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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, September 1, 2014

1 September - Blogs I'm Following

English: 86 Stree intersecting with 17th Avenu...
English: 86 Stree intersecting with 17th Avenue in Bensonhurst/Bath Beach in Brooklyn, NY. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
10:46pm MDST

Severe Establishment Disruption Among New York's Grubby Ruling Elite?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 45 minutes ago
The DCCC usually makes mediocre ads-- or worse. They hire over-paid, overly-cautious consultants who only care about one thing: the next job they can get. The video above, however… that's a decent ad. And the DCCC started running it today-- part of a $950,000 investment in anti-Grimm broadcast ads on Staten Island and the parts of south Brooklyn that are part of NY-11 (Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, right up to the border of Midwood). I grew exactly 2 blocks from the far corner of Grimm's district-- Avenue P and East 15th Street-- an... more »

Labor's Last Day? (And One Ring To Rule Them All - Greed Rules - Pay Attention!:   Who the Education Reformers Really Are) Profit Triumphs! (War on Jobs Corps.)   Billionaires Educate US - Who Would Want To Be A Good Teacher, Anyway? (France Falls To Faux F(l)ops)

Some last thoughts on what may be the U.S.'s last seriously observed Labor Day (and I do mean last): Labor Day 2014 (Progressive Eruptions) Thank A Union (Mike the Mad Biologist) You might want to read what this union supporter thought about workers, by the way. It's Labor Day, Bitches!!! (Steve Simels at Power Pop) Neil Young goes all solidarity on our asses, and good for him. . . . I was


JR at GREENIE WATCH - 48 minutes ago
*Eating meat is causing 'dangerous climate change', claim scientists* *Malthus lives again. Some historically unsophisticated prophecy from the University of Cambridge's department of ENGINEERING (!) below. Just off the top of my head let me point out three large factors that they overlook: 1). If we do get the warming they foresee, vast areas of Canada and Siberia (Siberia is 50% larger than CONUS and also covers a range of latitudes) could be opened to grain production -- and grain is an important feed for both animals and humans. If the Japanese can grow rice in icy Hokk... more »

Leading Keynesian Economist Uses The “D” Word

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 1 hour ago
*Guest post by Hunter Lewis* [image: Keynes graffiti cc] Most Keynesian economists do not want to admit that America and elsewhere is in another depression. They find the word painful. They find it painful because it contradicts the idea that Keynesian economic ideas have ended depressions forever. It also contradicts the idea that the massive and continuing Keynesian stimulus applied by world governments since 2008 has worked. For this and other reasons, euphemisms such as the Great Recession have been embraced not only by Keynesian economists, but by their allies in government ... more »

"Get Your Socks Today!" (You mean to save a lousy 35 bucks you'd pass up these Limited-Edition George H.W.Bush Socks?)

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 1 hour ago
*No, they 're not Bert Cooper's sock rejects, they're . . . well, see for yourself. The design is sure, er, *distinctive*. Get yours now at gop.com.* *by Ken* Who says the Republican Party isn't a Party of Ideas? I believe the "makers not takers" at GOP Central have crafted their message for 2015 and beyond. *And there's more good news: "For a limited time, a group of donors will match every dollar you contribute to the RNC. Donate and double your impact today."* Yes, the electoral walls will come tumbling down as Republicans at all levels in all 50 states begin chanting this new... more »

Did Israel nuke America on 9/11?

Kevin Barrett at truthjihad.com blog - 1 hour ago
Or did they just nanothermite us?[image: false-flag-Nuke-attack-on-Amercia1][image: false-flag-Nuke-attack-on-Amercia1]*Check out my radio debates on these topics, including the August 23rd show with AE911Truth board member Wayne Coste and aeronautics expert Dennis Cimino, and my April 28th slugfest with Jim Fetzer.]* Veterans Today Editors Gordon Duff and James Fetzer say “yes - they nuked us.” The political implications of proving this thesis would be hard to overestimate. It would mean America has not only been fighting the wrong enemy, but has actually been laying waste to the ... more »

Afghanistan's Unity Government Agreement Has Collapsed

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 2 hours ago
*Afghan Talks On Unity Government Collapse; Crisis Deepens -- Reuters* (Reuters) - Talks on a power-sharing deal between Afghanistan's rival presidential candidates have collapsed, a top leader said on Monday, rekindling fears of ethnic unrest over disputed election results. Under the terms of a deal brokered by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the runner-up in the vote was to name a "chief executive" in a national unity government conceived to keep the lid on political tensions. Abdullah Abdullah was runner-up in the official election results. Mohammad Mohaqeq, one of Abdullah... more »

The Truth About Israel's Nuclear Weapons: Just Released Documents Reveals How The United States AGREED To Israel Gaining Nuclear Weapons In The 1960's

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 2 hours ago
We are constantly watching our so called "elected" officials always skirt around and absolutely refuse to answer the question about the psychotic state of Israel's nuclear weapons…. It has been absolutely ridiculous to watch the criminal US President himself always ignore any questions concerning Israel's nuclear weapons program and shows clearly that he and the entire US Government have been purposely using an ambiguous approach to Israel's massive nuclear weapons stockpile. It is a fact that Israel does indeed possess a massive arsenal of some 300+ nuclear weapons and has had th... more »

Gates Grant to “Further Hardwire the Common Core Curriculum” ??

deutsch29 at @ THE CHALK FACE - 3 hours ago
One way to ensure permanence in the field of electronics is to “hardwire”– which means to “permanently connect.” In electronics, “hardwiring” refers to circuitry. For billionaire public education purchaser Bill Gates, circuitry and mass education, it’s all the same. Bill Gates has already likened the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to circuitry, with the moronic […]

President Obama Prepares To Head To Europe To Reassure Allies On U.S. Committment

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 3 hours ago
U.S. President Barack Obama holds a news conference on the second day of the NATO Summit in Chicago (Jim Young/Courtesy Reuters). *From Syria To Ukraine, Crises Fill The Obama-NATO Agenda -- McClatchy News* WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama heads to Europe next week, looking to assure nervous allies of the United States’ commitment to the region, as NATO prepares to beef up forces amid fears that Russia will step up its provocations beyond Ukraine. Obama arrives in Estonia late Tuesday, where he’ll meet with the presidents of the three Baltic states, along with U.S. and Estonian... more »

EU Nanny State to Ban Toasters, Kettles & Hair Dryers!

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 3 hours ago
*Paul Joseph Watson* Visit Infowars.com *Get truth delivered to your inbox every week.* Subscribe to GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING by Email

Free Online EMF Summit Begins September 2nd

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 3 hours ago
Electromagnetic Killing Fields / image source *Activist Post * Join thousands for a free online EMF Summit *starting tomorrow *and continuing every Tuesdayuntil December. Each week is a new video interview, which begins Sept. 2nd with *Dirty Electricity: How We Can Co-exist With This Powerful Technology and Its Inherent Dangers* by Dr. Samuel Milham the physician-epidemiologist who first alerted the world about electromagnetic exposure in various careers and the link to human disease. Josh del Sol, producer and director of *Take Back Your Power*, will be on the interview panel ... more »

If ISIS Is A Bomb, Israel Is The Bombmaker!

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 3 hours ago
I am deeply troubled these days by the Jew spew media going absolutely nuts with all these reports about ISIS and its phoney threat to America…. We find all the usual Jewish talking heads on all the mainstream media crapola talmudvision networks screaming that this fraud "ISIS" is the greatest threat to America, just like the previous "Al Qaeda" was the greatest threat to America as well… It does appear with the 13th anniversary of the Israeli Mossad attack on America on September 11th, 2001, that these monsters are again using their latest booga booga phoney terrorist group to scar... more »

NATO To Create A Rapid-Response Force For Eastern Europe

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 3 hours ago
*NATO to Create a Rapid-Response Force for Eastern Europe, Officials Say -- New York Times* WASHINGTON — As Ukrainian leaders warned on Monday of “a great war” with Russia, NATO leaders meeting in Wales this week were expected to endorse their most concrete response yet to increased Russian military intervention in Ukraine: establishing a rapid-reaction force capable of deploying quickly to Eastern Europe, officials of the alliance said. The new force of some 4,000 troops, capable of moving on 48 hours’ notice, will be supported with logistics and equipment pre-positioned in Easte... more »

Musical Interlude: Justin Hayward, “The Way of the World”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 3 hours ago
Justin Hayward, “The Way of the World” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1QUrpqOAXY

I was vectored to this by Paul Craig Roberts. It makes sense to me...

