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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

3 June - Twitterpated

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12 Nov 11

"With Hemingway & Gellhorn, it’s as if Kaufman answered the call of wild and it turned out to be a loon."
'By the Rules'....almost very Ricky Martin/Enrique?? I don't get it yet.....
10 Biggest Lies Of The Right Wing: About 40 years ago, a neocon named Arnold Beichman, (1913-2010) a man who pre...
Larry Summers Has a Business Proposition for the US Economy
“It’s difficult to underestimate how unique the News of the World was.”
Personally I really liked this: "he shows up in order to show off."
PRENDA was the anti-choice movement at its immature and silly worst.
oh yes. "...tearing the mounted heads from the wall, holding up gazelle horns at her chest as if modeling for Alexander McQueen"
"The world is prepared to pay the U.S. more than 100 basis points to store its money for 5 years."
More thoughts on Pasters, Presentists, and Futurians from Jeffrey Israel at Stay Attuned
Is it a case of new governments mean new management for Airways? Watch Counting the Cost |
I did. Pretty good RT My weekly baseball book question:Ever read Bottom of the 33rd by Dan Berry? Might take it out.
The $10k bet was Romney, Genius RT To Mr Olbermann's deluded twatters:In the words of your moronic leader "Wanna bet $10,000?"
UPDATE: Plane crash in Lagos, Nigeria claims the lives of all 153 on board (VIDEO):
beat sweetener alert! in 90+ paragraph valentine, compares Romney aide to a "stallion";
. is your hero Wiesel the same huckster who took $500k from anti-Semite End Timer Pastor John Hagee? Yes he is!
In which country? Syria? RT We right wing Morons, will sweep the Oval Office and Congress in Nov.
mark this date: RNC chairman: it's "pretty normal" for prez campaigns to organize hecklers at opponent's event;
"For these tough guys from Chicago to cry about it, I just find it laughable"
ICYMI, Sat. reported it was "clever" of Romney to not repudiate Trump's birther idiocy.
ha. gov't has NEVER had a say in what pple eat/drink, right??; RT No legal drinking age either.
right, the FDA does not exist...; RT dosnt matter. Govt has no say in what we can eat or drink
The Environmental Daily is out!
▸ Top stories today via
Consumer Bureau Brushback: The Supreme Court scores a victory for checks and balances.
On : Why the Inquiry is compulsory viewing for anyone interested in the world of media |
President al-Assad: the Political Process is Moving Forward, National Security is a Red Line
ACT FAST to save platypuses from a fungal infection that could make them extinct! Help us out!
Ron Paul's campaign accused security officials at a state GOP event of assaulting some of their supporters
For those who claim the Obama adminstration is only targeting "Terrorists" with their drones
Body parts case provokes widespread anger in China
Chinese government issues warning for its citizens in Canada
YAY! Someone else besides myself who supports this! And the ONLY thing I have EVER agreed with on!
POINT (): "Men created the internet" COUNTER-POINT (): "Like hell they did."
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