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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4 April - My Feedly

Average Annual Temperatures for the state of TexasAverage Annual Temperatures for the state of Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Category:Images of Dallas, TexasCategory:Images of Dallas, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Aerial of the Texas Medical Center, an area in...Aerial of the Texas Medical Center, an area in the Southeast Houston district. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
The Corbett Report
(title unknown)
Truth Frequency News
Texas Liberal
Jay Allbritton
The Adventures of Limited Eating
Centauri Dreams
Housewife Eclectic 


  1. Sahara Reporters
    Security Source Reveals Boko Haram Mujahedeens Plan To Attack Kaduna Refinery, Defense Industrial Co... Security Source Reveals Boko Haram Mujahedeens Plan To Attack Kaduna Refinery, Defense Industrial Co like
  2. Dr. Joseph Mercola
    Monsanto tentatively agreed to pay $90 million to some residents of Nitro, West Virginia for allegedly polluting the town’s air and land. Monsanto Pays 93 Million to Victims In Settlement like
  3. AlterNet
    Attention, Occupy Wall St. and fans! Check out AlterNet series "Corporations For the 99 percent" - Today's installment: Whose Corporations? Our Corporations! http://www.alternet.org/occupywallst/154789/whose_corporations_our_corporations%21 Whose Corporations? Our Corporations! | Occupy Wall Street like
  4. Gary Null
    RIGHT NOW on The Gary Null Show: The Afghanistan debacle – how taxpayers are funding our Taliban enemies in a losing war Guest: Douglas Wissing is a historian, political scientist and an award winning investigative journalist who has traveled the world to uncover stories that rarely reach public ears. He has uncovered stories on Washington insiders, Hong Kong plutocrats, and traveled with Tibetan bandits and rebels opposing Chinese occupation of Tibet. Douglas’ articles and perspectives have been published in the New York times, Washington Post, Foreign Policy, Salon.com and aired on BBC and NPR networks. His most recent of his six books is “Funding the Enemy: How US Taxpayers Bankroll the Taliban” which covers wide reporting while embedded and traveling independently in Afghanistan. Tune in now at PRN.fm/listen-live/ Listen Live like
  5. Underground News Network
  6. CommonDreams.org
    "Despite the increased demand for local food, and the obvious health benefits of supporting more fruit and vegetable production, government policies and spending primarily support industrialized agriculture and the giant farms and corporations that profit from it. It's time to level the playing field." Catching up to the Local Food Revolution like
  7. Al Jazeera English
    Opinion: The government provides financial support, technical assistance, and political resources to promoting global democracy. US politicians and the news media are quick to publicise inadequacies in the way that other countries conduct elections, as in their recent criticism of election irregularities in Russia and Myanmar. In accordance with this principle, US efforts at democracy promotion should begin at home. US: Fixing democracy at home like
  8. Thrive
    Watch out for the privatization of water. http://bit.ly/ynKEKT Video Clip | Thrive like
  9. Disinformation
    What Happens When Social Surveillance Goes Mainstream? What Happens When Social Surveillance Goes Mainstream? | Disinformation like
  10. Sahara Reporters
    Gunmen In Hummer Jeeps Kill 4 Policemen, Burn 2 Patrol Vehicles-NAN | Sahara Reporters Gunmen In Hummer Jeeps Kill 4 Policemen, Burn 2 Patrol Vehicles-NAN | Sahara Reporters like
  11. Steve Pillman
  12. Steve Pillman
  13. Underground News Network
  14. Sahara Reporters
    Police Station Attacked In North Nigeria-AP | Sahara Reporters Police Station Attacked In North Nigeria-AP | Sahara Reporters like
  15. Underground News Network


