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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

16 June - Blogs I'm Following

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8:45pm MDST  ( as I'm posting from New Brunswick, local 11:45 is still late evening for me )

Comparing Chinese And American Military Culture

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 44 minutes ago
Image Credit: U.S. Air Force *Ben Lowsen, The Diplomat:* *A Comparison of Chinese and American Military Culture* *When East Meets West.* Modern China’s emergence onto the global stage brings with it both concern and hope: concern for how the world will accommodate an emerging great power and hope that a great civilization will enrich every aspect of global exchange. The world is looking to the United States as the cornerstone of the existing international system for leadership as it negotiates its relationship with an independently-minded China. Against this backdrop, it is now m... more »

Is Russia Becoming Polarised Between Liberals And Security Hawks?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 hour ago
Reuters *Lauren Goodrich, Stratfor:* *Putin's Choice* Russian President Vladimir Putin stands at a fork in the road. The crises and responsibilities the country faces hang in a precarious balance. As Russia's economic recession drags on, prolonged by Western sanctions and dreary oil prices, inflation has skyrocketed, wages are tumbling and the poverty rate is growing at a pace not seen since the 1998 financial crisis. Limited military campaigns in eastern Ukraine and Syria have stirred up nationalism, enabling the government to maintain its popularity. Meanwhile, NATO forces are b... more »

Now, Why Would Foreigners Want To Put Millions Into U.S. Politicians' Campaigns?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 hour ago
*No photos of money changing hands-- so it must have never happened* That foreign money floods into the American political system is hardly a secret, although it is illegal. Nothing much is ever done to stop it. Patrick Murphy's political career, for example, has been partially funded by one of the most powerful families in Saudi Arabia, the patriarch of which-- Clinton Library $1,000,000-plus donor-- Nasser al-Rashid, is one of the royal family's top 3 advisors. They've funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars into Murphy's 3 campaigns-- 2 for the House and now one for the U.S. Se... more »

Sanders Says He Will Work With Clinton to Transform Party

KEN THOMAS at The Stream - 1 hour ago
[image: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., smiles during a campaign rally at the Cox Convention Center Arena in Oklahoma City, Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)] BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Thursday in an address to his supporters that he will work with Hillary Clinton to transform the Democratic Party, adding that his “political revolution” must continue and ensure the defeat... more »

No Shit Sherlock

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 1 hour ago
'Thursday at a hearing on CIA intelligence activities, CIA Director John Brennan said ISIS is attempting infiltrate operatives into the West through "refugee flows, smuggling routes and legitimate methods of travel."' You can read more here at Breitbart http://www.breitbart.com/video/2016/06/16/cia-director-islamic-state-intensify-global-attacks/ but not on the institutionally pro Islam BBC

Friday Morning Ramble: 17.06.16

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 1 hour ago
*[image: Jack]* “In their speeches responding to the massacre, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each sought to demonstrate a firmer, clearer grasp of the jihadist menace — and therefore prove themselves best positioned to combat it. Each channeled one of the prevalent views in our culture. Both, however, are profoundly wrong. Both are united, ironically enough, in negating the crucial role of *ideas* in animating the jihadist cause.” *After Orlando, why Trump and Clinton both get the jihadists wrong* – Elan Journo, VOICES FOR REASON A puerile response by some of my fellow Musli... more »

Kurdistan: Plans for Northern Syria & Jews of Kurdistan want more recognition

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 1 hour ago
*It was truly so darn good and convenient that NATO backed ISIS grabbed and occupied all the land that was so conveniently intended to be the newest NATO state - Kurdistan or as I like to call it Israel 2.0* *Yup, convenient! * *How is it I was the only one to see that as it unfolded? It really was quite obvious.* *Thankfully** Willyloman-American Everyman caught on, or I would have felt truly alone.* So many others, though,.... busy cheering for NATO’s destabilizers - The *bestest* fighters of them all- *Backed by the biggest guns. **The poor beleaguered Kurdish militias completely... more »

In Honour of Trudeau's Multiple Deceptions

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 1 hour ago
*Different then Stephen Harper? No* - Canada: Second Biggest Arms Dealer to the Middle East & 6th Globally *No troops in Iraq?- Lie* - PM "no combat" Trudeau- Shoot em first. Let God sort them out "Hostile Intent" *Still catering to Israel and it's lobbyists?- Yes * - Will Free Speech Loving Canada allow Dieudonne to Perform at His Sold Out Shows? *Legalizing Marijuana- Not in the way you might think* - Obama (Me) speaks for Trudeau-bama (Mini-Me) & all of Canada *Real Change- Nope. Just cleaver marketing. Good PR * - Canada's PM- The Greatest Embarrassem... more »


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 2 hours ago
*Disgusting: Mizzou Race Activist Scolds White People At Orlando Shooting Vigil* What is with this school? The University of Missouri seems to be a breeding ground for unhinged progressives, who appear to have turned a vigil remembering the victims of the Orlando attack into some weird lecture about race. The College Fix had the details concerning what Mizzou graduate and activist Tiffany Melecio said before addressing the diverse crowd, namely how she was nervous getting up on stage because of all the white people in attendance. “I was really nervous to get up here because there... more »

Why Was The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff Standing Beside President Obama When He Made His Political Remarks On Donald Trump?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 2 hours ago
U.S. President Barack Obama delivers a statement accompanied by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, right, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford after a meeting with Obama's national security team at the Treasury Department in Washington, U.S., June 14, 2016. Reuters *Mark Thompson, Time*: *What Does the Military Think of Donald Trump?* What was surprising about President Obama’s denunciation of Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant terrorism policy Tuesday wasn’t the fact that Obama never mentioned Trump by name. He didn’t have to. “We now have prop... more »

Watch: 8th Grader Nails Impersonations of the 2016 Candidates in Graduation Speech

The Stream at The Stream - 2 hours ago
[image: Presidential Middle school Graduation Speech - 900] When Illinois 8th-grader Jack Aiello if Thomas Middle School stood up to deliver an address at his graduation, he had a surprise for the audience. “I’ve decided that since we’re in the middle of an election year, that I would do... more »

Drawing Hands

Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 2 hours ago
"I don't grow up. In me is the small child of my early days." M.C. Escher

Texas Must Accept Syrian Refugees, Federal Court Rules

KEVIN DALEY at The Stream - 3 hours ago
[image: Syrian refugees - 900] U.S. District Court Judge David Godbey ruled on Thursday that the state of Texas does not have the authority to block the resettlement of Syrian refugees within the state. In December, the state of Texas filed suit against the federal...more »

Jo Cox MP - Israel Did It

Spike EP at News Spike - 3 hours ago
"I believe that this is a gross attack on democratic freedoms. Not only is it right to boycott unethical companies but it is our right to do so. It should also be the right of local councils and public bodies that we have elected to make their own decisions, free of government control. But what do you think? I would love to know." *Jo Cox MP on her support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israeli Goods.* It's well-known and documented that "*Britain First*" is bankrolled and trained by the *Jewish Defence League (JDL)*, a registered terrorist organisation (even in Isra... more »

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- June 16, 2016

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 3 hours ago
*Joseph Ax, Reuters:** Wolf dens, not lone wolves, the norm in U.S. Islamic State plots* If Omar Mateen acted alone in plotting the massacre of 49 people at Orlando's Pulse gay nightclub, he would be the exception rather than the rule in U.S. cases involving suspected Islamic State supporters. Sunday's worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history prompted renewed warnings from officials of "lone wolf" attackers, a term that commonly invokes images of isolated individuals, radicalized online by violent propaganda and plotting alone. But a Reuters review of the approximately 90 Islam... more »

Rip-off News round-up. Our pick of the last week's media (Thu 16th June)

Hari at Ripped-off Britons - 3 hours ago
FTSE 100 giants with vast pension black holes hand billions to shareholders Britain's blue chips are dishing out billions more in dividends to shareholders despite a crisis in their pension funds. Analysis by investment group AJ Bell shows that 54 companies in the FTSE 100 index have handed out £48billion to investors in the last two years – despite having a £52billion pension black hole. And

The Pro-Life Women’s Clinic That Wants to ‘Replace Planned Parenthood’ — And Might Do It

Dustin Siggins at The Stream - 3 hours ago
[image: Pro Life Pregnancy Heart Clinic - 900] In 2006, Brandi Swindell opened her first pro-life pregnancy care clinic. Ten years later, Stanton Healthcare has clinics in multiple U.S. states, one in Northern Ireland, and more on the way. It's even caught the eye of Cosmopolitan. The abortion-supporting publication recently... more »

Economic News , Data & Views ...... June 16 , 2016 Quick Hits --- 1. Markets : UK Referendum Has Central Bankers Weighing Liquidity Injections ; ECB QE / Bonds "NIRP-Dom" News ; FOMC Decision & Aftermath Totally Overshadowed By Today's Event In The UK ; US Data On Thursday - Philly Fed . 2. UK - Shock Public Murder Of Labor MP Jo Cox Throws UK & Referendum Campaign Into Freeze-Mode . 3 Greece De Jour - First Review For Third Bailout Closed , Greece to Get Second Tranche Partial Payment of 7.5BN Early Next Week , Additional Items Of Note . 4. Brazil In Focus - Corruption Travails Snag Another Minister Of Temer , Zika Update , Foreign Investment Drops Off . 5. Odds & Ends. )

Fred Walton at Catharsis Ours - 3 hours ago
Markets & Market Moving News.... *Holger Zschaepitz* ‏@Schuldensuehner 32m 32 minutes ago Central banks mull dollar liquidity injection as #Brexit looms. http:// s.nikkei.com/23eyIFy *Holger Zschaepitz* ‏@Schuldensuehner 1h 1 hour ago Only 52% of Bunds eligible for #ECB QE as Bunds yield below threshold of -0.4% out to 6yrs. (via @BarkowConsult) *Holger Zschaepitz* ‏@Schuldensuehner 2h 2 hours ago #ECB closes ranks with Bank of England to avert #Brexit crunch. http://www. telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/ 06/16/ecb-closes-ranks-with-bank-of-england-to-aver... more »

The Snowden Test

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 4 hours ago
*David Thrussell* - Imagine for a moment that the Snowden saga is a test.

U.S. Navy Plans for 'Visit' to Jeju Island

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 4 hours ago
*South Korean Navy warships already have ported at the new base on Jeju Island, South Korea. The U.S. Navy has prepared its plans to visit the base as well. Below are cynical plans outlined in a US Army War College paper from 2013. *

World News Briefs -- June 16, 2016 (Evening Edition)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 4 hours ago
*Reuters:* *Air strikes shatter Russian attempt at Syria Aleppo truce* Air strikes hit rebel-held parts of Syria's Aleppo city on Thursday just hours into a 48-hour ceasefire announced by Russia to try to curb weeks of intense fighting as government forces battle for control of the whole city. Russia, an ally of President Bashar al-Assad, announced the brief truce in the northern Syrian city on Thursday but did not say which parties had agreed to it. There has been no public comment from Assad's government or factions fighting his forces on the truce announcement. *Read more* ....... more »

Will Ted Cruz Run for President in 2020? Leading Conservatives Already Thinking About It

Brianna Cicero at The Stream - 4 hours ago
[image: Ted Cruz - 900] Texas senator Ted Cruz was able to win 559 delegates in the Republican primaries before suspending his campaign on May 3, 2016. After Cruz's supporters mourned the end of his campaign they started to ask the question: "What next?" Nearly a month... more »

The Latest from Orlando: Obama Meets With Families While McCain Pins Blame on Administration

AP at The Stream - 4 hours ago
[image: Obama and Biden - 900] ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- The Latest on the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida (all times local): 4:10 p.m. President Barack Obama says it’s going to take more than the military to prevent terrorist attacks like the ones... more »

How to change minds online

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 4 hours ago
A doctoral student summarises the conclusions of reddit readers discussing the best way to change minds online: 1. Respond to the initial statement sooner rather than later. 2. Respond in groups. (“You're more persuasive to the person you're arguing with if other people are arguing your side too.”) 3. Have a few back-and-forth exchanges with your opponent, but never go past three or four. 4. Link to outside evidence. 5. Don't quote the person you're arguing with. (“They'll usually interpret that as ‘nit-picking with their wording,’ and thus what you sa... more »

NASA Scientists Discover Small ‘Quasi-Moon’ Asteroid Stalking Earth

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 5 hours ago
NASA has discovered an asteroid that is involved in a friendly “little dance with Earth.” According to NASA scientists Earth has a cosmic companion other than the moon following the planet’s annual orbit around the sun. The newly discovered near-Earth object is considered a “quasi-satellite” because it never ventures too far away from Earth. Space reports: “This new asteroid is much more locked onto us,” Chodas added. “Our calculations indicate 2016 HO3 has been a stable quasi-satellite of Earth for almost a century, and it will continue to follow this pattern as Earth’s companion f... more »

LGBT Group Sexualizes Virgin Mary in Ad, Urges People to Fight ‘Holy Oppression’

KEVIN DALEY at The Stream - 5 hours ago
[image: Virgin Mary statue in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina.] A Spanish LGBT group was vigorously denounced by Spanish Catholics for launching a pride month advertising campaign that sexualized images of the Virgin Mary. The ad was created and widely circulated by Edevant, a left-wing political organization, and depicts two... more »

Extra, Extra! Mind Parasites Attack Republicans!

