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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

20 August - Blogs I'm Following II

10:32pm MDST

U.S. Military Failed In A Secret Mission To Rescue James Foley And Other Hostages

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 3 minutes ago
President Barack Obama delivers a statement from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, during his vacation August 20, 2014. Obama condemned the Islamic State militants who beheaded American journalist James Foley. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque *U.S. Military Failed In Rescue Attempt For Journalist Foley -- Reuters* (Reuters) - The U.S. military earlier this summer carried out an attempt to rescue journalist James Foley and other American hostages held in Syria, a U.S. official said on Wednesday, in an operation that the Pentagon said ultimately failed to find the captives. Foley, 40, was beh... more »

Marianne Williamson-- Reparations!

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 31 minutes ago
What do candidates do after they lose their race? Many disappear, at least for a while. Or if not disappear, they lower their profile significantly. I remember, though, on the night that election fraud cost Donna Edwards her first race, I spoke with her about how she needed to start running the next day. She did and she two years later she became the first African-American woman to represent Maryland in Congress. Her own party had written her off for a subservient corporate shill and Hoyer and Pelosi had both campaigned against her but if that upset her-- and how could it not-- it... more »


Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 36 minutes ago

Turkeys vote against Christmas

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 54 minutes ago
The Key Government proposes to pay higher salaries to leading educators –teachers and principals demonstrating proven success -- to oversee the work of lesser educators. NZEI members however have today voted overwhelmingly against the proposal. 93 per cent of teachers and principals voted "no confidence" in the policy [which] could potentially scupper the … plans…. NZEI president Judith Nowotarski said 73 per cent of the more than 25,000 members that voted rejected the proposed new roles outright… Without offering any opinion on the Key Government’s proposal, and given the ste... more »

The AstroTurf Lament: Common Core in Two 2014 Public Opinion Polls

deutsch29 at @ THE CHALK FACE - 1 hour ago
In August 2014, both Education Next and Phi Delta Kappan/Gallup published public opinion polls on education and that included questions regarding the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). EdNext polled approximately 5,000 individuals, and PDK/Gallup, 1,000 individuals. (Some of EdNext‘s questions were asked in two versions, and the sample was split into two halves, or approximately 2,500 respondents.) […]

Musical Interlude: Kevin Kern, “Bittersweet”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 hour ago
Kevin Kern, “Bittersweet” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEGp4nrUIs4

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 hour ago
“Beautiful emission nebula NGC 6164 was created by a rare, hot, luminous O-type star, some 40 times as massive as the Sun. Seen at the center of the cosmic cloud, the star is a mere 3 to 4 million years old. In another three to four million years the massive star will end its life in a supernova explosion. *Click image for larger size.* Spanning around 4 light-years, the nebula itself has a bipolar symmetry. That makes it similar in appearance to more familiar planetary nebulae - the gaseous shrouds surrounding dying sun-like stars. Also like many planetary nebulae, NGC 6164 has bee... more »

Who knew? I'm really into Twitter

Jody Paterson at A Closer Look: Jody Paterson - 1 hour ago
Last week when I commented on Facebook and then reworked the comment into a blog post that I could tweet, I felt like I was one with the social-media universe. I know a lot of people who have mixed feelings about social media and how it's changing the cultural landscape and way we interact. But personally, I love it. The big surprise for me has been Twitter, which I avoided for the longest time. The idea of being restricted to 140 measly characters just didn't do it for me, and I really didn't want a whole new "thing" to have to tend on-line. But I finally caved a couple... more »

The Poet: Joy Harjo, "Eagle Poem"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 2 hours ago
*"Eagle Poem" * "To pray you open your whole self To sky, to earth, to sun, to moon To one whole voice that is you. And know there is more That you can't see, can't hear Can't know except in moments Steadily growing, and in languages That aren't always sound but other Circles of motion. Like eagle that Sunday morning Over Salt River. Circles in blue sky In wind, swept our hearts clean With sacred wings. We see you, see ourselves and know That we must take the utmost care And kindness in all things. Breathe in, knowing we are made of All this, and breathe, knowing We are truly blessed bec... more »

Chet Raymo, “Is Consciousness Incomprehensible?”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 2 hours ago
*“Is Consciousness Incomprehensible?” * by Chet Raymo "There are reasonable arguments for the incomprehensibility of human consciousness, and some of them were given here the other day in Comments. Let me offer arguments for the contrary. First, one very important feature of consciousness has already been comprehended. We can say with a high degree of confidence that there is no ghost in the machine, that consciousness is an emergent physio-chemical property of the material brain. Whether consciousness is deterministic or involves some measure of quantum uncertainty remains to be s... more »

"Did You Ever Wonder?"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 2 hours ago
"Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you're just a reflection of him?" ~ Calvin and Hobbes

The Daily "Near You?"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 2 hours ago
Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, USA. Thanks for stopping by.

The Daily "Near You?"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 2 hours ago
Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, USA. Thanks for stopping by.

"Perhaps They Never Will..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 2 hours ago
Click image for larger size. "One summer night, out on a flat headland, all but surrounded by the waters of the bay, the horizons were remote and distant rims on the edge of space. Millions of stars blazed in darkness, and on the far shore a few lights burned in cottages. Otherwise there was no reminder of human life. My companion and I were alone with the stars: the misty river of the Milky Way flowing across the sky, the patterns of the constellations standing out bright and clear, a blazing planet low on the horizon. It occurred to me that if this were a sight that could be seen o... more »

Psychology: "A Weird Way of Thinking Has Prevailed Worldwide"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 2 hours ago
"A Weird Way of Thinking Has Prevailed Worldwide" by Anand Giridharadas Cortes, Canada - "Imagine a country whose inhabitants eat human flesh, wear only pink hats to sleep and banish children into the forest to raise themselves until adulthood. Now imagine that this country dominates the study of psychology worldwide. Its universities have the best facilities, which draw the best scholars, who write the best papers. Their research subjects are the flesh-eating, pink-hat-wearing, forest-reared locals. When these psychologists write about their own country, all is well. But things det... more »

Middle Eastern Intelligence Agents Are Being Outed By The Islamic State

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 2 hours ago
An image tweeted by radical Islamic group ISIS publicising mass executions. Source: NewsComAu *ISIS Reportedly Outing Middle Eastern Intelligence Agents -- FOX News* The terrorist group ISIS is actively outing agents from Middle Eastern intelligence services -- as many as 30 in the last two months -- by posting their pictures and locations on social media, a counterterrorism source told Fox News. In some cases, the source, who asked not to be identified due to the sensitivity of the investigations, said the Islamic State appeared to be getting the agents' identities from Saudi sy... more »

The Beheading Of Journalist James Wright Foley Is A Ridiculous HOAX!

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 2 hours ago
Yes, I have been extremely busy the last couple of days, and this blog has indeed fallen to the wayside… But as I have said, I will put up as many articles as I can when the time is available, such as now.. Today, I and others were alerted to the recent actions of the criminal Israeli/US BS "terrorist" organization known as "ISIS", or as they like to be called now just simply "IS", the "Islamic State". It is a fact that this "terrorist" group is just as phoney as its other predecessors such as the famous "Al Qaeda" and more recently the so called "Boka Harum". It does appear tha... more »

Rip-off News round-up. Our pick of the last week's media (Thu 21st Aug)

Jake at Ripped-off Britons - 2 hours ago
Academies run by favoured 'superhead' received advance notice of Ofsted checks Academies run by a superhead praised by the government for producing schools that "outperform the rest" of the state sector had secret advance notice of Ofsted inspection dates. Evidence uncovered by this newspaper suggests that three schools in Norfolk, all overseen by Dame Rachel de Souza, knew of impending

The economics of our drug industry can't give us drugs we need, and soon will REALLY need. Is there a workaround?

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 3 hours ago
*“Antibiotic resistance really has the potential to make everything about the way we live different.”* *-- Kevin Outterson, a founding member of the CDC’s working groupon antimicrobial resistance, to* The New Yorker*'s James Surowiecki* *by Ken* I think most of us are aware, in a general way, that there is a mismatch in the world of drug development between actual health needs and profitability. As, again, we're probably all aware, drug development is expensive, especially when you factor in the huge budgets required for regulatory hurdles and for marketing. Why, the subject even... more »

Defeating The Islamic State Is Not Going To Be Easy

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 3 hours ago
Deutsche Welle *Defeating Isis Likely To Take Years, Warn Military Analysts -- Sam Jones in London and Erika Solomon in Sayida, Financial Times* The brutal murder of the American journalist James Foley on Tuesday has gruesomely raised the stakes in the international effort to battle the spread of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis). The beheading has been a turning point for Isis, marking the first definite shift in its attention away from regional fighting and towards hurting the West and its citizens. It has also come as a visceral reminder for a hitherto-guarded Was... more »

The U.S. War Against The Islamic State Is Intensifying

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 3 hours ago
*U.S. Military Announces 14 Airstrikes In Iraq Following James Foley Execution -- Washington Post* Militants who executed American journalist James Foley in a video released Tuesday implied they would do the same to another war correspondent, Steven Sotloff, if President Obama does not stop U.S. airstrikes in Iraq. That doesn’t appear to have dissuaded the president or senior defense officials: The U.S. military announced 14 more airstrikes in northern Iraq on Wednesday, saying it had hit a variety of militant targets. The strikes, conducted in support of Iraqi security force oper... more »

QUOTE OF THE DAY: On market research

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 3 hours ago
[image: image]“Market research is what you do when your product isn’t any good.” - Edwin Land, inventor of the polaroid camera, and business pioneer [Hat tip Stephen Hicks and the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship] Content is copyright PC.BlogSpot.Com © Please contact author for permission to republish: (organon at ihug.co.nz)

Was Kajieme Powell Really Holding High a Knife When Shot to Death by Police?

