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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

22 June - am - Blogs I'm Following 2 of 2

1:41 am MDT

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson Testifies On Russian Interference In 2016 Election

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
*CNN:** Jeh Johnson hearing: House Russia probe digs into DNC cyberfailings, voter roll hacks* (CNN)The House Russia investigation hearing Wednesday into Russia's efforts to hack state voting systems quickly turned into a grueling examination of the Democratic Party's extensive failings during the election, as Republicans and Democrats grilled former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican, pressed Johnson on why the Democratic National Committee rejected the Department of Homeland Security's efforts to help after Russians hacked them. "It... more »

White House Will Make An Announcement This Week On Comey Tapes

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
*Reuters:* *Trump to make announcement on any Comey tapes this week: White House* U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to make an announcement this week about the existence of any tapes of conversations between him and former FBI Director James Comey, the White House said on Tuesday. "The president has said that he will make an announcement on this. I expect it this week," White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters at a news briefing. Spicer was responding to a question about whether there are tapes of the conversations with Comey, whom Trump fired last month, and whethe... more »

RIDICULOUS US: Cable star's world-record dissembling!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 15 hours ago
*WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 2017Part 3—An assault on Ridiculous Us:* Sadly but inevitably, it's now one of our FAQs—one of our most frequently-asked questions. It comes from schoolkids and seniors alike. The question goes something like this: "Have you ever seen *so much* dissembling in a 14-minute segment?" The question refers to the 14-minute opening segment of a major "cable news" program last Friday. Incomparably, we've commissioned this reply: "Actually, no! We're not sure we've *ever* seen that much dissembling in such a short chunk of time!" To watch Friday's segment, click here... more »

Erdogan says NO to Greater Albania

Adam Garrie at The Duran - 15 hours ago
Erdogan's remarks are proximate related to Albania housing elements of the terrorist Gülen organisation. In the longer term, they are also related to Erdogan's fears of the US abandoning its former Turkish ally in favour of Kurds in Syria and Iraq. The post Erdogan says NO to Greater Albania appeared first on The Duran.

The disastrous rise of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Alexander Mercouris at The Duran - 15 hours ago
The appointment of Prince Mohammed bin Salman as Saudi Crown Prince brings a reckless and inexperienced young man who talks of a pre-emptive war against Iran closer to untrammelled power. The post The disastrous rise of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman appeared first on The Duran.

Russia's Very Own A-10: Meet the Su-25 Frogfoot

Sebastien Roblin at The National Interest - 15 hours ago
*Sebastien Roblin* *Security, Europe* But is it as good? *With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Su-25s were passed onto the air services of all the Soviet successor states. Those that didn’t use Su-25s in local wars—on both sides of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, for example—often exported them to countries that did. Frogfoots have seen action in the service of Macedonia (against Albanian rebels), Ethiopia (against Eritrea, with one shot down), Sudan (target: Darfur), and Georgia versus Abkhazian separatists that shot down several. And that list is not comprehensive.* The ... more »

When Will Former Trump Campaign Adviser Carter Page Be Allowed To Testify?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
*Washington Free Beacon:* *Democrats Block Witnesses from Testifying in House Intel Probe* *Scheduled appearance by key witness Carter Page canceled* House Democrats are continuing to block testimony from about a dozen witnesses who sought to appear before the intelligence oversight panel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. Congressional officials said one of the key witnesses, former informal adviser to the Trump campaign Carter Page, was scheduled to testify at a closed hearing of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. But Democrats on the co... more »

Summer Vacation: Never Mind the Hike. Where’s the Hammock?

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 15 hours ago
A new poll about summer travel finds that the top thing Americans want to do on vacation is ... nothing.

Israel Exposed for Secretly Paying Syrian ‘Rebels’ to Protect Rothschild, Murdoch Oil

Claire Bernish at The Free Thought Project - 15 hours ago
[image: israel]Syrian rebels now claim to have been receiving logistical and other support directly from Israel for years and the motive is perfectly clear.

Gruesome Video Shows Oscar-Winning White Helmets Beheading, Dumping Syrian Army Bodies

Rachel Blevins at The Free Thought Project - 15 hours ago
[image: white helmets]The gruesome videos show men sporting the White Helmets logo on their clothing assisting in dumping the dead, severed bodies of Syrian soldiers.

Opt-in Option the way to Fulfill Obamacare Repeal Promise

Content Multimedia - 15 hours ago
By Drew White Today, The Texas Public Policy Foundation released a paper on repealing Obamacare by Drew White, senior federal policy analyst with the Center for Tenth Amendment Action at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. The paper, “Unity Through Federalism: Repealing Obamacare’s Regulations and Providing an Opt-In for the States,” argues that reversing the state waiver from an opt-out to an opt-in approach is the only chance Congress has to salvage both its credibility and America’s battered healthcare system.

Around The Empire – Episode 24: What Is The Antiwar Right? Feat. Angela Keaton

Dan Wright at Shadowproof - 15 hours ago
Angela Keaton, executive director of Antiwar.com, discusses libertarian and right-wing opposition to war and areas of common ground with the antiwar Left. The post Around The Empire – Episode 24: What Is The Antiwar Right? Feat. Angela Keaton appeared first on Shadowproof.

Pledging Climate Fidelity

Ron Clutz at Science Matters - 15 hours ago
Climate change/global warmers believers are swearing oaths and taking pledges to show fidelity to the UN IPCC and Paris accord. The ceremony goes by the name We Are Still In. Adherents sign this document: Open letter to the international community and parties to the Paris Agreement from U.S. state, local, and business leaders (Full text […]

Doctor accused of using painkiller to quicken death of 8-year-old boy

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News - 16 hours ago
An LA County coroner’s investigator has accused an anesthesiologist of using a painkiller to hasten the death of a gravely injured boy so that his organs could be harvested without deterioration. The 8-year-old went into cardiac arrest after he nearly drowned in a washing machine in 2013. Police are investigating. RELATED ARTICLE: VIDEO: LA County Coroner

St. Pete to become first city in Florida to use 100 percent renewable energy

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News - 16 hours ago
Last year, the city council of St. Petersburg unanimously voted to use $800,000 of the $1 million they received from a settlement with BP over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, to become the first city in Florida to rid themselves of fossil fuel use. (I bet Rick Scott is fuming!) “The Integrated Sustainability

11 surprising ways to use baking soda in a pinch

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News - 16 hours ago
By Dr. Mercola You probably have at least one box of baking soda in your home right now. If you’re like many Americans, you might have a box in your pantry for baking, one in your refrigerator to absorb odors and another under your kitchen sink to use for cleaning. What you might not have

Incredibly disturbing animation reveals how vaccines are really made. WARNING: this will turn your stomach

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News - 16 hours ago
(Note from Erin: Thanks so much to Mike Adams for this story.) Isn’t it interesting how so many people scrutinize the ingredients in the groceries they buy, yet they allow themselves to be injected with vaccines without having any clue what ingredients they contain? RELATED ARTICLES: 2-Month Old Infant Suffered Apnea and Died Following 8

Thousands of dogs tortured to death to be sold as food at this “Festival”

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News - 16 hours ago
(Editor’s Note: There had been a lot of rumblings about this festival being canceled due to the uproar and bad press that surrounded it. However, sadly, the festival has begun. There are almost no words for how angry and disgusted I feel about this.) In Yulin, Guangxi, China, thousands of dogs are being tortured and

Democrats’ $32-million Man Loses in Georgia

Selwyn Duke at rss - 16 hours ago
[image: democrats-32-million-man-loses-in-georgia] The Democrats went down to Georgia, looking for a seat to steal. They ran into Republican Karen Handel, who defeated Democrat hopeful Jon Ossoff in yesterday’s special election in the Peach State.

