effort to protect them from stalkers, terrorists or political extremists. The self-defence training is known as “Krav Maga” which is Hebrew for “contact combat” is a combination of jiu jitsu, judo, boxing, and street fighting and is being provided free to MPs RT reports: It teaches MPs how to defend themselves against attacks, including swinging punches to the head, a bottle, glass, or ashtray to the head, and a “slash with a ... more »

#RPGaDay Day 16: Best Source of Inspiration for RPGs

Daniel Stack at 19th Level - 17 hours ago
Generally speaking, for me the best inspiration is books. I'm definitely a bibliophile. One of the best parts of my commute is the ability to listen to an audiobook for an hour - a half hour on the way to work, a half hour on the way back. Between walking and running during the day I can usually get another hour in easily. Plus I'm often reading digital books as well - more for pleasure between semesters, as during the academic year I'm busy reading books about data science... I read from a variety of genres - history, religion, horror, science fiction, nautical, classic literatur... more »

Trump to Discuss Foreign Policy, Immigration Specifics in Monday Speech

JILL COLVIN at The Stream - 17 hours ago
[image: Campaign 2016 Road To_perr__1471260889_71.164.139.145] JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) -- Donald Trump will declare an end to nation building if elected president, replacing it with what aides described as “foreign policy realism” focused on destroying the Islamic State group and other extremist organizations. In a... more »

Authorities: Man Accused of Killing Georgia Officer Arrested

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[image: Eastman_Police_Department] MCRAE, Ga. (AP) -- Authorities in south Georgia say a man accused of fatally shooting a police officer has been arrested. The Telfair County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement on its website Monday that 24-year-old Royheem Delshawn Deeds was... more »

Milwaukee Police: 1 Person Shot, Multiple Arrested in Sunday Protests

TODD RICHMOND at The Stream - 17 hours ago
[image: Officer Involved Shoo_perr__1471259405_71.164.139.145] MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Police said one person was shot at a Milwaukee protest on Sunday evening and officers used an armored vehicle to retrieve the injured victim during a second night of unrest over the police shooting of a black... more »

Under Heavy Security, Catholic Pilgrims Visit Lourdes Shrine

IAIN SULLIVAN & ANGELA CHARLTON at The Stream - 17 hours ago
[image: France Security_perr__1471258087_71.164.139.145] LOURDES, France (AP) -- Catholic pilgrims from around the world, many sick or disabled, converged Monday at a shrine in the French town of Lourdes under exceptional security after recent extremist attacks. Armed soldiers and police patrolled the train station,... more »

GOP at Odds Over Post-Election Vote on Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee

Philip Wegmann at The Stream - 17 hours ago
[image: In this March 17, 2016, photo, Judge Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama’s choice to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, sits during a meeting with Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., on Capitol Hill in Washington. Garland’s record as a judge over nearly two decades indicates he would side more often than not with the Supreme Court’s liberal justices on a range of cases that split the court along ideological lines.] While Republican leadership insists that the next president will nominate the ninth justice to the Supreme Court, a cadre of Republican senat... more »

Tesla’s Anti-Gravity Research in Use in Dozens of Secretive Military Projects

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 17 hours ago
*Christina Sarich* - Top military contractors are hiding at least 12 antigravity projects. The post Tesla’s Anti-Gravity Research in Use in Dozens of Secretive Military Projects appeared first on Waking Times.

Infants Deeply Traumatized By Common Medical Procedures

WTStaff at Waking Times - 17 hours ago
*Sayer Ji* - Routine medical procedures are causing grievous harm to newborns and infants. The post Infants Deeply Traumatized By Common Medical Procedures appeared first on Waking Times.

Goal(s) of the week: MERGE

Sunniva at SunnivaRose - 18 hours ago
I have one, main goal this week, and that is to merge two different drafts of the next article (meaning: number three, meaning: with this third article, I will actually have what I need to have, to wrap everything up and finish my PhD...) - into one, and send this merged draft to two of the co-authors (Gry and Fabio). It sounds easy enough, but I know it takes much more time than it sounds like, so I've divided this one, big goal into several sub-goals (then I know that even if I don't really manage to tick off the "merge, finished", I can tick off several sub-goals, and not feel li... more »

Mexico: A UFO in San Baltazar Atlimeyaya?

Inexplicata (IHU) at Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology - 18 hours ago
*Source: PLANETA UFO and El Grafico (www.elgrafico.com.mx)Date: 08.16.2016Article by Yohanan Díaz Vargas* *Mexico: A UFO in San Baltazar Atlimeyaya?* 08.13.2016-14:49 - An impressive UFO sighting was recorded at San Baltazar Atlimeyaya, Puebla, on Saturday 6 August at 10:58 p.m. before the startled eyes of nearly 50 people who met to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Great UFO Wave of 1991 organized by Grupo Volibolo. A startling and unexpected sighting, given that Saturday was overcast and with heavy rains. The rain stopped after 10 o'clock at night. As the cold increase... more »

Life Lessons From the Kindergarten Election

Heather Wilhelm at The Stream - 18 hours ago
[image: Donald Trump Hillary Clinton - 900] Are you depressed about the presidential election? Do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton astound you with their weapons-grade yet quasi-comical awfulness? When you read the news of the day, do you fight an insistent urge to throw your computer out... more »

Yemen parliament swears in a Houthi-led governing council

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 19 hours ago
*While the Saudis were busy killing kids who were studying in school their opponents in Yemen were making smart political moves that challenge their grip on the country, which is "teetering on the edge of famine."* *Video Title: Yemen parliament swears in a Houthi-led governing council. Source: CCTV News. Date Published: August 14, 2016. Description: * Yemen's parliament swore in the Houthi-led governing council on Sunday. The action removes the power and legitimacy of the internationally recognized but exiled president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his government. The armed Houthis a... more »

CSOC - Gods Run in the Blood, or, Why Paul's Pagans were not 'Converts'?

