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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, April 9, 2012

9 April - iGoogle

The White HouseImage by Petur via Flickr
The Difference in the ShadesImage by Thomas Hawk via Flickr
Anna D. '13 | Pink BerryImage by Sean Molin Photography via Flickr
All Things Considered - NPR
Cochlear Implants Redefine What It Means To Be Deaf
Ignore 'The Mama's Boy Myth': Keep Your Boys Close

American Water Intelligence

Gabal El Asfar, Stage II Phase II
Aigües Ter Llobregat


Syrian border fire angers Turkey
Turkey reacts angrily after Syrian fire across its border causes casualties, as a UN-brokered ceasefire plan looks increasingly in doubt.  
Titanic records published online
  • Graphene windows' clearer focus
    The carbon-based material graphene can help scientists study liquids more clearly using high-power microscopes.
  • Cane toad cull held in Australia
    Thousands of volunteers take part in a massive cull of cane toads, which are regarded as poisonous pests.
  • Total gas leak equipment arrives
    As specialist equipment arrives in Scotland to help plug the North Sea gas leak, tests begin to assess the environmental impact.
  • World's first 'sky-worthy' car
    US company Terrafugia displays a car that is licensed to be flown as well as driven, at the New York International Auto Show.
  • Malaria fight 'badly compromised'
    Scientists find new evidence that resistance to the front-line treatments for malaria is increasing.
  • Rarest ducklings on Earth hatch
    Eighteen Madagascan pochards hatch in captivity, bringing the world population of this critically endangered duck to just 60.

Blog of Rights - ACLU

AT&T sheds directories, advertising business
Anonymous plans more attacks on China, report says

Romney, make a boring pick for VP
Speculation about vice presidential picks is heating up. As it has become increasingly clear that Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination...  
Hopes dim for Syria pullout as bloodshed crosses border

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Youth and Community-led Activism in Canada
What a Wildrose Victory May Mean for Saskatchewan

Carbon Farmers of Australia
Our 'vested interest'

Center for Climate and Energy
Carbon Forum North America 2012
Utah Passes Key Renewable Energy Law

Circle of Blue - water news
The Stream, April 9: Chilean Court Green-lights Patagonia Dam Project
The Stream, April 6: Radioactive Water Leaks Again At Fukushima

Mary Ann Sieghart: Judge women on their ability – not on their age or their looks
Kim Sengupta: Domestic politics must not dictate Afghanistan withdrawal dates

Common Dreams
The Fog of Drugs and War: Polysubstance-Induced (and Well-Armed) Delirium
Putin On the Ritz

Daily Bell
America's JOBS Act Power Elite Yelp
VIDEO: Hollywood Producer Bettina Viviano Claims Obama Ineligible

Daily News Egypt
Mubarak aide presidency bid an 'insult': Islamist rival
Military backs Mubarak's VP for president

Democracy Now!
Headlines for April 9, 2012

'Universal' cancer vaccine developed - Telegraph 

Discovery News
Bounty Offered on 'Fishzilla'
Maryland wildlife officials offer prizes for anglers who catch and kill invasive northern snakeheads.  
Hulu-Like Magazine Service Launches

EPA Radiation News
Statement on Passing of Peter Lord, Environmental Reporter for Providence Journal
EPA to Help Citizen Scientists Learn More about Air and Water Pollution in the U.S. Virgin Islands

EPA Water Science News
2012 Beach Grants

Food and Water Watch
Watch Out North Carolina: You’re Getting Fracked
A (Pipe)line Even Chevron Won’t Cross

food consumer
This Common Sleeping Mistake Can Double Your Risk of a Heart Attack
The Limits of Ebay Buyer Protection: Is Ebay buyers' protection real? A Personal Story

Force Change
 Protest University Policies that Discriminate Against Transgender Students
Save Pit Bull Sentenced to Death for Barking

