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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

8 Oct - Blogs I'm Following

10:35pm MDST

Eichmann Was Completely Unrepentant About The Extermination Of The Jews

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 30 minutes ago
Adolph Eichmann, like Mitt Romney, started off as an advocate of self-deportation I never understood Roland’s interest in Jews-in-exotic-places but whenever we travel to off-the-beaten path countries, he always wants to visit synagogues— in places where you wouldn’t expect Jews, like Singapore, Yangon, and India. We still haven’t visited Madagascar but there’s even a small Jewish community there. Until Hitler decided to invade Russia, it looked like there was going to be a really big Jewish community in Madagascar. Franz Rademacher, head of the Jewish Department of the German Ministr... more »

General Electric Shifts From Causing Disease to "Treating" Diseases Caused

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 40 minutes ago
In 2012 GE CEO Jeff Immelt was quoted by the Financial Times as stating nuclear is 'Hard to Justify', GE Says: Financial Times Monday July 20, 2012, p. A1 by Piita Clark "Nuclear power is so expensive compared with other forms of energy that it has become 'really hard' to justify, according to the chief executive of General Electric, one of the world's largest suppliers of atomic equipment. 'It's really a gas and wind world today,' said Jeff Immelt.... 'When I talk tot he guys who run the oil companies they say look, they're finding more gas all the time. It's just hard to justi... more »

An Investigation Into NY’s “Families for Excellent Schools”

deutsch29 at @ THE CHALK FACE - 1 hour ago
This morning, I read a post on education historian Diane Ravitch’s blog about an influential nonprofit in New York, Families for Excellent Schools (FES). It seems that nonprofit is wielding its influence to advance charter schools in New York City. As Ravitch writes: Perdido Street blogger asks why it is impossible to find out who contributed to […]

avant garde

Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 1 hour ago

While The World Is Staying Focused On The Ebola "Crisis": Very Important World Economic News - Russia, China, And European Nations, Are Moving Rapidly Away From The US Dollar As Their Reserve Currencies!

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 1 hour ago
Yes, the news everywhere around the world has continued to be about the Ebola "crisis"…. You cannot turn on any of the Jew spew media outlets these days and not watch the constant harping by the liars in our media with their constant scare mongering about this Ebola "outbreak" and calls for something to be done about this crisis, meaning the impending forced inoculation of the general public by big Pharma's poisonous vaccines…. I am still not convinced that we are dealing with a real "pandemic" and have continued to wonder if this fear mongering is being done purposely just to diver... more »

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 hour ago
"Many spiral galaxies have bars across their centers. Even our own Milky Way Galaxy is thought to have a modest central bar. Prominently barred spiral galaxy NGC 1672, pictured below, was captured in spectacular detail in image taken by the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope. *Click image for larger size.* Visible are dark filamentary dust lanes, young clusters of bright blue stars, red emission nebulas of glowing hydrogen gas, a long bright bar of stars across the center, and a bright active nucleus that likely houses a supermassive black hole. Light takes about 60 million years to re... more »

The Poet: Antonio Machado, "Wayfarer"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 hour ago
*"Wayfarer"* "Wayfarer, the only way is your footsteps, there is no other. Wayfarer, there is no way, you make the way by walking. As you go, you make the way and stopping to look behind, you see the path that your feet will never travel again. Wayfarer, there is no way - Only foam trails to the sea." ~ Antonio Machado

"The Status Quo: Life as We Know It"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 hour ago
*"The Status Quo: Life as We Know It"* by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM "Our lives can sometimes become status quo and that is ok as long as we aren't keeping it that way on purpose. When our lives are going well, and sometimes even when they aren’t, we may find ourselves feeling very attached to the status quo of our existence- life as we know it. It is a very human tendency to resist change as though it were possible to simply decide not to do it, or have it in our lives. But change will come and the status quo will go, sooner or later, with our consent or without it. We may find a... more »

stranger at the pentagon

Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 2 hours ago

The Daily "Near You?"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 2 hours ago
Anchorage, Alaska, USA. Thanks for stopping by.

Watch Bamse och tjuvstaden 2014 Full Movie Online

Vance Lindsey at MegaCinema HD Stream - 2 hours ago
*Bamse och tjuvstaden (2014)* Year : 2014 Rating : N/A Score : 6.7 Release : 17 Jan 2014 Duration : 66 min Genre : Animation, Family Director : Christian Ryltenius Writer : Rune Andréasson (characters by), Johan Kindblom, Tomas Tivemark Cast : Peter Haber, Morgan Alling, Steve Kratz, Magnus Härenstam Synopsis Bamse och tjuvstadenSweden's most popular comic book character - the bear Bamse - will now get his first own feature film. In 'Bamse and the city of thieves' the strongest bear in the world and his two friends Little Hopp and Shellman show that the best weapon against evil is ... more »

"The Karamazov Question"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 2 hours ago
"Tell me yourself, I challenge you—answer. Imagine that you are creating a fabric of human destiny with the object of making men happy in the end, giving them peace and rest at last, but that it was essential and inevitable to torture to death only one tiny creature... and to found that edifice on its unavenged tears: would you consent to be the architect on those conditions? Tell me, and tell the truth.” - Dostoevsky, "The Brothers Karamazov"

"There Before Their Eyes..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 2 hours ago
"It's daylight, the sky is cloudy, and human beings believe that beyond the clouds lives an all-powerful God, guiding the fate of men. Meanwhile, look at your son, look at your feet, listen to the sounds around you: down here is the Mother, so much closer, bringing joy to children and energy to those who walk over her body. Why do people prefer to believe in something far away and forget what is there before their eyes, a true manifestation of the miracle?" - Paulo Coelho


noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 2 hours ago
*"Happiness"* "You can't eat happiness You can't buy it. You can't wear it. You can't drive it, or drink it, or sell it, or steal it. You can't lock it away. You can't negotiate for it. You can't win it, you can't marry it, you can't inherit it, you can't cheat it. You can't smoke it, or inject it, or rent it or borrow it. You can't campaign for it or beg for it, or talk other people into giving you theirs. You can live happiness. You can create it. You can be it. You can give it to others. You can enjoy it. You can share it. You can claim it. You can have as much as you wish. You can en... more »

Rush Limbaugh Has Another Obvious Fake Caller, A 12-Year-Old Girl, During School Hours And Love His "History" Books

Big Dan at Big Dan's Big Blog - 3 hours ago
*"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." ~ Sinclair Lewis* Which part of this don't you believe: *A 12-year-old girl called Rush Limbaugh during school hours and says she loves his "history" books.* Here's the parts no one can possibly believe: 1. A 12-year-old listens to Rush Limbaugh. 2. A girl listens to Rush Limbaugh. 3. A 12-year-old girl listens to Rush Limbaugh. 4. A 12-year-old girl listens to Rush Limbaugh even though he's on during school. 5. A 12-year-old girl calls Rush Limbaugh during school hours when ... more »

Watch Moving Mountains 2014 Full Movie Online

Vance Lindsey at MegaCinema HD Stream - 3 hours ago
*Moving Mountains (2014)* Year : 2014 Rating : N/A Score : N/A Release : N/A Duration : 95 min Genre : Drama Director : Jeanie M. Clark Writer : Penny Loeb Cast : Theresa Russell, Tina Alexis Allen, Michael Alban, Rachel St. Gelais Synopsis Moving MountainsMoving Mountains is the true story of one woman's heroic struggle to save her community. She must overcome the might of a billion dollar coal company, the massive governmental bureaucracy that is bent on protecting it and the many difficulties in her own life. When a coal mining operation causes the wells in her community to go ... more »

Time again to test our geographic mettle with those fiends from National Geographic (Zombies? Zombies??? Gimme a break!)

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 3 hours ago
*Zombies, eh?* *by Ken* We haven't done this in a while, and when I saw the new issue of *National Geographic* in the mailbox this evening when I got home from today's urban gadding (first a visit to NYC Transit's Bergen Sign Shop out in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, then a Historic Districts Council walk up in Harlem and even farther up in Mott Haven, the Bronx, focusing on three still-in-use Carnegie-paid-for public libraries, with a drive-by of a third on the bus en route to the Bronx), I thought, you know, we haven't done this in a while! So here it is, direct from the address ins... more »

Sunday Song

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 4 hours ago
Oklahoma U.S.A.*Written by: *Ray Davies *Lyrics:* All life we work but work is bore, If life's for livin' what's livin' for, She lives in a house that's near decay, Built for the industrial revolution, But in her dreams she is far away, In Oklahoma U.S.A. With Shirley Jones and Gordon McRea, As she buys her paper at the corner shop, She's walkin' on the surrey with the fringe on top, Cos in her dreams she is far away, In Oklahoma U.S.A., She walks to work but she's still in a daze, She's Rita Hayworth or Doris Day, And Errol Flynn's gonna take her away, To Oklahoma U.S.A., All life we w... more »

"Oh, Such Problems... Really? How It Really Is"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago