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 5 hours ago
*Georgia senator/hate monger* *-by Noah* Is there any other explanation for the behavior of today’s Republican Party? Are they just born that way? Is the Republican lifestyle a choice? Is there a crackpot gene? Or, have mind parasites taken over Republican brains? In this post, I will give you two examples of just how far the mind rot has set in amongst Republicans. They walk among us, my friends. They might even dress a little like you or I. However, let’s face it, most of them have a weird dead look in their eyes and they dress like the most ridiculous frat boys or sorority siste... more »

No Referendum

Owen Gray at Northern Reflections - 5 hours ago
There is a lot of chatter -- particularly from the Conservatives -- about holding a referendum on electoral reform. Gerry Caplan doesn't think a referendum is a good idea. He writes: To raise issues related to democracy is to raise the question of referendums (or referenda), which are favoured by the Conservatives. They insist only a referendum can legitimize something as fundamental to our democracy as changing our voting system. Presumably the Conservatives also believe a referendum would end up supporting the FPTP status quo, as they themselves do. But there’s a huge problem h... more »

Black Muse

Spike EP at News Spike - 5 hours ago
Kohl is an ancient eye cosmetic, traditionally made by grinding *stibnite (Sb2S3). * It is widely used in South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, and parts of West Africa as eyeliner to contour and/or darken the eyelids and as mascara for the eyelashes. It is worn mostly by women, but also by some men and children. Kohl has also been used in India as a cosmetic for a long time. In addition, mothers would apply kohl to their infants' eyes soon after birth. Some did this to “*strengthen the child’s eyes*”, and others believed *it could prevent the child from ... more »

The Second Biggest Arms Exporter To The Middle East Is Canada

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 5 hours ago
According to @IHS4DefRiskSec, top global #defence #exporters are #USA, #Russia, #France, #Germany & #UK: pic.twitter.com/3yvx9CeiIt — Alex Kokcharov (@AlexKokcharov) June 13, 2016 *Globe And Mail*: *Canada now the second biggest arms exporter to Middle East, data show* Canada has soared in global rankings to become the second biggest arms dealer to the Middle East on the strength of its massive sale of combat vehicles to Saudi Arabia, new figures show. It’s a first for Canada, according to IHS Jane’s, the defence industry publisher that tracks military spending. Canada was previo... more »

Is The Islamic State Self-Declared Caliphate Collapsing?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 5 hours ago
A banner belonging to the Islamic court of the Islamic State is seen on the ground after forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad recaptured Palmyra city in this handout picture provided by SANA on March 27, 2016. *Jeff Seldin, VOA*: *Islamic State Caliphate Staring Into ‘Death Spiral’* WASHINGTON — For the United States and its coalition partners, it is the sound of progress – the dull roar of engines as Iraqi Humvees kick up dust and dirt on the outskirts of Fallujah. In the distance, smoke rises as Iraqi forces push on with a slow but steady advance. The scene, shared i... more »

CIA Director John Brennan's U.S. Senate Testimony On The Islamic State (News Roundup)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 5 hours ago
*USA Today:* *CIA: Islamic State's global terror capabilities are 'formidable'* The Islamic State's ability to launch terror strikes remains a "formidable" threat despite military successes against the militant group in Iraq and Syria, CIA Director John Brennan said Thursday. As the extremist group has lost territory in Iraq and Syria it has redoubled its efforts to encourage so-called lone wolf attacks or infiltrate operatives to strike targets outside the region, he said. “Despite all our progress against ISIL on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not ... more »

U.S. Backed Fighters Continue To Advance In Northern Syria

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 5 hours ago
*BBC*: *Syria conflict: On the frontline in battle for IS-held Manbij* We travelled along the road to Manbij, a small town in northern Syria that has become the new frontline in the battle against the jihadist group Islamic State (IS). Manbij sits on an intersection of roads linking the IS stronghold of Raqqa to the Turkish border and other areas under its control in Aleppo province. The routes have become key to the group's ability to move fighters, weapons and supplies into and out of Syria. On 31 May, a US-backed alliance of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters called the Syrian D... more »

UN: Islamic State Committing ‘Genocide’ Against The Yazidis

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 5 hours ago
*BBC: **Islamic State committing genocide against Yazidis, says UN* UN human rights investigators have for the first time accused so-called Islamic State of committing genocide against Yazidis in Iraq and Syria. A report says IS has subjected members of the religious group it has captured to the "most horrific of atrocities", killing or enslaving thousands. The group's aim is to completely erase the Yazidi way of life, it warns. The report says major powers should do more to help the Yazidis, at least 3,200 of whom are being held by IS. IS, a Sunni jihadist group, regards Yazidis... more »

Deep South watch: The Times revisits the Cleveland schools!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 6 hours ago
*THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 2016Cleveland, Mississippi, that is:* On May 18, the New York Times published a news report about the public schools of Cleveland, Mississippi. To read that report, click here. More specifically, the Times was reporting the order of a federal judge concerning the racial enrollment patterns in the city's middle schools and high schools. (The city has two of each.) As we noted in real time, we thought the Times report was grossly misleading. And last weekend, sure enough! Last Saturday, the Times published a second, much more detailed report about the same subje...more »

Nutrition researcher loses two more papers after misconduct findings come to light

Alison McCook at Retraction Watch - 6 hours ago
The self-proclaimed “father of nutritional immunology,” Ranjit Kumar Chandra, has lost two more papers following the release of a misconduct investigation report by his former employer, Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). The report was released last year after Chandra lost his libel suit against the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC). The newly retracted papers were both published in Nutrition Research. On […] The post Nutrition researcher loses two more papers after misconduct findings come to light appeared first on Retraction Watch.

The Understandings of a Backyard Gardener

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 6 hours ago
*Elva Thompson* - We can evolve from opponents of the life force, into co-creators.

"Stand for Children" Stands for Profit by Charter Industry

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 6 hours ago
As Gene Bryant noted on Facebook, corporate education profiteers and their political supporters are trying to buy the Nashville Metro School Board. Nashville Rise has partnered with Stand for Children in an attempt to blow up the public schools in Nashville. Below is a tutorial on how Stand for Children really stands for profit by the charter school industry.

Outside Investigation Team Concludes TEPCO Censored Use of Word "Meltdown"

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 6 hours ago
This "news" just reported: AP (2016, June 16). Utility head blamed for late mention of Fukushima 'meltdown.' Fox News, http://www.foxnews.com/world/2016/06/16/utility-head-blamed-for-late-mention-fukushima-meltdown.html TOKYO – An outside investigation team appointed by the operator of Japan's damaged Fukushima nuclear plant said Thursday that an instruction from then-company president to avoid mentioning "meltdown" delayed disclosure of the status of three reactors. ...In the 70-page report, the lawyers said Shimizu instructed his deputy not to use the word "meltdown" during ... more »

Our Enemy Is Political Islam, Not Each Other

Jim DeMint at The Stream - 7 hours ago
[image: Not for reuse] Around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, a 29-year-old man named Omar Mateen walked into a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and killed 49 people, wounding 53 more. It was the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11. Mateen was an American-born Muslim... more »

Israel To Build Massive Underground Wall Along Gaza Border

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 7 hours ago
Israel is planning to build more walls and barriers along its border. The Jewish state is building a massive concrete wall extending below ground along the border with Gaza to stop Hamas tunnels reaching into the rest of Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu has vowed to build walls and barriers along Israel’s border to defend against “wild beasts.” Israel is also building an ‘Underground Iron Dome,’ to neutralize cross border terror attacks emanating from below ground. RT reports: The wall, which will stretch along the 96km (60 mile) border around the Gaza Strip, will extend several doz... more »

Leiden requests two retractions over misconduct

Alison McCook at Retraction Watch - 7 hours ago
The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) has asked a journal to retract two papers after revealing a former employee manipulated data. The report does not name the individual nor the journal, but notes that they work in a molecular field, and are currently employed by a university outside The Netherlands. According to a news release about […] The post Leiden requests two retractions over misconduct appeared first on Retraction Watch.

CO2 Innocent - Muslim cleric reveals the true cause of Climate Change

Geoff Brown at The Australian Climate Sceptics Blog - 7 hours ago
Friday Humour A lesson on less on. We have many times told you that carbon dioxide has been falsely accused. Now the real reason for climate change has been revealed by, of all things, a Muslim Cleric (link) Seyyed Youssef Tabatabi-nejad, a senior Islamic cleric in Isfahan, Iran, said during his weekly sermon last Friday that women dressing inappropriately is causing climate change. In his sermon, Tabatabi-nejad urged Iran’s "moral police" to crack down on "improper veiling" and to do everything they can to keep Iran’s population as moral as possible It has been revealed that Ir... more »

Taliban Sends Boy Sex Slaves to Kill Afghan Policemen

Saagar Enjeti at The Stream - 7 hours ago
[image: Child Poverty Slave - 900] The Taliban are exploiting the Afghan practice of having sex with young boys by sending sex slaves into Afghan police outposts to mount insider attacks, multiple officials told Agence France-Presse. The insurgents are using boys as irresistible bait, or "honey... more »

Noctilucent Clouds, a Doughnut of Light over Denver, UFO Shaped Cloud over Mt. Tom California

Obi-Wan Kabuki at AMERICAN KABUKI - 7 hours ago
http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=14&month=06&year=2016 *What's up in space * It's waiting for you: The most successful Aurora Photo Tour on Earth! 100% success rate 4 years in a row and winner of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award. Join LapplandMedia's aurora tours in Abisko, Swedish Lapland! *GEOMAGNETIC STORM:* A moderate (G2-class) geomagnetic storm is underway on June 14th. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras, especially in the southern hemisphere where darkening autumn skies favor visibility of faint lights. Aurora alerts: text ...more »


JR at GREENIE WATCH - 7 hours ago
*Warmists have no shame* *The May global temperature has just been released and the article below is headlined: "Month Of May 2016 Continues Trend Of Record Heat, Possibly Proves Global Warming Is Happening". So warming is still going on alarmingly, you would conclude from that.That word "possibly" is wise, though. Because the writer has ignored the really BIG feature of the May average global temperature. According to the latest (revised) figures from GISS, here are the temps for this year: Jan Feb Mar Apr May112 133 128 109 93El Nino peaked in February, M... more »

21st century Britain

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 8 hours ago
'Muslims living in Luton in the United Kingdom were told during Ramadan last year that it was their Islamic "duty" to throw homosexuals from a "high building," a jury at the Old Bailey has heard.' More here at Breitbart http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/06/16/british-muslims-told-it-is-their-duty-to-throw-gays-from-a-high-building/ but likely not on the institutionally pro Islam BBC.

Former ACLU Prez: Targeting Global Warming Skeptics Is ‘Pure Harassment’

Michael Bastasch at The Stream - 8 hours ago
[image: In this screengrab from a video, Harvey Silverglate, co-founder of The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) and former president of the American Civil Liberties Union in Massachusetts, speaks to Reason TV during an interview at his office in Boston.] Harvey Silverglate, a renowned civil rights attorney and former president of the American Civil Liberties Union in Massachusetts, called investigations of global warming skeptics by state attorneys general "pure harassment." "It is outrageous for any law ?enforcement official to be... more »

The Gun Control Battle in Washington Heats Up

Lydia Goerner at The Stream - 8 hours ago
[image: Republican Senator Richard Blumenthal looks on as Senator Chris Murphy speaks to reporters after waging an almost 15-hour filibuster on the Senate floor in order to force a vote on gun control on June 15, 2016 in Washington, DC. Murphy wants the Senate to vote on a measure banning anyone on the no-fly list from purchasing a weapon.] Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy and other Democrats completed an almost 15-hour filibuster this morning to push for stricter gun control measures, spurred on by the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida over the weekend that killed 49 and injured 53.... more »

Women in the Draft: The Obama Legacy Grows

Steven Bucci at The Stream - 8 hours ago
[image: women in combat - 900] The Senate's reauthorization of the National Defense Authorization Act includes language that would require women to register for the Selective Service -- a step the House version of the bill was unwilling to take. Since Secretary of Defense Ash Carter... more »

Boggling Flu Hoax: Not for Prime Time News

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 8 hours ago
*Jon Rappoport* - Most of the people in America who are diagnosed with the flu have no flu.

DHS Warns Of More ‘Homegrown’ Terrorist Attacks

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 8 hours ago
A new terrorism bulletin has been issued by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), warning Americans of more “homegrown” terrorist attacks similar to the one that killed nearly 50 people in Orlando over the weekend. The DHS bulletin said: “In this environment, we are particularly concerned about homegrown violent extremists who could strike with little or no notice……The tragic events of Orlando several days ago reinforce this.” Press TV reports: “Accordingly, increased public vigilance and awareness continue to be of utmost importance,” it added. Last Sunday, an alleged Daesh... more »

GIZMODO: Magnetic fridge eliminates gases, drastically reduces energy use

Obi-Wan Kabuki at AMERICAN KABUKI - 8 hours ago
http://www.gizmag.com/cooltech-commercial-magnetic-cooling/43874/ *Magnetic fridge eliminates gases, drastically reduces energy use* Michael Irving June 15, 2016 Cooltech has announced the first publicly available refrigerator using a magnetic cooling system, which is more efficient than standard fridges. View gallery (2 images) The days of the rackety, energy-gobbling refrigerator may be numbered with the advent of more efficient systems that cool with the use of magnets. The idea has been around almost as long as your standard gas-compression fridge, but it hasn't yet been viab... more »

Mexico: A UFO Appears Over Chilpancingo, Guerrero

Inexplicata (IHU) at Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology - 8 hours ago
*Source: PLANETA UFO and Redacción StarMediaDate: 06.14.2016* *Mexico: A UFO Appears Over Chilpancingo, Guerrero* Luminous objects were seen moving atypically in the skies of Chilpancingo, Guerrero from different locations and for several minutes. In the morning hours of Monday, June 13, 2016, numerous luminous objects were seen moving atypically in the skies of Chilpancingo, Guerror, causing specualtion and commotion. Several people took to the streets to observe the obejcts, wheich could be seen among the clouds until before noon. Some witnesses classified the event as sightin... more »

Afghan - Pakistan Border Clashes Continue

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*VOA*:* Pakistan, Afghanistan Agree to Cease-fire After Deadly Border Clashes* ISLAMABAD Pakistan and Afghanistan agreed late on Wednesday to observe a cease-fire after days of deadly border skirmishes that left four soldiers dead and wounded more than 40 people, including civilians, on both sides. Afghan and Pakistani security forces from both sides are said to have raised white flags, a common means to show surrender. The clashes occurred at the busy Torkham border crossing. “It has been agreed but hope it holds,” Hazrat Omer Zakhilwal, Afghan ambassador to Islamabad, told VOA ...more »

Growing Border War Between Ethiopia And Eritrea Intensifying

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*Bloomberg:* *Eritrea Says It Killed 200 Ethiopian Troops in Border Clash* * Two countries have history of trading accusations of violence * Horn of Africa nations fought border war in 1998-2000 Eritrea said more than 200 Ethiopian troops were killed in June 12 clashes on their joint border, the latest in a series on confrontations since the Horn of Africa nations separated more than two decades ago. A further 300 Ethiopian soldiers were wounded, Eritrea’s Information Ministry said Thursday in a statement on its website. The tolls are “conservative estimates,” it said. Ethiopian Co... more »

Human Rights Watch: Ethiopian Security Forces 'Killed 400 Oromo Protesters' And Arrested Tens Of Thousands Since 2015

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*Human Rights Watch: **Ethiopia: Protest Crackdown Killed Hundreds* *Free Wrongfully Held Detainees, Independent Inquiry Needed.* (Nairobi) – Ethiopian security forces have killed more than 400 protesters and others, and arrested tens of thousands more during widespread protests in the Oromia region since November 2015. The Ethiopian government should urgently support a credible, independent investigation into the killings, arbitrary arrests, and other abuses. The 61-page report. “‘Such a Brutal Crackdown’: Killings and Arrests in Response to Ethiopia’s Oromo Protests,” details th... more »

Who's Making a "Killing" from the Fentanyl boom?

greencrow at Greencrow As The Crow Flies - 8 hours ago
The Vancouver Sun is reporting that the drug in pill form, fentanyl, is being blamed for an unprecedented number of BC overdose deaths. I am wondering what group is behind the recent staggering increase in opiate use all over the world and particularly in North America. Death by opiate overdose was in the news recently following the *untimely death of rock star Prince*. It was reported that Prince had been hooked on the powerful drug ever since he developed chronic pain due to injuries suffered during his energetic stage performances. Apparently, he routinely jumped from stage pla... more »