U.S. Special Forces Have "Boots on the Ground" in Philippines

Alex Newman at rss - 16 hours ago
[image: u-s-special-forces-have-boots-on-the-ground-in-philippines] American Special Forces have “boots on the ground” and are helping Philippine troops and police fight Islamist rebels in the Southern town of Marawi, according to U.S. and local officials cited in news reports around the world. The news comes after firebrand Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, accused of extra-judicial killings as part of his war on drugs, repeatedly threatened to evict all U.S. troops from the Philippines. A number of legal concerns have been raised surrounding the operations for both governments. ... more »

Small power plants clobbered by Ofgem subsidy change

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 16 hours ago
By Paul Homewood h/t Patsy Lacey As expected, OFGEM has acted to close a loophole, which pays unjustifiably large subsidies to small peak loader power plants, such as diesel generators: Energy watchdog Ofgem has decided to slash generous subsidies paid to small power plant owners in a move it says will cut consumers’ energy bills. […]

Wednesday Morning Links

Greg Fingas at Accidental Deliberations - 16 hours ago
Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading. - Richard Seymour follows up on Jeremy Corbyn's electoral success by highlighting the importance of a grassroots progressive movement which stays active and vibrant between election cycles: Labour needs only a small swing to win a majority if there were to be another election, and current polling suggests they would get it. On top of this, the government’s appalling handling of the Grenfell fire, in contrast to Corbyn’s widely welcomed intervention, has blown apart May’s already shaken personal authority. It has also exposed a wider ... more »

"Is Trump a Modern Caesar?"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 16 hours ago
*"Is Trump a Modern Caesar?"* by Bill Bonner "*Mayor:* Drebin, I don’t want any more trouble like you had last year on the South Side. Understand? That’s my policy. ‘*Drebin:* Yes. Well, when I see five weirdos dressed in togas stabbing a guy in the middle of the park in full view of 100 people, I shoot the bastards. That’s my policy. ‘*Mayor:* That was a Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar, you moron! You killed five actors! Good ones.’ – "The Naked Gun" "Last week, a Donald Trump supporter rushed the stage in Central Park. She was protesting a production of William... more »

Joseph and the amazing disappearing Israel reference

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 16 hours ago
It's always Israel, why? 'The Wellington City Council has apologised to Sir Tim Rice after the word "Israel" vanished from song sheets featuring the renowned lyricist's work. The printed lyrics – with a modified version of Close Every Door from Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – were prepared for this year's annual Wellington children's festival, Artsplash. In song sheets distributed to Wellington schools taking part in Artsplash, the phrase "Children of Israel" was changed to "Children of Kindness".' More here http://i.stuff.co.nz/ent... more »

Leadership 2017 Links

Greg Fingas at Accidental Deliberations - 16 hours ago
The latest from the NDP's federal leadership campaign. - Kristy Kirkup reports on the release of Jagmeet Singh's climate change policy statement.And Charlie Angus has offered his road map toward a transition to renewable energy, while the CP reports on his plan for a more fair relationship with Indigenous peoples. - Meanwhile, Len Gillis reports on Angus' focus on winning support beyond party lines based on his role as a voice for Northern Ontario. - Guy Caron has unveiled his first major endorsements of the campaign, including ones from Jean Crowder, Chris Charlton and Ruth-Ellen ... more »

Police taser man outside Regents Park Mosque, he was waving a shoe horn

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 16 hours ago
'Police Tasered a man waving a shoe horn outside a London mosque today amid heightened tensions after the Finsbury Park terror attack' More here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4624368/Police-Taser-man-outside-Regents-Park-Mosque.html?ito=social-facebook Do I dare look at how the BBC are covering this story?

It is never good news for an administration when its Attorney General feels the need to hire his own attorney.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 16 hours ago
Courtesy of The National Law Review: *Charles Cooper, the well-known Republican lawyer, wasn't simply in attendance at U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' congressional hearing one week ago to support his friend. Cooper is Sessions' personal lawyer, he confirmed in an email Tuesday. * *Cooper didn't provide additional details on the nature of the representation—including whether it extends to the criminal inquiry into Trump campaign affiliates' involvement with Russia. * *Peter Carr, a spokesperson for the Justice Department's investigation, declined to comment because the probe ... more »

Journal alerts readers to “technical criticism” of CRISPR study

Andrew P. Han at Retraction Watch - 16 hours ago
A Nature journal has posted a editor’s note to a recent letter on potential unintended consequences of CRISPR gene editing, after an executive at a company trying to commercialize the technology said the paper should be retracted. The original article, published on May 30 as a correspondence in Nature Methods, suggested that using CRISPR in mice […] The post Journal alerts readers to “technical criticism” of CRISPR study appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Mosul Campaign Day 246-47 Jun 19-20 2017

Joel Wing at MUSINGS ON IRAQ - 16 hours ago
Iraqi police fighting in west Mosul’s Old City (AFP) The Iraqi forces (ISF) made another advance, while the Islamic State is down to just one district under its control in Mosul. First, the army’s 9th Division announced that the Shifaneighborhood was finally freed. That allowed the ISF to also take the western end of the Fifth Bridge across the Tigris River. The Federal Police were still fighting for Bab al-Baid, attacked Bab al-Lakash, and advanced 200 meters into the Farouqarea all in the Old City. The Golden Division freed Khazrajin that district as well. The insurgents launche... more »

Sugar tax and nanny state

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 16 hours ago
Why the DOF's sugar tax bill in Congress is lousy. 1. The state is further addicted to tax-tax-tax mentality and policy. 2. This 2-tier taxation (higher tax for imported sugar) is anti-WTO rules, DFA is correct. 3. State nannyism ('protect public health' alibi) is fuelling more state interventionism. Tax alcohol, tobacco, soft drinks, juices. Soon it will tax litson baboy, litson manok. See this report from BusinessWorld last week. That the state has hiked the tax on alcohol and tobacco products is generally accepted by the public. But taxing further soft drinks, powdered juice d... more »

Practicing Solidarity Here at Home

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 16 hours ago
Larry Hamm speaking at the #UNAC2017 conference, United National Antiwar Coalition, held in Richmond, VA. Larry is founder and Chairman of the People's Organization For Progress in Newark, NJ. Check them out *here* Larry calls for all movements to support one another.

Russian Su-27 Warns Off NATO F-16 As It Approached Russian Defense Minister's Plane Over The Baltic Sea (Video)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
*Daily Mail*: *Russian fighter jet warns off NATO aircraft by displaying its weapons after the F-16 'buzzed' plane carrying Moscow defence minister over Baltic Sea* * Plane carrying Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu was reportedly 'buzzed' * But Sukhoi-27 soon arrived to warn it off - by tilting wings and showing weapons * Comes as Sweden summons Russian ambassador today over similar incident * Dramatic footage has been released which appears to show the encounter A Russian fighter jet chased off a NATO aircraft after it buzzed a plane carrying defence minister Sergei Shoigu o... more »

BWorld 138, PPP vs ODA, Part 2

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 16 hours ago
* This is my article in BusinessWorld last week. *“The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.” * -- Thomas Sowell (US economist and political philosopher) This paper is a continuation of the same topic in this column last June 8. To summarize previous arguments: 1. User-pay principle via public-private partnership (PPP) means only those whose the service or facility will pay for its construction and maintenance. As a result, the rest ... more »

Is Cummins VP Pence’s Motive for Ignoring Cummings’ Warning Re Flynn? Cummins Literally Moves Russia, Including Military; Partners With KAMAZ Owned By Russian Gov Owned-Sanctioned Entities Rostec & Sberbank

miningawareness at Mining Awareness + - 16 hours ago
Is Cummins VP Pence’s Motive for Ignoring US Congressman Cummings’ Warning Re Flynn? Cummins Literally Moves Russia, Including Military; Partners … Continue reading →


Anon at Aangirfan - 17 hours ago
Was Princess Diana murdered because she knew too much about top pedophile rings linked to the Kosher Nostra? There has recently been some fake news about Diana, which aims to divert you away from references to the Kosher Nostra. *Baxter Dmitry* At Your News Wire, *Baxter Dmitry*, aka David Hardy, has written a post entitled: *Retired MI5 Agent Confesses On Deathbed: 'I Killed Princess Diana'* *This would appear to be a piece of FAKE NEWS.* Baxter Dmitry is a pro-Trump, pro Pizza Gate, anti Muslim guy who churns out stories that appear to be a mixture of truth and fiction. Baxt... more »

Protect Your Spark Plugs

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 17 hours ago
*Veterans For Peace national board member Tarak Kauff from Woodstock, NY joined us in Maine for the Zumwalt destroyer 'christening' civil disobedience in 2016* Many moons ago, while I was working for the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice, we organized a weekend retreat and our guest speaker was the legendary peace activist Abbie Hoffman. I recall being blown away by his skill as a strategic thinker and the interaction made me realize how much we often fall for the mainstream media's definition of people - especially those who are in the limelight. The media had long made Hoff... more »

North Korea Tried to Copy 'James Bond' (It Almost Started World War III)

Sebastien Roblin at The National Interest - 17 hours ago
*Sebastien Roblin* *Security, Asia* This was a really bad idea... *The ten-ton Improved Submersible Infiltration Landing Craft looks like it belongs in a James Bond movie. Basically a nearly thirteen-meter-long low-riding motorboat coated in antiradar paint, it can submerging three meters deep while under power, exposing just the crew cab and a folding snorkel mast (likely the “antenna” observed by the guard post). Unlike an earlier predecessor captured in the 1980s, however, the I-SILC can fully submerge twenty to twenty-five meters deep to avoid detection, but lacks an electri... more »

Man, Woman Found Dead with Gunshot Wounds on Chicago Skyway

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 17 hours ago
Police say a man and woman have been found dead with gunshot wounds on the Chicago Skyway, prompting an early-morning closure.

