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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

17 January - Blogs I'm Following - 3 of 3

10:00 pm MST


Editor at Dances With Bears - 17 hours ago
By John Helmer, Moscow The British state broadcaster BBC and other media have disclosed that the Salisbury house (lead image) owned by Sergei Skripal is to be partially demolished and rebuilt over the next four months. A Wiltshire Council notice to residents in the neighbourhood of the Skripal home is the source of the […]

FCC Chairman on 5G: We won’t regulate, study, or have standards for it.  

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News - 17 hours ago
If you were tempted to believe that the title above was nothing more than click-bait, please watch the video below. We’ve been warning about the dangers of 5G for some time and we aren’t alone. There are scientists, doctors, nurses, and other professionals all over the world who are asking us to pause before giving […] The post FCC Chairman on 5G: We won’t regulate, study, or have standards for it. appeared first on Health Nut News.

Journal flags papers about radiation exposure following Fukushima disaster

Ivan Oransky at Retraction Watch - 17 hours ago
A physicist and a radiation health expert have had two papers about people’s exposure to radiation following the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster subject to expressions of concern. The authors of the two papers are Makoto Miyazaki, a of the department of radiation health management at Fukushima Medical University, and Ryugo Hayano, a physicist emeritus at … Continue reading Journal flags papers about radiation exposure following Fukushima disaster

A Must See: This Leaked Video Shows the F-35 in "Beast Mode"

Mark Episkopos at Test Feed Using Fields - 17 hours ago
*Mark Episkopos* *Security, * A recently leaked video sheds light on one of the F-35’s possible weapons configurations, previously dubbed as “beast mode” in a Lockheed Martin infographic. A recently leaked video sheds light on one of the F-35’s possible weapons configurations, previously dubbed as “beast mode” in a Lockheed Martin infographic. The video, dating back to November of 2018, depicts an F-35 simultaneously firing five air-to-surface missiles against five test targets. At least one of the targets-- a light vehicle-- can be seen moving. Though it is presently unconfirm... more »

Second group of Su-57 stealth fighters to be requested in 2020

Seraphim Hanisch at The Duran - 17 hours ago
The second Su-57 contract will feature fighters with the advanced engine design that was under development while the prototypes were made. The post Second group of Su-57 stealth fighters to be requested in 2020 appeared first on The Duran.

The Wage of Spin: The Death of Leading UK Cancer Expert Martin Gore, 67, From a Yellow Fever Vaccination Provides the Press With Yet Another Opportunity to Misreport Vaccine Risks

Age of Autism at AGE OF AUTISM - 17 hours ago
By Adriana Gamondes As reported by the BBC and other news agencies worldwide, Professor Martin Gore, 67, one of the UK’s leading cancer scientists, died within hours of receiving a yellow fever vaccination. Many within Gore’s professional field paid tribute... more »

Brazil and Argentina Discuss Easing Mercosur Trade Rules

Lise Alves at The Rio Times - 18 hours ago
By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Brazil and Argentina are discussing the possibility of easing Mercosur’s trade rules and allowing members of the bloc to negotiate individual agreements with other countries. The issue was examined during the first official visit of Argentine President, Mauricio Macri, to Brasilia on Wednesday. “The […] The post Brazil and Argentina Discuss Easing Mercosur Trade Rules appeared first on The Rio Times.

Rio Nightlife Guide for Thursday, January 17, 2019

Jack Arnhold at The Rio Times - 18 hours ago
We have the top three picks for this Thursday, and below there is a list of bars and lounges that are always a good option. PARTY: Quinta Reggae @ Bar do Nanam (Centro) – Reggae is back in the streets, down the classic Beco das Artes at Bar do Nanam. Radiola Cultural Visto Rasta with […] The post Rio Nightlife Guide for Thursday, January 17, 2019 appeared first on The Rio Times.


zedie at SOMEONE SOMEWHERE - 18 hours ago
https://asahealthcare.blogspot.com/2019/01/alkaline-foods-that-will-help-clean-and.html?spref=fb&m=1 Advertisements