Family’s Excruciating Orlando Journey Ends in Forgiveness

JASON DEAREN at The Stream - 8 hours ago
[image: In this Wednesday, June 15, 2016 photo, Andrea Drayton looks over family photos that show her daughter, Deonka Drayton, a victim of the recent mass shootings at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla. Drayton, her husband, Shepherd, son, Shepherd III, and daughter, Alexia, piled in the family car and began an excruciating early morning journey south from South Carolina to Orlando, where a gunman had opened fire at a gay nightclub killing 49 and wounding scores of others before being killed by police.] LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) -- Andrea Drayton woke up Sunday to a mother’s wor... more »

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Jeffrey Stacey at Duck of Minerva - 9 hours ago
As the summer is heating up, all the world’s eyes are on Britain. And that really is saying something for we Americans, what with the wild ride that Donald Trump is taking us all on. But even here, eyes are averting to the mother country and the high stakes of the debate as to whether […]

Donald Trump Calls Belgium A ‘Beautiful City’

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 9 hours ago
During a Donald Trump rally in Atlanta on Thursday the presumptive Republican presidential nominee called the proud nation of Belgium a “beautiful city.” The Donald had previously called Belgium’s beautiful capital Brussels a “hellhole.” Maybe he forgot after all Donald Trump did turn 70 a few days ago. Chron reports: While bringing up recent terror attacks in Europe, Trump stated that “Belgium is a beautiful city.” He almost certainly meant the capital, Brussels. The gaffe seems more forgivable than many of the other things he’s said in the wake of the gay nightclub shooting in Orl... more »

NASA Reveals Magnetic Portals Exist

Obi-Wan Kabuki at AMERICAN KABUKI - 9 hours ago

World News Briefs -- June 16, 2016

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*CNN*: *EgyptAir Flight 804: Cockpit voice recorder found damaged* (CNN)The cockpit voice recorder for EgyptAir Flight 804 has been found but is damaged, an Egyptian investigative committee said Thursday, a day after the government said it found the wreckage of the ill-fated flight. "The device was damaged and the retrieval process was conducted in several stages," the committee said in a statement. It said a vessel used equipment to pick up the memory unit, which is considered the recorder's most important part. *Read more *.... *MIDDLE EAST* Russia announces renewed ceasefire ...more »

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- June 16, 2016

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*Wall Street Journal:** Obama’s Drone Revamp Gives Military Bigger Responsibility, Keeps CIA Role* *Long-promised plan seeks to give the U.S. military the lead and increase transparency* WASHINGTON—A long promised plan by President Barack Obama to shift control of U.S. drone campaigns around the world gives the U.S. military an expanded role, but retains a Central Intelligence Agency role in the targeted-killing program for the foreseeable future, according to officials briefed on the secret arrangement. Mr. Obama’s plan settles a three-year turf battle between the CIA, the Pent... more »

Israel’s Military Intelligence Chief: Syria As A State No Longer Exists. 'Slim' Hopes for Syrian Peace Deal

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Military Intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevy speaks at the Herzliya Conference at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya on June 15, 2016. (Adi Cohen Zedek) *Defense News*:* Israeli Intel Chief Has 'Slim' Hopes for Syrian Peace Deal* HERZLIYA, Israel — Likening war-wracked Syria to a “cemetery of the good, the bad and the ugly,” Israel’s military intelligence chief warned of “slim” prospects for the type of diplomatic settlement sought by members of the 17-nation International Syria Support Group. And even if the envisioned political transition deal were to be signed, Maj.... more »

Pentagon: If We Have A Chance To 'Take Out' The Leader Of the Islamic State, 'We Will Take It'

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Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS's reclusive leader, makes his first public appearance and delivers his first sermon as the group's "caliph" at a mosque in Mosul, Iraq, July 5, 2014. REUTERS/SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE VIA REUTERS TV *FOX News*: *US military: If any opportunity arose to kill ISIS leader, 'we would take it'* The U.S. military would take advantage of any opportunity to kill Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a spokesman based in Baghdad told reporters Wednesday, adding that he could not confirm recent reports that a coalition airstrike killed the terrorist in Syria. "We... more »

Orlando Killer Posted On Facebook His Loyalty To The Islamic State While Killing Patrons Inside The Club

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*FOX News:* *Orlando terrorist's chilling Facebook posts from inside club revealed* In the hours after he blasted his way into an Orlando gay nightclub, and with his victims lying dead or wounded around him, Omar Mateen took to Facebook to pledge his loyalty to ISIS and threaten more attacks on the civilized world, a key lawmaker privy to the gunman’s posts told FoxNews.com Wednesday. Mateen, who killed 49 people and wounded 53 inside Pulse early Sunday, died when a SWAT team stormed the club. But in the roughly four hours between his initial rampage and his death, the 29-year-ol... more »

Is The Disaster In Libya Hillary Clinton's Fault?

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*Charles R. Kubic, National Interest:* *Hillary's Huge Libya Disaster* America has given up in Clinton’s wake. Prior to the February 17, 2011, “Day of Rage,” Libya had a national budget surplus of 8.7 percent of GDP in 2010, with oil production at 1.8 million barrels per day, on track to reach its goal of 3 million barrels per day. Currently, oil production has decreased by over 80 percent. Following the revolution, the Libyan economy contracted by an estimated 41.8 percent, with a national deficit of 17.1 percent GDP in 2011. Before the revolution, Libya was a secure, prospering,... more »

Russian Spy Ships Are Shadowing U.S. And NATO Naval Exercises In The Baltics

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BALTOPS 2016 participants steam in formation June 10, 2016, in the Batlic Sea. France Air Force Warrant Officer Cedric Artigues via DVIDS *FOX News:* *Russian spy ships 'shadowing' US Navy during large NATO exercise, Navy admiral says* Two Russian intelligence gathering ships are currently shadowing U.S. Navy and other NATO vessels operating in the Baltic Sea during a major international exercise this month, according to U.S. Navy Vice Admiral James G. Foggo III, leading the exercise. “What we have seen is shadowing by two Russian intelligence vessels since we left port in Tallinn... more »

The US Navy Discussing Plans To Implant Tracking Chips On Their Sailors

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Many people now have chips implanted in the fleshy part between thumb and index finger. (Amal Graafstra/Dangerous Things) *The SUN*: *US Navy ‘discussed plans to fit humans with microchips and track their every move’* Officers met with "transhumanist" presidential candidate to talk about controversial surveillance technology. The US Navy has held meetings to discuss highly controversial technology which could one day allow the government to track the movements of every single citizen in the country, The Sun has learned. A number of naval officers visited the home of an American pr... more »

CIA Director Gives Grim Assessment On The Fight Against The Islamic State

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*Wall Street Journal*: *Islamic State’s Terror Capabilities Intact, CIA Chief Says* *John Brennan cites Sunday’s terror attack in Orlando* WASHINGTON—A two-year campaign by the U.S. and other countries to defeat Islamic State has failed to disrupt its capability to carry out terrorist attacks, Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan said Thursday. Airstrikes and efforts to cut off its access to cash have been in place since mid-2014, but the group has continued to adjust its strategy to continue operating—and influencing others. Mr. Brennan attributed Sunday’s terror at... more »

The Watchtower

Spike EP at News Spike - 9 hours ago
All along The Watchtower, Princes kept their view While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, 2. Outside in the cold distance, a wildcat did growl. 2 riders were approaching, and the wind began to howl... Big Wheel keep on turning, Proud Mary keep on burning. Rollin' *(rollin')* Rollin' *(rollin')* Rolling on The River... *WATCHTOWER CEREMONY* Edited by Frater Osiris 2000 [Taken from *The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magick* by Israel Regardie (New Falcon: 1994). It has been slightly edited to bring it into a more concise and useable format consistent wit... more »

Labour MP Jo Cox Has Died After Shooting Attack

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 9 hours ago
Jo Cox, the labour MP for Batley and Spen, has died after she was shot and stabbed during an attack in her West Yorkshire constituency earlier today. The 41 year old mother of two was ‘shot three times and stabbed with foot-long knife’ in Birstall according to witnesses Police said that Cox had suffered serious injuries and was pronounced dead at 1.48pm on Thursday by a doctor with paramedics at the scene. The BBC reports: A 52-year-old man was arrested near Market Street, Birstall, West Yorkshire Police said. The MP held a weekly advice surgery nearby. The MP’s death was confirmed a... more »

Are Sanders and Clinton Coming Together? Depends on Who You Ask

Gaius Publius at DownWithTyranny! - 9 hours ago
*Bernie Sanders in March — What we will ask for if we lose. This is apparently still true.* *by Gaius Publius* Now that all the primary voting is complete, the Democratic Party has the task of uniting itself. In particular, that means uniting the Sanders voters and the Clinton voters into a force to repel the Republican candidate, presumably Donald Trump. How's that going? Depends on who you ask (I know, whom). Here's a good write-up by John Queally at Common Dreams. He opens (my occasional emphasis): *Clinton and Sanders Agree on Trump Threat, But Neither Ready to Endorse Other... more »

Argentina: Uncanny Light Source Photographed in Argentina

Inexplicata (IHU) at Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology - 9 hours ago
*Source: PLANETA UFO and Visión OVNIDate: 06.15.16* *Argentina: Uncanny Light Source Photographed in Argentina* *The following is a message from Silvia Pérez Simondini, director of Visión OVNI and CEFORA, sent to UFO groups:* *Dear Friends,I was truly amazed on Sunday night. For 26 years, night after night, I have observed and have come to know each spot on the island from the summit of Cerro de la Matanza. On Sunday, with my friend Checo Jaroslav, we visited the summit once more, and I was astonished to see a vast source of light in the middle of the river. The lights of t... more »

Argentina: Google Supposedly Photographs a UFO at El Cholar

Inexplicata (IHU) at Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology - 9 hours ago
*Source: PLANETA UFO and LMNeuquen (Radio)Date: 06.16.16* *Argentina: Google Supposedly Photographs UFO at El Cholar* A resident of Neuquén claims that an image in Google Street View captured the presence of a UFO at El Cholar in the northern end of the province. The renowned street and route-mapping system whose photographs make up one of the Internet’s most significant search engines recorded images of Provincial Route 6, linking El Cholar with the Pichachén Pass. The controversial image was taken by the Google car only kilometers away from El Cholar, heading eastward, leading ... more »

Peru: A Startling UFO Reported in Huánuco

Inexplicata (IHU) at Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology - 9 hours ago
*Source: PLANETA UFO and Peru.comhttp://peru.com/redes-sociales/youtube/youtube-sorprendente-ovni-avistado-huanuco-peru-ufo-video-ovnis-noticia-459906Date: 06.16.16* *Peru: A Startling UFO Reported in Huánuco* Journalists for the Huánuco-based OVNIS TV program have shaken social media on account of a YouTube video they have published. The video records the afternoon sighting of some UFOs (alleged) in the vicinity of Puchuchinchi. UFO buffs and students have rekindled their interest in Peru due to the large number of sightings in recent months, which have been disseminated over ... more »

UPDATED: UK "REMAIN" Parliamentarian stabbed to death

greencrow at Greencrow As The Crow Flies - 9 hours ago
*UK Campaign Poster for the "Remain" in EU side* *From RT:* *Labour MP Jo Cox has died after being shot and stabbed outside her weekly advice surgery in West Yorkshire. A 52-year-old man is being held by police.* Cox was shot and stabbed outside Birstall library. She was airlifted to nearby Leeds General Infirmary in a critical condition. Various eyewitness accounts say the MP was shot during a row with a man. The gun has been described as either antique or hand made. Some eyewitnesses report the attacker may have targeted Cox deliberately, shooting her up to three times, as well a... more »

Abuses Of Iraq’s Hashd In Fallujah Operation

Joel Wing at MUSINGS ON IRAQ - 9 hours ago
One of the major worries when the offensive to retake Fallujah began in the middle of May 2016 was how the Shiite elements of the Hashd al-Shaabi would act. In previous campaigns in Salahaddinand Diyalathey had been accused of abusing and killing civilians, destroying property, clearingout populations and not allowing them to return, and carrying out revengeattacksafter bombings. Quickly after the attack started stories began to emerge of bad behavior including destroying property, beatings, torture, and killings. Eventually the stories grew in number that the Anbar government issu...more »

Facebook To Track Shoppers

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 10 hours ago
Facebook will soon start tracking every shop you visit in the real world. Location services on smartphones will be used to track shoppers visiting bricks and mortar stores to convince retailers of the effectiveness of advertising with Facebook. Wired reports: User data will be anonymised, so Facebook won’t tell retailers or advertisers who visited what shop, but will provide them with data that shows how online ads lead to physical shop visits. The additions to Facebook’s Local Awareness system will also show users adverts for nearby shops and provide in-advert directions to find t... more »

Figures questioned online were manipulated, says Malaysia investigation

Shannon Palus at Retraction Watch - 10 hours ago
Many figures in four papers by a research team in Malaysia contain duplication or manipulation, a university committee has found, calling for multiple retractions. We learned about issues with three of the papers, including one in Scientific Reports, earlier this week when they were the talk of Twitter. As journals issued expressions of concern, and an expert wondered how […] The post Figures questioned online were manipulated, says Malaysia investigation appeared first on Retraction Watch.

We’ll Soon Be Plugged Into The Matrix Says Mark Zuckerberg

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 10 hours ago
Facebook co founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says we will be plugged into the Matrix within the next five decades. He believes that the social networks of the future will be powered by telepathy where people will be able to beam their thoughts and emotions directly onto the internet, in a world he described as “straight out of the Matrix”. He also claims that computers will soon be able to read our minds and beam our thoughts straight onto Facebook. During a Q&A session, Zuckerberg traced the evolution of online communications from text to photo to video to live video, predicting tha... more »

British Lawmaker Shot and Stabbed to Death

Gregory Katz at The Stream - 10 hours ago
[image: In this May 12, 2015 file photo, Labour Member of Parliament Jo Cox poses for a photograph. British lawmaker Cox has been injured in a shooting incident near Leeds, in West Yorkshire, England, it has been reported, Thursday June 16, 2016.] LONDON (AP) -- A British lawmaker who campaigned for the country to stay in the European Union was killed Thursday by a gun- and knife-wielding attacker in her small-town constituency, a tragedy that brought the country’s fierce, divisive referendum campaign... more »

Thoughts are electrical; emotions are magnetic ..

Obi-Wan Kabuki at AMERICAN KABUKI - 10 hours ago
*Much is made of the electrical nature of the brain, chemistry, weather and even solar-planetary interactions, but precious little is known about magnetics. In my conversations with the SA they mentioned that gravity is caused by magnetics, not the mass of the planet. I also remember reading an early article about military ARVs (reverse engineered UFOs) and a general telling someone "its all magnetics". GW Hardin and I had a conversation over a year ago about the magnetic nature of the universe, I said to him that I thought it was all backwards, the electrical is a by product ... more »

Egypt: Black Box of Crashed Plane Found, Pulled Out of Sea

Maggie Michael at The Stream - 11 hours ago
[image: In this May 24, 2016 file photo, an Egyptian journalist holds a candle and a poster supporting EgyptAir during a candlelight vigil for the victims of EgyptAir flight 804 in front of the Journalists' Syndicate in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt on Wednesday, June 15, 2016, said that it spotted and obtained images from the wreckage of the EgyptAir plane flying from Paris to Cairo that crashed into the Mediterranean last month, killing all 66 people on board, according to a statement by the country's investigation committee.] CAIRO (AP) -- The cockpit voice recorder of the doomed EgyptAir p... more »

The Orlando False Flag Shooting: Even MORE Proof Of It Being A Massive Hoax!

