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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, June 27, 2014

27 June - My Feedly! I



Real-life 'Gollum' turns out to be a hoax
A strange Gollum-like creature photographed in China has been revealed to be an actor in a costume. Internet users were left baffled this week when pi...
The 10 Best World Cup Goals So Far
Never has "GOOOOAL!" been yelled as much as it has been in this World Cup. A total of 132 goals were scored in the group stages, and every nation competing managed to score a goal. But who had the best goals of the tournament? We have extensively compiled the definitive list of the top 10 goals of the World Cup thus far. See also: 24 World Cup #TBT Photos That Deserve a Red Card 10.) Mir
The 10 Most Passive-Aggressive Things You're Doing on Social Media
Being a source of negative energy on social media is more than just starting arguments, posting unappealing content and being a generally unpleasant person. In fact, you may not realize that what you're doing is maddening to those subjected to see it. See also: 20 Things Your Most Annoying Friends Do on Facebook Here are 10 ways you could be ruining your social media presence without even knowing
Humans share dozens of universal emotions
There are at least 30 facial expressions for emotions that can be recognized anywhere in the world. While we tend to take it for granted that we can d...
BIG NEWS VIII: New solar theory predicts imminent global cooling 84 JoNova: Science, ... / by David Evans / 9h



The Åkerlunds: Shadowy Influences on Modern Music
To fully understand the powerful and shadowy occult influences playing a role in Hollywood and in music today, one must learn about the little-known power couple Jonas and Bea Åkerlund. The immensely successful couple was dubbed a “modern-day Addams family” by Bon Magazine, but their quiet influence on modern culture cannot be understated. Jonas Åkerlund is a Swedish-born film and music video dire
I Almost Won the First $500k Winner-Takes-All Open Basketball Tournament
I felt like I had been hit by a truck. My left calf twitched, an unrelenting ache lived somewhere within my right ankle, and the thought of stairs made me quiver. I fidgeted on my barstool unable to escape the discomfort. We were driving back to New Hampshire following an overtime loss in the semi-finals of The Basketball Tournament (TBT), a startup 32-team, single elimination, $500,000 winner-tak
'Open Season on Reproductive Healthcare Clinics': A Clinic Escort Responds to Today's Supreme Court 'Buffer Zone' Decision
Despite having their own 100-foot buffer zone of protection at the Court, the U.S. Supreme Court Justices unanimously struck down Massachusetts' state-wide 35-foot buffer around reproductive healthcare clinics in this country with their McCullen v Coakley decision today. They have just announced that it is 'Open Season' on reproductive healthcare clinics in this country. According to SCOTUS blog,
World Cup Tourists Take Selfies With Toothy Suarez Ad
An advertisement on Brazil's Copacabana Beach is getting more attention than its creators ever intended. The ad, featuring serial football biter Luis Suarez with the words "all or nothing" in Portuguese, has become a popular spot for World Cup fans' selfies. They're looking for photographic evidence that they, too, have been bitten by the soccer star. See also: The 10 Types of World Cup
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The Corbett Report 28 unread articles  //  actions

Germans Want to End the Fed?
Monday demonstration in Leipzig, 1989 by James Corbett corbettreport.com June 21, 2014 This article originally appeared in The International Forecaster newsletter. To subscribe to the Forecaster, please visit the website. On the evening of Monday, September 4, 1989, a handful of people dissatisfied with the East German government organized a peaceful demonstration in the courtyard of the St. Nich
Where’s The Fed Documentary? (video)
In this edition of the Questions For Corbett series, James tackles the burning question that everyone is asking: “Where is the Fed documentary?.” He also answers questions on WWI parallels, recommended podcasts, central bank ownership and much more. CLICK HERE for the audio mp3 of this podcast. SHOW NOTES Questions For Corbett RSS feed Questions For Corbett podcast on iTunes Dr. Katherine Albrecht
Where is the Fed Documentary? – QFC #014
In this edition of the Questions For Corbett series, James tackles the burning question that everyone is asking: “Where is the Fed documentary?.” He also answers questions on WWI parallels, recommended podcasts, central bank ownership and much more. For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode. For those interested in audio quality, CL
Interview 907 – Deadline Headlines with Jack Blood
Jack Blood of DeadlineLive.info joins us for his regular monthly news round up. This month we discuss the problem at the US-Mexican border as the amnesty/immigration debate seems to be coming to a head as new immigration detention centers are being built by DHS. We also cover the Iraq situation and the Keystone/Capstone pipeline, the lawless TSA and lawless government in general, the death of Davi
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The EnvironmentaList 25 unread articles  //  actions