AAPL 621.15 -8.17
Oracle-Google dispute reaches court Oracle-Google dispute reaches court • 5 hours ago
GOOG 632.98 -9.64
Oracle-Google dispute reaches court Oracle-Google dispute reaches court • 5 hours ago
CRM 153.99 -4.33
EMC's Pivotal Buy to Boost Big Data EMC's Pivotal Buy to Boost Big Data • 14 days ago
F 12.39 -0.25
Econ News: Lots of Singles, No Homers Econ News: Lots of Singles, No Homers • 1 day ago
ORCL 29.06 -0.33
Oracle-Google dispute reaches court Oracle-Google dispute reaches court • 5 hours ago
MSFT 31.165 -0.775
Oracle-Google dispute reaches court Oracle-Google dispute reaches court • 5 hours ago
GHDX 29.96 -0.65
Positive Data from Genomic Health Positive Data from Genomic Health • 12 days ago 

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James Delingpole on Tour in Australia — Book Now!
The brilliant James Delingpole is coming to Australia thanks to the IPA to promote freedom for the world, to rescue modern science and to sell a hundred thousand copies of his new book: Killing the Earth to Save It (How Environmentalists are ruining the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your jobs). He is visiting Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne,  Sydney, and  Brisbane. If you don’t know who
Interview 489 – Interrogating the Programming with Tom Secker
Once it has been established that the foreshadowing of certain terror events in supposedly fictional works is more than just coincidence, what does this mean, and how do we proceed with an analysis of these works? Joining us on the program to examine these matters in greater detail is Tom Secker of InvestigatingTheTerror.com.
US Marines Begin Arriving in Australia
The first US marines have arrived in Australia, as America boosts its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region. More than 2000 personnel will be deployed here over the next few years and adds to America’s military footprint in such countries as the Philippines and Singapore – all in China’s backyard. For more on the story RT talks to James Corbett, editor of The Corbett Report, an independent



Why Do Conservatives Hate Public Transit?
In a word, because it’s public
North Sea Gas Well Still Leaking
Total’s Elgin Project Reveals the Dangers of Pursuing ‘Extreme Energy’
The Deplorax
My review of The Lorax (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)
“The Lorax” Marketing Campaign Misses the Forest AND the Trees
Mazda’s SUV Sales Pitch a Classic Case of Corporate Co-optation


Mitt Romney Tries To Self-Deport Everything He’s Ever Said About Immigration Reform
Mitt Romney on immigration: January 23, 2012 vs. April 2, 2012 Daily Kos Tue Apr 03, 2012 at 06:50 AM PDT by Jed Lewison Now Mitt Romney blamesPresident Obama for Republican obstruction on immigration reform: “This has always been a priority for the President he chooses to do nothing about,” Romney said. “Let the immigrant community not forget that, while he uses this as a political weapon, he ha
Obama Opens Big Gender Gap In Swing States
By Charles Dharapak, AP USA TODAY Mar 30, 2012 By David Jackson, USA TODAY Updated  3d 8h ago Another poll, another big lead for President Obama in a swing state — and more evidence he is benefiting from a growing gender gap.Obama leads Mitt Romney by 52%-35% in Wisconsin, according to a new NBC News/Marist Poll — thanks in large part to a 25-point lead among women voters, 55%-30%. The preside
The Gender Gap: Three Decades Old, as Wide as Ever
Pew Research Center Released: March 29, 2012 The gender gap in presidential politics is not new. Democratic candidates have gotten more support from women than men formore than 30 years. Even so, Barack Obama’s advantages among women voters over his GOP rivals are striking. In the Pew Research Center’s most recent national survey, conducted March 7-11, Obama led Mitt Romney by 20 points (58% to 3
( Context is everything. In the early 20th century suffragettes were fighting for legal status as persons and the right to vote. These days you have to wonder if that's next on the agenda for corporations ! )
WINNING: The 10 Best Achievements Of Obama’s Presidency So Far
Via: MoveOn.org Posted on March 29, 2012 by Angie SOURCE
Warren Takes Center Stage In Obama Campaign Video
The Maddow Blog By Steve Benen  - Sat Mar 24, 2012 10:01 AM EDT President Obama’s re-election campaign unveiled a new video this morning, which has a similar look and feel to the recent “The Road We’ve Traveled” documentary, but features a different message and messenger. Note, for example, that aside from some brief narration at the beginning, the only voice in this video is Elizabeth Warren’s,
INFOGRAPHIC: The Affordable Care Act Turns Two
Think Progress By Adam Peck  on Mar 23, 2012 at 8:30 am Two years ago today, President Obama affixed his signature to the Affordable Care Act, the first major piece of federal healthcare legislation since the creation of Medicare and Medicaid. The bill was the end result of months of careful negotiations in Congress and years of failed attempts by previous administrations to reform an increasingl