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 3 hours ago
Reason After St. Louis police shot to death 25-year-old Kajieme Powell yesterday (as mentioned in Elizabeth Nolan Brown's post below)—and apparently for good measure cuffed his corpse, says an eyewitness at the scene of the video below around 2:45—St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson told the press that he was a clear and present danger to the officers, having, as the *St. Louis Post-Dispatch* reported, "pulled out a knife and came at the officers, gripping and holding it high, Dotson said." *The Huffington Post* reported Dotson as saying the knife was in an "overhand grip." This cel... more »

The common core does not address the real problem

skrashen at Schools Matter - 4 hours ago
Sent to the Washington Post, August 20, 2014 The Post has reported that according to a recent PDK/Gallup poll, the "Common Core educational standards are losing support nationwide" (August 19). The poll asked those opposed to the Common Core why they were opposed, giving them several possible reasons. The options did not include the reasons many educators oppose the Common Core: There is no need for a radical change in curriculum or testing. Substantial improvement will come only when we deal with the real problem: Poverty. When researchers control for the effect of poverty, America... more »

Ever wonder why the prostitutes and bankers share the same neighbourhood?

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 4 hours ago
*Guest post from Europe by Simon Black from **Sovereign Man* Sometimes I am convinced it was completely by design, and not a weird little coincidence, that one of Germany's most sprawling red light districts is just steps away from the European Central Bank. This fact becomes comically obvious right around happy hour... as self-congratulatory ECB economists and their bureaucratic bank underlings crowd the bars and cafes after work which are simultaneously frequented by pimps, thugs, and other assorted low-lifes. One would be forgiven for legitimately asking the question: which of ... more »

Banana Republic USA: More Reporters Arrested in Ferguson

Donn Marten at Carrying a Flag - 4 hours ago
Granted it is not like getting your head chopped off in a promotional video for the extremist Islamist group ISIS as journalist James Foley has suffered, but the press is under attack in America as well. In the continuation of Obama's war on journalism, more reporters were arrested or otherwise detained in Ferguson, Missouri during coverage of the civil unrest. Not that Obama, his vicious hatchet man Eric Holder or any of the heavily armed thugs that are imposing borderline martial law in Ferguson give a rat's ass but we do have this thing called the First Amendment. That one mos... more »

What Has Happened To U.S. Foreign Policy?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 5 hours ago
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza *The Meltdown -- Bret Stephens, Commentary* In July, after Germany trounced Brazil 7–1 in the semifinal match of the World Cup—including a first-half stretch in which the Brazilian soccer squad gave up an astonishing five goals in 19 minutes—a sports commentator wrote: “This was not a team losing. It was a dream dying.” These words could equally describe what has become of Barack Obama’s foreign policy since his second inauguration. The president, according to the infatuated view of his political aides and media flatterers, was supposed to b...more »

The United Police States?

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 5 hours ago
Whatever the rights and wrongs of what’s going on in Ferguson, Alabama – and I’m too far away to give you any special insight on that – one thing that’s now obvious is the militarisation of the American police. This is not a healthy trend, says John Stossel. Libertarians warned for years that government is force, that government always grows and that America's police have become too much like an occupying army. We get accused of being paranoid, but we look less paranoid after heavily armed police in Ferguson, Missouri, tear gassed peaceful protesters, arrested journalists and... more »

World News Briefs -- August 20, 2014 (Evening Edition)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 5 hours ago
*Obama Condemns Killing Of Reporter, U.S. Hits Militants In Iraq -- Reuters* * Obama: killing "shocked the conscience" of the world * Says U.S. will do what it must to protect citizens * Islamic State threatens the life of a second U.S. reporter * Killing said to be revenge for U.S. air strikes in Iraq BAGHDAD/EDGARTOWN, Mass., Aug 20 (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama expressed revulsion on Wednesday at the beheading of an American journalist by Islamist militants and vowed the United States would do what it must to protect its citizens as international condemnation of the insu... more »

Steve Russell : The third time in Iraq is not the charm

Thorne Dreyer at The Rag Blog - 5 hours ago
The do-nothing Congress has to date done nothing. In better and more rational times there would already be a roaring debate. By Steve Russell | The Rag Blog | August 20, 2014 In my clearest memory of Iraq War I, … finish reading Steve Russell : The third time in Iraq is not the charm

Argentina Stuns Bondholders With Scorched-Earth "Cramdown" Plan ( August 20 , 2014 ) - with Argentina thumbing , what t its nose at the vulture firms and the US Court system ype of economic warfare against Argentina lays ahead will become known shortly

Fred Walton at Catharsis Ours - 5 hours ago
http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-20/argentina-stuns-bondholders-scorched-earth-cramdown-plan Argentina Stuns Bondholders With Scorched-Earth "Cramdown" Plan [image: Tyler Durden's picture] Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/20/2014 17:03 -0400 - Bank of New York - Bond - Capital Markets - Covenants - Cramdown - Credit Suisse - Credit-Default Swaps - Creditors - default - Greece - Reality - Restructured Debt - Zurich inShare8 With the impasse over the latest Argentina default going nowhere fast, late last night president ... more »

Thanks Robin

Sophia Love at AMERICAN KABUKI - 6 hours ago
As the fabric within which we are wrapped is shed – our new skin pokes through here and there. It is felt in vibratory accelerations that keep us both wide awake and “humming” all night, or in deep fatigue that makes it difficult to get up in the morning. It looks like an acceptance of alternative lifestyles as each of us knows someone who’s attended or held a same sex marriage ceremony; and shop owners allow homeless patrons to use their bathrooms on a daily basis without hesitation or comment. It is told in our “x-files” type stories, of occurrences with out of this world bein... more »

Planet Key

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 6 hours ago
When Helen Clark’s Electoral Finance Act came into effect, many of us pointed out it represented censorship at worst, and a stifling of free expression at best. When John Key amended the Act, many of us pointed out the biggest change was the name but the effect was still the same: a stifling of political protest. Enter bluesman Darren Watson, whose innocuous song Planet Key will be rubbed out this afternoon by the Electoral Commission. Their job is interpreting and enforcing the ill-worded law that now permanently confines political expression, and in the opinion of these grey on... more »

Some Reporters Were Not Impressed With President Obama After He Had Made His Remarks On The Murder Of James Foley

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 7 hours ago
Pool: after statement Obama headed to the Vineyard Golf Club — Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) August 20, 2014 *Update*: Obama blasts terrorists, returns to golf -- Sophia Rosenbaum, New York Post *My Comment*: The above are just two of the many negative comments that were made today from "beltway reporters". Optics and perception is everything when you are the U.S. President .... and the media class (especially after the loss of one of heir own by a beheading) .... are making their opinions known today.

President Obama Delivers A Statement On The Murder Of Journalist James Foley

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 7 hours ago
*Obama, Outraged Over Beheading, Vows To Stay On Course -- New York Times* EDGARTOWN, Mass. — President Obama declared Wednesday that the entire world was “appalled” by the beheading of an American journalist by militants in Syria, but vowed that America would not change course in Iraq, where the United States has been conducting airstrikes against terrorists, despite threats by the group to kill another reporter in the days ahead. “The United States of America will continue to do what we must do to protect our people,” Mr. Obama said in a brief statement from Martha’s Vineyard, w... more »

A British man beheads an American journalist

Craig at Is the BBC biased? - 7 hours ago
I really don't know where to begin, so I'm just going to start typing.... I'm finding it hard to rise above the red mist which has surrounded me since returning home from work and learning that a British citizen - a Muslim fighting for the Islamic State - has apparently beheaded an American journalist, James Foley. Other British Muslim jihadists have apparently also been filmed in videos with other prisoners, or posing with decapitated bodies. That's something which reminds me of the attempt by a pair of British Muslims on the streets of Luton last year to decapitate Lee Rigby ... more »

"How It Really Is"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 7 hours ago

“Turning America Into a War Zone, Where ‘We the People’ Are the Enemy”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 7 hours ago
*“Turning America Into a War Zone, * *Where ‘We the People’ Are the Enemy”* By John W. Whitehead “If you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you. Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge. Don’t scream at me that you pay my salary, and don’t even think of aggressively walking towards me. Most field stops are complete in minutes. How difficult is it to cooperate for that long?”—Sunil Dutta... more »

"You Cannot Defeat Me..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 7 hours ago
“If I were asked to give what I consider the single most useful bit of advice for all humanity it would be this: Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life, and when it comes, hold your head high, look it squarely in the eye and say, 'I will be bigger than you. You cannot defeat me.'” - Ann Landers

Jackbooted Thugs-- Not Just Ferguson But Facebook Too

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 7 hours ago
The erosion of accountability for criminal activities by our elites will lead to the end of democracy… or worse I'm not the first one to point out that in the last week we've seen what conservatives, tea-tards and libertarians have been warning us about for years: the thuggish jackbooted foot of the overly militarized government on the throat of the citizenry. Except, for the tea-tards and conservatives, it's just fine since the citizenry with the jackboots on their throats are African-Americans. And by "conservatives," I'm not just talking about Republicans. How many Democrats do yo... more »

Elizabeth Green Tackles the Question; Are Teachers Born or Made?

