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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, June 5, 2017

5 June - Blogs I'm Following 2 of 2

11:31 pm MDT

A North Korean Nuclear EMP Attack: The Threat America Downplays at Its Peril

William R. Graham at The National Interest - 12 hours ago
*William R. Graham* *Security, * Why Washington needs to see this threat for what it is. Analysts like Jack Liu and Jeffrey Lewis are to be commended for their interest in educating the public about North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs and endeavoring to provide their readers with “informed analysis.” However, in a series of recent articles, both analysts have written off the possibility of a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack from North Korea as “unlikely” and “science fiction” because they believe the 10 to 20 kiloton nuclear weapons currently possessed by North ... more »

Man Miraculously Saved Baby from Train Tracks?

Dan Evon at Snopes.com - 12 hours ago
A video purportedly showing a man rescuing a baby from the train tracks was digitally manipulated.

Supreme Court Rules on Travel Ban?

David Mikkelson at Snopes.com - 12 hours ago
Reports of a Supreme Court decision holding that President Trump's travel bans are "well within his constitutional rights to impose" are fake news.

Oh the Places You’ll Go! Dr. Seuss Museum Opens Its Doors

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 12 hours ago
A museum devoted to Dr. Seuss, features interactive exhibits, a collection of personal belongings, and explains how the childhood experiences of the man, whose real name is Theodor Geisel, shaped his work.

What If Clinton Were a Man and Trump Were a Woman?

Gaius Publius at DownWithTyranny! - 12 hours ago
*A portion of the 2016 presidential debates staged by Professors Maria Guadelupe and Joe Salvatore, in which the Trump character is played by a woman, Rachel Whorton (left), and the Clinton character is played by a man, Daryl Embry (right).* *by Gaius Publius* The latest outrage from the Republican Wet Dream Team is Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, cheered by almost every Republican in elected federal office. We have seen and will see plenty of commentary on that world-historical event. It's not hard to be horrified by it, and it may even help, though until *real*... more »

Brief terrorism round-up

sue at Is the BBC biased? - 12 hours ago
Did anyone out there sit through the virtue-concert last night? Not me. The animated Barbie is very nice; she reminds me of a horseguard. Small girls may not realise that huge false eyelashes instantly make you ridiculous, especially in a hospital when you’re visiting an injured fan and trying to exude pathos. Robbie Williams demonstrates that even riches beyond one’s wildest dreams can’t turn the clock back. In fact the whole thing jarred and I couldn’t bear to listen to any more meaningless mantras and saccharine sentimentality. Not to mention the monotonous, screechy warblin... more »

London attack: How are UK extremists radicalised? Per BBC News

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 12 hours ago
A fascinating BBC article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40161333 purporting to examine how UK extremists are radicalised. The article manages not mention the Koran and the Hadiths, do they really play no part in the radicalisation of extremists? Are there really no Koranic verses that could be seen as justifying or even ordering terrorism? Really?

Donald Trump drops all pretense and takes to Twitter to call the Muslim travel ban exactly what it is, a Muslim travel ban.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 12 hours ago
We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 3, 2017 This is the tweet that Trump sent out on Friday right after the attack in London. The fact that Trump used the term "ban" did not go unnoticed. Thank you for making it clear it's truly a Muslim ban as SCOTUS considers ur Exec Order- ur truly the dumbest President we've ever had. — (((DeanObeidallah))) (@Deanofcomedy) June 4, 2017 So instead of deleting the tweet or making some bullshit excuse, T... more »

Is Libya War Coming to an End?

Richard Galustian at 13 hours ago
[image: undefined] On the 3rd of June, Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army (LNA) gained its most significant strategic military victory in the southern part of the country which now means that almost two thirds of Libya is under Haftar's LNA control. This may prove to be a game changer in the six year struggle for power after the US and UK-led attack on Libya in 2011. The LNA entered the southern town of Waddan in Jufra and overran the area. The nearby town of Sukna was taken by the LNA. Haftar’s forces then captured the strategically important Jufra AFB which will give it air s... more »

Beyond ‘Blowback’: Islam and Terror

Justin Raimondo at 13 hours ago
[image: undefined] The latest attack in London – the third to hit Britain within seventy-five days – is once again provoking a debate about the relationship between Islam and terrorism. On one side we have those who say Islam is inherently violent, and is incompatible with the basic canons of Western civilization. On the other side, we have liberals who say that this is a libel on an entire religion, and that advocates of religious violence are a distinct minority within the Muslim faith. These two views have distinct policy implications: the former would impose what amounts to a M... more »

Trump’s Budget: Radical Change or More of the Same?

Ron Paul at 13 hours ago
[image: undefined] President Donald Trump's proposed budget has generated hysteria among the American left. Prominent progressives have accused the president and his allies of wanting to kill children, senior citizens, and other vulnerable Americans. The reaction of the president’s allies — including some conservatives who should know better — is equally detached from reality as they hail Trump for launching a major assault on the welfare state and making the hard choices necessary to balance the budget. President Trump’s budget does eliminate some unnecessary and unconstitutional ... more »

"The Real Unemployment Number: 102 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have A Job"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 13 hours ago
*"The Real Unemployment Number: * *102 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have A Job"* by Michael Snyder "Did you know that the number of working age Americans that do not have a job right now is far higher than it was during the worst moments of the last recession? For example, in January 2009 92.6 million working age Americans did not have a job, but we just found out that in May the number of working age Americans without a job increased to just a shade under 102 million. We’ll go over those numbers in more detail in a moment, but first I want to talk a bit about the difference... more »

Antarctic Peninsula Cooling (“Climatologists” Refuse to Notice)

Hifast at Climate Collections - 13 hours ago
Originally posted on sunshine hours: I was reading this article on the Larsen Ice Shelf rift. I came to this paragraph: “The team say they have no evidence to link the growth of this rift, and the eventual calving, to climate change. However, it is widely accepted that warming ocean and atmospheric temperatures have been…

Paris Will Reduce Temperatures By Only 0.17C–Lomborg

Hifast at Climate Collections - 13 hours ago
Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT: By Paul Homewood Various claims have been made about the effect that the Paris Agreement would have on emissions and global temperatures. The most authoritative analysis came from Bjorn Lomborg in November 2015, just before the Paris Agreement was signed: http://www.lomborg.com/press-release-research-reveals-negligible-impact-of-paris-climate-promises Lomborg’s paper, it should…

Now That Trump Has Defeated Paris, He’s Taking on Montreal!

Hifast at Climate Collections - 13 hours ago
Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: Poste invité par David Middleton Sacré bleu ! Trump Budget Attacks Montreal Protocol, Reagan’s Crown Jewel May 24, 2017 David Doniger The Trump FY18 budget proposal slashes funding to support compliance with the Montreal Protocol, Ronald Reagan’s treaty to save the ozone layer. The cut—which appears to be…

NASA’s Josh Willis Destroys Whatever Credibility He Had Left

Hifast at Climate Collections - 13 hours ago
Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT: By Paul Homewood ? ? Dave Burton has written a very good retort to a rather ridiculous new video by NASA’s Josh Willis: ? Notice that “catastrophic” is apparently not scary enough, these days. Global warming is now “the Apocalypse.” The video starts out with…

China Claims Methane Hydrates Breakthrough May Lead To Global Energy Revolution

Hifast at Climate Collections - 13 hours ago
Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: Via CNN Money h/t to GWPF China is talking up its achievement of mining flammable ice for the first time from underneath the South China Sea. Methane Hydrates: China’s Real South China Sea Goal? Estimates of the South China Sea’s methane hydrate potential now range as high as…

Climate scientist Josh Willis shows you how to deal with your climate change denying uncle – but fails

Hifast at Climate Collections - 13 hours ago
Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: Guest essay by Dave Burton Josh Willis, of NASA JPL, has a new video out entitled, “Straw Men of the Apocalypse – How to deal with your climate change denying uncle.” Notice that “catastrophic” is apparently not scary enough, these days. Global warming is now “the Apocalypse.” The…

Examining the Carbon Dioxide Cycle

Hifast at Climate Collections - 13 hours ago
Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: Guest essay by Ronald R. Cooke Introduction In high school and college I did reasonably well in the physical sciences: chemistry, physics and geology. From these studies one can learn that carbon (C) is an element, is widely available throughout our universe, is chemically active (which means many…

No Longer a Conspiracy Theory: Elite Openly Paying to Ingest the Blood of the Young

Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project - 13 hours ago
[image: blood]Once the talk of conspiracy theorists — the rich ingesting the blood of the young to foster longevity — is now a reality and an actual business in the US.