Mysterious Galaxy Measured Exquisitely, And Contains No Dark Matter At All

zedie at SOMEONE SOMEWHERE - 18 hours ago

Massachusetts Details Sackler Family’s Role In OxyContin Marketing

zedie at SOMEONE SOMEWHERE - 18 hours ago

Researchers discover black hole in our galaxy spinning rapidly around itself

zedie at SOMEONE SOMEWHERE - 18 hours ago

8 Effective Ways to Remove Skin Tags

zedie at SOMEONE SOMEWHERE - 18 hours ago

The three-degree world: cities that will be drowned by global warming

zedie at SOMEONE SOMEWHERE - 18 hours ago

Scientists Put a Worm Brain in a Lego Robot Body – And It Worked

zedie at SOMEONE SOMEWHERE - 18 hours ago

China Is Developing Two Stealth Bombers: Report

David Axe at Test Feed Using Fields - 18 hours ago
*David Axe* *Security, * Get ready: The new bombers also could carry nuclear weapons. China is developing not one but two new stealth bombers, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency claimed in a January 2019 report. While the People's Liberation Army has not been shy about discussing the H-20 strategic bomber that the Xian Aircraft Industrial Corporation is developing for the PLA Air Force, there are many fewer public references to the other stealth bomber, which apparently carries the designation JH-XX. If the report is accurate and China completes development of the JH-XX, the C... more »

Ocean Warming: Inadequate Data, Unknown Errors

Hifast at Climate Collections - 18 hours ago
Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT: By Paul Homewood ? ? A common sense piece from David Whitehouse: ? The warming of the oceans is one of the key topics in climate change. The Earth’s climate system is responding to an energy imbalance. Any positive imbalance in the world’s energy budget…

Offset By ‘Natural Variability’ – Unmelting Snowpack

Hifast at Climate Collections - 18 hours ago
Originally posted on sunshine hours: The models say the snowpack should be melting. Natural variabilty is the excuse for why this hasn’t happened. The money quote: “Although the amount of water contained in the snowpack has declined over the past century, it has been surprisingly stable since the 1980s” The excuse: “However, here we show…

Tweedledee Or Tweedledum–The Riddle Of Antarctic Ice Melt

Hifast at Climate Collections - 18 hours ago
Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT: By Paul Homewood ? ? Is the Antarctic gaining or losing ice? Yesterday I took a look at the latest NASA study claiming that the Antarctic has been losing ice since 1992, in stark contrast to another NASA study in 2015, which claimed the opposite.…

Media Reports of +40% Adjustment in Ocean Warming Were Greatly Exaggerated

Hifast at Climate Collections - 18 hours ago
Reblogged from Watts Up With That and Dr Roy Spencer’s Blog: charles the moderator / January 16, 2019 January 16th, 2019 Summary: The recently reported upward adjustment in the 1971-2010 Ocean Heat Content (OHC) increase compared to the last official estimate from the IPCC is actually 11%, not 40%. The 40% increase turns out to […]

Clive Palmer rejoins Australia's rich list after becoming a billionaire

Just In - 18 hours ago
One of the biggest characters in the Australian business community returns to the Forbes rich list as Australia's 20th richest person thanks to a court-ordered royalties payout of over $200 million.

Teenager Popyrin scores upset win over seventh seed Thiem at Australian Open

Luke Pentony at Just In - 18 hours ago
Another Australian teenager makes the world sit up and take notice, securing a shock victory over seventh seed Dominic Thiem at Melbourne Park.

NT Police had phone data of Monika Billen days before body was found

Steven Schubert at Just In - 18 hours ago
Northern Territory Police reveal it had the crucial phone data which led them to find the body of missing German tourist Monika Billen for days before they were able to use it to pinpoint her.

'Pedo hunter' filmed confrontations with men he lured online by pretending to be underage boy

Candice Prosser at Just In - 18 hours ago
A self-proclaimed "paedophile hunter" who posed as an underage boy and filmed men who responded was acting through "altruism" and should be spared a conviction, his lawyer tells an Adelaide court.

Scientists to conduct large-scale survey into feral cat behaviour in north Qld

Stephanie Smail at Just In - 18 hours ago
Feral cats are devastating native animal populations in north Queensland, and now scientists hope the first extensive survey of the predators in the state's far north will reveal where they like to live, how they hunt, and what might get rid of them.

Today show reporter and Gamilaroi woman Brooke Boney reignites debate around Australia Day date

Just In - 18 hours ago
Brooke Boney says she does not want to tell others what to do, but that having Australia Day on a date other than January 26 could provide a more uniting national celebration.