Corbett Report Radio 103 – Overcoming Fear with Marc Ressl
Tornados and typhoons, terrorists and false flags, the police state and World War III; there are no shortage of things to be afraid of in this world and we are being bombarded with them on a daily basis in the media we consume. But does giving in to the fear play into the system of control, and if so how can we escape it?  Tonight we are joined by Marc Ressl, a professor of signals processing in A
Life and Death: Bioethics as crypto-eugenics
VIDEO AVAILABLE SHORTLY by James Corbett BoilingFrogsPost.com 3 April, 2012 Few in the general public have heard much, if anything at all, about the relatively obscure corner of academia known as bioethics. First emerging as an academic discipline in the late 1960s, bioethics concerns itself with the ethical questions raised by advancing knowledge and technological sophistication in biology, medic
Corbett Report Radio 102 – Free Money with Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux of FreeDomainRadio.com joins us for a wide-ranging philosophical discussion on money, freedom, aggression, property and power. We also take calls on issues from commodity-backed money to ethical systems.
Interview 488 – Jon Rappoport on the Bioethics Agenda
Jon Rappoport of NoMoreFakeNews.com joins us to discuss the academic discipline of bioethics, a field of inquiry that presumes to be able to settle the moral quandaries raised by modern medicine. We discuss the startling implications of recent calls for after-birth abortions, the false debate about money as a determinative tool in life and death situations, the roots of these problems in the eugen


The Israel-Iran-US Information War
News scoops may happen because of hard work by reporters. That hard work may be supplemented by government officials wanting to leak information that might not be as effectively released through official channels.Governments may also release information officially that is not true. Both seem to be happening in the case of Iran, Israel, and the United States. The motives seem to be many and not ent
Photo: Helmut

Protesting Students Pepper Sprayed at Santa Monica College
There are reports that approximately 30 students were sprayed. From NBC Los Angeles: Priscillia Omon, 21, said she was standing behind the police officer when he pulled out the pepper spray and fired it in the mouths and eyes of people standing arm’s length away.She described a man next to her convulsing and spitting up foam after being hit with the pepper spray. A family, including a 4 year old
OccupySF Occupies 888 Turk Street
UPDATE 2: Meanwhile, Jessica Hollie of Occupy Oakland was assaulted by a federal marshal while ustreaming the federal raid on the Oaksterdam marijuana dispensary in Oakland. The officer assaults her at the 22:00 mark of the ustream. Raucous scenes as the crowd is outraged over the force used during the raid and subsequent arrests: Video streaming by UstreamUPDATE 1: 75 arrested at 888 Turk Stre


Sustainable palm oil is good for business – WWF study
Protecting the environment by producing certified sustainable palm oil is also good for the bottom line, according to a groundbreaking new report released today. Profitably and Sustainability in Palm Oil Production is a first-time study that comprehensively examines the financial costs and benefits of producing sustainable palm oil under the guidelines set out by the Roundtable on Sustainable Pal
Virunga communities concerned about oil development
Residents living near Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Virunga National Park last week expressed their renewed concern over the prospect of oil exploration in the area. Many community members rely on fishing in the park’s biggest lake for their food and income, but parts of the lake have been granted to European oil companies for possible development. Civil society leaders issued a communiqué
Record Earth Hour draws to a close
Sydney, Australia: As a record Earth Hour wraps up across the world, the I Will If You Will campaign has been adopted by hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the globe, turning their symbolic lights off action into an ongoing commitment to a sustainable planet. Earth Hour has now completed a record journey across more than 6,525 cities, towns and municipalities in 150 countries and
Earth Hour Becomes Unstoppable As Social Media Fuels Passion To Save The Planet
Sydney, Australia: The global community has come out in force for Earth Hour as social media has energized and inspired communities across the Middle East, Africa and Europe to unite for a common cause – the protection of the planet. From former war-torn countries to the great cities of Europe, Earth Hour is being celebrated by all walks of life as it offers an hour of inspiration to change our
Nelson Mandela tweets his support as Earth Hour sweeps Asia
Sydney, Australia: As the largest ever Earth Hour wraps up across Asia, Nelson Mandela has taken to Twitter to express his support for the cause to unite the world to protect the planet. "Let us stand together to make of our world a sustainable source for our future as humanity on this planet" #NelsonMandela #EarthHour”, the anti-apartheid hero and former President of South Africa tweeted. At