David L Griscom at Cherchez la Verite - 3 hours ago
------------------------------ Sign up for our FREE Daily Email Newsletter *How Can You Tell Whether Russia has Invaded Ukraine? * *By Dmitry Orlov * September 01, 2014 "ICH" - Last Thursday the Ukrainian government, echoed by NATO spokesmen, declared that the the Russian military is now operating within Ukraine's borders. Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn't; what do you know? They said the same thing before, most recently on August 13, and then on August 17, each time with either no evidence or fake evidence. But let's give them the benefit of the doubt. You be the judge. I p... more »

NATO Is At Odds On How To Counter Russia's Intervention In Ukraine

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 4 hours ago
Free to read: Nato allies at odds over response to Russian aggression http://t.co/Q54sdlBL1l pic.twitter.com/0l6SmE4xKv — Financial Times (@FT) September 1, 2014 *Nato Allies At Odds Over Response To Russian Aggression -- Financial Times* In late March, Donald Tusk, the Polish prime minister, made a plea to Nato: put 10,000 troops in Poland, permanently, he asked. But to the consternation of many in Poland and the Baltics, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, last week slapped down any notion of Nato boots in a long-term positioning on eastern European soil during a visit to Latv... more »

Ukraine Refuses Russia's Call For A Cease-Fire With Rebels

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 4 hours ago
*Russia Calls For Cease-Fire With Rebels, But Ukraine Vows To Keep Up The Fight -- Washington Post* MOSCOW — Russian officials pressed Ukraine on Monday to declare a cease-fire with separatists, but Ukrainians say they are locked in a war not just against the rebels but also against Russia — on behalf of Europe. “A great war has come, the likes of which Europe has not seen since the Second World War,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Valeriy Heletey said on his Facebook page Monday, adding that the fight must go on to “show that Ukrainians are not going to give up.” Lost territory, tra... more »

3 Videos On The Political Crisis In Pakistan

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 4 hours ago
Protesters in Pakistan Seize State TV. Source: Wall Street Journal. Date Published: September 1, 2014. Pakistan government considers decisive action against protesters. Source: Reuters. Date Published: September 1, 2014. Pakistan threatens crackdown on protesters | Journal. Source: DW. Date Published: September 1, 2014.

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
“The 16th century Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan and his crew had plenty of time to study the southern sky during the first circumnavigation of planet Earth. As a result, two fuzzy cloud-like objects easily visible to southern hemisphere skygazers are known as the Clouds of Magellan, now understood to be satellite galaxies of our much larger, spiral Milky Way galaxy. *Click image for larger size.* About 160,000 light-years distant in the constellation Dorado, the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) is seen here in a remarkably deep, colorful composite image, starlight from the ce... more »

"The Tune..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
"Life calls the tune, we dance." - John Galsworthy, “Five Tales”

Chet Raymo, “Making Peace”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
*“Making Peace”* by Chet Raymo "An issue of “Science” (May 18, 2012) was devoted to human conflict. If I can summarize 60 pages of discussion: It's US versus THEM. It seems our long evolutionary history has favored group solidarity. Empathy and cooperation within the group; distrust and aggression toward those outside. The first groups were those of kin, tribes, and then ethnicity. As societies grew, groups identified themselves in more complex ways. Some researches would suggest that religions evolved as group adhesives. WE are moral, beautiful, enlightened, favored by God. THEY a... more »

The Daily "Near You?"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
North Vernon, Indiana, USA. Thanks for stopping by.

what i'm reading: indian horse by richard wagamese, a must-read, especially for canadians

laura k at wmtc - 4 hours ago
*Indian Horse*, by Richard Wagamese, is a hauntingly beautiful novel about an Ojibway boy's journey into manhood. It was the Readers' Choice winner of the 2013 Canada Reads, CBC Radio's book promotion program. But if you're like me and don't listen to the radio, you may have missed it. Don't miss it. *Indian Horse* should be widely read - by everyone, but especially by Canadians. In a slim, spare volume, drawing vivid pictures with very few words, Wagamese brings you into the Ojibway family. They are struggling to hold onto their culture - and indeed, to keep their family physicall... more »

"The Pig Farmer"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
*"The Pig Farmer"* by John Robbins "One day in Iowa I met a particular gentleman—and I use that term, gentleman, frankly, only because I am trying to be polite, for that is certainly not how I saw him at the time. He owned and ran what he called a “pork production facility.” I, on the other hand, would have called it a pig Auschwitz. The conditions were brutal. The pigs were confined in cages that were barely larger than their own bodies, with the cages stacked on top of each other in tiers, three high. The sides and the bottoms of the cages were steel slats, so that excrement from... more »


noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
"Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong." - Ayn Rand

“No Escape from Existential Reality”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
*“No Escape from Existential Reality”* by Sartre "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." - Philip K. Dick "Finally agreement! No one can dispute the reality that we all will die. Since most choose to block out this fate or find it discomforting to consider, the roots of denial are sown. Refusal to confront the one great similarity that all humans share, is a trait that has greatly affected our political and social lives. Life is to be lived, no doubt. But how you live it greatly depends upon how you treat the final ending. Death, freedom, existentia... more »

Quote of the day: Happy birthday Maria Montessori

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 4 hours ago
I’m a couple of days late, but never too late to pay tribute to this heroine. Anoop Verma chose this quote to do the job: In her essay “The Comprachicos,” Ayn Rand lauded the Montessori Method as exactly what children needed to develop properly. “The purposeful, disciplined use of his intelligence is the highest achievement possible to man: it is that which makes him human.” “[the best development of intelligence is what] Dr. Montessori had in mind…when she wrote the following about her method: ‘The didactic material, in fact, does not offer to the child the ‘content’ of the ... more »

"You Better Decide..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
“A wise man once said you can have anything in life, if you sacrifice everything else for it. What he meant is, nothing comes without a price. So before you go into battle you better decide how much you're willing to lose." - "Grey's Anatomy"


Neoconservative propagandist and Israeli apologist, Jonathan Tobin writing in *Commentary* yesterday, attempted to justify Israel’s latest grab of some 400 hectares of West Bank land. Tobin attempts justify the grab by saying that the land in question is ‘state land’ adjacent to one of Israel’s earliest settlements in the West Bank which was built after the 1967 war. He argues that in the event of Palestine being given statehood, the land and the settlement would become a part of Israel under an arrangement whereby Israel accede some other lands to Palestine in exchange. There’s a n... more »

"Centered and Safe: Keeping Your Energy Strong"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
*"Centered and Safe: Keeping Your Energy Strong"* by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM "Keeping our energy strong and pure throughout the day is vital to somebody that is sensitive. Being a sensitive person in this world can sometimes feel very draining due to the fact that we are very receptive to the energy of the people and environment around us. Still, we want to be part of situations that involve small or large groups of people, and we would like to do it without becoming overwhelmed or exhausted. With a few simple strategies we can entertain at home and socialize in the world withou... more »

Ukraine Warns Of An Escalating Conflict

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 4 hours ago
*Ukraine Warns Of Europe’s Worst Conflict Since World War II -- Bloomberg* Ukraine warned of an escalating conflict in its easternmost regions as a rebel leader said talks this week may include negotiations for a truce. The country’s military will take on Russia’s “full-scale invasion,” Defense Minister Valeriy Geletey said on Facebook today, a shift away from the government’s earlier communication that focused on an offensive against insurgents. Ukraine “must urgently build up defenses against Russia,” which is seeking “to advance to other areas in Ukraine,” Geletey said. Ukrain... more »

No sympathy for murder

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 4 hours ago
Astonishingly, the media commentary about the man who slaughtered two people in Ashburton in cold blood is sympathetic … *to the murderer*. “Suspect had returned to die,” says a puff piece by the ODT, for example. Pity he didn’t do it quietly. I agree with Lindsay Mitchell. I have no sympathy for him. He lost his mother while still at college. So he should know what it feels like. Yet he has probably robbed children of a mother; partners, sisters and brothers, parents, friends of someone who added enormous value and meaning to their lives. Someone who was everything to them…. ... more »

A Tale of Two Students

Chris Cerrone at @ THE CHALK FACE - 5 hours ago
This is a guest post from Loy Gross, upstate New York parent and advocate. Proponents of Common Core State Standards and the New York tests associated with them try to convince us they are necessary. They say the standards make students college and career ready, and the New York tests provide an accurate measure […]

Russia's Military Led Bloc May Deploy 'Pecekeepers' To Ukraine

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 5 hours ago
Military servicemen during the Interaction 2014 military drill for the Collective Rapid Reaction Force of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, at the Spassk Training Center near the city of Karaganda, Kazakhstan. (RIA Novosti / Sergey Kuznecov) *Russia-Led Military Bloc Ready To Send Peacekeepers To Ukraine -- RT* The head of the CSTO says its peacekeepers are ready for any operations, including in Ukraine, but their deployment requires the go-ahead from leaders of all member-countries. "Deployment of the CSTO peacekeeping force can be ordered only by the Collective Securi... more »

Is Russia's Version Of The U.S. Navy SEALS Fighting In Ukraine?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 6 hours ago
*Russia’s Version Of The Navy SEALs May Be Fighting In Ukraine -- Business Insider/Bellingcat* The Instagram account of a Russian special forces operative reveals that members of the elite Alpha Group took part in military operations in Ukraine. Ilya Gorelyh, who has been highly decorated for his service in special operations, has suggested that he and his colleagues took part in the fighting against Ukrainian forces. On the 21st of July, Gorelyh posted a photograph of his car driving through the border crossing at Nehoteevka with the comment “we are already close, fucking Bander... more »

Ukraine Army In ‘Very Difficult State’ (Video)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 6 hours ago
From *PBS Newshour*: Overnight there was a rare moment of cooperation between Russia and Ukraine as 9 Russian soldiers were swapped for 63 Ukrainian soldiers at the border. But, the crisis continues as officials said Sunday a Ukraine Navy vessel came under fire from pro-Russian rebels on shore. James Marson of the Wall Street Journal joins Hari Sreenivasan via Skype from Mariupol, Ukraine with the latest. *My Comment: *A sober assessment on what is happening on the ground in Ukraine.