The Royal Succession

LL at Virtual Mirage - 19 hours ago
I'm talking about Old Blighty, of course, home of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding (if you eat it and you're not British, you're culturally appropriating). They're rehearsing the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II (more here). Charles has assembled a team of advisors to help his transition. HM QE2 is rumored to be considered stepping aside and allowing the 'dim bulb' to rule in her place. Charles swore not to "meddle" in politics and to just be a ceremonial figurehead. Some of those advisors are known to me and they are Greek. *The Greek Connection* Trivia Question: Queen Elizabeth II... more »

The Daily Brief 2019-01-16

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
This is a summary of 26 AMN articles on the following subjects: Syria, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Manbij, Idlib, Iran, US, Houthi, Lahj, Yemen, ISIS, Daraa, Erdogan, Lavrov, Russia, Saudi, Iraq, Taiz, Kurds, SDC, Aleppo, IDF. We have changed our format from posting full articles to our steem readership to a summarized daily brief, as the […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

A truly Mad Max world sacrificed on the altar of green socialism

Robert at Ice Age Now - 19 hours ago
“If humans stopped all emissions of CO2 now, they would trash their entire economies and in the process kill billions of humans though economy collapse, famine, and war.” – J.H. Walker _____________ A truly Mad Max world sacrificed on the altar of green socialism J.H. Walker The real point the Warmists have missed is the ... Read moreA truly Mad Max world sacrificed on the altar of green socialism The post A truly Mad Max world sacrificed on the altar of green socialism appeared first on Ice Age Now.

If the science is settled

Robert at Ice Age Now - 19 hours ago
“Many people in the American govt today do not realize they are being duped into supporting globalist ideology.” – Wm Craig Barnard ____________ IF THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED Wm. Craig Barnard If the science is settled, why are so many scientists now coming forward with contrarian views that support climate change that leans to the ... Read moreIf the science is settled The post If the science is settled appeared first on Ice Age Now.

Democrats Spent 5 Times More Than GOP On Twitter Advertising In 6 Months

PA Pundits - International at Turkey And The Kurds – PA Pundits – International - 20 hours ago
By Corinne Weaver ~ Social media political spending before, during, and after the midterms was a favorite activity of the Democratic Party. Democratic politicians poured money into Twitter campaigns for different elections between June 1 of 2018 and January 1 of 2019. Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and other, Democratic senators and senator […]

The Green New Deal: It’s Worse Than You Think

PA Pundits - International at Turkey And The Kurds – PA Pundits – International - 20 hours ago
By Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. ~ The New Year is off to a rollicking start with a partial government shutdown in Washington affecting 800,000 federal workers, riots all across France, the continuing disintegration of Venezuela, and – for good measure — calls for a Green New Deal by hundreds of environmental and other left-wing groups, as […]

‘No Deal’ On Brexit Is The Best Deal For Britain And The United States

PA Pundits - International at Turkey And The Kurds – PA Pundits – International - 20 hours ago
By Nile Gardiner ~ British Prime Minister Theresa May has suffered a seismic defeat. The House of Commons on Tuesday rejected her proposed withdrawal agreement with the European Union by a 230 vote margin. Among those voting against her: 118 rebel Conservative MPs who saw the deal as a weak-kneed surrender to the European Union. This is the biggest […]


cefrith@hotmail.com at Charles Frith - 20 hours ago
Here's an interview I did for Truth frequency radio. Although no trees were harmed during the creation of this post, a large number of electrons were greatly inconvenienced

CBS: Baby found dead at Amazon

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News - 20 hours ago
According to police, a baby was found dead Wednesday night around 8:30 p.m. at an Amazon distribution center in Phoenix. Police said they responded to a call about a newborn baby found dead inside a women’s restroom. Phoenix firefighters also responded and confirmed the baby was dead. This is now an ongoing death investigation by police. […] The post CBS: Baby found dead at Amazon appeared first on Health Nut News.