New comment moderation policy at The Energy Collective

Engineer-Poet at The Ergosphere - 13 hours ago
TEC editors decided to moderate (and often edit, without notice or attribution) all comments on the site. This was done without making any announcement, and nobody responds to e-mails. Discussion is open here. Edit: The editors are also censoring cites of their own, published policy posted in reply to people wondering out loud what happened. They are evil. Edit 2: Here is Roger Arnold's

The Cabazon Murders: Casino skimming, Wackenhut, weapons and a 'suicided' reporter, MuckRock reports

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 13 hours ago
. Article by Brenda Norrell Censored News Emma Best at MuckRock is investigating the murder of Cabazon Band of Mission Indians Vice President Fred Alvarez, two others, and the links to casino skimming, organized crime, weapons trafficking, Wackenhut security and a 'suicided' reporter investigating software. It is also important to note that Wackenhut -- which once was the security of Peabody

Chavous, Personalized Learning, and Real Indy Voices

Doug Martin at Schools Matter - 13 hours ago
. By Doug Martin *“Theend game … is personalized learning. We are going to get to this place where as opposed to every child being shepherded into a schoolhouse where they sit in a classroom and where a teacher stands and delivers, and then they regurgitate back … those days are not going to be the future.” * KEVIN CHAVOUS When Kevin Chavous joined the Indianapolis-based Mind Trust board of directors in late 2015, it was a sign of more bad things to come. Chavous, as I discuss in *Hoosier School Heist,* has been a paid spokesperson for corporate ed reform from day one, workin... more »

Authors retract two plant biology papers over duplicated images

Victoria Stern at Retraction Watch - 13 hours ago
Plant scientists have issued two retractions after noticing several images had been duplicated within and across the papers. The papers both appeared in March 2002 in The Plant Cell and The Plant Journal. The last author on both papers — Jonathan Jones, a professor and group leader at The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, UK — took […] The post Authors retract two plant biology papers over duplicated images appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Hashtags have not discouraged ISIS from attacking London (Video)

Alex Christoforou at The Duran - 13 hours ago
Has the west really had enough of radical Islamic terrorist attacks? The post Hashtags have not discouraged ISIS from attacking London (Video) appeared first on The Duran.

Aid of former UK PM calls for Theresa May’s resignation

Adam Garrie at The Duran - 13 hours ago
David Cameron's former right hand man is no fan of Theresa May. The post Aid of former UK PM calls for Theresa May’s resignation appeared first on The Duran.

Is India on the Verge of an Unemployment Crisis?

Arpita Mukherjee, Avantika Kapoor at The National Interest - 14 hours ago
*Arpita Mukherjee, Avantika Kapoor* *Finance, * What will happen? Providing enough employment opportunities in India with a population of 1.34 billion is not easy. And the fact that half of the population is below the age of 25 and will soon enter the job market will only make matters worse. In response, the government has come up with initiatives such as ‘Make in India’, ‘Skill India’ and ‘Start-up India’ to promote employment. But the 2015–16 Annual Employment and Unemployment Survey found that the labour force participation rate (LFPR) nationally was only 50.3 per cent. And ... more »

Editor's Note

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 14 hours ago
I am stuck in meetings this morning. Blogging will return later this afternoon. Military and Intelligence News Briefs and World News Briefs will be posted later today.

Monday Morning Links

Greg Fingas at Accidental Deliberations - 14 hours ago
Miscellaneous material to start your week. - Michal Rozworski highlights how UK Labour's platform provides for a needed move toward the democratization of economic activity along with an end to gratuitous austerity. And a distinguished group of economists has signed on to support the plan. - Charlie Skelton examines how this year's Bilderberg conference is making a mockery of issues of inclusion and fairness. And Scott Sinclair and Stuart Trew point out why there's no reason to think a free trade deal between a capital-focused Justin Trudeau and an authoritarian Chinese regime wil... more »

Fake complaints about BBC bias

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 14 hours ago
Talking about 'fake news'.... There's another 'BBC bias' complaint being pushed on Twitter this afternoon after someone tweeted this damning-looking set of images from today's *The Daily Politics*: Yes, it's 'BBC bias' folks! The problem (for them) is that it's 'fake news'. Watch *The Daily Politics* for yourselves and screengrab *all* the images used in that introduction and you'll discover that the inventor of this meme is nothing but a Liar, Liar. Here are all the images used by *The Daily Politics *about Mrs May's record (in order of broadcast): I'm sure you can se... more »

‘Interschools’ WhatsApp Group Warning

Kim LaCapria at Snopes.com - 14 hours ago
A warning about a WhatsApp group called 'Interschools' and its connection to ISIS is a hoax.

Portland Police Arrest 14 During Rival Protests, Clashes

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 14 hours ago
Crowds swelled to several thousand in competing rallies after the fatal stabbing of two men on a light-rail trail in Portland.

Sheriff: ‘Multiple Fatalities’ in Florida Shooting

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 14 hours ago
Authorities near Orlando reported 'multiple fatalities' following a 5 June 2017 shooting in an industrial area.

Monica Lewinsky Found Dead?

Kim LaCapria at Snopes.com - 14 hours ago
Monica Lewinsky was not found murdered after a robbery at a friend's house.

Mosul Campaign Day 231 Jun 4 2017

Joel Wing at MUSINGS ON IRAQ - 14 hours ago
The Hashd captured Baaj (center in white) in west Mosul where many IS elements were believed to have fled when Mosul was attacked. Yellow to the north is Peshmerga held section of Sinjar district. Green is Hashd held. Red is Syria. (Al Forat News) There was fighting across the front in Mosul. The Federal Police gave conflicting numbers again about its progress in Zinjali. One report saidthey held 65%. Federal Police commander General Raed Shakir Jawadat had it at 60%. Yesterdaythey claimed it was at 75-85%. The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) were still attempting to capture the medica... more »

Did CNN really create fake news?

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 14 hours ago
https://youtu.be/c36oCX0ZI7I I'd like to hear CNN's defence.

Deep State FEMA Camps Will Become Decapitation Centers – 30,000 Stored Guillotines

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 14 hours ago
Keep in mind that America 2.0 is the Mystery Babylon Whore of Revelation. – Revelation 20:4 4 “Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, […]

The Real South China Sea Question: Is China Really a Threat to Maritime Trade?

James Laurenceson at The National Interest - 14 hours ago
*James Laurenceson* *Security, Asia* The risk of other countries’ trade being halted or subject to a costly diversion is exaggerated. Western media commonly claims that more than US$5 trillion in trade passes through the South China Sea annually. This figure appears to originate from a 2011 press release by US Navy admiral Robert F. Willard, who cited the value of trade flows as a reason why the sea lanes were ‘incredibly vital’ to the United States and the region as a whole. Similarly, the Australian government’s 2016 Defence White Paper says that Australia’s interests in the r... more »

Will the London Terror Attack Propel the Disastrous Jeremy Corbyn to Power?

Freddy Gray at The National Interest - 14 hours ago
*Freddy Gray* *Politics, Europe* [image: Prime Minister Theresa May’s statement about the Westminster attack of March 2017. Flickr/Number 10/Crown Copyright] A frustrated electorate may be ready for another desperate move. The mood that follows each terror attack in Britain is something akin to ennui. These horrid crimes keep happening; the latest has seen seven dead and another forty-eight wounded. They are still scary enough to interest us, or hold our attention on TV, yet nobody has anything interesting to say about terrorism any more. You either repeat all the usual tropes ab... more »

Defense Secretary James Mattis Just Challenged China’s Moves in South China Sea

Richard Javad Heydarian at The National Interest - 14 hours ago
*Richard Javad Heydarian* *Security, Asia* James Mattis, the chief architect of America's emerging Asia policy, fired yet another shot across Beijing's bow at a summit of top regional defense officials. In what increasingly appears to be a deliberate strategy of mixed messaging, United States Defense Secretary James Mattis openly challenged China’s position in the contested South China Sea and offered new strategic reassurance to America’s erstwhile regional strategic allies. “The United States will continue to adapt and continue to expand its ability to work with others to secu... more »

A Russian Fighter Plane’s Tragic Error Brought Us Google Maps

Sebastien Roblin at The National Interest - 14 hours ago
*Sebastien Roblin* *Security, * The 1983 Korean Air Lines shootdown spurred Ronald Reagan to share GPS. The April 1978 shootdown of Korean Air Lines Flight 902 by a Soviet Su-15 fighter plane—which killed two passengers but spared 107 others—distressed the Soviet air force, not because it had shot down a civilian airliner, but rather that it had gotten so far into Soviet airspace before being intercepted. Five years later, a second encounter between Su-15s and a Korean airliner would result in far heavier loss of life. On Aug. 30, 1983, KAL Flight 007 departed from John F. Kenne... more »

Syria: Still a No-Win Situation

Paul R. Pillar at The National Interest - 14 hours ago
*Paul R. Pillar* *Syria, Middle East* Six years into one of the most complex, many-sided civil wars in modern times, Syria has almost no chance of being made whole any time in the foreseeable future. The Assad regime, aided by allies, has pushed back from the brink of what many had thought, just a couple of years ago, would be its extinction. But although the regime is not going to expire, neither can it—despite bravado assertions by President Bashir Assad—recapture the significant amount of territory held by diverse opposition elements. Syria appears stuck with the variegated... more »

No Good Evidence that Children Benefit from Screen Time

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 14 hours ago
None at all. And there never has been. From the TV screen to the iscreen there is no evidence of benefit from the idiot device. You know why that is? It’s quite simple-* We are not computers. We are not machines. Despite the lies of Richard Dawkins and others of his ilk.* *We are flesh & blood humans. Our cohorts- Our equals. Our kind are other humans*. *Not computers. Not digital information on a screen.* not an image that makes me happy*G & M* "Screen time of any kind is still not recommended for children under the age of two, a reaffirmation of a long standing rule of thumb for ... more »

Paris Will Reduce Temperatures By Only 0.17C–Lomborg

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 15 hours ago
By Paul Homewood Various claims have been made about the effect that the Paris Agreement would have on emissions and global temperatures. The most authoritative analysis came from Bjorn Lomborg in November 2015, just before the Paris Agreement was signed: http://www.lomborg.com/press-release-research-reveals-negligible-impact-of-paris-climate-promises Lomborg’s paper, it should be noted, was fully peer reviewed and published the Global […]