Death in the Wilderness
There is no one path to death in the forest. There are a myriad of dyings. And that is as it should be.
Planning a Day at the Beach? Check the Water Quality First
Ten percent of America’s beach waters fail to meet EPA’s new safety standards, says NRDC report
A Spark of New Energy in Africa
Graduate students craft a plan for the future of Africa’s power grid
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(title unknown) 1 unread article  //  actions

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The Rules of Exposition 1 unread article  //  actions

Repeating the inconsequential
From my email:
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A Closer Look: Jody Paterson 5 unread articles  //  actions

Choose science over rhetoric and visit "Understanding Sex Work"
Could this be Peter MacKay?How timely to have University of Victoria researcher Cecilia Benoit and her team looking into the realities of the Canadian sex industry right now. Cecilia and other key researchers connected to the multi-project research have been gathering really meaningful information about the sex industry for many years, and with this project are investigating all aspects of the ind
Racism in Honduras: Not Just On The Soccer Field
            This is a great read from the Washington Post on the roots of racism in Honduras, which I definitely saw during my time there. There were occasions when I asked someone if they were part Garifuna - the Afro-Hondurans who live along the Caribbean coast - only to see such questions were perceived as a grand insult.         One woman pulled me aside after I asked and confirmed quietly tha
Letter from Canadian sex worker clarifies dangers of Bill C-36
   As a Canadian practically ready to flee the country just because I hate the current federal government so much, I'm feeling empathy with all those poor Americans who endured all those humiliating years under the presidency of George W. Bush.    OK, the Conservatives aren't quite up there with Bush in terms of outrageous, poorly informed decisions. But this new anti-prostitution bill they've put
No wonder moms can't get anything done
    I've been back in a life with young children again for the last six weeks, helping out with three of our grandsons for a couple of months while their parents get up to various things. There’s much that is quite lovely about it, but being able or willing to do my usual amount of writing is not one of them.     This new life has helped me see that in fact, I had become quite used to having time
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A Different Perspective 4 unread articles  //  actions

American Uncovered and the Smithsonian
As sometimes happen, I was just cruising around the TV dial (remember when there were dials on televisions?) and came across an episode of America Uncovered. They were looking at a stone covered in runes that suggested Vikings had made it to the new world and had actually gotten as far south as New England long before Columbus. Examining the stone, the guy said that because of the type of stone, h
MJ-12: The Beginning
My friend, Alejandro Rojas, has posted to the Open Minds YouTube channel an analysis of the beginnings of MJ-12. It is based on some original research he conducted through interviews with some of those involved and on FOIA requests that he has made recently to the U.S. Air Force. The thirty minute program can be found here:http://www.openminds.tv/majestic-12-ufo-disinformation-scandal-video/28049T
Air Force Lies about the Close Encounters Chase
Although the reason for my post on the “Close Encounters Chase” was simply to point out that there had been a negative impact on the lives of some of the police officers involved, other points have been raised. So, I have been looking at some of other material available. My original intent here was to just show that the part of the Air Force explanation was a blatant lie (which is obvious from the
People Still Believe in Mogul
Yes, I know we’ve talked about this before but I’m still surprised when there are uncritical statements published about the nonsensical Mogul balloon explanation for the debris found by Mack Brazel. And, while I know it is beating the dead horse because we’ve gone over this multiple times, I just wish to respond to some of those who, without knowing all the details, spout the Mogul line.The docume
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A Way to Live 2 unread articles  //  actions

Concerning knotweed
Reposted from 2010.[Twenty-one] years ago, our family occupied this site. I'm not absolutely certain what "ownership" means; my own tribe has behaved badly, in my own opinion, and I can only plead that that was before my time. And so here we are. I can quibble that our whole species is invasive on this continent, for what that's worth. I do know we Bears gave up what was, to us, a lot of
The segue into June
The roses on the Rose Gate are a little more than half done for this year. When new branches spring out toward us or our guests, I tuck them back among their companions, thus building a shape we find pleasing. I don't know the variety; they were here when we got here 21 years ago. I moved the bush three times, but not to good places as it has a climbing habit. So the obvious thing was to split the
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A.E.Brain 1 unread article  //  actions

