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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, January 21, 2019

21 January - Blogs I'm Following - 2 of 3

10:30 pm MST

Climate Ideology = Bad Nutritional Advice

Ron Clutz at Science Matters - 9 hours ago
Media Alarms: Eating Meat Heats the Planet You may have noticed a media theme over recent months linking meat eating with climate change. The following examples come from the usual suspects. Eating meat has ‘dire’ consequences for the planet National Geographic Huge reduction in meat-eating ‘essential’ to avoid climate breakdown The Guardian Eating Less Meat […]


Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog - 9 hours ago
The Daily Wire reports: A member of the Polish Parliament for the governing Law and Justice Party, Dominik Tarczynski, reacted to the incident involving the Catholic students from Covington Catholic High School and a Native American former Marine, Nathan Phillips, at the Lincoln Memorial on Friday by inviting the students to speak to the Polish Parliament. Dominik Tarczyński tweeted, “Dear Covington Catholic students, I’d like to invite You to the Polish Parliament. After watching this video, I am now standing up for these wrongfully accused young men and all of you! You are very w... more »

Palestinian forces in Syria undergo rigorous training directed by Russian military (video)

Leith Aboufadel at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 9 hours ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:00 P.M.) – The Palestinian-led Al-Quds Brigade has been undergoing rigorous training exercises that are being directed by the Russian military inside Syria. As shown in the short video below, the Al-Quds Brigade has been working with the Russian military to improve their combat readiness and overall training: Liwaa Al-Quds has been one of […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

Israel attacks Syria using immunity from some UN Security Council members: Damascus

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 9 hours ago
The Syrian Foreign Ministry has notified the United Nations that the Israeli airstrikes against Syria are possible only with US support and with immunity “silently” approved by some other members of the UN Security Council, the ministry’s press service said Monday. “Such attacks are possible only thanks to the unlimited support provided by the US […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

Attack on US-Kurdish convoy leaves 5 dead in Hasakah province (video)

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 9 hours ago
A suicide car bomb attack struck a military convoy in the northeastern Syrian town of Shaddadi on Monday, and killed five members of a Kurdish-led force that was part of a convoy with US-led coalition troops, reports say. Footage shows what appears to be the smoldering remnants of the vehicle that was used in the […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

Iran ready to ‘eliminate Israel from earth’ – air force commander

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 9 hours ago
Iranian Air Force Commander Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh told the Iranian news agency Young Journalists Club that “current and future generations [of air force pilots] are impatient and ready to fight against Israel and eliminate it from the Earth”. He added that Iranian student pilots are currently acquiring the necessary knowledge to be prepared “for […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

Two Different Videos. One Told Only Part Of A Story. The Other Told The Whole Story. Guess Which One The Media Played

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 9 hours ago
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington apologized after videos emerged showing students from an all-male Catholic high school mocking Native Americans outside the Lincoln Memorial. STORY: https://t.co/9Va3ubd4m9 pic.twitter.com/QuYEQ5RLbz — KSAT 12 (@ksatnews) January 19, 2019 *NEO:** Reporting on each other: the Covington boys, the Native American, and the smart phone vs. the telescreen* The news story of the Catholic high school students in MAGA hats who were captured on video supposedly harassing a Native American Vietnam vet was a tale I ignored till now. As presented, it ... more »

Government-sponsored lunatic junk science

Robert at Ice Age Now - 9 hours ago
“Climate change research predicts 70 per cent less snow in Alpine ski resorts by 2099,” read the headline. Makes “grim reading for skiers and snowboarders.” According to the study, published in The Cryosphere, a journal of the European Geosciences Union, the Alps could lose as much as 70 per cent of their snow cover by 2099 ... Read moreGovernment-sponsored lunatic junk science The post Government-sponsored lunatic junk science appeared first on Ice Age Now.

Extreme cold, snow continue across eastern Ontario

Robert at Ice Age Now - 9 hours ago
20 Jan 2019 – In Ottawa, the temperature will only rise slightly to a high of –16 C, which will feel like –25 in the afternoon, with another seven to 12 cm of snow expected. Due to numerous crashes, Ontario Provincial Police are warning drivers to stay off Highway 401 and other highways across the region. A ... Read moreExtreme cold, snow continue across eastern Ontario The post Extreme cold, snow continue across eastern Ontario appeared first on Ice Age Now.

Trump Marks MLK Day with Memorial Visit

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 9 hours ago
The President was joined by Vice President Mike Pence on a frigid and windy day. The visit lasted less than two minutes.

AI and AV Big Tech; Cameras or Eyes? Passengers or Pedestrians? Profits or People? Insight, Hindsight or No-Sight?

Activist Post at Activist Post - 9 hours ago
By Patricia Burke On January 15, the BBC reported that following the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a photographer discovered that his camera had... more »

Arkansas’ medical marijuana cultivation sites are all under construction

Bart Schaneman at Marijuana Business Daily - 9 hours ago
All five of Arkansas’ state-approved medical cannabis grower sites are being built out, a development that should come as good news for marijuana businesses that are looking to be part of a fully operational market in the state later this year. The program has been beset by delays since Arkansas voters approved a constitutional amendment […] Arkansas’ medical marijuana cultivation sites are all under construction is a post from: Marijuana Business Daily: Financial, Legal & Cannabusiness news for cannabis entrepreneurs

Did the Government Censor an Expert Witness Who Changed His View on Vaccines?

Alex Kasprak at Snopes.com - 9 hours ago
A deep dive into some misleading statements contained in a recent “Full Measure” segment produced by Sharyl Attkisson.

Reinvented Legacy: Nazi’s Paintings Fund Foundation for Jews

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 9 hours ago
The Zurueckgeben foundation encourages Germans to take stock of the more mundane items in their households and question where they came from.

Don’t call them the 'mainstream media' because they are not this any more. They’re (we’re) all the media now."

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 9 hours ago
*"Don’t call them the 'mainstream media' because they are not this any more. They’re (we’re) all just media – CNN, Scott Adams, Uncle Tom Cobley on YouTube, me and my pals posting and maybe you commenting on Samizdata – for the kind of people who see things the way they (we) do, and want the kind of news – true, false, dazzling, daft – that they (we) want to offer."It used to be that you only discovered what liars and nincompoops journalists were capable of being when you were in the middle of one of their stories and actually knew what lies they were telling, if they were. No... more »

Scientist Says Humans Have a Magnetic 6th Sense – We Can Sense More Than We See

zedie at SOMEONE SOMEWHERE - 10 hours ago
https://www.enlightened-consciousness.com/scientist-says-humans-magnetic-6th-sense-can-sense-see/?fbclid=IwAR2tjzrD-q53gdX33P7MyESuJwa6UilCmN3BCkK4ZALnC6SFnl9y5USNVaw Advertisements

What is déjà vu? What is déjà vu?

zedie at SOMEONE SOMEWHERE - 10 hours ago

How an Australian coach revived a failing NZ club by reconnecting it to Maori heritage

Patrick Galloway at Just In - 10 hours ago
In his maiden A-League coaching season, Wellington Phoenix coach Mark Rudan went on a journey of discovery to find out what made the seemingly doomed club tick. It’s had remarkable impact.

Super poopers walk among us. Are you one of them?

Belinda Smith at Just In - 10 hours ago
Not all poo is created equal — especially in faecal transplant circles. Now researchers are teasing out why a few of us seem to be particularly potent stool donors.

'Dear govermint': Child's letter urges Coalition to change the date of Australia Day

Dan Conifer at Just In - 10 hours ago
The ABC obtains a cache of letters and emails sent to the Indigenous Affairs Minister about Australia Day, with most — including one from a young girl who said "it's the day we stole Australia from the Aboriginal people" — urging the Government to move the day from January 26.