Smart green failure

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 6 hours ago
[image: _NOrman]I know nobody’s talking about them, but Russel Norman is still talking about “a smart, green economy” as if that were an actual *thing.* The Green Party's plan for an innovative economy includes … $1 billion of new government funding over three years for research and development to kick-start a transformational shift in how our economy creates wealth. What sort of transformational shift? One less “reliant on exporting commodities like milk powder, which is rapidly destroying our rivers and lakes, and leaving our economy increasingly vulnerable to the fortunes of o... more »

Why this September 11th could be a Major Date for an " Other Event " ... Connecting dots and speculation as to what plans may be affot !

Catharsis Ours - 6 hours ago
What is an " Other Event " ? Probably like the definition of obscenity and to paraphrase SC Justice Potter Stewart " We know one when we see one " ! 9/11 is obvious - but also consider the Boston bombings , the Newtown School shootings , Benghazi death of Ambassador Stevens , Malaysia Flights 370 and 17, the Flash Crash ...... these are seminal events that shape the thinking and reactions of the public , direct public policy and Executive Branch / Congressional Actions , serve to herd sheeple who don't delve deeply and rapidly become part of the history or mythology of Cult... more »

The Purpose of Art

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 6 hours ago
What leads us humans to record somethig we thought' or seen or have written down or at the bottom of everything sang about hUMANAS so self aware are grasping at straws to prove ourselves we are little more than monkeys and and all our grand things will disappear and the tourists of the future will look UPON a beach five meters higher than it would be seen today they will find scrapes of aluminum and not be able to figure out that process alone confined by their times to a bronze blast zone

Horny tech Kickstart

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 6 hours ago
I f a man not be horny honestly this is a technology that can measured to see how close the patient is to dead. Death Panels would salivate for this data

"How It Really, Tragically, Is"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 6 hours ago
"Humanity will destroy itself, body and soul, before it will learn a simple lesson." - Dave Wells

“The Blueprint for World War III: ‘This War Will Be Utterly Devastating’”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 6 hours ago
*“The Blueprint for World War III: * *‘This War Will Be Utterly Devastating’”* by Dave Hodges *SHTFplan Editor’s Note: *”A lot has happened in the last 72 hours. By all indications the east and west are once again positioning for a face off that may well result in the next global conflict. Last time this happened over 60 million people across the planet were dead before it was all said and done. This time around humanity has weapons at its disposal that are so capable of widespread destruction that we could literally be facing the annihilation of the majority of the human race. Make... more »

Ukrainian Military Ship Sunk By Artillery Fire From Pro-Russian Separatists

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 6 hours ago
*Ukrainian Patrol Ship Sunk By Artillery Fire -- IHS Jane's 360 * A Ukrainian patrol ship has been sunk in the Azov Sea after coming under artillery fire, the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service (DPSU) announced on 1 September. Two Ukrainian Coast Guard vessels based in Mariupol had been patrolling three miles off the Ukrainian coast near Bezimenne when they came under shore-based artillery fire on 31 August, the DPSU said. *Read more* .... *More News On Pro-Russian Separatists Attacking A Ukrainian Military Ship With Artillery Fire* Ukraine Launches Rescue Operation After Ship... more »

I like the fine stuff

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 7 hours ago
I have fifty years of fine and have no wish to decline. So as I exist where can i comprise/ No never on sound that is sacrosanct our as the man knows the last place we can hook all these hippies I have been an audiophile since I was nineteen and I bought my first serious system I had lived through live with a Sanyo component product that in retrospect deserved a heck of a lot more respect My uncle bought it for me and I suspect the origin of the species was not playing on the 8 track, So it is well established I like my sound and vision but that is falling and I do not care so much peo... more »

“The Economics of Perpetual War”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 7 hours ago
*“The Economics of Perpetual War”* By Matt McCaffrey "We've always been at war with Eastasia." George Orwell, “1984” “The 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I seems like an ideal opportunity to spread a message of peace and economic cooperation; sadly, 2014 has so far been a year of new and renewed conflict far more than one of reconciliation. By now, talk of the horrors of war is nothing new. Everyone knows about the total destruction war brings; in fact, we’ve known for millennia. As Lew Rockwell points out, “just about everyone makes the perfunctory nod to the trag... more »

Loving On Empty

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 7 hours ago
Last week Rickie Lee Jones was in Orlando helping Alan Grayson turn out the voters in front of his 75% primary victory on Tuesday. A fews weeks before Peter Case did two concerts for Grayson supporters in the Bay Area. And Grayson isn't the only Democrat turning to musicians to help turn out young voters. Our friends at HeadCount are doing voter registration drives with, among others, Jason Mraz, Spoon, Wilco and the Black Keys. With young voters more apathetic about voting and government than ever, several organizations are trying to woo the “selfie generation” to the polls this... more »

Russian President Putin Outlines His Terms For A Ceasefire Agreement In Eastern Ukraine

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 7 hours ago
Russian President Vladimir Putin. © RIA Novosti. Mikhail Klimentyev *Putin's "Statehood" Gambit Raises Stakes In East Ukraine -- Reuters* Shift in Kremlin language steps up pressure on Kiev * Ambiguous 'statehood' comment played down by spokesman * Use of term 'New Russia' becoming more frequent * Putin keeps Kiev, West guessing over ultimate aim MOSCOW, Sept 1 (Reuters) - A shift in President Vladimir Putin's language on the conflict in eastern Ukraine reflects a transformation in the situation on the battlefield and sounds a warning to Kiev to negotiate sooner rather than later. ... more »

The Economy: “When?”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 7 hours ago
*“When?”* by Bill Holter “I have had many people tell me they agree with my thought process on events, but don’t understand “why” or “how” the financial system has held together. Why of course is the easy part, no one wants to see the system come apart at the seams, especially the ones running the casino and benefitting the most from it? I think the better question is “when.” I am constantly asked when I think we will see a systemic cascade and my standard answer is “it should have been two (or more) years ago as the question has not been “if” but when for at least that long. Actu... more »


Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 7 hours ago
Stop the War's John Rees on why Nato -- on the coat tails of the United States -- is such a threat to peace and how we can mobilise to stop the relentless drive for more war in Ukraine, the Middle East and beyond.

Hope springs eternal

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 8 hours ago
Talking of DB, one of his many catches at *Biased BBC *was the persistently biased BBC tweeter, Jane Bradley. Jane was a BBC London producer back then, tweeting things like "the brilliant John Pilger" and "Cannot believe Chomsky, Pilger, Assange are speaking in Trafalgar Sq and I'm too sodding hungover to go. From my sofa, I urge you all to GO". Now a Senior Broadcast Journalist for the BBC, working on *Panorama *(among other things), she remains highly active on Twitter. This is something she tweeted tonight: #Panorama excl: HomeOffice researcher "booked on diversity course" aft... more »

A Fascinating Answer - Question Session On Ukraine Between BBC Observer John Sweeney And Russian President Putin

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 8 hours ago
*My Comment*: The body language. The look in his eyes. This video is a must see just for that.