The rise of Socialism: Standing on the shoulders of morons

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
Exactly who does socialism actually appeal to? I think that certain sensible programs are used to rationalize the turn over of power to corrupt and stupid men and women who really have nothing to add. The reasonable success of state medical systems are used to claim future success for programs that are much more difficult to establish. They never think to make the State medical system much better either. Throw in political greed among this group of actually stupid people and disaster is inevitable. Consider something. STEM students do not participate in the political scienc... more »

How a 105-Year-Old Ukrainian Called Life's Bluff

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
[image: img 9743] A good tale of a man who was informed from the other side regarding his day of death and the surrounding circumstances half a century earlier. The other side has allowed me to know that i will see my 100th birthday. The circumstances were such that my actual date remains unknown. That this will coincide with the year 2048 is specifically important because the exponential increase in biological knowledge will provide real access to biological restoration technology by this time. Thus my life could well be extended well beyond that. Thus my present challenge is t... more »

Feds, states can help biochar live up to its soil-saving potential

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
Slowly policy is developing around supporting soil remediation with biochar. At least it is now a thing and controversy is disappearing. The actual promise of biochar is so massive, that i care little how they get there so long as they do. that now appears to be assured. In practice every square foot of cultivatable land needs a pound of biochar or so. This naturally captures all water soluble nutrients and anything else as well. Inasmuch as we are using surface dressing rather than excessive soil turning this maximizes such retention near the surface for shallow rooted annu... more »

Upright Canine in Finland

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
Europe presently lacks a forum for collecting these reports.. Thus i am always pleased to see one. This is again the dogman or what i have identified as the Giant Sloth. He got both the extreme odor and to actually see the creature full on. Do note just how thin it is. It also walks away. Again it is not inclined to run We have reason to expect this creature throughout Eurasia and it is also good to establish that it is present as far north as Finland.. *Upright Canine in Finland* *Thursday, January 10, 2019* *https://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2019/01/upright-canine-in... more »

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 21 hours ago
*by Noah* Nothing says congratulations better than a cold burger. It was the least he could do, so he did it. With his government shutdown in full swing, President Basket Case could have had his hotel next door cater the affair, but no. So, when it came time to recognize the NCAA Football Championship winning Clemson Tigers on Monday, Trump invited them up to the White House for some fast, and no doubt, cold, fast food from the shameless likes of Wendy's, Burger King, McDonalds, etc. He even boasted that he paid for it himself. Yeah, whatever. I bet he tries to have Taco Bell pay ... more »

Scientists to conduct large-scale survey into feral cat behaviour in north QLD

Stephanie Smail at Just In - 21 hours ago
Feral cats are devastating native animal populations in north Queensland, and now scientists hope the first extensive survey of the predators in the state's far north will reveal where they like to live, how they hunt, and what might get rid of them.

Woman jailed for lying about being raped by ex-partner, faking crime scene

Tahlia Roy at Just In - 21 hours ago
A former prison guard who spent months fearing for his life in jail over a fake rape reveals how his ex-partner's crime nearly drove him to suicide, changed who he was and "shattered" his faith in the legal system.

Adani remains under investigation by Qld Government over bores

Josh Robertson at Just In - 21 hours ago
Indian miner Adani remains under investigation by the Queensland Government for alleged illegal works on its Carmichael mine site, despite federal authorities ruling out any wrongdoing in October.

Forget Rod Laver, Court 15 is where it's at

David Mark at Just In - 21 hours ago
You could spend the big bucks to watch the superstars on the arena courts of the Australian Open. Or you could head to the outer courts for an up-close and personal tennis experience, writes David Mark.

The support dogs helping people get through the stressful court process

Lauren Day at Just In - 21 hours ago
Coop the black labrador is trained to be emotionally bulletproof, helping more than 140 victims and witnesses of crime get through the often overwhelming court experience. Now the next generation of court dogs are on the way.

Wiklieaks’ Email To The Media: “Censorship List” Or “Ethical Standards”?

Andrew KORYBKO at OrientalReview.org - 21 hours ago
Instead of being a “censorship list”, Wikileaks’ email is more like an “ethical guideline” for responsible journalists to keep in mind when covering its founder, seeing as how he’ll probably be more in the news later this year as Ecuador reportedly moves closer to reaching an agreement with the US for his removal from its UK Embassy. The post Wiklieaks’ Email To The Media: “Censorship List” Or “Ethical Standards”? appeared first on OrientalReview.org.