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 19 hours ago
*Wikipedia: * Paula F. Fredriksen is an American historian and a scholar of religious studies. Fredriksen is a scholar of the historical Jesus. While some historians interpret the historical Jesus as a non-apocalyptic ethical teacher, she sides with those who portray him as an apocalyptic preacher in the tradition of prophets before him and apostles after him. In addition to the historical Jesus, Fredriksen is also interested in the social history of Christianity from its beginnings to the fall of the Roman Empire. She has published two books on St. Augustine, both focused on ... more »

Progressives, Please Stop Saying ‘Voting Against Their Own Interests’

George Yancey at The Stream - 19 hours ago
[image: Christian Voters Candidate Voting - 900] While I was doing research on cultural progressive activists, I picked up certain sayings being repeated among many of the respondents. One of those sayings was that conservatives and Christians are people who vote against their own interest. For example, one person... more »

Have Doubts? Jesus’ Response To John the Baptist Can Encourage You

J. Warner Wallace at The Stream - 19 hours ago
[image: doubt] As a detective, I've learned to evaluate words carefully when considering the statements of victims, witnesses and suspects. What someone didn't say is often more important than what they actually did say. In fact, I often stop and ask myself,... more »

Sunday Night Music Blogging

jurassicpork at Welcome Back to Pottersville - 20 hours ago
This is a song I'd first heard in the last season of AMC's *Hell on Wheels* and "Annabel" by the Duhks had always stayed with me. And that's because it's absolutely haunting in its poignance and sheer beauty. As I'm a head banger/heavy metal enthusiast, I acknowledge this is a rather radical departure for me in terms of music. And, since it's captured my heart, I'd like to share it with you if you haven't already heard it and, hopefully, you'll like it, too. This is also just to let you know I haven't gone anywhere and the reason for the dearth of posts is because I've bee... more »

Cheyenne River Chairman to Obama: Stop Pipeline from Poisoning our Children's Water

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 21 hours ago
Photo by Waniya Locke Army Corps of Engineers violated Treaty rights, failed to consult By Brenda Norrell Censored News CANNON BALL, N.D. -- Cheyenne River Chairman Harold Frazier sent a letter to President Obama today urging Obama to remember his promise to the Lakota people. Chairman Frazier points out the Army Corps of Engineers has ramrodded construction and permits through

Cheyenne River sending buses of Lakotas to resistance 'No Dakota Access Pipeline'

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 21 hours ago
Camp of Sacred Stones Photo Waniya Locke, Cannon Ball, N.D., Sat. Aug. 13, 2016

Americans Bombarded With As Much Propaganda As North Koreans

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
At the mention of the word propaganda, many people think of overblown posters featuring a hammer and sickle and bulging biceps, or poorly edited videos glorifying Kim Jung-Un and the North Korean military. Most Americans think they are too smart to fall for propaganda, and that the US government would not attempt to manipulate their people in such a way. They couldn’t be more wrong. In 2013 a new reform was passed effectively legalising mass scale propaganda in the United States. The result: an unleashing of thousands of hours per week of government-produced radio and TV programs fo...more »

Queen Elizabeth’s Ancestor Exposed As Reptilian

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 21 hours ago
It is said that Queen Elizabeth II, a high priestess of the dominant reptilian-Illuminati bloodline, is the most commonly sighted shapeshifting reptilian in the world. According to historians there have been sightings of reptilians around the world at regular intervals throughout history, however it is widely believed that we are now in a golden age of reptilian sightings. Experts are saying that in 2016 more people than ever before have developed the ability to witness shapeshifting. However it appears that a mysterious artist in the 16th century also had this ability. While painti... more »

Jeb Bush: Donald Trump’s Campaign Is a Conspiracy To Elect Hillary

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
Jeb Bush says that he believes Donald Trump’s campaign is nothing more than a conspiracy to ensure that Hillary Clinton is elected president in November. Bush took to Twitter, claiming that Hillary and Donald were in collusion to ensure a Hillary victory, and said that they “are on the same team”. Inquisitr.com reports: Most people hate to admit it, but Jeb made sense when he explained why he felt that the 2016 Presidential Election could be Hillary’s time to win. In December, Bush claimed that Donald negotiated a deal with Hillary that made sure that she would become the President... more »

Turkey Scraps Child Sex Abuse Law

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
The Constitutional Court in Turkey has annulled a provision that makes it illegal to perform sexual acts against children under the age of 15, sparking international condemnation. This means that the age of consent in Turkey has been effectively lowered to 12-years-old. Hurriyetdailynews.com reports: The Constitutional Court discussed the issue upon an application from a district court, which complained that the current law does not discriminate between age groups in cases of child sexual abuse and treats a 14-year-old as equal to a four-year-old. The local court said the law does ... more »