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 11 hours ago
I had to take yesterday as a day to do some personal business... Of course I was able to take a bit of time last night to surf the Internet for about an hour, and concentrate on the latest news about this Orlando Florida "shooting" that more and more is proving itself to be a massive operation to scare the crap out of the American people and have them willfully surrender their guns under the false pretext of "keeping them safe"... Once again, I want to present some more very interesting videos that come courtesy of my friend, Jody, who of course writes the excellent blog: "What They... more »

MUHAMMAD ALI AND WHO GETS TO BE US: Is Lonnie Ali allowed to say that?

bob somerby at the daily howler - 11 hours ago
*THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 2016Part 4—Among liberals, who gets to be us:* Is Lonnie Ali allowed to say those things? At last Friday's memorial service for her late husband, a range of speakers addressed an age-old question: Who gets to be us? The answer was explicitly stated all through the service: Everyone gets to be us! For our money, the two most impressive speakers that day were Attalah Shabazz, the eldest child of Malcolm X, and 19-year-old Natasha Mundkur, a college sophomore—and they were *extremely* impressive. Shabazz and Mundkur each made it pretty clear that everyone gets ...more »

The European Union: An Un-Democratic Leviathan That Britain Might Just Escape

Stephen Meyer at The Stream - 11 hours ago
[image: tyranny] America’s closest ally, Great Britain, stands on the brink of a profound decision, one that could determine whether it remains the free, prosperous democracy that has worked closely with the United States since World War II, or goes on morphing into something... more »

Labour MP Jo Cox Critically Ill After Being Shot & Stabbed In Leeds

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 11 hours ago
Labour MP Jo Cox is fighting for her life after being shot and stabbed near her constituency in Leeds. She was ‘shot three times and stabbed with foot-long knife’ and, according to witnesses, the 41 year old mother of two was left lying in blood on pavement. The attacker allegedly screamed ‘Britain First’ as he calmly walked away. West Yorkshire Police have arrested a 52-year-old man. David Cameron has cancelled his trip to Gibraltar in light of the attack. It’s right that all campaigning has been stopped after the terrible attack on Jo Cox. I won’t go ahead with tonight’s rally in ... more »

Most scientific discoveries don't produce a technological gap

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 11 hours ago
Various websites criticizing modern physics attract all sorts of individuals who really think that people shouldn't do science – in the sense of finding out how things work. A commenter at Backreaction named "akidbelle" believes that some amazing constraints should be imposed: In my opinion, a successful theory leads to a technological gap. In this way, the sorcerer who could make fire was the scientist of the time - whatever the fairy tales he used to explain his doing. This is not a problem until a class of sorcerers emerges working not for the fire, but for the fairy-tales explan... more »

CorpEd's "Third Way" Is Corporate Welfare Stealth Scheme

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 11 hours ago
Corporate education reform is scrambling to come up with a new scheme that can be foisted on a general public that is now finally awakened to the giant sucking sound that charter schools make when they start drawing off millions of education dollars to fund segregated corporate reform schools. One such scheme in Massachusetts is the Third Way, which appropriately echoes, whether consciously or not, the Clinton-Blair style of neoliberal governance that put international corporatism ahead of the needs of people who work for a living. The resistance to charter expansion in MA is fie... more »

Women Required to Register for Draft in Senate’s Defense Bill

Thomas Phippen at The Stream - 12 hours ago
[image: Selective Service - 900] Women will be required to register for the draft soon, if an amendment in the Senate's defense policy bill stands. An amendment to the Senate's 2017 National Defense Authorization Act requires women who turn 18 on or after Jan. 1, 2018 to register... more »

Outright Murder, Kidnapping Highlight Latest Battle for Fallujah

Saagar Enjeti at The Stream - 12 hours ago
[image: Smoke rises after airstrikes by U.S.-led coalition warplanes as Iraqi security forces advance their positions in the southern neighborhoods of Fallujah to retake the city from Islamic State militants, Iraq, Sunday, June 12, 2016.] Iranian backed militias repeatedly killed and kidnapped Sunni civilians in a recent Iraqi effort to retake the Islamic State held city of Fallujah, an official report by the Sunni-majority Iraqi state of Anbar says. The report accounts 49 Sunni killed... more »

Revealed: 2012 Memo to Hillary Clinton Suggests US Was Supporting Terror Group That Became ISIS

Rachel Alexander at The Stream - 12 hours ago
[image: Hillary and Obama Secrets - 900] Did the Obama Administration actively help the terrorist group that grew to become ISIS? That's the implication of a secret memo sent to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, uncovered by Judicial Watch and pounced on by Donald Trump. The intelligence information report... more »

Congress Urged to Release Secret Pages From 9/11 Inquiry

DEB RIECHMANN at The Stream - 12 hours ago
[image: 9-11 - 900] WASHINGTON (AP) -- Lawmakers backing the release of the 28 still-secret pages of a 2002 congressional report about the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, are asking House Intelligence Committee leaders to declassify them by simply publishing them in the Congressional... more »

Russian Spy Ships ‘Shadowing’ US Navy & NATO Vessels In Baltic Sea

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 12 hours ago
A US navy commander says that Russian surveillance ships are shadowing American and NATO vessels which are taking part in a major military drill in the Baltic Sea Vice Admiral James G. Foggo, who is leading the major exercise, said “What we have seen is shadowing by two Russian intelligence vessels” He added that the Russian ships were “well behaved” but have refused to communicate with the U.S. Navy despite coming as close as one mile at times with U.S. and allied vessels. Press TV reports: The exercise, involving US and NATO vessels, includes more than 40 ships and some 6,000 sail... more »

Obama Administration Officials May Revoke Accreditation Group’s Status, Affecting Over 800,000 Private School Students

Blake Neff at The Stream - 12 hours ago
[image: Education] Obama administration officials have recommended revoking accreditation authority for the nation's largest for-profit college accreditor. The decision could affect over 800,000 students at about 900 different campuses, which would lose access to federal student loans if the death sentence becomes a reality.... more »

NATO May Respond to Cyber Attacks With Conventional Warfare

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 13 hours ago
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has warned that major cyber attacks might now be classified as a “case for the alliance” which they would respond to militarily using conventional warfare. The realm of cyberspace was declared a genuine frontier for war for the first time this week. Antiwar reports: Though Stoltenberg insisted doing so would depend heavily on the severity of the attacks, he said to establishment of cyberspace as a military zone meant NATO would react to attacks there the same as attacks in air, sea, land, or space. In theory, this would mean that NATO member n... more »

Fake email for corresponding author forces neuro journal to retract paper

Shannon Palus at Retraction Watch - 13 hours ago
A chair of a neurobiology department in China has requested the retraction of a paper on which he was unwittingly listed as the lead and corresponding author. How could a corresponding author — you know, the person with whom the journal corresponds about the paper — be added without their consent? It seems that a fraudulent email account was involved in […] The post Fake email for corresponding author forces neuro journal to retract paper appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Ultra-low doses of Monsanto's Roundup Cause Massive Gene Alterations in Lab Rats

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
*[image: Roundup]* This is actually the worst possible news. This poison is sprayed everywhere as a herbicide and it remains in the soil forever. Not only are we hitting all forms of wildlife, we are creating a background toxicity that must linger for generations. Now we know even a slight exposure, wrong time can be very damaging. For the user, one accident is enough in a lifetime. . *Ultra-low doses of Monsanto's Roundup cause massive gene alterations in lab rats, leading to other health problems* *Tuesday, May 31, 2016 * *by: Julie Wilson* *http://www.naturalnews.com/0542... more »

Mangroves in Crisis

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
When can we get national governments to pay real attention to land use in a truly professional manner. We all know that every farmer left to his own devices will maximize acreage under cultivation however it impacts on the wild. It is simply not something farmers do well on their own. Even then governments screw up as well but rarely for lack of trying. We only have to look at the Grand Banks cod collapse to understand that. In the event it should be clear that working mangrove swamp must be maintained between the sea and any farms in just the same way we need to workin... more »

Chief of the CIA’s ‘Bin-Laden’ Unit: Al-Qaeda Never Existed

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
There is plenty of reason to question the ongoing narrative regarding terrorism.. It original 9/11 attack was seized upon to launch the conquest of Iraq. What followed was two things. A clean demonstration of US military ability and then a military contractor's boondoggle that begged any rationalization. I have reasonably accepted that those waiting for the opportunity just jumped in. Yet there is powerful suggestions and even evidence out there that 9/11 was channeled by an agency far more sophisticated than bin Laden could stick together. That same agency is still meddl... more »

Raw Carrot Juice an Effective Cancer Treatment for Survivor

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
Once again we have convincing claim stories and no follow up by science of significance. My own sense of all this is that complex organics are very helpful and that we simply fail to know which ones. It should not matter. Carrot juice, and cannabis juice are powerfully indicated. The likelihood of negative counter effects are surely low even at high consumption levels. Better yet all such consumption protocols avoid direct damage and usually allows for watchful attention at least. Considering that an arrested disease is an acceptable outcome for anyone facing death and disabl... more »

Mind Virus Wetiko: Collective Shadow of Humanity

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
This is actually one of the big questions. We have learned that the spirit body is completely real and physical and operates our third tier physical existence. So far so good. This says little regarding details. When the embryo is formed it appears that what does happen from the get go is that each cell is provided with its own unique astral body or super computer processor. At a later point in development an additional spirit body containing the pattern of an individual soul attaches itself and effectively takes charge in terms of guiding additional development. This is not ... more »

Would You Like Steroids in Your Burger?

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
The first serious reality is that the FDA has not been virulent in responding to food fraud. In practice they condone it all. That is why consumers are waking up generally and becoming careful over what they are eating. A revolving door system for industry professionals ensures the already loyal are in control. This hold true for several federal agencies. Expect a complete upheaval if Trump get in. That is why there is a panic in Washington. He is the man who will not go along or be conned. There is a solution of course. It is rigorous testing and seizure of non complia... more »

Wolves’ Howls are Eerie, Beautiful and Wild

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
The subject is getting a proper treatment now and we can see it leading to a deeper understanding of animal communication. As posted earlier, we now understand that animals take full advantage of mind to mind image transmission at least. All good at short ranges. The howls are to establish range boundaries and to share bounties as well. Actual detail may well be another matter. We can presume though that much more information is shared than we have expected.. *The songs of the wolves * *Wolves’ howls are eerie, beautiful and wild. But what are they actually saying to each ... more »

Shocking discovery in Brazil compared in size and complexity to the Egyptian pyramids

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
[image: Amazon kaivaukset_aamulla] It made sense that these should exist here. Acre abuts both Peru and Bolivia. This were obviously part of the Incan world as well as was adjacent Rodondo were we are finding evidence of massive agriculture. All this feeds my conjecture regarding amazonian populations approaching the tens of millions all using Terra Preta agriculture. we are now starting to find the remains of a huge populous civilization in a major chunk of the Amazon. Other regions are as equally important and the reason that i think it possible that pre contact population ... more »

Slowing of Atlantic Conveyor

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
As i posted now years ago, the one thing that could explain little ice ages in Europe was a sharp decline in the volume of heat been supplied by the Gulf stream. Conversely a steady increase would being about a significant temperature improvement. Now we are measuring since 2010 and that picked up a twenty five percent decline. That happens to be huge and seriously important as it is way more significant as a guide to future local temperatures than any other climate driver. This is an excellent mechanism to explain the sharp temperature drop in fifth century BC and early e... more »

Larger than Baalbek:

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
*[image: 009-sh1]* The blocks quoted would be three times larger than those at Baalbek. There was also an adjacent quarry around a mere quarter mile away so supply was no issue at all. Here we so far see no source quarry. That suggests that they were not moved at all. The rock is also granite which is seriously tough and never easily cut, particularly using ancient methods. It really looks to be a granite sill where glaciation has eroded out the surrounding material. Yet some of the stuff in the video is man made and also may not be part of the site itself Better pictures s... more »

How Old Warplanes Can Plant Up to 900,000 Tree bombs a Day

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
This is huge jump in productivity from a comparable system i saw twenty years ago and the actual hardware already exists. Better yet it provides excellent training for crews doing exactly what would be done in war. As pointed out this gives us the capacity to actually reforest all the stripped lands that demand it. We can actually do the job. Even better if we want, this pinpointing method allows us to lay in millions of miles of commercially valuable fence rows on agricultural lands with pin point accuracy. The fence row itself needs to be several feet wide so there is actual ... more »

The Greatest Murder Machine in History

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
*[image: image]* This solves a significant problem for me. It was never clear why centuries of African slavery had failed to produce hybridization among the Arabs in particular and all else as well. A mere century of such slavery has produced a clear cut hybrid african - native - european hybrid in the USA and in South America as well. I use the time frame of one century to cover mostly the eighteenth century when most of it took place as a culmination of a building economic protocol. As it turns out, castration was practiced wholesale on any men ever likely to be exposed to Mu... more »

Remembering Lost lives, Lost souls, and a lost Nation

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
This was written for Memorial day. It is a reminder that so many do fall through the cracks and step outside what most consider normal. As i have posted extensively it is all about a failure of the natural community and can be solved as easily as providing a fresh working protocol for natural communities. The remarkable reality is that a natural community has a place for everyone and a natural balance sets up that supports all.. *REMEMBERING LOST LIVES, LOST SOULS AND A LOST NATION * *MAY 29, 2016 RICHARD THORNTON LEAVE A COMMENTIt is only those who have neither fired a ... more »

Elijah Wood & Corey Feldman Speak Out Again About Hollywood Pedophilia

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
Here we go again. What the science tells us is that all sexuality is biologically driven. The drive is quite capable of altering thought patterns to accept a wide range of sexual practices. Some of those are downright scary even to the point of killing non consenting partners. All that begs two questions: How do we prevent the actual emergence of socially unacceptable sexuality, or at least non consenting sexuality and then how do we cure the problem once established? Society is discovering where the problems sort of hide out but has made slim progress on curing anything u... more »

What is an Indigo Child and How to Recognize if Your Kid is One

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
The reason you would sport an indigo aura is because it happens to be strong. I suspect that really means that you have spent several lifetimes advancing and this effect connotes an old soul. It is truly noteworthy that a difference exists and can be observed. Inasmuch as an old soul determines his earthly path, it makes sense that he would choose to speed up his brain power. That also allows him to be vastly more insightful as he can access information that is useful faster. The hard trick though is to learn to be also patient to allow long searches t...more »

Focus Fusion Resumes Firing

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
It now appears that progress is accelerating nicely. Again this is another lesson of just how time consuming technology development happens to be. You truly crawl. More to the point all this work is conforming to theoretical expectations and real net fusion power appears both probable and ultimately robust as well. I am especially looking forward to seeing a robust scaling up of this device to produce commercial power. The design actually lends itself to been easier if bigger. As suggested, this will be the real power-plant for future star ships. . *Fusion Yield Up Almost ... more »