A mother's weight and metabolic conditions during pregnancy are not just potentially harmful to herself – new research suggests these factors can play a key role in her child's development as well. A major study conducted by researchers at the ...
Researchers have linked two new genes with an increased risk of obesity in children, a new study says. The genes show a strong association with childhood obesity, the researchers say. Previous studies have identified genes associated with obesity in ...
10-year-old girl gives birth - The Imperfect Parent
In Colombia, a 10-year-old girl has given birth to a healthy five pound baby girl, which makes her one of the youngest mothers in history. According to Univision's Primer Impacto, the girl (who has not been named) arrived at the hospital in tears and ...
(Credit: istockphoto.com) (CBS/AP) New Jersey man Dennis Hennis was working on his neighbor's roof last Saturday when his nail gun jammed. When the 52-year-old tried to clear the gun, he felt like someone poked him in the chest.
By Kim Painter, USA TODAY Pregnancy and autism: Women who are obese or have high blood pressure or diabetes during pregnancy are more likely to have children with autism or other developmental disorders, a new study finds. It's not clear that these ...
BURLINGTON, Mass. — Before dawn on her 57th birthday, Lorraine Hawks and her husband, Paul, piled into their brother-in-law Tim Wilson's Lexus in Pelham, New Hampshire, with Lorraine and her sister Susie in the back seat and the men up front.
By Kim Painter, USA TODAY Antibiotics for appendicitis: Two thirds of people with appendicitis might be able to skip surgery and recover with antibiotics alone, say European doctors who reviewed several studies. But the approach can be risky, ...
myFOXny Berkeley College officials say a potential case of bacterial meningitis has affected one their students, myFOXny
Reports: North Korea planning a new nuclear test - Christian Science Monitor

Oklahoma Shooting Rampage: Jake England and Alvin Watts arrested for Tulsa ... - CBS News

Guardian UK
Syrian forces fire on Turkish refugee camp
Unconfirmed reports say two people were killed at camp close to Syrian border, as concerns mount over ceasefire planSyrian forces have fired across...  
Pakistan's president in talks with Indian PM

New Black Panthers Call For Race War – Again
Gun Sales And Permits Are Spiking During Obama’s Tenure As President

In Mind : Psychology for You
The dish on gossip: Its origins, functions, and bad reputation
When the thought of yourself nags you: How failure to attain cultural standards brings suicide on the fringe of consciousness

Inside Facebook
New this week on the Inside Network Job Board: Clear Channel, W3i, Spruce and more

Curl Your Own Cords for Easy Cable Management [DIY]
Bookmark Sentry for Chrome Cleans Up Your Bookmarks, Eliminates Bad Links and Duplicates [Chrome Extensions]

Khayan Barzegar: Focusing on Regional Issues Can Break the Nuclear Impasse
Hawks on Iran

Romney advertising blitz will run in Pennsylvania next week (Salena Zito/PittsburghLIVE.com)

Steve Munro
A Look Back: Rail Grinder W28
TTC Meeting Preview March 30, 2012

NPR -News
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

NRC - news releases
11-12-014: NRC Schedules Meeting in Piketon to Discuss Lead Cascade Facility
II-12-012: NRC Schedules Meetings to Discuss Assessment of Watts Bar 1 Nuclear Plant and Construction Inspections for Watts Bar 2

New Scientist online news
Tweet your own highlight reel with #EpicPlay

News 24
Iberia cancells 124 flights
Spanish airline Iberia says it has cancelled 124 flights as pilots began a series of one-day strikes to protest against conditions at new low-cost...  
Weather delays avalanche rescue

Obama Conspiracy Theories
Tabloid reports: Obama threatened Clintons to keep quiet
@LeaderJones Birther parody on Twitter

John Perkins talks to Ireland

Open Channel

Did US taxpayers get a good deal? Census 1940 site was built for free
National ArchivesThe website at 1940census.archives.gov is operated by a private company, for free. In exchange, it can use the free public records...  
Expert: War on terror at 'critical' point as al-Qaida looks to regroup in Africa