George Soros Delivers Scathing Attack On Putin

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
George Soros has orchestrated a massive media smear campaign designed to influence the Duma elections and undermine President Putin’s party. Fort-russ.com reports: Election campaigns for the State Duma (Russia’s lower house of parliament) are in full swing with the “party of power,” United Russia, and its leader Dmitry Medvedev, being faced with obstruction. Especially noticeable in these elections has been the campaign to discredit Medvedev. The most notorious manifestation of this campaign to discredit United Russia is the focus on the unsuccessful statement of Dmitry Medvedev on... more »

Putin: Russia Is Ditching The Dollar

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
Russian President Vladimir Putin looks like he is set to fulfil his 2011 promise of completely ditching the U.S. dollar in favour of a parallel financial system. In 2011 Putin announced plans to create a new rival system, based on the ruble, that will rival the dollar based system. Fort-russ.com reports: This may mean that the US will no longer be able to live in debt and create perpetual war, given it will have less buyers of its treasury bonds. The US government holds the largest amount of debt in the world; at $19 trillion, it is guaranteed by nothing more than fiat money. By co... more »

City in Wisconsin Declares State of Emergency

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
A state of emergency was declared in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Sunday night following violent protests in the aftermath of a fatal police shooting. Gov. Scott Walker activated the National Guard on Sunday to assist the Milwaukee Police Department after a request from Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. Usatoday.com reports: The development came as a sense of calm and order returned to the neighborhood Sunday morning after a night when businesses were torched, cars overturned and set ablaze and gunfire erupted following the fatal police shooting. By mid-morning Sunday, the area near N. Sherman ...more »

Russian Military Create Invisibility Cloak

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 22 hours ago
Russian scientists have developed an invisible cloth that will allow their soldiers to conceal military equipment from precision-guided munition from potential enemies. The new technology allows the Russian military to cover entire military facilities in a layer of cloth to render them invisible to a potential enemy. Pravdareport.com reports: ‘The main idea was to create a cover which would reduce radio signature of a facility both in visible and microwave spectra,’ representative of the Roselektronika company shared some details. The technology can also be used for peaceful purpose... more »

First Visit To Last Surviving Pre Columbian Civilization

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 22 hours ago
This is a fascinating report. The society is pre literate and also pre currency as well. They knowingly exclude both in their life way. way more important is governance which is surprising. The population is all born as vassals for want of a better word. All grow up in this society participating in the community work load. Task management is led by leaders much as we would appoint corporals. They are chosen by their peers. However they are also confirmed by direct communication with the spirits of the village. There is also i think a third level of elders also confirmed as ... more »

Trump Does The Unthinkable

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 22 hours ago
Donald Trump is not the Dalai Lama but certainly shares his abstinence and spontaneous generosity. Such a person will not indulge vices. He will indulge his ego because it works for him. Remember that. However outrageous, it is all part of a crafted persona guaranteed to keep the entire press firmly glued to watching him. This meant that his competition is often ignored. Yet it is all noise and certainly not how policy will actually be made. Recall that no Trump property is managed in this style. This man is not crazy. I have zero doubt that when he deals he will be tho... more »

Bologna, Emilia Romagna. The Italian Region Where Co-ops Produce a Third of Its GDP

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 22 hours ago
This is important as it reports on a region in which coops dominate the economy and most problems have been resolved. The weakness of the cooperative system has been the difficulty with which it accesses members credit for expansion of its activities and of course governance. were that made seamless, the system would quickly become global as it naturally supplants micro finance as well and is easily integrated with poverty elimination. Now imagine a world in which you are assured that every day you can get four hours of work at the base rate regardless. A cooperative system nic... more »

Upright Wolf Encounter - Homers Gap, PA

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 22 hours ago
What has happened is that folks with sightings are now finding Lon's site on the internet and are reporting in. This is good. As i have posted extensively this creature is the male version of the giant sloth and is profoundly dangerous. Those hands and feet are grasping 'paws' with long claws. Because it is arboreal it can leap into trees and move through them easily, using all four gripping appendages. It drops to all four in order to run faster and easily. Yet is appears to travel long distances on its hind limbs as well but likely much slower. It is not clumsy and can ... more »

Huge, Once-Hated Fish Now Seen as Weapon Against Asian Carp

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 22 hours ago
This is actually good news. The carp has been having its own way without a natural predator to be seen. Turns out the alligator gar prefers the carp. Thus a complete restocking of the whole Mississippi is surely called for. This will put the carp population into proper balance and open the door for recovery among native species. It will happen slowly by itself, but actual rearing ponds can be set up to build up stocks for release. This can get the whole job done quickly as right now the whole river system is fully charged with carp. This produces a robust large fish ecosy... more »

Graphene-based Sheets Make Dirty Water Drinkable Simply and Cheaply

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 22 hours ago
This is truly very interesting. Taking this a little further, it turns out that sunlight impacting on salt water will induce the reversal of the dissolving process inducing salt to coagulate and descend. thus if the correct wavelenghts can pass through this layer, the salt will simply fall away allowing fresh water to seep faster into the top on the mat. It is no trick to place this on top of a brackish pond and to set a sump to drain off the produced fresh water. A very welcome development that can plausibly be used to support irrigation with both seawater and the ability to r... more »