Watch This Is Where I Leave You 2014 Full Movie Online

Vance Lindsey at MegaCinema HD Stream - 4 hours ago
*This Is Where I Leave You (2014)* Year : 2014 Rating : R Score : 6.0 Release : 19 Sep 2014 Duration : 103 min Genre : Comedy Director : Shawn Levy Writer : Jonathan Tropper (screenplay), Jonathan Tropper (novel) Cast : Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, Adam Driver Synopsis This Is Where I Leave YouWhen their father passes away, four grown siblings, bruised and banged up by their respective adult lives, are forced to return to their childhood home and live under the same roof together for a week, along with their over-sharing mother and an assortment of spouses, exes and might-... more »

"We Do Not Need Magic..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 5 hours ago
“If you choose to use your status and influence to raise your voice on behalf of those who have no voice; if you choose to identify not only with the powerful, but with the powerless; if you retain the ability to imagine yourself into the lives of those who do not have your advantages, then it will not only be your proud families who celebrate your existence, but thousands and millions of people whose reality you have helped change. We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.” — J. K. Rowlin... more »

“Finding A Sense Of Calm In The Midst Of A Frantic Life”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 5 hours ago
*“Finding A Sense Of Calm In The Midst Of A Frantic Life”* By Carolyn Gregoire “Stress, anxiety and busyness are, unfortunately, a part of everyday life for most of us. When we operate from a place of stress and frantic energy, everything seems like a big deal, and little annoyances, setbacks and challenges keep us trapped in a cycle of negative thought patterns. In times of stress, the idea of taking time for peace and quiet may feel like a luxury that we can't afford. But without it, we'll be hard-pressed to find any joy or fulfillment in life. "We exist too much in the minds of ... more »

Why is John Lydon Still Alive...?

Spike EP at News Spike - 5 hours ago
*"The King is gone, but he's not forgotten,* *This is the story of Johnny Rotten..."* Yes, but Brother Lydon makes the classic mistake of confusing voting with democracy. And by the way - why DID he and his wife miss boarding flight Pan-Am Flight 103, exactly....? It wasn't just him, though. Someone also felt the need to warn the *Four Tops, Kim Cattrell, the heir to the Spanish Throne,* and *every US State Dept. official *and every *US Serviceman in serving Europe* that Christmas not to board that flight, either. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan_Am_Flight_103#People_booked_who_... more »

The End of Roy's Weekly Wingnut Roundups

Batocchio at Vagabond Scholar - 5 hours ago
Alas, after six years, the Village Voice has canceled Roy Edroso's brilliant weekly column looking at conservative bloggers. The columns were anthropologically fascinating, historically valuable, politically insightful, and damn entertaining to read. Roy would cover the sincere, rabid and crazy conservative base as well as the professional conservative hacks (and the former auditioning to join

Watch Amira & Sam 2014 Full Movie Online

Vance Lindsey at MegaCinema HD Stream - 5 hours ago
*Amira & Sam (2014)* Year : 2014 Rating : TV-14 Score : N/A Release : 21 Mar 2014 Duration : 60 min Genre : Talk-Show Director : N/A Writer : N/A Cast : Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Sherri Shepherd, Jenny McCarthy Synopsis Amira & SamN/A Description Amira & SamAre Jackie Evancho And Amira Willighagen Opera Singers? Jackie Evancho rose to stardom some years ago. Where you in awe? I was not. On the contrary.,Amira Hass - Amira Hass is the Haaretz correspondent for the Occupied Territories. Born in Jerusalem in 1956, Hass joined Haaretz in 1989, and has been in her ...,...,Musli...more »

“Life Brevity: Life Is Too Short”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 6 hours ago
*“Life Brevity: Life Is Too Short”* by MeaningsOfLife "Meditating in life is to meditate in its brevity. The brevity of life is one of the more common themes of human existential thought. There is authentic poetry in many ancient reflexions on this brevity, and the inevitability of death and nothingness. *Life Is Too Short Quotes:* "Insignificant mortals, who are as leaves are, and now flourish and grow warm with life, and feed on what the ground gives, but soon fade away and are dead." - Homer, Century IX b.C., Greek poet, "Iliad" "Having glimpsed a small part of life, men rise up... more »

7 Military Blogs That Should Be Bookmarked

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 6 hours ago
*7 Military Blogs You Need to Check Out -- The Military Leader* Get your Sunday reading in with some peer writing. Here are 7 of the best military blogs out there right now if you’re looking for professional, well-written content. What I like about these site is that they’re either created/hosted by an active duty service member, or they’re a repository of active duty writing. So, you know you’re getting relevant content. *Read more* .... *My Comment:* In the next few weeks I am going to be updating the blogroll on the left side of this website. If anyone has a blog or website that... more »

Censored News Fundraiser for Boarding School Tribunal Coverage

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 6 hours ago
Censored News photo mural     . Hi friends, Censored News is fundraising for coverage of the Boarding School Tribunal in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which begins Wednesday. As of today, Saturday, $500 is still needed to cover airfare and hotel expenses. I plan to provide print coverage, photos and behind-the-scenes interviews at the Tribunal, Oct. 22 --, 24, 2104. Govinda of Earthcycles will

How Do They Define Treason In Missouri These Days? Meet Debbie Dunnegan, Republican Jefferson County Recorder Of Deeds

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 7 hours ago
Jefferson County includes many of St Louis’ southern suburbs. It’s well-off, very white, kind of centrist… a very Hillary Clinton kind of area— and *not* a very Barack Obama kind of area. Of the 10 elected county-wide officials, 8 are Democrats and only two are Republicans, County Commissioner Ken Waller and County Recorder of Deeds Debbie Dunnegan Waters. She expected an easy ride to reelection next month. A Facebook posting calling for a military coup against President Obama is causing her a little problem. Chances are, no one outside of eastern Missouri would have ever heard of... more »

Are They Really Trying to Kill Us?

theozarker at The Conflicted Doomer - 7 hours ago
October 18, 2014 Over the last couple of weeks, reading at doomer forums and the comment sections of some doomer blogs, I’ve seen some of the most irrational (and frankly, sometimes venal) conspiracy theories I’ve ever read. Come on, folks, … Continue reading →

More Talk About China Preparing For War

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 7 hours ago
Surface-to-surface missiles are displayed in a parade to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, in Beijing October 1, 2009. Credit: Reuters/Jason Lee/Files *China: Sharpening Swords For War? -- Richard L. Russell, National Interest* From a realist’s geopolitical perspective, the United States needs to keep eyes on global hot spots with concentrations of power that could adversely affect American national interests. Of the three geographic centers of global power today, two are engulfed in war while the third is on the war’s precipice. In E... more »

Can We Feed A Growing World?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 8 hours ago
*Can The World Produce Enough Food For 2 Billion More People? -- Reuters* ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With the world population rising, demographers are grappling with one of the most pressing issues of the century - will there be enough food for an extra two to four billion people? Projections of global population growth vary widely with the United Nations last month forecasting numbers rising to 9.6 billion in 2050 and around 10.9 billion by the end of the century from 7.2 billion currently. That is about 1.5 billion more people than another estimate calculated by the Int... more »

The tribute to the F35

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 8 hours ago
South Korea is buying planes but not the missiles needed to use them. Or the spare parts needed to keep them in combat. Just like England buying them to put on a aircraft carrier that will not exist. Canada will buy them to do what? Why not ask the Romans Why? It should be on the ballot. Dear citizens do you wish to pay tribute?

Music, Films and Protests: Censored News Mailbox Oct 18, 2014

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 9 hours ago
Censored News Mailbox Oct. 18, 2014: Films, Music, Protests, Awards and More October 2014 UNO Native American Film Festival   Nov. 7-9 in Omaha, Nebraska    Omaha's Second Annual Native American Film Festival, November 7-9, 2014, will showcase ten feature films, documentaries, and animations. Co-presented by the University of Nebraska-Omaha (UNO) Native American Studies,

Oct. 18: Let's start with the Faith page, I mean...

Graeme Decarie at The Moncton Times@Transcript - Good and Bad - 9 hours ago
I mean what the hell.... we live in religious society. Right? Business operates on principles of being charitable, loving neighbours, etc... I mean that's why we have an Irving Chapel in celebration of Judaic-Christian principles. This time, the sermonette on the faith page is about Thanksgiving Day. (There's also, as a sign of the free-thinking of the writer of the sermonette, a daring statement that God does not create hurricanes. No doubt there are also people who will think its worth arguing about that.) As Rhett Butler said to Scarlett O'Hara, "Frankly, I don't give a damn."... more »

ISIS fear sold like beer!

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 9 hours ago
And the profit is more power, less transparency greater freedom for the Masters of the Universe to operate without fear. Event manipulation axiom - the political manipulation of events is inversely proportional to the actual seriousness.