Seen on the web
I wish I'd written it. By jnail7 However, it seems clear that you are attempting to follow a Socratic method in engaging in an argument for Biological essentialism. Here is an example of how to accomplish your goal in a form that is more functional to a comment thread than point by point posting. 1) Humans develop from a single cell egg to a complex multicellular organism. 2) The form of human inc
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Activist Teacher 1 unread article  //  actions

Defend the right to criticize!
Here is the answer: Please view the story at Indiegogo and consider contributing to the Denis Rancourt Legal Defence Fund campaign: LINK
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Allen L Roland's Weblog 4 unread articles  //  actions

The Uplifting Cartoons Of Charles Barsotti 1933 -2014
  Charles Barsotti died this week at 80 years old but his New Yorker cartoons touched myself and millions of others with their wonderful quirky sense of humor and imaginative insights into profound truths which were both delightful and thought provoking. His presence will be sorely missed for his cartoons provided much needed solace in our chaotic ego driven world: Allen L Roland I love the New Yo
Flying Dutchman Soars In World Cup
  Robin van Persie of the Netherlands scores the team's first goal with a diving header in the first half during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group B match between Spain and Netherlands at Arena Fonte Nova on June 13, 2014 in Salvador, Brazil. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) There is always a moment in a major sporting event when a spectacular shot or throw captures the true essence of the sp
Dark Matter And Energy Is Really Love And Urge To Unite
It's time to drop the bombshell ~ 97% of the universe is composed of Dark Matter and Dark energy but I maintain that it is really invisible to the human eye and is in actuality Light matter and Light energy for it represents a Unified Field of love and soul consciousness, that exists beyond time and space, whose principle property is the universal urge to unite ~ within which light and even gravit
The Moral Cost Of American Exceptionalism
 Space shuttle Challenger unnecessarily blows up shortly after liftoff on January 26, 1986 American exceptionalism becomes unforgivable when human beings become expendable in order to save costs, make deadlines or protect image and nowhere is that more evident than in the disaster of Space shuttle Challenger on January 26, 1987 along with its seven crew members ~ and all because of a faulty booste
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American Scofflaw 1 unread article  //  actions

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Angola 3 News 2 unread articles  //  actions

A3 Newsletter: Say NO to Another Supermax! (June 25, 2014)
The National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) is organizing a national call-in day on Thursday, June 26 to stop the opening of another Supermax prison. We encourage A3 supporters to join us by taking action with NRCAT, whose call-in alert is featured below.Grassroots Leadership Honors Robert King This month, the board and staff of Grassroots Leadership, in North Carolina, spent the eveni
A3 Newsletter: 42 Years and Still Waiting
(New poster by artist César Maxit)All eyes are on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals as we move into summer.Most urgently of course, we wake up every day hopeful that the court will choose to affirm Judge Brady's ruling that overturned Albert's conviction for a third time. Although there is no way to know when they will rule, the average decision wait time is 10 months, so we expect word soon, and c
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bastard.logic 1 unread article  //  actions

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Because I Can 7 unread articles  //  actions

Turn Off Your Comcast HotSpot
Turn Off Your Comcast HotSpotFor more reasons than I can tell you - I hate Comcast.They are - of course - a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council ( ALEC ).Unfortunately I have to use them unless I am willing to accept 1.5 Mbps that CenturlyLink offers - my only other option.So - Comcast reigns supremeComcast screws their customers every day in every way - becausetheycan And the FCC
Expose ALEC? We'll Send the Attack Dogs
Shaking my head in disbelief this morningRight-wing rag bitching about the costs of an open records request – but that’s not the focus of this entry.The focus here is about ALEC transparency – or lack thereof.ALEC has been screaming how transparent they have become - which is an outright lie when you compare current meeting documents to older meeting documents or review their webpage for specific
Throwing Stones At ALEC
Corporate people who live insulated from the masses should be careful when they throw stones at ALEC--the stones can bounce back and bite them in the ass. There is a certain level of hypocrisy that the public will not accept - even from non-profit corporations.  Non-profit corporations can't spend their time throwing stones at ALEC to increase their funding, but them turn around and partner with
What Best for ALEC is Worst for Working Moms
For the past couple of weeks the ALEC Rich State Poor States Report (RSPS) have been finding its away around the web.  If it isn't an article on it, its an ALEC pundit or staff member pushing it down the throats the  people of America, WITHOUT sharing the philosophy and funding behind the report.The problem with that report is it serves ALECs interests - it doesn't serve the interests of the peopl
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Big Dan's Big Blog 1 unread article  //  actions