New Chemical Attack In Syria Crosses “Red Line”

Brandon Turbeville at Activist Post - 17 hours ago
By Brandon Turbeville Throughout 2017, the United States has continued its race to become the most hypocritical nation on the face of the earth by... more »


Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog - 17 hours ago
Matt Yglesias looks at the Georgia special election and concludes that Democrats need an agenda: Right now on health care and many other issues, Democrats suffer from a cacophony of white papers and a paucity of unity around any kind of vision or story they want to paint of what is wrong with America today and what is the better country they want to build for the future. And until they do, they’re going to struggle to mobilize supporters in the way they need to win tough races. He notes that Jeremy Corbyn overperformed in the recent U.K. elections by focusing on an agenda: ... run... more »

World News Briefs -- June 21, 2017

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 17 hours ago
A military vehicle of SDF in west of Raqqa province,Syria June 18, 2017. REUTERS/ Rodi Said *Reuters*: *U.S.-backed Syrian forces close in on Raqqa from south* U.S.-backed Syrian militias closed in on Islamic State's Syrian stronghold of Raqqa on Wednesday, taking territory on the south bank of the Euphrates River with the aim of encircling the city, a militia spokesman told Reuters. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which include Arab and Kurdish fighters and are supported with air strikes by a U.S.-led coalition, began an offensive two weeks ago to seize the northern city from ... more »

EXCLUSIVE: Video Shows Cops Violently Attack Men for Telling them to “Slow Down”

Jack Burns at The Free Thought Project - 17 hours ago
[image: attack]Santa Rosa Police attack a group of men for allegedly telling them to slow down, the result of having one's authority question is nothing short of brutal.

As Pot Comes Out of Black Market, Regulators Face Scrutiny

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 17 hours ago
States with legal marijuana have an ethics problem, involving regulators who may have improper dealings with an industry emerging from the black market.

Officers in Seattle Fatal Shooting Had Crisis Training

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 17 hours ago
Police officers shot and killed 30-year-old Charleena Lyles on Sunday after authorities said Lyles confronted the officers with a knife.

Cops: Woman with History of Thefts Steals Hair Highlights

Associated Press at Snopes.com - 17 hours ago
A Pennsylvania woman with a history of stealing meals and services allegedly failed to pay for hair highlights.

Reverse engineering mysterious 500-million-year-old fossils that confound our tree of life

Imran Rahman, Junior Research Fellow, University of Oxford at Science + Technology – The Conversation - 17 hours ago
Here's the fossil... what can you tell about how this animal lived? Matteo De Stefano/MUSE-Science Museum, CC BY-SA Paleontologists like us are used to working with fossils that would seem bizarre to many biologists accustomed to living creatures. And as we go farther back in Earth’s history, the fossils start to look even weirder. They lack tails, legs, skeletons, eyes…any characteristics that would help us understand where these organisms fit in the tree of life. Under these circumstances, the science of paleontology becomes significantly harder. Nowhere is this issue more apparen... more »

Intl. Quds Day marks a global awakening leading to Palestine's liberation

Denis Rancourt at Activist Teacher - 17 hours ago
This article is reprinted from its original publication at khamenei.ir. Intl. Quds Day marks a global awakening leading to Palestine's liberation Jun 20, 2017 Print Palestine is holding strong, and the world is

Qatar hacked by Arab neighbor states, not Russia, as previously reported by CNN

Alex Christoforou at The Duran - 17 hours ago
CNN busted by Qatar for spreading more fake news. The post Qatar hacked by Arab neighbor states, not Russia, as previously reported by CNN appeared first on The Duran.

Ron Paul interviews Edward Snowden. Deep State is discussed and exposed (Video)

Alex Christoforou at The Duran - 17 hours ago
Who really has the most power in US society? The post Ron Paul interviews Edward Snowden. Deep State is discussed and exposed (Video) appeared first on The Duran.

How Russia aided the west’s Russophobia

Adam Garrie at The Duran - 17 hours ago
Russia has a strong political opposition party that is never given airtime on western MSM. The post How Russia aided the west’s Russophobia appeared first on The Duran .

The amazing image of a terrorist fireball in Belgium’s railway station

Alex Christoforou at The Duran - 17 hours ago
Photo captures the terrorist bomb exploding. The post The amazing image of a terrorist fireball in Belgium’s railway station appeared first on The Duran.

VIDEO: Russian Su-27 chases away NATO F-16 fighter jet moving towards Russian Defense Minister’s plane

Alex Christoforou at The Duran - 17 hours ago
A NATO F-16 fighter jet tried to approach the Russian defense minister’s plane above the Baltic Sea. The post VIDEO: Russian Su-27 chases away NATO F-16 fighter jet moving towards Russian Defense Minister’s plane appeared first on The Duran.

USS Fitzgerald Collision Update- Commander Bryce Benson Released from Hospital

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 18 hours ago
Since interested parties are working so very hard to manage our perceptions... I'm making available some additional info regarding the Fitzgerald Incident. Below is today's screen shot, from the official US Navy blog. *You can clearly see the date is June 21/2017 and the US Navy still has the 2:30 am (local time)* *as the time of the incident* http://navylive.dodlive.mil/2017/06/17/uss-fitzgerald/ * Despite pushing an altered time line on the ACX Crystal's owners for public consumption* Big Lie Damage Control: Altering Timelines/Saving Face for US Navy & the Fitzgerald *I am al... more »

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- June 21, 2017

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 18 hours ago
Vehicles carry missiles during a military parade in Pyongyang. Sue-Lin Wong/Reuters *Council OnForeign Relations*: *North Korea’s Military Capabilities* *North Korea has embarked on an accelerated buildup of weapons of mass destruction and modernization of its already large conventional force.* *Introduction* The United States and its Asian allies regard North Korea as a grave security threat. It has one of the world’s largest conventional military forces, which, combined with its escalating missile and nuclear tests and aggressive rhetoric, has aroused concern worldwide. But worl... more »

The Moscow Project is dedicated to getting to the bottom of the Trump/Russia story.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 18 hours ago
Courtesy of Slate: *With Reid no longer in the Senate, Jentleson now works full time to understand and publicize the Trump-Russia story. In February, he helped found the Moscow Project at the CAP Action Fund, an arm of the Center for American Progress. With a staff of five that will soon double to 10, the project is part clearinghouse, part think tank, and part private investigation agency; it recently hired a Russian-speaking forensic accountant from a high-profile firm. Its website keeps track of the ever-expanding story of the scandal and its key players, while its staffers br... more »

What Happened With Those Special Elections Down South Yesterday?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 18 hours ago
*The Democrats will never win with this running the show* The Democratic candidates in 2 deep red, Deep South Republican districts lost, albeit very narrowly, to Republicans. One way to look at it is that they lost. Another way is that they did incredibly well in those districts. Karen Handel won the GA-06 seat 134,595 (52.6%) to 124,893 (47.4%) and Ralph Norman won the DSC-05 seat by a narrower spread-- 44,889 (51%) to 42,053 (48%). Both Democrats ran centrist campaigns, although Ossoff started out as a progressive until the DCCC got their hands on him and turned him away from Medi... more »

Is John McDonnell a Marxist?

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 18 hours ago
https://youtu.be/9lCcFjRhiaw "I'll be honest with you, I'm a Marxist" So should we believe the John McDonnell who's on television watching his words as he tries to get non Marxists to vote Labour, or the John McDonnell who doesn't have to watch his words when speaking with those of a like mind? Couldn't Andrew Marr have played this video to John McDonnell when McDonnell claimed that he wasn't a Marxist?

"Are you a Marxist?" John McDonnell says no when on TV in 2017

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 18 hours ago
https://youtu.be/e68a9mMWJBc Is John McDonnell a Marxist? He said no when on television in 2017.


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 18 hours ago
*UK: How you could be too middle class to work at a top firm: Almost half of big companies now ask employees if they went to a private school* *People tend to work most easily with people similar to themselves so putting people of heterogeneous backgrounds together will almost certainly reduce esprit de coeur and efficiency. But it's all just shadow boxing. Accent is overwhelmingly important in Britain so people with the "right" accent will almost always get preference -- mainly meaning people with a "public" (private) school accent. It would actually be painful for most u... more »


JR at GREENIE WATCH - 19 hours ago
*The latest bit of lying propaganda from the NYT* We read: *"In recent days, American Airlines has been forced to cancel more than 40 flights in Phoenix. The reason: With daytime highs hovering around 120 degrees, it was simply too hot for some smaller jets to take off. Hotter air is thinner air, which makes it more difficult — and sometimes impossible — for planes to generate enough lift.As the global climate changes, disruptions like these are likely to become more frequent, researchers say, potentially making air travel costlier and less predictable with a greater risk... more »

Marine Le Pen didn't win over women. Can anyone on the far right?