Without O'Dwyer, Morrison's challenge might get worse before it gets better

Jane Norman at Just In - 10 hours ago
A woman will almost certainly be preselected to replace Kelly O'Dwyer in Higgins — even if a star male candidate emerges — but the party is so far behind that it simply cannot solve its "woman problem" at this election, writes Jane Norman.

Cashing in on Madagascan vanilla boom

Adam Harvey at Just In - 10 hours ago
Vanilla is big money in a nation that produces up to 80 per cent of the world's natural vanilla, but which hangs around the bottom of global poverty lists. On the streets of Madagascar's vanilla capital Sambava, fast-moving hustlers trade the bean like drugs.

How far-away lands shaped the Queenslander

Antony Funnell at Just In - 10 hours ago
The Queenslander is one of Australia's most iconic architectural styles, but it was heavily influenced by far-away lands of searing heat and torrential downpours.

Female bar staff told to swap men's shirts for low-cut tops due to 'health and safety'

Lara Hyams at Just In - 10 hours ago
A Perth bar that instructed female staff members to stop wearing men's loose uniform shirts in favour of a tighter, lower cut designed for women backs down from the decision after it sparks a backlash from angry employees.

Study Reveals Three Quarters Of People Are Dissatisfied With “Undemocratic”, “Self-Interested” And “Divided” Political Parties

Activist Post at Activist Post - 10 hours ago
By University of Sheffield Research by the University of Sheffield has revealed more than three quarters of people are dissatisfied with political parties and has... more »

Martin Luther King's Murder - Conspiracy Or Coincidence?

Daniel McAdams at 10 hours ago
MLK's family has been adamant and unanimous: James Earl Ray did not kill the civil rights leader. Many of MLK's associates share the view. We do know how the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover harassed King for years before his death. What might the conspiracy to kill King look like and why is it important 51 years later?

Labour deputy leader urges government to act over Malaysia ban on Israeli athletes per The Jewish Chronicle

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 10 hours ago
'Labour's deputy leader, Tom Watson, has called for the government to act over Malaysia's decision to bar Israeli swimmers from a key Paralympics qualifier. In a letter to Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Mr Watson branded Malaysia's decision "completely unacceptable" and said the "decision to discriminate against Israeli athletes" also goes against the mission of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). ' Not a word from Jeremy Corbyn or John McDonnell and certainly not the Labour Party's propaganda arm, that's the BBC that is instrumentally antisemitic under at least one of th... more »

Getting-off-fossil fuels: A medieval method for reducing unfunded pension liabilities

Ron Stein at CFACT - 10 hours ago
Life was hard and dirty, but at least you could look forward to a ripe old age of 40. The post Getting-off-fossil fuels: A medieval method for reducing unfunded pension liabilities appeared first on CFACT.

Zicam And Other Homeopathy, Supplements; 51% Of Parents Say They Give Them To Kids Though They Know They Don't Work

Hank Campbell at Science 2.0 blogs - 10 hours ago
Thanks to social media, advice on how to prevent a cold is everywhere and 51 percent of parents taking the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's Health admit to believing in folklore and homeopathy even though 99 percent of them accept scientific approaches as well. Welcome to 2019. Colds are caused by viruses and spread most frequently from person to person. The most common transmission is mucus from the nose or mouth that gets passed on by direct contact, coughing, sneezing, doorknobs, etc. Therefore the most effective method for preventing colds is encoura... more »

Study: On Facebook And Twitter Your Privacy Is At Risk—Even If You Don’t Have An Account

Activist Post at Activist Post - 10 hours ago
By University of Vermont A new study shows that privacy on social media is like second-hand smoke. It’s controlled by the people around you. Individual... more »

Chinese President Xi Issues A Warning To Party Leaders Of ‘Serious Dangers’ As Risks Mount

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 10 hours ago
Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), delivers a speech at a rally marking the 95th anniversary of the founding of the CPC at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, July 1, 2016. (Xinhua/Liu Weibing) *BNN Bloomberg*: *China's Xi calls for political stability as economic risks mount* President Xi Jinping stressed the need to maintain political stability in an unusual meeting of China’s top leaders -- a fresh sign the ruling party is growi... more »

Video: Where Are You, Martin Luther King?

A half-century after his death, MLK is as revered as ever. But have we been following his example? Media Editors ~ It’s been 50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot to death on a motel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee, and over the decades he has become one of the most revered […]

NAFTA 2.0: Nothing for workers

bilaterals.org - 10 hours ago
21-Jan-2019 A failure to seriously resist NAFTA 2.0's passage into law in Canada, the US and Mexico will amount to capitulation and the acceptance of an agreement that by design, like the original NAFTA, intrinsically serves the interests of Capital.

L'Europe dévoile son plan pour négocier un "mini-TTIP"

bilaterals.org - 10 hours ago
21-Jan-2019 La Commission a dévoilé ses plans pour négocier un accord de libre-échange avec les Etats-Unis visant à réduire les droits de douane sur les produits industriels, y compris les voitures.

TPP-11 opens doors to new members

bilaterals.org - 10 hours ago
21-Jan-2019 Japan eager to expand trade pact even though not all signatories have ratified.

EU sets out plans for 'limited' US trade deal

bilaterals.org - 10 hours ago
21-Jan-2019 Opposition by activists has already resurfaced with some warning that "there can be no trade-offs on food standards" in the deal.

EU-US FTA: draft negotiating mandates (EU, Jan 2019)

bilaterals.org - 10 hours ago
21-Jan-2019 As released by the European Commission

Etats-Unis-Canada. NAFTA 2.0: rien pour les travailleurs

bilaterals.org - 10 hours ago
21-Jan-2019 L'échec d'une résistance sérieuse à la ratification de l'ALENA représenterait une capitulation et l'acceptation d'un accord qui, dans sa conception même, à l'instar du premier ALENA, sert intrinsèquement les intérêts du Capital.

Ninth Circuit Could Lose Its Liberal Lustre Under Trump

Bob Adelmann at rss - 10 hours ago
[image: ninth-circuit-could-lose-its-liberal-lustre-under-trump] President Donald Trump has the opportunity to turn the Ninth Circuit from blue to red before the end of his first term.

Leftist Kamala Harris: I’ll Fight For “American Values” as President

R. Cort Kirkwood at rss - 10 hours ago
[image: lying-leftist-harris-i-ll-fight-for-american-values-as-president] Senator Kamala Harris is running for president, though she apparently hates America and truth.


Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man - 10 hours ago
Found on Gab, origin unknown: (For context, see here.) Peter

University of San Francisco Law Professor's Scathing Critique of Kamala Harris' Law Career and Personal Ambitions

Diogenes Sarcastica™ at Diogenes' Middle Finger - 10 hours ago
University of San Francisco law professor Lara Bazelon wrote a *blistering op-ed in the New York Times* last week focused on the prosecutorial career of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). Harris, who claims she is a progressive, took her seat in the 2020 democrat clown car, announcing she's running for president this morning to little fanfare on ABC's Good Morning America. She was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2017 after climbing the political ladder in California, partly as a result of regularly getting into the pants of the powerful mayor of San Francisco while district attorney of San F... more »

Last Year For Planet Earth

tonyheller at The Deplorable Climate Science Blog - 10 hours ago
Experts say climate catastrophe will strike next year. Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us | Environment | The Guardian

Banned By Twitter

tonyheller at The Deplorable Climate Science Blog - 10 hours ago
Twitter banned me for a short period this morning. A couple of months ago they started blocking images I post. It is just a matter of time. Censorship is how leftists operate.

CO2 Forgetting To Trap Heat In The Arctic

tonyheller at The Deplorable Climate Science Blog - 10 hours ago
Last year, temperatures were not as cold as they usually are near the North Pole. This was blamed on CO2 trapping heat. http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/plots/meanTarchive/meanT_2018.png This year, temperatures are very cold near the North Pole. Apparently CO2 is getting lazy with its … Continue reading →

Rebranding MLK: How U.S. Establishment Blackened His Dream & Whitewashed His Legacy

21wire at 21st Century Wire - 10 hours ago
*Teodrose Fikre* | Those who defy profiteers are given death sentences only for their memories to be raised to further the very greed they crusaded against.