This Has Not Been A Good Year

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 9 hours ago
U.S. Marines observe surrounding compounds during a security patrol in Washir district in Helmand province, Afghanistan, Sept. 29, 2014. The Marines are assigned to Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment. The Marines patrolled to disrupt enemy operations against the Bastion-Leatherneck Complex. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. John A. Martinez Jr. *A Year Of Living On The Brink -- Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal* Ebola, ISIS, Ukraine, a stock-market wipeout—there’s nowhere to hide. History will mark down 2014 as the year predicted 49 years ago by Martha and the Va... more »

Gleen Greenwald article on Bolivian election

Carlos at Viva Bolivia - 9 hours ago
[image: Featured photo - What ‘Democracy’ Really Means in U.S. and New York Times Jargon: Latin America Edition] Dean Mouhtaropoulos One of the most accidentally revealing media accounts highlighting the real meaning of “democracy” in U.S. discourse is a still-remarkable 2002 *New York Times* Editorial on the U.S.-backed military coup in Venezuela, which temporarily removed that country’s democratically elected (and very popular) president, Hugo Chávez. Rather than describe that coup as what it was *by definition* - a direct attack on democracy by a foreign power and domestic milita... more »

Under Review: Cite This!

Steve Saideman at Duck of Minerva - 10 hours ago
The boon and bane of our academic enterprise is that we get feedback all the time on our work. Our work is better for it–that the hack-iest stuff I read is always stuff that is not submitted to any kind of refereeing process and relies instead on editors who seem to be blind to the Continue reading

Saturday Interview: Stroppybird

Phil at All That Is Solid ... - 10 hours ago
Stroppybird - not her real name - is a socialist feminist activist and Facebook obsessive currently living in London. Stropps wrote things for five years over at the eponymous Stroppyblog. You can follow her on Twitter here. *Why did you start blogging?* I got into blogs when my partner started one. I read and commented on lots and then thought, why not, ill give it a go. *What was your best blogging experience?* The blog was a mix of politics and humour and one of my favorite posts was the Leftie Sex Survey. Quite an eye opener into the world of the left! *Have you any blogging ... more »

Watch Kissing Darkness Full Movie 2014 Streaming

Vance Lindsey at MegaCinema HD Stream - 10 hours ago
*Kissing Darkness (2014)* Year : 2014 Rating : N/A Score : 4.9 Release : 06 Apr 2014 Duration : 87 min Genre : Comedy, Horror, Thriller Director : James Townsend Writer : James Townsend Cast : Nick Airus, Allusia Alusia, Sean Benedict, Daniel Berilla Synopsis Kissing DarknessA group of college boys, bored with the every day 'gay life' of LA, decide to skip Pride weekend in exchange for a camping trip in the woods. Quickly overcome with boredom in their new surroundings, the boys venture into a game that ultimately unleashes the vengeful spirit of a local legend known as Malice Val... more »

Bhang : Entheogenic Use of Cannabis in India

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 10 hours ago
Cannabis in India has for a long time been used as a religious sacrament and entheogenic to be closer to God. Bhang, a potent drink made from the flowers is still legal today... The post Bhang : Entheogenic Use of Cannabis in India appeared first on Waking Times.

Portrait Of An Islamic State Fighter In Kobani

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 10 hours ago
Turkish soldiers are seen atop and around armoured vehicles near the Mursitpinar border crossing on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province on Wednesday. (Reuters) *The IS Man Who Begged For Death ... And Got It -- Arab News/AFP* SURUC, Turkey: Kurdish grocer Cuneyt Hemo remembers the moment he crossed paths with a Islamic State (IS) prisoner inside the besieged Syrian town of Kobani. “He begged us to kill him so he could go to paradise and be rewarded,” Hemo told AFP, in a rare glimpse of life inside the town. “We captured him in the stre... more »

The Apprentice, episodes one and two.

sue at Is the BBC biased? - 10 hours ago
The world is in turmoil, the Ebola crisis is worsening each day, Islamic State is going strong, Muslims are at war wherever you find ‘em, Jihadis’ plots are straining our security services to breaking point, the BBC is preoccupied with the so-called Freudian slip and the Madeley family’s trolling problem. Of all the artificial constructs, in all the schedules of every channel in all the world, no wonder I was watching the most artificial construct of all; the Apprentice. We do like our unreality reality programmes. We know they’re slickly edited, tweaked, manipulated and moulded i... more »

Victory: Mexico Judge Votes Against Monsanto in Favor of Bees

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 11 hours ago
*Christina Sarich* - The post Victory: Mexico Judge Votes Against Monsanto in Favor of Bees appeared first on Waking Times.

What Will Make You Think More Like Einstein?

Waking Times at Waking Times - 11 hours ago
*Video -* Here are some hints on what activities will help you use both hemispheres of the brain and think more like Einstein. The post What Will Make You Think More Like Einstein? appeared first on Waking Times.

Colorado Voters Are Making The CIA Domestic Spy Agents Very Happy-- Very, Very Happy

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 11 hours ago
Getting control over congressional oversite was the biggest goal of the CIA and NSA in this election cycle. They’re actively infiltrating CIA agents into Congress itself. On the Democratic side, Steve Israel conspired with them to push forward several CIA candidates, including, among others, Kevin Strouse (PA-08) and Bobby McKenzie (MI-11). They were unable to gain any traction and were eventually abandoned by the DCCC to their own miserable fates. Both are expected to lose badly November 4. But don’t feel badly for the CIA. The National Surveillance Establishment’s top goal of t... more »

Pentagon Prepares for A Long War Against The Islamic State In Syria And Iraq

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
President Barack Obama, center, addresses the media after meeting with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, left, Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, right, and combatant commanders at the Pentagon, Oct. 8, 2014. DoD photo by Glenn Fawcett *WNU Editor:* This analysis from Roberg Burns and Lolita C. Baldor from the AP is a depressing read .... *US military sees long haul ahead for war with IS*.

These Activists are Risking Their Lives and Using High-Tech to Stop Illegal Logging in the Amazon

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 11 hours ago
*Jeremy Hance* - Activists are risking their lives and employing high technology to uncover illegal timber cutting operations in the Brazilian Amazon... The post These Activists are Risking Their Lives and Using High-Tech to Stop Illegal Logging in the Amazon appeared first on Waking Times.

Supplemental: The New York Times loses consciousness!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 11 hours ago
*SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2014The paper’s essential culture:* In last weekend’s Sunday Review, the New York Times published a very peculiar piece. In our view, this peculiar piece captured the famous newspaper’s peculiar essential culture. We refer to this peculiar essay by Michael S. A. Graziano, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Princeton. Despite his pair of middle initials, Graziano is an American. According to the leading authority, he was born in Bridgeport and raised in Buffalo. According to the Times identity tag, he’s also the author of “Consciousness and the S... more »

28 pages that could change the Middle East

Kevin Barrett at truthjihad.com blog - 11 hours ago
*[Listen to my interview with Les Jamieson on the push to declassify the 28 pages]* *In 2002, George W. Bush’s Zionist speechwriter David Frum coined the term “axis of evil” – and applied it to Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. * But today, if we were to nominate two Middle Eastern countries and one non-Middle Eastern country as the real axis of evil, it would be Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. Those three countries have been spreading violence and destabilization throughout the Middle East and beyond. Unlike Frum’s trio, the Zio-Saudi-American axis really is an axis. And unlike F... more »

You Cannot Outsource Fighting A War

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
Marine Corps UN-1Y Huey helicopters prepare to insert Marines during a raid exercise on K-9 Village, Yuma Proving Ground, Ariz., Oct. 1, 2014. The exercise is part of Weapons and Tactics Instructor 1-15, a seven-week event hosted by the Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One cadre. The Marines are assigned to 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Artur Shvartsberg *The US Can't Outsource Warfighting -- James R. Holmes, The Diplomat* Offshore powers have long tried to get continental powers ... more »

ETs, hippies, loons introduce Andrew Strominger

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 12 hours ago
*...or a yogi and another nude man?* Exactly one week ago, Andrew Strominger of Harvard gave a Science and Cocktails talk in Christiania – a neighborhood of Copenhagen, Denmark. The beginning of this 64-minute lecture on "Black Holes, String Theory and the Fundamental Laws of Nature" is rather extraordinary and if you only want to see the weirdest introduction of a fresh winner of the Dirac Medal, just listen to the first three minutes of the video. However, you will obviously be much more spiritually enriched if you continue to watch for another hour – even though some people... more »

10 Health Benefits of Eating Broccoli

Waking Times at Waking Times - 13 hours ago
*Meme - *There are reasons why eating broccoli is one of the best things you can do for your health. The post 10 Health Benefits of Eating Broccoli appeared first on Waking Times.

Top 5 Russian Arms NATO Is Afraid Of (Video)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 13 hours ago
From* YouTube*: Russia is capable of striking a "painful blow" to NATO, if the alliance, for example, gets involved in the war in Ukraine. Here is the top five of weapons that, according to Western analysts, make Russia a dangerous opponent in case of war. Operational tactical missile complex Iskander comes first. Its missiles are highly accurate and can hit targets at a distance of 400 km. They can maneuver when flying and strike moving targets. Iskander gives the Russian army an opportunity to hit targets located deep inside Europe. Next on the list is the family of Su-27 fighte... more »

A Laser Guided Artillery Shell?