Another LOUSY Non-Believable False Flag: The Las Vegas Shooting False Flag
It looks like they've stepped up the FALSE FLAG's to the tune of about one per week in the past few weeks. The latest is the LAS VEGAS FALSE FLAG. As with all the false flags, they have a formula to instantly raise suspicion.Some of the "formula" points are:- mention "white supremacist" or "neo nazi" or "anti semite" - perpetrators "commit suicide"
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BP Slick 1 unread article  //  actions

1,000-pound tar mat is being cleaned up on Fort Pickens beach.
Nearly four years to the day when BP oil began soiling our beaches, a 1,000-pound tar mat is being cleaned up on Fort Pickens beach. (Pensacola News Journal)(Photo: Special to the Pensacola News Journal ) 1098 CONNECTTWEET 2 LINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMOREA U.S. Coast Guard pollution investigation team is leading another day of cleanup of a tar mat discovered Friday on the beach at Fort Pickens.So far, t
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Brave New World 4 unread articles  //  actions

Self-Publish And Be Dammed?
We read today of rise of self-publishing and the claims that ‘Self-publishing boom lifts sales by 79% in a year’ made by industry analysts Neilson and published in the Guardian.Steve Bohme, Research Director at Nielsen, claims that of the 80 million ebooks sold in the UK at a value of some £300 million, 18 million were self-published at an average price of £1. So whilst the volume of self-publishi
Midsummer Maddness Book Royalties
Does anybody know where to find Raymond Buxton?It must be Summer and the heat must be sending some barmy with thoughts of erecting new toll booths to collect money every time a book gets sold. Yesterday the news that secondhand reseller Bookbarn had entered into some sort of convoluted pact with the Authors’ Licencing and Collecting Society (ALCS) to effectively pay a royalty to authors on the sal
Blame it All On Amazon
The papers are full of anti-Amazon rhetoric which some may suggest is being whipped up into a feeding frenzy within the publishing marketplace. Amazon is being portrayed as the biggest bully ever to have stepped into the publishing arena. But is this the case or is it another attempt by the publishing majors to wrestle back some of the control they happily gave the Seattle company, or a genuine gr
Why is eBook Metadata So Hard?
Today many continue to pour the physical book content into the digital container and believe that they have addressed the digital opportunity. However many have also adopted the same approach to contextural data, metadata, bibliographic, burbs etc. It’s as if we think that what works in the physical world is equally applicable in the digital one.Is this blind faith approach down to a conscious dec
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Buckdog 3 unread articles  //  actions

Tax Revenues Up - Crime Down in Washington and Colorado With Pot Reform ..
Too bad that Stephen Harper doesn't take note ...WashingtonColorado
Thoughts On The Murder Of RCMP Officers In New Brunswick ...
I live within two blocks of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan. Every single member of the RCMP has received their training here at the RCMP Depot. The history of this facility and location dates back to the days of the old North West Mounted Police and the Riel Rebellion.Living in such close proximity to the training academy, it's a daily sight for me to see the ra
Leader Cam Broten Receives Massive Endorsement At Sask New Democrats Convention
Saskatchewan NDP gives leader 98.7 per cent approval at party convention MOOSE JAW, Sask. – The leader of Saskatchewan’s Opposition has received an overwhelming endorsement at his party’s convention in Moose Jaw.NDP delegates voted 98.7 per cent to approve Cam Broten’s leadership on Saturday.The leadership review by secret ballot was required by the party’s constitution. Broten says the party will
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CENSORED NEWS 1 unread article  //  actions

Subcomndante Marcos: 'Between Light and Shadow'
BETWEEN LIGHT AND SHADOW In La Realidad [Reality], Planet Earth May 2014 By Subcomandante Marcos Excerpt: " ... Given the above, at 2:08 am on May 25, 2014, from the southeast combat front of the EZLN, I here declare that he who is known as Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, self-proclaimed “subcomandante of unrustable steel,” ceases to exist. That is how it is. Through my voice the
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Climate Realists 1 unread article  //  actions

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Current news updates, World current news 2 unread articles  //  actions

Real Estate Investing and Essential Steps
 Real Estate is a cycle and cycles have some amount of predictability. With certainty, you can raise your real estate business into a cash-producing, profit-pulling machine that runs itself with the changing real estate market trends. It is still possible to make money in real estate. In fact, now is just as good a time as some to get started in real estate investing.                              
Main Key Areas to Give Attention to While Buying a Home
Looking for a new home can be exhilarating and annoying. You can help alleviate the frustration by paying close concentration to main key areas of the homes you're considering buying; it may save you money in the long run.According to a study the main key areas in home inspection are electrical, foundation, plumbing, the attic, and landscaping.FoundationIn the case of home, the trees were causing
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Danger Room 5 unread articles  //  actions