Denmark Economists Tell US Politicians to Stop Referring to Them as Example of Socialism, They’re NOT

The Free Thought Project at The Free Thought Project - 10 hours ago
[image: DENMARK]Democratic socialist politicians in America keep referring to Denmark as a successful implementation of socialism, but Denmark says they aren't socialists.

MSM Recklessly Distorts Video of Teen in MAGA Hat and Native Man All to Manipulate You

Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project - 10 hours ago
[image: maga]The real story behind the viral confrontation of the MAGA hat wearing teen and the Native American USMC veteran is far less divisive than what you're being told.

Tech Times: Florida startup harvests young blood to sell to the wealthy for $8k a liter

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News - 11 hours ago
The Florida-based startup Ambrosia, founded in 2016 by Stanford Medical School graduate Jesse Karmazin, offer new, young plasma to help combat against the aging process for patients 30 years and older. They have six locations around the country (Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, Tampa, FL, Omaha, NE and Houston, TX) and the price […] The post Tech Times: Florida startup harvests young blood to sell to the wealthy for $8k a liter appeared first on Health Nut News.

Glenn Beck concerned about radiation from utility “smart” meters but in favor of blanketing the U.S. with 5G?

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News - 11 hours ago
The following is a guest piece by B. N. Frank Glenn Beck is known for making many colorful and controversial statements. Regardless we appreciate when his concerns are valid. For example, in 2013, he interviewed a disabled Ohio woman who didn’t want utility “Smart” Meters installed on her home because she was concerned about radiation […] The post Glenn Beck concerned about radiation from utility “smart” meters but in favor of blanketing the U.S. with 5G? appeared first on Health Nut News.

Holistic doctor responds to New York Times article attacking vaccine skeptics

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News - 11 hours ago
by Dr. Brownstein (Note: My wife vetoed my initial headline: Failing New York Times Op-Ed Full of Fake Vaccine News. She claims that my sense of humor does not translate to all.) The lead New York Times (NYT) editorial today is titled, “Know The Enemy.” According to the NYT, the “enemy” is anyone who questions […] The post Holistic doctor responds to New York Times article attacking vaccine skeptics appeared first on Health Nut News.

Iran Air Force Commander: Ready To ‘Eliminate Israel From Earth'

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) said on Monday that Iran is ready and impatient to destroy the Zionist regime. *Daily Mail:* *Iran 'is impatient to fight Israel and eliminate it from the earth': Threat after Israeli missile attack on Tehran forces in Syria leaves 11 dead* * Israel's military said it had attacked Iranian targets near Syrian capital Damascus * Eleven have been killed including two Syrians in deadliest strikes since May 2018 * The attacks followed a previous night of cross-border fire, which Israel said was prompted by a rocket fired at a p... more »

The ‘Gilets Jaunes’ Are Unstoppable: “Now, The Elites Are Afraid”

The Duran at The Duran - 11 hours ago
Now the elites are afraid. For the first time, there is a movement which cannot be controlled through the normal political mechanisms. The post The ‘Gilets Jaunes’ Are Unstoppable: “Now, The Elites Are Afraid” appeared first on The Duran.

Review Churchill’s Folly, How Winston Churchill Created Modern Iraq

Joel Wing at MUSINGS ON IRAQ - 11 hours ago
*Review Catherwood, Christopher, Churchill’s Folly, How Winston Churchill Created Modern Iraq, New York: Carroll and Graf, 2004* *Churchill’s Folly*as the title suggests covers Winston Churchill’s decisions after World War I that led to the creation of Iraq. England had conquered Mesopotamia during the war, but came out of the conflict overextended and in debt. Churchill’s response was to try to cut costs, first by reducing the military forces in Iraq and then creating an Arab government to run things under Feisal son of Hussein bin Ali, the Sharif of Mecca. Author Christopher Cath... more »

This Day In Iraqi History - Jan 21

Joel Wing at MUSINGS ON IRAQ - 11 hours ago
1916 Ottomans retreated up Tigris after defeat at Battle of Wadi only to lose again to British at Battle of Hanna 1948 Demonstrators against Anglo-Iraq Treaty fired upon again Led Regent to repudiate treaty 1970 Pres Bakr announced failed coup by ex-army officers and special tribunal to try plotters Accused Iran of backing coup 1970 Imam Khomeini started lectures in Najaf outlining his concept of vilayat al-faqih 1987 Saddam sent letter to Iran Said he didn’t claim any Iranian territory and wanted peace deal Asked Iranians to challenge Khomeini’s right to rule 1987 Iran captured Du... more »

Can the Senate Decline to Try an Impeachment Case?

bbauer at Lawfare - 12 hours ago
Scene from the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson, held in the Senate Chamber in 1868 (Source: Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper) Does the Senate have an obligation to conduct a trial of the president if the House impeaches him? With the increased prospects for an impeachment inquiry now that the Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives, most discussions of impeachment have assumed that, should the House vote to impeachment, the Senate will then hold a trial. This is the logical construction of the Constitution’s provisions setting out the impeach... more »

How anti-chemical lawsuits threaten legal chaos

Paul Driessen at CFACT - 12 hours ago
Many people unduly fear chemical and other risks they don’t understand. When misfortune strikes, some look for a corporation to blame and sue. The post How anti-chemical lawsuits threaten legal chaos appeared first on CFACT.

ISIS Suicide Bomber Attacks Kurdish-US Convoy In Syria

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
A VBIED targeted a roadblock of #ISF in Shadadi area. ISF noticed it coming, tried to stop it and driver exploded before the car reached its goal. initial reports speak of only material damage #Anha pic.twitter.com/rkpJSSPiro — Rojava (@AzadiRojava) January 21, 2019 *Reuters: **Suicide bomber rams U.S.-backed forces at Syria checkpoint* BEIRUT (Reuters) - A suicide bomber drove his car into a checkpoint in northeastern Syria on Monday, injuring several soldiers of Kurdish-led forces during a joint convoy with U.S. allies, locals said. The attack happened on the western edge of Sh... more »

IL medical cannabis firms plan for boom around opioid-alternative initiative

Jeff Smith at Marijuana Business Daily - 12 hours ago
Medical marijuana dispensaries in Illinois are preparing for a healthy boost in business with the launch of a pilot program this month that will offer patients access to MMJ as an alternative to opioids. Dispensaries are extending hours and hiring additional workers for the expected increased demand in medical cannabis once the Opioid Alternative Pilot […] IL medical cannabis firms plan for boom around opioid-alternative initiative is a post from: Marijuana Business Daily: Financial, Legal & Cannabusiness news for cannabis entrepreneurs

Coalition Demands Amazon, Microsoft, and Google Stop Giving Facial Recognition Tech to Government Agencies

Activist Post at Activist Post - 12 hours ago
By Michael Maharrey The Tenth Amendment Center has joined more than 85 other organizations demanding Microsoft, Google and Amazon stop providing facial recognition surveillance technology... more »

Ruminations on Donald J. Trump!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 12 hours ago
*MONDAY, JANUARY 21, 2019Dr. King's outlook included:* Dr. King will be included to today's rumination. But we'll start with something George Will wrote concerning Donald J. Trump. Will's column appeared in Sunday's Washington Post. At one point, he offered this: WILL (1/20/19): *Dislike of [Trump] should be tempered by this consideration: He is an almost inexpressibly sad specimen. It must be misery to awaken to another day of being Donald Trump.* He seems to have as many friends as his pluperfect self-centeredness allows, and as he has earned in an entirely transactional life. ... more »

