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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

20 June - Blogs I'm Following II

Kevin Moore June 20, 2012 at 12:16 pm
when dry winds sweep across the North Atlantic Current and warm the air which in turn warms Europe, which portion of the atmospheric gases actually absorb and transfer the heat? -
Europe’s climate, obviously, is not like that of North America or Asia at the same latitudes. For Europe to be as agriculturally productive as it is (it supports more than twice the population of the United States and Canada), all those cold, dry winds that blow eastward across the North Atlantic from Canada must somehow be warmed up. The job is done by warm water flowing north from the tropics, as the eastbound Gulf Stream merges into the North Atlantic Current. This warm water then flows up the Norwegian coast, with a westward branch warming Greenland’s tip, at 60°N. It keeps northern Europe about nine to eighteen degrees warmer in the winter than comparable latitudes elsewhere — except when it fails. Then not only Europe but also, to everyone’s surprise, the rest of the world gets chilled. Tropical swamps decrease their production of methane at the same time that Europe cools, and the Gobi Desert whips much more dust into the air. When this happens, something big, with worldwide connections, must be switching into a new mode of operation.
The North Atlantic Current is certainly something big, with the flow of about a hundred Amazon Rivers. And it sometimes changes its route dramatically, much as a bus route can be truncated into a shorter loop. Its effects are clearly global too, inasmuch as it is part of a long “salt conveyor” current that extends through the southern oceans into the Pacific.
“The Great Climate Flip Flop”
Nitrogen and Oxygen are both four times more powerful at absorbing heat than CO2. Oxygen and Nitrogen together make up 99% of the atmosphere. CO2 makes up only 0.03811%. It is doubtful then in my mind that CO2 contributes anything to the warming of Europe.
Water vapour – if you do not understand latent heat you cannot understand how much of the biosphere works. The latent heat of water is the energy absorbed when water is evaporated, or released when it condenses. Water vapour condensation forms clouds, so in cloud formation heat is transferred from ground to cloud.
Latent Heat — Sweat,Storms and Cooling Towers”
If hot air rises how then do some say that heat transfers from cloud to ground?
If it is not CO2 and water vapour, what part of the atmosphere is it then that picks up heat from the North Atlantic Current and warms Europe?

UN Climate Scientists Plead for Immunity from Criminal Prosecution

 Critics argue the worst climate crime has been inflicted upon the poorest among us who are carrying the can for the global experiment into biofuels - Big Green’s alternative to CO2-emitting oil and coal. The least well off in our communities have been hit hardest by increased food and energy prices as biofuel production supplants food production - all at a time when well-funded climatologists continue to oppose any and all independent auditing of their computer climate models. It is little wonder such ‘scientists’ are increasingly cast in the same shadow as Wall Street banksters. Worse still, latest evidence from independent researchers here, here and here proves CO2 is not the bad guy and the greenhouse gas effect (GHE), the very cornerstone of global warming science, probably doesn’t exist.

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