Corbyn, McDonnell & Abbott Voted to Allow ISIS Fighters to Return to Britain

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 15 hours ago
'On May 7, 2014 the Home Secretary Theresa May brought forward a bill to deprive those fighting with ISIS of their citizenship. The legislation would allow if… "the Secretary of State is satisfied that the deprivation is conducive to the public good because the person, while having that citizenship status, has conducted him or herself in a manner which is seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the United Kingdom… " them to be deprived of their citizenship, lose their passport and become stateless. Essentially exiling those fighting for ISIS.' Those that voted against th... more »

James Comey to be asked directly if Donald Trump attempted to interfere in Russia probe.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 15 hours ago
Courtesy of Reuters: *Former FBI Director James Comey will be grilled on whether President Donald Trump tried to get him to back off an investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, key U.S. senators said on Sunday ahead of Comey's testimony this week on Capitol Hill. * *Comey, who was leading the Federal Bureau of Investigation's probe into alleged Russian meddling in last year's U.S. presidential election, was fired by Trump last month, four years into his 10-year term. * *The move sparked accusations that Trump dismissed Comey to hinder that investiga... more »

HIGH DRAMA AHEAD: Thursday should be the all-time best!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 15 hours ago
*MONDAY, JUNE 5, 2017Part 1—Mike Morell's wet blanket:* Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay! This Thursday morning, on TV, we'll be treated to *very* high drama. James B. Comey—the newly resurgent Comey the God—will appear before the Senate intelligence committee, where he's expected to spill. (Dramatic headline from Over There: "Senators preview plans for James Comey hearing as suspense builds.") Why did Comey the God get fired? Did Donald J. Trump commit an obstruction of justice? Comey's words are expected to add to the drama we've been enjoying with respect to these points of concer... more »

London Mayor: 'This Sickening Act Has Nothing To Do With The Islam I Know'

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
*Sadiq Khan (Mayor Of London), Evening Standard*: *This sickening act has nothing to do with the Islam I know* *To murder innocent people, especially during Ramadan, is a rejection of the true values of my religion* As the Mayor of London, it’s difficult to adequately describe the grief and anger that we Londoners are feeling following the attack on our city on Saturday evening. Three sick and twisted individuals indiscriminately murdered innocent people as they enjoyed a night out in the heart of our great capital. The emergency services, as they always do, responded heroically ... more »

HEALTH CARE $$$$: Newspaper names three books we should read!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 15 hours ago
*SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 2017Epilogue—Not necessarily helpful:* On Thursday morning, May 25, the analysts woke us quite early. They held that day's New York Times in their youthful hands. They had a complaint about the paper's "Here to Help" feature. As always, the feature appeared on the Times' reimagined page A3. That morning, its presentation appeared beneath this heading: *Here to Help* *THREE BOOKS TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM* Sure enough! In the body of the feature, the Times provided capsule summaries of three new books we could read. The analysts were perplex... more »

MAJOR DRAMA AHEAD: Thursday should be the all-time best!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 15 hours ago
*MONDAY, JUNE 5, 2017Part 1—Mike Morell's wet blanket:* Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay! This Thursday morning, on TV, we'll be treated to *very* high drama. James B. Comey—the newly resurgent Comey the God—will appear before the Senate intelligence committee, where he's expected to spill. (Dramatic headline from Over There: "Senators preview plans for James Comey hearing as suspense builds.") Why did Comey the God get fired? Did Donald J. Trump commit an obstruction of justice? Comey's words are expected to add to the drama we've been enjoying with respect to these points of concer... more »

President Trump speaks at the Ford's Theater annual gala...

Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner - 15 hours ago
*and wait until you see Melania.* *Amazon Prime Early Access Patio, Lawn, and Garden Deals of the Day* *and* *Arts, Crafts, and Sewing*

Report: Israel Had A Plan To Use Nuclear Weapons During The Six Day War

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
Smoke rising from targets hit by Israeli artillery at the Suez Canal during the Six Day War. (Han Micha/Government Press Office) *New York Times*: *‘Last Secret’ of 1967 War: Israel’s Doomsday Plan for Nuclear Display* On the eve of the Arab-Israeli war, 50 years ago this week, Israeli officials raced to assemble an atomic device and developed a plan to detonate it atop a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula as a warning to Egyptian and other Arab forces, according to an interview with a key organizer of the effort that will be published Monday. The secret contingency plan, called a “... more »

Remembering The Six Day War 50 Years Ago

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
*DW: **The 1967 Six-Day War and its difficult legacy* *The Six-Day War began 50 years ago: Israel attacked three of its Arab neighbors, who had threatened to annihilate the Jewish state. Effects of Israel's victory are still felt in the region today. Tania Krämer, Jerusalem.* "It felt like an existential threat to Israel," Moshe Milo said about the time right before the war broke out. Milo was 23 years old at the time and a radio operator for an Israeli paratroopers unit. In the weeks leading up to the Six-Day War, Egypt's President Gamal Abdel Nasser had threatened to wipe Isr... more »

"Do we have a very biased BBC audience, do you think?"

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 15 hours ago
Here's a darkly amusing vignette from this week's *Have I Got News For You.* The BBC studio audience had just loudly applauded yet another anti-Tory joke when a thought popped into guest presenter Victoria Coren's head: *Victoria Coren*: Now I'm worried about the applause. Do we have a very biased BBC audience, do you think? *Ian Hislop*: It would be an outrage if we don't. *Victoria Coren*: I'm already worried that I've made too many jokes about Theresa May and not enough about Jeremy Corbyn. Mind you, you say a bad thing about Jeremy Corbyn, you get enough shit on the internet... more »

“Mind Numbing: Please Move The Deer Crossing Sign!”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 15 hours ago
*“Mind Numbing: Please Move The Deer Crossing Sign!”* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFCrJleggrI And she's serious... "We're so freakin' doomed!" - The Mogambo Guru

Economists for Hassett

Greg Mankiw at Greg Mankiw's Blog - 15 hours ago
An open letter supporting Kevin Hassett's nomination as CEA chair.

WATCH: This is Why People Distrust Police, Cops Arrest Teen For Asking Questions

Jack Burns at The Free Thought Project - 16 hours ago
[image: arrest]Michigan cops arrest a youth for riding a bicycle then arrest his friend when he questions why, and threatens to arrest others if they "run their mouth."

Nevada Disobeys the Feds, Passes Revolutionary Law to Grow Commercial Hemp

Rachel Blevins at The Free Thought Project - 16 hours ago
[image: hemp]Despite all commercial hemp production remaining banned under federal law, Nevada and others are revolting against this tyrannical prohibition.

Donald Trump is a clear winner in the Qatar/Saudi divide

Adam Garrie at The Duran - 16 hours ago
While America is publicly neutral, Donald Trump might be privately happy. The post Donald Trump is a clear winner in the Qatar/Saudi divide appeared first on The Duran.

CNN BUSTED using crisis actors to stage “Muslim outrage” in London after terror attacks (Video)

Alex Christoforou at The Duran - 16 hours ago
CNN caught staging fake news to show Muslim support after London Bridge attacks. The post CNN BUSTED using crisis actors to stage “Muslim outrage” in London after terror attacks (Video) appeared first on The Duran.

Paul Joseph Watson destroys globalists after London Bridge terror attacks (Video)

Alex Christoforou at The Duran - 16 hours ago
The truth about the London Bridge attack. The post Paul Joseph Watson destroys globalists after London Bridge terror attacks (Video) appeared first on The Duran.

Russia and America respond to the Qatar crisis

Adam Garrie at The Duran - 16 hours ago
Russia and the United States remain neutral as does Pakistan. The post Russia and America respond to the Qatar crisis appeared first on The Duran.

Why Are Conservatives Willing To Watch The Planet Destruct? Fear And Cash/Cash And Fear

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 16 hours ago
Over the weekend, *NY Times* reporters Coral Davenport and Eric Lipton traced a metamorphosis inside the upper echelons of the Republican Party. They looked at how GOP dogma went from dealing rationally with Climate Change to obstinate science denialism formerly only embraced by complete crackpots like House Science Committee chairman Lamar Smith of Texas. The are good reasons why the crazy far right fringe was the first part of the GOP to embrace Trump and Trumpism. Lamar Smith, in fact, was the very first Republican in Congress top contribute money to Trump's campaign. Start by... more »


Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog - 16 hours ago
Republicans control all three branches of government, but they don't seem to have any idea what to do with that power: After being the “party of no” during the Obama years, Republicans are trying to figure out what they want to achieve in this unexpected Trump era — beyond just rolling back what Obama did. “We are in an ugly era of people who do not understand what the legislative branch is even for,” said Andy Karsner, who served as assistant secretary of energy for efficiency and renewable energy in the George W. Bush administration.... The Trump administration and Republican lea... more »

Donald Trump; Paris Accord Withdrawal In the Hands of Next President

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 16 hours ago
*Donald Trump is as good a deceiver as Hillary Clinton would have ever been!* *I'm not sure why the crying Hillary supporters don't love him?- Other then heavy perception management application. * *How does the U.S. exit the agreement?- WaPo* *Leaving the Paris Agreement itself is an easy, but lengthy, task.* *The deal was specifically designed so that the U.S. could join without the need for congressional approval. On Aug. 29, 2016, President Barack Obama wrote a short letter, which was deposited at the United Nations, signaling that the United States would join the agreement.* *... more »


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 16 hours ago
*New Buckeye Institute Report: ESAs Would Meet Ohio’s Unique Educational Needs* On Wednesday, The Buckeye Institute released its latest report, Education Savings Accounts: Expanding Education Options for Ohio, by Greg R. Lawson and Lindsey Burke. This timely new research assesses the benefits of educational savings accounts (ESAs) and calls on Ohio policymakers to adopt this innovative tool, which gives parents the ability to pay for the education services that best meet their child’s individual needs, rather than being forced to use a one-size-fits-all model. “The ESA concept... more »

