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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

28 April - iGoogle

Santa MonicaSanta Monica (Photo credit: █ Slices of Light █▀ ▀ ▀)
Mike German, former FBI agent, now National Se...Mike German, former FBI agent, now National Security Counsel of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), speaking at Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle, Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland (Photo credit: santoslilhelper)
All Things Considered - NPR
NewsPoet: Monica Youn Writes The Day In Verse

American Water Intelligence


Blog of Rights - ACLU

This Week in Civil Liberties (4/27/2012)
Breaking the Addiction to Incarceration: Weekly Highlights


Northern Ireland police find huge unexploded bomb
An abandoned van containing a device with 600 pounds of explosives was found in Newry, Northern Ireland, near the border with the Republic of...  
Weapons-smuggling, infiltrators bedevil Assad regime


This week in Crave: The brainiac edition
Oracle-Google trial puts ex-Sun execs on opposite sides

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Living Wage for Metro Vancouver rises to $19.14
Can Wildrose remove its thorns?

Carbon Farmers of Australia

Center for Climate and Energy

Carbon Forum North America 2012

Circle of Blue Water News

The Stream, April 25: Beijing Will Face a Water Shortage


Jeremy Laurance: Now fight must focus on men with aggressive tumours
The public's verdict on Coalition: Out of touch and inept

Common Dreams

The Air We Breathe: Better But Not Good Enough
Not Up For Debate: Morally Opposed to Antibiotics

Daily Bell

If Attacks on Libertarianism Get Problem Wrong, Can the Solution Be Correct?
Chile Worries About Potential Argentine Military Provocations

Daily News Egypt

Farewell Note from the Shareholders of EMS
Pan-Muslim body may participate in UN Syria observer mission

Democracy Now!

As Obama Expands Drone War, Activists & Victims' Advocates Join D.C. Summit on Growing Civilian Toll


Oldest Human Ancestor Found in Lake Sludge
A microscopic algae-eater that lives in a lake in Norway may be one of the world's oldest organisms.  
Fragile Earth App Brings Climate Change Home

EPA Radiation News

Statement on Passing of Peter Lord, Environmental Reporter for Providence Journal
EPA to Help Citizen Scientists Learn More about Air and Water Pollution in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Food and Water Watch

5 Reasons a “Global Cattle Drive” to China Is a Bad Idea
Farm Bill Update

Food Consumer

Obesity reduces sexual functioning
By David Liu Saturday April 28, 2012 (foodconsumer.org) -- A review study released recently in the journal Obesity says that obesity reduces...  
Does Sunshine Actually Decrease Dangerous Melanoma Skin Cancers?

Force Change

FreakOut Nation

Meet the “job creators” . . . of jobs overseas, that is
Vagina-gate: Hi Ladies, Put your marching boots on for tomorrow; guys you can come too

Guardian UK
DSK: New York sex scandal orchestrated by political opponents

Exclusive: Dominique Strauss-Kahn accuses enemies linked to Nicolas Sarkozy of destroying bid for French presidencyDSK interview: 'I didn't believe...  
Deadly bombing hits Damascus


Louisiana Pensions Should Have Thought Twice About Calling Hedge Fund Their ‘Best Deal’

In-Mind Psychology for You

The dish on gossip: Its origins, functions, and bad reputation
When the thought of yourself nags you: How failure to attain cultural standards brings suicide on the fringe of consciousness

Inside Facebook

Facebook roundup: Yahoo, IPO, Windows Phone, security
Facebook platform supports more than 42 million pages and 9 million apps


Organize Your Finances This Weekend (and Stop Wasting Money) [Weekendhacker]


Hawks on Iran
Kerrey’s Opposition to Attacking Iran — Straw in the Wind?


Obama Trumpets Killing of Bin Laden, and Critics Pounce (New York Times)

Steve Munro

Paying the Piper
Los Angeles vs Toronto: Funding and Building a Transit Network


Immigrant Sweeps In Greece Spark Protests
The Woes Of Washington Baseball Fans
A Look Inside The First-Round NBA Matchups


12-045: NRC, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Issue Final Environmental Impact Statement for New Reactors at Levy County Site
12-044: NRC to Discuss Reactor License Renewal Process May 9 in Rockville, Md.