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*Laser-Guided ‘Excalibur’ Artillery Shell Shopped To Army, Navy -- Washington Times* Raytheon has a new laser-guided, 155mm “Excalibur” artillery shell — with technology that allows the weapon to change course mid-flight — that it’s pitching to the Army and Navy. “Raytheon missile systems is investing in a dual-mode Excalibur variant called Excalibur S. It maintains its GPS guidance system but also adds a laser spot tracker which is a seeker that will detect laser energy from a laser designator and guide to that energy spot on a target,” said Paul Daniels, business development le... more »

Five Star Trek Weapons That The Military Wishes They Had

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*5 Weapons From Star Trek That America’s Military Wishes It Had -- National Interest* In Star Trek's vision of the future, humanity has ended poverty, hunger and racism. In fact, all the worst aspects of human existence have been swept away -- except war. Warfare and weapons have been a prominent theme in Star Trek since the series debuted in 1966. Barrages of phasers and photon torpedoes erupt from starships traveling faster than the speed of light, only to be repelled by deflector shields that block their deadly energies. Never mind that much of this is fantasy. Traveling faste... more »

Never Tear Us Apart - The Paula Yates Interview, 1998

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Never Tear Us Apart - The Paula Yates Interview, 1998 from Spike EP on Vimeo . The coroner, Paul Knapman, said the amount she snorted would not have killed an addict, but as "an unsophisticated taker of heroin" Miss Yates had no tolerance to the drug. Recording a verdict of death by non-dependent abuse of drugs, he told the court: "The evidence does not point to this being a deliberate act of suicide. It seems most improbable that she would attempt to kill herself with her daughter in the house. Her behaviour was foolish and incautious." Miss Yates, 41, died at her home in Notting... more »

Is There A Foreign Submarine Operating In Swedish Waters?

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Swedish Navy commodore Jonas Wikstrom talks to the media during a news conference in Stockholm October 17, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Anders Wiklund/TT News Agency *Sweden's Military Investigates 'Suspicious Underwater Activity' -- Reuters* (Reuters) - Sweden's military said on Friday it was searching an area of the sea around the Stockholm archipelago after a report on "suspicious underwater activity". The search in the Baltic Sea evokes memories in Sweden of the stranding in 1981 of the Soviet submarine U137 deep inside Swedish waters, which sparked intense suspicion about the scale ... more »

Ukraine Foreign Minister: We Need More Than The $30 Billion In Aid That Has Been Promised

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Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin. © REUTERS/ Yves Herman *Western $30 Billion Aid Insufficient For Kiev: Ukrainian Foreign Minister -- RIA Novosti* MOSCOW, October 18 (RIA Novosti) - Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister Pavlo Klimkin said Saturday that the country needs much more money than the $30 billion the Western countries had promised Kiev, German media said. According to Klimkin, subsequent financial needs of the country can no longer be taken into account, as the rescue measures for macroeconomic stabilization planned in spring were "delayed." "That's why the promised... more »

What Does A Russian President Do At 3:00 AM While Being In Milan

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REUTERS/ ITAR-TASS *Putin Pays A Late-Night Visit To Berlusconi In Milan -- Wall Street Journal* ROME–They say old friendships, as well as old habits, never die. Russian President Vladimir Putin perhaps couldn’t resist an invite from his Italian chum, former Premier Silvio Berlusconi, in the early hours of Friday to his mansion in Milan. President Putin met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel for nearly 2 1/2 hours at a hotel in the historic center of Milan to discuss top issues such as Russian natural-gas deliveries to Ukraine, the conflict in the Eastern European country, as w... more »

Russian President Putin: Global Economy Will Collapse If Oil Prices Remain At $80 Per Barrel

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Russian President Putin. © RIA Novosti. Mikhail Klimentiev *Putin: Global Economy Will Collapse If Oil Prices Remain at $80 per Barrel -- RIA Novosti* MILAN, October 17 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that world economy will collapse if oil prices remain at $80 per barrel. Shale oil production in the United States is profitable at a price of $80 per barrel, according to Putin. “If oil prices remain at $80 per barrel, it will lead to production collapse. Budgets of all major oil-producing countries are based on the price of little more than $80, close ... more »

If Plutocrats Have Been Leasing American Democracy, They Are Now On A Path To Owning It Outright

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Thursday evening we saw how Ro Khanna, a corporate shill posing as a Democrat while willing to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits, is being bankrolled by some of the most insidious anti-democracy forces in America. Crooked banksters and hedge-fund managers who should be in jail are buying out America’s entire electoral system, not just Silicon Valley’s. In the winter of 2000, just as John McCain and George W. Bush were entering a pivotal series of Republican primaries, a mysterious new campaign ad appeared on television stations in New York, Ohio and California. The ad sho... more »


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*Universities are an unwelcoming environment for normal males* Higher education’s crusade against so-called ‘lad culture’ stretches far beyond the puritanical killjoys at the National Union of Students (NUS). On both sides of the Atlantic, some university managers and academics have a serious issue with male students, and are on a mission to expunge from campus any whiff of laddishness. In the US, debate ensues about the possibility, rather than the desirability, of banning fraternities. While the legalities are batted to and fro, some institutions have introduced mixed-sex and alc... more »

In Beleaguered Calgary, a Tireless Multi-Tasker Toils

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Poor Calgary. While home to many good and decent people, it is also headquarters for PetroState Canada as well as the country's most disgusting and self-righteous gang of fetus freaks, the Canadian Centre for Bioethical *ptui* Reform (CCBR), whose gory website you can look up yourself if you've a mind to. They've plagued various parts of our fair land with their crap, but Calgary is their home base and special target. When they're not dropping traffic-accident-causing gore banners over highway overpasses, they're stuffing residential mailboxes with their faked-up abortion porn. T... more »

Molten Salts and the question of costs.

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*I have been accused of advocating Molten Salt Reactors, because of my father's 20 year career as a MSR chemistry researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). In fact, in my first debate, with David Roberts on Grist, I argued in support of Pressurized Water Reactors. Roberts offered several weak arguments against nuclear power. Roberts argued that nuclear power was unsafe. This was a weak argument, because Roberts was extremely ill informed of nuclear safety concepts, advances in nuclear safety technology, and possible future technological advances, Roberts was also unawa...more »


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*Are eco-friendly bulbs BAD for the environment? LEDs attract 50% more insects and could damage ecosystems* Blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been receiving positive attention after its inventors were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics last week. They use around 90 per cent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last for 100,000 hours compared with 1,000 hours for tungsten filament light bulbs. But while they may be good for the environment, a new study claims that the discovery may a problem for insects, which are more strongly attracted to the LED spectrum of light. The r... more »

...where angels fear to tread

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I'll share a secret with you. When you're in the blogging mood you do tend to actively hunt out things that will advance your blogging mission, especially (for the purposes of this blog) things about BBC bias. It keeps momentum going - which, for some reason, matters. The temptation then is to post about any half-credible-sounding thing you come across, especially if it's an article published in a prestigious media outlet, like the *Times,* the *Spectator*, etc, and then to write a powerfully-worded preface strongly denouncing the BBC on the strength of it. Bingo! I may have don... more »

"I agree with Nigel"?

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This week's *Newswatch *dealt with the thorny issue of BBC impartiality and the proposed next general election leaders debates, especially given the fractured UK political landscape at the moment, posing the question: Why is there a place for Nigel Farage but not for the leaders of the Greens, the SNP or other parties in the proposed television debates for next year's general election? The current proposals from the BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 4 are that Channel 4 and Sky will stage a head-to-head between David Cameron and Ed Miliband, while the BBC will include Nick Clegg alongside... more »

The Hidden Meanings of Yin and Yang

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*Video - *Why we all contain the spirit of yin and yang -- and how we can achieve a balance of both in our lives. The post The Hidden Meanings of Yin and Yang appeared first on Waking Times.

Question Vaccines

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* Source:* *Living With Common Sense Facebook*

S'ralan and the "middle class BBC mockery that denigrates sales and business"

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Iain Martin has a somewhat tongue-in-cheek post about *The Apprentice *at the *Telegraph, *'Is the Apprentice a Marxist plot designed to discredit capitalism?', which, for all its humour, makes some reasonable points, I think, about the BBC's business coverage: In the last decade the BBC has done much to improve its coverage of business. It has hired a string of respected figures and good journalists – Jeff Randall, Robert Peston and now Kamal Ahmed – as business editor and has strength and depth in its reporting team. This has produced a dramatic change in the tenor of the Beeb's... more »

A Review Of The Movie 'Fury'

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*‘Fury’ Review -- Sonny Bunch, Washington Free Beacon* Bringing the intensity of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ to tank warfare Shortly after inspecting the ragtag nature of American troops at the African front in Patton (1970), Generals Omar Bradley and George S. Patton discuss the weakness of American tanks compared to their German counterparts. “Their tanks are diesels—even when we managed to hit them they kept running,” Bradley (Karl Malden) says. “The men call our tanks ‘Purple Heart Boxes.’ One hot piece of shrapnel and the gasoline explodes.” *Read more *.... *My Comment*: It look... more »

"A Look to the Heavens"