President Trump Wants His Travel Ban

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
People, the lawyers and the courts can call it whatever they want, but I am calling it what we need and what it is, a TRAVEL BAN! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 5, 2017 The Justice Dept. should have stayed with the original Travel Ban, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to S.C. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 5, 2017 The Justice Dept. should ask for an expedited hearing of the watered down Travel Ban before the Supreme Court - & seek much tougher version! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 5, 2017 In any event we are EXTRE... more »

Top Democrat On U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee: No Proof So Far Of Collusion Between Russia And Donald Trump’s Campaign

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
*Market Watch*: *Top Democrat says there’s smoke, but ‘no smoking gun’ yet in Russia probe* WASHINGTON — The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee said there was no proof so far of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign, as Congress geared up for a week of high drama highlighted by the testimony of former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey. “Listen, there’s a lot of smoke. We have no smoking gun at this point,” Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia said on CNN. “But there is a lot of smoke.” As congressional Republican leaders begin a push to pro... more »


JR at GREENIE WATCH - 16 hours ago
*Donald Trump's Paris climate pull-out puts him on a collision course with market forces (?)* *At last! Something more than abuse from the Left about Trump's Paris pullout. Given his assumptions, the author below is in fact being reasonable in what he predicts. His assumptions are however very questionable. He assumes that CO2 reduction will remain a worldwide goal and that a CO2 price will therefore be inevitable. He is an Australian writer so that is particularly blind on his part. A Leftist Australian Federal government did enact such a price a few... more »

Megyn Kelly's Interview With Russian President Putin

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 17 hours ago
*NBC: **Putin Interview: Did Russia Interfere in the Election, Collect Info on Trump?* Did the Russian government interfere in the U.S. election? Did Russian President Vladimir Putin collect damaging information on President Donald Trump? Putin provided his perspective in the exclusive inaugural episode of "Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly" after NBC News' Megyn Kelly posed both of those questions to the Russian president. *Read more* .... *WNU Editor:* Yawn.... *More News On Megyn Kelly's Interview With Russian President Putin* Putin dismisses US claims about Trump, Russia and el... more »

Fake News again (again)

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 17 hours ago
For those who missed it, yesterday evening's BBC One news special (no longer on the iPlayer) featured the same protest as the 'CNN fake news' one. I was watching it live when it happened. Here are a few screengrabs showing the sequence of events: Clive Myrie's live commentary ran as follows: I should say that in the last few seconds a group of people have turned up here at our location. They are holding up pictures, saying 'Isis will lose, love will win'. Showing their feelings. Clearly Muslims, showing their feelings and disgust at what happened last night. And some flower... more »

How Not to Build an Aircraft Carrier

Dan Grazier at The National Interest - 17 hours ago
*Dan Grazier* *Security, * The pricey history of USS 'Ford'. Pres. Donald Trump used the Navy’s next-generation aircraft carrier, USS Gerald R. Ford, as a backdrop to unveil his vision for the next defense budget in March 2017. The moment was meant to symbolize his commitment to rebuilding the military, but it also positioned the president in front of a monument to the Navy’s and defense industry’s ability to justify spending billions in taxypayer dollars on unproven technologies that often deliver worse performance at a higher cost. The Ford program also provides yet another e... more »

الجزائر توجه “صفعة قوية” للمغرب وتستقبل اللاجئين السوريين العالقين على الحدود

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 17 hours ago
أعلنت الجزائر، يوم الخميس الماضي، أنها قررت استقبال مجموعة اللاجئين السوريين العالقين منذ 17/04/2017 في منطقة فكيك الحدودية مع المغرب. وأوضح الناطق باسم وزارة الشؤون الخارجية الجزائرية، عبد العزيز بن علي الشريف، في تصريح لوكالة الأنباء الجزائرية الرسمية “واج” أنه “تم اليوم استقبال ممثل المحافظة السامية للاجئين التابعة للأمم المتحدة، حمدي بوخاري، بمقر وزارة الشؤون […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt cut ties with Qatar.

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 17 hours ago
Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt have cut diplomatic ties and all land sea and air contacts with Qatar, accusing the Persian Gulf country of supporting terrorism and interfering in their internal affairs. Riyadh took the lead on Monday to sever relations and other countries fell in line after an official source said the kingdom […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

ÖZEL: Katar ile Körfez ülkeleri arasındaki krizin arka planı

Firas Ali at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 17 hours ago
Uzun zamandır gergin temeller üzerine oturan Katar- Körfez ülkeleri ilişkilerinde Pandora kutusu sonunda açıldı. Süreci hızlandıran olay, ABD Başkanı Donald Trump’ın 20 Mayıs 2017 Tarihinde Suudi Arabistan’ı ziyaret edip uzun vadede 110 Milyar Dolar Değerinde silah anlaşması imzalaması ile başladı. Toplantı sadece Amerika için değil, bölgede gücünü etkin olarak göstermek isteyen Suudi Arabistan için de büyük önem […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Rusya: Katar’ın uluslararası terörizmi desteklediğini gösteren tüm bilgileri inceleyeceğiz

Eren Dalkesen at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 17 hours ago
Rusya Üst Düzey Savunma ve Güvenlik Komitesi Başkanı Viktor Ozerov, Sputnik’e verdiği demeçte; Rusya’nın, Körfez ülkeleri tarafından dillendirilen Katar’ın teröre sponsor olduğuna dair iddiaları yakından inceleyeceğini söyledi. Ozerov, konuşmanın devamında ”Elbette Mısır, Suudi Arabistan ve onlara katılan ülkelerin iddia ettiği gibi Katar’ın uluslararası terörizmi desteklediğini gösteren tüm bilgileri dikkatlice inceleyeceğiz ” dedi. Bugün; Bahreyn, Suudi […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Maldivler de Katar ile ilişkileri kestiğini duyurdu

Eren Dalkesen at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 17 hours ago
Sputnik’in son dakika haberine göre; Ortadoğu’daki birçok devletin ardından Maldiv Cumhuriyeti de Katar ile diplomatik ilişkileri kesti Bu sabah saatlerinde Bahreyn, Suudi Arabistan, Mısır, Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri ve Libya; Katar ile diplomatik ilişkileri kestiğini duyurmuştu. Bu duyuruların ardından Yemen’in Suudi Arabistan destekli sözde hükümeti de, Doha’nın Husilerle ile olan bağlantısından dolayı diplomatik ilişkileri kesmişti. Detaylar gelecek… Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Filistinli kaynaklar doğruladı: Katar, Hamas yöneticilerini sınır dışı etti

Eren Dalkesen at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 17 hours ago
Haaretz Ajansı’nda bugün yayınlanan habere göre; Filistinli kaynaklar, Hamas’ın bazı üst düzey yetkililerinin Katar’ı terk ettiklerini doğruladılar Katar’da bulunan üst düzey Hamas yetkililerinin; Batı Şeria ve Gazze Şeridi’ndeki Hamas temsilcileri ile iletişimde oldukları gerekçesiyle başkent Doha’dan ayrılmaları talep edildi. Bu gelişmenin ardından, Batı Şeria’daki terör hücrelerini denetleyen ordu komutanı Salih el Aruri ve tutuklu mübadele anlaşmasının bir parçası […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Arctic Sea Ice Update–May 2017

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 17 hours ago
By Paul Homewood http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/icecover.uk.php Arctic sea ice extent continues to run well above the level of the last two years. Much more significantly though, the average extent for the whole of May was the highest since 2013, and was also higher than 2004 and 2006. http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/icecover_30y.uk.php Despite the downward trend since […]

Democratic challenger to Iowa Congressman Steve King drops out in the face of death threats.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 17 hours ago
Courtesy of The Des Moines Register: *Kim Weaver is ending her campaign for Iowa's 4th Congressional District. * *In a Facebook post Saturday, Weaver, a Democrat, cited threats to her safety, financial security and her mother's ongoing health problems as reasons for her withdrawal. * *"Beginning during my 2016 campaign, I have received very alarming acts of intimidation, including death threats," Weaver said in the Facebook post. "While some may say enduring threats are just a part of running for office, my personal safety has increasingly become a concern." * *In an interview w... more »

Fake News again

sue at Is the BBC biased? - 17 hours ago
There is a certain amount of crossover between ITBB and Biased-BBC, and as you can see we were urged to cover the CNN Fake News story that Biased-BBC is featuring here. Pleased to oblige. Notorious bad-girl Katie Hopkins has raised the matter with the BBC, as allegedly the BBC aired a clip from the staged footage during one of their news bulletins. (I missed it and it’s unavailable on iPlayer.) Katie is keen to know who provided the props. The BBC is always jumping the gun - not checking the veracity of an item - when it suits the narrative (not so much when they’re oh so carefully ... more »

Deutsche Bank Has Still Not Provided Internal Reviews of 2011 Russian Money-Laundering Scheme; Whether Accounts Held By Trump and Family Members Had Ties to Russia, As Requested By US Congressional Members

miningawareness at Mining Awareness + - 17 hours ago
From US Congresswoman Waters: “Fed’s Action Against Deutsche Bank Proves Need for Increased Oversight Washington, May 31, 2017 Following the … Continue reading →