New Scientist

Japan's last operational nuclear reactor to go offline
Older than Giza – ancient burial chamber revealed

News 24

Reds star Genia to join Force
The Reds have announced that scrumhalf and vice-captain Will Genia will join the Force next season.  
People held captive by toll roads - judge

Obama Conspiracy Theories

Removing the Liberty Legal Foundation
“Thanks for all the help”

Open Channel

A crime by the highway: Poisoning trees to make billboards easier to see
By Myron Levin, Lilly Fowler and Stuart SilversteinFairWarning.orgTallahassee DemocratRobert Barnhart, right, and his wife, Kimberly. Barnhart...  
More Secret Service resignations expected to be announced

Open Secrets

#CISPA, #SOPA, #PIPA and #BigLobbying
Top 26 Revolving Door Universities


'The Evidence Against Ottavio Quattrrocchi Was Conclusive'


Jamie is 13 and hasn’t even kissed a girl. But he’s now on the Sex Offender Register after online porn warped his mind…
The United States Has Plenty Of Oil: 10 Facts About America’s Energy Resources That Will Blow Your Mind

Payvand Iran News

Democracy and Human Rights Conference Honors Siamak Pourzand
Roads of Death

Pesticide Action Network

1 in 54 boys? Time for autism prevention.

Philippines News

PETA and Repertory Philippines team up for ‘Care Divas’
6 Filipinos indicted in US Medicare fraud case
Philippines denounces China for 'bullying' tactics near Panatag Shoal
PETA and Repertory Philippines team up for ‘Care Divas’

Political MoJo : Mother Jones

WATCH: Football Hero Charles Woodson Doubles Down on Union Rights in Wisconsin
Jon Tester Cuts the Second-Most Montana Ad of All Time

Politics Security Secrecy

Dione's Politics and Campaign Commentary Site: National Security ...
EdLog: Coalition fights to save state pensions

Psychology Today

Highlights From Our Week

Rescuing the Frog
Refine it where you mine it?
Differential royalties for upgraded vs. non-upgraded bitumen


Biggest ever collection of Chinese artefacts set to arrive in Britain
How to waterproof absolutely anything

Science Daily

NASA's Landsat satellites see Texas crop circles

Scientific American
Leonard Nimoy to Shuttle Enterprise: "Live Long and Prosper" in NYC

Shaleshock Media

Fracking -The Rest of the Story

Star Online

Live updates: Protesters disperse but police remain at Dataran

Warm, windy weather expected today
Austin police report drops in violent, property crimes

TED Blog

Video: A chat with Hans Rosling at TEDxSummit
Listen now! TED Radio Hour’s first episode: “Our Buggy Brain”


Why Do We Celebrate The 'Solitary' Experience Of Books But Decry The Social Experience Of Online Social Media?
( Speak for yourself )
When You Create Value It Doesn't Mean You Have To Capture Every Bit Of That Value

Ten Percent

Friday. Henrik José- Pinpointing The Problem
Friday! BLK JKS- Kwa Nqingetje

This Week in Science

A Volcanic Valley on Mars
Gut Reaction


Four killed in attack on Kandahar governor's office
Four people, including two assailants, were killed Saturday when security forces in southern Afghanistan repelled an attack on the Kandahar...  
Lithuanian PM to visit Georgia

Unexplained Mysteries

Giant fireball explodes over California

Web MD
Defeating Dandruff
A raft of new research suggests that scientists may be close to heading off the fungus that causes dandruff.  
( After decades of itching even after using Polytar shampoo, Selsun Blue worked for me....with an antifungal ingredient )
Summer Safety for You and Your Kids


Farmer refuses to sell rude-shaped plant
Diamond Jubilee celebration in the house of boards

White House

WEEKLY ADDRESS: Helping our Veterans and Servicemembers Make Informed Decisions about Higher Education
Presidential Proclamation -- Workers Memorial Day, 2012

The Scale of the Universe
Trayvon vs. Tyrone: Why Racial Stories Are a Bad Idea

Zoe - It`s our Nature

The Geese at JFK Airport
Dogs Play Fetch Underwater
Syria rebels 'in seaborne attack'
Syria reportedly repels a sea raid by rebel fighters as Lebanon intercepts a ship carrying weapons it says were bound for opposition fighters.  
Tear gas fired at Malaysia rally

  • Key tests for spaceplane project
    UK engineers begin critical tests on the innovative Sabre engine technology that is designed to take a spaceplane into orbit in a single flight stage.
  • Farming 'spread by migrant wave'
    A new study of DNA from ancient remains provides further evidence that farming was spread to Europe by a wave of migrants.
  • 'GPS brain cells' seen in pigeons
    A group of brain cells in pigeons are shown to sense details of magnetic fields, a major find in the long-standing question of how they navigate.
  • Sea sediments tell of past quakes
    Previous earthquakes that rivalled the March 2011 Tohoku tremor in size may be recorded in sediment samples just recovered from the seafloor off Japan.
  • UK company to build Sun satellite
    British industry will lead the production of Solar Orbiter, a spacecraft that will travel closer to the Sun than any satellite to date.
  • UN head backs 2012 green efforts
    The head of the UN's Environment Programme, Achim Steiner, backs the green measures adopted by the organisers of the 2012 Olympic Games.