Britain’s Most Glorious Cold War Bomber Jet Takes Flight Again
The Avro Vulcan—a Cold War era bomber that only fought Argentina—takes flight this weekend.
NYC Construction Crew Unearths a Military Railroad Relic
Workers digging a trench on Governor's Island came across a rusted, filthy piece of train machinery—and had no idea what it was.
An Ultra-Simple Tourniquet That’s Saving Soldiers’ Lives
When you think of surgery, images of calm doctors working on anesthetized patients in pristine operating rooms come to mind. Combat medics face a different reality. They often ply their trade on dusty desert roads, and, when trying to save a soldier’s life, a charred Humvee door sometimes has to suffice for an operating table. […]
The LAPD Just Got a Military-Grade Electric Bike for Stealth Missions
The force has bought a Zero MMX electric motorcycle that offers the advantage of stealth.
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Did You Know 1 unread article  //  actions

4-Year-Old Aisha Lost Her Face in a U.S. Drone Strike
4-Year-Old Aisha Lost Her Face in a U.S. Drone Strike By Matt Lemas June 11, 2014 “ICH” – “RYOT” – On September 7th 2013, an American drone in Afghanistan struck a car carrying 15 passengers. Everyone was killed in the attack except for one — a four-year-old girl named Aisha. The girl was traveling with her parents, a sibling, and other relatives to their home in Gamber, a village in the Kunar pr
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Dr Cintli 2 unread articles  //  actions

Nakum Journal: Smiling Brown: Gente de Bronce—People the Color of the Earth
Indigenous Cultures InstituteNakum Journal2014 V 4 #1 Smiling Brown: Gente de Bronce—People the Color of the Earth By Roberto “Dr. Cintli” Rodriguez I begin this essay on brown skin color and color consciousness with memories of my early childhood when I would sit on the porch step of my house in an alley on Whittier Boulevard in East LA and absorb the rays of the blazing hot sun. When I did this
TRUTHOUT: ''Cesar Chavez,'' Conditions in the Fields and the Struggle over Memory
I did not write a critique of the movie Cesar Chavez when it first premiered because I felt somewhat conflicted, and I didn't feel like jumping on a bandwagon. There appears to be a cottage industry of those who love to critique Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers (UFW) Movement, by people who have little first-hand knowledge of the events in question. From reading the many reviews, most of t
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Dying in Haiti 3 unread articles  //  actions

Keith to Step Down at OSF
Journal Star shared a link.11 hours agoOSF Saint Francis CEO Keith Steffen plans to step down after 17 years in the position.OSF Saint Francis CEO Keith Steffen plans to step downwww.pjstar.comPEORIA — The CEO of OSF Saint Francis Medical Center plans to retire at the end of the year, capping a 34-year career with the...
OSF-SFMC Needs to Read This Article
John A Carroll18 mins · “Intimidation or retaliation against whistle-blowers — or any employee who raises a hand to identify a legitimate problem, make a suggestion, or report what may be a violation of law, policy, or our core values — is absolutely unacceptable,” Mr. Gibson said. Administrators who retaliate against whistle-blowers, he added, would be disciplined.Top Investigator Has Blistering
Dispatches from Haiti
Dear Reader(s),Over the last several years I have been posting on the Peoria Journal Star blog site at Dispatches from Haiti. I frequently don't get these posts copied to this site.Thanks for reading.Johnwww.haitianhearts.org
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Fort McMurray Adventures 1 unread article  //  actions

By-election: The Empty Chair in the Room
When I heard about the all-candidates debate in town tonight for the June 30 by-election, my interest was piqued.  Here was a chance to see the candidates and hear their stances on the issues affecting our region.  I even considered booking today off as I was due to work so that I could attend.  In the end though it turns out I wouldn't be hearing from all the candidates because one of them would
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GEEZERPOWER 4 unread articles  //  actions

Official Story Exposed Thanks to the Proliferation of Trolls on Youtube
           Dispatch from Geezerville  In spite of the MSN "main stream media" the official story has been exposed in so many places that is getting a lot of unwanted attention. The proliferation of trolls on the growing amount of truth channels are now recognized for what they are, why they are here, and who they represent. Youtube has become the forefront of controversy over the so cal
    “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” ~Albert Einstein~ZZZZZzzzzzz.....

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