Shocking Admission By FBI Veteran Shows Why The FBI Shouldn’t Exist

Activist Post at Activist Post - 12 hours ago
By Caitlin Johnstone (CJ Opinion) — On the 18th of November, 1964, the FBI’s appallingly corrupt boss J. Edgar Hoover denounced Martin Luther King Jr. as “the most notorious liar in... more »

Maduro Consolidates His Dictatorship in Venezuela

Activist Post at Activist Post - 12 hours ago
By Jorge C. Carrasco On January 10, Nicolás Maduro took another step in perpetuating and expanding his power, carrying out a masquerade in the form... more »

Medicare For All — The Democratic Party Audition for 2020

Gaius Publius at DownWithTyranny! - 12 hours ago
*Bernie Sanders' November 2016 aggregate approval rating. Net favorable: +18%* *Hillary Clinton's November 2016 aggregate approval rating. Net favorable: –15%* *Donald Trump's November 2016 aggregate approval rating. Net favorable: –17%* *by Thomas Neuburger* The next two years will present multiple tests of the soul of the Democratic Party, just as have the last 10 years. But two of those tests have "high profile" written all over them. The outcome of these tests could determine the Party's future, and consequently the nation's, in the 2020 presidential election. One test... more »

Shutdown Goes On as Trump Offer Doesn’t Budge Democrats

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 12 hours ago
As news media reported the outline of President Trump's proposal, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats made clear the president's plan was a non-starter.

China Grants Ivanka Trump 5 Trademarks Amid Trade Talks

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 12 hours ago
Companies apply for trademarks for a range of reasons.

King Holiday Draws Out Democratic Presidential Hopefuls

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 12 hours ago
Senator Kamala Harris used the holiday to launch a presidential campaign that, if successful, would make her the first woman and the second black candidate to become president.

Women earn less cash prize money than men in the sciences

Norma at Collecting My Thoughts - 12 hours ago
Except the answer is in the article. “The analysis also shows that when considering all of the awards, women earn 64 cents of prize money for every dollar a man receives, and when cutting out the top and bottom prizes, women winners earn 60 cents of every prize dollar a man receives, the researchers report. Women also tend to disproportionately win awards for service compared with those for research, and they do not win as many prestigious prizes as men. An analysis of the most prestigious prizes shows women received only 11.3 percent of them over the 50 years reviewed; they recei... more »

#ChiMayor19—Episode 2: Megaprojects For The Rich, Crumbs For The People

Shadowproof at Shadowproof - 12 hours ago
Listen to the episode of “#ChiMayor19” with journalist Aaron Cynic by clicking the below player: In conjunction with reporting from journalist Aaron Cynic on the Chicago mayoral election, Shadowproof is producing a limited podcast series, “#ChiMayor19,” featuring Aaron. A new episode will be posted after each of Aaron’s reports The post #ChiMayor19—Episode 2: Megaprojects For The Rich, Crumbs For The People appeared first on Shadowproof.

"How It Really Is"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 12 hours ago

Claas Relotius : Fake News Superstar/ Der Speigel’s Damage Control

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 12 hours ago
*The most despicable fake/obfuscated/misleading/perception managing news always comes via the military industrial complex led main stream/alt media- Which makes my passion for truth that much more difficult.* *Claas Relotius is a prime example of a fake news superstar. There are others out there. I’m going to address another one I find particularly egregious as soon as possible. For now we’ll look at Claas Relotious and Der Speigel’s attempt at damage control* *Link * *What did Claas fabricate? * *Claas Relotius committed his deception intentionally, methodically and with criminal... more »

Hopelessness and drug abuse go hand-in-hand in rural North America

Tim Bousquet at Halifax Examiner - 12 hours ago
This is Tim again; I’m back in the Morning File saddle. I’d very much like to thank Joan Baxter, Philip Moscovitch, and Erica Butler for filling in for me last week. I enjoy the fresh voices and perspectives, and they bring attention to issues that I lack the skill to properly address or that have […]

When Will We Hold Them to Their Oath?

John F. McManus at rss - 12 hours ago
[image: when-will-we-hold-them-to-their-oath] Upon taking office, all congressmen swear an oath stating that they will uphold the U.S. Constitution, but most have every intention of breaking that oath. Their excuses; our reply.

Bankers to Take Massive Haircut in Proposed Puerto Rican Bankruptcy Settlement

Bob Adelmann at rss - 12 hours ago
[image: bankers-to-take-massive-haircut-in-proposed-puerto-rican-bankruptcy-settlement] Rich Wall Street investors holding Puerto Rican bonds are going to take a big hit in the settlement of that nation’s bankruptcy.

Trump Budget Compromise Opposed by Left and Right — But Could Pass

Steve Byas at rss - 12 hours ago
[image: trump-budget-compromise-opposed-by-left-and-right-but-could-pass] The Democrats pronounced Trump's proposals, which would reopen the month-long government shutdown, as “non-starters,” but they might pass anyway.

BWorld 284, ‘WALANG’ forever: Universal charge in electricity and PSALM

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 12 hours ago
* This is my article in BusinessWorld last January 15, 2019. We have the 2nd or 3rd most expensive electricity in Asia (after Japan and Hong Kong or Singapore) mainly because there are many charges that are imposed on our monthly electricity bill. The biggest item is the generation charge (goes to power generation plants) plus eight other items: transmission charge, distribution charge, supply charge, metering charge, system loss charge, universal charge, feed-in-tariff allowance (FIT-All), VAT and other taxes. This column has discussed many times the FIT-All or guaranteed high pri... more »

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Heads to Davos as Son Faces Corruption Probe

Lise Alves at The Rio Times - 13 hours ago
By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, is heading towards Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum, in Davos to speak about his plans to combat widespread corruption in the country, but at home his son, Flavio Bolsonaro, is being pressured to answer questions about investigations […] The post Brazil’s Bolsonaro Heads to Davos as Son Faces Corruption Probe appeared first on The Rio Times.

Brazil to Start Railroad Concessions in First Semester of 2019

Lise Alves at The Rio Times - 13 hours ago
By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Brazil’s government plans to conduct three new railroad concessions by the beginning of 2020, said Infrastructure Minister, Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas, over the weekend. “With these actions, the participation of the rail way in the transport matrix should double until 2025,” said the minister […] The post Brazil to Start Railroad Concessions in First Semester of 2019 appeared first on The Rio Times.

New plant-focused diet would ‘transform’ planet’s future, say scientists

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News - 13 hours ago
(Note from Erin: I probably sound like a broken record but I always want to make sure people understand me. I live a plant-based life but would never force that on anyone. I report and share the news that I know my readers want to see; what you do with it is up to you. […] The post New plant-focused diet would ‘transform’ planet’s future, say scientists appeared first on Health Nut News.

Asia’s Landlocked

BANGKOK, Thailand, Jan 21 (IPS) - Andrzej Bolesta is Economic Affairs Officer, Macroeconomic Policy and Financing for Development Division at the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)Structural economic transformation and the expansion of international trade are among the most pressing issues to be addressed, if Asia's landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) are to overcome the development challenges related to their geographical locations. Read the full story, “Asia’s Landlocked”, on globalissues.org →

Strangers in the Land: A Congolese Murder Case

STOCKHOLM / ROME, Jan 21 (IPS) - A man walks down the street. It's a street in a strange world. Maybe it's the Third World. Maybe it's his first time around. He doesn't speak the language. He holds no currency. He is a foreign man. He is surrounded by the sound. The sound! Cattle in the marketplace, scatterlings and orphanages. He looks around, around.I thought about this song by Paul Simon while I in 2011 spent a few weeks in Kinshasa. I was a foreign man in a strange world, surrounded by sights and sounds, completely dependent on my new-found Congolese friends. When our taxi got... more »

Moving Beyond Just Building Toilets

PUNE, India, Jan 21 (IPS) - One of the most laudable initiatives of the current government's regime is the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) that was launched on Oct 2, 2014, with a larger vision of a clean India. The critical aspect of the mission was that—unlike many of the movements that preceded it—this had a measurable outcome (making India open defecation free) and a firm timeline (by 2019). Read the full story, “Moving Beyond Just Building Toilets”, on globalissues.org →