ALERT: U.S. representative, advocates say food safety programs dangerously disrupted

Coral Beach at Food Safety News - 21 hours ago
ALERT: At 4 p.m. EST today, Jan. 17, a USDA spokesperson told Food Safety News that its staff is working to correct a glitch with the agency’s online complaint form for consumers who want to report problems such as extraneous materials or spoilage in meat, poultry, and processed egg products. Also, the agency is not staffing... Continue Reading

MMWR reports on how backyard flock outbreak was traced back to hatchery

Dan Flynn at Food Safety News - 21 hours ago
The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) earlier this month explored one of the ways that more than 70 Salmonella outbreaks related to backyard poultry flocks have occurred since 2000. MMWR, published by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, reported on a joint study by the Michigan Department of Health and... Continue Reading

Auditors find EU chemical hazards system is ‘overstretched’

Joe Whitworth at Food Safety News - 21 hours ago
The European Union’s system for protecting consumers from chemical hazards in food is overstretched, according to a report from the European Court of Auditors (ECA). The audit between December 2017 and May 2018 concentrated on chemical hazards — poisonous substances that occur naturally or are added during food production or handling. Examples include cleaning agents,... Continue Reading

Stricter food contamination penalties proposed in New Zealand

News Desk at Food Safety News - 21 hours ago
Plans to create stronger penalties for deliberate food contamination are being considered in New Zealand. Nathan Guy, a member of parliament for the New Zealand National Party, has proposed a Member’s Bill to protect people from food safety threats by “reckless pranksters” or people intent on “economic sabotage.” “Recent events here in New Zealand and... Continue Reading

John Solomon: Bruce Ohr Testimony Shows Politically Motivated DOJ and FBI Ignored Warnings…

sundance at The Last Refuge - 22 hours ago
John Solomon has a well-written article at The Hill outlining the leaked transcript from Bruce Ohr together with his own sources. The key point Solomon focuses upon is how Bruce Ohr warned DOJ and FBI officials about the political intents … Continue reading →

Police find body of missing grandfather John Irvine

Alisha O'Flaherty at Just In - 22 hours ago
Police searching for the 67-year-old, who was last spotted asking for direction at a service station, find his body in the Mundaring State Forest, east of Perth.

Bali nine drug smuggler Renae Lawrence pleads guilty to charges from 2005

Carly Cook at Just In - 22 hours ago
Bali nine drug smuggler Renae Lawrence has pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a high-speed police chase more than a decade ago.

Australian Open spectators fight over sweaty headband

Just In - 22 hours ago
In bizarre scenes, Australian Open security official are forced to intervene as two spectators fight over a sweaty headband thrown into the crowd by Aryna Sabalenka.

New regulations to prevent excessive use of physical and chemical restraints

Just In - 22 hours ago
Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt announces new regulations that he expects to be in place within weeks after the ABC's 7.30 program aired images of dementia patients being strapped to chairs.

Fatal crash driver walks free as judge urges him to 'live the best life you can'

Joanna Menagh at Just In - 22 hours ago
An Indian student was distracted behind the wheel for a matter of seconds, but that was enough to cause a crash that claimed the life of a 66-year-old man visiting Perth from India.

Your car key could get you access to someone else's car. Here's why

Just In - 22 hours ago
A Sunshine Coast tradesman has his ute unlocked and driven to a nearby mechanic workshop using a different key. Here's how that could happen.

China's cotton seedling dies after sprouting on far side of the Moon

Just In - 22 hours ago
The first plants grown on the Moon die as the temperatures drop to as low as -170 degrees Celsius during the lunar night.

Gay dance party apologises for 'body shaming' and 'no girls' photo policy

Andie Noonan at Just In - 22 hours ago
Organisers of the Poof Doof in Melbourne apologise after a list of demands made to photographers — including instructions not to take photos of "skinny boys", "boys with bad skin" or women — sparked a backlash online.

Today show reporter Brooke Boney weighs in on Australia Day date debate

Just In - 22 hours ago
Brooke Boney says she does not want to tell others what to do, but that having Australia Day on a date other than January 26 could provide a more uniting national celebration.

Adam's been homeless for a year, he's sleeping in a tent while he looks for a rental he can afford

Alexandra Humphries And Lucy MacDonald at Just In - 22 hours ago
People caught in the grip of Hobart's housing crisis have one less place they can find shelter, with the Royal Agricultural Society making the "heartbreaking" decision to shut the gate to future arrivals at the city's showgrounds.