Yes, Your Brain Certainly Is a Computer

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
Of course, not having to find it inside the physical chemistry of the brain solves lots of problems. The physical existence of the so called light body does it all quite nicely and must not only be using our set of binary operators but also binary operators based on a quadratic domain informed through our DNA.. We have yet to back engineer the light body but that will be interesting as we do advanced simulation of the electron itself. All good.. *Yes, Your Brain Certainly Is a Computer * *Thursday, May 19, 2016* *http://recursed.blogspot.ca/2016/05/yes-your-brain-certain... more »

Baalbek — Ancient Temple and Landing Spot For Otherworldly Visitors

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
The transport distance is not too great at all and i suspect it is also level. i would need to walk it to be satisfied of course but it does seem right. What this means is that we can move such stones using an artificial canal and barge system. The barge is built around the block and the canal is built around the barge. In short we can do it using Bronze age tools. If that was not possible, it may have been possible to shed gravity which i now suspect to be plausible. That then makes it even easier. Here special technology is necessary and an alien intervention makes most s... more »

MIT Discovers the Location of Memories: Individual Neurons

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
[image: A transgenic mouse hippocampus] I have long understood that the principal task of a neuron had to be setting up and encoding access to a memory. We still do not show how it is actually coded. It is there where we have to speculate. My own preference is to simply link directly to the time sheet of the memory and that may well actually happen. However memory loss and malleability tends to suggest otherwise or at least the existence of two levels of memory retention. We obviously rely on the weaker version. Yet? We at least have a networking system and some... more »

The Empty Brain

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
[image: Header essay gs3522985] Of course it processes information and does it even when the fore brain is stage left. However it is focused on our physical world and what we have developed on top of all that is rather interesting and harder to explain. What it does do is interface with a rigorous second tier matter system that is an emulation of our expectations regarding computers. This spirit brain has an information density massively larger. Yet it is informed by a physical system of interpretation that need not be binary. We are slowly mapping associations for... more »

FDA to Redefine “Healthy” Foods

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
[image: Food Selection Graph] Essentially FDA guidelines are seriously in need of a substantial update. From this item one gets the impression that the warning on saturated fats is still in effect. That error came in in the late fifties. Add in the reality that sugar should be actively limited and the whole set becomes bunkum. What is happening is that consumers are educating themselves and shifting gears. I started eating corn oil margarine as a child in response to what is now understood to be fraudulent propaganda. I finally switched back to butter only recently. That is how... more »

12 Articles Every Aspiring Economist Should Read

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
A worthy list and should be contemplated by any person who attains to a well rounded education. Economics per se is not generally impossible to read and mostly understand by a capable lay person and a list like this at least is reassuring that you are not missing much while allowing you to get through it all rather quickly as well. I am reminded that when i left university, i chose to work through substantial survey reading in philosophy and curiously an excellent annotated translation of Dante's Divine Comedy. One can handle one Canto per day. This reading list is an equally ... more »

Vertical Gardening in the Urban Environment

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
[image: photo 1] It is welcome to see this work sponsored by the Rodale institute. We may well end up with a useful system that cities can readily adopt. And that is rally the trick. We do need a generally accepted, inexpensive and robust system that has never been quite used before.A tower does eliminate soil problems and allows watering to be nicely concentrated. The question then is what plants will perform best? Better yet they do appear to remain independent of the soil or lack thereof. Thus we can apply them in a spaced grid to cover any open lot at will. Having any... more »

Freemasons, Secret Societies, Conspiracies, Consciousness & the Hidden Masters:

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
A thoughtful item well worth tackling. He puts the idea of a so called secret society in its proper place and certainly cautions us over taking any of it too seriously. All societies per se are social gatherings useful to share ideas and intentions. Critically they socialize ideas and intentions. We too have learned that a good idea shared with one person lacks life. Share it with many and you get a little buzz. Share it in company with a dozen or so and you may have ignition.. Knowing that it is still a miracle when something gets done. . *Freemasons, Secret Societies, ... more »

Study: Vegan Blood Is 8x More Effective At Killing Cancer Cells

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 13 hours ago
A vegan diet promotes an alkaline blood system. If that is the correct link as we suspect, then vegan happens to be one way to get there. Ingesting baking soda somehow is also found to work as not eating sugar and processed carbs. And yes, eating a lot of meat is not helpful but that is a side issue here. Fermented milk products are safe enough and i suspect fermented red meat will also work if it is available. Because all this is actually not worked out properly, it is best to limit meat to a single portion a week. The real measure though is to test your urine for acid cont... more »

The Magnetics of Emotion

Obi-Wan Kabuki at AMERICAN KABUKI - 13 hours ago
By American Kabuki Its been quite the week. You know I used to think human emotions were chemical in nature, but perhaps that's just era I grew up when every chemical that could be imagined was made by the likes of Dow and Dupont. Dupont used to have an ad slogan, "Better living through chemistry" which adopted by 60's and 70's hippies as a kind of slogan for every color of pill they'd take as they used their bodies as a pharmaceutical playground. In the steam age emotions were steam, "he blew his top".... "boy was she boiling!"... metaphors that somehow grip the times they w... more »

GAIA PORTAL: Levels of Ascendance encompass the Gaia energetics

Obi-Wan Kabuki at AMERICAN KABUKI - 13 hours ago
*Levels of Ascendance encompass the Gaia energetics* by ÉirePort Levels of Ascendance encompass the Gaia energetics. Fortitudes of individuals create from the depths. Flashes of montanas are viewed. Altered states are abandoned. Streams of fluency come to the fore. ÉirePort | June 16, 2016 at 10:16 | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/p2sFUY-yT


Jenna Orkin at From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog - 13 hours ago
*From* *Jenna Orkin* LOOK: Orlando Terrorist Appeared in Documentary on BP Oil Spill How America’s Afghan crusade came home to Orlando "It is perhaps ironic that both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, who have issued predictably inflammatory remarks blaming American Muslims for the Orlando attack, find themselves plugged into the same US-Afghan military industrial complex surrounding Omar Mateen’s father... Omar Mateen’s father was part of an extraordinarily well-connected network of Afghan expatriates, who were not just leftovers from the US-backed Afghan jihad during the Cold War,... more »

Wounded ISIS Fighters Taken To Turkish Hospitals In Pick-Up Trucks

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 13 hours ago
Wounded ISIS and Free Syrian Army fighters are frequently transported across the Syrian border to Turkish hospitals for treatment, according to eyewitness accounts. Turkish officials are allegedly allowing the crossings to take place with any obstacles. The head of a local doctors’ association told RT’s Lizzie Phelan that the fighters were able to cross the border from Syria into Turkey en masse to receive medical help and were then be allowed to go back to resume fighting. RT reports: Phelan visited Gaziantep, a city in south-central Turkey some 60 kilometers from the Syrian bord... more »

Trump's One-Note Campaign: Ladies And Gentlemen, It's All About Meeeeeeeee

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 13 hours ago
The psychological aspects of this campaign are fascinating, but they certainly seem to be effective on the highly uneducated so appreciated and targeted by Trump. This is a candidacy all about projection. His jihad against Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal is something he knows something about-- not about *her* being guilty of destroying e-mails, but about he doing exactly that a decade ago. Yes, Paul Singer reported in *USAToday* Monday that in 2006 "when a judge ordered Donald Trump's casino operation to hand over several years' worth of emails, the answer surprised him: The Trum... more »

VIDEO: New Footage Shows Hero Student Take Down School Shooter

Blake Neff at The Stream - 14 hours ago
[image: arrest handcuff 400] Newly-released footage shows the incredible heroism of a Seattle Pacific University (SPU) student, who took down a school shooter in 2014 while armed only with pepper spray. One student was killed and two others were hurt in the SPU shooting,... more »

Home affairs enquiry

sue at Is the BBC biased? - 14 hours ago
Sorry for the tardiness and belatedness of this post. Others have tackled it before me but let’s go ahead anyway. The other parliamentary event that took place this week was the Home Affairs Select Committee enquiry about the rise of antisemitism. transcript video This was chaired by Keith Vaz, who pronounces antisemitism with an ‘’e’, as in “antisem*e*tic” . Watching Keith Vaz being forensic and painstaking in that laboured manner of his is very annoying, and it makes him look a bit thick. He began by making Jonathan Arkush define antisemitism, dragging it out as though he’d ...more »


Spike EP at News Spike - 14 hours ago
I got two sides, And they're both friends

"Conservative" Dave Blount of Moonbattery should be shunned...

Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner - 14 hours ago
*not because he is anti-Trump, but because he is an ugly divisive mean-spirited person who delights in trashing real conservatives. * I don't usually call out other blogs for being deceptive or saying things that no one with one shred of decency or character would ever say, but I'm fixing to make an exception. *The first incident (which is far from the worst - wait until you see number 2): * I've followed Dave Blount, over at Moonbattery, for many, many years and have always enjoyed his insights. But now he is rabidly anti-Trump, which is his right, but it seems to have pushed h... more »

Giving Fascism a Chance

jurassicpork at Welcome Back to Pottersville - 14 hours ago
Let's face it, Bernie Sanders is a lousy Socialist. Depending on how you define the elusive and squishy concept of Socialism, Bernie falls far short of any rubric or metric of it (save perhaps for Socialism being viewed as an intermediary gateway leading to actual Communism). About the most you can say about the Vermont Senator's socioeconomic philosophy is that he is merely where mainstream Democrats were in the 70's and 80's. In his tax form disclosures earlier this year, we found out he'd made about a quarter of a million dollars last year. That's pretty much pauper wag... more »

London Council Hires AI Robot For Front Line Services

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 14 hours ago
A North London council will be one of the first government bodies to employ a self learning robotic ‘supercomputer’ to help with customer services. The virtual employee called ‘Amelia’ will be deployed instead of human council workers to “deliver front line public services” for the first time. First public sector role for #Amelia as @EnfieldCouncil deploys her to boost services: https://t.co/XQrunE01AK #AI pic.twitter.com/RlJ7aKaGPk — IPsoft Incorporated (@ipsoft) June 16, 2016 New York-based technology firm IPsoft announced that its technology platform, will be deployed to work with... more »

Big Government Cronyism: The Ancient Job Killer is on the Loose in America

Joe Carter at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: Hairdresser, Hair Salon, Hairstyle, Hair Straighteners, Hair Cut] For as long as there have been government officials, there have been economic cronies -- friends, family and associates who use their connections for their own financial gain. In ancient Israel, for example, when the prophet Samuel appointed his own sons... more »

Conservatives Have a Plan to Block Women in the Draft

Philip Wegmann at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: Female Soldier - 900] The Senate voted 85-13 Tuesday to advance an annual defense policy bill that would require women to register for the draft. But that doesn't mean the provision is guaranteed to become law. Opponents of the draft measure will have an...more »

Study: Late-Pregnancy Zika Infections Did Not Harm Unborn Children

MIKE STOBBE at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: Baby with Zika virus - 900] NEW YORK (AP) -- Women infected with the Zika virus late in their pregnancies had babies with no apparent birth defects, according to a study in Colombia that seems to confirm that the greatest risk to infants comes early in... more »

Kasich Says He Can’t Yet Embrace Trump as GOP Nominee

AP at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: Governor of Ohio John Kasich at the New Hampshire Education Summit on August 19th, 2015.] WASHINGTON (AP) -- Gov. John Kasich says he’s still not ready to endorse Donald Trump as the Republican Party presidential nominee. Kasich says, “I’m not making any final decision yet but at this point I just can’t do it.” Kasich,... more »

Orlando Terrorist Raged Against ‘Filthy Ways of the West’

ERIC TUCKER & MIKE SCHNEIDER at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: These photo combination shows victims of the mass shooting that occurred early Sunday, June 12, 2016, at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla. Top row from left are: Amanda Alvear, Angel L. Candelario-Padro, Anthony Luis Laureano Disla, Antonio Davon Brown, Christopher Leinonen, Christopher Joseph Sanfeliz, Darryl Roman Burt II, Edward Sotomayor Jr., Enrique L. Rios Jr., Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera and Frank Hernandez. Second row from left are: Franky Jimmy De Jesus Velazquez, Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez, Jason Benjamin Josaphat, Javier Jorge-Reyes, Jean Carlos Mendez Perez, Joe... more »

Defense Set to Push Hard to Acquit Baltimore Police Officer in Freddie Gray Case

BRIAN WITTE at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: Freddie Gray-900] BALTIMORE (AP) -- Now that prosecutors have rested their case, attorneys for a Baltimore police officer on trial for murder in the death of a black prisoner whose neck was broken in a police transport van are set to push... more »

A British Exit From the EU Perhaps More Likely Than a UN Climate Treaty

Michael Bastasch at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: UN_Geneva] There may be a greater chance of the UK voting to leave the European Union than there is of a United Nations global warming agreement going into force before the end of 2016. France became the latest country to officially ratify... more »

Philadelphia Set to Become First Major U.S. City to Approve Soda Tax

AP at The Stream - 15 hours ago
[image: Opponents of a proposed sugary drink tax demonstrate outside City Hall in Philadelphia, Wednesday, June 8, 2016. Philadelphia City Council is set to consider a sugary drink tax that Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney proposed to pay for universal prekindergarten, community schools and park improvements.] PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Philadelphia is set to become the first major American city with a soda tax despite a multimillion-dollar campaign by the beverage industry to block it. The City Council is expected to give final approval Thursday to a... more »

One people june 14: Delayed relaunch

D ... Breaking The Silence at Removing The Shackles - 16 hours ago
Hi everyone. I published this weeks One People Discussion from June 14 yesterday. I have removed the article and video as I made a major major mistake and I have to edit the video to remove it. we're currently re-cutting the video and we'll have it uploaded again tomorrow as fast as we can. I'm sorry to my friend for being a fucktard. But it's a mistake I won't make again. Sorry folks! love d

The U.S. Navy wants A GPS System For Its Submarines

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
*Photo*: A rocket carrying a GPS satellite launches in July 1997. (Joe Skipper / Reuters) *Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic*: *GPS Doesn't Work Underwater* So the U.S. Navy is developing a new kind of system—built specifically for drone submarines. To prepare for the possibility that it will one day deploy swarms of uncrewed drone submarines, the U.S. Navy is developing a system that will allow the global positioning system (GPS) to function deep below the ocean’s surface. If successful, the technology could start to appear as soon as the 2020s. The global positioning system is a mar... more »

Tweet For Today

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
A near miss of USS Hornet by a Kamikaze, April 1945. #WWII #WW2 #Aviation #Avgeek #history pic.twitter.com/ZICtlSoyGV — Pacific Victory WWII (@RAAFvictoryroll) June 16, 2016