White Dwarf Blasts Lighthouse-Like Beam at its Red Dwarf Companion

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 22 hours ago
[image: The observations revealed AR Scorpii, seen here in an artist's impression, to be an extraordinary binary ...] This is extremely interesting but premature to truly speculate as to just how it is all working. There will be other possibilities, some we do not understand yet and this will be a great theoretical laboratory. These two bodies will have a natural resonance that needs to be explored as well and that is likely to be powerful as well. Such a resonance may actually produce a local event horizon able to release huge energy. All good to see and the art work is likely mi... more »

Clinical Trials to Begin on Dandelion Root

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 22 hours ago
This is rather good news as the original work that firmed all this up is about two years old. Thus we are having clinical trials already with an augmented version likely to be highly effective. We have high hopes for this formulation and it could put dandelions into the cultivated category of plants. The bitterness is an issue, but work arounds are likely available if we pay attention. The vitamin mix is compelling. This is a plant that should have been domesticated a long time ago. Recall the transition of mustard to cattle feed to canola oil. It is certainly worth it.... more »

Military Photo of the Day: ‘Head Down’

Tom Sileo at The Stream - 22 hours ago
[image: Soldiers] U.S. Army paratroopers provide cover during a live fire exercise at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg on August 8, 2016. Thank you to these soldiers for their service to our nation.

Blast from the Past: Competing in the 1960 Olympics under the name "Formosa"

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 23 hours ago
*Protesting at the 1960 Olympics (Getty). Wiki has another image.* A 1960 Taiwan Review/Today article notes: The World-Telegram and Sun on September 1 also editorialized that sport and politics were mixed when the athletes from the Re­public of China were "forced" to represent only the island of Taiwan in the current Olympic Games in Rome. In a comment entitled "Sports and Politics," the Scripps-Howard paper criticized the conduct of Avery Brundage, the newly re-elected President of the International Olympic Committee. "Avery Brundage likes to say, as head of the International Ol... more »

Auckland Council’s new Unitary Plan creaks closer

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 1 day ago
The change-a-minute process bringing us the Auckland Council’s new Unitary Plan appeared to be creaking towards some certainty, with the Plan now expecting to be notified on Friday. These are the councillor’s final amendments/decisions on the more controversial decisions: - * Retain standards around the minimum size dwellings have to be, to avoid “shoebox” apartments or units being built… **Under the rule, a studio apartment in the centre city will have to be at least 35m², or 30m² plus a 5m² balcony. For one or more bedrooms the minimum size is 50m², or 42... more »

Know Anyone Who's Been Brainwashed By Hate Talk Radio And Fox News-- A Trumpist, Perhaps?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
Do you know anyone supporting Trump? If I do, they haven't admitted it. But I hear of friends of friends who who support him.I assume my brother-in-law in Staten Island does but I didn't ask my sister. He fits Bob Cesca's description of ye olde Trumpf supporter at *Salon*: "Generally speaking, Trump supporters are non-college-educated white men, ranging from younger “bros” to, more typically, white male baby-boomer retirees with plenty of spare time to be relentlessly irradiated by Fox News and AM talk radio." He's one of the relentlessly irradiated ones. Cesca refines the definit... more »

Imprisoned Refugee Moms Start Hunger Strike

Karen Garcia at Sardonicky - 1 day ago
Two dozen female inmates of the grotesquely named Berks County Family Residential Center in Pennsylvania have begun a hunger strike to protest their imprisonment by the Obama administration. Although the Department of Homeland Security claims that refugee families awaiting legal disposition of their cases are held in captivity for no longer than 20 days, the "Madres de Berks" state in an open letter to Director Jeh Johnson that most of them have been prisoners for as long as one full year. To make matters even worse, the detention center had been ordered shut down months ago by the ... more »


Allen L Roland, Ph.D at Allen L Roland's Weblog - 1 day ago
*A **leaked Hillary Clinton email confirms that the Obama administration, with Hillary at the helm, orchestrated a civil war in Syria to benefit Israel. See story ~ https://www.transcend.org/tms/2016/08/clinton-email-we-must-destroy-syria-for-israel/* *America's Cross of Iron speech was immortalized by President Eisenhower in 1953 as well as his farewell address to the nation in 1961 and he correctly predicted that with the accelerated rise of the Military/Industrial complex ~ mankind would eventually be hanging on a cross of Iron. That speech brought into focus A... more »

Q: Is housing unaffordability a function of growth?

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 1 day ago
It’s said that houses in Auckland are unaffordable because the city is growing, and higher prices are an inevitable outcome of high growth. But surely that’s nonsense. Look, if you’re quick you can buy this home for just NZ$320,000: [image: HOUse2] But there is a catch. The house is in Houston. And while Houston is growing rapidly, and in the last year prices have certainly started to climb as the population grows, they are climbing from a very low peak. While you'd be hard pressed to find decent building land in Auckland at the minute for under $400,000 a lot, in America a... more »

#RPGaDay Day 14: My Dream Team of People I Used to Game With

Daniel Stack at 19th Level - 1 day ago
This is one of the questions from this year I'm not all that crazy about. I really like my current group and in all honesty that's what I'd go with. Given we're a virtual group, I'd love to have a transporter room so we could get together every two weeks... It is worth noting that I do miss the gaming group I had before my friends and I began having kids. Like I said, I'd not use the term "dream team" as I really enjoy my current group, but I'd be lying if it wouldn't be fun to get that gang back together. I'm a bit curious as to whether I'd get along with the me of the late 1990'... more »

