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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, June 25, 2012

25 June - My Feedly

Alberta mtn.'s1Alberta mtn.'s1 (Photo credit: bbob)
feedlyfeedly (Photo credit: BlogBoy)
Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary, Alberta.Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary, Alberta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Calgary Herald cartoon satirizing Premier Arth...Calgary Herald cartoon satirizing Premier Arthur Sifton's promised railroads. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Feedly Feed your mind


More than a quarter of Alberta kids face ‘great difficulty’ when starting kindergarten
A sweeping study of thousands of Calgary and Alberta kindergarten children is unmasking some hard truths that could have major public policy implications for schools, the city and the province.
Musical Interlude: Marc Enfroy, “A Beautiful Soul”
Marc Enfroy, “A Beautiful Soul” - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdz2UfCua9k
Arizona Immigration Law Ruling: Supreme Court Delivers Split Decision
HuffPost By- Mike Sacks Posted: 06/25/2012 10:19 am Updated: 06/25/2012  2:52 pm WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday delivered a split decision in the Obama administration’s challenge to Arizona’s aggressive immigration law, striking multiple provisions but upholding the “papers please” provision. Civil rights groups argue the latter measure, a centerpiece of S.B. 1070, invites racial profil




Companies’ Ills Did Not Harm Romney’s Firm
The Boston headquarters of Bain Capital, a firm that usually found a way to make money from companies it controlled even when they ultimately went bankrupt. New York Times By MICHAEL LUO and JULIE CRESWELL Published: June 22, 2012 Cambridge Industries, an automotive plastics supplier whose losses had been building for three consecutive years, finally filed for bankruptcy in May 2000 under a mounta


Who Was the “We” at Rio+20?
Businesses Took Center Stage While Civil Society Became a Sideshow
Walking Away from Rio
The International Summits Are Broken. Time to Put Bodies onto the Streets


Episode 232 – AIG Exposed
Most people know “American International Group” as the recipient of the largest bailout in history, but there is much more to this giant insurance company than that. From ties to “Wild” Bill Donovan’s OSS to Arkansas money laundering to 9/11 insider trading, today we explore the allegations and connections that continue to haunt the once impervious AIG. For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE
“Cyanide Grass” is not GMO
Link: http://www.examiner.com/article/gmo-food-hybrid-poison-grass-that-kills-texas-cattle-not-genetically-modified More on Tifton 85: http://www.tifton.uga.edu/fat/tifton85.htm Seeds of Destruction: http://globalresearch.ca/books/SoD.html Corbett Report on GMO: http://www.corbettreport.com/?s=gmo
Food World Order 023 – Shudder Island
Audio/Notes: http://ur1.ca/9im3l On Thursday nights, Media Monarchy joins Corbett Report Radio live on Republic Broadcasting to go over all the latest stories from the world of food, environment and health. This week’s lunch menu features leaks, labs and alerts + the ‘Hemp for Victory’ ‘Binge and Purge’, phone calls and more…
Corbett Report Radio 133 with Guest Host Jon Rappoport
Sitting in for James, investigative reporter Jon Rappoport breaks explosive stories about the medical cartel, its crimes, and its role in The Matrix. The major media collude in an ongoing cover-up. Jon writes and reports at www.NoMoreFakeNews.com