Jennifer M. Piscopo, Assistant Professor of Politics, Occidental College at Politics + Society – The Conversation - 19 hours ago
A Le Pen campaign rally in Villepinte, France on May 1, 2017. REUTERS/Charles Platiau Marine Le Pen has gone from potentially being elected the first female president of France to barely keeping her party alive. In early May, Le Pen was one of two candidates to advance to the second round of the presidential election. Two months later, her party – the Front National – lost badly in the French parliamentary elections. While Le Pen won her own first-ever parliamentary seat and the FN’s overall share of the 577-seat assembly climbed from to 2 to 8, these gains are still not enough to... more »

The Many Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 19 hours ago
*For more information on the many health benefits of Cayenne Pepper, please click on the link below:* *16 Health Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper*

Danielle DiMartino Booth: Gold Could Take Off Like a Hockey Stick

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 19 hours ago
Danielle DiMartino Booth: Gold Could Take Off Like a Hockey Stick by Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Financial expert and former top Federal Reserve insider Danielle DiMartino Booth says the latest Fed rate hike is nothing less than an attempt to make life worse for President Trump. DiMartino Booth explains, “They are trying to do the opposite of […]

Wednesday links...

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 19 hours ago
[image: DSC_0089] *Rush hour.* I lost my watch at a party the other day. I looked around for it, and there it was, right under some guy's foot. He was harassing a woman, so I went over and punched him. I don't let that shit happen. Not on my watch. Now that you're groaning in pain, let's have a look at some links.... - Focus Taiwan: 18 tons of tobacco seized (where else?) in Taichung Port. The leaf was intended for cigarettes produced by illegal cigarette producers in Taiwan. There's a massive smuggling market for cigs in Taiwan, boosted by the 2013 tax increase on cig... more »

Mulroney's Take On Trump

Owen Gray at Northern Reflections - 19 hours ago
The old saw about politics making strange bedfellows remains as true as ever. Consider the alliance between Justin Trudeau and Brian Mulroney. Tim Harper writes: Certainly in the past, Liberal prime ministers have turned to former Liberal prime ministers for wise counsel and Conservatives have done likewise, even though Stephen Harper once issued a government-wide edict that Mulroney was *persona non grata* because of what was finally found to be Mulroney’s inappropriate dealing with discredited former arms industry lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber. Mulroney has always kept in touch... more »

Turske snage pristigle u sjeverni Alep kako bi se borile sa Kurdima

Daniel Horvat at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
DAMASK, SIRIJA (14:00) – Pripadnici specijalnih turskih snaga pristigli su danas u sjeverni Alep kako bi osokolili njima bliske militantne skupine za, kako izgleda, novi sukob sa kurdskim snagama. Pojačanja – dočekana sa slavljem od lokalnog pučanstva – pridodana su snagama „Štit Eufrata“, koaliciji sastavljenoj od frakcija bliskih tzv. „slobodnoj sirijskoj vojsci“, kako bi pomogli […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Tropas turcas llegan al norte de Alepo para combatir a los kurdos

Alvaro A. at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
Fuerzas Especiales turcas llegaron hoy al norte de Alepo para reforzar a sus proxies en lo que podría ser una nueva represión contra las fuerzas kurdas. Los refuerzos, muy bien recibidos por los residentes locales, fueron desplegados para ayudar al Escudo del Éufrates respaldado por Turquía, una coalición de facciones afiliadas al Ejército Libre Sirio […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Turkish troops arrive at northern Aleppo to fight Kurds

Zen Adra at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
DAMASCUS, SYRIA (2: 00 P.M.) – Turkish Special Forces arrived, today, at northern Aleppo countryside to shore up its proxies in what might be a new crackdown against the Kurdish forces. The reinforcements – greatly welcomed by local residents – were deployed to help the Turkish-backed Euphrates Shield – a coalition of FSA-affiliated factions – […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

POROSHENKO: I dream of treason

Adam Garrie at The Duran - 19 hours ago
Poroshenko claims to have dreamt about being in the Pentagon when he was serving in the Soviet Army. The post POROSHENKO: I dream of treason appeared first on The Duran.

Poland resurrects a dangerous idea from its troubled 20th century past

Adam Garrie at The Duran - 19 hours ago
The so-called Three Seas Initiative is an attempt by Poland to rival Germany as the most powerful anti-Russian state in Europe. The post Poland resurrects a dangerous idea from its troubled 20th century past appeared first on The Duran.

Afghanistan - The War That Keeps On Taking

A Political Junkie at Viable Opposition - 19 hours ago
Recent testimony by Defense Secretary James Mattis before the Senate Armed Services Committee provides us with an interesting glimpse into what lies ahead in Afghanistan. This conflict which began on October 7, 2001, within a month of the September 11th, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, has ground on for nearly 16 years and the nation is still no safer for its people and no less politically unstable than it was in 2001. While the American-led combat mission officially ended on December 28, 2014, making this the longest war fought in U.S. history, as you will see... more »

Venezuela Dares The U.S. To Invade Them

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 19 hours ago
Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez speaks during a news conference on the sidelines of the OAS 47th General Assembly in Cancun, Mexico June 20, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Jasso *AFP*: *Venezuela dares US to 'send in the Marines'* Cancún (Mexico) (AFP) - Venezuela scoffed at the US Tuesday for trying to forge a regional plan to address its raging crisis, saying the only way to make it comply was to "send in the Marines." "The 'contact group' you're proposing is completely useless and unnecessary," Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez fumed at a meeting of the Organization... more »

Major Shake Up Of The Saudi Royal Family

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 19 hours ago
U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense Mohammed bin Salman in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, U.S., March 14, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque *Bloomberg:* *Saudi Arabia Names Mohammed Bin Salman as Crown Prince* Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was promoted to the position of crown prince, replacing his uncle in a surprise announcement that reverberated through the kingdom and puts him next in line to the throne. News of the new crown prince was reported by the country’s press agency and then ... more »


Jenna Orkin at From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog - 19 hours ago
From Jenna Orkin 3-D Documentary on Paul Stametz and Mycelium European Court lambastes Russia's 'gay propaganda' law Kuwait swelters in 54C heat – what could be the highest temperature ever recorded on earth Here's when robots will start beating humans at every task A Swedish rail line now scans microchip implants in addition to accepting paper tickets "Provocative" Russian Jet Comes Within 5 Feet Of US Recon Aircraft Soft Sharia Emerges In Turkey Hillary Clinton Told FBI's Mueller To Deliver Uranium To Russians In 2009 "Secret Plane-Side Tarmac Meeting" Saudis Foil Iranian Terr... more »

The state we're in

sue at Is the BBC biased? - 19 hours ago
I thought it was pretty surprising that the BBC hadn’t shown any interest in last Sunday’s Al-Quds march through central London. Not even with the Hezbollah flags and that menacing drumbeat. It’s even more surprising, the BBC being what it is, that it didn’t even seem interested in the counter demo with those well-funded Zionist flags and inflammatory chanting. (We want peace!) Have a quick look at page 15 of Today’s Times. What have we got? *“Google hosts far-right videos urging Islamophobic violence.”* I haven’t seen any of those, but they do sound mighty offensive and Google sh... more »

Paper: The Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation: To ‘join the ranks of global companies’

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 20 hours ago
*Takin' a break.* So there I was, surfing the net, and stumbled across this paper on the Tobacco and Liquor Monopoly's drive to become a global corporation: Jappe Eckhardt, Jennifer Fang and Kelley Lee (2017) The Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation: To ‘join the ranks of global companies’, Global Public Health, 12:3, 335-350. It notes: In this context, this paper analyses how TTL shifted, from a company focused on domestic customers, to a more outward looking company. TTL’s ambitions to globalise were initially prompted by a significant decline in domestic market share due to fo... more »

Why America Should Fear China's Submarine Fleet

Bill Gertz at The National Interest - 20 hours ago
*Bill Gertz* *Security, Asia* US Navy submariners are closely watching advances in Chinese submarine forces that remain lacking in terms of capabilities and quietness of American submarines that have decades of experience operating around the world. Te large-scale buildup of China’s naval forces is the most visible part of a major rearmament campaign that has been under way for more than a decade. But Chinese development of modern and increasingly quiet submarines poses one of the more serious strategic challenges for the United States and other nations concerned about Beijing’s... more »

Why Did CPRE Commission Renewable Lobby Outfit, Regen?

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 20 hours ago
By Paul Homewood https://www.regensw.co.uk/packages I posted on the story of Philip Bratby’s report for the CPRE into renewable energy in the South West. It was covered by Devonlive.com, who quoted critical comments from an outfit called Regen South West: Regen South West, an independent not-for-profit organisation set up to promote renewable energy in […]

Chairman Of The U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Explains How ISIS Militants Are Going To Be 'Annihilated'

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 21 hours ago
The 26th Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, is greeted on his first full day in the position by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., in Arlington, VA, Jan. 21, 2017. hoto via DoD *Christopher Woody, Task & Purpose/Business Insider*: *‘Fighting Joe’ Dunford Explains Exactly How Mattis’ ‘Annihilation Campaign’ Against ISIS Will Go Down* *During a press briefing on May 19, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis described a tactical shift in the U.S.-led effort against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.* “By taking the time up front to surround these locations, instead of sim... more »

The British Government, the Murdochs, Prof Pollard and the GSK Takeover in Italy

Age of Autism at AGE OF AUTISM - 21 hours ago
By John Stone As Italy’s parliament votes in draconian new laws to expand and enforce vaccine mandates over its children it may be helpful to look at some of the origins of the deal which led to the takeover over...