Everyone, from Mexico's police to president, may have been in El Chapo's pocket

Just In - 22 hours ago
El Chapo's right-hand man claims former Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto took a $US100 million bribe, after approaching the accused drug lord for $US250 million.

trying to map 5G

Bob Dinn at balance10 - 22 hours ago
Dear Friends, On March 29, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission gave its approval to SpaceX’s plan to launch an unprecedented 4,425 satellites into low orbit around the Earth. And that’s only the beginning. SpaceX has applied to the FCC to increase the number of satellites to 12,000 in order to provide “ultrafast, lag-free Internet” to every square inch of the earth. 5G from space. SpaceX’s CEO, Elon Musk, has announced his intention to begin launches in 2019, to begin operating as soon as he has about 100 satellites in orbit, and to have at least 800 satellites up and ... more »

Politics of Immigration

Walter E. Williams at rss - 22 hours ago
[image: politics-of-immigration] Does everyone in the world have a right to live in the U.S.? Do the American people have a right, through their elected representatives, to decide who has the right to immigrate to their country and under what conditions?

Women's March Leadership Is Even Too Radical For The DNC

Diogenes Sarcastica™ at Diogenes' Middle Finger - 23 hours ago
*The Democrats Can Run, But They Can't Hide From Their Party's Inbreed Bigotry* *The Democratic National Committee Removed Its Name * *From List of Event Sponsors.* The annual Women’s March is just three days away, but the Democratic National Committee has quietly withdrawn its support less than 24 hours after March leader's refused to denounce the notorious anti-Semitic hatemonger Louis Farrakhan on national television. The groups leaders, a La Raza supporter and radical Hispanic activist, a rag-head pro-Palestinian anti-Semite, a black Louis Farrakhan lover and a self-loathing ugl... more »

Scathing Inspector General Report on Trump Hotel – US House Oversight Chair Elijah Cummings Statement

miningawareness at Mining Awareness + - 23 hours ago
“President Trump should not have any contracts with the federal government. It is an obvious conflict of interest, and it … Continue reading →

Donald Trump reopens door to TPP participation, Asia reset

bilaterals.org - 23 hours ago
17-Jan-2019 Donald Trump signed the so-called Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA) includes a call for the US to return to multilateral trade deals, countering the President's own tendency to pursue agreements with individual countries such as Mexico, Canada and Japan.

Singapore making good progress on concluding FTA with Eurasian Economic Union: Tharman

bilaterals.org - 23 hours ago
17-Jan-2019 Singapore, Russia and their partners in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) are making progress on concluding the EAEU-Singapore Free Trade

Statement of the Advocacy Team for Economic Justice in the Post-Court Verdict concerning the International Treaty Law

bilaterals.org - 23 hours ago
17-Jan-2019 Indonesian Constitutional Court issued stated that parliament's approval is needed for the signing of International Agreement which stipulated in the Constitution on the verdict.

January 17th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #728

sundance at The Last Refuge - 23 hours ago
In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and … Continue reading →

Thursday January 17th – Open Thread

sundance at The Last Refuge - 23 hours ago
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those … Continue reading →

Idaho Woman Has 50-Pound Tumor Removed

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 23 hours ago
Brenda Cridland chalked up her weight gain to aging, but when her health started to quickly decline she decided to see a doctor.

War Whores Scramble To Say Syria Attack Means Troops Must Remain

Caitlin Johnstone at Caitlin Johnstone - 23 hours ago
A suicide bombing in Manbij, Syria has reportedly killed 19 people including four Americans, two of whom were US soldiers and two of whom worked with the US military. ISIS, which has an extensive history of falsely claiming responsibility for attacks it had nothing to […]

Special Elections-- Special Opportunities

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
This week, Erik Loomis' essay at Lawyers, Guns & Money, The Big Electoral Story of 2019 reminds us that "we don’t pay nearly enough attention to how power is actually built–through local and state races and organizing. So at the very least, we need to spend a ton of attention this year supporting Democrats in Virginia to take over the state legislature this fall. It’s going to be a referendum on Trump anyway and this is how we build a bigger bench in this critical state. Virginia’s progressive lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax: "We were the beginning of the blue wave that has swep... more »

US Media & FBI in Cahoots? Latest Anti-Trump Stories Suggest Link

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
RT Published on Jan 16, 2019 Donald Trump’s facing a number of investigations into alleged ties with Russia. At the weekend, it was revealed the FBI started its probe, the moment he entered office. This has lead some to suspect a different kind of collusion, as Caleb Maupin explains. end

Trump Says Time to Stop ‘ENDLESS WARS’: So Why Does Sabre-Rattling Against Russia & China Continue?