More Strikes Coming in France

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 16 hours ago
Anne Guerrier writes from Paris: This is the best video to show what really happened yesterday. We have no aerial view to show that Paris thoroughfares were actually clogged for miles. A million people in Paris (1 person out of 60 in the whole country) and 300,000 more in the rest of the country. This video does give a good impression of the numbers though. You can also see the figures showing what happened in other cities all over France. The police never allowed us to reach our destination near the Assemblée Nationale, at Hotel des Invalides (which is Napoleon's grave) they spl... more »

Switzerland Withdraws Application To Join European Union

Carol Adl at Your News Wire - 16 hours ago
The Swiss parliament has voted to officially withdraw its 1992 application to join the European Union The country’s National Council backed a symbolic motion to retract the country’s 24-year-old bid to join what was then the European Economic Community (EEC). The vote, on Wednesday, comes a week before Britain’s referendum when they decide on whether to leave or remain in the EU. RT reports: Twenty-seven members of the upper house, the Council of States, voted to cancel Switzerland’s longstanding EU application, versus just 13 senators against. Two abstained. In the aftermath of the ... more »

Real questions before dumb answers

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 17 hours ago
Suzuki Samurai has a few questions for those of you with all your dumb answers … What would have been the conversation had the gay hating Islamo-fascist blown up the building with a fertiliser bomb? - Crop dusting? What would it have been if he'd detonated a petrol truck upon crashing through the front door? - Trucks? Petrol? Driving? And do the anti-gun folk seriously want to disarm themselves in the face of the real prospect of Trump becoming the president? - a man they claim, and I agree, is a fascist? Lots of simple answers this week, but hardly a decent question being ... more »

China's "Planned Capitalism" Kills Wealth

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 18 hours ago
*You can’t simply fake demand* *Guest post by Sandy Ikeda* Sometimes, prosperity is an illusion. The massive building boom in the People’s Republic of China is creating outer signs of affluence, but there isn’t enough demand to put residents in the new homes. As in many similar urban projects across the country, the Chinese government has been pouring billions of dollars into Gansu Province to build a new city called Lanzhou New Area. The *Washington Post* reports, This city is supposed to be the “diamond” on China’s Silk Road Economic Belt — a new metropolis carved out of t... more »

At Least I Still Have A Roof

Way Way Up at Fort McMurray Adventures - 18 hours ago
To say it was a wee bit gusty today would be an understatement. The forecast was calling for winds of up to 70 km/hour. The area I have been working in at my job this week is particularly sandy and dusty on a good day so the winds we got made it feel rather uncomfortable at times. I think I now understand what it feels like to be sand-blasted. At one point I took refuge in a work truck along with another co-worker to get a break from the pounding we were taking. We turned on the radio for a few minutes for news and at one point I made a remark about how, in the aftermath of th... more »

Heading Back to Normal

Way Way Up at Fort McMurray Adventures - 18 hours ago
Yesterday was my first official day back to work after being evacuated because of the forest fire. The events of May led to the biggest work disruption in the history of the oil patch. Slowly we are getting back to the work that has slowly been piling up, held in a state of suspended animation. Six weeks is a long time to be off from work and I am slowly rediscovering muscles and tendons that went dormant. It was also nice to see some familiar faces and have that sense of normalcy which had been so suddenly ripped away, restored after an extended period away. I did deliberately ... more »


New Orleans Ladder at New Orleans Ladder - 18 hours ago
*State says it’s still waiting on Gusman to prove deputies should get extra pay ~Charles Maldonado, The Lens*

The strange global outbreak of mental illness

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 18 hours ago
This FrontPage article caught my eye as it documents something that I had noticed but not researched: 'On Tuesday, a Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” and “Infidel, you must die” stabbed four people, killing one, at a train station near Munich. Nonetheless, Bavarian security officials immediately denied that he “had an Islamic extremist motive.” Then what caused the attack? Bavaria’s state interior minister Joachim Herrmann said that the attacker had “mental disorders.” There you are. Nothing to do with Islam here, folks. Don’t go jumping to conclusions that these stabbings had some... more »

Mark Steyn on Islam and the Hypocrisy of Media and Politicians

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 18 hours ago
https://youtu.be/ZJH5ZMkj1Js It's hard to see how anyone could disagree with Mark Steyn but unfortunately there's a lot of politicians and journalists who do and it means more innocent kufr will be killed by Islamist terrorists.

When no one is looking Joachim Löw in action Euro 2016 Germany - Ukraine 12.06.2016

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 18 hours ago
Oh dear, not something you want to be caught on camera doing. Poor Joachim Löw.

Pay to Play in BC with Postmedia real estate

Alison at Creekside - 18 hours ago
In June 2013, the ailing Vancouver Postmedia papers, The Sun and The Province, dumped 100 employees plus two out of four floors of their downtown Vancouver offices. Colliers International, "the biggest player in the domestic commercial real estate industry", subleased the two now empty floors. The previous year, Colliers and Postmedia had launched their joint venture "Property Post", described in their presser as providing : "up-to-the minute news, commentary, information and videos that are accessible via the Financial Post website and the online business sections of The Vancouve... more »

Seriously no backup taken and stored for twelve years?

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 19 hours ago
This report http://www.defenseone.com/technology/2016/06/computer-crash-wipes-out-years-air-force-investigation-records/129049/ strikes me as odd. 'Fraud and abuse investigations dating back to 2004 vanished when a database became corrupted, service officials said. The U.S. Air Force has lost records concerning 100,000 investigations into everything from workplace disputes to fraud. A database that hosts files from the Air Force's inspector general and legislative liaison divisions became corrupted last month, destroying data created between 2004 and now, service officials said. ... more »

Military Photo of the Day: The F-15E Strike Eagle Soars

Tom Sileo at The Stream - 19 hours ago
[image: F-15] An F-15E Strike Eagle soars above Moody Air Force Base in Georgia on May 20, 2016. Thanks to Airman Daniel Snider for taking this photograph!

June 15: This is long....

Graeme Decarie at The Decarie Report - 20 hours ago
...maybe I need to find a life. The headline, the big story, in today's irving press is that the library and the Moncton High School preservation group don't agree on moving the library. Gee! Who would have guessed? The real headline story is at the bottom of the last page of a very slim Canada&World section. "NATO ministers agree to deploy 4 battalions to defend eastern flank". No big deal? Well, that's because you have to read it almost halfway through to find out that Canada is discussing being a major partner in this. No doubt we will have to adopt the F-35 fighter, the most... more »

Like Al Gore, the Orlando shooter was an anti-Big-Oil TV actor

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 20 hours ago
Does it make sense to think about the characteristics of killers such as Omar Mateen? I am not sure. He may look like a generic Muslim or a generic Afghani American and all his idiosyncrasies could be accidents that don't teach us anything. He may have been gay or partly gay – but that doesn't mean anything, either. Once we start to say that "straight according to the normal evidence" men are gay, then *every man* may be a gay. Or a gay "in some sense" or "to some extent". So we don't learn anything at all from such vague information about *him*. Quite generally, I think that some ... more »

China Deploys Their New ‘Submarine Killer’ Warship For The South China Sea

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 21 hours ago
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/樱井千一 *Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat:* *China Commissions New ‘Submarine Killer’ Warship for South China Sea* *The new ship’s main area of responsibility will be the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.* The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has commissioned a new Type 056A Jiangdao-class corvette at Yulin naval base in the port city of Sanya on Hainan Island on June 8, China Military Online reports. The new Jiangdao-class corvette Qujing (pennant number 508) will join the PLAN’s South Sea Fleet and is expected to be deployed to the ... more »

Picture Of The Day

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 21 hours ago
An MV-22B Osprey from Marine Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron 1 lifts off from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) on June 12, 2016. US Navy photo.

Kickstarter: Hideaboo- Playhouses for Kids

Debra Hawkins at Housewife Eclectic - 22 hours ago
Last night at the Kickstarter launch for Hideaboo, my kids were astronauts, knights, submarine divers and two sisters out on a campout, all without leaving the room. I have always wanted to make my a card table play house but these hideouts go above and beyond anything that I have ever dreamed. The designs and printing are absolutely gorgeous and I can say that this is the first Kickstarter that I am going to personally back. My kids loved them so much that my 2-year-old cried when we didn't bring the Submarine home with us. *From Hideaboo: Our story is simple. Miss AshLee, a gifte... more »

Summer Fun Giveaway!

Debra Hawkins at Housewife Eclectic - 22 hours ago
It's summertime! We want to make sure you get outside and have some fun. We also want to make sure you and your little ones are protected from the sun's rays, so we've teamed up with Little Leaves Clothing Company and Step2 for this amazing prize package! Little Leaves Clothing Company was founded by parents and doctors, pediatrician Dr. Carley Gomez-Meade and dermatologist Dr. Carlos Gomez-Meade, who searched for fashionable and affordable clothing, only to discover that sun protective clothing was mostly just offered for swimwear. We get a lot more sunshine beyond the swimming ... more »

This Is Why The F-22 Is An Awesome Plane

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 22 hours ago
*Popular Mechanics:** Why the F-22 Raptor Is Such a Badass Plane* *Stealth, speed, and air superiority.* On an otherwise unremarkable day in March 2013, an American MQ-1 Predator drone was flying in international airspace off Iran, conducting a routine surveillance flight over the Persian Gulf. But the U.S. Air Force knew trouble might be lurking ahead. Several months earlier, a pair of Iranian Sukhoi Su-25 attack planes had attempted unsuccessfully to shoot down another patrolling Predator. After that, the Pentagon decided subsequent drone patrols would be escorted, either by F/... more »

Making The Congress Less Oriented Towards Banksters-- Bernie Has Some Suggestions

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 22 hours ago
Saturday evening Bernie tweeted a pretty basic concept: "Our economy works for Wall Street because it’s rigged by Wall Street. As long as Washington's bought, our economy won't work for the people." And by "Washington" being bought, he means corrupt politicians on the Wall Street gravy train. Leaving aside his opponent's massive $45,555,929 career-long indebtedness to the Finance Sector, more than any other politician who's ever been in Congress other than Obama, the dozen current members of the House who have taken the most in bribes--redefined as "contributions"-- from Wall Stre... more »

Musical Interlude: Gandalf, “Blossoms Unfolding”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 23 hours ago
Gandalf, “Blossoms Unfolding” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRf9scJDbb8

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 23 hours ago
“One of the brightest galaxies in planet Earth's sky is similar in size to our Milky Way Galaxy: big, beautiful M81. This grand spiral galaxy can be found toward the northern constellation of the Great Bear (Ursa Major). This superbly detailed view reveals M81's bright yellow nucleus, blue spiral arms, and sweeping cosmic dust lanes with a scale comparable to the Milky Way. *Click image for larger size.* Hinting at a disorderly past, a remarkable dust lane actually runs straight through the disk, to the left of the galactic center, contrary to M81's other prominent spiral features. ... more »

Paulo Coelho, "The Law of Jante"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 23 hours ago
*"The Law of Jante"* by Paulo Coelho "'The Law of Jante?' Of course I had never heard of this, so he explained what it was. I continued on my journey and discovered it is hard to find anyone in any of the Scandinavian countries who does not know this law. Although the law exists since the beginning of civilization, it was only officially declared in 1933 by writer Aksel Sandemose in the novel “A Refugee Goes Beyond Limits.” The sad truth is that the Law of Jante is a rule applied in every country in the world, despite the fact that Brazilians say that “this only happens here,” an... more »

"A Thoroughly Shell-Shocked Species..."

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“We are a thoroughly shell-shocked species. Though we have not all suffered abuse as children, we have all endured experiences that we perceived as terrifying, and that utterly exhausted our tender attempts to comprehend and cope. Instead of receding harmlessly into the past, the darkest, most frightening events from our childhood and adolescence gain power and authority as we grow older. The memory of such events causes us to depart from ourselves, psychologically speaking, or to separate one part of our awareness from the others. As a result of our histories, and of our inborn d... more »

The Poet: Stanley Kunitz, "The Layers"

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*"The Layers"* "I have walked through many lives, some of them my own, and I am not who I was, though some principle of being abides, from which I struggle not to stray. When I look behind, as I am compelled to look before I can gather strength to proceed on my journey, I see the milestones dwindling toward the horizon and the slow fires trailing from the abandoned camp-sites, over which scavenger angels wheel on heavy wings. Oh, I have made myself a tribe out of my true affections, and my tribe is scattered! How shall the heart be reconciled to its feast of losses? In a rising wind the m... more »

Midday Musical Interlude: 2002, “Challenge from Heaven”

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2002, “Challenge from Heaven” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99dbIpstPpA

The Daily "Near You?"

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Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. Thanks for stopping by!


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"Suppose that we are wise enough to learn and know- and yet not wise enough to control our learning and knowledge, so that we use it to destroy ourselves? Even if that is so, knowledge remains better than ignorance. It is better to know- even if the knowledge endures only for the moment that comes before destruction- than to gain eternal life at the price of a dull and swinish lack of comprehension of a universe that swirls unseen before us in all its wonder. That was the choice of Achilles, and it is mine, too." - Isaac Asimov

"The Rape of the West"

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*"The Rape of the West"* by Freemansperspective "I wanted to find a less ugly title for this article, but I couldn’t find one that still conveyed the depth of the crimes that are under way. So, apologies where they are due. In this post, I’m going to give you an overview of what is going on and an outline of how the schemes work. I am not going to “prove” everything I write with citations and math. That’s an important thing to do, but today I’ll pass. If you doubt anything I write here, do your own research: Find the facts, question them, compare them, and forge your own opinions. ... more »

"Just Remember Two Words..."

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Hope your life insurance is paid up, Brian... accidents happen, you know? As Yogi Berra said, "You could look it up!" Google Search "Vince Foster"...

"Can't You Try?"

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"Can't you try? However useless the effort may seem to you to be, have you anything better to do with your life? Have you some worthier goal? Have you a purpose that will justify you in your own eyes to some greater extent?" - Isaac Asimov

"How It Really Is"

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"There Are Roughly Six Times More Gun Dealers Than Starbucks Stores in America”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 23 hours ago
*"There Are Roughly Six Times More Gun Dealers * *Than Starbucks Stores in America”* by Catey Hill "It may seem that there’s a Starbucks on every corner in your town, but a gun dealer is actually more likely. As of the end of 2015, there were roughly 12,000 Starbucks locations in America. Meanwhile, there were more than 55,000 firearm dealers and 8,000 pawnbrokers selling firearms, according to data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. *Click image for larger size.* Data analysis and visualization site Flowing Data created a fascinating chart to illustrate th... more »

“Russia Is Reportedly Set To Release Clinton’s Intercepted Emails”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 23 hours ago
*“Russia Is Reportedly Set To Release Clinton’s Intercepted Emails”* by Yves Smith The idea of Russia releasing Clinton e-mails obtained by hacking into her server, whether directly or through proxies, would be a very aggressive move if it could be attributed to them (as opposed to a non-state actor). It amounts to a foreign power interfering in US elections (not that we don’t do that, witness Obama telling British citizens why they should vote for Remain). The Wikipedia listing on the think tank that published this story is thin, but the organization does appear to have been around... more »

The Economy: "This Market is Ready to Blow..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 23 hours ago
*"This Market is Ready to Blow..."* by Bill Bonner ST. MICHAELS, Maryland – "The flag in front of our hotel flies at half-mast. The little town of St. Michaels is a tourist and conference destination on the Chesapeake Bay. It is far from Orlando… and even farther from Daesh (a.k.a. ISIL) and the Mideast. Out on the river, a sleek sailboat, with lacquered wood trim, glides by, making hardly a ripple on the water. Other boats are moored. There is scarcely a sound… except for a bell in town that chimes on the quarter hour. We are staying two days. But we could happily remain longer an... more »

“ISIS and U.S. Weaponry: At Home and Abroad”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 23 hours ago
*“ISIS and U.S. Weaponry: At Home and Abroad”* by David Swanson “When someone commits mass murder in the United States and is tied, however significantly, to a foreign terrorist group, there remains a section of the U.S. population willing to recognize and point out that no ideology, fit of hatred, or mental derangement can do the same damage without high-tech weaponry that it does with it. Why does this understanding vanish into the ether of ignorance and apathy at the water’s edge? ISIS videos display U.S. guns, U.S. Humvees, U.S. weaponry of all sorts. The profits and political ... more »

"When You Think About It..."