Eat Plants, Save the Planet

UNITED NATIONS, Jan 21 (IPS) - While the modern agricultural system has helped stave off famines and feed the world's 7 billion residents, the way we eat and produce food is posing a threat to future populations' food security. Read the full story, “Eat Plants, Save the Planet”, on globalissues.org →

Moving Beyond South Korea’s Hierarchal Business Structure for Sustainable Green Growth

SEOUL, Jan 21 (IPS) - Despite the international rise of South Korean businesses like Samsung, Hyundai and LG as global powerhouses, the corporate culture in this East Asian nation is often known to have a vertically rigid command line. Read the full story, “Moving Beyond South Korea’s Hierarchal Business Structure for Sustainable Green Growth”, on globalissues.org →

Family Farming Wages a Difficult Battle in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Jan 21 (IPS) - "Our philosophy is based on two principles: zero tolerance of pesticides or bosses," says Leandro Ladrú, while he puts tomatoes and carrots in the ecological bag held by a customer, in a large market in the Argentine capital, located between warehouses and rusty old railroad cars. Read the full story, “Family Farming Wages a Difficult Battle in Argentina”, on globalissues.org →

If Dr. King Was Alive Today, His Facebook Page Would Be Deleted, And He’d Be Censored

Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project - 13 hours ago
[image: king]Martin Luther King Jr.'s pro-peace and antiwar stance would have made him an enemy to today's establishment and he would have been censored.

Hopi Tribe Urges End To US Government Shutdown; Shutdown Violates Trust Obligations Of The US Government

miningawareness at Mining Awareness + - 13 hours ago
Hopi Tribe Open Letter/News Release: “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 11, 2019 Open Letter to Arizona Congressional Leaders Kykotsmovi, Ariz. – … Continue reading →

Moscow ‘Trump Tower’ Talks Lasted Through 2016, Lawyer Says

miningawareness at Mining Awareness + - 13 hours ago
Trump Hotel Tower Chicago under construction “Moscow ‘Trump Tower’ Talks Lasted Through 2016, Lawyer Says January 20, 2019 3:08 PM, … Continue reading →

Timeline of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Assassination & Investigation

miningawareness at Mining Awareness + - 13 hours ago
“December 1993 — Former Memphis restaurateur Loyd Jowers says members of the Mafia paid him $100,000 to plan King’s assassination. … Continue reading →

Taliban Attack On A Military Base And Police Training Centre Outside Kabul Kills 100 Afghan Security Forces

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 13 hours ago
*Al Jazeera:* *More than 100 Afghan security forces killed in Taliban attack* Attack on a military base and police training centre outside Kabul followed the same pattern of Taliban assaults. More than 100 members of Afghan security forces were killed when armed Taliban fighters attacked a military base and police training centre outside Kabul on Monday, a senior defence ministry official has said. "We have information that 126 people have been killed in the explosion inside the military training centre," the official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Reuters news a... more »

"The Whole Problem With The World..."

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Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog - 13 hours ago
So I was just reading a *Politico Magazine* piece that's a few days old, by a group of researchers who've determined that most of America has no idea how rich Donald Trump was at birth and how much help he had in his business career. When they're told the truth, their belief in his business confidence drops. What happens when Americans learn of the president’s privileged background? In a 2018 survey, we provided half the respondents the following question, which was intended to impart Trump’s biographical information: *To what extent were you aware that Donald Trump grew up the son ... more »

Asia Times 2, Storm Mangkhut and PH inflation

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 13 hours ago
* This is my second article in Asia Times last September 18, 2018. Philippine inflation, already galloping beyond the government’s control at 6.4% in August, is set to accelerate even faster after the damage wrought to crucial agricultural crops by Typhoon Mangkhut. The super storm, known locally as Ompong, killed at least 66 people and caused heavy damage to crops and infrastructure in the country’s northernmost crop-growing heartland, namely the Ilocos, Cagayan and Cordilleras areas. Cagayan province has already been put under a state of calamity, with its Governor Manuel Mamba ... more »

Its a Miracle; CNN Tells the Truth

co2islife at CO2 is Life - 13 hours ago
.@reason: “Video footage strongly contradicts Native American veteran Nathan Phillips' claim that Covington Catholic High School boys harassed him. The media got this one completely wrong,” writes @robbysoave https://t.co/9Ki4iiTkQ9 — Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) January 20, 2019 Stop the presses!!! CNN actually reported the truth…after video evidence made it impossible for them to continue slandering Covington … Continue reading "Its a Miracle; CNN Tells the Truth"

Venezuela Puts Down Mutiny By National Guard Unit

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 13 hours ago
*Daily Mail:* *Venezuelan soldiers steal weapons and call for coup against President Maduro on social media before being swiftly arrested* * Group of military officials stole arms from a National Guard outpost in Venezuela * Series of videos have appeared on social media with armed men in military fatigues saying they won't recognise President Nicolas Maduro's government * Venezuela's military has claimed the mutinous soldiers have been arrested A group of Venezuelan soldiers have been arrested after stealing weapons and calling for a couple against President Nicolas Maduro on soci... more »

Hall Of Famer

tonyheller at The Deplorable Climate Science Blog - 13 hours ago
Curt gets my vote too. That is him at center at CPAC 2017.

Plummeting January 21 Temperatures In The US

tonyheller at The Deplorable Climate Science Blog - 13 hours ago
January 21 afternoon temperatures have dropped several degrees in the US since the 19th century, as has the likelihood of warm weather on this date. On January 21, 1906, almost half of USHCN stations were over 60 degrees, and one … Continue reading →

How to Leverage Your Own Conscience as Pure Law

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 13 hours ago
*Gary ‘Z’ McGee* - We don’t need more people who blindly obey in deadly fear.

Rigging the vote - soon in every state in the Union?

Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man - 13 hours ago
The Wall Street Journal describes how the Democratic Party used a combination of shenanigans to dominate the recent elections in California - and how it's trying to extend the same shenanigans across America. The GOP wipeout came after the Democrats who dominate Sacramento passed laws aimed at greasing their voting machine. The project started in 2015 when California became the second state after Oregon to move to automatic voter registration. Can’t be bothered to register? California does it for you, automatically adding to its rolls any person who has any interaction with its Dep... more »


Jenna Orkin at From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog - 13 hours ago
From Jenna Orkin Government Criminalizes Off Grid Living: Tiny Homes Banned In US At Increasing Rate 15 people have been charged in the Flint water scandal "Seven people have pleaded no contest in plea deals which will leave them with no criminal record." Queen’s Driver Dies After Admitting to Raping Children in Buckingham Palace 100% Pure? New Zealand’s Deteriorating Water Raises a StinkTHE OTHER BORDER 'CRISIS': While America is fixated on Mexico and the wall, thousands of migrants are fleeing for Canada in a dramatically different scene The internet's 'father' says it was born wi... more »

"Coming Attractions"

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*"Coming Attractions"* by James Howard Kunstler “Last night I had a dream. You were in it and I was in it with you...” - Randy Newman "As in this age of Hollywood sequels and prequels, America prefers to recycle old ideas rather than entertain new ones, so you can see exactly how the 2020 presidential election is shaping up to be a replay of the Great Depression, with Roosevelt-to-rescue! - only this time it’ll be with somebody in the role of Eleanor Roosevelt as chief executive. Donald Trump, of course, being the designated bag-holder for all the financial blunders of the past de... more »

BWorld 283, Public debt, budget deficit and sin tax hikes

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 13 hours ago
* This is my column in BusinessWorld last January 11, 2019. When the Philippines public debt reached P7.2 trillion last November, I was curious which among the previous and current administrations were the major debt generators. I checked the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) website and summarized the numbers below and computed the per year rise in public debt stock. So it was the short-lived Erap Estrada government (2 ½ years) then the Arroyo (9 ½ years) and Duterte governments (2 ½ years) are tied for second place. The often maligned Noynoy Aquino administration was responsible for ... more »

World News Briefs -- January 21, 2019

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 14 hours ago
*Guardian*: *Israeli military strikes Iranian targets inside Syria* *Damascus rocked by explosions on second night of attacks, reportedly killing 11* A second night of Israeli airstrikes have hit targets inside Syria in a tit-for-tat exchange that included the launch of a medium-range missile from the outskirts of Damascus towards the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The sharp increase in tensions between Israel and Syria, and its key backer, Iran, comes at a time when the security situation in Syria is rapidly changing owing to the recently announced US troop drawdown and a jocke... more »

Anti-Trump frenzy threatens to end superpower diplomacy

Stephen Cohen at The Duran - 14 hours ago
The post Anti-Trump frenzy threatens to end superpower diplomacy appeared first on The Duran.