Death by gunshot is the third leading cause of childhood death in the US.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 21 hours ago
Courtesy of Ars Technica: *Nearly 1,300 children aged 0 to 17 are killed by gunshots each year in the US, and nearly 5,800 more suffer from non-lethal gunshot wounds, researchers estimate in a study published Monday in Pediatrics.* * In all, about 19 children die or are wounded each day from firearms, either by homicide, suicide, or unintentional shootings. Firearm-related deaths are now the third leading cause of death among US children and the second leading cause of injury-related deaths, behind car crashes. The grim national statistics are even more startling when considered ... more »

SAUDI ROULETTE: Mohammed bin Salman named crown price

Adam Garrie at The Duran - 21 hours ago
Mohammed bin Salman has been appointed Crown Prince of the Wahhabi Kingdom. The post SAUDI ROULETTE: Mohammed bin Salman named crown price appeared first on The Duran.

Patrick Buchanan asks, after ISIS is defeated will the US and Russia go to war?

Alex Christoforou at The Duran - 21 hours ago
Is war inevitable? The post Patrick Buchanan asks, after ISIS is defeated will the US and Russia go to war? appeared first on The Duran.

New sanctions against Russia paused by US Republicans. Democrats scream ‘Putin is taking over Congress’

Alex Christoforou at The Duran - 21 hours ago
House Republicans put a temporary stop to new sanctions against Russia. The post New sanctions against Russia paused by US Republicans. Democrats scream ‘Putin is taking over Congress’ appeared first on The Duran.

Jihadists take hostages at school in Philippines

Adam Garrie at The Duran - 21 hours ago
President Duterte has warned that the conflict could grow into a full scale civil war if violence is not contained. The post Jihadists take hostages at school in Philippines appeared first on The Duran.


Adam Garrie at The Duran - 21 hours ago
The bill has been blocked on technical grounds. The post US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: anti-Russian sanctions BLOCKED appeared first on The Duran.

U.S. Secretary Of Defense Mattis Has The Ear Of The President

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 22 hours ago
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis speaks during a White House cabinet meeting on June 12. Screen grab via White House video *The Hill:* *Mattis gaining power in Trump’s Cabinet* James Mattis is quickly becoming one of the most powerful Defense secretaries in recent memory, with access to President Trump that few can match. Trump last week gave the former Marine Corps general full authority to decide the number of additional U.S. troops sent to Afghanistan, a move that comes even before a war strategy has been set. The president has given Mattis similar authority in Iraq and Syria. And... more »


LL at Virtual Mirage - 22 hours ago
(note: the "today" below is actually yesterday for you, the reader) Desert Bighorn Sheep in El Dorado Canyon The 2010 Census showed that Nelson, Nevada had 37 residents. It's no more of a ghost town than Hackberry or Oatman, Arizona are, but it is a town with a historic reputation. In fact, there was a time when residents of *Hackberry *or *Oatman, Arizona* had to cross the Colorado River at Nelson's Ferry, to get ore to California and the railroad thus, linking them *then *- but not today. It's 120 degrees (F) in the shade today in Nelson, but the big horn sheep are out in force i... more »

Most expensive race in House history turns out nearly 58 percent of Georgia district's voters

Jeffrey Lazarus, Associate Professor of Political Science, Georgia State University at Politics + Society – The Conversation - 23 hours ago
Republican candidate for Georgia's 6th District Congressional seat Keran Handel declares victory with her husband Steve. AP Photo/John Bazemore I’m a political science professor living in Georgia’s 6th House district, where Republican Karen Handel eked out a victory of nearly four points over Democrat John Ossoff in a special House election on June 20. And although I have made a career out of observing and teaching others about politics, I’m just relieved the race is over. The word “ubiquitous” doesn’t begin to describe the special election’s presence. For months, the district has ... more »

Israel Prepares For Future Wars

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
The IDF Givati Brigade via Wikipedia *Al-Monitor: **IDF prepares for future of war in region* June 14 saw the completion of an enormous Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commando brigade exercise in Cyprus. It was jointly conducted by the Cypriot army and hundreds of Israeli commando fighters and involved 10 Blackhawk helicopters from the Israeli air force, dogs and dog handlers from the IDF Special Forces Canine Unit (Oketz) and fighters from additional IDF units, such as combat engineering and intelligence. The drill was conducted in the Troodos Mountains. The Israeli soldiers were fl... more »

Actualización de 21 de junio: Mapa completo de la crisis siria

Alvaro A. at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 23 hours ago
El mes de junio ha sido duro para el grupo terrorista del Estado Islámico en Irak y Siria, ya que han perdido grandes trozos de territorio frente a las Fuerzas Armadas sirias, iraquíes y kurdas. Norte de Siria: Mientras las Fuerzas Armadas iraquíes concluyen sus operaciones en Mosul, las Fuerzas Democráticas Sirias (FDS), dirigidas por […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Francuski Ministar za političko rješenje u Siriji

Davor M at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 23 hours ago
(Tass) Napore za političko rešenje sirijske krize treba kombinovati sa borbom protiv terorističke grupe tkzv. islamske države , izjavijo je francuski ministar inostranih poslova Jean-Yves Le Drian u utorak posle razgovora sa ruskim kolegom Sergejem Lavrovom. “Paralelno sa borbom protiv islamske države, neophodno je tražiti političko rešenje Sirijske krize koja bi garantovala integritet države i […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Trouble in Riyadh: Saudi crown prince sacked by king

Leith Fadel at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 23 hours ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:55 A.M.) – Mohammad bin Nayef bin ‘Abdel-Aziz has been deposed as Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in favor of Mohammad bin Salman Al-Saud, Saudi state media reported this morning. While the reason behind Mohammad bin Nayef’s sacking as Crown Prince is still unknown, it does raise many questions, especially since he was […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Brazil's Federal Police Accuse The Brazilian President Of Accepting Bribes

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
Brazil's President Michel Temer speaks at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia, Brazil, May 18, 2017. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino/File Photo *DW:** Police accuse Brazil's Michel Temer of 'passive corruption'* Brazilian President Michel Temer had reportedly accepted bribes from businesses, police said in a report. Temer's predecessor Dilma Rousseff was impeached and removed from office following tumultuous revelations. Federal police said they discovered evidence that Brazilian President Michel Temer received bribes to help businesses, according to a preliminary report published Tuesday. T... more »

Physically attacked at SOAS after anti-Israel event with Roger Waters per Richard Millett's Blog

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 1 day ago
Richard Millett is someone that I have admired the courage of ever since I became acquainted with his work. So I was sad to read this piece https://richardmillett.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/physically-attacked-at-soas-after-anti-israel-event-with-roger-waters/ today. 'It's with great sadness I have to write this piece. Having attended hundreds of anti-Israel events throughout London and beyond for 10 years I have never been hit. I have been threatened repeatedly but never thought someone would follow through. Last night that changed at SOAS, where I'm also an alumnus.' I can't say... more »

A Grain Of Truth: RCEP And The Corporate Hijack Of Indian Agriculture

Colin Todhunter at EAST BY NORTHWEST - 1 day ago
CAPTION: Seema Devi milks her cow. In the absence of reliable and affordable power, storage of milk poses a problem for small-scale dairy entrepreneurs on the island. LOCATION: Singhilpur, Saran District, Bihar, India. INDIVIDUAL(S) PHOTOGRAPHED: Seema Devi. CounterPunch, Countercurrents, Global Research, RINF The plight of farmers in India has been well documented. A combination of debt, economic liberalisation, subsidised imports, rising input costs and a shift to cash crops (including GM cotton) has caused massive financial distress. Over 300,000 (perhaps closer to 400,000) have ... more »

Global warming “hockey stick” data founded on FRAUD

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 1 day ago
[image: Image: Global warming “hockey stick” data founded on FRAUD… computer models “hacked” to produce warming trend from any data set] Anyone following this blog knows this, but this item does call it all for what it is. Now that global support for the underlying political scheme is under serious challenge and Trump has finally called the UN to account, it will become possible blow this rubbish out the door. The truth is that maximim heat is well deserved including firing all scientists who went along. The others were screwed even more viciously. Money needs to absorb a serio... more »

Letter from Ufologist

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 1 day ago
. A few better ideas here. He is quite right that most of our our ideas about UFOs are unconvincing. That they are bio robots is a working hypothesis. There is a lot of traffic and they are getting shot down as well. Yet all data must be collected and deep sixed to avoid public excitment. All that data was initially confirmed as real sixty five years ago. Since then actual UFO activity has streadily increased. Thus evidence collection has as well. *Letter from Ufologist* *http://nationalufocenter.com/?wysija-page=1&controller=email&action=view&email_id=29... more »