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
See also: – ‘Global strike capability’: US deploys B-2 strategic bombers to Pearl Harbor for ‘24/7 watch’ Russian Navy Will Soon Deploy 32 “Poseidon” Nuclear Drones Across 4 Submarines – Trump Says Time to Stop ‘ENDLESS WARS’: So Why Does Sabre-Rattling Against Russia & China Continue? by Robert Bridge, https://www.rt.com/ Donald Trump has shown an […]

New Documents Reveal a Covert British Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Meddling in American Politics

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
New Documents Reveal a Covert British Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Meddling in American Politics by Max Blumenthal and Mark Ames, Grayzone Project via https://www.globalresearch.ca/ A bombshell domestic spy scandal has been unfolding in Britain, after hacked internal communications exposed a covert UK state military-intelligence psychological warfare operation targeting its own citizens and political figures in allied NATO countries under the cover of […]

Despite Losing Vote for Brexit Plan, Prime Minister Theresa May Wins Confidence Vote…

sundance at The Last Refuge - 1 day ago
After losing a key vote to advance her Brexit plan, the U.K. Parliament held a confidence vote. Despite the lost vote 24 hours earlier, British MPs voted 325 to 306 affirming their confidence in May’s government. Prime Minister May delivered … Continue reading →

'They've got their issues': Tennis 'idiots' steal the shine off our women's game

Just In - 1 day ago
Sam Stosur rightly notes that the behaviour of certain male players has taken the limelight off our overachieving women, writes Kate O'Halloran, and not just in tennis.

Charter planes metres apart in near collision outside Darwin

Matt Garrick at Just In - 1 day ago
A mid-air collision between two light aircraft was narrowly avoided when the planes, one carrying two passengers, came within metres of each other outside of Darwin in 2017.

Parents woken by boy's screams as snake tried to 'eat his hand'

Anna Hartley at Just In - 1 day ago
A 14-year-old boy wakes to the fright of his life when a hungry scrub python coils around his arm, sinking its teeth into his hand. His parents were forced to take action with a plastic platypus, using it to pry open its jaw.

'Last resort' charity saves sick pets from death

Kathy Sundstrom at Just In - 1 day ago
After spending $30,000 to save the life of her rescue dog, Jennifer Hunt started a pet charity to help people afford their vet bills, and has now saved more than 450 pets from being put down.

Live: Test batting hopefuls fluff their lines in tour match

Just In - 1 day ago
Joe Burns, Marnus Labuschagne and Matt Renshaw are all dismissed for single-figure scores while Will Pucovski only makes 23 in the tour match against Sri Lanka in Hobart. Follow the action live.

Man arrested over alleged plot to attack White House with anti-tank rocket

Just In - 1 day ago
A man accused of plotting to use an anti-tank rocket to storm into the White House has been arrested in an FBI sting after trading his car for guns and explosives to undercover agents.

Craig McLachlan's defamation trial against the ABC, Fairfax and actor delayed

Kathleen Calderwood at Just In - 1 day ago
Craig McLachlan's defamation trial against the ABC, Fairfax and an actor is delayed until after criminal proceedings in Victoria — where he is accused of indecent and common assault — are completed.

Man charged with supplying drugs police believe led to festival death

Mark Reddie at Just In - 1 day ago
A man is charged with supplying the drugs police believe 19-year-old Alex Ross-King took before she died from a suspected fatal overdose at a dance festival in western Sydney at the weekend.

Teen missing off SA coast was 'best person a person can be'

Just In - 1 day ago
Friend of missing teenager Arash Yari says they were only hip deep in water when they got into trouble at a notoriously dangerous South Australian beach.