John Thompson at @ THE CHALK FACE - 7 hours ago
It’s hard to believe that there will ever be an answer to the question of whether teachers are “born” or “made.” As with the question of whether comedians or poets are born or made, the way that the question is phrased, and its context, will determine the answers. As with the case with other timeless […]

“Damned Tears”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 8 hours ago
*“Damned Tears”* By Andy Alt I am just going to let this speak for itself. It is a beautiful, heart breaking piece written by Andy Alt, about his father, who died by his own hand when Andy was just eight years old...- CP “For every joke he tells, there is a sadness. Each sadness buried by one joke. Once he thought the joke transformed the sadness, but the joke merely blanketed the sadness to comfort it. It’s said that tears clean one’s eyes. If the the dam broke from all of the tears from his sadness — crying an ocean over the loss of his father, the loss of his child-hood, the los... more »

Murderous Conservative Incompetence

thwap at thwap's schoolyard - 8 hours ago
Here's the Transit Safety Board's report on the Lac Magnetic rail disaster. Apparently it's pretty damning. Transport Canada was slammed Tuesday in a long-awaited report into last summer's train disaster that claimed the lives of 47 people, for not forcing Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway to improve its safety record. "Each time (Transport Canada inspectors) were saying, 'OK, we found this, you've got to do this,' but nobody was looking at it from a big-picture point of view to say, 'Have we got a systemic problem? Have we got a pattern here?' " Wendy Tadros, president of the Tra... more »

“Older People Sleep Less. Now We Know Why.”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 8 hours ago
*“Older People Sleep Less. Now We Know Why.”* by Anna Almendrala “It's long been known that the older you get, the less you sleep. There are many proposed reasons for why this happens, and they include new medications, psychological distress, retirement or simply the theory that the elderly need less sleep. But a new study from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and University of Toronto researchers offers, for the first time, a neurological reason for the phenomenon: namely, that a specific cluster of neurons associated with regulating sleep patterns, called the ventrolateral pr... more »

Tennessee Schools Soar to 43rd in ACT National Standings

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 8 hours ago
Tennessee's now in its 22th year of a failed experiment that began in 1992 to use value-added assessment to improve Tennessee schools. In 2013 Tennessee ranked 46th among states for composite ACT scores. This year Tennessee is 43rd for the ACT composite score, but the state still ranks 48th in math, with only Mississippi and Hawaii behind the proud home state of the Sanders Model. The other long-time experimenter with the Sanders Model of value-added testing is North Carolina, which ranks 47th this year in ACT scores. Huffman and Haslam, however, have bought the headlines, with th...more »

What to do with British IS Fighters?

Phil at All That Is Solid ... - 8 hours ago
The execution of James Foley by a British-accented Islamic State fighter is utterly sickening. The murder of non-combatants is a war crime, but for ISIS, ISIL or whatever this bunch of barbaric thugs are calling themselves today, killing for mere propaganda underscores their nature as the world's most socially regressive movement. Historical parallels with the Nazis often obscure more than they highlight, which is why I avoid them as a rule. But I cannot help noting the similarity between IS and the brutality meted out in Russia by the *Wehrmacht* and the *Einsatzgruppen* following ... more »

Supplemental: Concerning the desperate need for a hook!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 8 hours ago
*WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2014* *The use of the magic photo:* Kevin Drum links to our earlier post about Peter Baker’s use of the magic photo. Agreeing with our deathless judgment, the gentleman says this: DRUM (8/20/14): *Look, I've been there. You want to say something interesting. You need a hook. But come on.* If you want to make the case that racial issues are more immediate for Holder than for Obama, go ahead. But don't pretend that an ordinary White House photograph tells you anything. That's just embarrassing. After posting this morning, this thought occurred to us: Baker *ne... more »

Quebec journalist: Jews can make any government submit to their will

John Friend at John Friend's Blog - 8 hours ago
The organized Jewish community in Canada is in an uproar over some frank and truthful commentary put forth by a veteran journalist in Quebec. *The Times of Israel* reports: A veteran prominent Quebec radio host has come under fire for making derisive comments about the Jewish community. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs condemned Gilles Proulx for comments he made in a recent newspaper column but said *it was “disappointed and troubled” by the lack of public outrage*. Proulx, 74, wrote that *the Jewish community can make any government “submit” to its will*. In a later tele...more »


Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 8 hours ago

BREAKING: SpecOps Forces Being Deployed in Ferguson, MO

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 9 hours ago
Asymmetric Solutions, a private contractor firm consisting of retired U.S. Navy Seals and Army Special Forces, announced via social media that they have been called up for deployment in Ferguson, MO. The announcement came via a tweet and did not include specifics of the deployment. We've been to Baghdad, Kabul, KL, Manilla, Peshwar, Bogata. Never guessed we would deploy a high threat team in our own city. #furgeson — Asymmetric Solutions (@AsymmetricUSA) August 19, 2014 Via 1776 Channel: Missouri-based private security contractor Asymmetric ... more »

Supplemental: Salon and Rothkopf get it right!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 9 hours ago
*WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2014* *Willing to ask, what is truth:* We’re happy to say that the new Salon has done something journalistic! To convince yourselves, click here. A bright young kid named Joanna Rothkopf is the virtuous party. (Middlebury, class of 2012!) Working from a New York Times report, Rothkopf said there are conflicting accounts of the way Michael Brown came to be shot and killed. She said the grand jury which convenes today will have to figure out what actually happened. Rothkopf didn’t do a perfect job of paraphrasing the Times. Still, it’s nice to see Salon step... more »

Trying To Speak Out But Distractions Abound - John Mitchell Still Runs Justice? (Kareem A-J:  Coming Race War On Way?) Black Panthers Now NSA Instead of NWA (Anti-Semites Now Only Self-Hating?) Militarizing Police Creates Murder Machine, Michael Brown Distraction In Play, and How High Up Did the Madoff Fraud Go at JPMorgan and Why Was It Allowed?

Just in from the farmers' market, so let's get to it. Hedy Epstein, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor, was arrested on Monday during unrest over the death of Michael Brown, KMOV reports. Epstein, who aided Allied forces in the Nuremberg trials, was placed under arrest in downtown St. Louis, Missouri "for failing to disperse" during a protest of Governor Jay Nixon's decision to call in

Hamas' Army Is Stepping Out Of The Shadows

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 9 hours ago
*Secretive Army of Hamas Emerges From Shadows in Gaza -- Wall Street Journal* Conflict Has Brought Qassam Brigade, Guerrilla Army of Hamas, Into Battle Against Israel DEIR AL-BALAH, Gaza Strip—When the shrapnel-torn body of Ahmed Abu Thoraya returned to this city in the Gaza Strip, only one member of his family knew for sure he had been a fighter in Al Qassam Brigade, the armed wing of Hamas. Mr. Abu Thoraya had given his brother, Mohammed, a short will before he left town on July 19. "He said 'I'm going somewhere,' " his brother recalled recently. "I knew that he may not come b... more »

This bears repeating: ” I Am The Seed She Planted”

David Greene at @ THE CHALK FACE - 9 hours ago
This bears repeating: ” I Am The Seed She Planted”. via This bears repeating: ” I Am The Seed She Planted”.Filed under: SHAUN JOHNSON, PHD: Musings from the Chalk Face

Researchers find security flaws in backscatter X-ray scanners

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 10 hours ago
*Editor's note: Latest research highlights the ongoing ruse of supposedly tightened airport security. Meanwhile, those who profited from these scanners laugh all the way to the bank. Then of course there are the negative health effects. * Photo: Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications *Activist Post* A team of researchers from the University of California, San Diego, the University of Michigan, and Johns Hopkins University have discovered several security vulnerabilities in full-body backscatter X-ray scanners deployed to U.S. airports between 2009 and 2013. In laboratory tests, t... more »

Staged Provocations Ahead of Possible US-Syrian War

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 10 hours ago
Tony Cartalucci With the alleged brutal murder of American journalist James Wright Foley, a wave of anger and aggression across Western audiences has been generated. Upon that wave rides two objectives. One is to create plausible deniability for the West which created the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), the other is to create a further pretext to justify a resurgence of direct US military intervention across the region. While the focus has been on ISIS in Iraq, there is still another war - linked directly to Iraq’s current conflict - being waged across the border in Syri... more »

Cyborg Moth "Biobots" Preparing For Flight

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 10 hours ago
Photo credit: Alper Bozkurt Nicholas West The military-science industrial complex continues its pursuit of modeling drones after nature in order to hide in plain sight. While there have been some successes in this area with systems like RoboBee, nature's flight pattern is proving to be difficult to perfectly replicate, as well as providing steep challenges in energy consumption. Enter cyborgs. While mice have long been tested upon in the areas of direct mind control, it is cyborg insects that are currently leading the way. In October of last year, I wrote about a pet cyborg proj... more »

Database Shows What Military Equipment Your Local Police Department Has Been Stockpiling

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 10 hours ago
image source Mac Slavo There’s no doubt that domestic law enforcement agencies on every level have been ramping up their militarization efforts in recent years. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that it has prompted Senator Rand Paul to call for a demilitarization of domestic police departments. “The images and scenes we continue to see in Ferguson resemble war more than traditional police action,” notes Paul in a recent article. We know that the Department of Homeland Security has been buying up billions of rounds of ammunition, military grade rifles, armored vehicles, riot gear an... more »

ISIS: Region-wide Genocide Portended in 2007 Now Fully Realized

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 10 hours ago
*Dead American Journalist the Latest Ploy to Cover-up Regional Genocide Years in the Making* Tony Cartalucci American journalist James Wright Foley was allegedly brutally murdered on video by terrorists of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS). The development would at first appear to portray a terrorist organization openly declaring itself an enemy of the West; but, in reality, it is the latest attempt by the West itself to cover up the true genesis of the current region-wide catastrophe of its own creation now unfolding in the Middle East. *Image: ISIS' path into Iraq be... more »

Whistleblower Names CDC Scientists In Covering Up Vaccine-Autism Link

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 10 hours ago
image source *GMI Reporter* *A Study by Focus Autism Foundation Finds: CDC Whistleblower Reveals Widespread Manipulation of Scientific Data and Top-Down Pressure on CDC Scientists to Support the Fraudulent Application of Government Policies on Vaccine Safety.* A top research scientist working for the *Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)* played a key role in helping *Dr. Brian Hooker* of the *Focus Autism Foundation* uncover data manipulation by the CDC that *obscured a higher incidence of autism in African-American boys*. The whistleblower came to the attention of... more »

Russia Moves to Toughen GMO Food Sanctions, Introduces Fines for Vague Labeling

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 10 hours ago
image source Heather Callaghan Close on the heels of their new food import bans, Russia is enacting stricter methods to keep GMOs off the table. Russia has a consumer safety watchdog group called Rospotrebnadzor - also known as the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Protection and Welfare. Russia's Government Legislative Commission has just approved Rospotrebnadzor’s proposal to further toughen sanctions and for the introduction of fines for unclear or inappropriately labeled genetically modified food, RIA Novosti reported on Tuesday. The goal of the bill is to prote... more »