Harvard Study: Smoking Cannabis Actually Improves Brain Function

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 1 day ago
The surprise here is that prolonged usuage improves cognitivefunction. Whether this is THC or the otheractive ingredients need to be understand. Needless to say this is all making the maintence of the drugs present status ridiculous. Yet it is a drug and should not be abused either. The other great surprise has been the real multiple medical benefits been discovered during the past year even. *Preliminary findings from McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Tufts University indicate that pot actually improves cognitive performance.* *http://www.trueactivist.com/ha... more »

Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 21 - Sacred Registers Pt 21 Sunsetting hymn

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 1 day ago
I have been doing all this in short snippets in order to force a close reading. We have about ten more pieces of essentially literary work. This is another hymn in praise perhaps as the sun is setting. I suspect that it could be chanted. What is accepted here is a clear hierarchy of spirit. There is GOD integral to all and there is spirit associated with driving life on earth. Yet all this feeds a natural zonation which we have already identified. Earth spirits can rise through Earth angels and Archangels and that is really as far as we can perceive. yet all seem on a con... more »

‘We Are Not Alone’: NASA Discovers TEN Planets ‘Like Earth’ – Scientists Near FINDING LIFE

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
The Satanic psyop by the Illuminist MSM continues. Is/Was there life on Mars? Of course, there is. Those of us who have scrutinized the tens of thousands of pictures from the red planet have already come to this conclusion a long long time ago. That is not the question. The question is: what are those […]

THE CASE FOR OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICEObstruction of justice was...

Robert Reich - 1 day ago
*THE CASE FOR OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE* Obstruction of justice was among the articles of impeachment drafted against both Presidents Nixon and Clinton. The parallel between Nixon and Trump is almost exact. White House tapes revealed Nixon giving instructions to pressure the acting FBI director into halting the Watergate investigation. Two weeks after Trump told Comey privately “I need loyalty. I expect loyalty,” he had another private meeting with Comey in the Oval Office. After shooing out his advisers – all of whom had top security clearance – Trump said to Comey, according to C... more »

Suspected suicide bomber shot at Brussels railway station per BBC News

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 1 day ago
'suspected'? Read on and there's the unsurprising fact that:' "Then he cried 'Allahu Akbar' and he blew up a wheeled suitcase," he told AFP news agency.' Report here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-40349654 Islamist terrorism all over the world.

Musical Interlude: Deuter, David Bergen, “Above the Infinite Rest”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
Deuter, David Bergen, “Above the Infinite Rest” "Above the Infinite Rest" written by David Bergen. Featured Painting: "Above the Infinite Rest" by Isaac Levitan, 1891. Music track: "Surfing the Clouds" from the album "Empty Sky" by Deuter. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peA-ienOxhg

Musical Interlude: Deuter, “Black Velvet Flirt”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
Deuter, “Black Velvet Flirt” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qWFCocIfXI

"Weak gravity" sometimes enforces "cosmic censorship"

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 1 day ago
*Clarifying the truth value status of WGC, CCC, loop quantum gravity, and their relationships* Natalie Wolchover wrote a Quanta Magazine story Where Gravity Is Weak and Naked Singularities Are Verboten which is promoting some fun May 2017 work by Jorge Santos (Prof) and Toby Crisford (student, both Cambridge UK). I guess that just like in many other cases, the reason why a popular article was scheduled was that the February 2017 preprint (which has about 1 citation so far) has recently appeared in a prestigious printed journal: Violating the Weak Cosmic Censorship Conjecture in Fou... more »

Israel Not Impressed With Iran's Sunday Missile Strike Against ISIS In Syria

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
Iran launches a ballistic missile at Islamic State targets in eastern Syria on June 18, 2017. (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) *Times Of Israel:* *Israeli sources: Iran missile strike a ‘flop,’ with most missing target* Israeli analyst says security sources ‘amazed’ at poor performance: 3 missiles fell in Iraq, and only one hit its target. Iran’s much-vaunted missile strike on Islamic State targets in Syria late Sunday was a flop, with six of the seven medium-range missiles it fired failing to hit their target, Israeli sources said Monday. Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard, a... more »

Western Media Cashes in on Death of US Citizen After Release from North Korea

Land Destroyer at Land Destroyer - 1 day ago
*June 21, 2017* (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - Otto Warmbier was arrested last year on charges of theft as he attempted to leave North Korea after traveling there with a tour group. His recent release from North Korea after 15 months of detainment was followed by his death in the US. A firestorm of accusations, condemnation, and angry threats have resonated across the Western media, with op-eds ranging from the Independent's, "America needs to do something about Otto Warmbier’s death – but military force against North Korea isn’t an option," which calls on US foreign policy to follow th... more »

Tweet For Today

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
One in 13 U.S. sailors are foreign-born: https://t.co/Jh2ewR8Gp1 — Bryan Bender (@BryanDBender) June 20, 2017


Anon at Aangirfan - 1 day ago
In the above video, Annie calls into question the testimony of the main *Grenfell Tower Fire* witness who claims to have moved into the Tower in Feb 2017 yet has media companies registered at a different address and re registered one of his companies AFTER he supposedly moved to Grenfell Tower at his other residential address. Why would a media company director move to a high rise tenement block from a quiet residential area ? Is this a crisis actor? Is this a crisis actor? *Tania Head with Bloomberg and Giuliani* Tania Head was the founder and boss of *the World Trade Cent... more »

When Does The War Against ISIS In Syria Become An Invasion Of Syria?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*David French, NRO:** America’s War against ISIS Is Evolving into an Invasion of Syria* As ISIS crumbles, the chances for conflict with the Assad regime increase. There was always going to be a reckoning. When President Obama began the American war against ISIS in 2014 — a belated and necessary step to stop ISIS’s blitzkrieg across Iraq — there was a lingering question: Then what? If and when we defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria, what comes next? Ideally, American allies would defeat the world’s most vicious terrorists, the warring parties in Syria would then have the space to reach ... more »

Picture Of The Day

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
A worker repairing small arms at the plant. © SPUTNIK/ MIKHAIL VOSKRESENSKIY *WNU Editor: *The above picture is from this photo-gallery .... *Syrian Army's Artillery and Mortars Gain New Life at Hama Plant* (Sputnik).

A New Twist on Teaching Economics

Walter E. Williams at rss - 1 day ago
[image: a-new-twist-on-teaching-economics] Greg Caskey is a social sciences teacher at Delaware Military Academy who has developed an innovative way of teaching the principles of economics — a curriculum that he calls "HipHoponomics," in which he uses original rap music as the basis for his lesson plans.

Rapper Parody Costs 3 Their Jobs at Grace College & Seminary

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
Three employees from Grace College & Seminary were fired after a photo of them posing as “rappers” with a fake album cover background went viral earlier this month amid allegations of White privilege and cultural appropriation.

On Hill, Both Sides Hold Ground on Campus Free Speech Issue

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
Colleges and universities have a responsibility to protect freedom of expression on their campuses — but also to prevent speech that might incite violence and unrest.

Chicago Mayor: K-12 Education Model Outdated

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
Arguing that the K-12 education model of the 20th century is outdated, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday he believes it’s time to expand the public school system into a pre-kindergarten to college model.

Natural Southwest heat causes propaganda to rise like the Phoenix

CFACT Ed at CFACT - 1 day ago
The usual suspects just can't resist attributing natural heat waves to global warming.