This Truck Driving Texan Appears To Be A Strong Barack Obama Backer
Above is the truck that belongs to a person who appears to be quite an avid backer of President Obama. I took this picture in Houston two weeks ago. While Texas votes Republican at the statewide level, I am sensitive to the perception that people have in other parts of the country that everybody in Texas is driving around in big trucks with Confederate flag stickers. Here is somebody driving abou
“Houston” Sculpture In Houston City Park Still Covered With Graffiti
Above is a picture I took six weeks ago of the sculpture called “Houston” that is located in Stude Park in Houston along the new White Oak Bayou trail. I visited this site again a few hours ago. Below is a new picture— The old graffiti is still there and there also seems to be some new graffiti. So I guess we’ll just let that thing sit there and have people come and spray paint it. Here are fact
There Is Nothing Wrong With Admitting That You Just Don’t Know
Above is a National Weather Service radar picture from yesterday afternoon of Tropical Storm Debby. I enjoyed the three question marks in this image. I also like where it says “Considerable uncertainty with forecast movement beyond Sunday.“ It may well be the case that despite having satellites and radar and scientists and computer models that you still may not know which way the storm is heading
Latest Edition Of The Occupy Wall Street: Houston Newsletter
Here is the most recent edition of the Occupy Wall Street: Houston newsletter. OWSH is a strong effort to reboot the Occupy Wall Street effort here in Houston. Here is the Facebook page of OWSH. Please read the newsletter and see if you would like to help in some way. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Forward to a Friend Upcoming E
Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up—The Work Of Freedom Is Up To Each Of Us.
Here is the weekly posting of the Texas Progressive Alliance round-up. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. TPA members are citizen-bloggers working for a better Texas. (Above–The TPA held its biennial blogger gathering a few days back. This event is held with each Texas Democratic convention.)  Every Texan and every American has the ability to attend a public meeti
I’m Out And About On Behalf Of The Blog Reading Public
I’m out and about today working on behalf of the blog reading public. Today I’ll be at the Texas State Democratic Convention, the National Weather Service Hurricane Preparedness Workshop, and at the political art show I made reference to yesterday on the blog. Hopefully I’ll get some good material today for a number of future posts here at Texas Liberal. I spare no effort for the blog reading publ


Muslim-Basher Geller Dropped from Jewish Speaking Engagement
The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles canceled a lecture it was going to host by Pam Geller (who is Jewish) just hours before it was supposed to be delivered Sunday morning. The Western Region Chapter of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), was sponsoring Geller’s speech, “Islamic Jew Hatred as the Root Cause of Failure [...]
‘Sovereign’ Tax Cheat Bilked Millions from Treasury; Gets 12 Years
An antigovernment “tax-cheat guru” who claims the federal government has no authority over him found out differently last week when a judge ordered him to spend 12 years behind bars and pay $6.2 million in restitution. Ronald L. Brekke, 55, of Orange County, Calif., helped nearly 1,000 people in three countries file for a total of [...]


Kenneth Waltz: Stuck in the Cold War
This post will appear on Nuclear Diner when the site is fully operational again. We have a version of the site from last February now up and are working on what we think will be a full recovery. Kenneth Waltz argues that an Iranian nuclear weapon is likely to stabilize the Middle East as a counterbalance to Israeli nuclear power. His Foreign Affairs article is behind a paywall, but USA Today publi

Moms to White House: Investigate Monsanto!
Earlier this year I shared the inspiring story of our colleague from Argentina, mother of three and global Goldman Prize winner Sofía Gatica. Now Sofia needs our support in her battle against Monsanto, and we're asking you to help by participating in a social media day of action on Monday, June 25th. When Sofía traveled to the White House in April, she met the leader of the Council on Environm


Hating the young.
The key moment in modern British politics is not, as some might imagine, the bail-out of the banks and the subsequent recession as the collapse of Lehman Brothers reverberated around the globe. It in fact came a year earlier. Gordon Brown was still enjoying his political honeymoon, having finally taken over from Tony Blair as prime minister. Realising that it would help enormously if he had his


Do US flag officers believe Iraq had WMDs?
by Doctor Science Daniel Drezner reported at Foreign Policy on a recent poll conducted by Dartmouth political scientist Benjamin Valentino that found, among other points, that 63% of Republicans believe that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction at the time of the US invasion in 2003. This is approximately the same percentage who believe that President Obama was born in a foreign country. What th

The Weapons Supply – Who is Deciding Who Gets What?
Several high-ranking Syrian military officers have reportedly defected to Turkey. China is urging calm after Syria’s downing  downs Turkish jet, and China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, says he hopes parties will “adhere to diplomacy” as Turkey takes the issue to NATO, insisting that the jet was in international airspace, while Syria claims that the aircraft entered its airspace. During the first d


