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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 June - My Yahoo!

English: desert animalEnglish: desert animal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Northern PakistanNorthern Pakistan (Photo credit: Imran...)
English: Landscape of Beautiful Balochistan, P...English: Landscape of Beautiful Balochistan, Pakistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Buzi PassBuzi Pass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Map of PakistanMap of Pakistan (Photo credit: Omer Wazir)
The Magic of Balochistan, PakistanThe Magic of Balochistan, Pakistan (Photo credit: Michael Foley Photography)
English: Near Hanna LakeEnglish: Near Hanna Lake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Quetta Railway Station, Quetta, Balochistan, P...Quetta Railway Station, Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Baloch shepherd, from a 1900 photoA Baloch shepherd, from a 1900 photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: -English: - (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: A Hut frame near City of Awaran, in B...English: A Hut frame near City of Awaran, in Balochistan, Pakistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Puente Chapper Rift (Balochistan, 189X)Puente Chapper Rift (Balochistan, 189X) (Photo credit: Recuerdos de Pandora)
The Magic of Balochistan, PakistanThe Magic of Balochistan, Pakistan (Photo credit: Michael Foley Photography)
Boiling Frogs

“Balochistan: Crossroads of Proxy War”

The current unrest in Balochistan centers around forced disappearances, kidnappings, targeted killings, assassinations and terrorism. However, these are merely the tactics of a much broader, more geopolitically complex war in which the United States and its Western allies are engaged. Though seemingly insignificant against the backdrop of all the regional and international crises affecting our world, Balochistan is, in fact, a nexus: the point at which diametrically opposing strategic interests converge.

The United States views Balochistan, an area that encompasses western Pakistan, eastern Iran, and a piece of southern Afghanistan, as critical to the maintenance of US hegemony in the Middle East and Central and South Asia. Conversely, China regards the region as necessary for its own economic and political evolution into a world superpower. Seen in this way, Balochistan becomes central to the development of geopolitical power in the 21st Century.
The Pakistani government is not oblivious to the fact that foreign intelligence agencies are behind much of the violence in Balochistan, a fact that was even stated publicly by former President Musharraf. In fact, Islamabad, though they cannot state it publicly, is aware that its survival rests on the ability to quell the unrest in Balochistan, which in turn means they must effectively combat the foreign-controlled separatism.
In an article published by the Qatari English-language newspaper The Peninsula, the author cited credible sources as saying that “the CIA is indulging in heavy recruitment of local people as agents (each being paid $500 a month)”. Additionally we know that the CIA, under the leadership of Gen. Petraeus, has been using Afghan refugees to destabilize Balochistan.
On the one hand, a network of agents allows for intelligence and information manipulation while, on the other hand, the United States engages in terrorism through a variety of terrorist groups it controls or manipulates either directly or indirectly. As was reported in Foreign Policy magazine, the CIA and Mossad compete to control Jundallah, an important fact because it shows the way in which the Western imperialists use Balochistan, the base of Jundallah, to wage covert war on Iran, including the assassination of scientists, terrorist bombings aimed at critical infrastructure, and targeted killings of ethnic minorities.
Aside from Jundallah, the CIA and its counterparts (MI6, Mossad, and India’s RAW) are actively engaged in the handling and manipulation of a variety of other terror groups operating in Balochistan. The Baloch Liberation Army, headed by Brahamdagh Bugti and others, has long-standing ties with British MI6 going all the way back to the early days of Pakistan’s independence. This group is responsible for countless terrorist actions in the region, all of which have been aimed at innocent civilians. This, and other groups like it, illustrates the way in which the United States and its allies use the weapon of terrorism to create chaos for the purpose of destabilizing Balochistan, thereby preventing economic development both for the Balochi people and, by extension, China.
  • Added 2006-11-12
2006-11-12 · Balochistan will soon be independent ... baloch people are very different from pakistanis. They follow very different Islam.
Paper no. 1651. 21. 12. 2005. BALOCHISTAN: SECOND WAR OF INDEPENDENCE . by B.Raman, Camp Bangalore

Since Pakistan's independence, Baloch nationalist groups and the Provincial government have been in conflict, the Balochistan conflict. Demographics


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US drone strike targeted ‘Al-Qaeda No. 2′
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