Saudi Storm Shadow Sale Confirmed
Thanks to Wikileaks (not work safe!), we now know that the UK did, in fact, sell the Storm Shadow cruise missile — an MTCR category I system if I’ve ever seen one — to Saudi Arabia. LtG Abdulrahman Al-Faisal, Commander of the Royal Saudi Air Force, confirmed the sale to US Assistant Secretary for Political-Military Affairs Andrew Shapiro in October 2009. Regular readers know that I have long beli
Hedley Bull
Hedley Bull is probably the least well-known founding father of the theory of modern arms control. He’s not very well known because he toiled under three considerable disadvantages. First, he was an Australian based in the United Kingdom, when the primary action was in the United States. Second, his important book, The Control of the Arms Race: Disarmament and Arms Control in the Missile Age (1961
The NPT, the NSG, and the AAAS
Steve Miller is a friend, a colleague, and an authority on the Sangiovese grape in central Tuscany and on the chunky red wines of the Piemonte. He also happens to be a tenured professor at Harvard who has just published this essay for the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Read it, please, for a thoughtful tour d’horizon of where things stand right now with the NPT and the nonproliferation reg

Execution-like style shooting at religious college in Oakland leaves seven people dead
A shooting spree at a small religious college in Oakland, California, left seven people dead and three wounded on Tuesday. The police of Oakland has taken in custody, one Goh, a 43-year-old former student for questioning, while Goh told the police that he was mentally upset at Oikos University for dismissing him. Police also said that the seven victims were killed in execution-like style in one cl
US Self-contradictory Approach towards Pakistan
While joint session of the Pakistani parliament has been reviewing its relationship with the United States, and after the positive meeting between the President Obama and Prime Minister Gilani in Soul in the sidelines of the Nuclear Summit, and after the recent visit of the US Central Command Chief General James Mattis along with the Commander of International Security Assistance Force in Afghanis
Malpractices of Indian Generals
By Sajjad Shaukat Malpractices and scandals in connection with the Indian civil officials have already come to surface from time to time, but these are not confined to them, even Indian armed forces are also plagued with corruption. Although lower-ranking officers of the Indian Army were found involved in various kinds of malpractices, yet involvement of the highest-ranking officers like generals,
US Drone Warfare is Counterproductive
By Sajjad Shaukat At this critical hour, when joint session of the Pakistani Parliament is debating over the 40 recommendations, made by the Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) to review country’s foreign policy in general and the new relationship with the United States in particular in the backdrop of deliberate attacks on Salala outposts which killed 24 Pakistani troops on Novemb

TEDx Event 2012
‘Rethinking Pakistan’ [and my expression goes LOL and I will explain why] was the theme of the conference which took place at margalla hills Islamabad on March 31st 2011 organized by TEDx, lets just summarize here what TEDx is; before we further dig into the “theme” and happenings of this conference. TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) and ’x’ denotes the independently organized events unde

Did You Know

UN’s World Food Programme, to buy fish from Japan, to feed school children, in poor countries
A year on from Fukushima, Japan is struggling to convince consumers that fish from contaminated areas is safe. With new limits imposed on radioactive substances in food, the government is sending canned fish to developing countries to feed children. ­A year on from Fukushima, Japan is struggling to convince consumers that fish from contaminated areas is safe. With new limits imposed on radioactive