Gillard Government Rio+20 oceans announcement a welcome investment in protection for Coral Triangle and Pacific
WWF-Australia today applauded the Australian Government for committing an additional $8 million towards the Coral Triangle Initiative and up to $25 million to the Pacific Oceanscape Framework. The extra funding, announced by Prime Minister Gillard at the Rio+20 summit, will assist countries across the Asia Pacific to improve the management of their oceans and coast. WWF-Australia CEO Dermot O’Go
Sustaining the Coral Triangle’s Marine Biodiversity and its People: “Building Sustainable Blue Economies”
 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- A group of countries from Southeast Asia and the Pacific came together at the Rio+20 Summit this week to showcase their combined efforts to save the Coral Triangle, one of the most biologically diverse and ecologically rich marine regions on earth. On the world stage at Rio, Brazil, at a high level side event hosted by the Government of Indonesia, the Coral Triangle c


Uses of a Forgotten Cluster
Astronomical surprises can emerge close to home, close in terms of light years and close in terms of time. Take NGC 6774, an open cluster of stars also known as Ruprecht 147 in the direction of Sagittarius. In astronomical terms, it’s close enough — at 800 to 1000 light years — to be a target for binoculars in the skies of late summer. In chronological terms, the cluster has had a kind of re-birth

The Misruling Class
Editor’s Note: In a February 2006 In These Times cover story titled “In the Search of Solidarity,” Christopher Hayes, then a senior editor for the magazine, wrote: Right now, our politics are atomized and transactional: we send checks, we sign petitions, we forward articles. We buy sweat-free clothes, recycle and look for vocations that don’t collude too egregiously with evil. But we’ve uncons


Haggling over Peripherals
Negotiations between the United States and Pakistan over the cost of hauling freight from Karachi port to Afghanistan and the wording of a statement of regret or apology over Pakistani deaths at a border clash last November have become demeaning to everyone involved. Patching up these contentious issues will have lasting benefit only if a much larger impasse can somehow be bridged. The central imp
China and DPRK Sanctions-Busting
On Friday, June 29, the United Nations Security Council will release a report telling us about efforts by the DPRK to obtain weapons and WMD-related items in violation of UNSC sanctions. That’s interesting because, according to two Japanese press reports which appeared on June 22, this is the first time since 2010 that China–one of the countries fielding experts to a consulting body to the UNSC Sa

Depressed Movement of Al Qaeda
By Mohammad Jamil A report of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), titled ‘Emerging Al Qaeda Strategy, pointed out that in May 2012 US left no stone unturned in damaging Pakistan Army in the Islamic World, assassinating its senior officers, annihilating it after US-led NATO decided to withdraw forces from Afghanistan in 2014?. The report said that after Osama-bin-Laden (OBL) was kille
Anti-Christian move continues in India
Although, persecution and atrocities on Christians in India have continued in the last 62 years, yet same has intensified in the recent years. In this regard, an article which pointed out maltreatment of Christians in India has been critisised by the Indian high officials. In this respect, while addressing workers of BJP on 4 June, Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujerat, Narendra Modi, crit
Beyonce is a generous lady
The famous singer Beyonce Knowles is a generous lady who obviously has money to burn. Recently, she has just dropped a cool $50 million on a luxury jet for her rapper husband Jay-Z. The singer’s Father’s Day gift to her husband is capable of taking 15 passengers, which also includes many features you would find in a house. “Beyoncé thought this would be the perfect way to show Jay how much of a gr
New Picture of Angelina shows her as evil witch
The first picture of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent sports a look designed to send shivers up the spines of her kids taken from her movie Maleficent. The Changeling star goes to the dark side for her role as Sleeping Beauty’s evil tormentor in the new Disney movie. With dramatic cheekbones, red lipstick and a horned headdress she is every inch the wicked witch. And the coloured contact lenses make h

he Genesis Code
by Mark Vogl:    Way behind, in terms of money, infrastructure, recognizable celebrities, Christians have entered the American entertainment world!
Socrates Was a Fraud: The Emperor's New Philosophy
by Richard in Japan:    Socratic philosophy represents a dead end in any search for ultimate truth. Its reputation as the pinnacle of Western thought is undeserved.
The Week of June 17-23rd, 2012 in Ignored Financial News
by Russell G. Davis:    The Financial section of the news is THE most unfiltered journalism around. Some very interesting articles from this week!
A letter to Sarah Palin, Rush, the Tea Party and America
by Mark Vogl:    The solutions to the US crisis are easily identifiable, and just as easily implemented given the right leadership and purpose
The Founding Fathers Never Envisioned American Multi-Culturalism
by Kevin C. Caffrey:    The article discusses the history of American immigration and the failure of the present day politicians to do anything about the problem.
What will it take to make MADE IN THE USA a campaign pledge ?
by Mark Vogl:    The question for Romney to ask is; American Corporations what will it take to bring manufacturing back to America?