The Spectrum of Misogyny

Phil at All That Is Solid ... - 8 hours ago
Consider three separate, seemingly unconnected incidents that have risen to media prominence recently. 1. The horrifying, systematic attacks on white girls by gangs of Pakistani paedophiles in Rotherham. 2. The abuse meted out to Zoe Quinn, a US video game developer and author of *Depression Quest.* 3. The theft of naked photos from the social media accounts of prominent Hollywood stars, including A-listers like Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst, and posting them online for all the world to see. What drives a man to hack a woman's social media presence and repost details abou... more »

“6 Unhinged Right-Wing Moments This Week: Fox's Comical Beyoncé Freakout”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 8 hours ago
*“6 Unhinged Right-Wing Moments This Week: * *Fox's Comical Beyoncé Freakout”* By Janet Allon “*1. Bill O’Reilly’s 'Achey breaky heart' about Beyoncé videos. *Young women of America, please stop watching Beyoncé videos. It breaks Bill O’Reilly’s heart for some strange reason he has yet to coherently explain. The good folks at Fox News were mightily confused this week after viewing the pop diva’s performance at the Video Music Awards in which she appeared in front of a huge screen with the word “FEMINIST.” But here's the thing: she seemed to have forgotten her pants. Her pants! How c... more »

When ALECers Retire - There is Still Danger

2old2care at Because I Can - 8 hours ago
*Two hundred plus *(200+) ALEC incumbents are not running for re-election in 2014 This may sound like good news – but – IT IS NOT Just because they resigned this year – does not mean they have left politics. Some are running for higher office And HAVE TO BE DEFEATED Some are running for Supreme Court, District Court or Justice of the Peace And HAVE TO BE DEFEATED AND WORSE Some are running for city and county offices To help the extremist, pro-corporate, we want right to work implemented at the local level - American Legislative Exchange Council expand their newest evil... more »

Russian President Putin Warns Of Nuclear War

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 8 hours ago
Russia's President Vladimir Putin.(RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin) *Putin Threatens Nuclear War Over Ukraine -- Gordon G. Chang, Daily Beast* Raising the spectre of nuclear war over Ukraine, Russia’s Vladimir Putin is playing a new, and dangerous, game. On Friday, as Russian Federation tanks and troops poured across the border into eastern Ukraine, Vladimir Putin talked about his country’s most destructive weaponry. “I want to remind you that Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations,” he said. “This is a reality, not just words.” Russia, he told listeners, is “strengtheni... more »

Russian President Putin: 'If I Want To I Can Take Kiev In A Fortnight'

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 8 hours ago
Warning: Mr Putin (right) made a bellicose statement to the European Commission President, Jose Manual Barroso (left), telling him that his armed forces could 'take Kiev in a fortnight'. The pair are pictured here on August 20 *'If I Want To I Can Take Kiev In A Fortnight': Putin's Threat To Europe Revealed By EU Boss As Ukraine Loses Control Of Key Airport -- Daily Mail* * Putin made an incendiary remark to the European Commission President * He said that his forces could march to the Ukrainian capital in two weeks * Two seamen are missing after a rebel artillery attack on a patrol... more »

Alan Waldman : Britain’s ‘Bad Girls’ is a gripping, gritty gals-hehind–bars series

Thorne Dreyer at The Rag Blog - 8 hours ago
Strong English cast and writers make this popular prison series compelling television. By Alan Waldman | The Rag Blog | September 1, 2014 [In his weekly column, Alan Waldman reviews some of his favorite films and TV series that readers … finish reading Alan Waldman : Britain’s ‘Bad Girls’ is a gripping, gritty gals-hehind–bars series


sue at Is the BBC biased? - 9 hours ago
Oh Dear. It’s done it again. (oops) Israel has gone and created another obstacle to advocacy. Expropriating 4 sq km of ‘Palestinian’ land in the occupied West Bank might look like a good idea to some Israelis who (quite understandably) fear that Israel is not much further forward that it was more than 2000 deaths ago, but it’s not very helpful to anyone who taken on the seemingly un-winnable task of trying to defend Israel against accusations of ‘not wanting peace’. However justified it might look to lawyers and pro-Israel legal eagles who are willing to delve deeply into the legit... more »

NSA: There’s a Spy in my Soup!

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 9 hours ago
Janet Phelan Okay, we now know that our phone calls are being monitored. Snowden has made it clear that none of our electronically conveyed communications are secure from NSA snooping. But to find that they are now listening to our potato chips? As revealed recently in an article in MIT News, technology has been developed which would allow our relentlessly nosy government to pick up voice prints from a bag of potato chips, a glass of water, a window or potted plant. This is how it works: The tiny vibration of objects as a result of a nearby conversation can now be picked up ... more »

Moffat Accredits the Memes: Appendix 1 - Like, Totally Metal, dude...

Spike EP at News Spike - 9 hours ago
*Okay, just to deal with this separately, quickly - is he doing that on purpose...?* *Almost certainly not, but you have to wonder why it seems to keep happening, because it keeps randomly emerging from screen-grabs I have taken so far from episodes 1 & 2.* *Must still be a Malcolm Tucker thing...* It's *probably *worth noting, and getting on the record and out of the way early on, that (contrary to popular misinformation), the "Devil Sign", Metal Horns, Hook 'em Horns or Corna gesture is, and always has been, and still *is* (in Europe, at any rate) a tranditional, folk *prote... more »

Abbas at Doha: PA will give Israel authority of West Bank if border talks fail

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 10 hours ago
*Haaretz-* You read that headline correctly! Abbas will *punish *Israel by giving them control of the West Bank. That'll fix Israel and the US right up! Yup. Don't mess around with Abbas. He's a tough negotiator! You have to read this article. Seriously. *Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has reportedly told Israel that if negotiations with the United States about establishing a Palestinian state within the 1967 lines fail, he will transfer responsibility of West Bank lands to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. * The report emerged Monday in the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar, citin... more »

Why Israel is a journalist’s utopia

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 10 hours ago
I'd like to recommend a thoughtful post by former BBC Middle East correspondent Richard Miron, entitled *Looking Back at Gaza *(first published on his blog Foreign Daze.) Here's a (fairly hefty) extract from it: During the recent Gaza conflict the Israeli authorities facilitated the movement of international journalists in and out of the territory. This allowed high-profile reporters and presenters to come and go during the conflict and for news organizations to rotate their staff during the hostilities. (This contrasted with the Israeli decision to close off Gaza to foreign rep... more »

The practice of lesson plan review

Shaun Johnson at @ THE CHALK FACE - 11 hours ago
Beginning my second year back in the classroom, I am once again becoming aware of the obligatory lesson plan review by administration. I have no problem with this in theory, but I am curious as to the overall value of this practice. In many cases, schools are staffed by a lot of people who teach […]

Durham Schools Cutting Ties with Teach for America

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 11 hours ago
A day to celebrate! From the Herald-Sun: Aug. 30, 2014 @ 05:51 PM Gregory Childress DURHAM — The Durham school district will honor its current contract with Teach For America, but the national teacher training program’s future with Durham Public Schools is up in the air. The school board voted 6-1 last week to honor its commitment to TFA teachers, including five hired to work for DPS this school year, but to not pursue any new relationships with the program beyond the 2015-16 school year. That’s when the five TFA teachers hired for this school year will complete their service ... more »

The Self-Driving Car is Going to End in Disaster

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 11 hours ago
Joshua Krause On the surface, self driving cars sounds like a godsend. You could sit back and relax during your commutes, safe in the knowledge that your computer-driven vehicle will get you to your destination safe and sound. “Safe” being the keyword here, because these vehicles will supposedly be safer than any human driver. The computer will never experience road rage or fatigue, and will have lightning fast reflexes. So far, Google’s test vehicles have driven over 700,000 thousand miles without incident. However, we don’t really know how safe or effective they’ll be until ordi... more »

ISIS is America’s New Terror Brand

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 11 hours ago
*Endless Propaganda Fuels “War on Terror”* Image Credit: Vice News James F. Tracy In the wake of World War I, erstwhile propagandist and political scientist Harold Lasswell famously defined propaganda as “the management of collective attitudes” and the “control over opinion” through “the manipulation of significant symbols.”[1] The extent to which this tradition is enthusiastically upheld in the West and the United States in particular is remarkable. The American public is consistently propagandized by its government and corporate news media on the most vital of contemporary iss... more »

NATO’s Options in Ukraine

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 11 hours ago
Tony Cartalucci After provoking what is increasingly a devastating and expanding conflict in Ukraine, NATO appears to be out of options as its proxy regime loses its grip on both its military campaign against its own population in eastern Ukraine, as well as political control in the capital of Kiev itself. However, despite the turn of events, with NATO apparently rudderless, those seeking to undo and reserve the damage the West has created in Eastern Europe must not become complacent. NATO still possesses several options with which it can respond to its deteriorating proxy regim... more »

How Happy Is YOUR Labor Day?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 11 hours ago
Last week, prostrating himself before the Koch brothers and other right-wing billionaire campaign financiers, Mitch McConnell swore that if they helped the GOP take over the Senate-- and reelect him in Kentucky-- he would guarantee that there would never be a vote taken on raising the mimimim wage. Happy Labor Day… as the rest of the civilized world enjoys nice long vacation, regular pay raises, healthcare, pensions, maternity leave and benefits most American workers no longer even dream of. Yesterday, the *Lexington Herald-Leader* released a poll showing that most Kentuckians dis... more »