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“Point your telescope toward the high flying constellation Pegasus and you can find this expanse of Milky Way stars and distant galaxies. Centered on NGC 7814, the pretty field of view would almost be covered by a full moon. NGC 7814 is sometimes called the Little Sombrero for its resemblance to the brighter more famous M104, the Sombrero Galaxy. *Click image for larger size.* Both Sombrero and Little Sombrero are spiral galaxies seen edge-on, and both have extensive central bulges cut by a thinner disk with dust lanes in silhouette. In fact, NGC 7814 is some 40 million light-year... more »

Robinson takes command of PACAF

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[image: Gen. Lori J. Robinson, commander of Pacific Air Forces]Gen. Lori Robinson took command of Pacific Air Forces from Gen. Hawk Carlisle Oct. 16 during a change of command ceremony here. Presiding over the ceremony, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III praised Carlisle’s past accomplishments and expressed confidence in Robinson as the new commander of PACAF. “Gen. Lori Robinson is a phenomenal leader and a proven operator,” Welsh said. “She fully understands what it takes to be successful in this business and has all the tools to take this command to even higher level... more »

First 5 ATAK choppers ready for combat

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[image: T-129 ATAK]The Turkish General Staff has announced that the first five attack and tactical reconnaissance helicopters have been added to its arsenal during a presentation of the choppers to the press. The first five choppers were presented to the public at the Land Forces Aviation Command located in Güvercinlik Military Airport in Ankara. Speaking to the press on Friday, Lt. Col. Aydın Lafçı said five ATAK T/129 choppers were delivered to the General Staff after test flights were conducted by the Land Forces Command over the past four-and-a-half months. “Five choppers have b... more »

Target missile intercepted during test off Hawaii

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[image: USS John Paul Jones (DDG-53)]The military says it successfully intercepted a medium-range missile during a test off Hawaii. The Defense Department says Thursday's test was to demonstrate that the Aegis defense system can engage and track a ballistic missile while using only tracks from remote airborne sensors. The target missile was launched from Kauai's Pacific Missile Range Facility. Sailors aboard the Pearl Harbor-based USS John Paul Jones used radar to detect and track the target. Read more

Here's Another Sign Of How Astronomically Expensive The F-35 Is

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[image: F-35 Lightning II]The US military is trying to reduce its size and spending as it winds down its mission in Afghanistan and attempts to pivot away from the Middle East. But there’s one multi-billion dollar factor standing in the way, for one branch of the military at least: the troubled F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. From 2012 to 2013, the only American military branch not to see a 20 per cent fall in contract spending obligations, which constitute about half of the total defence budget, was the Navy. Its $US94 billion in obligations for the most recent fiscal year represents a ... more »

Finnish Defence Forces to replace aging Hornet fighter fleet

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[image: F-18 Hornet]The Ministry of Defence has commissioned a working group to investigate what type of air defence system Finland needs in the future. Replacing the aging Hornet fighter fleet will cost an estimated 6 billion euros. Owing to the hefty price tag, the working group is also looking to see whether its possible to upgrade the existing fleet, which has been in service since 1995. "Technical developments need to be taken into account as do the changing needs of our defence environment, which is what we're investigating," says Lauri Puranen, who is responsible for Ministry... more »

Islamic State training pilots to fly MiG fighter planes, says monitoring group

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[image: Mig-23ML Flogger]Islamic State (Isis) is takings its first steps towards building an air force by training pilots to fly captured fighter planes, according to a group monitoring the conflict in Syria. Isis is using lots of tanks, armoured personnel carriers, artillery and Jeeps taken from the Syrian and Iraqi armies but this is the first report that it has planes in the air. Isis, which took the US by surprise this year with its rapid territorial expansion in Syria and Iraq, has three Russian-built MiG jets, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), which ... more »

Air Force’s X-37B spy plane returns to Earth after two-year mission

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The Air Force’s secretive X-37B spy plane has returned to Earth after nearly two years circling the globe. “The 30th Space Wing and our mission partners, Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, Boeing, and our base support contractors, have put countless hours of hard work into preparing for this landing and today we were able to see the culmination of that dedication,” Col. Keith Balts, 30th Space Wing commander, said in press release Friday. The Boeing aircraft was in the air for 674 days, but when asked by NBC News what it was doing, the network was met with a “polite but firm ‘no ... more »

Early completion of refit of Italian aircraft carrier

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[image: ITS Giuseppe Garibaldi]Extensive maintenance and modernization work on the Italian aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi is being completed months ahead of schedule. The Italian Navy said on Friday that work on the carrier is now slated to be complete at the Taranto Arsenal, a Navy shipyard and base, on Nov. 10, instead of March of next year, when the ship completes post-refit sea trials. "The advance of the completion date was made possible by the high degree of specialization and by the organizational and production skills of the firms of the arsenal's local naval engineeri... more »

Swiss court OKs freezing of Taiwan arms broker's funds

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[image: La Lafayette class FFG]The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland has ruled in favor of freezing the bank accounts of Andrew Wang (汪傳浦), the Taiwanese arms broker implicated in a corruption scandal dating back to the 1991 procurement of Lafayette-class frigates from France, Taiwan said Friday. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taipei said the Swiss court turned down an appeal filed by Wang against a decision by the European country's Federal Department of Justice and Police to freeze his accounts, and the ruling is final. Swiss authorities have frozen about US$700 million in... more »

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( October 13 , 2014 ) -- In spite continued US Coalition Airstrikes , ISIS advance in Anbar continues / Kobane battles rage on in Center of town as well as at crucial Turkish Border ..... Turkey allows use of bases by US Coalition to fight ISIS ( or maybe not ) but otherwise still on the sidelines ( until its buffer zone and no fly zone demands are met ) ......

Catharsis Ours - 20 hours ago
Late Day Tweets..... *Al Arabiya English* ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 9m9 minutes ago Will the #West take ‘last-minute’ steps to save #Syrian town of #Kobane from #ISIS advance? http://goo.gl/ARgP0H [image: Embedded image permalink] - *Richard Engel* @RichardEngel · 3h3 hours ago Sr Kurdish official, Idris Nassan, tells @NBCNews ISIS is not in control of #Kobani. @FoxNews report incorrect. *Charles Lister* @Charles_Lister · 4h4 hours ago PT: Proliferation of weapons provided externally to FSA in #Syria is a proven serious issue. Both #Saudi & #Qatar-supplied arms now in #Iraq... more »

Delayed FGFA Deal May Get The Nudge During Putin’s India Visit

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 20 hours ago
[image: Su T-50 PAK-FA]India and Russia may finally settle on a number of delayed defense deals including the Fifth Generational Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) program during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to India this December. Putin met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the BRICS summit in July where both leaders reportedly agreed that the $30 billion program to build 200 jets should move forward. In 2010, a preliminary design agreement was signed between India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) and Russia’s Sukhoi Design Bureau to jointly produce the FGFA for u... more »

Have I Got Labour Smears For You

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 20 hours ago
Both *Have I Got News For You *and *Question Time* are recorded on Thursday night. *Question Time *goes out 'as live' immediately after recording. I'm not sure what time of the day *HIGNFY *is filmed though, but it's probably fair to bet it's before *Question Time *is broadcast - which is presumably why *HIGNFY *continued to push the Labour Party version of the Lord Freud story. If they'd seen how angrily the *QT *audience reacted to Angela Eagle later that evening, they may well have dealt with it differently. Or maybe they wouldn't have dealt with it differently. Maybe the writer... more »

US Navy to Christen Littoral Combat Ship Detroit

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 20 hours ago
[image: USS Detroit (LCS-7)]The Navy will christen littoral combat ship (LCS) Detroit, on Oct. 18 during a ceremony at Marinette Marine Corporation shipyard in Marinette, Wisconsin. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, will deliver the principal address at the ceremony, and Barbara Levin, wife of U.S. Senator Carl Levin (Michigan), will serve as the ship's sponsor. The ceremony will be highlighted by Levin breaking a bottle of champagne across the bow to formally christen the ship, which is a time-honored Navy tradition. The ship's name honors the citizens of the Motor City and their on... more »

Free Planet - Stop Profit - End Slavery

Mike Philbin at Mike Philbin's free planet blog - 20 hours ago
*not who you think it is...* *"Mike, how can stopping profit end slavery?"* I'm glad you asked. First, let's look at a couple of Oxford Dictionary definitions. *PROFIT:* *A financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something.* [source OX DIC] *SLAVERY:* *The practice or system of owning slaves: a condition of having to work very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation.*[source OX DIC] So, what am I selling here? Selling? Nothing. This is Free Planet, did you forget? I'm simply making a vali... more »

Hot Shots Calendar 2015 Models Successfully Infiltrate U.S. Army Compound

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*PICTURES: Unauthorized Models Infiltrate U.S. Army Compound -- Washington Free Beacon* Serious concerns have been raised that a group of models doing a photo shoot for Hot Shots 2015 calendar were given access to equipment at a U.S. Army compound in Utah without authorization. The Utah National Guard has launched an investigation into the incident. For the sake of security, the Washington Free Beacon has compiled multiple photos of the individuals at the center of the investigation. Here is behind the scenes footage of the shoot in question: *Read more *.... *My Comment:* OK ..... more »