Jeremy Corbyn and Rallies

Phil at All That Is Solid ... - 1 day ago
Provided I'm not knocked down by a bus or get buried by work, I should be attending a Jeremy Corbyn event this Tuesday lunch time in Derby. When the photos showing the crowd start circulating, knowing wags will put down their pipes, shake their heads and lecture the children about the difference between the people turning up to a rally and the wider electorate. Our Jackanorys might pepper their yarn with a choice Uncle John Golding quote about 50,000 fans thinking Michael Foot sounded wonderful on a speaker's platform, but at home there were millions who thought he was crackers. T... more »

Crooked New Dem Ami Bera Is Allowing His 83 Year Old Father To Take The Fall For His Own Crimes

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
Earlier today, Ami Bera showed up on our list of the worst Democrats in Congress. The list was based on his reactionary voting record, not on his grotesque corruption, corruption for which he's going to allow his 83-year old father to act as the fall guy and possibly go to prison. The California labor unions that were instrumental in first electing and then sustaining Bera in Congress, have abandoned him and are refusing to even back him as the lesser of two evils against roly poly Republican sexual predator Scott Jones. Bera has an execrable voting recorded earned an "F" from Pro... more »


New Orleans Ladder at New Orleans Ladder - 1 day ago
Historic, deadly floods will worsen as waters rise ~*WGNO*


Jenna Orkin at From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog - 1 day ago
*From* *Jenna Orkin* Hackers release the personal emails and phone numbers of nearly 200 congressional Democrats Norway is threatening to derail Brexit Britain's army is investing $1 billion in insect-sized drones, laser firearms, and virtual-reality goggles The US Air Force wants to detonate plasma bombs in the sky Border agents keep finding drugs hidden in food shipments — here are some of smugglers' most bizarre methods 96% Of Clinton Donations Went To The Clinton Foundation Clintons Made A Quarter Billion Dollars Since Leaving The White House, Mostly From Speeches DEA regularl...more »

Global Taiwan Institute Established!

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 1 day ago
Russel Hsiao sent this around: I am very pleased to provide this update to my last e-mail about the forthcoming establishment of the Global Taiwan Institute (GTI; www.globaltaiwan.org) in Washington, DC. If you have not already done so, please subscribe to receive GTI's updates for upcoming programs and events at http://globaltaiwan.org/?page_id=1436. I promise not to spam you! More importantly, the purpose of this e-mail is to share some news about our exciting programs, which will launch at the end of September. As some of you may remember, I was the Editor of China Brief at t... more »

RMA: After 25 years, time to euthanase it

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 1 day ago
A fellow called Roger Partridge reminds us that the Resource Management Act is 25-years old this month, a shocking realisation for those opposed – and a timely reminder for everyone appalled at rampant housing unaffordability what is most behind the iniquity: this planning law that shackles the supply of new houses. Yet over that time few voices have been strongly and consistently opposed. To paraphrase Ayn Rand, “When for a quarter-century the productive have been forced to seek permission from the unproductive in order to produce, with nary a word raised in opposition to that... more »

A defence of hatred

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 1 day ago
[image: Capture] Tonight in Auckland students debate whether religious symbols should be banned in public. On Saturday night in Adelaide, SPIKED's Brendan O'Neill kicked off a two-week speaking tour of Australia with this speech to a packed hall: *My view is this: there should be no legislation at all pertaining to freedom of speech. And I include in that human-rights legislation that claims to grant us freedom of speech. I am against this too, because it turns freedom of speech into a gift that the authorities give to us, and which, logically, they might just as easily take... more »

End Days For Saudi Royal Family

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 1 day ago
*Source*. *An excerpt from, "What If Saudi Arabia Collapses?" By Theodore Karasik and Joseph Cozza, LobeLog, August 10, 2016: * *The collapse of the Saudi state would have grave implications for the region and the world. As illustrated by Libya, Syria, and Yemen, state collapse creates a vacuum for radical jihadist groups to claim new territory. Currently, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is pushing against the Saudi border with Yemen and the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) in Iraq and Syria poses a constant threat to the kingdom’s north.* Thus, civil war, instability, and high... more »

Cops Say Motive Unknown in Imam Slaying, Friends Declare a Hate Crime

Michael Balsamo at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: People gather for a demonstration Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016, in the Queens borough of New York, near a crime scene after the leader of a New York City mosque and an associate were fatally shot as they left afternoon prayers. Police said 55-year-old Imam Maulama Akonjee and his 64-year-old associate, Tharam Uddin, were shot as they left the Al-Furqan Jame Masjid mosque.] NEW YORK (AP) -- The daylight slaying of a mosque leader and his associate set off fear and anguish Sunday among Bangladeshi Muslims in a New York City neighborhood, with some saying the killings appear to be an... more »

Settlers Break Into Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque On Jewish Religious Day

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
Hundreds of hardline Israelis have stormed East Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque on a Jewish religious day of mourning commemorating the destruction of two ancient temples at the site. At least 15 Palestinian worshipers were injured on Sunday during clashes with Israeli police, who escorted about 260 settlers on a provocative visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem, reports WAFA: WAFA correspondent said about 260 settlers entered the Islamic holy site in groups to perform rituals, following calls by Jewish ‘Temple Mount’ groups urging their followers to break into al-Aqsa Mosque to ... more »

The Science of Why Humans Constantly Compare Themselves to Others

WTStaff at Waking Times - 1 day ago
*Josh Richardson* - The reason the human brain has a tendency to compare. The post The Science of Why Humans Constantly Compare Themselves to Others appeared first on Waking Times.