By Kim Painter, USA TODAY The brand name you will be hearing in those inevitable ads: Stendra. It's made by a company called Vivus, Inc., and belongs to the same class of medicines as Viagra, from Pfizer Inc., Cialis, from Eli Lilly, and Levitra, ...
This weekend on "Sanjay Gupta MD," Dr. Gupta takes a critical look at sugar and the impact it has on our bodies. Don't miss the in-depth investigation Saturday at 4:30 pm ET, and Sunday at 7:30 am ET on CNN. (CNN) -- Pushing her meal cart into the ...
By Amy Norton | NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Many women may think birth control pills and condoms are better at pregnancy prevention than they actually are, a new study suggests. Researchers found that of more than 4100 women who were seeking birth ...
By Charles Bankhead, Staff Writer, MedPage Today WASHINGTON -- The FDA has turned down an application to expand indications for denosumab (Xgeva) to include prevention of bone metastases in men with castration-resistant prostate cancer.
Bad news for people who thought they'd found their dream diet — Nutella is not a health food. Ferrero, the makers of the creamy chocolate and hazelnut spread, has settled two class-action lawsuits with consumers who sued over the company's advertising ...
By Denise Mann Fully 30% of US adults -- or 40.6 million workers -- sleep six or fewer hours a day, a new CDC report shows. The National Sleep Foundation recommends we get seven to nine hours of sleep each day. Most at risk, according to the report, ...
A view from Uganda - Republican Eagle
For three months, Lise Sievers has been experiencing an extremely different lifestyle in Uganda than what she's accustomed to in the United States. For three months, Lise Sievers has been experiencing an extremely different lifestyle in Uganda than ...
By Nathan On April 27, 2012 Eating berries appears to reduce cognitive decline in older adults. In a new study published by the American Neurological Association and Child Neurology Society, the results suggest that cognitive decline can be delayed in ...

To Do

By STEVE SZKOTAK Pursuing a portfolio of renewable power sources such as solar, biomass and wind power to satisfy Virginia's energy appetite through 2035 would create tens of thousands more jobs than relying on either coal or natural gas, ...
MarketWatch (press release)
"Through the purchase of RECs, Wynright and Constellation Energy are teaming together to support the operation and development of facilities that generate clean, renewable energy that replaces emissions otherwise released through fossil fuel generation ...
MarketWatch (press release)
REYKJAVIK, ICELAND, Apr 27, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- The Icelandic energy provider, Landsvirkjun, one of Europe's leading renewable energy companies, may help supply Continental Europe with renewable energy via a North Atlantic submarine power ...
MarketWatch (press release)
WASHINGTON, Apr 27, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Clearing the path for commercialization of homegrown renewable chemical technology can enhance energy security and create well-paying new opportunities in the United States.
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Human Habitat

Newstalk 1450 KBKW
Olympia, WA - The Department of Ecology (Ecology) will hold public workshops on possible changes to the state's fish consumption rates in May in Ellensburg, Tacoma and Spokane Valley. The sessions are part of Ecology's efforts to share information with ...
Conway Daily Sun
Dave Eastman also broadcasts "Country Ecology" four times weekly over WMWV 93.5 fm. As Vice President of the Lakes Region Chapter/ASNH, he welcomes you to monthly programs at the Loon Center in Moultonborough. He is available at: This email address is ...
Santa Barbara Independent
By UC Santa Barbara The study, produced by the Gulf Oil Spill Ecotox Working Group at UC Santa Barbara's National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), is published in the May issue of the journal Bioscience.
Access Washington
The goal of the Washington Department of Ecology's (Ecology) Air Quality Program is to safeguard public health and the environment by preventing and reducing air pollution. Ecology, local clean air agencies throughout the state, ...
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Water Power

CBS News
"We don't have any reason not to believe it was a water filtration device," he said. But Hogan said the Transportation Security Administration could consider civil charges because of the disruption. Hogan said the man told police he had "a similar ...
Fox News
NAIROBI, Kenya – Tens of thousands of refugees in South Sudan's Jamam camp must be urgently moved to a new site to escape life-threatening water shortages and fatal diseases, an aid agency said Friday. The boreholes that provide the water for the camp ...
MarketWatch (press release)
VOORHEES, NJ, Apr 27, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- American Water Works Company, Inc. (NYSE:AWK) announced today that it will hold its Annual Meeting of Stockholders at 10 am Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on Friday, May 11, 2012, at The Mansion on Main Street ...
MarketWatch (press release)
ISELIN, NJ, Apr 27, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Middlesex Water Company (NASDAQ:MSEX) today announced that its Board of Directors declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.1850 per common share payable on June 1, 2012, for shareholders of record as ...
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