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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, June 29, 2012

29 June - My Feedly

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Get Your Facebook Account Under Control This Weekend
You're probably well aware that this week Facebook decided to change the email address on your timeline to @facebook.com without asking you first. While it was easy enough to fix, there's plenty about the social media site that's been causing problems for users for quite awhile. Let's get them under control this weekend. More »
Obama’s Happy Dance on The Tonight Show
Happy Dance at the White House on Affordable Healthcare after a Supreme Court landmark victory for all Americans, Jay Leno featured Pres. Obama's Happy Dance. Continue reading →You just finished reading Obama's Happy Dance on The Tonight Show! Consider leaving a comment!You just finished reading an article by our staffers at Independent Politics News Thanks for dropping by, we'd love to have you join us on Twitter @PoliticolNews.
Chesterfield County soldier wounded in Afghanistan attack : News ...
... attack in Afghanistan last week. He had been deployed there since last November with the 133rd Military Police Company out of Timmonsville. ... So, our daughter knew something was wrong before we got any word, and then we got word from the National Guard that they wanted to meet with us because Devin had been injured," said Charlie. Sgt. Davis married Christie just ... TitleMax Car Title Loan. Get the Most Cash – up to $5000!Lowest Rates. No Credit Check.
UN grants Nativity Church 'endangered' status
UNESCO agrees to fund repairs for site of Jesus' birthplace in Bethlehem, despite Israeli and US objections.

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Most Americans Are Confident That Obama Is Better Suited To Save Us From An Alien Invasion Than Romney, The Hulk, Spiderman Or Bat Man
So now that we've gotten healthcare reform and Fast & Furious out of the way, let's move on to invasions from other planets. If, like millions of Americans, you're addicted to Ancient Astronauts and believe we've been visited before-- yes, "they" built the Pyramids, gave us our religions (all of them except, ironically enough, Scientology), killed off the dinosaurs for us, fixed our DNA so
VIDEOS: The BRAD BLOG's Desi Doyen Guest Hosts 'The Young Turks' on 'Health Care Decision Day'
Clearly, those "Turks" are just trying to steal her away from us! Once again, the delightful Desi Doyen, co-host and managing editor of The BRAD BLOG's Green News Report was sitting in to guest host on The Young Turks yesterday along with longtime TYTer, Ana Kasparian. They were both joined in the first hour, devoted to yesterday's stunning Supreme Court health care ruling, by Current TV's Jacki
A Giant Fiction: USrael's War on Terror Has Proven To Be Fake In Syria
 The Pentagon loves Jihad in Syria. "Ironic indeed, that the US in particular is backing entirely terrorist forces that thousands of Americans have shed their blood allegedly fighting in the "War on Terror." It appears that Al Qaeda, admittedly a creation of the CIA in the 1980's to draw in and fight Soviets in Afghanistan, is still patronized by the West and used as both a convenient cas
Flood insurance premiums could rise 20 percent in Louisiana – $1.1 billion shortfall in state’s 2013 Medicaid budget
By Bruce Alpert, Times-Picayune28 June 2012 Washington – New federal flood insurance legislation could force some homeowners and commercial property owners to pay higher premiums, up to 20 percent a year for the next five years. Currently rate increases are limited to 10 percent annually. The legislation, added to a transportation funding bill expected to win congressional approval by the weeke

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The EnvironmentaList
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Can San Francisco add 150,000 more people?
Land’s carrying capacity under stress as Bay Area expected to add 2 million

The Corbett Report
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Visions of the Future and Food World Order
It’s a wild, wild world out there as the bizarre science-fiction visions of yesteryear are fast becoming the mundane reality of today. Today on the program, James highlights a number of stories that show that the world of tomorrow is here today…and that world is ultimately what we make of it. In the second half of the program we’re joined by James Evan Pilato to go over the Food World Order. Works

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Yesin on China’s Nukes
Phil Karber has placed another story, this time directly associating himself with the discredited claim that China has 3,000 nuclear weapons.  Karber found an essay by General Viktor Yesin (in Russian), a former commander of the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces, and placed it in the Falun Gong-run Epoch Times. Yesin’s essay is full of errors, so let’s start with the easy one.  Yesin claims China i

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Dawn of ‘Red America’: Extremists React to SCOTUS Ruling
Antigovernment activists and far-right extremists are waxing hysterical over yesterday’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold President Obama’s signature achievement, the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Mike Vanderboegh, an antigovernment activist who in 2010 reacted to the imminent passage of the health care law by calling on Americans to break the windows of local Democratic [...]
Arizona Bar Admonishes Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes
It turns out Stewart Rhodes, the Yale-educated lawyer who founded the Oath Keepers to encourage police and military personnel to disobey orders they deem unconstitutional, has a hard time following the rules of conduct for lawyers. Hatewatch has learned that the State Bar of Arizona has admonished Rhodes for practicing without a license. Rhodes wrote “notices [...]

In These Times
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A New Standard for Oxymoronic Newspeak
If there was an ongoing contest in the art of self-contradicting newspeak, a quote from a U.S. military official during the Vietnam War would be the reigning victor for most of the modern era. In describing the decision to ignore the prospect of civilian casualties and vaporize a Vietnamese village, that unnamed official famously told Peter Arnett of the Associated Press that “it became necessar
Smashing the Spinning Plates
The outcome of the June 17 Greek election—a narrow victory for the conservative New Democracy over the leftist Syriza party, and the prompt formation of a “pro-European” coalition government—predictably unleashed a gigantic sigh of relief all over Europe. The catastrophe was averted, European unity had prevailed, etc. But, in fact, a great opportunity was missed, a unique chance for Europe to fi

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From here.
Roberts, Muslim
One surprising thing I learned yesterday is that Chief Justice John Roberts is a Kenyan Muslim Socialist.

Centauri Dreams
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Private Funding for Asteroid Telescope
Asteroids are certainly having their moment in the press, what with the combined attention being paid first to Planetary Resources and its plans for asteroid mining, and now the B612 Foundation, with a plan that in some ways tracks the Planetary Resources model. As announced yesterday, B612 intends to build a space telescope using private funding and launch it into a Solar orbit, from which it can

Obsidian Wings
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The eyes have (had) it Friday open thread
by liberal japonicus I've had glasses since the third grade, something that was only caught by my observant 2nd grade teacher, Mrs Carmody, who noticed that while many of my math answers were wrong, it was because I had copied down the wrong numbers from the blackboard. My mother scoffed at the notion until one day, our across the street neighbor, who was an Air Force major, was coming to our

WWF - Latest News
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Green Economy To Help Make Poverty History in Mozambique
Maputo, Mozambique: Following squandered opportunities at the Rio+20 talks in Brazil, Mozambique has created a national roadmap towards a Green Economy. Within two months of a regional conference on Green Economy organized by Mozambique’s Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental Action (MICOA) and WWF in Maputo in April this year, the roadmap was approved by Mozambique’s Council of Ministe

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The election effects of the Obama Care ruling ...
by Mark Vogl:    A single issue election creates a vacuum for more evil in Washington than ever before. Obama Care marginalizes Gay marriage, taxes,

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