Big Crowds in Seoul

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 1 day ago
This short video shows two of the four events Will Griffin and I attended yesterday. One was a large peace march in front of the US Yongsan military base in downtown Seoul. The primary issues addressed in the preceding rally and march were continual Pentagon war exercises in Korea, THAAD deployments by the Pentagon and the recent trip by the Navy Vice-Admiral who commands the 'missile defense' (MD) program. The Vice-Admiral came to South Korea and said that the THAAD would not be integrated into the US's MD program but instead would be a stand alone system and would only aimed a... more »

Sunday Song

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 1 day ago

Propaganda on Low Dose Radiation

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 1 day ago
Recently there have been a number of mainstream news stories about the findings from the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission Reports (ABCC): Eric Roston. Radiation Can Kill, but Not as Easily You Think: Studying survivors of America’s atomic attacks on Japan have helped scientists better understand radiation—and how we fear it. Bloomberg, August 11, 2016, http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-08-11/radiation-can-kill-but-not-as-easily-you-think These articles essentially trivialize risks from exposure to excess ionizing radiation. One thing that strikes me as significant about th... more »

Trump's ISIS Comments Have Greater Resonance In The Middle East; Why Saudis Support ISIS Against Shiites; US-Iran Relations Are Still Stuck In The 1980s Because of Deceitful Right-Wingers

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 1 day ago
*An excerpt from, "Hezbollah Leader Echoes Trump That Obama, Clinton Founded ISIS" By Ben Gittleson, ABC News, August 14, 2016:* Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanese militant group, used Trump's claim last week that Obama and Clinton were behind the extremist group ISIS's establishment to bolster his criticism of the U.S. administration in a speech in Lebanon on Saturday, according to a transcript posted by the group's media arm. "This is not simple speech,” Nasrallah said of Trump's remarks. “This is an American presidential candidate. This was spoken on behalf of the Americ... more »

The Frightening Science and Politics of Cell Phone Safety

WTStaff at Waking Times - 1 day ago
*Gary Null* - What exactly are the risks of using cell phones, and why is the truth so hard to find? The post The Frightening Science and Politics of Cell Phone Safety appeared first on Waking Times.

Olympics Latest: Wrestling, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Tennis and More

AP at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: Rain drips down a banner with Olympic rings on the 2nd hole during a practice round for the men's golf event at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016.] The Latest: Kenny defends individual sprint cycling gold RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) -- The Latest on the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (all times local): 6 p.m. MEDAL ALERT: Jason Kenny defeated Callum Skinner in an all-Britain final to defend... more »

National Guard Put on Standby After Violence in Milwuakee

Gretchen Ehlke at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: Authorities respond near a burning gas station as dozens of people protest following the fatal shooting of a man in Milwaukee, Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016. A crowd of protesters skirmished with police Saturday night in the Milwaukee neighborhood where an officer shot and killed a man after a traffic stop and foot chase earlier in the day, setting fire to a police car and torching a gas station.] MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Wisconsin’s governor put the National Guard on alert Sunday in case of another outbreak of violence in Milwaukee, after a deadly police shooting touched off a night of a... more »

Clinton Targets Illegal Immigrants for Votes

Lisa Lerer at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waves as she finishes a speech on the economy after touring Futuramic Tool & Engineering, in Warren, Mich., Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016.] WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hillary Clinton’s campaign is launching a new effort to tap into the political power of young, undocumented immigrants, hoping to capitalize on Donald Trump’s promises to make deporting them a top priority of his presidency. The 730,000... more »

Hezbollah Chief Warns Israel & ISIS, Reiterates Trump’s Claims

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
On the 10th anniversary of the Israel-Hezbollah war, Hassan Nasrallah has reiterated a controversial claim made by Donald Trump, saying that ISIS was created by Obama and Clinton. The leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon warned Israel that the next war in the region will be the last, and reminded ISIS and other Takfiri groups that U.S. assisted terror groups were set up to destroy the region and the “Axis of Resistance.” Alaraby reports: “To ISIS, Nusra and the takfiri groups that are fighting, we tell you that you have been exploited over the last five years to destroy the ‘axis of resist... more »

ITBB and R Vladimir

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 1 day ago
Even those of you who don't own blogs will probably guess that we bloggers look at our blog stats from time to time. And ours at *ITBB*, already quite impressive, even in comparison to comparable much-more-high-profile blogs (despite our relative lack of comments), have (like those comparable blogs) frequently benefited from eager 'bots'. We recently had a very strange 'spike' from Russia. We're putting that down to pectastic President Putin and his myriad multitudes of buff 'bots'. Unfortunately, that 'spike' has now fallen away and we're really, really missing our beloved, hol... more »