Is Qatar The Main Reason Why Israel - Hamas Cannot Agree To A Truce?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 10 hours ago
Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the emir of Qatar, and Hamas chief Khaled Meshal. Al Jazeera *Report: Qatar Threatened To Expel Meshal If He Agreed To Cairo Truce Draft -- Haaretz* German development aid minister accuses Qatar of aiding Islamic State. Qatar pushed Hamas to renew hostilities with Israel by threatening to expel Khaled Meshal, the chief of Hamas' political bureau, if Hamas accepted the Egyptian proposal for a long-term cease-fire, the London-based pan-Arab daily Al Hayat reported Wednesday. An unnamed source in the Palestinian delegation to Cairo said in the repor... more »

How the Defense Industry Corrupts State Politics

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 10 hours ago
Ted Baumann On my desk I have a teargas canister that a policeman fired at me many years ago. It’s there to remind me of several things: that the struggle for liberty is often violent; that 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (a.k.a. pepper spray) really hurts; and that somebody, somewhere, makes a lot of money selling the tools of repression to government. A policeman in Cape Town fired that particular canister. But it wasn’t made in South Africa. Combined Tactical Systems, based in Jamestown, Pennsylvania manufactured it. CTS’ 37mm M1A2 teargas rounds were exported to South Africa throu... more »


Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 10 hours ago
Eastern Ukraine has sustained another day of heavy shelling. Today at least 5 people were killed in an army assault on a village near Donetsk, while the city itself was also hit. Inside the city, people are struggling with a dire humanitarian situation. I was particularly moved by the 82 year old woman at the end of this news report who refuses to leave Donetsk as the Kiev regime's conscripted army, directed by the US, closes in for the kill. Kiev has been saying they plan to take full military control of eastern Ukraine by September 1. That means lots more innocent people will ... more »

Cop Points Assault Rifle at Livestreamer: "I Will Fucking Kill You"

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 10 hours ago
*Dangerous gang activity reported once again in Ferguson, MO.* Livestream from Rebelutionary_Z The scene was witnessed by Infowars reporter Joe Biggs who was also filming the incident. The clip shows a Ferguson officer with his gun raised pointing it directly at a citizen journalist who was live streaming at the time. “Oh my God, gun raised, gun raised,” states the journalist, before Biggs remarks, “gun pointed.” “My hands are up bro, my hands are up,” states the journalist before the cop responds, “I’m going to f***ing kill you, get back, get back!” “You’re going to kill him?” ... more »

Feliz Jueves - Días de la semana para compartir

José Luis Ávila Herrera at FOTOFRONTERA - 11 hours ago

James Foley “beheading” fans the war flames-Problem, Reaction, Solution

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 11 hours ago
*James Foley?* James Foley, whatever his situation or affiliations,he knew going into a war zone came with potential repercussions. Including death. So...... why all the fuss? Allegedly, so? *Problem, Reaction Solution* *1-Problem*-* How to sell the justifcation/need for wider war to the masses?* Create a ‘beheading” story? Fan it up. Lots of coverage. An abundance of self-righteous outrage, demands for justice etc., Making conditions right for the already anticipated...................................... *2**-* *Reaction. * Let's examine a bit of the conditioning being created... more »

What Bottle Feeding My First Taught Me About Breastfeeding My Second- A nursing story and Dr. Brown's Giveaway

Debra Hawkins at Housewife Eclectic - 11 hours ago
I was given samples of Dr. Brown's products prior to writing this post. All opinions and experience are 100% my own. My first breastfeeding experience was nothing short of a disaster. I nursed a screaming baby every 45 minutes for the first four weeks of her life. I was exhausted, in constant pain from sore nipples, but proud. I was doing it, even though it was hard. I felt felt exhilarated by my accomplishment right up until the moment that my daughter's pediatrician told me when she was four weeks old that I was starving her to death. I remember feeling like I had been punched in... more »

Israel - Hamas War News Updates -- August 20, 2014

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
*Israel, Hamas Resume Fighting as Cairo Talks Break Down -- Voice of America* JERUSALEM — Israeli and Palestinian fighters in Gaza exchanged fire Tuesday night and Wednesday morning as cease-fire talks in Egypt broke down. Palestinian authorities said at least 11 people were killed in the latest round of violence. There we no reported injuries in Israel. Israel said it hit more than 90 targets in the Palestinian enclave along the Mediterranean, one of which struck the house of Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif. Hamas said he is still alive, but the raid killed his 27-year-o... more »

Did Mitch McConnell's Bluster And Extremism Just Throw Democratic Candidates A Lifeline?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 11 hours ago
It's been nearly a year since Move On, in the wake of the Republican government shut down, polled dozens of competitive congressional districts in Republican-held districts across the country asking, among other inquiries, these two questions: 1- Would you be less likely or more likely to support [your congressman] if you knew he voted to support shutting down major activities of the federal government as a way to stop the health care law from being put into place, or does it not make a difference? 2- Now that you know [your congressman] supported the government shutdown, I’ll a... more »

Ukraine Will Have Two Choices In Resolving The Civil War

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
Ukraine president-elect Petro Poroshenko (R) talks to Russian President Vladimir Putin after a group photo during the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Benouville, France June 6, 2014. (Reuters/Kevin Lamarque) *Putin Meeting Leaves Ukraine With Tough Choices -- Wall Street Journal* Encounter Would Be First Since June, Comes Amid Diplomatic Push Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart will meet next week for the first time in two months, officials in both countries said, intensifying a diplomatic push that could force Kiev to choose between continuing ... more »

In A Concession To Russia, NATO Has Agreed To Not Substantially Increase It's Military Presence In Eastern Europe

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen (L) speaks next to Poland's Minister of Foreign Affairs (R), Radoslaw Sikorski at the Przezdziecki Palace in Warsaw May 7, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Filip Klimaszewski *NATO To Shun Substantial Eastern Footprint In Nod To Russia -- Stars and Stripes/Bloomberg* RIGA, Latzia — NATO will stop short of basing substantial combat forces in eastern Europe to avoid a complete rupture in relations with Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said. A NATO summit next month will settle on other ways of protecting the alliance's eastern flank, includin... more »

Paul Craig Roberts observes that "...Washington and its presstitutes are protecting the lie that Washington and its media vassals successfully spread around the world and have used as the basis for further sanctions that escalate the conflict with Russia." He suggests that "Perhaps a solution could be found by President Putin meeting separately with Merkel and Hollande and explaining that Russia cannot indefinitely accept sanctions based on lies and propaganda without taking more determined steps than Russian sanctions against European agricultural products" making it clear that "...if Europe continues to accomodate Washinton's assault on Russia..." the flow of Russian gas and oil to Europe "...could be restricted or ...turned off."

David L Griscom at Cherchez la Verite - 11 hours ago
------------------------------ *Ukraine Crisis Continues — Paul Craig Roberts* ------------------------------ August 20, 2014 | Original Here Go here to sign up to receive email notice of this news letter Ukraine Crisis Continues Paul Craig Roberts Having served Washington’s propaganda purposes, the downed Malaysian airliner and the alleged Russian armored column that entered Ukraine and was allegedly destroyed have dropped out of the news even though both stories remain completely and totally unresolved. Washington’s stooge government ...more »

Ignorant of lifes fantasy

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 11 hours ago
I do not know anything I can not afford the premium of paying online for the MAN's news not able to drop that dime

Backhanded Phycist

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 11 hours ago
No I am not going to rule the stars or decide how you should live strarside. Its abundantly clear to those with vision that the march of mathematics will determine our fate and tell us about our father regardless of faith

Fear And Distrust Remains Where The Fighting Has Stopped In Eastern Ukraine

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*In Ukraine, Fear And Distrust Remain Where Fighting Has Stopped -- Voice of America* KRAMATORSK, UKRAINE - As the Ukrainian military reclaims control of eastern cities from pro-Russian separatists, residents are getting a chance to rebuild their lives. In the town of Kramatorsk in Donetsk province, a sense of fear is still in the air, and distrust of the government in Kyiv still runs deep. In a leafy neighborhood of Kramatorsk, residents are cleaning up the debris of war. Tolia, a pensioner, is fixing up his home, damaged as Ukrainian forces battled armed rebels who took over t... more »

NO JOURNALISM, NO JUSTICE: Two men walk into a White House photo!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 12 hours ago
*WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2014 * *Part 3—The dreams of Baker and Dowd:* Do journalistic values matter at times like this? Does it matter if we deal in facts instead of cartoons and novels? Are life-forms of our type even able to tell the difference? We asked those questions all last night as we rotated through the three news channels. That said, this morning’s New York Times is a tribute to non-journalistic values. Let’s start with the novel Peter Baker typed for the paper’s front page. Baker’s piece is presented as a “News Analysis.” As it starts, it’s built around what Baker sees... more »

What Is Next For The Ukraine Rebel Movement

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
Alexander Borodai, premier of the self proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, shakes hands with Alexander Zakharchenko, who heads a heavily armed rebel unit called Oplot during their news conference in Donetsk, in this August 7, 2014 file photo. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin/Files *Ukraine Rebel Movement Faces Uncertain Future -- Reuters* (Reuters) - The resignations were abrupt and unexpected, two quick-fire blows to a separatist movement already suffering reversals on the battle field of eastern Ukraine. Alexander Borodai, the premier of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, ... more »

Ukraine Civil War News Updates -- August 20, 2014

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*Ukraine Fight With Rebels Intensifies as Deaths Mount -- Bloomberg Businessweek* Ukraine’s armed forces said they continue to push back separatists in fighting in the country’s east before a possible meeting of the Russian and Ukrainian leaders next week. Ukraine’s National Guard captured the city of Ilovaysk, leading rebels to counter-attack with tanks and artillery, the force said today on its website. Nine Ukrainian servicemen died and 22 were wounded in the past 24 hours, military spokesman Andriy Lysenko said in Kiev. He later told reporters government troops control a “sig... more »


Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 12 hours ago
It's all normal now militarization of police militarization of culture creation of police state lock down time who is the enemy? In Ferguson the predominately black crowd shouts 'We are in Gaza' they know what is coming down In Gaza Palestinians, long accustomed to tear gas, send Facebook messages to Ferguson about how to deal with tear gas the protests against corporate dictatorship are global back at home Obama interrupts his vacation makes lame statement about Ferguson "In America we don't arrest journalists" looks bad after all we are 'the light' of freedom, Disney style, but ... more »