Teledyne subsidiary gains contract for submarine work

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 20 hours ago
[image: Virginia class SSN]Materials and engineering support for the U.S. Navy's Virginia-class submarine program is to be provided by a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated. The contract to Teledyn Oil & Gas group, or DGO, was issued by General Dynamics Electric Boat and covers electrical and fiber-optic interconnect assembly hardware for the submarines. Details as to the financial value of the award, which Teledyne described as the largest single award ever received in DGO's 50-year history, was not disclosed, but work performed will be for 10 submarines. Read more

Sweden Hunts 'Foreign' Submarine Off Stockholm

Ko Savonije at Naval Open Source INTelligence - 20 hours ago
[image: military operation]The Swedish army staged a large military operation around islands off capital Stockholm after reports of suspicious "foreign underwater activity". Ships, helicopters and around 200 troops were sent to the area, following a tip-off from what authorities described as a "credible source". Commander Jonas Wikstroem said: "We have begun an intelligence operation ... involving ships, helicopters and several ground units." Read more

Dr. Emoto Dies – The Passing of a Legend

D ... Breaking The Silence at Removing The Shackles - 20 hours ago
The incredible beauty of Dr. Emoto's work will be remembered forever as the opening to a greater understanding of the truth of emotions and consciousness. I have had a copy of his book "Hidden messages of water" sitting next to me this very moment.... I think I will sit quietly and reread it again today. Love D http://thespiritscience.net/2014/10/17/dr-emoto-dies-the-passing-of-a-legend/ Dr. Emoto Dies – The Passing of a Legend October 17, 2014 Jordan Comments *R.I.P Doctor Emoto*When I was probably no more than 12 or 13 years old, my mom showed me a movie I will always remember... more »

A Must See Video Of F-18 Fighters

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 21 hours ago
*Amazingly Thrilling Video Of F-18 Fighters With Ambient Sound -- Gizmodo* This spectacular footage of F/A-18 Hornets and Super Hornets is how all aviation videos should be: Just amazingly crispy shots with no stupid musical soundtrack. It makes you feel like you are sitting right there in the cockpit with the pilots. An incredibly detailed look into the F-18s of the USS Enterprise. *Read more* .... *My Comment:* Yup .... impressive video .... and up the sound on your speaker.

Graphs at a glance: Why is it that unemployment is falling, but wages and income tax revenues aren't growing?

Jake at Ripped-off Britons - 21 hours ago
In October 2014 the BBC reported that FTSE100 company directors earned 120 times the average wage. An earnings figure that has shot up sixfold from just 20 times the average wage in the year 2000.  The BBC also reported that inspite of bumper top wage growth and generally falling unemployment, income tax revenues were going to fall below expectations. Why is this? The following may provide some

Paper: feminists are authoritarians with a hyper-male ratio of finger lengths

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 21 hours ago
*A study indicates that feminists shouldn't be clumped together with women* Every sane adult has been able to notice that there exist profound biological differences between men and women that go well beyond the "obvious shape of some organs" and affect pretty much everything, including very fine correlations describing the behavioral patterns. The feminist movement is partly based on the denial of these basic facts. Why are they doing these things? They often say that they are fighting to improve the conditions for women. However, as the paper below states, only a minority of wom... more »

Que tengas un hermoso día - Tarjetas con flores y mensaje para tu familia y amigas que puedes compartir

José Luis Ávila Herrera at FOTOFRONTERA - 22 hours ago
En exclusiva para todos nuestros fans en facebook, seguidores en twitter, amigos en Google+ y visitantes en general, hemos diseñado esta bonita colección de tarjetas con mensaje de "Que tengas un hermoso día". Esta serie de postales con flores, inclute dedicatoria especial para diferentes personas que pueden ser tus familiares o amigas como; Amiguita, Mamita, Cuñadita, Vecinita, Primita, Hermanita, Mi Amor, Cosita, Mi cielo, Princesita y muchas más. Puedes compartir estas imágenes con quien tú quieras y donde tú quieras. Puede ser en algún sitio web o en las diversas redes sociales... more »

Tributo a los nuevos talentos de la fotografía II - 500px

José Luis Ávila Herrera at FOTOFRONTERA - 22 hours ago
Guacamayo by Vincent HedouLittle Fairy by Edy ValchevaJerry Falls, India by Gurdyal SinghMurmullos de Otoño by Alexandre EhrhardBelleza Mercedes Benz by Kari SirenAl caer la tarde by Alexandre EhrhardEl minino by Markus SteffenRoedores de las praderas by RucherLa chica hermosa del lago by Nicolas Carbenay*500px* es un sitio donde miles de fotógrafos han encontrado el refugio perfecto para almacenar, exhibir y compartir sus mejores imágenes. Es una red social donde cada día se unen nuevos talentos de la fotografía para dar a conocer sus mejores obras. Es por eso que en *fotofrontera*... more »

The U.S. Navy's Top Guns Are Grounded

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 22 hours ago
Photo: Boeing photo *Navy Grounds Top Guns -- Dave Majumdar, Daily Beast* The F/A-18s needs spare parts and in too many cases they’re being taken from brand new jets. This is a risk to national security and pilots’ lives. The U.S. Navy’s elite cadre of fighter pilots—made famous by Top Gun—are not flying nearly often as they would like. Instead, many of the Navy’s elite Boeing F/A-18 Hornet strike fighter squadrons are sitting on the ground with only two or three flyable jets available. The rest of the jets are awaiting maintenance for want of critical spare parts—and some of those... more »

Steve Barr Bails on McDonogh; Surplus Laptops Sold Bearing Student Data

deutsch29 at @ THE CHALK FACE - 22 hours ago
In February 2012, then-new Louisiana Superintendent John White told Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) about how he planned to work a marvel of renovation and preservation for New Orleans’ McDonogh High School by allowing Steve Barr, CEO of Green Dot Charters in Los Angeles (a businessman with no vested interest in the […]

Watch Summer Snow 2014 Full Movie Online

Vance Lindsey at MegaCinema HD Stream - 22 hours ago
*Summer Snow (2014)* Year : 2014 Rating : N/A Score : 7.5 Release : 25 Jul 2014 Duration : N/A Genre : Drama Director : Jeremy White, Kendra White Writer : Jeremy White, Kendra White Cast : Rachel Eggleston, David Chisum, Cameron Goodman, Garrett Backstrom Synopsis Summer SnowHallie Benson is a small girl with a big heart. Unfortunately, her creative ways of helping often create a mess. Dan Benson doesn't cook, do hair or know how to help his three children without his beautiful wife and her unshakable faith. Description Summer SnowOfficial site for Breckenridge Ski Resort. Mountai... more »

Edward Abbey, "Benedicto"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 22 hours ago
“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. May your rivers flow without end, meandering through pastoral valleys tinkling with bells, past temples and castles and poets' towers into a dark primeval forest where tigers belch and monkeys howl, through miasmal and mysterious swamps and down into a desert of red rock, blue mesas, domes and pinnacles and grottos of endless stone, and down again into a deep vast ancient unknown chasm where bars of sunlight blaze on profiled cliffs, where de...more »

The Daily "Near You?"

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Bridgeport, Alabama, USA. Thanks for stopping by.

“It Is What It Isn’t: How Thoughts Create Reality”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 22 hours ago
*“It Is What It Isn’t: How Thoughts Create Reality”* by Pam Grout “Our brains continually sift through the possibilities and pick which bits of information to “see” and believe. Out of sheer laziness, the stuff we choose to perceive—and make no mistake... it is a choice—is stuff we already know. It’s stuff we decided on way back when. We see, feel, taste, touch, and smell not the real world, but a drastically condensed version of the world, a version that our brains literally concoct. The rest zooms by without recognition. John Maunsell, a neuroscientist at Harvard University, says... more »

“Intertwined Fates: We Are All Connected”

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* “Intertwined Fates: We Are All Connected”* by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM “Being aware of the connection between all things can help you in terms of the broader effect you may be creating. There are times when we may feel disconnected from the world. Our actions can seem like they are of no major consequence, and we may feel like we exist in our own vacuum. Yet, the truth is that our simplest thought or action - the decisions we make each day, and how we see and relate to the world - can be incredibly significant and have a profound impact on the lives of those around us, as wel... more »

Chet Raymo, “Thinking Like A Tortoise”

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*“Thinking Like A Tortoise”* by Chet Raymo “The average lifespan in a hunter-gatherer society is 32 years. If you think you'd like the simplicity and ecological integrity of a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, be sure to take your mobile phone and not wander too far away from a hospital. Culture, medical and biological science in particular, changed things dramatically. A century-and-a-half ago life expectancy at birth was 50 years, with child mortality being the most significant limiting factor. By the time I was born, life expectancy at birth was pushing 70 years, with the age-range 14-... more »

a war resister connects the dots: canada, is this the war you want to fight?