U.S. State Department Takes A Sudden Hard Line On Saudi Arabia Over Qatar

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*New York Times:* *State Dept. Lashes Out at Gulf Countries Over Qatar Embargo* WASHINGTON — The State Department on Tuesday issued a blistering critique of Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries for enforcing a two-week embargo against Qatar without giving the tiny country any specific ways to resolve a crisis over accusations of Qatar’s funding of terrorism. The statement seemed to put President Trump and Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson further at odds about who is to blame for the dispute, which threatens a host of American diplomatic and security priorities in the g... more »

Another Candidate Announcement-- Andy Kim vs Tom MacArthur In New Jersey

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
Yesterday Randy Bryce, the woke iron worker, union and veterans activist, former Bernie delegate (and Hillary elector) announced his candidacy for the seat Paul Ryan holds in southeast Wisconsin. We dedicated the whole day to it; it’s that important. We were unable to comment on two other new candidates though-- one, literally the worst possible Nebraska “Democrat” you could ever conjure up and the other, a great first time candidate is New Jersey. The first is an old reject, conservative former Republican legislator, Brad Ashford, who joined the Blue Dogs, served one term in Cong... more »

B-52 Weapons Upgrade to Add More Payload, Radar, Range of Weapons & Possible Engine

Kris Osborn at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Kris Osborn* *Security, * The Air Force is already upgrading the historic, 1960s-era bomber with new radios, avionics and weapons capability. *Known for massive bombing missions during the Vietnam War, the 159-foot long B-52s have in recent years been operating over Afghanistan in support of military actions there from a base in Guam.* *The B-52 also served in Operation Desert Storm, Air Force statements said. “B-52s struck wide-area troop concentrations, fixed installations and bunkers, and decimated the morale of Iraq's Republican Guard,” an Air Force statement said.* *In 2... more »

Iran’s Missile Strike On ISIS Was A Massive Failure

Russ Read at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Russ Read* *Security, * All for show? Iran’s missile strike on the Islamic State on Sunday appears to have been a massive failure, after it only two of the seven missiles fired actually hit their targets. Two of the Zolfaqar short-range missiles missed their targets in Syria by several miles, while three others did not even make it out of Iraqi airspace, according to Haaretz. Despite the apparent failures, Iranian state-affiliated media heralded the attacks as a success, referring to them as a “new and major” stage in the country’s fight against ISIS. The strike was “a great ... more »

Why the U.S. Navy's America-Class Amphibious Assault Ships are Real Wonder Weapons

Kris Osborn at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Kris Osborn* *Security, * Unlike the first two of 11-planned America-Class Amphibs built with an aviation focus without a well-deck, LHA 8 will be built to accommodate both air and surface amphibious assault missions. The Navy is acquiring early materials, working on systems engineering and starting detailed design work for a new America-Class Amphibious Assault ship which re-introduces “well-deck” surface attack technology to prepare the service for future amphibious warfare. Construction of the ship, LHA 8 (Bougainville), is scheduled to commence in late 2018 with delivery pl... more »

Breaking: ISIL takes many civilians hostage after storming Philippine school

Several residents have reportedly been taken hostage and used as human shields after armed terrorists stormed a village in the Cotabato province of the Philippines, according to local police. Government troops are now engaging members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) after the terrorists overran the village of Malagakit, located just outside of Pigcawayan […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Complete map of Syria War: mid-June update

Leith Fadel at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 1 day ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:45 A.M.) – The month of June has been rough for the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria, as they have lost large chunks of territory to the Syrian, Iraqi, and Kurdish armed forces. Northern Syria: While the Iraqi Armed Forces conclude their operations in Mosul, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

US wants to establish de-conflication zone after attacking government forces

Leith Fadel at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 1 day ago
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, said that US will be working “diplomatically and militarily in the coming hours to re-establish deconfliction” with Russia in Syria, speaking in Washington DC, Monday. His comments come after the US-led coalition’s reported downing of a Syrian government warplane in southern Syria. Dunford stated that […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

French FM stresses political settlement in Syria

(TASS) Efforts towards a political settlement of the Syrian crisis should be combined with the fight against the terrorist group Islamic State (outlawed in Russia), French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Tuesday after talks with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov. “Parallel with the fight against Islamic State, it is necessary to look for […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

Syrian Army kicks off important Jobar offensive in east Damascus: video

Leith Fadel at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 1 day ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:35 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces launched a large-scale offensive targeting the jihadist rebel positions in the Jobar suburb in eastern Damascus, Tuesday. Footage captured SAA troops ambushing IS locations with smoke billowing over the skyline. Fighters were able to advance and fighters advancing in Taibah sector of Jobar neighbourhood […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

South Korean President Moon Jae-in: President Obama's Policy Of 'Strategic Patience' Was A Failure

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*CBS News*: *Top 5 takeaways from S. Korean president's interview with Norah O'Donnell* North Korea will be at the top of the agenda next week when President Trump welcomes new South Korean President Moon Jae-in for a White House summit. In his first one-on-one interview since being elected, President Moon spoke to "CBS This Morning" co-host Norah O'Donnell and promised historic change. Here are the top takeaways from the interview: *Read more* .... *Update:* South Korea’s new president: ‘Trump and I have a common goal’ -- Washington Post *WNU Editor: *South Korean President M... more »

Was the Passage of Obamacare Just as Secretive as GOP Efforts to Repeal It?

Alex Kasprak at Snopes.com - 1 day ago
While both bills could be faulted for periods of closed-door negotiations, experts agree that the secrecy behind the GOP bill to repeal Obamacare is in a league of its own.

DeVos Plans to Name Financial Services Exec as Student Aid Boss

cmaadmin at Diverse - 1 day ago
U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said Tuesday she plans to appoint Dr. Arthur Wayne Johnson — a longtime financial services industry executive who recently wrote a dissertation on private student loan debt — as chief operating officer of Federal Student Aid, or FSA. “Wayne is the right person to modernize FSA for the 21st […]

The Corruption of Science in One Graphic

co2islife at CO2 is Life - 1 day ago
H/T to the Real Science Blog Please like, share, subscribe and comment.

Is it time to dump your toothpaste?

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News - 1 day ago
By Dr. Mercola Over the course of your lifetime, you’ll produce 10,000 gallons of spit that your body uses to initiate digestion, neutralize acid in your mouth and help fight germs that produce bad breath. If you floss each day, you’ll go through approximately 5 miles of floss over your lifetime and will use 20 gallons


Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog - 1 day ago
Well, there you go: Jon Ossoff lost. Here was Dave Wasserman at FiveThirtyEight not long before the race was called, on the site's live blog of today's two House special elections: It’s ... legitimately possible that South Carolina’s result could wind up closer than Georgia’s, which would be astounding. Here was Wasserman about an half hour before that: If [Democrat Archie] Parnell loses South Carolina by 4 or 5 points, lots of Democratic activists will point fingers at the party’s hierarchy for not getting more involved.... But it’s possible that Parnell is doing well tonight *be... more »

London Terror Suspect Linked to British Intelligence

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
Published on Jun 19, 2017 On this episode of The Geopolitical Report, we uncover Salman Abedi’s, the Manchester suicide bomber, link to British intelligence. MI5 explains that it missed warnings on Abedi despite one sent by the FBI. This is part of a larger pattern. Since the 1990s, the British government has given jihadi terrorists […]

Deep State Operatives Attempt A Coup d’état Of Donald Trump

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
Deep State Operatives Attempt A Coup d’état Of Donald Trump by Mac Slavo, June 18th, 2017, SHTFplan.com Presidential historian and author Doug Wead claims that the deep state, which has successfully overthrown the governments of foreign countries, is going to continue to actively seek a coup d’etat of the duly elected president of the United States. – […]

Jewish Settlers Taunt Palestinian Girl, 16, as She Lies Dying in Road in Occupation

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
Jewish Settlers Taunt Palestinian Girl, 16, as She Lies Dying in Road in Occupation by http://mondoweiss.net/ Palestinian girl laid to rest in her hometown days after being shot by Israeli forces JENIN (Ma‘an) 3 June — Two days after Israeli forces fatally shot 16-year-old Nuf Uqab Abd al-Jabar Infiaat, the girl was laid to rest Saturday […]

CNN Caught Faking News Again: Qatar Says News Agency Hacking Linked To Middle East, Not Russia

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
CNN Caught Faking News Again: Qatar Says News Agency Hacking Linked To Middle East, Not Russia by Tyler Durden, http://www.zerohedge.com A couple of weeks ago we expressed some level of ‘amazement’ at just how sophisticated, efficient and pervasive the ‘Russian hacking’ community had become after CNN reported that they had managed to hack into a […]

US Not Seeking Destruction of ISIS-Daesh as It Created Terror Group

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
Published on Jun 20, 2017 The leader of Iran’s Islamic revolution says Americans cannot be trusted as they are sitting tight for an opportunity to hit. Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei made the remarks in a meeting with visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. The Leader said the Americans and their followers are against the independence, […]

Democracy Is A Front For Central Bank Rule

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
Democracy Is A Front For Central Bank Rule by Paul Craig Roberts, http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/ Several years ago when the Federal Reserve had its Fed funds rate at zero to 25 basis points (one-quarter of one percent—0.25%), there was a great deal of talk, somehow presented as urgent, whether the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates. – […]

Russia Threatens to Target US-Led Coalition Warplanes in Syria

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
Published on Jun 20, 2017 The United States says it is working on deconfliction with Russia and pro-government forces in Syria, a day after Russia threatened it would target US-led coalition aircraft. Russia has also suspended a hotline intended to avoid collisions in Syrian airspace. On Sunday, the US-led coalition downed a Syrian jet in […]

After the ISIS War, a US-Russia Collision?