Steve at Thinking Aboot - 12 hours ago
Looking at Sunday its seems it will be followed by Monday and the brief that took the weekend off will follow me like a spoiled child that I did not raise but if I loose myself and get angry that child will put a slug in my head and leave me in an unmarked grave that is the situation as I see it today we got lots of people in panic who used to think they controlled the day I need to rock I need to rock and roll I need some repute form this life thats such a toll that why I escape with my guitar its and instrument that's takes me to places near and far I no nothing about their truths... more »

New UK Flood Normalization

noreply@blogger.com (Roger Pielke, Jr.) at Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog - 12 hours ago
There are lots of interesting new studies emerging on trends in disasters and extreme events, and their possible relation to changes in climate, human-caused or otherwise. A new paper in the *Hydrological Sciences Journal* (Stevens et al. here in PDF) finds no evidence for an increase in UK flooding, once the data is normalized for exposure. The authors conclude: Consequences are the combined results of high river flows, pluvial flooding and coastal flooding, the numbers of people and property exposed to flooding and the effects of flood defence construction and floodplain manag... more »

Staged Provocations Ahead Possible US-Syrian War

Land Destroyer at Land Destroyer - 12 hours ago
*August 20, 2014* (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - With the alleged brutal murder of American journalist James Wright Foley, a wave of anger and aggression across Western audiences has been generated. Upon that wave rides two objectives. One is to create plausible deniability for the West which created the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), the other is to create a further pretext to justify a resurgence of direct US military intervention across the region. While the focus has been on ISIS in Iraq, there is still another war -linked directly to Iraq's current conflict - being waged a... more »

World News Briefs -- August 20, 2014

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 13 hours ago
*US Confirms American Journalist's Beheading -- Voice of America* WASHINGTON - U.S. intelligence officials on Wednesday confirmed the authenticity of a grisly video showing the beheading of American freelance journalist James Foley by the Islamic State militant group. The Sunni extremist group had released the Internet video Tuesday, claiming it had killed Foley in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes targeting the group’s fighters in northern Iraq. The militant group also is threatening to kill a second hostage American journalist, Steven Joel Sotloff, U.S. officials said. Foley disa... more »

Harper has big Plans for the Notrth

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 13 hours ago
I got big plans for what remains of a cool summer. Fact is the Soviet Putin people have actually done everything Harper could hope for on a hundred year time scale. I got big hopes for my Penis, mostly that it will stay in my pants.

Annie Machon and "Privacy"

Spike EP at News Spike - 13 hours ago
Without privacy we can’t have a free democracy from Annie Machon on Vimeo. *My interview on RT about the Germany/Turkey spying scandal. Was this a staged event by the USA to box Germany in re criticisms about NSA global surveillance?* I get that all the time. Actually, it's the agents who tend to do most of the agent-baiting. I blame the Paul-bearers and the Anarchist Hipsters. It's the actual "ex-" agents that bug me the most. Annie Machon of MI5 goes around insisting that privacy is absolute, an invioble, and any government that conducts basic counter-terrorism and passive s... more »

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 20, 2014

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 13 hours ago
*Pentagon Says Iraq Airstrikes Will Be Limited --- For Now -- Washington Examiner* The Pentagon declined to discuss whether the U.S. military would step in with airstrikes to help Iraqi forces struggling to recapture Tikrit one day after a successful mission in assisting Iraq forces reclaim a strategic dam from Islamic militants. “I’m not going to speculate about future operations,” Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman, told reporters Tuesday. President Obama and U.S. military leaders have authorized airstrikes in Iraq only under two main missions: to provide humanitarian... more »

China Becoming Global Gold Hub And Gold Price Discovery Centre

Obi-Wan Kabuki at AMERICAN KABUKI - 13 hours ago
http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-20/china-becoming-global-gold-hub-and-gold-price-discovery-centre China Becoming Global Gold Hub And Gold Price Discovery Centre by GoldCore on 08/20/2014 05:09 -0400 Shanghai Gold Exchange Launching International Bullion Exchange In Yuan Next Month *China is moving closer to positioning itself as the physical gold trading hub of the world* and the world’s gold price discovery centre. It is a natural progression for the largest economy in the world and for the world’s largest gold buyer, importer and indeed producer. The Shanghai Gold Exchan... more »

Iranian Mobilization In Iraq In The Face Of The Insurgent Surge

Joel Wing at MUSINGS ON IRAQ - 13 hours ago
Iran was caught off guard by the fall of Mosul just like the rest of the world was. Iraq immediately asked for foreign aid, and Iran was one of the few that responded. It mobilized its Shiite militia allies to provide more boots on the ground to combat the militants, it sent in several hundred advisers and enlisted Lebanese Hezbollah to do the same, delivered weapons including Su-25 jets, and is supposedly directing part of Baghdad’s security strategy. Tehran stepped into the vacuum left by the collapse of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and has assumed an ever greater presence wi... more »

"The Western media have proved for all to see that the Western media comprises either a collection of ignorant and incompetent fools or a whorehouse that sells war for money." -- Paul Craig Roberts

David L Griscom at Cherchez la Verite - 14 hours ago
------------------------------ *In The West Respect for Truth No Longer Exists — Paul Craig Roberts * ------------------------------ August 17, 2014 | Original Here Go here to sign up to receive email notice of this news letter In The West Respect for Truth No Longer Exists Paul Craig Roberts The Western media have proved for all to see that the Western media comprises either a collection of ignorant and incompetent fools or a whorehouse that sells war for money. The Western media fell in step with Washington and blamed the downed Malay...more »

Videos Games are the Future of truth

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 14 hours ago
The divergent addictive program that will turn our UTES(youths) into crusaders for truth. If this is a radical feed to your harmony its to late because some genius planted the seeds of success deep within privileged youth. A Hellfire missile cost more than the network for a sweet apartment building why not bomb the citizens with web access? The pen is mightier than the sword information is power shooting each other endlessly that would make the biggest jingoist on Downton Abby sour. Can you imagine Rudyard Kipling with the power of the Internet he would have populated the world wi... more »

Guy Parent finds badly wounded soldiers not getting disability cheques

Thinking....... at Isn't That Interesting - 14 hours ago
Guy Parent finds badly wounded soldiers not getting disability chequesAug 19, 2014 A new report by Canada’s veterans watchdog says nearly half of the country’s most severely disabled ex-soldiers are not receiving a government allowance intended to compensate them for their physical and mental wounds. Veterans ombudsman Guy Parent also concluded that those who are receiving the permanent impairment allowance, along with a recently introduced supplement, are only awarded the lowest grade of the benefit. The criteria used by federal bureaucrats to evaluate disability do not match the in... more »

Poem by Doug Storm

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 14 hours ago
Tree The girth and grip of the tulip trunk thrust Wrist deep into the soil of the school playground Fronts an edifice risen only to crumble. Unfallen and aged, escaping the steel chain, Your crown unbestowed, no body bends supplicant to you, though all are at base abject. You seek no fealty but stand resounding against the proclamations of pretenders. When your reign ends so all succession.

Justin Violated?

Steve at Thinking Aboot - 15 hours ago
You do not have to be Steve Segal to imagine the break in was part of a calculated psyk ops. Was the goal to get the RCMP to shadow Trudeau? Does anyone remember the damaging leaks from the secrect service directed towards William Jefferson Clinton? Will the RCMP protectors report back to their masters? Lets make Justin a prisoner of his own life and see how he reacts? Some folks think the RCMP injected themselves into the Paul Martin election bid, thus sealing his fate. Me I do not know, I just see dots and dots and when they line up I call it a row.

The U.S. Air Force's Development Of A New Bomber Continues

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
B-1 bomber *Top Secret Air Force Bomber Program Moves Forward -- National Defense* It is a program shrouded in secrecy. Air Force officials over the past few years have been happy to talk publicly about how much they need a new long-range strike bomber, but have given it a “secret” classification and share few other details. But after a half-decade of discussions about what the aircraft should be in unclassified settings, 2014 has seen some revelations and movement in the program. A request for proposals was released in July and two competitors are expected to respond, a Boeing-L... more »

The Future Of Tanks

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
The new design will reduce vehicle size and weight by 50 percent *The Future Of Tanks: US Military Reveal Small 'Off Road' Vehicles With Smart Armour Are Set To Replace Bulky Vehicles -- Daily Mail* * Small vehicles set to be 100% faster and 50% lighter than current tanks * Smaller footprint will enable 'stealth' mode The US Army has revealed plans to replace tanks with small, 'off road' vehicles covered in smart armour. Military bosses says the current tanks are hindering soldier's ability to get into battle. They say the future is a small vehicle called the GXV-T. 'For the past... more »

Rush to Judgement

Capt. Fogg at The Impolitic - 15 hours ago
By Capt. Fogg *Zeus has led us on to know, the Helmsman lays it down as law that we must suffer, suffer into truth. We cannot sleep, and drop by drop at the heart the pain of pain remembered comes again, and we resist, but ripeness comes as well. From the gods enthroned on the awesome rowing-bench there comes a violent love.* *-Aeschylus: Agamemnon- * We hear on the TV that most arrests in Ferguson Missouri are of African Americans but we don't ask if the percentage given relates to the percentage of African Americans living there. I don't know the answer, but I'll bet few peop... more »

Is Harry Reid Taking It On Himself To Lose The Senate In November?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 15 hours ago
Yesterday, the *NY Times* published a Senate forecast that is simplistic and misleading. It concludes that the Republicans have a 58% chance to win the majority and that the Democrats have a 42% chance. It's the perfect example of one thing: statistics run wild in politics. The while things is virtually worthless. It takes 11 Democratic states out of contention, including New Hampshire (where Republicans are spending millions on Scott Brown) and Oregon (where the Kochs are spending millions to defeat Jeff Merkley). They claim Wehby has less than a 1% chance of winning in Oregon a... more »

James Foley and the Left-Warmongers

Spike EP at News Spike - 15 hours ago
*EDL Membership shot up five-fold in the fortnight following the "murder" of "Lee Rigby" - whose regiment hasn't noticed that he is missing, according to any of their websites.* *Few are aware that rather than being a BNP Spin-off, the EDL was founded, funded, trained and set in motion by the JDL, or Jewish Defence League - the Military Wing of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith.* *This serves to explain their ardently pro-Zionist posture, and the exposure of same, and the discovery of it by Anglo-Saxon wide-boy front-man and Useful Idiot in Chief, "Tommy Robinson" last aut... more »

Malaysia Flight 370 speculation without evidence to support same back in the news ( August 20 , 2014 ) --PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has hinted that flight MH370 may never be found as searchers prepare to start scouring a huge area of ocean off the coast of Western Australia......... Study: MH370 pilot turned off oxygen supply, ditched plane into sea ..... Did China hack Malaysia Officials to find out what was going on -- Chinese hackers 'stole' classified data from Malaysian MH370 probe ?????