“The hunt for ‘plan B’, by Labott; Syria Needs a George Washington; Syria could become like North Korea; “The Burial Brigade of Homs,” by Putz
The hunt for ‘plan B’ – planning for ‘the day after’ in Syria By Elise Labott, CNN Foreign Affairs Reporter Expectations are low for Sunday’s Friends of Syria meeting in Istanbul, where representatives from more than 70 nations and international organizations will gather to discuss ways to hasten the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad. The reason is simple. The most critical piece is missing: Pl


Disaster – Genius Needed
I am sorry for the blog hiatus, but I follow a method of historical research a bit akin to method acting! I am absolutely immersed in the world of Burnes. I am in Bhuj at tne moment, and yesterday was at Mandivi looking at the shipyards and harbours where Burnes procured his boats to sail up the Indus – they are still made today. Much larger than I had realised. In Mumbai I identified a “lost”


Martin Luther King Reading & Reference List
(Blogger’s Note—Today is the 44th anniversary of the day Martin Luther King was shot. That is not so pleasant. Better is my Martin Luther King Reading & Reference List that I update each year here on the blog. There is always something hopeful and useful to learn from the life of Martin Luther King.) While it is always instructive to watch a rebroadcast or listen to a recording of the I Have
Supreme Court Allows Strip-Searches Of All Who Are Arrested—Another Conservative Attack On Our Liberties
The five radical conservatives on the Supreme Court have allowed strip-searches to be conducted on any person who is arrested. From the New York Times— “The Supreme Court on Monday ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that officials may strip-search people arrested for any offense, however minor, before admitting them to jails even if the officials have no reason to suspect the presence of contraband….The proce
An Uncertain Landfall—It Is In Everyday Things That We Best See Life
I’ve got a creative project I’m working on, and I take a lot of pictures when I go out and about in the Houston-Galveston area as part of this project. I’ll have more to say about this project in the days and weeks ahead. Above you see a picture I took last week in Galveston. In this picture you see the ocean shoreline, and, also, a shoreline of seaweed. This reminded me of something I recently r
Groups Opposing Cruel Proposed Anti-Food Sharing Ordinance In Houston—Two Protests On Tuesday, 4/3
Many groups in Houston oppose Annise Parker’s proposed mean-spirited anti-food sharing ordinance. Here is the list of groups so far that oppose this proposed ordinance— American Rights Association • A Simple Thread • Canvas Church Houston • Casa Juan Diego • Casa de la Fuente • Center for Student Missions Houston • The Central American Resource Center • Central Canaan Christian Church • Christ the
Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up—The Work Of Freedom Is Up To Each Of Us
Here is the weekly posting of the Texas Progressive Alliance round-up. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. TPA members are citizen-bloggers working for a better Texas. (Above–A Texas road sign.) Every Texan and every American has the ability to attend a public meeting, attend or organize a protest, write or call an elected official, talk to friends and family, star
Fully Functional
Here is a fully functional marine propeller that I saw in Galveston, Texas a few hours ago. It is simply functional in a different way than first intended. Here are facts about marine propellers. Here is previous post on the blog about some marine propellers being stored with washing machines.

Mexican Oases in Urgent Need of Protection
Mexico's oases encompass significant environmental, cultural, social and economic wealth that must be properly assessed and preserved, warn experts.
Extreme Weather is the New Normal
Extreme weather is fast becoming the new normal. Canada and much of the United States experienced summer temperatures during winter this year, confirming the findings of a new report on extreme weather.
Q&A: "We Need to Change the Economics of Development"
After Latin America and the Caribbean's "lost decade" of the 1980s, the region has experienced a period of "light and shadow", says Alicia Bárcena, executive secretary of the U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).
Payments for Environmental Services Skip Rural Women in Mexico
Despite the key role they play in caring for natural resources in the face of climate change, rural women in Mexico do not benefit from payments for environmental services, say activists and experts.
Amid Global Uncertainties, Barbados Plots a Greener Future
When it comes to developing a "green economy", Barbados is leading its English-speaking Caribbean neighbours.
Jamaica to Galvanise Public on Climate Adaptation
A public awareness project that aims to foster wider understanding among locals about the linkages between the global climate and their social and economic wellbeing is Jamaica's newest adaptation strategy.