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A U.S. war resister in Canada writes in this NOW Magazine. Very soon you will begin to hear about Canadian planes sending “humanitarian aid” of food and medical supplies to those affected by the fighting. . . . And now ISIL is touted as the new enemy from the darkness as if their emergence was not foreseeable. In reality, ISIL is just the latest incarnation of a very old xenophobic sect of Islam, the Wahhabi movement, finding new breath in the aftermath of yet another war. Our bombs have only made them stronger, just as they always have. The Harper Conservatives are hoping you are ... more »

The Pentagon's Top Secret X-37B Space Shuttle Has Returned To Earth After A Two Year Mission

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*The X-37B Has Landed! Top-Secret Space Plane Lands On California Coast After Almost TWO YEARS In Orbit - And The Government Still Refuses To Reveal What It Was Doing -- Daily Mail* * Craft has been in space for a total of 674 days * Experts claim it carried payload of spy gear in cargo bay A top-secret space plane has landed safely on the Southern California coast. Officials at Vandenberg Air Force Base said the plane, which spent nearly two years orbiting Earth on a classified mission, touched down at 9:24 a.m. Friday. The X-37B space drone, otherwise known as the Orbital Test V...more »

Ascension 101: How to Not Go Crazy in a Crazy World

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*Deidre Madsen* - By feeding on fear and anger we are really setting our immune systems up with negative emotions that make us even more susceptible to illness and disease... The post Ascension 101: How to Not Go Crazy in a Crazy World appeared first on Waking Times.

Deconstructing the Ebola Agenda

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*Zen Gardner* - What exactly is behind the ebola 'crisis,' and what is at play behind the scenes of the propaganda matrix? The post Deconstructing the Ebola Agenda appeared first on Waking Times.

A Look At How The Islamic State Changed From A Guerilla Army To A Major Player In The Middle East

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Justin Bronk: ISIS is a guerrilla army that has captured large stocks of modern weaponry. *From Guerrillas To Conquerors: How ISIS Has Changed -- Justin Bronk, CNN* (CNN) -- It is a question that the global community is seeking to understand as the crisis in Iraq and Syria deepens. How can such a numerically small force as ISIS, which calls itself the Islamic State, has taken control of vast swathes of Syria and Iraq, and how can it hold the ground taken while simultaneously conducting multiple offensive actions in both countries? The most recent CIA estimate in September 2014 put... more »

The theological "gradualism" being talked about in the Vatican has nothing to do with (shudder) "political" change -- ha-ha!

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*With "The Company Way" update (see below)* *"The Company Way"*: *"Whoever the company fires, I will still be here." (That's Sammy Smith as mail-room chief Mr. Twimble and Bobby Morse as newly assigned mail-room flunky J. Pierrepont Finch, both holdovers from the 1961 Original Broadway Cast, in the 1967 film version of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, music and lyrics by Frank Loesser.) For more of "The Company Way," see the Update below.* *by Ken* Let's say you're in charge of a big old church and you love the ancient dear but you've got the feeling that in some ... more »

Determining the Purpose of the Mysterious Nazca Lines

Waking Times at Waking Times - 1 day ago
*Video -* The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in southern Peru. Scholars of all types have struggled with determining the purpose of the lines. The post Determining the Purpose of the Mysterious Nazca Lines appeared first on Waking Times.

"How It Really Is"

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Turning Off The Lights In Islamic State Controlled Iraq

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Elizabeth Palmer, Iraq, Power Grid. CBS *Iraq Is Cutting Off Electricity From Regions Held By ISIS -- Kevin Drum, Mother Jones* Here's a fascinating little factlet: Areas of northern Iraq controlled by ISIS have suffered "massive reductions" in electricity use. A small part of this is probably due to reduced demand thanks to the economic damage ISIS has wreaked. But Andrew Shaver says that's not the primary explanation: The observed reductions have resulted from changes in supply. Fighting between Iraqi military and Islamic State forces has resulted in some downed transmission lin... more »

Watch Pim & Pom: Het Grote Avontuur 2014 Full Movie Online

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*Pim & Pom: Het Grote Avontuur (2014)* Year : 2014 Rating : N/A Score : 7.2 Release : 09 Apr 2014 Duration : 70 min Genre : Animation, Family Director : Gioia Smid Writer : Mies Bouhuys (original characters), Tingue Dongelmans (screenplay), Fiona van Heemstra (screenplay) Cast : Georgina Verbaan, Tjitske Reidinga, Peter Paul Muller, Plien van Bennekom Synopsis Pim & Pom: Het Grote AvontuurThe friendship between the impulsive and adventurous Pim and the more cautious Pom is put to the test when they are faced with trying to find their way home. Description Pim & Pom: Het Grote Avon... more »

Watch White Bird in a Blizzard 2014 Full Movie Online

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*White Bird in a Blizzard (2014)* Year : 2014 Rating : R Score : 7.1 Release : 25 Sep 2014 Duration : 91 min Genre : Drama, Thriller Director : Gregg Araki Writer : Gregg Araki (screenplay), Laura Kasischke (based on the novel by) Cast : Shailene Woodley, Eva Green, Christopher Meloni, Thomas Jane Synopsis White Bird in a BlizzardKat Connors is 17 years old when her perfect homemaker mother, Eve, disappears. Having lived for so long in an emotionally repressed household, she barely registers her mother's absence and certainly doesn't blame her doormat of a father, Brock, for the lo... more »

Watch As Above Full Movie 2014 Streaming

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*As Above (2014)* Year : 2014 Rating : R Score : 6.2 Release : 29 Aug 2014 Duration : 93 min Genre : Horror, Thriller Director : John Erick Dowdle Writer : Drew Dowdle (screenplay), John Erick Dowdle (screenplay) Cast : Perdita Weeks, Ben Feldman, Edwin Hodge, François Civil Synopsis As AboveMiles of twisting catacombs lie beneath the streets of Paris, the eternal home to countless souls. When a team of explorers ventures into the uncharted maze of bones, they uncover the dark secret that lies within this city of the dead. A journey into madness and terror, As Above, So Below reac... more »

Watch Noble Fir 2014 Full Movie Online

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*Noble Fir (2014)* Year : 2014 Rating : N/A Score : 8.0 Release : 08 Mar 2014 Duration : 95 min Genre : Drama Director : Joseph Arney, Christopher W. Graham Writer : Joseph Arney, Christopher W. Graham Cast : Richard E. Wilson, Mandy Rose Nichols, Desiree Aceves, Samuel Pearson Synopsis Noble FirNearing the end of harvesting season, Christmas-tree farmer Henry Dean fights to control his growing anger over an unnamed tragedy. Description Noble FirNoble fir trees (Abies procera) are evergreen conifers that growers commonly plant on Christmas tree farms. When allowed to grow to full ... more »

Watch Kite Full Movie 2014 Streaming

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*Kite (2014)* Year : 2014 Rating : R Score : 4.5 Release : 28 Aug 2014 Duration : 90 min Genre : Action, Drama Director : Ralph Ziman Writer : Yasuomi Umetsu (based on the film by), Brian Cox (screenplay) Cast : Samuel L. Jackson, India Eisley, Callan McAuliffe, Carl Beukes Synopsis KiteNever Underestimate a Girl with Nothing to Lose. Based on the groundbreaking, cult classic anime, KITE tells the story of Sawa (India Eisley,'The Secret Life of the American Teenager,' Underworld: Awakening), a young woman living in a corrupt society where crime and gangs terrorize the streets. Whe... more »

Watch The System Full Movie 2014 Streaming

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*The System (2014)* Year : 2014 Rating : N/A Score : 7.2 Release : 30 May 2014 Duration : N/A Genre : Action, Drama Director : Shahzad Ghufoor Writer : Wajid Zubairi Cast : Kashaf Ali, Nadeem Baig, Ejaz Hussain Bugti, Shafqat Cheema Synopsis The SystemThe story is about a lower middle class boy Haider Ali who is the son of a Pesh Imam. He is in love with his neighborhood girl Sara. Haider's uncle is a normal government officer who do not consider taking bribe as a sin. Haider gets hooked by the local SHO in a mob firing case. Ultimately after getting away with this case Haider's l... more »

"Trend Analyst on Stocks: “If The Dow Drops Below 15,000… I Would Suggest People Start Buying Food & Ammo”

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*"Trend Analyst on Stocks: “If The Dow Drops Below 15,000…* * I Would Suggest People Start Buying Food & Ammo”* by Mac Slavo “Stock markets across the world are starting to crack. Last night Europe was heavily in the red with drops in excess of 3% in some market exchanges. And, as soon as the bell rang this morning on the East Coast, U.S. stocks continued the global decline. Though the Federal Reserve released a report today indicating that the U.S. economy was on pace to grow moderately, investors were having none of it. After topping 17,000 for all time highs just a few weeks ago,... more »

A Look At The Groups Fighting In Iraq And Syria

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*A Guide To The Many Groups Fighting In Iraq And Syria -- NYMag* Many of us, when we hear the term civil war, tend to picture a two-sided affair: the rebels and loyalists. Through most of history — whether in Rome under Julius Caesar, the U.S. in the 19th century, or Cuba in the '50s — that's how these things have played out. But Syria has a far messier, more confusing conflict. Depending how you count them, there are a dozen or more players, and among them an ever-shifting pattern of alliances and hostilities. Martha Crenshaw, a senior fellow at Stanford's Freeman Spogli Institut... more »