Fred Walton at Catharsis Ours - 15 hours ago
http://english.alarabiya.net/en/perspective/features/2014/08/20/Study-MH370-pilot-deliberately-turned-off-oxygen-supply-killing-all-passengers.html Study: MH370 pilot turned off oxygen supply, ditched plane into sea The Malaysia Airlines plane went missing on March 8, sparking an international search for the wreckage. (Photo courtesy: Malaysia Airlines) Text size A A A By Staff writer | Al Arabiya News Wednesday, 20 August 2014 The death of MH370 passengers was due to oxygen starvation experts suggested Tuesday following a new study of the disaster, according to the British daily news ...more »


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 15 hours ago
*Study: Half of All School Employees Not Teachers, 130% Increase Since 1970* The ranks of non-teachers - such as administrators, counselors, teacher aides and cafeteria workers - has swelled 130 percent since 1970 and they now make up 50 percent of all public school employees according to a new study, The Hidden Half: School Employees Who Don't Teach. Looking at data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the Thomas B. Fordham Institute found that the growth of non-teaching staff has greatly outpaced student growth over the past four decades. From 1970 to 2010, ... more »

ZERO HEDGE: China Bond Default Risk Reignites, Despite "Never Anticipating Any Risks"

Obi-Wan Kabuki at AMERICAN KABUKI - 15 hours ago
http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-19/china-bond-default-risk-reignites-despite-never-anticipating-any-risks China Bond Default Risk Reignites, Despite "Never Anticipating Any Risks" Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/19/2014 22:07 -0400 When, six months ago, we first brought the market's attention to Chaori Solar - China's first corporate bond default in history - there were 2 narrative sin play: 1) it's all good, government knows the contagion risk and will bail them out (that happened), or 2) if government bails them out, it will merely delay the inevitable and stoke further ris... more »

One Turn Deserves Another

Owen Gray at Northern Reflections - 15 hours ago
http://mypolice.qld.gov.au/ The time has come, Lawrence Martin writes, for Michael Sona to name names. If he doesn't, the Harper party will get away with what was clearly an organized attempt to steal an election. In fact, what happened in the robocall scandal was standard Harperian practice. Consider the record: We have a party that got caught staging a deceptive phone campaign against Liberal MP Irwin Cotler, an act that the Conservative Speaker of the Commons called “reprehensible.” We have a party that first denied, th... more »

How Many Julian Assanges Are There...?

Spike EP at News Spike - 15 hours ago
Do you REALLY think he's been living in a single room in the Ecuadorian Embassy for nearly 3 years...? *How many Assanges are there...?* http://spitfirelist.com/for-the-record/ftr-724-wiki-of-the-damned/ They used to drug all the kids, raise them communally, with a single "mother", given them all identical clothes and bleached blonde hair and given them all the same name. Assange claims that he is "on the run" from these people. To date, the existence has been firmly established of at least 38 different Lee Harvey Oswalds. There were a minimum of two James Earl Rays - I ... more »

Status Of Northerntruthseeker

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 15 hours ago
I have been very busy with work related issues the last while, and will be for the next while.... Therefore posts at this blog are again going to be few and far between for the next while.... But fear not, for I will continue to put up posts if and when I do find the time..... In the meantime, please take a look at some of the work put out by what I do call the finest bloggers that I know... They are listed in the left hand column of this blog... Their work is outstanding and highly recommended! And as usual... More to come NTS

Christobal watch ( August 20 , 2014 ) -- As per Bill Karins -- All eyes next 7 days on tropical wave heading into toasty Caribbean Sea & then Gulf Of Mexico. 50/50 ......

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User Actions Follow *Bill KarinsVerified account*‏@BillKarins All eyes next 7 days on tropical wave heading into toasty Caribbean Sea & then Gulf Of Mexico. 50/50 #Christobal pic.twitter.com/BnQ9AXpD99 - Reply - Retweet - Favorite - Share - More [image: Embedded image permalink] -

Ukraine Updates ( August 20 , 2014 ) - Battlefield updates and humanitarian efforts news items ..... Ukraine set to run out of coal in less than month while natural gas situation more unsettled than ever - what is the plan for when energy sources run out ? What happens when food starts rotting across the EU - Switzerland to EU: We don’t want to sidestep Russian food ban ......

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http://rt.com/news/eastern-ukraine-army-operation-680/ Ukrainian troops continue their onslaught on the rebel cities of Donetsk and Lugansk. Russia is working with the Red Cross to allow a convoy of humanitarian aid cross border into the battered regions. Wednesday, August 20 10:34 GMT: Donetsk has faced another day of heavy shelling, as RT's Paula Slier reports from the besieged city. Once prospering, it has turned into a place on the verge of extinction with its empty streets and people, either hiding in shelters or fleeing their native city. But some locals have decided to stay de... more »

Iraq Updates ( August 20 , 2014 ) -- The heart of Iraq's problem stems from sectarian strife . will the new Prime Minister break that trend ? Obama and the US Congress demonstrate why we shouldn't confuse their actions with leadership...... Tweets of the morning !

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Anti War..... Iraq’s New PM, Like Maliki, Defined by Years of SectarianismAbadi Pushed De-Ba'athification Measures, Opposed Reconciliation by Jason Ditz, August 19, 2014 Print This | Share This Outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s eight years of failed rule were defined by hostile sectarianism and centralization of power. Everyone is desperately hoping his successor, PM-designate Hayder Abadi, breaks that trend. But is it a reasonable hope? A cursory look at the record would say no, as Abadi, amember of the exact sameDawa Party as Maliki from the time he was 15 years old, ... more »

ISIS: Region-wide Genocide Portended in 2007 Now Fully Realized

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*Image: ISIS' path into Iraq begins in NATO territory, north of Syria'sborders in Turkey. This is where the majority of terrorists fighting forUS-backed regime change in Syria have been admittedly harbored,armed, and financed by the US, British, Saudis, Qataris, and others foryears. * Dead American Journalist the Latest Ploy to Cover-up Regional Genocide Years in the Making *August 20, 2014* (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - American journalist James Wright Foley was allegedly brutally murdered on video by terrorists of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS). The development would at ... more »

Be The Key.... A Guest Post by Saker Saloum

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The Greying Of President Obama In 42 Seconds -- A Time-Lapse (2009-2014)

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*My Comment:* This is what happens when you play too much golf.

U.S. Ship Neutralizes Syrian Chemical Arms

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[image: MV Cape Ray]A specially equipped U.S. ship has finished neutralizing all 600 metric tons of the most dangerous of Syria's chemical weapons components surrendered to the international community this year to avert threatened air strikes, the Pentagon said on Monday. It said the Cape Ray, equipped with the U.S.-developed Field Deployable Hydrolysis System, neutralized 581.5 metric tons of DF, a sarin precursor chemical, and 19.8 metric tons of HD, an ingredient of sulfur mustard, while afloat in the Mediterranean. The vessel will travel to Finland and Germany in the next two we... more »

Hungary signs agreement on developing air defence missile system

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[image: Mistral missile launch]Hungary’s defence ministry on Tuesday signed an agreement with MBDA France on developing the Mistral air-defence missile system in Hungary during the period of 2016-2018. The document was signed by Colonel Tibor Balla, deputy director general of the ministry’s defence economy office, and Didier Philippe, MBDA’s senior deputy president in Budapest. Under the agreement the Mistral M2 missiles serving country defence purposes in Hungary since 1997 will be upgraded. Read more

Robots Moving Robots: Lockheed Martin Conducts First Fully Autonomous Mission

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[image: Lockheed Martin K-MAX]Lockheed Martin, in collaboration with the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), successfully conducted a fully autonomous resupply, reconnaissance, surveillance and target-acquisition demonstration using its Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) unmanned ground vehicle, K-MAX unmanned helicopter and Gyrocam optical sensor. During the “Extending the Reach of the Warfighter through Robotics” capability assessment at Fort Benning, Georgia, K-MAX delivered SMSS by sling load to conduct an autonomous resupply mission... more »

Love by SJ

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Every War Starts...... A Qoute by Shanti

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Northrop Grumman Developing XS-1 Experimental Spaceplane Design for DARPA

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[image: Experimental Spaceplane XS-1]Northrop Grumman Corporation with Scaled Composites and Virgin Galactic is developing a preliminary design and flight demonstration plan for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) Experimental Spaceplane XS-1 program. XS-1 has a reusable booster that when coupled with an expendable upper stage provides affordable, available and responsive space lift for 3,000-pound class spacecraft into low Earth orbit. Reusable boosters with aircraft-like operations provide a breakthrough in space lift costs for this payload class, enabling new... more »

Air Defense Drills With Live Firing Under Way in South Russia – Defense Ministry

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[image: S-300PMU-2]Russia is carrying out air defense drills with live firing from S-300 and S-400 air defense systems at its Ashuluk testing range in the southern Astrakhan Region, the Russian Defense Ministry said Tuesday. The exercise involves some 800 Airspace Defense Forces servicemen and over 200 pieces of military hardware, including S-300 Favorit, S-400 Triumf and Pantsir-S air defense systems. Military units, “responsible for air defense of Moscow and Central Russia,” take part in the exercise, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Igor Klimov said. Read more

Italian fighter jets crash following mid-air collision

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[image: ITAF Tornado collision]Two Italian fighter jets have collided over eastern Italy during a training mission and crashed into a wooded area, causing a fire. A Civil Protection official, Susanna Balducci, told Sky TG24 TV there were no civilian casualties on the ground after the planes crashed into woods near the town of Ascoli. It was not immediately clear whether any of the four crew had survived. Read more

Will Robot Car Bombs Replace Suicide Car-Bombers?