Plutonium-238 and the Outer System
Powering up a spacecraft is a lot easier to manage in the Sun-rich environment inside the orbit of Mars than it is out past the orbit of Jupiter. Solar panels provide plenty of power for a satellite in near-Earth orbit, for example, but moving into the outer system invokes the need for RTGs — radioisotope thermoelectric generators — powered by radioactive decay. If you read through the specs on th
Planets Around an Ancient Star
The idea of ‘deep time’ exerts an abiding fascination. H.G. Wells took us forward to a remote futurity when his time traveler looked out on a beach dominated by a red and swollen Sun. But of course deep time goes in the other direction as well. I can remember wanting to become a paleontologist when I discovered books about the world of the dinosaurs, my mind reeling from the idea that the world th
Re-Thinking The Antimatter Rocket
Once when reading Boswell’s monumental life of the 18th Century writer and conversationalist Samuel Johnson, I commented to a friend how surprised I had been to discover that Johnson didn’t spend much time reading in his later years. “He didn’t need a lot of time,” replied my friend, a classics professor. “He tore the heart out of books.” That phrase stuck with me over the years and re-surfaced wh
Correction re WISE
Last week I reported on information from a source on the WISE mission that no new red dwarfs had yet been discovered out to a distance of 10 light years. This past weekend I received an email from my source apologizing for mis-typing. He had meant to say no brown dwarfs — not red dwarfs — out to a distance of 10 light years. And as I mentioned with the earlier post, the data analysis continues and
Interstellar (Precursor) Mission & Vehicle Design
by Marc Millis Tau Zero’s first graduate student project has been completed. Berkeley Davis, a 2nd Lt. at the United States Air Force Institute of Technology, Dayton Ohio, completed his Masters thesis on a deep space probe to perform Claudio Maccone’s gravitational lens mission (FOCAL). For those unfamiliar with FOCAL, it is a mission to utilize the gravitational lens effect that begins at approxi
ESO: Habitable Red Dwarf Planets Abundant
Red dwarfs are all over the news thanks to an announcement by the European Southern Observatory. Results from a new HARPS study show that tens of billions of planets not much larger than Earth are to be expected in the habitable zones around this class of star. The finding reinforces the growing interest in M-class stars and becomes especially interesting when you realize that faint red stars like


Universities in Iraq
I was traveling last week so I didn't get around to posting this when it came out, but I recently wrote an article about Iraqi universities and the challenges they face for The Chronicle of Higher Education. The article is behind the subscription wall, but here's the beginning: Eight years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq and a few months after the withdrawal of the military forces from the countr
Voter poll in Egypt
Here are the results of a poll of 1200 likely voters by the national Al Ahram newspaper: 1. Amr Moussa, former head of the Arab League: 31.5%  2. Salafi sheikh Hazem Salah Abu Ismail: 22.7% 3. Mubarak-appointed (and short-lived) interim prime minister Ahmad Shafiq: 10.2% 4. Mubarak intelligence chief Omar Suleiman (who has not officially announced his candidacy): 9.3% 5. Former Brotherhood leader
"Curveball" confesses to lying about WMDs
Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all - The Independent A man whose lies helped to make the case for invading Iraq – starting a nine-year war costing more than 100,000 lives and hundreds of billions of pounds – will come clean in his first British television interview tomorrow. But Mr Janabi, speaking in a two-part series, Modern Spies, starting tomorrow on BBC2, says none of i
The Saudis and Syria
I don't get it — does Saudi Arabia support a ceasefire or a continued insurrection in Syria? It can't be both! Syrian official takes hard line on troop withdrawal ‘‘I believe we all agree on the need for an immediate cease-fire to the systematic killing,’’ Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said at a joint news conference with Clinton. He said arming the Syrian opposition is a ‘‘duty’’
Why Khairat al-Shater is running
Too clever by half? I have no particularly privileged insight into the inner decision-making of the Muslim Brotherhood, other than meeting with its leaders, including Khairat al-Shater, on a regular basis and seeing rank-and-file and former members quite often too. As someone who has followed the group for almost a decade now, I don't think the answer to why they decided to run Shater now lies mos
Links 22-31 March 2011
On still on the road, posting slow, but there's a lot more stuff I'm putting up on Twitter. The Polite Conference Rooms Where Liberties Are Saved and Lost | Common Dreams Important piece on Obama admin restrictions on freedom of expression. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood nominates presidential candidate - The Washington Post Quotes me. BBC News - Syria crisis: Clashes spill over Lebanese border