Open Secrets
The Airline Safety Influence Game

Outlook Blogs
Big Joke Party...And The Dismal Farce
'We Are Indians, Not South Indians'

Armed neo-Nazis patrol the streets of Sanford, looking for race riots
Former White House Speechwriter Suggests Military Coup Could Oust Obama

Payvand Iran News
US, Allies Define Demands Ahead of Iran Talks: Report
Iran: Job-splitting plan for women announced

Pesticide Action Network
Yet MORE evidence that pesticides are key culprit in bee die-offs
Low doses matter hugely, say scientists

Philippines News
Seven soldiers killed in southern Philippine clash
Philippine Airlines to divert flights to avoid North Korean rocket launch

Political MoJo: Mother Jones
This Week in Dark Money
We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for April 6, 2012

Networked Politics » Blog Archive » get out getting Polish ...
Government Secrecy in Our Lives « red file

Psychology Today
How to Fail with Success

Rescuing the Frog
Questions I’ll be asking #abvote candidates

Satellite News

NASA's THEMIS Satellite Sees a Great Electron Escape
When scientists discovered two great swaths of radiation encircling Earth in the 1950s, it spawned over-the-top fears about "killer electrons" and...  
Jeff Adams – Real Estate Investing

Lifeline for Antarctic research team
'Cuddle drug' may be the new Viagra

Science Daily
New 'genetic bar code' technique establishes ability to derive DNA information from RNA

Scientific American
A Periodic Stress Meter

Shaleshock Media
Spill in Dimock, Pa.; Part 1
Energy In Depth’s Tom Shepstone: Hydrofracking improves water quality!

Star Online
DPM: Report on education system review in 3 months
Call to document forgotten history of Kuala Lumpur


TED Blog

Using TED Conversations in the classroom

Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

Ten Percent
Friday! Róisín Murphy- Overpowered
British State Broadcaster Describes Torture as ‘ill-treatment’

This Week in Science
Liquid Nanocrystals
All Set for Majoranas

Deputy PM: Kyrgyzstan not to build China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway in exchange for its fields

Date of next meeting of Kazakh-Saudi intergovernmental commission announced

Cruise ship retraces voyage of Titanic 100 years later
Obama aides brace for North Korean nuke test

Unexplained Mysteries
Polar bear count confounds doomsayers

Web MD
Mom's Health While Pregnant Linked to Autism Risk
Women who are obese and/or have diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancy may be about 60% more likely to have babies with autism, a new...  
Make Weight Loss a Family Affair

Bust-a-move: 'Dancing burglar' caught after police recognise his moves

White House
Presidential Proclamation -- National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day, 2012
Presidential Proclamation -- Pan American Day and Pan American Week, 2012

VIDEO: The Execution of Martin Luther King: non-textbook version

Zoe - It's our Nature
Reunited … 16 Years Later!

Daily Galaxy

Is CERN Closer to Finding the "Higgs"?--This Week's 8 TeV Collision Most Powerful in Human HistoryIs CERN Closer to Finding the "Higgs"?--This Week's 8 TeV Collision Most Powerful in Human History
Today's Hot Tech News Video from IDG--Top Right of PageToday's Hot Tech News Video from IDG--Top Right of Page
Saturday's 'Comment of the Day': "Easter Island --A Message for the Planet?"Saturday's 'Comment of the Day': "Easter Island --A Message for the Planet?"
Tiny, Dim Galaxies --Remnants of Early Universe Harbor Monster SupernovasTiny, Dim Galaxies --Remnants of Early Universe Harbor Monster Supernovas
Black-Hole-Powered Planets Reach Speeds Matched Only by SubAtomic ParticlesBlack-Hole-Powered Planets Reach Speeds Matched Only by SubAtomic Particles

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