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*"Calvin:* “Isn't it strange that evolution would give us a sense of humor? When you think about it, it's weird that we have a physiological response to absurdity. We laugh at nonsense. We like it. We think it's funny. Don't you think it's odd that we appreciate absurdity? Why would we develop that way? How does it benefit us? *Hobbes:* “I suppose if we couldn't laugh at the things that don't make sense, we couldn't react to a lot of life." - Bill Watterson

"Playing Mind Games: The Power Of Disengagement"

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*"Playing Mind Games: The Power Of Disengagement"* by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM "Life should not be lived through a series of mind games, but from truth and looking deep within. For better or worse, many people have been raised to believe that communicating in an honest and open way will not get them what they want. They have learned, instead, to play mind games or go on power trips in the service of their ego’s agenda. People stuck in this outmoded and inefficient style of communication can be trying at best and downright destructive at worst. We may get caught up in thinking we ...more »

Musical Interlude: Vangelis, “Alpha”

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Vangelis, “Alpha” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jG--3elufo

"A Look to the Heavens"

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“This alluring all-skyscape was taken 5,100 meters above sea level, from the Chajnantor Plateau in the Chilean Andes. Viewed through the site's rarefied atmosphere at about 50% sea level pressure, the gorgeous Milky Way stretches through the scene. Its cosmic rifts of dust, stars, and nebulae are joined by Venus, a brilliant morning star immersed in a strong band of predawn Zodiacal light. *Click image for larger size.* Still not completely dark even at this high altitude, the night sky's greenish cast is due to airglow emission from oxygen atoms. Around the horizon the dish antenna... more »

"Tribal Carnivores..."

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"I think that we reject the evidence that our world is changing because we are still, as that wonderfully wise biologist E. O. Wilson reminded us, tribal carnivores. We are programmed by our inheritance to see other living things as mainly something to eat, and we care more about our national tribe than anything else. We will even give our lives for it and are quite ready to kill other humans in the cruellest of ways for the good of our tribe. We still find alien the concept that we and the rest of life, from bacteria to whales, are parts of the much larger and diverse entity, the ... more »

Chet Raymo, “Gott Mit Uns!”

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*“Gott Mit Uns!”* by Chet Raymo “’Deus lo volt!’ shouted thousands of people assembled in a meadow near Clermont, France, in the year 1095. Pope Urban has appealed for the liberation of the Holy Lands from the infidels. ‘Deus lo volt!’ the crowd shouts in unison. ‘God wills it!’ What followed, of course, was several centuries of horrendous slaughter, by one side and the other, in the name of their respective gods. The streets of Antioch and Aleppo and Tyre and Damascus became rivers of blood. ‘Deus lo volt!’ the crusaders cried as their flashing swords lopped off the heads of men, ... more »

Maryland’s GOP Governor Won’t Vote for Trump

AP at The Stream - 23 hours ago
[image: Maryland Governor Larry Hogan attends a ceremony at the Defense Information School in Fort Meade on January 30, 2015.] ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- Maryland’s Republican Gov. Larry Hogan said Wednesday that he will not vote for his party’s presumptive presidential candidate, Donald Trump. The governor was visiting Prince George’s County, east of Washington, when he was asked about voting... more »

Is The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security Spending Its Billions Wisely?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
*Patrick Tucker, Defense One:* *How US Counterterrorism Funds Ended Up in the Orlando Terrorist’s Pocket* *The U.S. spends billions a year on counterterrorism, with generally poor oversight.* Before Omar Mateen took the lives of 49 people in Orlando on June 12, he was a licensed security guard with British-based G4S, a company that rode the post-9/11 wave of counterterrorism budgets. The Florida shooting has focused critical attention on the company, which has been the subject of a number of embarrassing reports. But G4S is just a symptom of a larger problem: counterterrorism spen... more »

Police Investigation Reveals Orlando Shooting An ‘Inside Job’

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
Reports are surfacing that Omar Mateen was working with multiple co-ordinated accomplices, pointing to the Orlando shooting being an inside job by security agencies, and discrediting the government and mainstream media ‘lone wolf’ agenda. LOGISTICAL PROBLEMS Currently the mainstream media has created a narrative. Omar Mateen acted alone when he shot up the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. This “lone wolf” killed over 50 people and maimed 53. That’s a casualty count of over 100. Even at close quarters, it takes several rounds to kill a person. People are terrible shots. People who are ful... more »

Senate Votes To Forcibly Conscript Women Into Combat

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
The United States Senate voted to pass a sweeping defense policy bill on Tuesday that will require young women to sign up for the military draft for the first time in history. The vote was 85-13 in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act, a $600 billion defense spending bill that includes a host of other controversial provisions, including prohibiting the closure of Guantanamo Bay, and denying the Pentagon’s requests to close military bases. Republicans were divided about whether the U.S. should require women to register for the draft when they turn 18. Senator Ted Cruz told... more »

CIA Chief: ISIS Aiming to ‘Intensify’ Attacks on the West, is Not Losing Influence

DEB RIECHMANN at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: FILE - In this Feb. 25, 2016, file photo, CIA Director John Brennan speaks at a House Intelligence Committee hearing on world wide threats on Capitol Hill in Washington. Brennan told Congress on June 16, that Islamic State militants are training and attempting to deploy operatives for further attacks on the West and will rely more on guerrilla-style tactics to compensate for its territorial losses. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)] WASHINGTON (AP) -- CIA Director John Brennan told Congress on Thursday that the Islamic State remains “formidable” and “resilient,” is training and attemp... more »

Craigslist Ad Threatens San Diego With Orlando Style Attack

Baxter Dmitry at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
Police are investigating an online threat of terrorist violence against San Diego that referenced the Orlando shooting and said: “You’re next.” A 10News viewer took a screenshot of the chilling post in the men-seeking-men section of the Craigslist San Diego personal ads. The post was then flagged and removed by Craigslist. The post was titled “We need more Orlando’s (sic),” and was accompanied by a photo of a hand firing a gun with a bullet coming out of the barrel. 10News reports: The post read: “Orlando was long overdue. Cleanse your community of the filth that gives decent gay men... more »

The U.S. Navy Has Deployed Six Aircraft Carrier Strike Groups

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
ATLANTIC OCEAN (Sept. 23, 2014 ) The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) leads a formation of ships from Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 12 during a maneuvering exercise. Theodore Roosevelt participated in the exercise with the Peruvian submarine BAP Islay (SS 35), the guided-missile destroyers USS Winston Churchill (DDG 81), USS Forrest Sherman (DDG 98), USS Farragut (DDG 99) and the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy (CG 60). Theodore Roosevelt is underway preparing for future deployments. *Military.com*: *Six Aircraft Carriers Underway Marks Milestone for Navy: Top Off... more »

Consciousness is the Technology That Will Stop the War Machine

Waking Times at Waking Times - 1 day ago
*Christina Sarich* - How can we activate the same technology that the cabal so perniciously covets?

Foreign Ownership of US Debt falls for 1st Time in 6 Months

CHRISTOPHER S. RUGABER at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: National debt word cloud image with hi-res rendered artwork that could be used for any graphic design.] WASHINGTON (AP) -- Foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities slipped for the first time in six months, led by declines in Ireland and the Cayman Islands, the third and fourth largest owners of U.S. debt. The Treasury Department says total... more »

NATO Ministerial FAQ

Steve Saideman at Duck of Minerva - 1 day ago
This week is another NATO ministerial. What is that? Here’s a handy guide to the basics and why NATO is run like an academic conference. What is the NAC? Nope, not these guys. The North Atlantic Council refers to a meeting of the representations of NATO members (not partners–those who play well with NATO but […]

Egypt Says It Has Found Plane Wreckage

MAGGIE MICHAEL at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: In this May 24, 2016 file photo, an Egyptian journalist holds a candle and a poster supporting EgyptAir during a candlelight vigil for the victims of EgyptAir flight 804 in front of the Journalists' Syndicate in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt on Wednesday, June 15, 2016, said that it spotted and obtained images from the wreckage of the EgyptAir plane flying from Paris to Cairo that crashed into the Mediterranean last month, killing all 66 people on board, according to a statement by the country's investigation committee.] CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt on Wednesday said that it spotted and obtaine... more »

Roger Baker : METRO | Is TxDOT near the end of the road?

Thorne Dreyer at The Rag Blog - 1 day ago
I compare TxDOT to a drunk who has run up a big bar tab and, knowing that he can’t pay, orders another round and prays for a miracle. By Roger Baker | The Rag Blog | June 16, 2016 “…income … finish reading Roger Baker : *METRO* | Is TxDOT near the end of the road?

Dr. Brown Renounces the Words of Pastor Steven Anderson: ‘Contrary to the God We Serve’

Michael Brown at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: Michael Brown Line of Fire] Michael Brown responds to the claims that of Pastor Steven Anderson that the Orlando massacre was "good news" because so many LGBT's were killed. Anderson’s statements “do not represent the gospel, in any way, shape, size or form.”

After Orlando, Trump Pitches for LGBT Support, Still Sending Mixed Messages About Marriage

Dustin Siggins at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: LGBT protesters] In the days after America's deadliest mass shooting, presumed GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is making a hard pitch for support among LGBT Americans by tying shooter Omar Mateen to radical Islamic beliefs he reportedly espoused before killing 49 people at... more »

Summer Temperature Trends In Greenland

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 1 day ago
By Paul Homewood https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2015/09/19/dmi-show-greenland-was-warmer-in-1930s/ According to the official numbers from DMI, annual temperatures across Greenland were just as high in the 1930s and 40s as they have been in recent years. The only exception was the unusually warm year of 2010. But what about summertime temperatures? Since that is when most ice melt […]

DNC's Hacked Trump Opposition File Has Been Leaked

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Gawker:* *This Looks Like the DNC's Hacked Trump Oppo File* A 200+ page document that appears to be a Democratic anti-Trump playbook compiled by the Democratic National Committee has leaked online following this week’s report that the DNC was breached by Russian hackers. In it, Trump is pilloried as a “bad businessman” and “misogynist in chief.” The document—which according to embedded metadata was created by a Democratic strategist named Warren Flood—was created on December 19th, 2015, and forwarded to us by an individual calling himself “Guccifer 2.0,” a reference to the notori... more »

Big Win For Ruben Kihuen In Nevada's 4th Congressional District

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
It was painful finding ourselves allied with crooked Nevada machine boss Harry Reid against our usual progressive allies. But there was no doubt that in Nevada's 4th congressional district-- despite endorsements from Reid and Bill Clinton-- state Senator Ruben was the best candidate to go up against Republican incumbent Cresent Hardy. Blue America endorsed him almost a year ago with great enthusiasm, even though Bernie, DFA, MoveOn, PCCC, etc all backed Lucy Flores. (For the record, we did add Lucy-- a good candidate-- to our Bernie Congress page and 302 Blue America members contr... more »

Los Angeles Education: The Corporate Black Box

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 1 day ago
Last year the wrinkled Putin-esque remains of Eli Broad announced a charter privatization plan for Los Angles that was unacceptable. Now the phony organization created to front the plan has announced another version of that unacceptable plan, any details of which shall remain a secret until such time as the withering Eli allows the public to know what he plans for their tax dollars. If this were Russia, one could understand. This is Los Angeles, USA. A clip from the LA Times: Timed with the release of its plan, Great Public Schools Now will launch a six-figure TV and print cam... more »

The 1st BWorld Economic Forum

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 1 day ago
This will be an interesting big forum, should be bigger than the World Economic Forum (WEF), PH edition. Speakers are top corporate leaders of PLDT/Smart and Globe; Ayala Energy, Solar PH and Aboitiz Power; Rustans, McDonalds and Alaska; Megaworld, Insular life and Sunlife; ABS-CBN, McKinsey and Phinma. From the government, incoming VP, DOF Secretary, SEC and PCC Chairman. The telecom duopoly and PCC arbiter will be there, though they will be in separate panel discussions. Soon Pres. Duterte won't be there but his DOF Secretary and trustee will come. And I will be there too, as ... more »


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 1 day ago
*Biden Ready to Freeze Funds For Schools That Don’t Comply with Anti-Sexual Assault Initiative* Meghan Yap, a rape survivor who has used her horrific experience to speak out against rape culture, introduced Vice President Joe Biden at Tuesday’s White House State of Women summit in the nation’s capital. Biden is the perfect champion for women, Yap said, because he is the author of the Violence Against Women Act in the 1990s, which she says has worked to prevent assault and save lives. “This has literally been the cause of my life,” Biden said after taking the stage. “It’s all abo... more »

USA! S(E)lectoral Drama  (Clinton Unqualified Nuclear Appointee Quits Abruptly)  Mass Shooter Chaos Strikes Again Distracting Frenzied Populace

That courageous patriot, Cindy Sheehan, has captured our time brilliantly. And it wasn't really that hard when you consider the events and how the "chosen" ones have sported themselves about. The Dramedy of US (S)Electoral Politics in Four Parts by Cindy SheehanRead her thoughtful essay at the link above and ponder how she's been treated by those fortunate enough to determine the course of

June Post

thwap at thwap's schoolyard - 1 day ago
I've had five days straight off of work and a lot's been happening in the world. Blogging is a waste of time but I've got time to waste today so ... "Elbow-gate": - Ramming through legislation without debate is icky. NDP working with the Conservatives for any purpose is icky. The delaying tactics were silly. But Liberals do them too. Trudeau's choice of words showed that he lost his temper. I don't think he hurt anyone physically but he came off looking petulant and entitled. The whole thing reflected badly upon everyone involved. Jian Ghomeshi: - Ahh. This is more boring than I re... more »

Food Riots Continue In Venezuela

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Reuters:* *Hundreds arrested in Venezuela after latest unrest over food* Venezuelan security forces have arrested at least 400 people after the latest bout of looting and food riots in the crisis-hit OPEC member country, local officials said on Wednesday. Another death was also reported in the state of Merida from unrest which is breaking out sporadically across the South American OPEC nation. On Tuesday, violence engulfed the eastern Caribbean coastal town of Cumana as looters swarmed through dozens of shops and security forces struggled to maintain control. *Read more *.... *... more »