RIO+20: Promised Green Economy Was a Fake, Say Activists
When the Rio+20 summit on sustainable development ended Friday, there were winners and losers – mostly losers. The omission of reproductive rights is a step backwards from previous agreements, said Gro Harlem Brundtland. UN Photo/Mark Garten The United Nations and the host country Brazil – along with big business – put a positive spin on the outcome of the conference, a follow-up to the 1992 Earth
Market Gardens Key to Autonomy for Niger Women
Four figures bend intently over their work in one corner of the large vegetable garden near the western Niger village of Dioga. Months after the village’s main harvest has been brought in – and eaten up – the irrigated green of the garden is welcome relief in a part of the country where hunger never seems far away. The three-hectare garden is managed by women from this village and surrounding sett
‘It Should be Named Planet Ocean, Not Planet Earth’
Oceans, seas and coasts provide over 200 million jobs globally, while 4.3 billion people get 15 percent of their intake of animal protein from the seas. Travel and tourism, ports and energy production use oceans and seas to create jobs and economic and social benefits for millions of people. Wendy Watson-Wright, executive secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC). Credit:
New Set of Sustainable Development Goals Looks Beyond 2015*
When world leaders from over 100 countries wind up their three-day Rio+20 summit in Brazil next week, they will leave behind the shattered remains of a slew of proposals that never got off the ground. A 30-billion-dollar Global Fund for Sustainable Development? A Financial Transactions Tax? A Sustainable Development Index? A Sustainable Development Council? A Global Fund for Education? A World Env
RIO+20: Developing Countries Accept Green Economy*
It’s not true that developing countries conditioned the inclusion of the green economy in the final document at Rio+20 on clearly defined provisions for financing, the head of the Venezuelan delegation, Claudia Salerno, told TerraViva. “That is an unfounded rumour,” she said. Venezuela’s chief negotiator Claudia Salerno. Credit: IISD On Thursday Jun. 14, the Group of 77 (G77) developing countries
Green Turns Trendy in Indonesia
JAKARTA, Jun 17 (IPS) 2012 – Studies on carbon emissions conducted in the Bogor Agricultural University (BAU) in West Java confirm that the worst culprits are students with their trendy lifestyles. “On average, each student dumps two plastic bags a day and there are more than 3,000 of them on our campus,” Popi Puspita Forestian, a student at BAU, tells IPS. Besides plastic bags, there are also ele


Baby Soap Causing Babies to Test Positive for Marijuana.
By Elizabeth Renter  -  NaturalSociety  June 20th, 2012.  Find Full Article Here:- What happened when nurses at a North Carolina hospital noticed higher than normal numbers of infants testing positive for marijuana? No, thankfully they did not call the police. Instead, the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill instituted a study and found something quite bizarre: that baby soap common
Associated Press caught lying about water fluoridation.
June 18th, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff   Find Full Article Here:- Added fluoride is a toxic poison often loaded with arsenic, mercury, and other toxins. It seems as though every time an American town or city drops the added fluoride chemicals from its water supply, the dinosaur media comes out with its usual talking points about how water fluoridation is one of the greatest public health interventions
Vaccinated children have up to 500% more disease than unvaccinated children.
June 19th, 2012 by: PF Louis   Find Full Article Here:- Suspicions have been confirmed for those wary of vaccinating their children. A recent large study corroborates other independent study surveys comparing unvaccinated children to vaccinated children. They all show that vaccinated children have two to five times more childhood diseases, illnesses, and allergies than unvaccinated children. Origi