US Led Coalition Plans Two Pronged Attack Against ISIS in Raqqa and Mosul

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 1 day ago
*This is interesting to contemplate, again. AGAIN? Yup!* *It's been mentioned previously that moves were being made a few months back, coordinated moves in Raqqa and Mosul * *Friday May 27/2016:Leafletting Mosul Ahead of Annexation Operations- Coordinating with Raqqa? * “It appears the US and company are making their move on Mosul! Clearly tied to coincide with the move on Raqqa, Syria. Or shall we say, annexation of Raqqa? Yah, I'm good with that! Raqqa home to yet another dam. Tabqua Dam. And it's a big one.” *Tuesday May 31/2016: PKK/YPG Militias Annex More Syria Territory - Hea... more »

Falstaff in Love

Spike EP at News Spike - 1 day ago
*"You shall write of Falstaff in love..."* *- Gloriana* Concerning the Philosophers Stone - Kelley *SIR ED: KELLEY* *CONCERNING* *the Philosopher’s Stone written to * *his especiall good Freind, G. S. Gent.* The heavenly Cope hath in him Natures sower, Two hidden; but the rest to sight appeare: Wherein the Spermes of all the Bodies lower; Most secrett are, yett Spring forth once a yeare, And as the Earth with Water, Authors are, So of his parte is Drines end of care. No flood soe greate as that which floweth still, Nothing more fixt than Earth digested thrise: No ... more »

Governor Calls The National Guard Following Riots Over Police Killing

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker activated the National Guard on Saturday following an eruption of violent protests and riots in Milwaukee over the death of a black man by police officers. An armed black man was killed during a foot chase by police on Saturday, evoking riots and clashes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. RT reports: Scores of angry African American protesters gathered near the scene of the police shooting at Sherman Boulevard. What at first seemed like a Black Lives Matter-style gathering soon got out of control, however. Several vehicles, including a police car, were set on f... more »


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 1 day ago
*The new apartheid: "voluntary segregation" for 'historically marginalized' students* A Massachusetts college allows students to reside in “identity-based” housing communities, provided they have a “unique social identity” that has “historically experienced oppression.” Hampshire College asserts that the concept "arises from our commitment to fostering diverse, socially just, and inclusive communities.” A Massachusetts college allows students to reside in “identity-based” housing communities, provided they have a “unique social identity” that has “historically experienced oppressi... more »

fight for 15 and fairness: brampton forum for decent work

laura k at wmtc - 1 day ago
After our members returned to work, but while I was still on staycation, I attended a community event organized by labour activists in Peel Region. It was a beautifully planned event, with music and food and lots of opportunities for participation. In Ontario, the Fight for $15 & Fairness is focused on the Ontario Ministry of Labour's Changing Workplaces Review.Each of the three keynote speakers was brilliant and revelatory. First, Gurjeet Sran, an economist from York University, blasted through the myth that raising the minimum wage hurts the economy. (In fact, raising the minimum w... more »

Sunday Doonesbury: A visit from old friends (and Mark has what might or might not be a senior moment)

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
*With Monday update (see below)* *DOONESBURY by G. B. Trudeau* [*Click to enlarge.*] *by Ken* It's another travel day for me -- all the way to Mystic, CT -- why, that's practically the Massachusetts Rhode Island border! [*Oops! That shows how remote far-eastern Connecticut is frommy geographical consciousness -- not to mention Rhode Island, which I realize exists in my head less as a state with defined boundaries than as a tiny entity floating in geographical space.* -- K.] At least this time my train leaves at a more reasonable 7am. Then again, that 3am train I had to catch t... more »

Documentary Investigates Family Farming Practices Around the World

WTStaff at Waking Times - 1 day ago
*Dr. Mercola* - 80 percent of the world’s food supply still comes from small family-operated farms. The post Documentary Investigates Family Farming Practices Around the World appeared first on Waking Times.

NYPD Filmed Repeatedly Punching Man’s Head In Bronx McDonald’s

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
Disturbing footage has appeared on Instagram showing a man being brutally beaten while pinned down in a McDonald’s restaurant by New York police. The alleged attack happened on May 4 when Darnell Simmons was punched and kicked by police officers at a Bronx McDonald’s restaurant during an arrest. Metro reports: A policeman and a civilian held the man down, while a second officer puts handcuffs on the 27-year-old suspect. The officer with the cuffs then knees Simmons in the head, before repeatedly punching him. Panicked onlookers can be heard shouting at the officers not to punch the ...more »


Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 1 day ago
Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson (after R Justin won gold) This, of course, wouldn't be *ITBB* without a bit of properly balancing praise for the BBC. I've very much enjoyed their Olympic golf coverage - though it's been very hard to find at times. (I've usually found it via the remoter corners of the BBC iPlayer). And I very much enjoyed Justin Rose winning Gold for Great Britain (and Northern Ireland) tonight. My 84-year-old dad didn't think golf should be an Olympic sport. I've just phoned him. He's much more relaxed about golf being an Olympic sport now. And I agree with my d... more »


Spike EP at News Spike - 1 day ago
The succession of colors in the wormholes match the 8 colours of the Chakra points, starting with Red (materialism) and reaching Gold (enlightenment). *My mind was formed by studying philosophy, Plato and that sort of thing. * Werner Heisenberg According to a recent theory the Universe could be a dodecahedron. It is surprising that Plato used a dodecahedron as the quintessence to describe the cosmos! Plato (c. 427 BC – c. 347 BC) also stated that time had a beginning; it came together with the universe in one instant of creation. A polyhedron bounded by a number of congruent ... more »

