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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, June 7, 2010

7 June - RSS SnapShot!

A United States Navy landing craft air cushion...Image via Wikipedia

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IPS - Inter Press Services

Scoop - NZ

Independent ( London )

Rogue Government.com

Innovation Canada

Signs of the times

The Galloping Beaver

Media Matters for America

Global Research.ca

TPM Cafe



Water Quality - WordPress

Dandelion Salad - Featured Writers' Posts

Axis of Logic

They Gave Us a Republic

Care 2


Reuters Global

Booman Tribune

European Tribune


Therapy News

Mountaintop Removal


Energy & Environment News

5+ quakes - 7 days

China Dialogue

AlterNet Top Stories

Threat Level

Reuters - Most Popular Articles

Equality Trust


Marler Blog


Rafe's Radar

Camera Obscura

Democracy Now!

Farming Pathogens



Insurgency Watch - Newswire

AlterNet - Rights and Liberties

Sideways News

Fabius Maximus

Open Your Eyes News

Monkey Smashes Heaven




Glenn Greenwald - Salon

The BiPartisan Report


Common Dreams-Progressive Newswire

Common Dreams-Views

Karl Burkart

Water Privatization



BBC - Richard Black's Earth Watch

The Wonk Room

thwap's schoolyard

Financial Sense Editorials

on Government Oversight

Digital Journal

End Homelessness | Change.org


Kevin Trudeau Show

Pambazuka News

War in Context

Watts Up With That?

Dandelion Salad

Your New Reality

Wired - Science

Israeli Occupation Archive

Ria Novosti - Military


Intel Trends

Organic Consumers.org



Opinio Juris

Investigate - Breaking News

Public News Service

My Care2 Picks

Angry Indian News

Farm Wars

True/Slant Headline Grabs

Citizens for Legitimate Government

The Briefing Room | Investigate


Vaccine Resistance Movement

B.C. Preppers Network

Michael Yon

The Killing Train


Democratic Voice of Burma

Telegraph - Climate Change

National Geographic | Environment

Jurist - Legal Research

Atlantic | Mark Ambinder

COAT - Coalition to oppose the Arms Trade

Bulletin of American Scientists - News

Tikun Olam

Ode Magazine

OpEd News


Lawyers,Guns,& Money

Desert Research Institute

Earth Techling

National Law Journal | U.S.

How Shall We Do The Mountain ?

News Blaze

environment 360

Red Ice Creations

Russia Today

Dad2059′s Webzine of Science Fiction, Science Fact and Esoterica

Tippers News

The Freeman

Teaching Online Journalism

Facing South

CowBoss' Inconvenient Truths - Food

Worldpress - Africa

Canadian Encyclopedia

How Can I Recycle This ?


Media Consortium

The Intelligence Daily

My AntiWar

CASMII - Campaign against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran

The Daily Galaxy

Natural News

Threat Level

PERRspectives : Blog

Blackspot News Feed

Consortium News


Institute for Middle East Understanding

Water - AlterNet

Public Citizen in Texas

Unexplained Mysteries




Smirking Chimp

Paul Krugman

No Quarter

Environmental Graffiti

Foreign Policy in Focus

Global Elite

Al Jazeera

Green Inc. - NYT

Dot Earth News

Doug Feith : Hong Pong

Daily Censored

AlterNet's Breaking News

Institute for Policy Studies

Pine River World News


After Downing Street.org

Grist - News

Popular Bookmarks on Del.icio.us

Technorati - What's Hot in Blogs

Time - Top Stories

Washington Independent

Digg Green

Invisible Opportunity

Global Insights

AlterNet - DrugReporter

Twilight Earth


Pogue's Posts

WIRED Magazine | Science

The Progressive Realist

TAPPED - The American Prospect

Andy Worthington

Environment _ National Geographic

drinking liberally in new milford ( with beersphere feeds )

SPL Center

change: org.