Global Economy Leaves Us Vulnerable: NATO in Aegean: Destabilizing Russia: Kurds/Iran & Kurds Terror Financing

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 1 day ago
*Wanna do a quick round up of news regarding the multiple topics covered here at the blog:* - *Globalized economy more susceptible to weather extremes, scientists warn* *The elites & multinationals have built a weak, sick, globalized economy at a time when we are supposed to believe weather is more extreme then ever.* *Hate to break it to everyone... weather has always had it’s extremes, that’s a fact. * *But never before have we had a globalized economy that will indeed leave us all more susceptible to food shortages. Shortages in manufactured goods. Etc., * A sensible so... more »

I Am Grateful

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 1 day ago

Economic News , Data & Views ...... June 15 , 2016 ...... Markets & Market Moving News : FOMC Meeting Ends With Fed Fund Rates Unchanged , US Dollar Dives As Confused Fed Sparks Safe-Haven Bid For Bonds & Bullion ; Goldman Says Sterling May Weaken 11% if Brexit Occurs ; Thursday Morning Asia Items - add ons 2. Brexit News For Wednesday - Highlights From Another Busy Day . 3. Greece News & Data : B of G Head Warns Of Numerous Risks Ahead ; Economic Items Of Note ; Bailout Updates. 4. Libya News De Jour : Migration Items ; Domestic & International Politics ; Security . 5. Odds & Ends - Orlando Shooting & Shooter News , EgyptAir Wreckage Found , Terror Threat For Belgium & France , Visa Free Travel Not Happening July 1st , Refugee Relocations Within Europe Floundering Of Course , Desperate ISIS Of The Day . )

Fred Walton at Catharsis Ours - 1 day ago
Markets & market moving news.... *fred walton* ‏@fredwalton216 24s 25 seconds ago fred walton Retweeted Worth W. Wray This week's Fed & BOJ Meetings going to be disappointments , especially Japan. fred walton added, *Worth W. Wray* @WorthWray #ShanghaiAccord in action today (#Fed + #BoJ), but I'm getting more concerned the CB ceasefire may break. https://twitter.com/business/statu s/743274195270897669 … *fred walton* ‏@fredwalton216 21s 21 seconds ago fred walton Retweeted zerohedge So , we are starting to see the reaction to today's FOMC Meeting....as Z.H notes ,... more »

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- June 15, 2016

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Ben Thompson, CSM:* *Why are NATO and the US planning to stay in Afghanistan?* *NATO said Wednesday it will keep its bases in Afghanistan open and possibly extend its mission there, while US officials may postpone the withdrawal of thousands of troops planned for later this year.* One day after announcing a defensive buildup in Poland and the Baltics, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) agreed to maintain its presence in Afghanistan as the United States reexamines whether it will follow through on the planned withdrawal of thousands of troops there later this year. Th... more »

Oscar Pistorius Removes His Prosthetic Legs Before Sentencing

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
South African ‘Blade Runner’ Oscar Pistorius removed his artificial legs in a courtroom in South Africa on Wednesday to plead for leniency. The convicted murderer and former Paralympic champion had his legs amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old. He was the first amputee to win an able-bodied world track record in 2001 and the first double amputee to compete in the London 2012 Summer Olympics. He faces sentencing for the killing of his girlfriend in 2013. Perez Hilton reports: As you remember, the paralympian was convicted in 2014 of shooting and killing his girlfriend R...more »

Aliens Will Not Contact Us For Another 1,500 Years, Claim Scientists

Edmondo Burr at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
There is a good reason why we have not been contacted by aliens so far and it would be another 1,500 years before any chance of a close encounter. According to scientists we need to be patient before we hear from aliens, as the universe is a big place and our T.V signals have not yet penetrated into intelligent extraterrestrial domains. Scientists have found the answer to the age old question: “Where in the world are we? and is there anybody out there?” Or in modern times: “Is there any intelligent life in the universe who can contact us and free us from our lonesomeness?” The answer... more »

Facebook’s New Flagging Tool Looks to Curb Huge Increase in Suicide Rate

Eric Lieberman at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: Facebook Users, Social Media, Community] Facebook is implementing a new feature that allows people to flag their friends' posts that appear suicidal. Once highlighted, the post is then sent to a special team for review. The Facebook-employed task force will then communicate with the at-risk... more »

De Blasio Strikes Again: People Can Now Pee and Litter in NYC With Few Repercussions

Eric Lieberman at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: People of New York - 900] A New York City law signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio Monday will limit the punishment for lower-level offenses, like littering, public urination and public drinking. The Criminal Justice Reform Act is a package of eight bills and includes alterations in administrative procedure.... more »

Coffee Struck From List of Possible Cancer-Causing Agents

MARIA CHENG at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: Drinking Coffee] LONDON (AP) -- Go on, have another cup. Coffee is now off the list of things that could possibly cause cancer. Experts convened by the World Health Organization’s cancer research arm declared Wednesday that there isn’t enough proof to show... more »

Big Brother Teams up With Fast Food in the Surveillance State

Waking Times at Waking Times - 1 day ago
*Vic Bishop* - Surveillance is conditioning people into a mindset that it's ok for corporations to track their every move.

Stanford University Confirms Democratic Election Fraud

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
A bombshell study released by Stanford University confirms evidence of election fraud during the 2016 Democratic Party primaries. According to a paper released this week entitled, “Are we witnessing a dishonest election?,” a state comparison based on the voting procedures used during the election reveals endemic election fraud within the system. Given the stakes in the outcome of the American presidential elections, ensuring the integrity of the electoral process is of the utmost importance. Are the results we are witnessing in the 2016 primary elections trustworthy? While Donald T... more »

Picture Of Orlando Killers Dad Visiting Clinton’s Office Surfaces

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
The father of the Orlando shooter turns out to have been a frequent visitor to Hillary Clinton’s office at the State Department, according to newly released pictures. Seddique Mateen, pictured above, is also a candidate for President of Afghanistan. Powderedwigsociety.com reports: This is a little disturbing. Remember Amed Mohamed and the exploited islamic opportunism with 14-year-old “clock boy” bomb hoax from Irving Texas and how his father was running for political office in Sudan? Well, apparently 29-year-old terrorist Omar Mateen (below left) comes from a similarly engaged po... more »

US Government Declares Camping A ‘Terrorist Activity’

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
The U.S. government has said that people who go camping may be considered terrorists, under Orwellian new rules. According to FINCEN (the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), the 42 millions of Americans who go camping every year ought to be considered a potential threat to security. Freedomfightertimes.com reports: Experiencing the great outdoors is increasingly becoming a crime in the US, due to the reality that every time a camping commodity is purchased it is tracked, and the person is potentially monitored for terroristic activities as stated explicitly in the document leake...more »

Dalai Lama: “Stop Praying For Orlando”

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
The Dalai Lama has urged the world to stop “praying for Orlando” and instead actually do something practical to stop such a tragedy from occurring in the future. In an opinion piece for the Washington Post, entitled “Why I’m Hopeful About the World’s Future,” the Tibetan leader writes: “It is not enough simply to pray. There are solutions to many of the problems we face; new mechanisms for dialogue need to be created, along with systems of education to inculcate moral values. These must be grounded in the perspective that we all belong to one human family and that together we can t... more »

The Lexit Delusion

Phil at All That Is Solid ... - 1 day ago
Dave and co were hoping a spot of economic determinism would see them through the EU referendum. Unfortunately for them, and all our people who stand to lose should Britain exit, this is proving not to be the case. Drawing deep from a poisoned well sunk by tabloid after politician after demagogue, Leave have doused the referendum campaign in xenophobic and anti-immigration toxicants. As my comrade Lawrence Shaw puts it: EU referendum debate round-up of the last six months in case you missed it: Immigration. Immigration. Immigration. Foreigners. Muslims. Immigration. Taking all "our... more »

Police: Man Heading to Gay Pride Parade Had Gun Rigged for Fast Firing, Explosives Ready

AMANDA LEE MYERS & TOM DAVIES at The Stream - 1 day ago
[image: James Wesley Howell, 20, of Indiana, appears in Superior Court in Los Angeles Tuesday, June 14, 2016. Howell faces felony weapons charges after authorities say they found assault rifles and explosive chemicals in his car in Santa Monica, Calif., on June 12, before a major Los Angeles gay pride parade.] LOS ANGELES (AP) -- An Indiana man who said he was headed to a gay pride event in California had a loaded assault rifle with magazines rigged to allow 60 shots to be fired in quick succession, plus 15 pounds... more »

World News Briefs -- June 15, 2016 (Evening Edition)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
Recovered debris of the EgyptAir jet that crashed in the Mediterranean Sea is seen in this handout image released May 21, 2016 by Egypt's military. Egyptian Military/Handout via Reuters/File photo *BBC*: *EgyptAir crash: Wreckage found in Mediterranean* Wreckage of the EgyptAir flight that went missing over the Mediterranean last month has been found, Egyptian investigators say. A statement said "several main locations of the wreckage" had been identified. There were 66 people on board the Airbus A320 when it crashed on 19 May while flying from Paris to Cairo. It vanished from Gr... more »

Parents Encouraged To Send Their Kids To ‘Prison Summer Camps’

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
Parents in the U.S. are being encouraged to send their children to controversial “Prison summer camps” in an effort to instil discipline into teenage kids. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio launched the controversial new “Summer Stars” scheme, which is a two-day program that aims to teach youngters about life behind bars in an attempt to deter them from becoming criminals. Thefreethoughtproject.com reports: The program will be held in two sessions – June 23-24, and July 21-22 – and will be open for students from ages 8 to 18. Arpaio’s department says that the experience is “designed to s... more »

NBC Confirm Another Holistic Doctor Murdered

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
The death of a New York holistic doctor last July has been confirmed as a murder, according to an NBC report. Dr. Mary Yoder, an holistic doctor who believed in natural remedies to cure illnesses over Big Pharma, was actually poisoned to death during a time when multiple holistic doctors were being found dead under suspicious circumstances. Healthnutnews.com reports: We had so many doctors dying back in July. In fact, some days we had more than one found dead in mysterious manners (see the full timeline of over 40 doctors with pictures here) I read about Dr Yoder back then, but th... more »

Study Confirms Link Between HPV Vaccine And Ovarian Cancer

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
The American College of Pediatricians have confirmed that there is a strong link between the HPV vaccine and an increased risk of ovarian cancer amongst teens. The college released a statement on their website recently confirming that teenage girls who receive the human papillomavirus vaccine often suffer serious problems with their ovaries as a result. The statement reads: The American College of Pediatricians (The College) is committed to the health and well-being of children, including prevention of disease by vaccines. It has recently come to the attention of the College that on... more »

Study Says Creative Minds Mimic Schizophrenia

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
Scientists have discovered that the minds of creative geniuses operate in a strikingly similar way to people who suffer from schizophrenia. Brain scans have shown that the line between creativity and insanity is hard to distinguish. Scientists say that the thought pathways belonging to people considered ‘highly creative’ look similar to those who have been diagnosed as schizophrenic. BBC News reports: Both groups lack important receptors used to filter and direct thought. It could be this uninhibited processing that allows creative people to “think outside the box”, say experts from... more »

Bloomberg’s Energy Outlook

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 1 day ago
By Paul Homewood http://about.bnef.com/press-releases/coal-and-gas-to-stay-cheap-but-renewables-still-win-race-on-costs/ Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) has just published its latest annual New Energy Outlook, the long term forecast for global energy markets. BNEF is set up to provide unique analysis, tools and data for decision makers driving change in the energy system. It works on a subscription basis, so […]

In Korean textbook scheme, some plagiarists found not guilty

Mark Zastrow at Retraction Watch - 1 day ago
SEOUL — When does plagiarizing an entire textbook not violate copyright law? In a South Korean court, apparently. On Wednesday, a district judge found ten professors who plagiarized textbooks guilty of copyright infringement—but ruled that four professors who added their names to subsequent printings were not guilty. This case, which began as an alleged plagiarism ring […] The post In Korean textbook scheme, some plagiarists found not guilty appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Revealed: Intel’s Secret Microchip That Can Take Over Your PC

Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Your News Wire - 1 day ago
A secret Intel microchip has been discovered lurking in the processors of millions of PC’s around the world, which tech experts say allows them to completely take control of your machine. Intel x86 processors contain a secret control mechanism that runs on a separate mini microchip that nobody is allowed to audit. These secretive microchips could potentially allow unkillable, undetectable rootkit attacks on millions of computers worldwide. Boingboing.net reports: The Intel Management Engine (ME) is a subsystem composed of a special 32-bit ARC microprocessor that’s physically locate... more »


Len Hart at The Existentialist Cowboy - 1 day ago
*A Genius, A Saint, and SCOTUS Agree: Conspiracies Exist!**by Len Hart, the Existentialist Cowboy * The right wing spent the 1950s trying to convince the nation that it was threatened by a vast world wide communist conspiracy. Now the right wing is trying to convince the nation that conspiracies don't exist at all! Right wingers have targeted Tin Foil Hatters for ridicule when it was not so long ago that the term applied better to them! Nevertheless, a Catholic saint, the world's greatest physicist, and hundreds, possibly thousands of SCOTUS decisions and scholarly, legal articles a... more »

Getting To The Bottom Of The Afghan Prisoners Debacle

Owen Gray at Northern Reflections - 1 day ago
In May of 2007, *The Toronto Star* ran a story about how Afghan soldiers -- who had been captured by Canadians -- were being abused in prison. Michael Byers and William Schabas write: As one detainee told reporter Rosie DiManno, “They whipped me with rubber hoses. Another time, they used a chain to hang me from the ceiling, my head toward the floor.” The same detainee said Canadian officials visited the prison operated by the Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS), but were never allowed to speak with prisoners. As the late James Travers wrote, also in this newspaper, the... more »

Canada's Intelligence Agency Warns That Russia Is 'Mobilizing For War'

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
Troops from Canada's 3rd Division participate at a NATO-led exercise with the U.S. Army's 173rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team and Poland's 6th Airborne Brigade. Canada is considering a request to supply troops for a new NATO force in the Baltics. (Kacper Pempel/Reuters) *CBC:* *Canada considers European troop commitment as CSIS warns Russia is 'mobilizing for war'* *Putin 'is modernizing conventional military capability on a large scale'* The Trudeau government is considering a request to commit hundreds of troops to eastern Europe and take part command of a new NATO force being as... more »

One Middle-Class Family’s Struggle In Ukraine

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin, Washington Post:* *Uprooted by conflict in Ukraine, one middle-class family’s isolating struggle* “Everything we have done, we have done for our children,” said Sasha Dobyri, sitting with his wife Marina at their cramped kitchen table. “They are the most important thing we have.” “It’s been more than two years since Sasha, 41 and Marina, 38, gathered their two children, Kostya and Artyom, packed their car with the TV and some clothes and left home, joining the estimated 1.4 million people who have been displaced by Ukraine’s ongoing war in the east. “W... more »

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