Anti-Semitic California Prof Now Attacking Black People With Lies
In one of the more volatile recent periods of racial unrest in this country, some of the most inflammatory incitement is coming from an odd little corner of academia. An influential, tenured university psychology professor is on the airwaves claiming Trayvon Martin was a “thug,” a “hoodlum” and a drug dealer who was shot while he [...]
Records Suggest Move Against Racist Icon Tom Metzger in Bombing
Tom Metzger — a wily, iconic racist ideologue who has for years espoused “lone-wolf” terrorism — could soon find himself facing criminal charges filed by the federal government he’s excoriated for decades. Federal investigators, fresh off a related mail-bombing conviction in Arizona, may be pressing for what could develop into a major Justice Department criminal case [...]
Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Clinic Damaged in Bombing
A homemade bomb exploded and caused a small fire last night at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wis. – the second attack on an abortion clinic in 2012. Authorities say the device, fashioned from a plastic bottle filled with incendiary chemicals, was placed on a windowsill at the clinic. It went off at about [...]
Sentenced to Life, White Supremacist Faces More Charges in Murder Spree
It now appears likely that confessed hate killer David “Joey” Pedersen will next face federal charges in connection with a West Coast killing spree that left his father, stepmother and two strangers dead. The 31-year-old Pedersen, whose body is decorated with white supremacy tattoos,  was sentenced late last week in Everett, Wash., to life in prison [...]
What’s the Matter with Working for Kansas, Kris?
Anti-immigrant activist Kris Kobach draws a paycheck as the duly elected secretary of state in Kansas. But he sure spends a lot of time meddling in the business of other states. Kansans Count, a coalition of civil and voting rights groups, recently obtained copies of Kobach’s calendars, schedules and phone records through an open records request. [...]
Extremist Former SCV Commander’s Business Raided in Alleged Fraud
Yesterday evening, Secret Service agents raided former Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Commander Ron Wilson’s business. They seized silver, files and computers from Atlantic Bullion & Coin, according to the Anderson, S.C., Independent Mail. The agents also seized items from his daughter Alison Shaum’s business, which is located next door. Wilson is accused by the South [...]


How Green Is the Green Economy?
A "green recovery" is being championed as a solution to both ecological and economic crisis, but the sanguine rhetoric has not always been matched by progress toward a more sustainable U.S. economy. Growth in "green jobs" has so far included waste incineration and offshore manufacturing of electric sports cars along with weatherization of homes and expansion of public transit. While the Right and
Adam Curtis: Conspiracist of Long-Lost Facts
Some of the most radical and searching historical interrogations on film in the last few decades are being performed at the BBC, and chances are you've never seen them. The hair-raisingly provocative presence of producer/director Adam Curtis in the world's most famous hyper-acculturated state media machine is nothing less than astonishing, particularly when you look at his work starting with 1992
Promises Broken, Promises Kept
The path to the presidency is a long and hard grind, and a candidate makes a lot of promises along the way. Many are throwaway lines that have little chance of ever becoming policy. Everyone knows it, and hardly anybody cares. Not long after launching his presidential bid in 2007, for example, Barack Obama promised that, as president, he would deliver an annual “State of the World” speech, layin
Feminists and Immigrants
Feminists have a bad habit of speaking to the opposition in their own terms. Take, for example, the "War on Women." This grand conflict, which I've written plenty about, has focused on some fairly longstanding conflicts. The right to terminate a pregnancy; the right not to get pregnant in the first place; the right to avoid being publicly called a "slut" merely because one is not currently pregnan
The Never-Ending Crusade
Seconds after lambasting the "intolerance of the Left" and comparing Barack Obama to a Soviet atheist, presidential hopeful Rick Santorum lionized his supporters at a campaign rally in Texas as the real dissenters of American politics: "[D]issent comes from folks who use reason, common sense and divine revelation," he told an enthusiastic crowd in February. Democracy, according to Santorum, is un
A Childhood Exorcised
In lesser hands, a memoir as heartbreaking as Jeanette Winterson's Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? would collapse under the weight of its own intensity. At the center of much of the story is Mrs. Winterson, the author's domineering adoptive mother, a religious zealot who was "apocalyptic by nature." For the author, growing up "different" meant not just suffering through the ritual abuse of