Palmer's party sends unsolicited political texts to announce ban on … unsolicited political texts

Lucy Sweeney And Matthew Doran at Just In - 1 day ago
Would-be politician Clive Palmer appears to have sent more unsolicited text messages to unsuspecting voters — ironically promising to ban unwelcome messages from political parties.

Quevedo Judge Orders Ecuador Government to Burn All GMO Crops

Sustainable Pulse at Sustainable Pulse - 1 day ago
A Judge in the city of Quevedo, Ecuador has ruled in favor of peasant farmers in the province of Los Ríos and has ordered the Ministry of Agriculture in the South American country to burn all illegal genetically modified (GM) crops, the Network for a GM Free Latin America reported on Wednesday. The Judge issued a protection […] The post Quevedo Judge Orders Ecuador Government to Burn All GMO Crops appeared first on Sustainable Pulse.

Report: Costco to Stop Selling Glyphosate-based Roundup Weed Killer

Admin at Health Impact News - 1 day ago
Zen Honeycutt, the leader of Moms Across America, announced this week that Costco will not be selling the glyphosate-based weed killer Roundup Ready. In a live video update posted on Facebook, Honeycutt stated that she received word that Costco was no longer selling Roundup or glyphosate-based herbicides. While she has reportedly not received any official word yet from Costco, she stated that she has talked to various people at the headquarters and various regional offices to confirm this news. Honeycutt stated that based on the recent lawsuit against Monsanto in 2018, where a jury... more »

Does Losing Less Mean that You Are Winning?

David Henderson at Econlib - 1 day ago
I started to write a blog post critical of an article by Lawrence Solomon, in Canada’s Financial Post, titled “Remember Trump’s supposedly ‘lose-lose’ trade war? He’s winning, China’s losing.” (Financial Post, January 11, 2019.) I thought he was making a basic mistake. I was wrong. It was my mistake. But you will see why the […] The post Does Losing Less Mean that You Are Winning? appeared first on Econlib.


Norma at Collecting My Thoughts - 1 day ago
Adipose tissue is broadly divided into brown and white varieties. Brown fat cells express high levels of thermogenic genes and help maintain body heat by burning calories. Beige fat cells function similarly, but they are not of the brown fat cell lineage. Rather, they develop in white fat, the tissue that we typically think of as “fat.” White fat cells are involved in whole-body energy homeostasis and lipid storage and are found both under the skin and in the abdomen, where they are known as visceral adipose tissue (VAT). It is this type of fat that can help detect and eliminate p... more »

Did the IRS Admit It ‘Encourages Illegals’ to Steal Social Security Numbers for Taxes?

Bethania Palma at Snopes.com - 1 day ago
With tax season looming and the federal government in a partial shutdown, an old story gained new popularity.

The Chinese Navy's First Three Aircraft Carriers Will Stay Close to Home (For Now)

David Axe at Test Feed Using Fields - 1 day ago
*David Axe* *Security, Asia* That's one conclusion of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency's January 2019 report on Beijing's military capabilities. The Chinese navy's first three aircraft carriers will stick close to Chinese shores as they pursue a mostly defensive, regional mission. That's one conclusion of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency's January 2019 report on Beijing's military capabilities. The People's Liberation Army Navy commissioned its first aircraft carrier *Liaoning*, a refurbished former Ukrainian vessel, in September 2012. "China’s first aircraft carrier sig... more »

FCC gave approval to SpaceX on 3-29-18 to launch 4,425 satellites into low orbit around the Earth.to microwave

Bob Dinn at balance10 - 1 day ago
1-8-2019 As bad as these ground-based small cell towers might seem from the standpoint of constant exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation in close proximity to the source, perhaps an even more alarming prospect will be the beaming of millimeter length microwaves at the earth from thousands of new communication satellites. The FCC gave approval to SpaceX on March 29, 2018, to launch 4,425 satellites into low orbit around the Earth. [1] The total number of satellites that is expected to be put into low and high orbit by several companies will be 20,000 satellites. [1] The... more »

Israeli Minister Calls for Annexation of the West Bank

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
Israeli Minister Calls for Annexation of the West Bank by https://www.middleeasteye.net/ Yoav Galant dismisses the possibility of a future Palestinian state, saying ‘settlements are the new Zionism of the 21st century’ – A newly appointed Israeli minister on Sunday dismissed the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state in the West Bank and called for the occupied […]

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