Trump-Kushner Lender Deutsche Bank Fined for Failing to Comply with Bank Secrecy Act Anti-Money Laundering Laws

miningawareness at Mining Awareness + - 17 hours ago
Deutsche Bank is still ignoring this: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2017/05/25/us-house-members-request-info-from-deutsche-bank-on-russia-money-laundering-scheme-and-trump-accounts/ “May 30, 2017 Federal Reserve Board announces $41 million penalty and consent cease … Continue reading →

Tuesday: Recommendations Against Dumping Nuclear Waste from Germany and US Commercial Nuclear Waste in South Carolina

miningawareness at Mining Awareness + - 17 hours ago
From Savannah River Site Watch: “Action Alert! On June 6, 2017, speak up at the Nuclear Material Committee of the … Continue reading →

Dangerous Cargo of Radioactive Trash Flying from Scotland to South Carolina

miningawareness at Mining Awareness + - 17 hours ago
Originally posted on nuclear-news: Toxic cargo of nuclear waste leaves Scotland for US under armed guard https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/toxic-cargo-of-nuclear-waste-leaves-for-us/ Jim Lawson, 04 June 2017 AN…

Where Global Terror Really Reigns and Who Is Responsible

A Political Junkie at Viable Opposition - 17 hours ago
As recent terrorist attacks in the West have shown us, the economically advanced nations of the world are still highly vulnerable to attacks by lone-wolf terrorists despite the fact that trillions of dollars have been spent on trying to prevent such attacks. While the loss of dozens of lives in attacks in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Russia, the United States and other nations is tragic, there are parts of the world where terrorist attacks take place on an even more regular basis that are more-or-less completely ignored by the mainstream media. Thanks to the Univer... more »

"How It Really Is"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 17 hours ago

"A Journey..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 17 hours ago
"Happiness is a journey, not a destination. For a long time it seemed to me that life was about to begin - real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles *were* my life. This perspective has helped me to see there is no way to happiness. Happiness *is* the way. So treasure every moment you have and remember that time waits for no one." - Souza

"Just Once..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 17 hours ago
"But because truly being here is so much; because everything here apparently needs us, this fleeting world, which in some strange way keeps calling to us. Us, the most fleeting of all. Once for each thing. Just once; no more. And we too, just once. And never again. But to have been this once, completely, even if only once: to have been at one with the earth, seems beyond undoing." - Rainer Maria Rilke

"The Denial of Death"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 17 hours ago
*"The Denial of Death"* by Ernest Becker “The idea of death, the fear of it, haunts the human animal like nothing else; it is a mainspring of human activity - designed largely to avoid the fatality of death, to overcome it by denying in some way that it is the final destiny of man... the irony of man's condition is that the deepest need is to be free of the anxiety of death and annihilation; but it is life itself which awakens it, and so we shrink from being fully alive. Yet, at the same time, as the Eastern sages also knew, man is a worm and food for worms. This is the paradox: he... more »


noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 17 hours ago
"I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals." - Sir Winston Churchill

“What If?”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 17 hours ago
*“What If?”* - Paul Craig Roberts “What If?” histories are a good read. They are entertaining, and they provoke thought and encourage the imagination. How different the world would be if different judgments, decisions, and circumstances had prevailed at history’s turning points. Certainly English history would have been different if King Harold’s soldiers had obeyed his order not to pursue the defeated fleeing Normans down the hill. This broke the impenetrable Saxon shield wall and exposed King Harold to Norman cavalry. Would there ever have been a Soviet Union if the Czar had sta... more »

Qatar crisis: It’s the oil stupid!

Adam Garrie at The Duran - 18 hours ago
Oil is up, but possibly not for long. The post Qatar crisis: It’s the oil stupid! appeared first on The Duran.

Great sign from the March for Truth.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 18 hours ago
Favorite Signs #MarchfForTruthChicago #MarchForTruth pic.twitter.com/mJ6fMBLubF — Josefa C (@onthewineroute) June 4, 2017 Okay how many anti-Trump protests, numbering in the thousands, have been held since the election? I keep losing count.

Uruguay: Aliens in Northern Uruguay After Blackout?

Inexplicata (IHU) at Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology - 19 hours ago
*Source: Planeta UFO and Seguridad UruguayDate: June 1, 2017* *Uruguay: Aliens in Northern Uruguay After Blackout?* Several lights were seen in the skies over Salto during the massive blackout that affected - and affects - a considerable part of northern Uruguay's territory, according to statements made by residents of Salto, Constitución, Belén, and part of Bella Unión as well as Paysandú. Strange lights were seen forming the shape of a triangle, holding their position for far longer than a helicopter or aircraft would, adding to this the fact that the lights were considerably b... more »

Argentina: A New Cattle Mutilation in Concordia

Inexplicata (IHU) at Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology - 19 hours ago
*Source: Planeta UFO and VISION OVNI and EL ONCEDate: 06.01.2017* *Argentina: A New Cattle Mutilation in Concordia* *By Andrea Perez Simondini with thanks to Sebastian Balbi* El Once.com learned that a cattleman found one of his cows dead and showing signs of a mysterious mutilation. The animal displayed unusual incisions and some parts of the body were missing. The event caused amazement among the residents of Colonia Los Sauces, Department of Concordia. The cows displayed perfect, cauterized incisions on their heads and bodies, with their tongue and salivary glands extracted alo... more »

Fighting Windmills in California

Age of Autism at AGE OF AUTISM - 19 hours ago
Reprinted with permission. By Edward F. Yazbak, MD The story of Don Quixote charging windmills under the delusion that they were giants is well-known. Just as memorable were the melody and lyrics of “The Impossible Dream”. In the early 1990’s,...

Scrap The Act

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 19 hours ago
By Paul Homewood President Trump’s decision to exit the Paris Agreement has brought to a head the arguments surrounding Britain’s Climate Change Act. The UK is the only country in the world to commit itself by law to large cuts in emissions of GHGs. The Climate Change Act calls for a cut in […]

CONFIRMED: Arab countries break ties with Qatar

Adam Garrie at The Duran - 19 hours ago
In spite of what Saudi says, the real reason for isolating Qatar is its attempted rapprochement with Iran. The post CONFIRMED: Arab countries break ties with Qatar appeared first on The Duran.

Two in 100 clinical trials in eight major journals likely contain inaccurate data: Study

Ivan Oransky at Retraction Watch - 19 hours ago
A sweeping analysis of more than 5,000 papers in eight leading medical journals has found compelling evidence of suspect data in roughly 2% of randomized controlled clinical trials in those journals. Although the analysis, by John Carlisle, an anesthetist in the United Kingdom, could not determine whether the concerning data were tainted by misconduct or […] The post Two in 100 clinical trials in eight major journals likely contain inaccurate data: Study appeared first on Retraction Watch.

"Truth And Lies..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 20 hours ago
*"Truth And Lies..."* “There is a contagious epidemic of lies spreading all over the world, and it starts with rot at the highest levels of government. We are drowning in a cesspool of lies. All you have to do is open your eyes and ears. The litany of lies is everywhere. Even those who are doing everything possible to lead lives of radical honesty will slip and catch themselves in a lie. Maybe it’s a “little white lie” or something that is euphemistically called an “error of omission” or a “slip of the tongue.” Nonetheless, a lie is a lie. Why do people lie? Because they can.” - ... more »

"The Legend Of The Dreamcatcher"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 20 hours ago
*"The Legend Of The Dreamcatcher"* “Long ago when the world was young an old Lakota spiritual leader was on a high mountain and had a vision. In this vision, Iktomi, the great trickster and teacher of wisdom, appeared in the form of a spider. Iktomi the spider picked up the elder's willow hoop which had feathers, horsehair, beads and offerings on it, and began to spin a web. He spoke to the elder about the cycles of life; how we begin our lives as infants, move on through childhood and onto adulthood. Finally, we go to the old age where we must be taken care of as infants, completi... more »

"The Real Tragedy Of Life..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 20 hours ago
"Well, the tragedy is over. The failure is complete. I turn my head and go away. I took my share in this fight for the impossible." - Albert Camus

"Summer Storm Keeps Building as Second Dip of Great Recession Approaches"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 20 hours ago
*"Summer Storm Keeps Building as * *Second Dip of Great Recession Approaches"* by David Haggith "These updates to my list of “Seven Troubles Assailing the US Economy” are far too important to remain buried at the end of that article since many readers may not return to the article to check for updates. The summer economic crisis I’ve been predicting is building even more rapidly than when I reported a week ago. It’s almost here: Total household debt now exceeds the peak it hit just before the economic collapse into the Great Recession. While the number of households is also up, wag... more »

Do you trust Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Dianne Abbott to be tough on Islamist terrorism?

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 20 hours ago
Apparently Jeremy Corbyn will 'take whatever action is necessary' to protect the public. This is odd as he's on record as opposing shoot to kill as recently as last November, I posted the video of this yesterday. In fact Jeremy Corbyn has spend his political life voting against anti-terrorist legislation. Oddly just four days ahead of an election, he now suggests he supports it. Do you believe him? Has any BBC journalist asked why he's changed his mind? As for Diane Abbott, shouldn't the Shadow Home Secretary be explaining where she stands on such issues? Surely the woman who wa... more »

Be Afraid: The New World Order's Fascist Pedigree

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
What triggered me locating this item was my reading a diary of the aide de camp to hitler for the Army from 1938 through 1943. I came to understand that a central rallying cry of Hilter was his New Order as a descriptive for fascism. He did not sell Fascism, he sold a New Order and obviously he meant New World Order in his thinking. These same SOB's are in fact the sponsors of the present outrageous global carbon tax and of the whole New World Order concept. It is no more than Nazism light and why it looks so much like Communism. These are almost certainly the same creeps who ... more »

Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
The problem with this is that the solution has to be geological and i do not think anyone knows how to do this in permafrost country. All cement is actually porous to water and sealants do biodegrade. So your options are poor. The best solution is a natural cave with good natural drainage having a proven track record of staying dry. It likely does not exist in this environment. What they are rally discovering is how annoying permafrost happens to be. It is better to accept low level heating and maintenance while access is desired. When it is abandoned, it will naturally se... more »

What happened to the radiation that was supposed to last thousands of years in Hiroshima (1945)?