Low doses matter hugely, say scientists
It's been the official mantra of pesticide companies for decades: "The dose makes the poison." While it makes intuitive sense — you'd think that the more of chemical you're exposed to, the sicker you'll get — the science has, in fact, been saying otherwise for years. A team of 12 scientists recently released a report calling on EPA to completely revamp the way they ev
Pesticide data on the chopping block
This week PAN joined farmworkers and farmworker advocates in urging Congress to protect a small, unsung program that’s vital to the health and safety of the nation's nearly two million farmworkers: pesticide recordkeeping. USDA's Pesticide Recordkeeping Program is on the congressional chopping block, though it has long served as an essential tool for the proper identification, treat
Widely-used pesticides are killing bees
Bees are still dying and EPA is still sitting on its hands. Luckily for those of us who like to eat, scientists have been hard at work cracking the "mystery" of colony collapse disorder (CCD). Today two new studies were published in Science, strengthening the case that neonicotinoid pesticides are indeed key drivers behind recent pollinator declines. read more
Breaking bee science
Not marked at Hot Topic bee-fly-slide.jpg Two new studies strengthen the case that neonicotinoid pesticides are key drivers behind pollinator declines. These studies make the case clearer than ever.
What's next on methyl iodide? Update from the courtroom
Timing is everything. On March 20, Arysta LifeScience pulled its cancer-causing pesticide, methyl iodide, from the U.S. market. The decision came after years of public outcry against the undue influence that Arysta, the largest privately held pesticide corporation in the world, had on science and governance during the rulemaking. Interestingly enough, Arysta's decision was announced on the
Monsanto's endless pipeline of bad ideas
As if the disaster of RoundUp resistant superweeds sweeping our farmland weren’t enough, Monsanto is now preparing to launch an even greater disaster: a new soybean engineered to be resistant to the older, more toxic weedkiller, dicamba. The seed — which Monsanto plans to market in 2014 if approved — will also come stacked with the company’s RoundUp Ready gene, and is designed to be used with Mo


Classic Mail.
Today's Mail front page is a joy to behold:Yes, here's finally the truth about a how a THIRD of your tax bill is spent on welfare, but here's why the plan to remove child benefit from those earning over £42,000 a year is "insane" and "betrays families, aspiration and core Tory values". It's the most wonderful example of a newspaper coming right out and saying exactly why they think their readers
Not racially aggravated then.
The racially aggravated public order offence charge has then duly been dropped against Azhar Ahmed, who a couple of weeks back expressed in his own unique way that the sanctimony and mawkishness surrounding the deaths of the six soldiers in Afghanistan was just a little stifling. Well, OK, that doesn't quite cover it: he actually said all soldiers should die and that we should think just as much
Divide and rule.
I've mentioned David Cameron's new year message a couple of times now, mainly as a wonderful example of a politician imagining that what he thinks the year should be about is also what everyone else is looking forward to. The Olympics! The glory of the diamond jubilee! Many others stuck on benefits, without hope or responsibility! Oh, that last one doesn't quite work. Never mind, you can neve
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