Labor’s Demise Is America’s Demise

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 11 hours ago
*"Today the US has the most unequally distributed income and wealth of all developed economies and one of the worst in the entire world"* *Paul Craig Roberts* Anthony Freda Illustration Labor Day is a holiday that has outlived its time. Like Christmas, Labor Day has become a time-out period. As Christmas has become a shopping spree, Labor Day has become the last summer holiday. The holiday originated in 1887 to celebrate the contribution made by American workers to the strength and prosperity of the United States. The first Monday in September was chosen by President Grover Cl... more »

Teachers' dispute down to public pressure and first to fold

paul at Paying attention - 12 hours ago
You can tune out all the rhetoric from both sides in the teachers’ dispute at this point. It has come down to a simple question - who will fold first. The government hopes the BCTF will accept a negotiated deal, to avoid - or reduce - the risk of legal challenges. Given its losing record in the courts, that’s understandable. The union would rather be legislated back if an acceptable deal can’t be reached, for the same reason. (The union leadership, after taking members out in a costly, ineffective strike strategy, also doesn’t really want to try and explain why the result was a medio... more »

Co-opting the Co-opted

D ... Breaking The Silence at Removing The Shackles - 12 hours ago
I am going to give you some data. For many of you, most of this data won't mean much, but for some of you, this data will illuminate a lot of pieces of "the puzzle". I am not giving names, but will give details. In December 2010 a certain person was "picked up" (kidnapped) from his home and flown to Switzerland. This person is one of only two people with access to the Global Collateral Accounts (which I have mentioned a few times before). He was "asked" to activate "old" accounts that were dormant, and then was flown to Virginia (cough cough cough Langley cough cough). Whe... more »

The Bloody Origin Of Labor Day and The Real Maguire

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 12 hours ago
*Most people know Labor Day as an extra day off of work. Fewer know the holiday comes from a time when the government was offing workers**.* Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/01/labor-day-2014_n_5738262.html *The Real Maguire - Who Actually Invented Labor Day?* It's clear that the first Labor Day celebration was held on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, and organized by the Central Labor Union, an early trade union organization operating in the greater New York City area in the 1880s. By the early 1890s, more than 20 states had adopted the holiday. On June ... more »

The Voters?

Boris at The Galloping Beaver - 12 hours ago
Where to begin. The Globe is reporting Harper is resisting a NATO-wide call to increase defence spending to two per cent of GDP. He says it's our fault apparently because us voters wouldn't support such an increase in defence spending. Maybe so, but concern about what the voters think has never really stopped him from doing anything before. [Hmm, I wonder if the F-35 is actually now too

Why John J. Mearsheimer is Wrong on Ukraine

Tim Luecke at Duck of Minerva - 12 hours ago
When I arrived as an incoming graduate student at Ohio State University, I was labeled a realist since I studied extensively under John J. Mearsheimer at the University of Chicago. And despite the fact that I find such labeling exercises rather silly (plus, my advisor at both Chicago and OSU was actually Alex Wendt), there Continue reading

The Plight Of Iraq’s Yazidis In Ninewa Province Interview With Christine van den Toorn

Joel Wing at MUSINGS ON IRAQ - 13 hours ago
The Islamic State’s recent attack upon the Sinjar area of Ninewa province has brought world attention to the plight of Iraq’s Yazidis. Insurgents have targeted the small religious group for years, but after Sinjar was taken there were mass executions and kidnappings of more than 1,000 women by the Islamists. The situation was made worse by unfulfilled promises by local Kurdish officials to protect the community. To help explain the situation is Christine van den Toorn who runs The Primary Source a Sulaymaniya based research group, and who is also reporting for Iraq Oil Report and t... more »

Dark connections - Keenan working for the Cabal, not for the people.

Jason Leewig at Zionist Made2Happen Disasters - 13 hours ago
- by GrandeLander (Aug 31, 2014). Keenan, guilty of Lèse-majesté? Evidence caught on tape. Why is Keenan spreading lies about Thailand's royalties and getting away with it? The answers will shock you. The following is a reader's reply to Neil Keenan unsubstantiated, false accusations about Thailand. Egbert Sousé AUGUST 29, 2014 AT 7:21 PM Double check with regards to the passing of Thai Queen Sirikit, as she just celebrated her 82nd birthday on 12 August, 2014. According to Thai law, you can be subject to imprisonment — even if you are a non-Thai citizen or non-resident regardles... more »

Last Day in a Fog

thwap at thwap's schoolyard - 13 hours ago
I'll post other things after I re-learn how to think. Maybe Tuesday will be my last day in the fog.

Starting tomorrow: The Houses of Journalist County!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 13 hours ago
*MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2014Award-winning series begins:* Starting tomorrow, we’ll be presenting our long-awaited, award-winning series, The Houses of Journalist County. We’ll start where all journalism starts—on the cover of Parade magazine. Our award-winning work will appear at this site. For a high-ranking preview, click here.

Adult university students are entrapped unpaid workers, captured and broken by institutional schooling

Denis Rancourt at Activist Teacher - 14 hours ago
By Denis G. Rancourt Adult university students are entrapped unpaid managerial-labourers, intellectual slave-workers in forced indoctrination camps. The institutionally imposed "study" is unpaid forced labour done by adults and minors. By virtue of entirely blocking a person's freedom of inquiry, and freedom to thus self-define within the unpartitioned community, schooling and university


New Orleans Ladder at New Orleans Ladder - 14 hours ago
*Rapid erosion of Louisiana coast only expected to accelerate ~Bob Marshall, Al Shaw * *US judge blocks enforcement of new La abortion law ~AP, via WWLTV * *Report: City should sell World Trade Center site ~Tania Dall *

Dear PTA,

Chris Cerrone at @ THE CHALK FACE - 14 hours ago
Dear ___________________ (Insert District/School PTA President’s name), Please accept my donation of $_____ to our school Parent Teacher Association. I/We truly appreciate the dedication and time that our local PTA devotes to enhancing the educational and social opportunities for our children and their school. I/We are choosing to donate money to our school’s PTA as […]

Links + Ma the Irritator + Bonus Ebola Paranoia = Something for everyone

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 14 hours ago
*I love my Tokina 100 mm macro*. No blogging today, just too damn busy, but I thought I'd leave you with some links and this unhappy conjecture: lessee... Ebola in Africa... thousands of Chinese workers and investors in Africa... tens of thousands of Taiwanese in China... how long before that circle is closed and we see Ebola here? "Oh, I have pretty serious case of the flu, I think I'll return to Taiwan and have it treated." The Ma Administration's policy of irritating the US continues with its ongoing exhibition of the ROC's mad claims to the South China Sea. It's a constant rem... more »


Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 14 hours ago

Moffat Acredits the Memes: Part II - Dalek Counterinsurgency Warfare

Spike EP at News Spike - 14 hours ago
*"Counterinsurgency was stylish, and exciting - and it suited JFK's needs perfectly."* *- PBS' Explanation for the Vietnam War.* "This was the metastasis of the cancer, the shift of the Venetian Party from the Adriatic to the banks of the Thames, and this has been the main project of the world oligarchy during the past five centuries. *The Venetian Party, wherever it is, believes in epistemological warfare. * *The Venetian Party knows that ideas are more powerful weapons than guns, fleets, and bombs.* In order to secure acceptance for their imperial ideas, the Venetian Party see... more »

CDC Whistleblower Revealed

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 15 hours ago
US CDC Caused Thousands of US Black Children to Develop Autism & Hid the Data – CDC Whistleblower Named Posted on August 24, 2014 by ChildHealthSafety Start the video at 5 minutes in to see the key admissions, confirmations and identity of the senior CDC scientist and whistleblower who revealed the information about the misconduct by this US government agency: *Source:* *Child Health Safety* [image: CDC]

Labour Day 2014

Owen Gray at Northern Reflections - 15 hours ago
http://www.cp24.com Just what is the state of Labour on this Labour Day? If you were to use Harper government policy a a yardstick, the answer would be "not very good." After all, this is a government which ends strikes before they begin, and which has vastly expanded the Temporary Foreign Workers Program in the wake of the Great Recession. But even Harper supporter Tasha Kheiriddin acknowledges that the majority of Canadians support unions: What does the public think about unions? A study conducted in late 2013 by Ha... more »

Editor's Note.

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
I live in Canada ... and today is a big national holiday. The girlfriend wants to do a family thing this morning and afternoon .... so alas .... blogging will return later this afternoon.