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
As this item makes rather clear, radiation is not nearly the threat assumed so long as it takes its natural form. Concentration is our enemy. Thus nature will work at diluting and removing any available material and dumping it in the ocean happens to be a sensible thing to do in most cases. Our difficulty comes from our ability to detect even very low safe levels easily. Then the press gets excited without making any case for the reality of the risk. . *What happened to the radiation that was supposed to last thousands of years in Hiroshima (1945)?* *C Stuart Hardwick, works ... more »

Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 7 - Sacred Registers Pt 7 - drug induced passages.

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
This item separately describes drug induced passages similar to Near Death Experience. A fairly good one as well although some aspects are not seen in recent work, or if seen are interpreted differently. What is important is that this was extensively known in what appears to be texts supporting Egyptian spirituality. This to us remains mostly lost knowledge and add out recent criminalization of most of this, we have a very poor understanding of what is possible and safe. *CHAPTER SEVEN * *THE SACRED REGISTERS - PART 7 * *This is the manner whereby the Aspiring Ones of Earth m... more »

It's time for the 5th annual Paul Revere Awards...

Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner - 20 hours ago
brought to us by the lovely Curmudgeon of Political Clown Parade - and we thank her. Exactly what is the Paul Revere Award? Curmudgeon: In 2013 I decided to honor bloggers whose work was filled “with the breathings of their heart.” I refer to the bloggers whose sites are small in comparison to the “corporate” blogs that have an army of writers, resources and capital. These are the good people who feed our soul—who make us laugh about ourselves or life—and restore our buoyancy in a troubled world. They champion freedom of expression. I chose Paul Revere as the icon for the awa... more »

Anglo-American Axis of Insanity

LL at Virtual Mirage - 20 hours ago
‘Either you think, or else others have to think for you and take power from you, pervert and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you.’ (F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night) ...and most university students think that they are thinking when they are only rearranging their prejudices. It makes for an uncertain future. University students are encouraging politicians to invite many more Mohammedans into the US. How did that work out for the UK? *England* The British love of Islamic people, their tolerance for Islamic ghettos to be established in some cities wher... more »

Environment Day is Everyday: Inspirational Short Movies With Powerful Message

White Wolf at White Wolf - 20 hours ago
World Environment Day is celebrated every year to remind us of how important it is to take care of and walk gently upon our Mother Earth. It has become very apparent that we must act now to implement plans to make World Environment Day an "Every Day" event. Our Earth has become very damaged and we as humans are the ones who are responsible. It is now critical that we make the changes to save our Earth - there are no more tomorrows left. The more science reveals about the natural world, the more we learn what many indigenous peoples have long known: that everything is interconnected... more »

Acusan a EEUU de usar fósforo blanco en Mosul

Alvaro A. at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 21 hours ago
La así llamada Coalición liderada por Estados Unidos ha sido acusada de lanzar fósforo blanco sobre los edificios de la ciudad de Mosul, usando un arma prohibida por la legislación internacional. Las fotografías de la agencia AFP apuntan a un posible uso de este arma. Amaq, el aparato mediático del grupo terrorista ISIS, también se […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Sirijska vojska zaplijenila je veliku količinu oružja od džihadskih pobunjenika u ruralnom Damasku

Tiso Cvetković at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 21 hours ago
BEJRUT, LIBANON (7:00) – Sirijska Arapska Armija (SAA) je uspješno zaustavila dobavu velike količine oružja militanata koji pripadaju frakciji Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (Sirijski ogranak Al-Kaide), poručuje vojni generalštab. Kao što doznajemo od vojnog dopisnika, Sirijska Arapska Armija zarobila je pripadnike grupe Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham koji su pokušali krijumčariti oružje iz južnog dijela Damaska u region Istočne Ghoute. […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Philippine President Duterte gets Muslim rebels to join fight against IS

Henri Feyerabend at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 21 hours ago
BEIRUT LEBANON (10:01 A.M.) – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte got a Muslim rebel group in the Philippines to join arms with the military in the struggle against the Islamic State (IS) and invited others to also accede to the Armed Force of the Philippines. Duterte made a statement about his readiness to join forces against […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Hezbollah denounces London Bridge terrorist attacks

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 21 hours ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:00 A.M.) – Hezbollah’s political wing issued a statement on Sunday denouncing the terrorist attacks that occurred at the London Bridge on Saturday night. “This new crime is one in a series of terrible atrocities perpetrated by the same groups against our cities, countries and nations, and every day hundreds of victims and […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Deir Ezzor update: Syrian Army in trouble as ISIL advances in Panorama area

Leith Fadel at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 21 hours ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:00 A.M.) – The Islamic State (ISIL) launched a another powerful offensive in the Deir Ezzor Governorate last night that targeted the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) positions around the Panorama area located west of the provincial capital. ISIL began the assault by storming the Syrian Arab Army’s defenses at the Panorama School; this […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Syrian Army seizes large cache of weapons from jihadist rebels in rural Damascus

Leith Fadel at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 21 hours ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:00 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) foiled a large weapons transfer by militants loyal to Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham, Sunday, the military’s high command reported. According to a military communique, the Syrian Arab Army busted members of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham that were attempting to smuggle weapons from southern Damascus to the East […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

ISIL claims responsibility for London Bridge terrorist attacks

Leith Fadel at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 21 hours ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:40 A.M.) – The Islamic State’s official media wing has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks at the London Bridge that killed at least seven civilians on Saturday night. According to eyewitness accounts, a white van veered off the main road at the London Bridge and struck several bystanders before three men armed […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

5 Million Views For Notalot

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 21 hours ago
It seemed a bit inappropriate to run this yesterday, but Not A Lot Of People Know That has now reached a new milestone with 5 million hits. Thank you for all who have read and commented over the years. At last, I believe we are beginning to make real progress.

Jeremy Corbyn opposes 'shoot to kill' policy per BBC News

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 22 hours ago
From November 2016 'Jeremy Corbyn opposes 'shoot to kill' policy The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said in an interview with BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg he is "not happy" with the shoot-to-kill policy in the event of a terror attack in the UK. Asked if he was prime minister whether he would be happy to order police or military to shoot to kill if there was a terror attack on Britain's streets Mr Corbyn told the BBC he was "not happy with the shoot-to-kill policy in general" and "the idea you end up with a war on the streets is not a good thing... I think that is quite... more »

Four countries cut links with Qatar

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 22 hours ago
'Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing it of destabilising the region. They say Qatar backs terrorist groups including Islamic State (IS). The Saudi state news agency SPA said Riyadh had closed its borders, severing land, sea and air contact with Qatar and largely isolating it.It cited officials as saying it was to "protect its national security from the dangers of terrorism and extremism".' More here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-40155829 Remember Qatar is where the 2022 football World Cup is due to t... more »

Hacked UAE Ambassador's Emails Is Straining Gulf Ties

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
*The Intercept:* *Hacked Emails Show Top UAE Diplomat Coordinating With Pro-Israel Think Tank Against Iran* THE EMAIL ACCOUNT of one of Washington’s most connected and influential foreign operatives has been hacked. A small tranche of those emails was sent this week to media outlets, including The Intercept, HuffPost and The Daily Beast, with the hacker promising to release a trove publicly. The hotmail account belongs to the UAE’s ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al-Otaiba, and The Intercept can confirm it is the one he used for most Washington business. HuffPost confirmed... more »

Tweet For Today

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
AFP Graphic on the major attacks in Britain since 2005 pic.twitter.com/OPIOzYkHZA — AFP news agency (@AFP) June 5, 2017

Bilderberg Breakdown 2017

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Published on Jun 3, 2017 Rob Dew and Michael Zimmerman discuss the details of the infamous, ultra-secret meeting of elites who call their club Bilderberg. end

Israeli Soldier’s Explosive Tell-All: “Palestinians are Right to Resist”

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Published on Mar 20, 2017 In a rare, candid conversation, Abby Martin interviews a former Israeli Army combat soldier who served as an occupier in Palestine’s Hebron City. Eran Efrati spent years as a sergeant and combat soldier in the Israeli military, but has since become an outspoken critic of the occupation of Palestine and […]

Full Disclosure, The Coming Deception & Alien Abductions w/LA Marzulli & Anthony Patch (Part 2)

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Published on Jun 3, 2017 L.A. Marzulli joins Anthony Patch on The Anthony Patch show for a fascinating discussion that covers topics including full disclosure of alien life, a coming deception, alien abductions & so much more! – 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 (New King James Version) 9 The coming of the lawless one is according to […]

CERN At Bilderberg, Entangled & Ancient Aliens with Anthony Patch (Part 1)

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
“Aliens” = Fallen Angels and the Nephilim Published on Jun 3, 2017 Part one of a two part broadcast this week & Tony gets into CERN attending Bilderberg & what he thinks it means. Then Tony & Kev get into the new E-Magazine called “Entangled” before getting into a conversation on ancient aliens and the […]