Common Dreams -News


Newshoggers - AfPak

Water Wars

WordPress | Economics

Electronic Intifada

Afghanistan Sun


geopolitics | geoeconomics

Whistleblowers Protection Blog

Science Express




Executive Intelligence Review - LaRouche

Armies of Liberation

Dark Politricks

food and water watch



CFACT ( Panned by SourceWatch )

Ria Novosti Online News

Ria Novosti - Science & Technology

Pruning Shears

Natural Health News


Son of Alex Constantine's Blacklist

Center for a Livable Future


The Seferm Post

The World We Live In

Center for Food Safety

Angry Indian Op-Eds


Green Times

Citizens for Legitimate Government

Daily Loaf

Israel-The Only Democracy in the Middle East?

Politics in the Zeros


Deadline Live

The Air Vent

Focal Point

Inside Facebook

Truthout - Tweets

ReDress News

Amazon Rainforest

Sibel Edmonds' Boiling Frogs

Afro Spear

Expose the BNP


If Americans Knew

David J. Gregory

Unsuitable Blog

Subalternate Reality

Idea Lab | Technology

Cutting Edge News

High Country News


Contagious Love Experiment

Yid With Lid

The Real Agenda

Wind Watch

Not My Tribe

Debunking the Debunkers




Survival International

Greg Palast

Telegraph UK - oil

Ian Welsh

Age of Autism

Sidebar Search Spiders for Water Related News  


To Do

- Jun 07, 2010
- 6 hours ago
OSLO (Reuters) - The world could generate 95 percent of electricity from renewable energies by 2050 in a drastic shift from fossil fuels, with the United ...
North American Windpower
- Jun 07, 2010
- 1 hour ago
by NAW Staff on Monday 07 June 2010 Ohio's legislature has passed renewable energy tax reform. Sub SB232 passed the House by a vote of 91-7; ...
MarketWatch (press release)
- Jun 07, 2010
- 55 minutes ago
"This project is a good example of developing renewable energy resources in remote parts of our Province." he further added "We look forward to continuing ...
OfficialWire (press release)
- Jun 07, 2010
- 7 hours ago
Our "WaterFurnace Renewable Energy Inc. - Financial Analysis Review" is an in-depth business and financial analysis of WaterFurnace Renewable Energy Inc.. ...
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Human Habitat

Patch (blog)
- Jun 06, 2010
- 22 hours ago
However, on Sunday, June 6, she was volunteering her services at the Holtsville Ecology Site, where the Great Strides 5K Cystic Fibrosis Walk was taking ...
Kyiv Post
- Jun 07, 2010
- 37 minutes ago
MOSCOW, June 7 (Reuters) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered an overhaul of environmental regulations on Monday, a rare issue on which he has staked ...
Kitsap Sun
- Jun 07, 2010
- 10 hours ago
Washington Department of Ecology is creating a new pesticide permit to control invasive species that are threatening to infest fresh and marine waters. ...
The Epoch Times
- Jun 07, 2010
- 9 hours ago
After the Department of Ecology (also known simply as Ecology) denied the groups' request, they decided to file a lawsuit. Idaho Rivers United seeks to, ...
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Water Power

San Francisco Chronicle
- Jun 07, 2010
- 9 hours ago
The body of an 11-year-old Pittsburg girl was found Sunday, more than 12 hours after she disappeared in the turbulent water off Riverview Park. ...
Chicago Tribune
- Jun 07, 2010
- 3 hours ago
AP Authorities say the body of a 44-year-old boater who may have been knocked into the water by a vehicle that hit a crowd and boats at the Bayview Yacht ...
Salt Lake Tribune
- Jun 07, 2010
- 1 hour ago
Crews with the Sandy Fire Department have been on the scene for more than 12 hours, sandbagging and attempting to save homes from the water. ...
MarketWatch (press release)
- Jun 07, 2010
- 4 hours ago
The Northwest Power and Conservation Council (NPCC) estimates that by 2030 market adoption of new water heater technologies capable of meeting DOE's energy ...
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