Democrats are Getting it Wrong: The House Speaker is not ‘coequal’ to the POTUS

Washington Examiner at The Duran - 14 hours ago
The post Democrats are Getting it Wrong: The House Speaker is not ‘coequal’ to the POTUS appeared first on The Duran.

Beyond BuzzFeed: The 10 Worst, Most Embarrassing U.S. Media Failures on the Trump/Russia Story

The Intercept at The Duran - 14 hours ago
The post Beyond BuzzFeed: The 10 Worst, Most Embarrassing U.S. Media Failures on the Trump/Russia Story appeared first on The Duran.

Kamala Harris hopes to make history with 2020 US presidential bid

Just In - 14 hours ago
Ms Harris, a first-term US senator and former California attorney-general known for her rigorous questioning of President Donald Trump's nominees, would be the first woman to hold the presidency and the second African-American if she succeeds.

Matt Ryan heroics ensure Socceroos progress after shootout

Simon Smale at Just In - 14 hours ago
Socceroos goalkeeper Matt Ryan and returning striker Matthew Leckie have combined to send the Socceroos to the quarter finals of the Asian Cup after beating Uzbekistan 4-2 on penalties after a 0-0 stalemate.

Integrity Initiative - Driving A Wedge Between Russia and the West

A Political Junkie at Viable Opposition - 14 hours ago
While it received relatively little coverage from the Western mainstream media establishment, a recent 42 megabyte upload on an Anonymous server provides us with an inside glimpse into the genesis of the Western anti-Russia narrative. According to the documents, an organization (rather ironically) named Integrity Initiative with the moniker "Defending Democracy Against Disinformation" was organized to mobilize global public opinion against Russia and its agenda as you can see on the organization's "About" webpage: The non-for-profit charity was set up in 2015 as a partnership of se...more »

Honduran Caravan Leader Sentenced to 15 Years for Child Rape

Gateway Pundit at Need To Know - 14 hours ago
Molina became a fugitive but now has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison. If he had made it to the border, there is an excellent chance he would have entered the US and been given benefits.

World Health Organization Widely Criticized for Claiming Vaccine Refusal Is in Top-10 Health Threats

New Atlas at Need To Know - 14 hours ago
An Australian poll shows that lack of trust in institutions and government is a major factor. Although there are many studies that show vaccines are a major cause if autism, WHO continues to carry the flag for the pharmaceutical industry and insists that the studies are not valid.

Media Creates Fake Version of Event To Make Catholic High School Students Appear To Be Racists

Gateway Pundit at Need To Know - 14 hours ago
Because of the fake news account, the students were threatened with expulsion by their school. Kentucky Secretary of State Allison Grimes condemned the boys and accused them of hatred. This is a classic example of the power of the media to engineer public opinion with fake news.

Senate Votes Unanimously to Rebuke Senators Harris and Hirono for Discriminating Against Catholics

National Review at Need To Know - 14 hours ago
asked Buescher if his Catholic faith would prevent him from serving as an impartial judge. Hirono even demanded that he drop his membership in the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic support group, because of its "extreme positions" against abortion and gay marriage.

Michigan State Senator Says Acceptable Level of 5G Radiation Has Been Rigged by Telecom Industry and Is Huge Health Hazard

Senator Patrick Colbeck at Need To Know - 14 hours ago
Colbeck says the legal process for stopping 5G installations at the local level is rigged, because it relies entirely on safety standards set by the FCC, which now is staffed by former telecommunications insiders.

Former FBI Assistant Director Explains How Big Tech Owns the Democrats and Has Scammed the US for 20 Years

Fox News at Need To Know - 14 hours ago
Former FBI Deputy Assistant Director, Terry Turchie, says that Nancy Pelosi and her friends are promoting a 'technological wall' along the border, because the Democrat party is owned by the technocrats in Silicon Valley. Pushing a digital solution for everything is a payoff to Big-Tech campaign donors.

President Trump’s Plan to End the Border Crisis

Daily Caller at Need To Know - 14 hours ago
Trump proposed extending legal protections to one-million immigrants including work permits, enrollment in Social Security, $800-million in humanitarian assistance, $805-million for drug-detection technology, 2,750 new border agents, 75 new immigration judge teams, and $5.7-billion for the wall.

Fire the Fed?

Ron Paul at 14 hours ago
[image: undefined] President Trump’s frustration with the Federal Reserve’s (minuscule) interest rate increases that he blames for the downturn in the stock market has reportedly led him to inquire if he has the authority to remove Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. Chairman Powell has stated that he would not comply with a presidential request for his resignation, meaning President Trump would have to fire Powell if Trump was serious about removing him. The law creating the Federal Reserve gives the president power to remove members of the Federal Reserve Board — including the chairman — ... more »

Fool Me Once... The Strange Tale of Buzzfeed and the Integrity Initiative

adam at LaRouchePAC Feed - 14 hours ago
On Friday night, Buzzfeed published a "bombshell" story to the effect that Donald Trump had ordered his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Trump Tower project in Moscow. The story was sourced to two anonymous FBI agents who claimed to be completely familiar with what Special Counsel Robert Mueller had on this. Saturday, the Democratic Party and its media appendages in the United States collectively went crazy, hyperventilating (while attempting outright seriousness and pomposity): "Now we are definitely in impeachment territory." They proclaimed the President... more »

Buzzfeed's Blunder Shows British Coup Against Trump Can Be Defeated

adam at LaRouchePAC Feed - 14 hours ago
[image: President Donald J. Trump, joined by Vice President Mike Pence, addresses his remarks at the Pentagon Thursday, January 17, 2019, announcing the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Review.(Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)] The Jan. 18 mistake by BuzzFeed, the notorious website which first brought us British MI6's faked-up Steele dossier against President Donald Trump, lays open the ongoing British intelligence coup attempt against the President, for defeat. The failing British elite, in chaos themselves, have spent since late 2015 targeting Trump more and more intensely, to ... more »

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 21, 2019

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 14 hours ago
*Pavel Felgenhauer, RCD/Eurasia Daily Monitor: **A Renewed Nuclear Arms Race Between Russia and U.S.* A last-ditch attempt by Russia and the United States to salvage the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty at a consultation meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, on January 15, ended in mutual acrimony. Washington has accused Moscow of deploying a modified Iskander land-mobile missile launcher fitted with a 9М729 (NATO designation: SSC-8) long-range cruise missile, in blatant violation of the INF. Moscow has adamantly denied any wrongdoing, since the 9М729 allegedly has no... more »

Australian Daily Electrical Power Generation Data – Sunday 20th January 2019 – Plus Weekly And Rolling Totals

By Anton Lang ~ This Post details the daily power consumption data for the AEMO coverage area in Australia. For the background information, refer to the Introductory Post at this link. Each image is shown here at a smaller size to fit on the page alongside the data for that day. If you click on […]

Commerce : Les pays arabes veulent leur zone de libre-échange

bilaterals.org - 14 hours ago
21-Jan-2019 Les dirigeants arabes ont appelé à Beyrouth, à l'issue du 4ème sommet arabe sur le développement économique et social, à l'activation de la zone arabe de libre échange.