Is A Prairie Populist Building A Big November Surprise While The DSCC Wastes Its Time In Dixie?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 15 hours ago
If the Democrats lose the Senate majority in November it will be because Harry Reid and DSCC chair Michael Bennet decided to concede South Dakota without a fight. So far Establishment Republican Mike Rounds has spent $2,941,991 on the race to win the seat being abandoned by Democrat Tim Johnson, while populist Democrat Rick Weiland has only raised $1,094,098 in total and spent $650,325. The DSCC has put all its eggs in the baskets of much more conservative Democrats than Weiland-- and much more Republican-Leaning states than South Dakota, like Michelle Nunn in Georgia and Alison ... more »


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 15 hours ago
*OH: Pols say schools should be anti-suicide propagandists* A bill is being proposed in Ohio that would require community colleges and universities to have suicide prevention programs on and off campus. The proposal calls for access to mental health programs and crisis intervention, such as a hotline. Colleges would need plans for telling students about prevention activities and communicating with students, staff and parents after the loss of a student to suicide. The Board of Regents and the state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services would post free materials online... more »

Labour accused of turning blind eye to abuse: Three senior figures say 'politically correct brigade' ignored warnings for fear of inflaming community tensions via Mail Online

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 16 hours ago
'Ann Cryer, Simon Danczuk and Denis MacShane launch attack on Tony Blair They claim his administration turned a blind eye to abuses by Asian gangs Committee will ask whether social cohesion was put before investigations Three Labour figures have accused Tony Blair's government of turning a blind eye to child abuse and terrorism in the Muslim community – for fear of inflaming community tensions. Former MP Ann Cryer said the 'politically correct brigade' predominant on the left dismissed her warnings after she exposed a sex-abuse scandal involving Asian men in her constituency. Roc... more »

John Judge and the Pentagon Wall of Tears

Spike EP at News Spike - 16 hours ago
*John Judge was a rather heavy man.* *The Pentagon Attack* *and American Airlines Flight 77* by John Judge researcher and founder for 9/11 CitizensWatch 21 February 2004 On the morning of September 11, 2001 I was at home in Washington, DC, about half a mile from the Pentagon, in Anacostia. I had been called by a friend to inform me of the first plane hitting the WTC tower in New York City. He sits on a transportation board for the county in Fairfax, Virginia, which includes Dulles Airport. He was immediately alarmed because he knew that no commercial flights come close to... more »

Leviathans of Space: Massive Unknown Craft

Inexplicata (IHU) at Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology - 16 hours ago
*Leviathans of Space: Massive Unknown Craft* By Scott Corrales © 2014 We were assured by space writers and science fiction authors that the vastness of interstellar space could only be crossed by mammoth space vehicles – “generation ships”, in the parlance of some spinners of space yarns – crewed by generations of space travelers hoping to reach their destination centuries hence. The concept was ripe for speculation. What if the children of the children of the first crew became a series of stratified societies aboard their vehicle, and had forgotten the purpose of their mission? ... more »

Largest Study to Date: Transgender Hormone Treatment Safe

Zoe Brain at A.E.Brain - 16 hours ago
Largest Study to Date: Transgender Hormone Treatment Safe Cross-sex hormone treatment of transgender adults leads to very few long-term side effects, according to the authors of the largest study to date to examine this issue. More than 2000 patients from 15 US and European centers participated in the retrospective study, called Comorbidity and Side Effects of Cross-Sex Hormone Treatment in Transsexual Subjects, and nearly 1600 received at least 1 year of follow-up, the authors reported. "Our results are very reassuring," principal investigator Henk Asscheman, MD, PhD, who heads HAJA... more »

Fukushima debacle Updates ( September 1 , 2014 ) ---- #Fukushima I NPP Progress Report on Ice Plug in Reactor 2 Trench: Time for Plan C (and Diaper Polymer May Be Back...) Energy News items regarding Fukushima.....

Fred Walton at Catharsis Ours - 17 hours ago
Ex SKF..... SUNDAY, AUGUST 31, 2014 #Fukushima I NPP Progress Report on Ice Plug in Reactor 2 Trench: Time for Plan C (and Diaper Polymer May Be Back...) *Plan A*, if you recall, was to freeze the highly contaminated water at the head of the trench right outside the Reactor 2 turbine building (Shaft A, on the northeast corner of the turbine building) to create an ice plug by placing several freezing pipes in the trench. Why is a plug needed? Because TEPCO wants to drain the highly contaminated water from the trench. *What TEPCO did not say was the existence of many obstacles at th... more »

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( September 1 , 2014 ) --ISIS adaptation makes air strikes more complicated and less useful.......... Even as fighting in Iraq morphs due to the US air strikes , the battles in Syria rage on and Lebanon seems likely to be drawn into the conflict ......

Fred Walton at Catharsis Ours - 17 hours ago
Anti War..... US Air War Complicated as ISIS Blends in With LocalsISIS Targets 'More Discreet' Now by Jason Ditz, August 31, 2014 Print This | Share This The US war in Iraq continues to get more complex as easily foreseeable situations emerge and the Pentagon has no answers for them. The latest problem is that ISIS targets, which were mostly conspicuous at the start of the war, are starting to blend in with the local population. Since ISIS got its start as al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), it was pretty obvious that they were experienced in insurgent-style tactics in addition to the recent da... more »

Minnesotan man builds the world's first 3D printed concrete castle in his own backyard,designing a kit that can print two-story houses

        AMERICAN KABUKI at AMERICAN KABUKI - 17 hours ago
*From:* http://www.3ders.org/articles/20140826-minnesotan-world-first-3d-printed-concrete-castle-in-his-own-backyard.html *Minnesotan man builds the world's first 3D printed concrete castle in his own backyard, designing a kit that can print two-story houses* Aug. 26, 2014 | By Alec In Minnesota, contractor Andrey Rudenko is currently working on a project of gargantuan proportions that seems to be stretching and exploring the limits of 3D printing technology. Using a printer that was substantially modified and expanded, he has printed a concrete castle in his own backyard. And at ... more »

Five Most Popular Posts for August

Phil at All That Is Solid ... - 19 hours ago
The most read this month were: 1. When Genocide Is Permissible 2. Critiquing Doctor Who: Deep Breath 3. On Bombing ISIS 4. The Social Significance of Ian Botham's Penis 5. How Not to Write About Rotherham August's most-featured-in-the-news tops the page view tally for this month, followed not too far behind by the Doctor's return to our screens in Peter Capaldi's skin. Does having an openly Scottish Doctor indicate a clandestine contribution by BBC Wales to the Better Together campaign? Yes it's been a busy month on the blog, the most buzzing it's been since December 2013 no less. A... more »

Production of vacuum cleaners above 1600 watts banned in the EU

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 19 hours ago
In November 2013, I reminded everyone that the EU had an incredibly irresponsible plan to simply ban all vacuum cleaners above 1600 watts of the input power. (The equivalent figure that Americans would use is 110 times smaller because the voltage is 110 volts and in amps, so 1600 watts is equivalent to 14.55 amps.) Today, on the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, the ban came to force. I didn't want to believe that it would ever become valid but it really has. Czech media say that it's still OK to sell them and the retailers have huge inventories, indeed. Some Weste... more »

Divide & Conquer - The Age Old Game Continues

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 20 hours ago
Source: *https://plus.google.com/u/0/108767350436427277961/posts* *Note: *Now we have elections in Europé . Another manifestation of this principal. 


        AMERICAN KABUKI at AMERICAN KABUKI - 20 hours ago
*HILARION's WEEKLY MESSAGE* by Marlene Swetlishoff August 31-September 7, 2014 Beloved Ones, As you move through each day, stay centered within your sacred heart space and send love and blessings to all that is around you. Practice this until it is an innate part of your constant experience. You are beings of light and love and this is the reason you are here during these turbulent times. Your calming and loving presence is much needed and you each have the capacity to create calm and peace within the sphere of your influence. This sphere is much larger than you can imagine, De... more »

Gardasil Changed My Whole Life Living In Denmark by Anika Hjorth

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 20 hours ago
Hjorth FamilyGardasil changed my whole Life By Anika Hjorth Fredericia, Denmark I am the mother of three children, ages 1, 8 and 9. In addition to taking care of my home and family, I work as the sales coordinator for a local newspaper. I enjoy family outings and holidays. I used to run 20km at a time to stay physically fit. Gardasil changed all of this. The quadrivalent HPV vaccine, Gardasil, was approved for use in Denmark in 2006. I had read a little on the internet about it, but did not find any reason why I should not take the vaccine. On many sites, Gardasil was look... more »

Le Gardasil a changé toute ma vie par Anika Hjorth

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 20 hours ago
Hjorth Famille *Le Gardasil a changé toute ma vie* par Anika Hjorth, Initiative Citoyenne, 15 août 2014 Je suis la maman de 3 enfants de 1, 8 et 9 ans. Outre le soin de la maison et l’éducation des enfants, je travaille en tant que coordinatrice de ventes pour un journal local. J’adore les sorties en famille et les vacances. J’avais l’habitude de courir régulièrement 20 km pour rester en parfaite forme physique. Le Gardasil a tout bouleversé. Le vaccin quadrivalant contre le HPV, le Gardasil a été approuvé pour utilisation au Danemark en 2006. J’avais un peu lu sur i... more »

Labor Day...

Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner - 20 hours ago

China issues first airworthiness certificate for V750

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
China's unmanned helicopter, the V750, will receive an airworthiness certificate from Civil Aviation Administration next month. It will be the first such certificate issued by the country to a drone. It is the country’s largest drone. "It symbolizes that the drone has entered the market, and become part of the authorities’ management system," Prof.Gao Yuanyang with Beijing Univ. of Aeronautics said. Read more

Chinese reconnaissance and strike drone conducts test flight

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
[image: Rainbow NO.4 UAV]China's reconnaissance and strike drone Rainbow NO.4 has conducted a test flight and completed simulation target practice, marking a major step forward for China's unmanned technology. Rainbow NO.4 embarked on its maiden test flight straight from rolling out of the factory. "The test flight was very successful today. During acceleration and deceleration, the drone kept taxing on a central line on the runway. It's well positioned to carry out the subsequent missions," Li Pingkun, head of Rainbow No.4 Project, said. Read more

Israel Military Shoots Down Unmanned Aircraft Over Golan

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
Quneitra, Syria The Israeli military said it shot down an unmanned aircraft above the Israeli-held section of the Golan Heights, a plateau that’s become more volatile with Syrian rebels’ gains and confrontations with United Nations peacekeepers. Hours before a Patriot missile brought down the aircraft, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that his country was ready to combat threats to its security on all fronts, including the Golan. At Israel’s first cabinet meeting since an Aug. 26 truce ending 50 days of Gaza Strip fighting, the prime minister said he hoped “the qui... more »

Naomi Wolf Schools War Propagandist on Needing Evidence and Congress to Go To War

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 21 hours ago
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Australia to join multinational airlift against Islamic State in Iraq

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
Australia will join a multinational effort to help Kurdish fighters against the barbaric Islamic State terrorists in Iraq, flying plane loads of arms and munitions into the strife-torn nation. Tony Abbott has announced today that RAAF C-130 Hercules and C-17 Globemaster aircraft will join aircraft from other nations including Canada, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the United States to help repel the jihadist extremists. The Prime Minister said today the “United States Government has requested that Australia help to transport stores of military equipment, including arms and ... more »

Navy and Newport News Shipbuilding poised to honor John Warner

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
[image: USS John Warner (SSN-785)]Newport News Shipbuilding will christen the Navy's newest submarine Saturday in a ceremony that will more than mark a construction milestone. It will celebrate the legacy of retired U.S. Sen. John Warner, one of Virginia's most venerated leaders. Warner insists that others are more deserving of having a warship named in their honor. He said as much when President George W. Bush called to deliver the big news more than five years ago. When the phone rang that day, Virginia's senior senator had just climbed out of a swimming pool. He was in Florida wi... more »

Inequality 20: The Top 50 Richest Filipinos

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 21 hours ago
Forbes has released the 50 richest families in the Philippines. This should be for 2014, or 2013. I copy-paste the list here. Please note that this is for the entire family, not just by one person or the patriarch. The top 5: Sy and family owns SM Prime Holdings, SM malls, and Banco de Oro, the country’s largest bank in assets. L. Tan owns Philippine Airlines, and the fifth largest lender, Philippine National Bank Razon owns International Container Terminal Services Inc, (ICTSI) that has port operations across Asia, the US, Middle East and Europe. Also owns Solaire Resort & Casino,... more »

IDF's Newest Submarine to Set Sail for Israel

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 21 hours ago
[image: INS Tanin]Israel’s newest Dolphin II-class submarine is poised to set sail from Germany, where it was constructed. The vessel, named the INS Tanin (pronounced ta-NEEN), is one of three submarines being constructed for the Israeli Navy by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems in Kiel, Germany. The Tanin is the largest underwater craft being built in Germany since the end of World War II and are considered among the most effective in the world. Named for the biblical sea creature, alternately translated as crocodile, snake or dragon, the Tanin and its sister ships, the Rahav and a yet-... more »

What is the Jewish Caucus in the CA state legislature all about?

John Friend at The Realist Report - 22 hours ago
*The San Diego Jewish Journal* recently published a rather revealing article about the Jewish Caucus, formed at the beginning of this year, in the California state legislature. The article begins: The California state legislature’s first ethnic caucus was *the Black Caucus* which formed in 1967. A handful of years later, in 1973, *the Latino Caucus* formed. It wasn’t again until 2001 that California received another ethnic caucus, this time for legislators of *Asian and Pacific Islander descent*. Only a year later, *the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus* was created. *Th... more »


JR at GREENIE WATCH - 22 hours ago
*Warmists invent magic ice* *It melts and gets thicker at the same time, apparently. There are lots of findings that antarctic ice is increasing -- e.g. here -- but the galoots below say it has been increasingly melting* Sea levels around Antarctica have been rising a third faster than the global average, a clear sign of high meltwater runoff from the continent's icesheet, scientists said on Sunday. Satellite data from 1992 to 2011 found the sea surface around Antarctica's coast rose by around eight centimetres (3.2 inches) in total compared to a rise of six cm for the average of... more »

Swing Set Giveaway!

Debra Hawkins at Housewife Eclectic - 22 hours ago
Today I have teamed up with some awesome bloggers to bring you a fantastic giveaway for a SWING SET! Awesome, right?! Enter below! *Welcome to the Little Tikes Tree House Swing Set Giveaway Event!*[image: LittleTikesSwingSetGiveaway]We have come together with our hosts Everything Mommyhood and Mom To Bed by 8 to offer our readers a Tree House Swing Set giveaway from Little Tikes. Special thanks to our co-hosts Budget Earth and Bayou City Mamas. *INSERT YOUR OWN WORDS HERE* A backyard “tree” house with swing set that includes a climbing wall, sliding board and more! Kids can climb to... more »

NATO's Options in Ukraine

Land Destroyer at Land Destroyer - 22 hours ago
*September 1, 2014* (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - After provoking what is increasingly a devastating and expanding conflict in Ukraine, NATO appears to be out of options as its proxy regime loses its grip on both its military campaign against its own population in eastern Ukraine, as well as political control in the capital of Kiev itself. However, despite the turn of events, with NATO apparently rudderless, those seeking to undo and reserve the damage the West has created in Eastern Europe must not become complacent. NATO still possesses several options with which it can respond to it... more »

It's always harmful to attach negative adjectives to quantum mechanics

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 22 hours ago
Sabine Hossenfelder attended a global summit dedicated to the question whether it's right for science writers to present quantum mechanics as spooky, strange, and weird. Imagine how much fuel would be saved if the participants could have stayed home and responded with the right answer which is No. There is really no room for long yet intelligent debates and diatribes. Quantum mechanics was surprising to the physicists and is still surprising to the beginners who are learning it today. But as Giotis mentioned in the first comment under Sabine's blog post, it is not really surprisin... more »

Defending Apartheid: Then in South Africa, Now in Palestine

Nima Shirazi at Wide Asleep in America - 23 hours ago
Just like another Israel, by enemies surrounded, lost in the veld, but for another Canaan elected, led forward by God's plan. - Reverend J.D. du Toit, Potgieter's Trek (1909) This past May, in a relatively banal column touting the necessity of an impossible "two-state solution" in the context of what he deemed to be U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's "specious comparison" of a potential

Somalia's Intelligence HQ Attacked By Islamist Rebels

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
A Somali government soldier holds his fighting position against suspected militants during an attack at the Jilacow underground cell inside a national security compound in Mogadishu August 31, 2014. Credit: REUTERS/Feisal Omar *Islamist Rebels Attack Intelligence Site In Somalia, 12 Killed -- Reuters* (Reuters) - Islamist rebels blew up a car bomb and gunmen attacked a national intelligence site in Somalia's capital where suspected militants are held, in an assault on Sunday that left at least 12 people dead. Three soldiers and two civilians were killed along with seven militants, ... more »

The #1 reason for #dirtypolitics: the barrenness of the "centre-right"

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 1 day ago
The #DirtyPolitics saga saw the commentariat almost immediately begin comparing John Key to their favourite modern-day bogeyman, Richard Nixon. [image: Embedded image permalink] On the face of it, the link looks seriously overblown. Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy led a shambolic dirty tricks team directly overseen by Nixon’s Attorney General that ran a series of lurid operations including luring political opponents with prostitutes, attempts to destroy political party conventions, and carrying out break-ins of journalists and political opponents. Cameron Slater runs a blog. If the... more »

Islamist Fighters Have Taken Over The Abandoned U.S. Embassy In Libya

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Islamist Militia 'Seize' U.S. Embassy Compound In Libya And Post Video Online Of Triumphant Gunmen Leaping Into The POOL While Giving Tours Around The Evacuated Residents Quarters -- Daily Mail* * Footage reportedly taken inside the compound shows men gathered around the embassy villa's swimming pool, with some even jumping in * An official claims the compound is being 'safeguarded' and was not 'ransacked' * The compound has been unoccupied since July 26 when U.S. diplomats evacuated to neighboring Tunisia under a U.S. military escort * It comes near the two-year anniversary of th... more »