Coy Rubio Can’t Tell The Truth
Marco Rubio's inability to tell the truth about his immigration background, his vetting and his failure to come up with an immigration plan to match the Dream Act for immigrants like him. Continue reading →You just finished reading Coy Rubio Can't Tell The Truth ! Consider leaving a comment!You just finished reading an article by our staffers at Independent Politics News Thanks for dropping by, w
Linking Isn’t Copyright Infringement Says Canada Federal Court
National Post gets a smack down on copyright infringement claims of two news articles and a photo by Canada's federal court. Continue reading →You just finished reading Linking Isn't Copyright Infringement Says Canada Federal Court! Consider leaving a comment!You just finished reading an article by our staffers at Independent Politics News Thanks for dropping by, we'd love to have you join us on
Devasting Flood Disaster in British Columbia
Flash Flooding in British Columbia's interior caused damage, floating cars and debris in swollen rivers and creeks. Continue reading →You just finished reading Devasting Flood Disaster in British Columbia! Consider leaving a comment!You just finished reading an article by our staffers at Independent Politics News Thanks for dropping by, we'd love to have you join us on Twitter @PoliticolNews.
Romney Implies Obama is Not Civil on Immigration?
Mitt Romney continues his "no answer" responses to immigration, language problems, and deporting 11 million non-doc immigrants in Buena Vista Florida to Latino leaders. Continue reading →You just finished reading Romney Implies Obama is Not Civil on Immigration?! Consider leaving a comment!You just finished reading an article by our staffers at Independent Politics News Thanks for dropping by, we
Bill C-38 Destroyed Canada’s Environmental Laws and Much More
Harper's Bill C-38 destroys environmental laws, reduces unemployment wage replacement, reduces food inspections, a basket of the conservative majority austerity measures for Canadians. Continue reading →You just finished reading Bill C-38 Destroyed Canada's Environmental Laws and Much More! Consider leaving a comment!You just finished reading an article by our staffers at Independent Politics New
Issa was Briefed on Fast and Furious 2 Years Ago
Darrell Issa was briefed on Fast and Furious by ATF two years ago, although he denies it today. But with a record like Issa has, who could trust him. Continue reading →You just finished reading Issa was Briefed on Fast and Furious 2 Years Ago! Consider leaving a comment!You just finished reading an article by our staffers at Independent Politics News Thanks for dropping by, we'd love to have you


Why Your Vote Is Worth Exactly Squat #5
It's all about State's Rights. Well, unitl it isn't.    San Francisco - As the 2012 Farm Bill continues to take shape in the halls of the United States Congress, the immense influence of corporate interests is on display.    On June 21 the United States Senate voted overwhelmingly against the Sanders Amendment that would have allowed states to pass legislation that required food and beverage pro
Bring. It. On.
By @BGinKC I am beyond pissed off. I am beyond livid. I am seeing red, and I've fucking had it.  The next motherkerfucker who open his mouth like this in earshot of me is going to get injured, and I don't even care  about the criminal assault charges that I will face after. The  police record will be a badge of honor. What has me so pissed today?   This: A conservative radio host says tha
Song to Fight the Plutocracy By: "Homeless"
By @KYYellowDog Published on Dec 20, 2006 by almirCCR African Concert - Graceland -live in Africa
The Barefoot and Pregnant States
By @KYYellowDog Yes, of course Kentucky is one. See what a DINO governor and state house will get you? Annie-Rose Strasser at Think Progress: Half Of States Protect Men's Health More Than Women's | Twenty-two states will not offer coverage of contraception to women on the same basis as it is offered to men if the Affordable Care Act is overturned. The Progressive States Network put together this m
Songs to Fight the Plutocracy By: "Hole in the Bucket"
By @KYYellowDog Uploaded by pangaeaspeople1 on May 31, 2011
Black Lesbian Defeats Incumbent DINO in Nevada with No Money
By @KYYellowDog I don't know whether this story flying under the radar is a sign that non-traditional candidates winning is now dog-bites-man, or a sign that Our Liberal Media still refuses to give such candidates any oxygen. Either way, tell all your friends! Down with Tyranny: Which brings us to something remarkable that happened in Nevada, of all places, (June 12). Short version: another out-of
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