This Russian Nuclear Submarine Made Some Scary History: It Sank Twice

Robert Farley at Test Feed Using Fields - 14 hours ago
*Robert Farley* *Security, * How? *The Russian public only learned of the accident in the 1990s; the original crew of K-429 only found out when they arrived in port with their submarine nowhere to be found.* The Cold War saw numerous submarine accidents, especially on the Soviet side. For much of its existence, the USSR tried to maintain a world-beating military with a second-rate economy. Throughout the era, the Soviets struggled to maintain their magnificent weapons of war. In the effort to close this gap, the crews of Soviet submarines often paid with their lives. But only ... more »

In 1992, A Navy Submarine Was Struck by a Russian Sub in a Freak Accident

Sebastien Roblin at Test Feed Using Fields - 14 hours ago
*Sebastien Roblin* *Security, * This is what happenned. *The Baton Rouge surely did not use active sonar so as to remain undetected. Nor did it detect active sonar from the Kostroma. Thus, neither vessel was using active sonar, and their passive sonars were likely not strong enough to detect the other in the noisy shallows.* It’s tempting to think of sonar as a sort of radar that works underwater. However, water is a far less compliant medium than air even for the most modern sensors, and wind conditions, temperature variations and sounds rebounding off the ocean floor can all ... more »

Marie Colvin, Homs And Media Falsehoods About Syria

Rick STERLING at OrientalReview.org - 14 hours ago
The deaths of Marie Colvin and Remi Olchik sparked many tributes and widespread publicity. Largely unknown in the West, hundreds of Syrian journalists have also died in the conflict. In a sense, they are all victims of the proxy war on Syria. In another sense, the equivalence is not fair. The war has been encouraged by some and imposed on others. The post Marie Colvin, Homs And Media Falsehoods About Syria appeared first on OrientalReview.org.

Snow, 'good vs evil' and MLK

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 15 hours ago
- The snow storm was not as bad as had been expected - the 18 inches along the Midcoast of Maine turned out to be more like 5-8 inches. I got out and did my cleaning up of various places around the apartment. MB took a photo of me from our upstairs window. It was very cold and the snow turned to an icy sleet early on. So the ground will be a slick mess. - At 4:30 pm I put on all my cold weather gear and walked about a mile to friend Regis Tremblay's home. It took me 30 minutes to make the walk which I was fortunately able to do because the city had run... more »

Monday Morning Links

Greg Fingas at Accidental Deliberations - 15 hours ago
Assorted content to start your week. - Eric Levitz exposes the unsoundness of the right-wing excuses for allowing the accumulation of obscene wealth. And Toby Sanger weighs on the effect of increased tax rates on extremely wealthy individuals - along with the other policies which need to accompany more progressive taxation: (T)here isn’t much evidence that raising top income tax rates actually leads to a large out-migrations. Significant differences in income tax rates in the New York City region haven’t led to many people moving to take advantage of lower tax rates, except for thos... more »

Why Did I Move To Mexico?

PTAblues at Roscoe Reports - 15 hours ago
*I left the United States because I was continually sick. Sick from the air, sick from the water and sick from the food. I was sick of a government that has become a monster. A government that no longer represents "We the People". And a society that is breaking down from it's founding principles and morals. A decay that has infested every corner of the country. The money has been debased and so has the country. * *As my Mexican friends tell me; When the U.S. sneezes, Mexico catches cold. So when the dollar crashes, will it be safe in Mexico? All I can say is, expect the unexpected.*

Arkansas announces first medical marijuana dispensary licenses

Bart Schaneman at Marijuana Business Daily - 15 hours ago
Arkansas issued its first six licenses for businesses to sell medical marijuana in the state, another welcome development for cannabis company owners that have waited for the program to roll out since voters approved it in 2016. Sales aren’t likely to begin until April at the earliest. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) […] Arkansas announces first medical marijuana dispensary licenses is a post from: Marijuana Business Daily: Financial, Legal & Cannabusiness news for cannabis entrepreneurs

Rio’s Big Four Teams Kick-Off Taça Guanabara with Mixed Results

Jack Arnhold at The Rio Times - 15 hours ago
By Jack Arnhold, Contributing Reporter RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – This past Saturday, January 19th, and Sunday, January 20th, saw all four of Rio’s big teams beginning their campaigns for the Taça Guanabara regional cup. The teams garnered mixed results, with both Vasco and Flamengo securing wins, Fluminense having to settle for a draw, and […] The post Rio’s Big Four Teams Kick-Off Taça Guanabara with Mixed Results appeared first on The Rio Times.

Rio Nightlife Guide for Monday, January 21, 2019

Jack Arnhold at The Rio Times - 15 hours ago
We have the top three picks for this Monday, and below there is a list of bars and lounges that are always a good option. LIVE: Sofar Rio @ Mystery Location (Glória) – Sofar (Songs from a room) Sounds is a project that presents the magic of live music through intimate shows put on in […] The post Rio Nightlife Guide for Monday, January 21, 2019 appeared first on The Rio Times.

“Failing” New York Times “Fails Again” on Vaccines

Kent Heckenlively at BolenReport - 15 hours ago
Normally I don’t interrupt the enemy when they’re in the midst of destroying themselves… Opinion by Kent Heckenlively JD However, the recent article in The New York Times entitled “How to Inoculate Against Anti-Vaxxers…” …published on January 19, 2019 by no less that The Editorial Board of the old, feeble, and demented gray lady was just … Continue reading “Failing” New York Times “Fails Again” on Vaccines The post “Failing” New York Times “Fails Again” on Vaccines appeared first on BolenReport.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan Tells President Trump That Turkey Is Ready To Take Over Syria's Manbij

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
Hurriyet Daily News *Al Jazeera:* *Turkey ready to take over Syria's Manbij, Erdogan tells Trump* In phone conversation, Turkish leader tells US counterpart recent bombing that killed US personnel was ISIL provocation. Turkey is ready to take over security in Manbij, a town in northeast Syria held by Kurdish forces where four US personnel died in a bombing last week, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told his United States counterpart in a phone call. A statement by the Turkish presidency said that Erdogan on Sunday told Donald Trump that the attack in Manbij was a provocation b... more »

Anthony Kenny’s Criticism of the Thomistic Proof

Anoop Verma at The Verma Report - 15 hours ago
Anthony Kenny is critical of Thomas Aquinas’s doctrine that there is a real distinction between the *essence* and *existence* of every being in the universe except God. In his book, *Aquinas on Being*, Chapter 2, “On Being and Essence II,” Kenny argues that that there are two types of existence—specific existence and individual existence. Here’s an excerpt: Existence itself… can be attributed in more than one way. When we use ‘exists’ in a way corresponding to the English ‘there is a’ or ‘there are’ construction, we are saying that there is something in reality corresponding to a c...more »

Israeli military releases video of strikes on alleged Iranian forces in Syria

Al-Masdar at The Duran - 16 hours ago
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West’s unease sprouts after China’s lunar probe lands

Global Times at The Duran - 16 hours ago
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US Blunders Have Made Russia The Global Trade Pivot

The Duran at The Duran - 16 hours ago
Even if Europe is somehow taken out of the trade equation, greater synergy between the RIC (Russia, India and China) nations may be enough to pull their nations through anticipated global volatilities ahead The post US Blunders Have Made Russia The Global Trade Pivot appeared first on The Duran.

Israel claims Iran fired missile from Syria into occupied Golan Heights

Al-Masdar at The Duran - 16 hours ago
The post Israel claims Iran fired missile from Syria into occupied Golan Heights appeared first on The Duran.