Petraeus: US Iraq Strategy Could Lead to ‘ISIS 3.0’

Saagar Enjeti at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: Zu Guttenberg Meets With ISAF Commander General Petraeus] Retired Army Gen. David Petraeus fears failure to stabilize Iraq after retaking Mosul could lead to Islamic State 3.0. The U.S. Anti-ISIS coalition is helping the Iraqi Security Forces plan a military offensive against the city of Mosul, which ISIS... more »

States and Cities Passing Criminal Justice Reforms

Eric Lieberman at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: Police Cars - 900] The federal government hasn't passed criminal justice reform legislation recently, but state and city governments have. Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas argues this is because there is not as much concurrence on this issue among his federal colleagues. "It's deeply divisive within the Senate... more »

Political Analyst Suggests Trump Is Throwing The Election To Clinton

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
Is it possible that Donald Trump is deliberately throwing the election to Hillary Clinton? A top political analyst for The Hill has renewed the ‘conspiracy theory’ that Trump could well be a Manchurian candidate that is controlled by Hillary Clinton in a bid to rig the 2016 election. Sputnik news reports: Political analyst Brent Budowsky penned an article suggesting that Donald Trump is a secret operative of the Clinton campaign nearly one year to the date of alluding to the same possibility. The latest piece, titled “Is Trump deliberately throwing the election to Clinton?” feeds in... more »

It's a depressing carpet ride/Every door will slam shut/To Unhappy people like you...

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 1 day ago
While I've been off on my three-week blogging sabbatical (family-related, but in a good way), Radio 4's *PM *has been busy pursuing its coverage of 'Brexit Street' - especially over the past week. The series (which Radio 4 intends to stretch over many months) focuses on a single street in Thornaby-on-Tees in order, as it says itself, to monitor the effects of Brexit over time. Thornaby was a largely Leave-voting area. The problem with 'Brexit Street' is that it* isn't *representative of Leave-voting areas. As noted before, previous episodes have shown the white inhabitants of ... more »

Blind eyes

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 1 day ago
Catching up (h/t Sisyphus)... Thursday night's *The Papers, *presented by Martine Croxall, discussed the *Telegraph*'s main story, among others. The *Telegraph*'s headline was *Blind eye turned to Muslim vote 'fraud' *and during the opening run-through of the newspaper headlines, Martine, in that rather BBC way of hers, read that out as: *The Telegraph* leads with allegations of electoral fraud in some communities. When she later discussed that with her panel - former Labour advisor Ayesha Hazarika and Toby Young of the *Spectator -* she *did *read out the headline in full but t... more »


Spike EP at News Spike - 1 day ago
*Now u must purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minitanka.* Apollonia Rebounds in Video, Film Roles Late night TV showings of Lupe Velez's "Mexican Spitfire" films of the 1940s are more than a pastime for recording and film star Apollonia Kotero. They're homework for Kotero, who said she would like to portray the stormy comedienne on film. Kotero, who gained fame as Prince's co-star in "Purple Rain," talked in an interview about her glory days, her recent fallout with mentor Prince and her tabloid-splattered drug-related arrest in 1989. The entertainer said she is working to jump-s... more »

Robert Newman - Dependence Day (1994)

Spike EP at News Spike - 1 day ago
Churchill's Cocaine Lozenges

Protest to End Police Violence: Today in Flagstaff, Arizona

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 1 day ago
Protest to End Police Violence in Flagstaff Today FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- In response to ongoing police violence and racial profiling, Flagstaff community members will hold a protest today at 4pm at the County Courthouse lawn (corner of Birch Ave and San Francisco St.). According to the Guardian's The Counted database, Arizona is #4 in police killings so far in 2016, behind California,

OWE AKU: Standing Rock Support: Stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 1 day ago
Strong Hearts to the Front

Camp of Sacred Stones: Resistance on the Water Sat., Aug. 20, 2016

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 1 day ago
ALL BOATS ON DECK!!!! The Camp of the Sacred Stones calls ALL canoeists, kayaktivists, paddlers, and water warriors to bring their boats and courage and join us on the Missouri River on Saturday, August 20th. Resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline is blossoming and hundreds are coming from all 4 directions to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to defend the land and water. Please

Loopholes and Libya

Alison at Creekside - 1 day ago
Really? Because a mere two weeks ago, Steven Chase was reporting: *Ottawa rewrites mandate for screening arms exports* "The Canadian government has *quietly watered down *its own mandate for screening the export of military goods, rewriting parts of the only substantive public statement available on Ottawa’s responsibilities for policing foreign sales." Previous policy on military exports : Canada’s export controls are meant “to regulate and impose certain restrictions on exports in response to clear policy objectives.” New policy :"export controls are i... more »

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 14th, 2016

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 1 day ago
[image: rant-jpeg-b] Sunday once again... And as usual time for my weekend rant.. Honestly, I am sick and tired of the fools in the "flat earth" group... These fools are indeed either the biggest morons going, or they are indeed nothing but bought and paid for shills that have been injected into the Internet for nothing more than to make real truth seekers such as myself look like idiots if we buy into their garbage..... I am leaning on the latter..... Being a man of science and having spent years in University in Physics as well as studying Astronomy, I am n

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