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*Don’t Fear The Robot Car Bomb -- Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists* Within the next few years, autonomous vehicles—alias robot cars—could be weaponized, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fears. In a recently disclosed report, FBI experts wrote that they believe that robot cars would be “game changing” for law enforcement. The self-driving machines could be professional getaway drivers, to name one possibility. Given the pace of developments on autonomous cars, this doesn’t seem implausible. But what about robotic car bombers? If car bombs no longer require sacrificing... more »

Japan looking to buy more stealth fighters in 2015: Nikkei

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[image: F-35 Lightning II]Japan plans to seek funding to buy six F-35 stealth fighter jets in next year's budget to strengthen defense of remote southwestern islands against China, which has grown increasingly assertive at sea and in the air, the Nikkei reported. The Ministry of Defense intends to ask that 124.9 billion yen ($1.21 billion) be set aside, the Nikkei said. Air Self-Defense Force hopes to buy 42 of the aircraft in all to replace its fleet of aging F-4 fighters, the Nikkei said. Read more

Nigeria showcases aircraft to monitor crime-infested waters

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[image: Nigerian Airforce ATR 42-500]Nigeria's military on Tuesday took the wraps off a new aircraft to tackle high-seas pirates off the country's coast, as well as maritime hijackers and oil thieves. The high-tech plane is one of seven to be operated by the state-run Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) and the Nigerian Air Force. It includes sensors, radar and Electro-Optic Surveillance and Tracking (EOST) equipment, which houses three cameras to monitor ships in Nigerian waters, said Sergeant Sunday Olalekan Omotosho. Read more


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*Arctic Sea Ice Area Highest Since 2004* August 16 Arctic sea ice area is the highest in a decade, up 54% from two years ago, and within one standard deviation of the 1979-2014 mean. Green shows ice gain since August 16, 2012. Red shows loss. SOURCE *Uh oh: California solar plant fries thousands of birds in mid-flight* Workers at a state-of-the-art solar plant in the Mojave Desert have a name for birds that fly through the plant’s concentrated sun rays — “streamers,” for the smoke plume that comes from birds that ignite in midair. Federal wildlife investigators who visited... more »

USS Constellation takes final voyage to scrappers

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The aircraft carrier Constellation, which saw service from Vietnam to the Persian Gulf, paused along the California coast here while being towed on a final voyage to the scrap yard. The supercarrier, affectionately nicknamed "Connie" by her crews over the decades, spent a night off the coast near Los Angeles before tow was resumed on the way from the mothball fleet in Bremerton, Wash., to the ship breakers near Brownsville, Texas. The ship will make a 16,000-mile voyage around Cape Horn — Constellation is too large to fit through the Panama Canal — on a trip that could take until ... more »

New UK Frigate Proposals Coming Together

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[image: Type 26 GCS]BAE Systems is finishing proposals to build a new generation of frigates for the Royal Navy and has begun delivering details of the bid to the British Defence Ministry ahead of a decision expected by the end of the year, company officials said. The Royal Navy is looking to acquire 13 of the Type 26 frigates for a total of roughly £4 billion (US $6.6 billion), with the first of the warships expected to be delivered starting late 2021 to provide what will eventually become the backbone of the fleet out to around 2060. The warships will replace the Royal Navy’s agin... more »

New Zealand orders decoy system for its frigates

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[image: Airborne Systems FDS3 missile corner reflector decoy]Decoy systems for protection against RF-seeking missiles are to be procured by the Royal New Zealand Navy from Airborne Systems Europe. The systems, Airborne's FDS3 corner reflector decoys, will be fitted onto the service's ANZAC-class frigates over a three-year period. The contract from the New Zealand Ministry of Defense for the FDS3 is valued at more than $5.6 million. Read more

Fast-track frigates to save jobs

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[image: Hobart class AWD]A plan to save Australia’s ship building industry by bringing forward construction of eight potent new frigates for the Royal Australian Navy is being considered by the Abbott government. This option to bridge the so-called “valley of death” for shipbuilding would mean constructing sections of some of the new frigates when the hulls of the three air warfare destroyers (AWDs) are completed. That would mean the 7000-tonne frigates would use the same hulls as the destroyers so that they could be built with the existing equipment and the same workforce. The sect... more »

Russia vows to strengthen navy to ward off NATO

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[image: Sergei Shoigu]Russia announced plans Tuesday to bolster its navy with more advanced weapons in response to NATO's vow to halt the Kremlin's push into Ukraine and feared expansion into eastern Europe. Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu told a general security meeting that he expected to hear a detailed report from Russia's navy commander about how this could be achieved efficiently over the coming six years. "These proposals must ensure that our forces are reequipped with modern weapons and military equipment," Russian news agencies quoted Shoigu as saying. Read more

Sen. Mc Cain: Raytheon’s Tomahawk important to avoid use of ground troops

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Raytheon's operations in Tucson should stay busy as the U-S sends more sophisticated weapons into battle, instead of ground troops. That's the message Arizona Senator John McCain brought to Raytheon workers Tuesday as he spoke at the Raytheon Center in Rita Ranch. The Senator says weapons like the Tomahawk cruise missile, built in Tucson will stay a key part of the U.S. military and he sees plenty of potential for Raytheon in other sophisticated systems. Read more

Octopus Camouflage For The Military?

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*Octopuses' Color-Changing Skin Inspires New Type Of Camouflage -- CSM/Live Science* Researchers developed flexible sheets of light sensors, containing a temperature-sensitive dye, that can automatically sense and adapt to the color of their surroundings. Octopuses and squid possess the amazing ability to blend in with their surroundings, but now, researchers have created a man-made system that mimics this form of camouflage. The team developed flexible sheets of light sensors, containing a temperature-sensitive dye, that can automatically sense and adapt to the color of their s... more »

Ronald Wieck's 911 skeptic show~starring Arthur Scheuerman

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Well here it is folks, right out here in front of God and everybody. These nerds from the JREF blog have been very busy on the innertubes, even setting up web sites like the ones of Mark Roberts. Ronald Wieck claims that he can find no one from the Truth Movement (his term) that "has the stones" to accept an interview on his show. What a laugh. He probably doesn't have enough paper to send copies to all of the Architects, Engineers, Scientists, Generals in the military, Ex CIA men, etc. etc. I think the trick here is....you have to first be invited to accept...G: They also showed ... more »

Partition of India: My memories - BBC News

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Tucked away on the BBC is this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-28789262 article about the partition of India into India and Pakistan. ' Partition of India: My memories In 1947, when India split from Pakistan, millions of people were forced to leave their homes because of inter-religious violence. Muslims trekked to Pakistan and Hindus travelled to India.' Nobody at the BBC seems to see the parallels between what happened in India and Pakistan in 1947 and what should have happened in Israel in 1948. In 1922 Jordan was created as yet another home for Arabs and on 70% of the land... more »

Gaza conflict: 'Nine Palestinians killed' as truce ends - BBC News

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 22 hours ago
The BBC are at it again. Israel kills Palestinians is the message you're meant to take from this report. Only if you read on do you find that Hamas broke the ceasefire. Once again the institutionally anti Israel BBC shows anti Semitism by would be refusing Israel the right to respond to terrorist attacks. Proportionality is not what the BBC would have you believe. 'Gaza conflict: 'Nine Palestinians killed' as truce ends Palestinian officials say at least nine people have been killed in Gaza in new Israeli air strikes - the first deaths in more than a week. A young child and a wom... more »

President Obama's Reason For Returning To Washington In The Middle Of His Vacation Is Still Unknown

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*Obama Heads Back To Vacation After Unexplained DC Trip -- The Hill* President Obama went back to his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard Tuesday evening following less than 48 hours in Washington, leaving people puzzled over why he came back in the first place. Obama’s two days in Washington were mostly quiet, and concluded with the president receiving his daily national security briefing in the morning, and joining Vice President Biden to huddle with members of his economic team in the afternoon. Administration officials have insisted for weeks that the president just wanted to retur... more »

Adimensional gravity

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 22 hours ago
Natalie Wolchover wrote a good article for the Simons Foundation, At Multiverse Impasse, a New Theory of Scale about Agravity, a provoking paper by Alberto Salvio and Alessandro Strumia. Incidentally, has anyone noticed that Strumia is Joe Polchinski's twin brother? The similarity goes beyond the favorite color of the shirt and pants. At any rate, the system of ideas known as "naturalness" seems to marginally conflict with the experiments and things may be getting worse. Roughly speaking, naturalness wants dimensionful parameters (masses) to be comparable unless there is an increas... more »

An Inside View Of The Donetsk War Zone In Ukraine

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SPIEGEL reporter Christian Neef has visited Donetsk repeatedly in recent months and has seen the war creep up on the city. He says that many in the city seem unenthusiastic about supporting the pro-Russian separatists, but that the Ukrainian government in Kiev hasn't done much to win their support either. Jonathan Alpeyrie/DER SPIEGEL *Battle For Ukraine: An Inside View Of The Surreal Donetsk War Zone -- Christian Neef in Donetsk, Speigel Online* As the Ukrainian army closes in on Donetsk, shelling in the metropolis has become much more frequent -- and deadly. Many residents have l... more »

Picture Of The Day

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A landing craft leaves the well deck of the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge, Aug. 13, 2014. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Tamara Vaughn

Chechnya's President Is An Instagram Addict

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*Chechen Leader 'Has 1,000 Wedding Guests Questioned After Losing Phone' -- The Guardian* Human rights group says Ramzan Kadyrov, who often posts to Instagram several times a day, mislaid phone at feast Blame it on Ramzan Kadyrov's well-known Instagram addiction; the strongman leader of Russia's Chechen Republic was apparently so worried when he lost his mobile phone at a wedding that police questioned more than a thousand people into the early hours of the morning in an attempt to find it. The human rights organisation Memorial, which has documented numerous abuses in the mounta... more »

Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage II Giveaway

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There are few things I wanted more than I was a little kid than a play house in my backyard. Today I am thrilled to be joining some fantastic bloggers to bring you just that! *Welcome to the Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage II Giveaway, **hosted by Thrifty Nifty Mommy and Viva Veltoro and sponsored by Step2!* As a Step2 Ambassador, Thrifty Nifty Mommy just had the opportunity to review one of Step2's newest products, the Neat & Tidy Cottage II. This realistic playhouse will look great in any backyard because of its charming exterior that resembles stone and wood. Your little one can preten... more »

Relatives And Victims Of A U.S. Military Drone Strike In Yemen Get More Than $1 Million

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*Yemeni Victims Of U.S. Military Drone Strike Get More Than $1 Million In Compensation -- Washington Post* The Yemeni government paid the families of those killed or injured in a U.S. drone strike last year more than $1 million, according to documents that provide new details on secret condolence payments seen as evidence that civilians with no ties to al-Qaeda were among the casualties. The documents, which are signed by Yemeni court officials and victims’ relatives, record payouts designed to quell anger over a U.S. strike that hit vehicles in a wedding party and prompted a suspe... more »

U.S. State Dept. Defends Arms Sales To Turkey Despite It's Support For Hamas

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View of the Department of State in Washington, DC. (Kevin Lamarque/courtesy Reuters) *State Dept. Defends Arms Sales to Turkey Despite Hamas Ties -- Washington Free Beacon* State Dept. has been holding up shipments to Israel The State Department defended missile sales to Turkey just hours after news emerged that Ankara is hosting and abetting a senior Hamas operative who planned to violently overthrow the Palestinian government in the West Bank and wage war on Israel. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf defended the transfer of Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAA... more »

Russia takes the gloves off....Interview with Putin's advisor

greencrow at Greencrow As The Crow Flies - 1 day ago
Interview with Sergei Glaziev, one of Putin's top advisers. Listen to every word he says....this is the way the world is unfolding. Here is a link to an earlier interview with another Russian geopolitical analyst, Evgeny Fedorov, who voices grave concern about a coming "Maidan" like demonstration in St. Petersburg, Russia, this September. Together, the videos give a clear message from Russia that they are no longer going to play the good-hearted but naïve neighbour who's property/territory is slowly being taken over.

Who Gave Hamas All Of That Cement To Build Their Tunnel Network In Gaza?

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Image from Others and Science News *Who Put The Cement Into Hamas' Hands? -- Arutz Sheva* A bombshell revelation. Much has been said and written about the terror tunnels that Hamas built in Gaza. But too little has been said about who it was that put the cement into Hamas’ hands, thus making the construction of the tunnels possible in the first place. Until now. In a bombshell revelation, Dennis Ross, the senior Mideast policy adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from 2009 to 2011, has admitted that it was he who was assigned the task of pressuring Israel to ease up on i... more »

Is The Islamic State A Threat To The U.S.?

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Photo from Islamic State Media’s twitter profile, 7/2/14 *ISIS: Is It Really A Threat To The U.S.? -- Peter Bergen and David Sterman, CNN* (CNN) -- U.S. officials are claiming that the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is "now a credible alternative to al Qaeda." But what does that really mean in terms of ISIS' potential threat to the United States? After all, al Qaeda hasn't pulled off a successful attack in the States since 9/11, or indeed anywhere in the West since the London transportation bombings in 2005. This month, Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, criti... more »

The 'Most Dangerous Dam In The World' Is Rigged With Explosives That Could Cause 500,000 Deaths

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*ISIS Booby Traps Mosul Dam, Which Could Unleash 18-Metre-High Wall Of Water On Iraq’s Second Largest City -- National Post/The Telegraph* The American-backed offensive to recapture Iraq’s biggest dam stalled Monday, as fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham rigged part of the area with booby traps and remotely triggered bombs. Whilst a series of air strikes by American F-18 fighter jets reportedly sent most of the jihadists fleeing from the central parts of Mosul dam, a network of landmines and planted explosives they left behind impeded Kurdish ground forces from re... more »

More Eye-Witness Accounts On The Reign Of Terror By The Islamic State Are Becoming Known

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
A refugee woman from the minority Yazidi sect, who fled the violence in the Iraqi town of Sinjar, sits with a child inside a tent at Nowruz refugee camp in Qamishli, northeastern Syria August 17, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Rodi Said *'No' From One Iraq Villager Triggered Islamic State Mass Killings -- Reuters* (Reuters) - When Islamic State militants stormed into a northern Iraqi village and ordered everyone to convert to Islam or die only one person refused. But that did not satisfy the Sunni insurgents who are even more hardline than al Qaeda. The militants, who have seized much of ... more »

All Is Not Lost For Sean Eldridge… He Has A 1% Chance To Win

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
Chuck and Sean-- haimish? Monday the New York State AFL-CIO rolled out its congressional endorsements, It endorsed all the Democrats-- almost. Steve Israel's DCCC failed to recruit candidates against Chris Collins (in Kathy Hochul's old suburban Buffalo district), Richard Hanna in the swing district he took from Michael Acuri in 2010, and, of course, against Israel's crony Peter King on Long Island. The AFL-CIO ignored Democrats Pat Maher in the Long Island district, ignored Jim O'Connell's race against Collins and actually *endorsed* Hanna where no Democrat or WFP candidate is even ... more »

Change The World Wednesday (#CTWW) - Population

Small Footprints at Reduce Footprints - 1 day ago
Welcome to Change The World Wednesday (#CTWW)! Wondering how to live greener? You've come to the right place. Each week we challenge ourselves to try a new task ... or "amp up" something we're already doing. We raise our awareness, learn from each other and develop Eco-friendly skills which will improve our lives and protect our planet. Doing so together gives us power ... the power to Change The World! If this is your first visit, please click HERE for information and a complete list of all the challenges we've taken on so far. This post contains great information and I encourage ... more »

ISIS Beheads US Journalist James Wright Foley As A Warning To President Obama

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
Frightening: James Wright Foley tenses as his executioner addresses the camera who says this act of revenge is in responce to US airstrikes on Iraq *'American Bombing Had Signed My Death Certificate': Missing US Journalist James Wright Foley Goes Unflinching To His Death As ISIS Behead Him In Horrific Video, As A Warning To Obama -- Daily Mail* * American photojournalist James Wright Foley has been beheaded by ISIS forces * Foley has been missing since Thanksgiving 2012 while working in Syria * ISIS posted the extremely graphic video 'A Message to America' to social media * Foley sp... more »

Musical Interlude: 2002, “Oasis”

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2002, “Oasis” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tfo1Jh2Jp0

"A Look to the Heavens"

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"Is this what will become of our Milky Way Galaxy? Perhaps if we collide with the Andromeda Galaxy in a few billion years, it might. Pictured above is NGC 7252, a jumble of stars created by a huge collision between two large galaxies. The collision will take hundreds of millions of years and so is effectively caught frozen in time in the above image. The resulting pandemonium has been dubbed the Atoms-for-Peace galaxy because of its similarity to a cartoon of a large atom. *Click image for larger size.* The above image was taken recently by the MPG/ESO 2.2 meter telescope in Chile. ... more »

"Past Life, Near Death Experience, Reincarnation Studies"

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*"Past Life, Near Death Experience, Reincarnation Studies"* by The University of Virginia "If you would behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life. For life and death are one, even as the river and sea are one." - Kahlil Gibran "The Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) is a unit of the Department of Psychiatric Medicine of the University of Virginia's Health System. It was founded in 1967, when Dr. Ian Stevenson resigned as Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry to become Director of the Division and Chester F. Carlson Professor of Psychiatry, positions... more »

"This Prison For Drunks..."

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"All day I think about it, then at night I say it. Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing? I have no idea. My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there. Who looks out with my eyes? What is the soul? I cannot stop asking. If I could taste one sip of an answer, I could break out of this prison for drunks. I didn't come here of my own accord, and I can't leave that way. Whoever brought me here, will have to take me home." - Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi, "The Tavern" (Excerpt)

Kahlil Gibran, "Your Pain..."

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"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain. And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy." -Kahlil Gibran, "The Prophet"

Why the Jindal Loss Was Expected Regarding La.’s PARCC Injunction

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On August 19, 2014, District Judge Todd Hernandez ruled that the Jindal administration’s suspension of the Louisiana state testing contract was to be temporarily lifted until the pro-Common Core (CCSS) full case against Jindal and his administration goes to court. (For backstory, click here.) I was surprised at the judge’s ruling because the Louisiana Department of […]

Chet Raymo, “Retreat From Reason”

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* “Retreat From Reason”* by Chet Raymo “Is there a flight from reason in the United States? Everywhere we look, science is under attack. In government. In the schools. In the churches. We are offered faith-based substitutes. The "Left Behind" series of apocalyptic novels outsells everything else on the shelves. People are more interested in astrology than astronomy. Intelligent design is championed at the highest levels of government. Alternative medicine - faith healing, homeopathy, energy therapies, New Age healing, and the like - is more popular than ever. Scripture and revelati... more »

"I Had An Experience..."

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"I had an experience... *I can't prove it, I can't even explain it, but everything that I know as a human being, everything that I am tells me that it was real! *I was given something wonderful, something that changed me forever... A vision of the universe that tells us, undeniably, how tiny, and insignificant and how... rare, and precious we all are! A vision that tells us that we belong to something that is greater than ourselves, that we are *not — that none of us — are alone!* I wish I could share that. I wish, that everyone, if only for one moment, could feel that awe, and hum... more »

Ron Jacobs : BOOKS | The pacification that never ends

Thorne Dreyer at The Rag Blog - 1 day ago
Patrick Cockburn looks at the non-state forces in the region, who they are backed by, the motives of those backers. and the sectarian desires of the jihadis. By Ron Jacobs | The Rag Blog | August 19, 2014 [The Jihadis … finish reading Ron Jacobs : *BOOKS* | The pacification that never ends

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