Historic Eastern Christianity: An Uncertain Future

Strategic Culture Foundation at The Duran - 16 hours ago
The survival of historic Eastern Christianity, particularly in Syria, is critical for several reasons. The post Historic Eastern Christianity: An Uncertain Future appeared first on The Duran.

Protests erupt in Athens, as ‘North Macedonia’ vote fast approaches (Video)

Alex Christoforou at The Duran - 16 hours ago
The Duran Quick Take: Episode 62. The post Protests erupt in Athens, as ‘North Macedonia’ vote fast approaches (Video) appeared first on The Duran.

US Blunders Have Made Russia The Global Trade Pivot

Zerohedge at The Duran - 16 hours ago
The post US Blunders Have Made Russia The Global Trade Pivot appeared first on The Duran.

Nord Stream 2 – The World’s Most Geopolitically Charged Pipeline

OilPrice.com at The Duran - 16 hours ago
The post Nord Stream 2 – The World’s Most Geopolitically Charged Pipeline appeared first on The Duran.

Germany has no legal grounds to meddle in Russian gas pipeline project to Europe – Berlin official

RT at The Duran - 16 hours ago
The post Germany has no legal grounds to meddle in Russian gas pipeline project to Europe – Berlin official appeared first on The Duran.

“Recent Market Dynamics Would Be Consistent With The US Economy Being Already In A Recession”

Zerohedge at The Duran - 16 hours ago
The post “Recent Market Dynamics Would Be Consistent With The US Economy Being Already In A Recession” appeared first on The Duran.

China 2018 GDP Growth Slows To Weakest In 28 Years

Zerohedge at The Duran - 16 hours ago
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British Government Demolishes Skripal House As Evidence Grows That Sergei Skripal Poisoned Himself by Accident

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Kremlin slams EU decision to impose new anti-Russian sanctions on persons allegedly connected to Skripal incident

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IMF update points to continuing global slowdown

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Global economic growth is continuing to slow as trade tensions between the US and China continue to spook investors, consumers and central banks.

Study: Vegan Diet Causes More Than 500 Genes to Change in 3 Months

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https://livelovefruit.com/vegan-diet-changes-500-genes-three-months/ Advertisements

“Ego Love” or “Authentic Love”: How Do You Know If You Truly #Love Someone?

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Unless It Changes, Capitalism Will Starve Humanity By 2050

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#Monsanto Creates First Genetically Modified Strain of #Marijuana

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20 Common Things People Realize When They Quit Drinking Alcohol

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How to Keep Joints Healthy As You Age.

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One in 10 parents say their child has gotten sick from spoiled or contaminated food

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Steer clear of cold meds for babies, FDA advises

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Parents struggle with choosing allergy medicine for their children

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Home remedies: a case of the common cold

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Our First 2020 Primary Is In Arizona-- Meet Eva Putzova

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 16 hours ago
Arizona's mammoth first district-- slightly bigger than Pennsylvania-- is centered on Flagstaff but is like a representation of the state of the whole state of Arizona. It includes the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, the suburbs south of Phoenix and north of Tucson, the huge a Navajo and Hopi reservations--and more native Americans than any other district in the country. It's a swing district with an R+2 PVI, where Trump beat Hillary 47.7% to 46.6%, but which is represented in Congress by an "ex"-Republican Blue Dog, Tom O'Halleran. O'Halleran is one of the most Trump-supporting ...more »

New Mexico Land Commissioner signed an executive order to prohibit organized killing contest

White Wolf at White Wolf - 16 hours ago
Just over a week after being sworn into office, state Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard has taken aim at coyote-killing contests on 9 million acres of New Mexico state trust land. In an executive order that could prove difficult to enforce, the recently elected land commissioner described the organized killing contests as being inconsistent with sound land management and damaging to the natural order between predators and prey. “These are not hunting contests – they are animal cruelty contests,” said Garcia Richard, who was joined by more than a dozen environmental and wi...more »


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 16 hours ago
*UK: Education is NOT the great leveller* *This is a fairly iconoclastic article. That the author is of Hungarian origin may explain that. She is able to take an outside view.But she is of course right -- though she doesn't really spell out why. Social class continua are heavily correlated with IQ -- which is genetically inherited -- and education can do nothing to increase IQ. Rich people are mostly smarter and have mostly smarter kids. So their kids inherit their class position both socially and genetically. There are of course exceptions but most people end up in a ... more »

Is Russia's Nuclear-Tipped Super Torpedo Just Hype?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
Screen capture from the moment Poseidon was revealed to the world, 2015. Image: YouTube *Popular Mechanics:* *The Truth Behind Russia’s 'Apocalypse Torpedo'* Shadowy underwater nuclear drone keeps shifting shape—but is it even real at all? Poseidon is a Putin’s showpiece. First revealed in 2015, this nuclear-powered underwater drone—one of Russia's next-generation nuclear weapons—is nicknamed the "tsunami apocalypse torpedo" for its multi-megaton warhead that could create city-smashing waves. A succession of news reports have carried wildly disparate accounts of Poseidon’s capabi... more »

Meet the 5 Worst U.S. Fighter Jets of All Time (Yes, the F-35 Is On the List)

Dave Majumdar at Test Feed Using Fields - 16 hours ago
*Dave Majumdar* *Security, * The Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is not necessarily a bad plane—however, it is years late, grotesquely over budget nor is the aircraft likely to ever deliver what its designers originally promised. *Let the debate begin.* The United States has built many great fighters over the years. The P-51 Mustang, the F4U Corsair, F-86 Sabre, F-15 Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon and the F-22 are among the best warplanes this country has ever produced. This article is not about those machines. *(This first appeared in late 2015.)* There have been plenty... more »


JR at GREENIE WATCH - 16 hours ago
*Climatologist: Oceans Warming Reports ‘Greatly Exaggerated’* *Based on ocean temperature variations in thousandths of a degree!* Roy W Spencer below hints that Cheng fitted his observations to the models Summary: The recently reported upward adjustment in the 1971-2010 Ocean Heat Content (OHC) increase compared to the last official estimate from the IPCC is actually 11%, not 40%. The 40% increase turns out to be relative to the average of various OHC estimates the IPCC addressed in their 2013 report, most of which were rejected. Curiously, the new estimate is almost identical to... more »

Iran Says Ready for War with Israel That Will ‘Lead to Its Destruction’

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 16 hours ago
Iran Says Ready for War with Israel That Will ‘Lead to Its Destruction’ by ILANIT CHERNICK, https://www.jpost.com/ The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that 11 people were killed in Israeli airstrikes, while Russia said that four Syrian soldiers had been killed in the airstrikes. – The commander of the Iranian Air Force warned on […]

Iranian Air Chief: ‘We’re Ready for War that Will Destroy Israel’

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 16 hours ago
Iranian Air Chief: ‘We’re Ready for War that Will Destroy Israel’ by JUDAH ARI GROSS and TOI STAFF, https://www.timesofisrael.com/ IDF says attack on Hermon with Iranian rocket, which prompted Israeli airstrikes on Iranian installations, was planned ‘months ago’ and approved by Syria. – Amid fears of escalation, hours after Israeli airstrikes destroyed Iranian installations and reportedly killed military personnel […]

Breaking: 2nd "suicide attack" in Syria- Usreal/Kurdish Check Point Hit

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 16 hours ago
* Posts covering last weeks Manbij incident:* - *Pentagon Identifies Three of Four Americans Killed in Syria* - *Pt 2: Implicating Turkey with Innuendo & Aspersion- The "safe zone"* - *Manbij Blast: Implicating Turkey With Innuendo & Aspersion* - *ISIS Suicide Bomber in Manbij:The Withdrawal That Wasn’t Taking Place, Still Will Not.* Breaking news: *Daily Mail * *No American service persons killed in this attack- not according to any of the reports I've seen.* The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said* five fighters from the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic F... more »

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