Studholm Lodge No. 1591 : Churchill, Titanic, World War I and the House That Jack Built

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*John Charles Bigham, 1st Viscount Mersey* *"The Studholme Lodge* takes pride in having had no less that 17 Provincial Grand Masters elected from its members. Other prominent Brethren have included *HRH the Duke of Clarence*, the first honorary and later full member, the *Earl of Yarborough, Lord Edward Stanley (later the 7th Earl of Derby)* private secretary to Lord Roberts, Sir George Cave, 1st Viscount Cave, later to become Home Secretary, Admiral Sir Reginald Hall, Lord Hugh Cecil, younger son of the Prime Minister, *Lord Salisbury* and many more. *These were Winston Churchi... more »


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http://www.sifma.org/services/bcp/fema-pandemic-exercise-series/ FEMA Pandemic Exercise Series *PANDEMIC ACCORD: 2013-14 Pandemic Influenza Continuity Exercise Strategy * Overview The Federal Executive Boards in New York City and Northern New Jersey in partnership with FEMA Region II, The Department of Health and Human Services Region II, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) and the Clearing House Association are sponsoring a two year series of pandemic influenza continuity exercises - tabletop exercise 2013 (comple... more »

I suppose this was spam, but I fell for it, so this is the best post you're going to get in this time slot

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*Okay, you're smarter than I am. I bought it.* *by Ken* I don't usually fall for spam scams, which I guess this was. I sat down at the computer with something like 50-55 minutes left to bang out a post, probably from two subjects I had vaguely mapped out. I did a little further tinkering with one of them, but decided to check my e-mail to see whether maybe God had e-mailed me something that with just a little dusting and polishing could be turned into a post. I didn't see that, but I did see what looked like an Amazon offer of a 90% discount offer, if you just clicked through and ... more »

The Islamic State War In Iraq -- News Updates October 17, 2014

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*On Outskirts Of Baghdad, Islamic State’s Advances Raise Tensions -- Washington Post* ABU GHRAIB, IRAQ — About 14 miles from Baghdad International Airport, a mortar shell landed with a thud. A second followed, closer, and then a third struck across the Iraqi army’s lines, as the Islamic State militants zeroed in on their target. The volley of mortar fire outside the Baghdad suburb of Abu Ghraib this week was not unusual in itself; Islamic State fighters and the Iraqi army have regularly exchanged fire in this area for months. But now, officials worry that gains by the extremist g... more »

Russian Talk Show

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*Russian Crest* Watch this Russian Talk show...from a link copied from The Vinyard of the Saker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGuuorNhzWw#t=60 [I'm sorry, YouTube won't allow me to upload these videos directly onto my blog, for some reason.] ....to find out how Russians view the west...following Obama's recent horrific speech to the UN. As stated during the talk show, Russians regard Obama's remarks about their country--in a list that also included ebola and ISIS--as an *"official declaration of war".* Interesting glimpse into the Russians' viewpoint. They are right about ... more »

Tonights Movie Is 'The Bunker' (1981)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago

To The Displeasure of USrahell, Turkey, Saudi Arabia And Qatar, The Kurds of Kobani Will Not Bend Their Knees To The Barbarians of ISIL

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 1 day ago
Al Jazeera office occupied in Ankara 4 claiming Kobane about to fall 4 over 1 month. Sign reads 'Kobane will win.' pic.twitter.com/BCVdH7hYKL” — The Rojava Report (@TheRojavaReport) October 17, 2014 According to the Pentagon and Al Jazeera, Kobani fell a month ago. But it's a good thing the Kurdish fighters in Kobani don't listen to what the Pentagon or Al Jazeera have to say about the fate of their town. Kobani has survived the economic and arms siege imposed on it by both Turkey and the KRG in Iraq, while at the same time successfully resisting ISIL's repeated assaults. This is a... more »

We Are Screwed: Obama Chooses Democratic Party Hack as Ebola Czar

Donn Marten at Carrying a Flag - 1 day ago
Today President Barack Obama began to mitigate the damage that the arrival of the Ebola virus in the United States has done to his already dismal reputation. With the mid-term elections now only eighteen days away and the Democrats hemorrhaging worse than Thomas Eric Duncan, Barry stepped to the plate and is ready to name the nation’s first Ebola Czar. Meet Ron Klain, a Democrat party hack who formerly served as a chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden. Mr. Klain has no medical background but can be counted upon to be a reliable water carrier for the party which is what really ... more »

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- October 17, 2014

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
Pacific Rim *Seven Bad Endings To The New War In The Middle East -- Peter Van Buren, Real Clear World* You know the joke? You describe something obviously heading for disaster -- a friend crossing Death Valley with next to no gas in his car -- and then add, “What could possibly go wrong?” Such is the Middle East today. The U.S. is again at war there, bombing freely across Iraq and Syria, advising here, droning there, coalition-building in the region to loop in a little more firepower from a collection of recalcitrant allies, and searching desperately for some non-American boots t... more »

Ten Buck Friday: Week 7...

Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner - 1 day ago
*let's help out Colorado Senate candidate Cory Gardner.* Real Clear Politics has Gardner up 3.0 and rates the race as a toss up. Can you contribute just $10 to Senate candidate Cory Gardner? I know that I can blow twice that amount with one trip to the Dollar Store. Skip one shopping trip and help get rid of Dingy Harry. *Please...* *You can contribute to Cory Gardner here. * *Only 18 days until election day. * (Mark your contribution as "Ten Buck Friday" so they'll know the conservative blogosphere is behind them.) *Other races to watch and donate to:* Contribute to *Tom ... more »

World News Briefs -- October 17, 2014 (Evening Edition)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Ron Klain, Chief of Staff to 2 Vice Presidents, Is Named to Lead Ebola Response -- New York Times* WASHINGTON — President Obama on Friday named Ron Klain, a seasoned Democratic crisis-response operative and White House veteran, to manage the government’s response to the deadly virus as public anxiety grows over its possible spread. Mr. Klain, a former chief of staff for Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joseph R. Biden Jr., is known for his ability to handle high-stakes and fast-moving political challenges. He was the lead Democratic lawyer for Mr. Gore during the 2000 election recoun... more »

10 Things Blocking Agape~Love Quest~Day 5

Sophia Love at AMERICAN KABUKI - 1 day ago
Sometimes it seems as if there is no love around you. Serious faces, worried looks and anxious glances fill the heads of the people who walk through your life. Mostly, eyes avoid contact. In uncertain times, we tend to fall back, at least internally, to a specific state of comfort. If concern and focus on the problem (whatever it is) is where you spend the most time, that's where your natural zone is and where you'll head when under stress. What happens on our journey through “time” is that we arrive knowing every aspect, dimension and version of ourselves. There is no “veil” and... more »

Deasy Gone: Good Riddance

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 1 day ago
When you have go so low in the barrel as to pull up the scumbag, Steve Barr, to say something good about John Deasy, you know things could not get much worse for the oligarchs' agenda. And so another Broad alum meets a fitting end.

Ebola: "I'm a Hazmat-Trained Hospital Worker: Here's What No One Is Telling You About Ebola"

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*"I'm a Hazmat-Trained Hospital Worker: * *Here's What No One Is Telling You About Ebola"* by Abby Norman "Ebola is brilliant. It is a superior virus that has evolved and fine-tuned its mechanism of transmission to be near-perfect. That's why we're all so terrified. We know we can't destroy it. All we can do is try to divert it, outrun it. I've worked in health care for a few years now. One of the first things I took advantage of was training to become FEMA-certified for hazmat ops in a hospital setting. My rationale for this was that, in my home state of Maine, natural disasters a... more »

Fifty years of Bullet Train

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 1 day ago
Read it and weep. We cant do it because..... buses, planes, and cars would cry.

Peace Walk: Cars, Oil & Endless War

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 1 day ago
Walking along the road slows everything down. Today I noticed a bird at the top of a tree on the other side of the road singing as we passed by. We heard a big pack of dogs at a 'doggie daycare' howling as we went by - they were pleading to come along with us but the chain link fence prevented their act of solidarity. Four graceful and powerful horses moved in unison as they intently watched us pass them by. We were hosted for lunch by an organic farm family that gave us fresh tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, melons and a comfortable place to relax under a warm sunny sky. But the ... more »

Canada Con Revenue Agency - Birds&Bees vs GunsGunsGuns

Alison at Creekside - 1 day ago
The Canada Con Revenue Agency is bothering birdwatchers now. The Kitchener-Waterloo Field Naturalists pictured at left (membership-300, annual revenues-$16,000) got a stern letter from the CRA just after they sent a letter to two federal cabinet ministers complaining about government-approved neonicotinoid insecticides that damage bee colonies. CBC : "The stern missive says the group must take appropriate action as necessary "including refraining from undertaking any partisan activities," with the ominous warning that "this letter does not preclude any future audits." The CRA has ... more »

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