Clif High: Crypto Currencies Break Loose, then Gold & Silver

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Crypto Currencies Show Global Reset Underway – Clif High by Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release) Internet data mining expert Clif High has just finished an in-depth dive on crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. High uses what he calls “predictive linguistics” to spot trends and make predictions for future events. With the latest price spikes in […]

‘What Did the Prime Minister Know?’ – John Pilger on Terror in Britain

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Published on Jun 4, 2017 ‘Going Underground’ speaks to legendary filmmaker and journalist, John Pilger about MI6’s connection to the Libya-Manchester atrocity ahead of tomorrow’s Arianna Grande’s benefit gig for those affected by the Manchester attack. end

Gingrich: ‘The Deep State Exists’

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Gingrich: ‘The Deep State Exists’ by MARK HENSCH, http://thehill.com/, 14 March 2017 Former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) says there is a “deep state” of entrenched federal government employees undermining President Trump. – “Of course, the deep state exists,” Gingrich told the Associated Press on Tuesday. “There’s a permanent state of massive bureaucracies that do whatever they want and set […]

93% Of All Jobs “Created” Since 2008 Were Added Through The Birth/Death Model

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
93% Of All Jobs “Created” Since 2008 Were Added Through The Birth/Death Model by Tyler Durden, http://www.zerohedge.com According to the prevailing narrative, job growth in the US, where GDP over the past decade has been on par with that in the 1930s, is one of the otherwise brighter economic indicators in a time when much […]

British Prime Minister May Calls For The Regulation Of The Internet In Response To Ssaturday's Terror Attack In London

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*CNN: Theresa May*: *Internet must be regulated to prevent terrorism* Prime Minister Theresa May has called for closer regulation of the internet following a deadly terror attack in London. At least seven people were killed in a short but violent assault that unfolded late Saturday night in the heart of the capital, the third such attack to hit Britain this year. May said on Sunday that a new approach to tackling extremism is required, including changes that would deny terrorists and extremist sympathizers digital tools used to communicate and plan attacks. *Read more* .... *WNU... more »

Picture Of The Day

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*(Click on Image to Enlarge)* Workers install a newly repaired engine into a tank. © SPUTNIK/ MIKHAIL VOSKRESENSKY *WNU Editor*: The above picture is from this photo gallery .... *Help From the Home Front: A Damascus Factory Where Tanks Get a New Lease on Life* (Sputnik).

(Goodbye No Angel Gregg)  Democratic Party Elites Don't Have Ideals (Republicans Do - Very Bad (Criminal) Ones)  Real History of First Black President?  (BLS BS)  Social Security Always In Black  (Rule-Breaking Trumped?)  Never a Left-Wing Alternative?  (Known Con Man Leads Polls)  US World Domination End Seen?  (Necessity of Cover Stories)  JFK at 100 Tremors  (False Flags Bragging Material?)   Terrorism & Dot-Com Bubble 2.0

Did someone forget to pay the Saudis their bribe on time? I've said early and often that Obama always seemed more like someone who was chosen than someone who made the hard choices. Paul Street fills us in on the real history of our first black president. “In Chicago…we’ve gotten a foretaste of the new breed of foundation-hatched black communitarian voices; one of them, a smooth Harvard

X22 Report, “It Is All Coming To An End, The Elite Are Terrified”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
X22 Report, “It Is All Coming To An End, The Elite Are Terrified” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCWmqcfwXsA

Musical Interlude: David Schombert, "A Space Journey"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
David Schombert, "A Space Journey" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Un5SEJ8MyPc&feature=related

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
“Drifting through the one-horned constellation Monoceros, these dusty streamers and new born stars are part of the active Monoceros R2 star-forming region, embedded in a giant molecular cloud. The cosmic scene was recorded by the VISTA survey telescope in near-infrared light. Visible light images show dusty NGC 2170, seen here just right of center, as a complex of bluish reflection nebulae. *Click image for larger size.* But this penetrating near-infrared view reveals telltale signs of ongoing star formation and massive young stars otherwise hidden by the dust. Energetic winds and r... more »

"Half The Harm..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
"Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don't mean to do harm. But the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it. Because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves." - T. S. Eliot

The Poet: Joy Harjo, "A Map to the Next World"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
*"A Map to the Next World"* "In the last days of the fourth world I wished to make a map for those who would climb through the hole in the sky. My only tools were the desires of humans as they emerged from the killing fields, from the bedrooms and the kitchens. For the soul is a wanderer with many hands and feet. The map must be of sand and can't be read by ordinary light. It must carry fire to the next tribal town, for renewal of spirit. In the legend are instructions on the language of the land, how it was we forgot to acknowledge the gift, as if we were not in it or of it. Take note... more »

The Daily "Near You?"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina Thanks for stopping by!

Making flexible electronics with nanowire networks

Peter Byrley, Ph.D. Candidate in Chemical Engineering, University of California, Riverside at Science + Technology – The Conversation - 1 day ago
Your smartphone can't do this – yet. Peter Sobolev via shutterstock.com A smartphone touchscreen is an impressive piece of technology. It displays information and responds to a user’s touch. But as many people know, it’s easy to break key elements of the transparent, electrically conductive layers that make up even the sturdiest rigid touchscreen. If flexible smartphones, e-paper and a new generation of smart watches are to succeed, they can’t use existing touchscreen technology. We’ll need to invent something new – something flexible and durable, in addition to being clear, lightw... more »

Working memory: How you keep things 'in mind' over the short term

Alex Burmester, Research Associate in Perception and Memory, New York University at Science + Technology – The Conversation1 day ago
It's a crucial cog in the your ability to perform a variety of mental tasks. Lightspring via Shutterstock.com. When you need to remember a phone number, a shopping list or a set of instructions, you rely on what psychologists and neuroscientists refer to as working memory. It’s the ability to hold and manipulate information in mind, over brief intervals. It’s for things that are important to you in the present moment, but not 20 years from now. Researchers believe working memory is central to the functioning of the mind. It correlates with many more general abilities and outcomes – ... more »

Syrian Army advances from eastern Palmyra towards Deir Ezzor: video

Leith Fadel at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 1 day ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:50 A.M.) – Forces of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued to advance from eastern Palmyra as part of a broader operation against the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) to reach the embattled city of Deir ez-Zor. The SAA reportedly captured several hilltops along the Palmyra – Deir ez-Zor Highway, less than […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Turkish PM says Raqqa operation has begun

(AFP) The battle to capture the ISIL group’s Syrian bastion Raqqa started two days ago, Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said, according to the state-run news agency Anadolu Sunday. Yildirim appeared to contradict comments Saturday from the Kurdish-Arab alliance battling the militants that the push into the northern Syrian city would “begin in a few […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Disaster Branding: The Importance of Naming-- Guest Post By George Lakoff

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
Donald Trump knows the power of branding and actually make huge profits by selling the use of his name. But the power of naming and branding can be a double-edged sword: when a president creates and perpetuates real human disasters, we can truthfully attach his name to them and allow well-earned disaster branding to spread naturally. Mr. Trump uses the word "disaster" metaphorically for policies and practices he doesn’t like. But there are real, literal disasters in the world: huge fires, devastating, floods, deadly storms, major droughts-- disasters caused systemically by the hea... more »

NCORE a Logical Place to Advance Conversations About Race

Jamal Watson at Diverse - 1 day ago
If anyone was ever under the illusion that the election of Barack Obama had somehow signaled that the nation had become post-racial, the recent spate of racist incidents should convince us otherwise

Taylor Leaving Thurgood Marshall College Fund

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., is stepping down after seven years as president and CEO of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, the venerable national representative of publicly-supported historically Black colleges and universities.

Barbara Smith Conrad’s Voice Would Not Be Silenced

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
A series of unexpected events eventually earned Barbara Smith Conrad a place in history with Marian Anderson and other women who became opera legends.

Higher Ed Must Take Initiative to Reduce Carbon Footprint

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
After Thursday’s announcement that the U.S. is pulling out of the Paris Accord on climate change, it’s unclear who is suffering the most from gassy, hot air — the world, or Donald Trump.

P-TECH Ready to Put Partnerships to Test

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
P-TECH in Brooklyn has spawned the creation of dozens of similar schools throughout the nation — from Chicago to Norwalk, Conn. — that seek to capitalize on a three-way partnership between the public K-12 system, higher education and business.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE And Bahrain Have Cut All Diplomatic Ties With Qatar. They Are Accusing Qatar Of 'Working With Militias, Supporting Qaeda & ISIS'

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Bloomberg: **Saudi-led Alliance Cuts Qatar Ties as Gulf Crisis Escalates* Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, escalating a crisis that started over Qatar’s relationship with Iran and its support of the Muslim Brotherhood. The three countries said they will suspend air and sea travel to and from Qatar. Saudi Arabia said it will shut land crossings with its neighbor, according to the official Saudi Press Agency. Bahrain has given Qatari diplomats 48 hours to leave. *Read more *.... *WNU Editor*: I know that Qatar was having problems with its Arab neighb... more »

The World According to Trump

Robert Reich - 1 day ago
To Donald Trump, the world is made up of only two sorts of people, or nations: strong winners whom... more »

Who Were The London Attackers? British Police Are Not Disclosing Their Identities

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
Police forensic investigators work outside Borough Market after an attack left 7 people dead and dozens injured in London, Britain, June 4, 2017. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls *Reuters*: *British police will name London Bridge attackers when "operationally possible"* British police said on Sunday they would release the names of the three men who killed seven people in London "as soon as operationally possible", adding that searches were continuing in four properties. The men rammed a van into pedestrians and stabbed revelers on Saturday night before being shot by police. Twelve people we... more »

Mountain Dew to Be Discontinued?