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
After the ISIS War, a US-Russia Collision? by Patrick J. Buchanan, http://buchanan.org/blog/ Sunday, a Navy F-18 Hornet shot down a Syrian air force jet, an act of war against a nation with which Congress has never declared or authorized a war. Washington says the Syrian plane was bombing U.S.-backed rebels. Damascus says its plane was […]

US Gov’t Proves Love For ISIS As Bill To “Stop Arming Terrorists” Gets Only 13 Supporters

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
US Gov’t Proves Love For ISIS As Bill To “Stop Arming Terrorists” Gets Only 13 Supporters by Matt Agorist, http://www.activistpost.com/ For the last several decades, the US government has openly funded, supported, and armed various terrorist networks throughout the world to forward an agenda of destabilization and proxy war. It is not a secret, nor a conspiracy […]

How Trump And America Are Being Tricked Into WWIII

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
Published on Jun 20, 2017 Despite the Trump and Russia collusion fake news, Russia has now targeted U.S. aircraft in Syria, a move in which only testifies the situation in Syria. end

Are Central Banks Getting Ready to Crash the System Again?

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
Are Central Banks Getting Ready to Crash the System Again? by Phoenix Capital, http://www.zerohedge.com/ While investors pile into Tech Stocks based on endless promotion from the financial media, the US economy is rolling over. Last week the NY Fed downgraded its economic forecast for 2Q17 to just 1.9%. Even worse, it is now forecasting 2017 total growth to […]

US Jet Shoots Down Syrian Army Drone In “Dangerous Escalation”

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
US Jet Shoots Down Syrian Army Drone In “Dangerous Escalation” by Tyler Durden, http://www.zerohedge.com A US F-15E fighter jet shot down a Syrian regime drone on Monday near At Tanf, Syria, the third downing of a pro-regime aircraft this month, CNN reported. The downing of the drone comes a day after a US jet shot […]

You Think Hawaii is Expensive Now? Wait Until The Universal Basic Income

ActivistPost at Activist Post - 1 day ago
By Jeff Paul I spent three years in Hawaii. It’s obscenely expensive to live there. Real estate, food, electricity, health care, and travel costs are... more »

PEW Poll: A Look At How Russians See Putin

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Washington Post:* *A majority of Russians don’t trust Putin to solve corruption. But they trust him to run the country.* MOSCOW — At a time when public anger over government corruption has led to Russia’s most widespread protests in years, fewer than half of Russians are confident in President Vladi­mir Putin’s efforts to rein in crooked officials, according to a survey released Tuesday. The survey, by the Washington-based Pew Research Center, finds Russians generally confident in their country’s direction, enthusiastic about Moscow’s growing say in world affairs and increasingly ... more »

Proposed Law Threatens Industrial Hemp and Turns CBD Research Over to Big Pharma

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 1 day ago
*Anna Hunt* - This would likely put future CBD research in the hands of pharmaceutical companies. The post Proposed Law Threatens Industrial Hemp and Turns CBD Research Over to Big Pharma appeared first on Waking Times.

Tuesday Night Cat Blogging

Greg Fingas at Accidental Deliberations - 1 day ago
Feline face-offs.

Was Whoopi Goldberg Arrested for Running a ‘Puppy Mill’?

Arturo Garcia at Snopes.com - 1 day ago
A self-styled "satirical" web site concocted a story about the talk show host being "humiliated" by an FBI investigation.

Does Jon Ossoff Live Outside Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District?

Arturo Garcia at Snopes.com - 1 day ago
The Democratic candidate has drawn criticism online from President Donald Trump for living just outside the district boundary, but he is not legally required to live within the region he represents.

‘I Secretly Planted a Giant Sequoia Tree in My Mayor’s Front Yard’?

Kim LaCapria at Snopes.com - 1 day ago
A Redditor's amusing tale of revenge and giant trees was full of holes — and when we got to the root of it, clearly untrue.

The U.S. Navy Needs More Submarines—and Congress Is Coming to the Rescue

Dave Majumdar at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Dave Majumdar* *Security, * 13 more subs? The House Armed Services Committee’s Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee markup of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act will allow the United States Navy to enter into a multiyear buy for 13 *Virginia*-class attack submarines (SSNs) over the next five years. The subcommittee’s language stipulates that the Navy buy the nuclear-powered attack submarines at a rate of no less than two boats per year. Under the bill, the Congress would provide the Navy with advanced procurement authority to buy three submarines per year in 20... more »

The Steady but Unremarkable Clement Attlee

Dov S. Zakheim at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Dov S. Zakheim* *History, Europe* [image: Photograph of President Truman in the Oval Office with British Prime Minister Clement Attlee, during Attlee's visit to the United States to discuss the Korean crisis, as Secretary of State Dean Acheson and Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall look on.] Neither patriotism nor pragmatism necessarily mark one out for greatness. John Bew, *Citizen Clem: A Biography of Attlee* (London: Riverrun, 2016), 668 pp., $30.00. *CLEMENT ATTLEE* was blessed by good fortune. Wounded at Gallipoli, he survived the military disaster while many of his c... more »

The Folly of Sending More U.S. Troops to Afghanistan

Rob Givens at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Rob Givens* *Security, Middle East* [image: U.S. Army soldiers from the 2nd Platoon, B battery 2-8 field artillery, fire a howitzer artillery piece at Seprwan Ghar forward fire base in Panjwai district, Kandahar province southern Afghanistan.] Half a century later, there are still U.S. soldiers stationed in Europe, Japan and South Korea. Is Washington willing to do the same in Afghanistan? The September 11 terrorist attacks were initially equated with Pearl Harbor. After nearly sixteen years, rather than resembling World War II, America’s war in Afghanistan—its longest ever—may ... more »

The West Has a Terror Problem (But It's Not What You Think)

Ken Gude at The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Ken Gude* *Security, Europe* It’s just as important to address as Islamic terror. The West has a problem with terrorism, but it’s in addition to the one you’re probably thinking. Almost a year to the day after Jo Cox, a British MP, was murdered by a far-right white supremacist. Yesterday, British Muslims outside their house of worship in London were targeted in a vehicle attack by a man who reportedly said, “I want to kill Muslims.” This latest incident of far-right inspired violence comes just weeks after two Americans were killed in Portland, Oregon for coming to the defense o... more »

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
“Cosmic clouds seem to form fantastic shapes in the central regions of emission nebula IC 1805. Of course, the clouds are sculpted by stellar winds and radiation from massive hot stars in the nebula's newborn star cluster, Melotte 15. About 1.5 million years young, the cluster stars are near the center of this colorful skyscape, along with dark dust clouds in silhouette. *Click image for larger size.* Dominated by emission from atomic hydrogen, the telescopic view spans about 30 light-years. But wider field images reveal that IC 1805's simpler, overall outline suggests its popular na... more »

Chet Raymo, “The Wild Silence And The Wild Dark”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
*“The Wild Silence And The Wild Dark”* by Chet Raymo "It is probably obvious by now that I have been reading Yeats. So let me share one more poem, "He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven": “Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the half-light, I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” There is a wonderfully sexy scene in “Frankie Starlight” where Anne Parillau... more »

"Isn't It Strange..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
*Calvin:* "Isn't it strange that evolution would give us a sense of humor? When you think about it, it's weird that we have a physiological response to absurdity. We laugh at nonsense. We like it. We think it's funny. Don't you think it's odd that we appreciate absurdity? Why would we develop that way? How does it benefit us?" *Hobbes: "*I suppose if we couldn't laugh at the things that don't make sense, we couldn't react to a lot of life." - Bill Watterson

X22 Report “We Can Pretend All We Want, The US Is In A Recession & Heading For The Big One”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
X22 Report “We Can Pretend All We Want, The US Is In A Recession & Heading For The Big One” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4cc24jvT9E *Related followup report:* "We Are Headed To A Situation Where One Spark Could Cause World Wide Devastation" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5WY0h0M3c8

The irony : a bill endorsing emasculating the US dollar as a worthwhile foreign medium of investment hits a snag at a time when China and Russia have no reason to support it

U.S. Senate's Russian - Iran Sanctions Bill Is Delayed In The Congress

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
The U.S. Capitol Building is pictured in Washington, February 27, 2013. REUTERS/Jason Reed *Washington Post:* *New sanctions on Russia and Iran hit House roadblock* A bipartisan bill extending financial sanctions on Russia and Iran and making it more difficult for President Trump to ease Russian sanctions has encountered a major procedural snag, threatening its quick passage into law and prompting Democrats to accuse House Republicans of protecting Trump. The sanctions bill, known as the Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act, passed the Senate last week on a 98-to-2 vote. ... more »

Marshall Islands Nuclear Atrocities & the United Nations – The Human Perspective w/Desmond Delatram of REACH-MI – #313

rc at GlobaLove Think Tank - 1 day ago
*LISTEN NOW* NUCLEAR HOTSEAT #313 This Week’s Featured Interview: Desmond Doulatram of the Marshall Islands is Co-Founder of the NGO REACH-MI (Radiation Exposure Awareness Crusaders for Humanity – Marshall Islands). Desmond has seen the devastating effects of the testing of 67 nuclear bombs in the Marshall Islands within his own family. He is currently at the United Nations helping to showcase the little known side of history and humanity from the Pacific, and human rights abuses by colonial super powers.

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