EdNext and the “Promise” of “Charter Choice”–But Let’s Not Mention the FBI

deutsch29 at @ THE CHALK FACE - 1 day ago
I have written a couple of posts of late regarding the results of Education Next’s 2014 public opinion survey, especially as concerns EdNext’s and its editor-in-chief Paul Peterson’s attempts to sell the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to a public that is only half aware of CCSS– and with the half who are aware increasingly rejecting those […]

Douglas Carswell Leaves The Conservative Party For The Much More Right-Wing UKIP

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
Unless you're a Brit, you've probably never heard of Douglas Carswell, until last week, the Conservative Member of Parliament from Clacton a generally well-off, retirement seaside area in Essex, just northwest of London. Carswell, who often passes himself off as a libertarian, was on the extreme fringe of the Conservative Party, switched to the neo-Nazi UKIP last Thursday (August 28) and resigned from Parliament, triggering a by-election in which he will face off against a Labour candidate, Tim Young and an as yet unnamed Conservative candidate. If Carswell wins, he'll be the fir... more »

Happy Labor Day!

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
Have a safe and happy Labor Day folks, and thanks for stopping by!

Assad Is Deluded To Think That Washington Will Align Itself With His Regime In The Name of Fighting ISIS

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 1 day ago
*Washington will not sacrifice its proxy army ISIS for anybody, especially not Assad. From the U.S. perspective that would be a waste of a useful tool. The terrorist group's ability to promote Washington's aims in the region via unconventional means have proven to be very effective so far.* *1. An excerpt from, "Syria sees Islamist threat bringing detente with West, but not soon" by Tom Perry, Reuters, August 21, 2014: * There is no sign of any shift in Washington, whose policy is built on Assad leaving power and last year came close to bombing Syria after accusing him of using che... more »

Energy Econ 25: Coal Use and GDP Expansion, Is There a Correlation?

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 1 day ago
* This is my article in thelobbyist.biz last Friday. ----------- Energy is development. The more energy and electricity that an economy can provide for its citizens and private enterprises at low price and stable supply, the bigger is the growth and development potential of the economy. There is growing public interest for renewable energy like solar and wind and this is fine. But when there is also corresponding high opposition to coal, petroleum and even natural gas, then public policy is distorted, like more taxation of conventional sources, royalties for Malampaya natural gas. W... more »

Happy Labor Day? (No, Not Really . . . Not At All In Fact) The USA Con Was A Very Long One - And Deep - One of the Greatest Causes of the Ever-Widening Income Gap:  A Bridge Straight to the 19th Century (Without Social Security or Security of Any Type)

Contributions for this blog's operation are always welcomed. Thank you, in advance. When I read any of Thomas Frank's books and essays I always marvel that his subject has also been mine for the last 30 years. And he's organized the arguments mathematically to back them up. If you stopped watching Jim Cramer and the rest of CNBC's money/politics shills long ago, it was probably because you

What creates wealth

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 1 day ago
Why are some countries rich and some countries poor? Is it access to natural resources? Is it tax policy? A motivated work force? These are important, but not determinative. The answer is deceptively simple - it's what's in our heads: knowledge. Thus, the surest way to promote economic growth is to cultivate an environment that encourages the spread of knowledge. Such an environment requires freedom, and intellectual property rights -- which is why the freest and most legally objective societies are the most prosperous. In five minutes, economist George Gilder explains why. ... more »


Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 1 day ago
My favorite blog, The Vineyard of the Saker, got a ton of comments today from people after he posted a piece about how corrupt and weak EU politicians are. Some of the comments were priceless so I thought I'd share a few here. Most of them don't give names so I will just put what they wrote below. It's encouraging to see such political sophistication out there. What we need now is a unified anti-corporate strategy across the globe. A good start would be a global weekend of protest against NATO. - Merkel, Obama, Poroshenko et. al. are dangerous - but as individuals th... more »

Lee County Board Member, Mary Fischer, Wants to Change Her Vote at 8:30 AM Tuesday Morning

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 1 day ago
Clip from News-Press.com: Opt-out may be a thing of the past. Lee County School Board member Mary Fischer said Friday afternoon that she changed her mind about the benefits of opting out, calling for the board to rescind the motion at a special school board meeting. Fischer, who served as the tiebreaker at Wednesday's 3-2 vote, called for the meeting to discuss repealing the sweeping decision. The meeting will be held at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday at the Lee County Education Center. The school board often needs four votes, known as a "super majority," to rescind a decision. But district ... more »

The Roswell Rock

KRandle at A Different Perspective - 1 day ago
So now we have the Roswell Rock. What is it? Just a rock found in New Mexico with some sort of crop circle design on it that some think is beyond our capability to make. There seem to be no tool marks found under microscopic examination, it seems to have some strange magnetic properties and it was found within twenty-five miles of the site that is alleged to have contained the alien bodies. It now takes it place with all those other things that have been identified with Roswell such as the Mexican Roswell, the British Roswell, the Chinese Roswell, the Russian Ros… well, you get th... more »


Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 1 day ago
You hear it all the time. That’s fair /that’s not fair. Life’s fair / life’s not fair / life’s good, but not fair at all. So WTF does “fairness” actually mean, why is there so much confusion about it, and why is there so much politics that takes advantage of this confusion? Philosopher Stephen Hicks analyses fairness, politics, ethics … and tennis. *Fairness* is a key concept of ethics but if you ask three philosophers what it means, you will get four different answers. Many of our ongoing public policy debates turn on competing conceptions of what is and is not fair. - *In... more »

Update: "Is this why we hate the gummint?" -- the sequel

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
*Again, pay no attention to the "NO BICYCLE RIDING IN SUBWAY TUNNEL" sign. After all, no bicycle riders did in the time the sign was up. It's gone now.* *by Ken* I just wanted to provide a quick update on the situation ("Closed for repairs that aren't being made: Is this why we hate the gummint?," December 10) at the entrance to the three-block-long pedestrian tunnel that links my stretch of upper Broadway (roughly at what would be 190th Street) to the IRT 191st Street station of the no. 1 train to the east, which lies far below St. Nicholas Avenue -- it's the deepest station in t... more »

"The Invitation"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
*"The Invitation"* "It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive. It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain! I want to know if you can sit with pain, mi... more »


Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 1 day ago
Fault Lines traveled to Ferguson to witness the demonstrations and the subsequent heavy-handed police reaction - and to find out how Brown's killing sparked something bigger, exposing tensions that have been bubbling beneath the surface for years.

"humility is the foundation of all learning"

laura k at wmtc - 1 day ago
My grandmother had always referred to the universe as the Great Mystery. "What does it mean?" I asked her once. "It means all things." "I don't understand." She took my hand and sat me down on a rock at the water's edge. "We need mystery," she said, "Creator in her wisdom knew this. Mystery fills us with awe and wonder. They are the foundations of humility, and humility, grandson, is the foundation of all learning. So we do not seek to unravel this. We honour it by letting it be that way forever." Richard Wagamese, *Indian Horse* (2013)

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
“This is the mess that is left when a star explodes. The Crab Nebula, the result of a supernova seen in 1054 AD, is filled with mysterious filaments. The filaments are not only tremendously complex, but appear to have less mass than expelled in the original supernova and a higher speed than expected from a free explosion. *Click image for larger size.* The above image, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, is presented in three colors chosen for scientific interest. The Crab Nebula spans about 10 light-years. In the nebula's very center lies a pulsar: a neutron star as massive as the... more »

"The Essential Thing..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
"The most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well." - Pierre de Courbertin

Chet Raymo, “The Universe Becomes Conscious of Itself”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
*“The Universe Becomes Conscious of Itself” * by Chet Raymo "By now most of us will have seen this spectacular photograph of a dusty star-birthing region of the Carina Nebula, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope. I offer a slightly different cropping from what you may have seen in the media or on APOD. Please click the image to see it it all of its glory. Let me add some context. The image shows an area of the sky that you could cover with the intersection of two crossed sewing pins held at arms length. Think about that for a minute. Hold two imaginary cr... more »

"Why Are You Here?"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
* "Why Are You Here?"* by Robert Lanza, M.D."Why do you happen to be alive on this lush little planet with its warm sun and coconut trees? And at just the right time in the history of the universe? The surface of the molten earth has cooled, but it's not too cold. And it's not too hot; the sun hasn't expanded enough to melt the Earth's surface with its searing gas yet. Even setting aside the issue of being here and now, the probability of random physical laws and events leading to this point is less than 1 out of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000... more »

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