Dan Evon at Snopes.com - 1 day ago
Reports that Pepsico will be discontinuing production and sale of their Mountain Dew soft drink originated with a prank news site.

Paris, Meet New Hampshire

Ron Clutz at Science Matters - 1 day ago
New Hampshire is famous for people who are direct, to the point and tolerate no BS. Thus, I was not surprised to see this editorial printed in the Union Leader, one of the state’s leading newspapers based in Manchester, largest city in NH. Paris freak-out: Hysteria over do-nothing deal The Paris Climate Agreement signed last […]

What's hidden behind the walls of America's prisons

Heather Ann Thompson, Professor of History and Afroamerican and African Studies, University of Michigan at Politics + Society – The Conversation - 1 day ago
Inmates at the California Institution for Men state prison in Chino, California in 2011. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson Few Americans fully appreciate just how many of their fellow citizens are ensnared in the criminal justice system. Some may have heard that there are about 2.3 million people behind bars, but that figure tells only part of the story. Yes, in a stunning array of 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 901 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,163 local jails and 76 Indian Country jails, as well as in military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment ce... more »

X22 Report, “When Central Bankers Tell You There Is No Need To Panic, It's Time To Take Action”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
X22 Report, “When Central Bankers Tell You There Is No Need To Panic, It's Time To Take Action” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBfViYGLqb4

Canada's Newest Frigates And Destroyers My Cost Up To $4.10 Billion (CAD) or $3.04 (USD) Per Ship

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
Feb 2006 HMCS Athabaskan. Photo of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 1. The ship carries a crew of some 300 all ranks including a flight crew (2 Sea King helicopters) and maintenance technicians Photo Credit: MCpl Charles Barber, Staff Photographer SNMG1 (NATO) *David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen:* *Cost of Canadian Surface Combatant put at more than $61 billion – PBO study* Canada’s new fleet of warships will cost almost $62 billion, according to a new study by the Parliamentary Budget Officer. The original budget for the CSC program was $26.2 billion, or $1.7 billion per ship for 15... more »

The U.S. Navy Has the Best Submarines in the World (Largely Thanks to a Terrible Tragedy)

Kyle Mizokami at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Kyle Mizokami* *Security, * The Thresher tragedy is a big reason why. *The creation of SUBSAFE lead directly to tougher—and safer—submarines. (Another U.S. Navy submarine, Scorpion, was lost in 1968 but there is no conclusive explanation for the sinking.) In 2005, the USS San Francisco collided with a seamount at maximum speed—an estimated thirty miles an hour at a depth of 525 feet. SUBSAFE’s careful watch over submarine design and manufacture is credited with ensuring the San Francisco not only failed to sink, but that only one sailor died and the ship could even make it bac... more »

This Russian Submarine Could Out Dive Any U.S. Sub Today (And Its Retired)

Robert Farley at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Robert Farley* *Security, * The Alfa class was more of a hot rod than as submarine. *The USSR paid dearly for this performance. Nicknamed “golden fish,” the Alfas strained even the massive Soviet submarine building budget. Moreover, they generally proved unreliable in service, requiring expensive and complex maintenance. Soviet ports often lacked the training and equipment necessary to keep the Lyras in working condition. In contrast to most of its other Cold War submarine projects, the USSR built only seven Lyras, one of which was more a prototype than a usable weapon. This fi... more »

Why America's Last Battleships Might Have Been the Best Ever

Robert Farley at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Robert Farley* *Security, * Warships like no other. *Various proposals were floated for reactivating the Iowas over the next twenty-five years. New Jersey returned to service in 1968 to bombard North Vietnam, but was soon sent back to mothballs. Some proposals in the late 1970s envisioned the replacement of the aft turret with a flight deck capable of operating helicopters and V/STOL aircraft, but these were rejected because of high cost. At the beginning of the Reagan administration, however, funds began to flow more freely, and plans were hatched to reactivate the four remai... more »

America May Have Ditched TPP, But It Hasn't Ditched Asia

Anthony Fensom at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Anthony Fensom* *Economics, Asia* [image: Container ship. Flickr/U.S. Department of Agriculture] The Asia-Pacific region is refusing to let the pact die, even leaving the door open for a change of heart by Washington. President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal was thought to have killed the Asia-Pacific trade pact. But the region is refusing to let the pact die, even leaving the door open for a change of heart by Washington, while an alternative pact pushed by China builds momentum. Trump’s January 23 executive order to withdraw t... more »

Keeping ISIS On the Retreat in Iraq Will Depend on Health Care

Omar Mukhlis at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Omar Mukhlis* *Society, Middle East* [image: Local boys observing cityscape of Qayyarah on fire, Mosul District, Iraq. Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons/Mstyslav Chernov] A broken health system sets the stage for the next terrorist organization to rise up as a challenger to the integrity of Iraq. The Trump administration is stressing that America is out of the nation-building enterprise as it crafts its policy toward the Middle East. However, as the Islamic State is territorially defeated within Iraq, the future stability of the country rests on how effectively the Iraqi gover... more »

What Do China's Military Strategists Think of the Battle of Midway?

Lyle J. Goldstein at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Lyle J. Goldstein* *Security, Asia* [image: Aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson transits the East China Sea. Flickr/U.S. Navy] China likely recognizes that once wars are started with America, even when militarily successful, they may be extremely difficult to end. Late springtime is a fitting time to contemplate the origins of U.S. maritime supremacy. Over the course of about twenty-four hours in June 1942, U.S. naval aviators turned the whole course of history by putting the Imperial Japanese Navy’s four premier flattops on the bottom. This victory can be attributed in roughly eq... more »

Trump's Military-First Posture May Cost the World Its Denuclearization Dreams

Tom Le at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Tom Le* *Security, Americas* [image: B-1 Lancer at Ellsworth Air Force Base. Wikimedia Commons/U.S. Air Force] Trump’s solution to an increasingly insecure world is to double down on militarism and nuclear weapons. It won’t work. On this day one year ago, then president Barack Obama made a historic visit to Hiroshima to push for a nuclear-free world and remind us that we can “choose a future in which Hiroshima and Nagasaki are known not as the dawn of atomic warfare but as the start of our own moral awakening.” At the time, there was thoughtful discussion about the merits of nuc... more »

How Long Will The U.S. Navy Rule The Oceans?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Tobin Harshaw, Bloomberg:* *America Rules the Waves. But for How Long?* *A Q-and-A with Admiral James Stavridis about China's fake islands, India's real rise and sea power in the 21st century.* China builds fake islands in the South China Sea. Russia fires missiles into Syria from the Mediterranean and Caspian Seas. North Korea launches ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan. The U.S. orders three -- three! -- aircraft carrier strike groups to the Western Pacific in response. Houthi rebels shoot rockets at U.S. ships off Yemen. Pacific nations go on a submarine-buying binge. Ind... more »

BYU Professor Denied Spot in GOP Race for Chaffetz Seat

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
SALT LAKE CITY — A judge has denied a Brigham Young University professor’s emergency request to be allowed to run in a packed Republican field to replace outgoing Rep. Jason Chaffetz. Chia-Chi Teng is teaching in China this summer. He tried to file to run in a special election via video conference before last week’s […]

ACT Will Release Scores from Wrong Tests in Ohio

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
COLUMBUS, Ohio — More than 1,000 high school students in Ohio whose ACT college-entrance exams were invalidated by the tests’ provider will receive their scores after all. ACT said Friday the tests will be scored and released and “deeply regrets” any inconvenience caused by the situation. The state Department of Education had urged ACT to […]

Chicago State University Spent $700K for Shelved Campus

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
CHICAGO — A report shows that Chicago State University has spent $700,000 on a satellite campus on the city’s West Side that has been put on hold. The university has been hit hard by the budget impasse as well as declining enrollment and management troubles, The Chicago Tribune reported. University officials began pursuing a second […]

Penn State Making Changes to Greek System After Pledge Death

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Penn State is making changes to its Greek system, including taking control of the previously self-governing fraternities and sororities, following the February death of a pledge. The university’s board of trustees approved a set of changes during a meeting Friday. Earlier this week, the parents of 19-year-old Timothy Piazza released a […]

First Female and First Black President to Lead St. Petersburg College

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
PETERSBURG, Fla. — A 30-year employee of St. Petersburg College rode an overwhelming tide of public support to be named the school’s first female and first black president. The Tampa Bay Times reports that 53-year-old Tonjua Williams was named recently as the school’s new leader. Williams will take the reins amid faculty discontent and financial […]

University of Wisconsin Sees More International Student Interest

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
MADISON, Wis. — University of Wisconsin-Madison is receiving more applications from international students as nearly 40 percent of colleges across the country report receiving fewer such applications. Campus officials told the Wisconsin State Journal the university received about 900 more applications to join its fall 2017 freshman class from overseas, an increase of 14 percent […]

Bannon Threw Kushner-in-Law Into The Shark Tank... And Laughed

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
Anyone who doesn't understand that the hand behind troubles Kushner-in-law is suffering lately is Steve Bannon's probably has an attention span as short as Señor Trumpanzee's. The two have been in a vicious turf war from day one and Bannon's allies made it clear the last time The Kush scored a point against Darth Bannon that he was about to see his world cave in on him. Joe Scarborough remembers-- and his remembrances have been further reinforced by some inside info since then. This weekend the *Daily Mail* even published a piece about it-- a piece disseminated here by Kushner-in-... more »

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